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2023.05.29 00:17 ambidextrous1224 Advice regarding minoxidil for TE and AGA.

Advice regarding minoxidil for TE and AGA.
I’m new to the hair loss experience. I got Covid Jan 2022, had a birth control change in February, lost quite a bit of hair. The bc wasn’t working out, so I switched back (more hair loss). I had also been experiencing stress from getting a PhD, and it culminated with a ton of hair loss this past Feb (2023). I’m on meds now to help with anxiety and my shedding has mostly stopped since late April.
I got blood work done, all levels are fine, including D and ferritin. My gp went really really deep and detailed. I took all that to the dermatologist a few days ago, who said it was TE and AGA. She said the AGA probably wouldn’t have been noticeable for a while since it comes on slowly, but the TE made the pattern obvious. She prescribed oral Minoxidil.
I’m not as nervous to start a med that has to be taken for the rest of my life. I already have several of those. I’m nervous about possibly shedding more and no longer being able to hide the hair loss. With my work, I can’t wear a hat every day.
Women with long hair, what was your experience starting Minoxidil? How truly bad is the shedding (in your experience), and based on my progression, what would you do in my place if you knew you might lose even more hair before it gets better? Also, I’m getting married in the fall and was going to try to do something with clip in extensions and artful flower placement, but if I shed more I’m not sure I can do that. :/
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2023.05.29 00:17 hairypotatobean Should I just move on?

I need this answer that I may already know, but my friends are just as enamored with this person and are no help. Sorry for the long read, but hoping for men's opinions or woman who have been in this type of situation-ship.
So I'm a 30F, about a year ago, I had just gotten out of a 6 year relationship. Prior to this relationship I had dated, but never got into anything serious. One of my closest in those on/off friends with benefits was when I was 19-21. He was nerdy, smart, and oh so charming, just my type.
Back then, he was also very immature, but we had fun arguing with each other. These arguements though also kept me feeling like I had to hide certain aspects of myself to avoid a debate or feeling judged. There were other certain small sexual and recreational aspects about him that I would've considered deal breakers, but nothing bad or that wasn't hindered by my own self consciousness. Just small tweaks I'd hope my future partner would have/do and he was not into it.
Due to long distance issues, and his lack of commitment, I cut it off and moved on with my life. Fast forward to my breakup, I reconnect with this guy through linked in out of all places. Neither of us are on social media and have no accounts besides reddit and for me, snapchat. *this is important to my doubts/issues. We get together, and everything resumes as it was except there's some MAJOR CHANGES. He has grown and matured to a point where all tweaks I previously criticized or was hesitant about were absolutely gone. The arguments/debates stopped, and more openness and vulnerability took its place. SWOOooooonnn. He is more open to experiment on all areas I previously considered as those dealbreakers. Yes, it is still long distance, but this is where my issues come up.
He says he's gonna move to my city within the year or that he would be willing to move to another state with me, we both do remote work. He says he has emotional and mental health issues that he previously ignored and was finally getting help with(this is recent, in the past 3 months), therefore he is not emotionally ready for a relationship; but that I am a potential partner, he can imagine us together, but doesn't know if or when that would be attainable for him. That he does not want to be a burden to me or a parasite to my own growth while he is struggling and mentally dealing with this own. He has recently experienced alot of loss and have been greiving throughout this past year and directly prior to our re-connect. He responds to my texts sporadically and rarely visits even though I have offered to visit him multiple times, which he always deflects or says he is busy. He tells me how much he loves to have messages from me, and even double texts. Knowing that I care about him and even when he is not up for a conversation, he likes to see my messages because they encourage him and motivate him to do better, even if he is extremely depressed or going through massive anxiety and stress issues and doesn't respond until a week later.
He also has another friends with benefits in his current city. I do not know the extent of their relationship/friendship besides the fact that he is not romantically ready to even consider that person a partner and that he sees them about once every 1-3ish months. In fact, he cuts these relationships off if the other person develops feelings. In the same instance, he KNOWS about my feelings, my desires to be with him, and how even previously and now, that if he chose to commit to me, I would be his and only his, but he is still 'not ready for me', but we do engage sexually if we are together.
Randomly, out of nowhere this month. He got a snapchat and added me. Never messaged me on it, but started looking at my stories. I figured he was just being nosy into my life. I was wrong. Still no messages between me or him, but his snapchat score has now moved from 0 to 500, this means he is exchanging snaps with someone else? I want to obviously just ask. It may be as simple as him reconnecting with friends and catching up with people. But I also don't wanna sound jealous or stalker like, because he has no commitment or relationship with me and I guess it's technically none of my business.
But this has me feeling insecure and just honestly feeling like I am holding out for some guy that still can't give me a commitment and is hard to communicate with besides a sporadic text here and there. Granted, we have had very intense and serious, and also deep conversations at times, but generally we will text once or twice every other week or so.
I've always been told 'if a guy wants to be with you, he will MAKE it happen' or 'if a guy is unwilling to commit, it's because he is talking/saying the same things to multiple woman'. Even though he has been very up front and honest with me about his past relationships and even his current situationship, I can't help but wonder if he is dragging me along. As much as I want to be there for him, even just as a friend through his hard time, I also don't want to have a friendship where I am romantically invested and hoping maybe some day, something could come from it.
The last time I tried to establish if I was even considered a possible future partner for him is when I got that "he can imagine us together, but doesn't know if or when that would be attainable for him". I would stay friends with him, of course. I care about him, as he says he cares about me, and I have realized the help and value he is to me with the things he has said to me that resonated and helped change and shift my life for the better. He is a person in my life that matters and I wouldn't wanna lose. But if he would just tell me he sees no romantic future with me, only as friends or even just friends with benefits. I could be content with that and move on. But he won't say that to me. Anytime I bring it up, I get the 'I care about you' 'you are important in my life'.
My friends who have met this man feels he is just amazing. Whether it's his charm or good looks, I'm told how he 'looks at me' and how I 'look at him'. They believe we are meant to be together and I think hearing things like this with my own feelings keeps me there. Like a puppy, putting this man on a pedestal by praising and lifting him up consistently. When we are together, he helps and does the same for me, but every other time, I am lucky to get a text response and those times together are FAR AND FEW in between. It begins to feel one sided, although I know his struggles, I try not to take it personally at all. I just want to be there for him if he needs me, but I know my needs are not being met.
Then I think of why we reconnected in the first place. The conversation was near identical between us talking about what life was like without being in eachothers lives. The thought of what could have been, if we had actually tried all those years ago, the LONGING, in a not too creepy way (when he would be in town, he would pass my house to see if my car was there, or when I would search him up, to see if he finally got social media, I ended up locating a property he bought). So if I cut it off again, am I gonna just regret it and think about him all over again in 10 years!?
Soo... should I move on? What would you do?
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2023.05.29 00:16 disneyprincess2312 31 [F4A] #Colorado/nearby states- Nerdy, travel lover looking for my life partner

31, bi, 5’ 2”, 115lb, pale skin, blue/grey eyes and auburn hair. “Girl next door” kind of vibe, femme but low maintenance.
I’m introverted and pretty independent so I’ve always sort of struggled in the modern dating scene. But I’d like to meet someone special to share life and adventures with.
I love to travel and highly prioritise it. So far I’ve been to 39 countries, 5 continents and 26 US states/territories .
When I’m not traveling I’m kind of a homebody with an ever rotating set of (usually creative) hobbies.
I’m “pop culture” nerdy, I love Disney, MCU, Star Wars, Harry Potter and books. I like going to comic cons, frequently visit the Disney parks and even Cosplay on occasion.
I’m a realist, with a very practical, logical and pragmatic sort of approach to most things.
I have three random degrees, and a full time “good for now” job. But I’m not a career oriented sort of person, more like a Jill of all trades. I prefer a simple/modest lifestyle. As long as I can afford to travel (budget style is just fine by me) I’m happy.
I do own a small home in Colorado near my family, I am open to relocation if things get serious, but prefer to stay in CO or nearby states.
Religion- Raised Christian but consider myself more spiritual than religious
Politics- l hate everything to do with politics, but view wise Id be considered left leaning
Alcohol- Very, very rarely
Drugs- Never
Marijuana- Never (I’m allergic)
Smoking- Never
Tattoos- several smallish ones
Pets- I love dog and cats.
Kids- None currently. But I want one. Okay if you have them.
Possible dealbreakers for you
*I’m Neurodivergent and have diagnosed ADHD.
*I have some social anxiety and a very small social battery.
*Low-ish libido, sex positive but somewhere on the demi/ace spectrum (ask me about this if it’s important)
*Im not a very “funny” person, I don’t really crack jokes and I dislike being teased. Pranks are the worst thing ever and toilet humour irritates me.
*I usually only check reddit once a day, so responses might be slow. If we hit it off and conversation is good, I’m happy to swap #s. I don’t do other messaging apps or social media.
Must be single and monogamous. 28-45ish, Height-weight proportionate, well groomed, seeking serious LTR. Must be located in Colorado or nearby state. Must want a kid in the future.
Someone who is upfront with their needs and intentions, who is a very strong communicator, and doesn’t play games. Someone who’s affectionate, kind and patient.
Please be willing to swap photos within the first few messages.
Dealbreakers for me
Doesn’t want/can’t have a kid
Doesn’t like cats and dogs
Doesn’t prioritise travel
Married/engaged/actively dating
Frequent drinker
Super religious
Not looking for LTR
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2023.05.29 00:16 Alonewolf000 Any advice on how to deal with power dynamics in your relationship

Both me and my girl come from wealthy backgrounds but growing up it wasn't much of a hassle in my family I knew from a young age I was different with the way we were raised and spent my days off printing and it taught me how to be grateful for everything my parents did for me and my siblings at the end of the day it was out of love and protection and it was evident of how we were brought up with so much love enough to suffocate and drown in so I'm not complaining I'm aware of how much privileged I am compared to some people who work 3 shifts...
I met the love of my love 6 years ago at a friends party turns out we were friends with the same circle of people and never met so we became friends after crossing paths numerous times over the years but someone was always in a relationship. good things take time and when it finally happened it was magical it was like everything made sense and the world around me was alright it was a blissful sunset over stormy nights and windy days she is every bit the woman of my dreams and everything I'm not which I love if I'm the peacemaker of the house, she is the troublemaker and the way she is not the traditional type isn't huge on marriage and she really loves kids and she is so good with them I know she is going to be such a great mother when we have kids of our own...
My issue is with the way her family dynamics are so much different than mine she is more of a trust fund baby and has a codependent relationship with her parents which is beyond reasonable for the way they're so involved in her life and she sees nothing wrong with it when I bring it up in conversations of them buying her affection with everything they do but it becomes my problem when it is about us and it's interfering with our relationship like surprising us last year with a paid vacation when we were planning on going somewhere without talking to us about it and it feels like a competition and I'm tired of it..
Still not over it knowing my parents will never do that don't get me wrong I love them but the way they go about showing their love is the opposite of my folks and then again maybe they're just very loud people and it's ok even tho it comes across overbearing and having boundaries is essential to a healthy relationship..
Jump in with any solutions on how to be neutral with them and still be a good partner I really don't want her to know I feel differently about them like it's driving me crazy and the empath in me is not good at hiding emotions. it makes me sad every time when I see us getting married one day just not to this family not to be a jerk but really trying to be careful with the person I'm building a life with...
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2023.05.29 00:16 TygoSK033 [Xbox] [H] Updated Price Store [W] You to take a look ( LOOKINg for All Sweeper S1 Dire Wolfs and Helios )

NOTE: CAN DO DISCOUNT IF BUY MULTIPLE especially with RP + Listening to offers aswell
Decent Items
Item Colours Price
Capacitor RP1 Scorer TW 580
Draco PCC Scorer Cobalt 780
Dynamo Zephyr PM Tw, Tact Cobalt 700c , 550c
Enchanter Impact Scorer TW 750c
Gaiden Accelerator Sniper Black 280
Helicorpion Sweeper Black 40
Libertine Zephyr Aviator Black 100
Saptirishi Accelerator PM Black 1.4k
Super Manga Bolt Sweeper Black , Juggler Saffron 350 , 50
Ultralex Ignition Sweeper TW 1.290
Zomba Black 870
Fan Rewards
Item Colour Price
Aero Mage Uncert, Playmaker unpainted 30 , 40
Ballistic Unpainted 10
Carbon 2x Uncert, 1x Scorer unpainted 10 each , 20
Crown Crimson, Grey 50 , 20
Decennium 2x Uncert 10 for both
Dominus: Stratum Badge 2x Unpainted, Grey 10 each , 20
Emerald Guardian 40
Mendoza Unpainted 20
Ninja Unpainted, Crimson 10 , 30
Octane: RLCS X Unpainted 50
Petacio Uncert, Goalkeeper 10 , 30
Rival Black, FG, TW, Unpainted 40 , 10 , 10, 10
Rival: Infinite 2x Unpainted 30 each
Rival: Radiant Black 60
Statesman - 10
RP Items
Item Colour Price
ANDR01D Cobalt, FG, Black 10 each
Auger FG, GK Saffron 40, 80
Ault-SPL Juggler Pink 10
Bloomer FG, Grey, 2x Orange 10 each
BLSSM Guardian Purple, Tact Lime, Uncert Crim 10, 40 , 10
Chequered Flag Boost Crimson, Pink, SB 20, 10, 20
Chequered Flag GE Pink 10
Corbital Boost Lime, Pink 10 each
Corbital Trail SB, TW 10, 30
Cosmosis Cobalt, FG 90 each
Diecast Spark Black, Crimson, FG 30, 20, 10
Dimensionator Boost BS, FG, orange 10 each
Dimensionator Trail Black, Cobalt, FG 20, 10, 10
Disc Bliss Crimson 10
Dream Beam Cobalt 10
Dust Cloud Purple 60
Enjin Lime, Pink 10 for all
Enjin: Roasted 2x BS 10 for all
Fissure Trail Cobalt, SB 10, 10
Floret Black, BS, 2x FG, Lime, 2x bs 10 each
Floret SE Black, BS, Purple 50, 10, 100
Glimmerslag Pink 10
Glonex: Holo Purple, Saffron 20, 10
Green Machine Black, Orange, 2x Purple 10 for all
Hack Swerve Black 120
Hamster Pink, Purple 10 for all
Haphazard Pink 10
Hazy Flame Orange 10
Holodata Boost Sniper SB 10
Holodata Trail Black, BS 20, 10
Holodata GE Cobalt 10
Hrb-20 SB 10
Imptekk FG, Grey, Saffron 10 for all 3
Jandertek Lime, Orange 10 for both
Joko XL BS, Cobalt 10 for both
Lotus Bloom BS, Crimson, Lime 10, 20, 10
Lunation TW 100
Mandala Boost Grey, Purple, cobalt 10 each
Mandala Wheel Black, Acrobat Grey, Lime, FG, Scorer Pink 40, 40, 40, 30, 80
Mandala: Infinite TW, Purple 140, 60
Marred Shard TW 100
Maxle-PA Pink, Saffron, TW 10 for all
Morrowhatch Paragon, Sniper Grey 10 for both
Muscle Boy Crimson 20
Phase-R Cobalt, FG 10 each
Philoscope TW 130
Pylon BS, Cobalt, Lime 10 for all
Q-Runner Striker Purple, Uncert BS, Grey 20 for all
Rad Rock GE Sniper TW 90
Rad Rock Boost Crimson, Lime 10 for both
Reticle Purple 10
Riser Crimson 50
Sandscape BS 10
School'd Black, FG, TW 10 for all
Shima: Infinite Purple 80
Shining Barrage Scorer Crimson, Uncert Black, Purple 150, 60, 30
Shortwire SB 10
Slash Beam Pink 10
Spotdrop BS, Cobalt, Crimson, 2x Pink 10 for all
Sprattle Pink 10
Star Princess BS, Orange, Pink 10 for all
Starcade BS, Grey, purple, orange 10 for all
Starpower FG 20
Streamix Cobalt, Grey, 2x Saffron 10 for all
String Theory TW, Cobalt, Victor Pink 10 for all
Supernova Boost BS 10
Synastry Grey, Lime, Saffron 10 for all
Throned Grey, Pink 10 for both
Throned: Sacred BS, FG 10, 20
Torque TX: Inverted Crimson, Purple, Saffron 60, 40, 20
Volkswagen GTI RLE SB 140
Warp Wave Trail Purple, TW 20, 80
Xtra BS, Crimson, SB 10 for all
Z-Ro Aviator Purple, Uncert Grey, SB 10 each
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2023.05.29 00:15 Maleficent_Mix7439 It's becoming hard to care anymore

Will we make the playoffs? Yep. Will we get knocked out within the first two rounds? Very likely. Will Gio make every excuse imaginable, say that we met the benchmark despite the tough conditions, and promise that next season will be better? Most Definitely.
As Timbers fans, we have seen this script for road games pan out too often over the last six years. Sit back, absorb pressure, and to put it in the easiest way possible, play for a draw. If Valeri or Blanco's brilliance bails us out? Fantastic. If Mabiala or Tuiloma bails us out on a set piece? In the words of Gio, "we showed a lot of character to be able to get a result against a very tough team, which I thought was very well deserved because every player gave a lot of fight." If not, well, we saw it today.
I know a lot of criticism is going to Mabiala today. Stop. It's the same with Niezgoda, Loria, even Eryk when he was playing. Mabiala was dreadful today, as he as been all season, but is it his fault that he is starting? At what point do we criticize Gio for not playing Miller, or Ned for not signing anybody?
Still, calling out individuals should not be the priority. Let's take Evander for example, who had yet another bad game. If you were to put a mvp-level Diego Valeri into his position, would we have been any better off? What would Valeri have done that Evander couldn't do to change the course of this game? So at what point does it not become about the incompetence of the players and down to the system employed by the coach?
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2023.05.29 00:15 blizzard2014 A question about acute Kidney injury.

I hope I'm not offending any of those of you who are doing hard battle with kidney disease. I really wonder if slipping kidney's can go undetected. I have a weird condition where my BP goes through the roof whenever I stand up. It is called orthostatic hypertension. It even happens when on BP meds, but to a lower degree. My standing BP is never lower than 140/106. Most of the time it is like 140-150 over 110. That is unless I use clonidine, but then it is like 89/67 when sitting down. I have been having issues for the past week and wanted to go to the ER on Friday after my 2 hours part time job. I worked so fast with my HR so fast and after the two hours all my muscles began to hurt and I felt sick. I have been peeing out normal hydrated urine every day. But they had a hard time drawing blood, which has only ever happened twice in my life, and only in the past three months. The blood was not flowing, but they managed to make due with what they got. A while later, I went to use the restroom and thick orange/yellow pee came out, like shot out and I have never seen that before.
They said I was suffering from dehydration and acute kidney injury. I don't know what the kidney function was because they were busy that night and didn't provide them in my discharge paperwork. They gave me a large IV bag of hydration, but did not re-test my numbers. I also have not been feeling well for two weeks and was so weak for the day before and they day of and now two days later. My other blood clotting condition is also acting up with my blood thickness not wanting to get properly thinned and it can attack the kidneys as well due to blood clots. The next morning after the ER and all that IV hydration, I peed out darker dehydrated color urine, one step below severe dehydration color and it was foamy. Today it is no longer dark or foamy, with some coming out clear, but I still feel weak and lethargic. Is it even possible to be dehydrated with normal looking urine, or for a Kidney attack to happen just like that. The only thing I can think of is that my BP was high at work and moving too fast caused some temporary issues. I will follow up with doc tomorrow and see but he's usually no help.
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2023.05.29 00:15 nuclear_donut69 How do I proceed with this friendship?

Background information:
A few friends and I went on a trip to our house off the grid earlier this year. Long story short, I lost most of them as friends after that trip. This happened simply for showing that I wasn't impressed with how they disrespected my house, how they messed up all my plans and just them not being good guests. What did they tell me for reacting in a completelt normal way? "You're mentally ill and you must get help."
After the trip, I saw them all at another friend's birthday party. This was the last time I saw most of them. Anyway my best friend, John and another friend, Frank who was with us on the trip was excluding me. And there is absolutely no problem with that; if I was angry at someone, I would definitely not want to spend time together. I moved on and made new friends at college (I'm currently a first year student). When John and I caught up every month or so, he became very jealous when I spoke about my new friends at college. It also always feels as though I have to speak with a filter when with John, as he might criticise my opinions or my feelings.
That's not the issue here. Frank left to start his life in the US after like 4 months of seeing John every weekend. John and I caught up every month, but the last time I saw him, he said,"We must hang out every other weekend." That upset me badly as this showed me that I am simply a replacement for Frank. It might not be the case, but good luck convincing me.
John and I have been best friends for 3 years. It was always fun hanging out with him, but now it feels different; awkward if you will. I could always bring up issues and he'd be willing to help and give advice and vice versa. However now it feels really weird talking about deep stuff like that; it's almost as if he doesn't really seem to care and he gets visibly uncomfortable when he feels he's oversharing.
So my question:
What do I do? Should I just leave the friendship as is and continue to see him every other week or should I bring up how the friendship feels hollow? Should I even let him know that I feel like a replacement for Frank? Heck, should I even tell him anything?
This really breaks me up inside; I have done nothing but good for this guy and he was like this toward me.
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2023.05.29 00:15 DietLotus [US,INT] [H] Various Vintage Singles (Holo, Non-Holo, English, Japanese, Shadowless, Promo) (PWE) (BWE) [W] Paypal

Hi there!Back again this week.
Prices based on lowest 1000+ seller on TCG Player and TrollAndToad if available (especially on Japanese cards)
I trust all buyers with sub $20 orders to do the just and honorable thing in reporting the arrival of their orders, so that we can help and support each other and our Pokemon TCG trading community. :)
(I can provide packing and letterbox drop off video clips for anyone needing extra assurance, per request. I know I definitely will document my packing and drop off for those.)
**REMINDER:**Please use the same formatting for each card you’re wanting to order.
Please specify the name, set number, set name, holo or non-holo, and especially if it is English or Japanese.
We already had a mixup between an English and a Japanese version of the same card.
Copy/Paste is best!
I will also confirm with you the specific cards, but please take a second to confirm that you’re getting the correct cards before agreeing. Thank you!

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5

Flareon 19/64 - Jungle - NonHolo – English - Near Mint - $9.25
Card Back

Dark Weezing 14/82 – Team Rocket – Holo – English – Near Mint - $8.00
Card Back

Entei 244 – Neo Revelation – NonHolo – Japanese – Near Mint - $8.50
Card Back

Meganium 154 - Neo Genesis - Japanese - Holo – Near Mint - $18.75
Card Back

Clefable 17/64 - Jungle - English - NonHolo - NM - $8.20
Card Back

Mewtwo - WoTC Promo - Near Mint - NonHolo - English - $6.20
Card Back

Recycle Energy 105/111 – Neo Genesis – NonHolo – English - $4.40
Card Back

Chansey 3/130 - Base Set 2 - Near Mint – English - $13.50
Card Back

Jynx 124 - Neo Revelation - Japanese - Near Mint - NonHolo - $16.50
Card Back

Jynx 124 - Neo Revelation - Japanese - Near Mint - NonHolo - $16.50
Card Back

Jynx 124 - Neo Revelation - Japanese - Near Mint - NonHolo - $16.50
Card Back

Yanma 193 - Neo Discovery - Japanese - Holo - Near Mint - $11.50
Card Back

Pidgey 57/102 - Base Set - NonHolo – Shadowless - English - Near Mint - $2.75
Card Back

Marill 29 - WOTC Promo - Non-Holo - English – Near Mint - $2.75
Card Back

Politoed 27/75 – Neo Discovery – NonHolo – English – Near Mint - $6.40
Card Back

Clefable 5/130 - Base Set 2 - Holo Rare – English - Near Mint - $18.95
Card Back

Cleffa 173 – Neo Genesis – NonHolo – Japanese – Near Mint - $5.75
Card Back

Jigglypuff 7 - WoTC Promo - Near Mint - English - NonHolo - $8.25
Card Back

Ditto 18/62 – Fossil – NonHolo – English – Near Mint - $9.75
Card Back

Hypno 8/62 – Fossil – Holo – English – LP/MP - $26.99
Card Back

Blissey 242 – Neo Revelation – Holo – Japanese – Near Mint - $18.75
Card Back

Super Energy Removal 79/102 – Base Set – NonHolo – MP/HP - $3.00
Card Back

Pikachu surfeur (Surfing Pikachu) 28 - World Collection Promo (French) – Near Mint - $18.50
Card Back

Computer Search 101/130 – Base Set 2 – NonHolo – English – Near Mint - $3.75
Card Back

Nidoqueen 7/64 – Jungle – Holo – English - Near Mint - $23.00
Card Back

Dark Dugtrio 23/82 – Team Rocket – NonHolo – English – Near Mint - $3.25
Card Back

Koga’s Arbok 25/132 – Gym Challenge – NonHolo – English – Near Mint - $5.25
Card Back

Computer Error! (Rocket's Secret Machine) 16 - WoTC Promo - NonHolo – English - Near Mint - $2.25
Card Back

Dark Blastoise 20/82 - Team Rocket - English - NonHolo - Near Mint - $20.00
Card Back

Scyther 17/130 – Base Set 2 – Holo – English - Lightly Played - $23.50
Card Back

Breeder Fields 62 – Awakening Legends Neo Revelations – Japanese- Near Mint - $6.00
Card Back

Brock’s Dugtrio 22/132 – Gym Challenge – English – Near Mint - $5.00
Card Back

Lt. Surge's Riachu 28/132 - Gym Heroes - Near Mint - English - NonHolo - $16.25
Card Back

Hitmonchan 8/130 – Base Set 2 – Holo – English - $23.99
Card Back

Pikachu 025 – Jungle – NonHolo – Japanese – MP/HP - $7.50
Card Back

Sabrina 110/132 – Gym Challenge – NonHolo – English - Near Mint - $3.50
Card Back

Koga’s Pidgeotto 27/132 – Gym Challenge – NonHolo – Near Mint - $5.25
Card Back

Lt. Surge's Raichu 11/132 - Gym Challenge - Holo - English - LP/MP - $25.71
Card Back

Croconaw 159 – Neo Genesis – NonHolo – Japanese – Near Mint - $3.10
Card Back

Magneton 82 – Neo Revelation – Holo – Japanese – Near Mint - $22.25
Card Back

Double Colorless Energy 94/102 – Base Set – NonHolo – Lightly Played - $4.50
Card Back

Pidgeot 24/64 – Jungle – NonHolo – Near Mint - $4.00
Card Back

Dark Golbat 7/82 – Team Rocket – Holo – Near Mint - $17.99
Card Back

Quilava 156 – Neo Genesis – NonHolo – Japanese – Near Mint - $5.50
Card Back

Double Colorless Energy 94/102 – Base Set – NonHolo – Lightly Played - $2.75
Card Back

I'm willing to accept offers on cards. I assess conditions as best as I can, but if you feel certain that a certain card's price is just too high, or you feel that a card is of a different grading condition, please explain before you make an offer.

Any Order(s) Below $20 will be shipped in carboard protection and a teambag.
Order(s) Above $20 will be shipped inside toploader(s) and teambag(s).

Free Shipping Within 1-2 Business Days.Shipped as First-Class Mail if above $20, PWE for less than $20.
Paid Shipping for International Orders Only.
Please let me know if you're international ahead of time and what your address is, otherwise, I may have to bill you for shipping before I can ship. I can always give an estimate ahead of time.
I ship cards in 4x6 Envelopes and 4x6 Clasp Envelopes, with which I've had a flawless track record.
Bubble wrapped is possible, but at this point after over 800 successful shipments in a plain 6x9 envelope using a toploader and teambag, it's clear how unnecessary bubble wrapping is and how it just adds unnecessary cost.

4 PM CST USA (10:00 PM GMT) is the latest for daily orders to be send out same day Mon - Fri.

Thank you for checking out what I have to offer this week!

I hope to continue to help grow your Pokemon collection! :)
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2023.05.29 00:14 PlatWinston What's your headcanon for SCP-5000? Did the foundation do the right thing?

I read two explanations and both makes sense to me:
The first one believes that the entity that spreads SCP-2718 lives in humans, and by killing humans the foundation kills SCP-2718, freeing humans from eternal pain after death. So it might have been the right thing to do?
The second one believes that because humans have been using technologies and abilities previously considered anomalous, like sarkicist body modifications, thaumaturgy, reality bending, etc, the foundation now considers human anomalous and a threat to normalcy, and thus must be eliminated. In this case the foundation is definitely the villain.
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2023.05.29 00:14 somebodyop Keeps bleeding after cleaning

Keeps bleeding after cleaning
Hey guys, I just got my eyebrow done yesterday (first time piercing) and ive been doing my best to allow it to heal good. Ive have tattoos so Ive been treating the healing process in a similar way only excluding any ointments or creams, only a saline spray i bought from my piercer directly.
The concern comes from the bleeding. I have cleaned the dried blood (full cleaning with saline dipped qtip) around twice a day. Ive noticed every time i clean the mountain of dried blood, it just returns to the same condition within 30 minutes. I have been trying hard not to over or under apply anything, only spraying when i feel it has been exposed to bacteria.
My question is, should I keep this routine or just let the dried blood stay and remove it when i shower (once a day mostly, sometimes every other day)?
thanks for any input! (pics after soft cleaning with spray n qtip and about 30 mins after)
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2023.05.29 00:13 Practical-Ninja-2120 Facebook marketplace buyer threatening to call police

A couple days ago I sold a phone to someone on fb marketplace. I’ve sold over 100 items online now and have never had any issues with buyers up until this point.
This guy is now claiming there is a problem with the battery and he is demanding I give him his money back. We met at a t mobile to ensure the phone had no imei issues while the guy and his wife drilled the employee with pointless questions such as “how do you know this iPhone is real” and other irrelevant questions.
During the 15-30 min meetup I gave the buyer full access to the phone so he can check out anything he wanted. The t mobile worker also confirmed there were no issues with the phone.
But, he is now threatening to call the police. I’m not too scared but I’d like to be confident in the legal aspect of this. Could he take me to a small claims court or something similar for these reasons? I am certain there is nothing wrong with the phone especially up till the point I sold it to him but ultimately I don’t want to deal with even a claims court. I also don’t want to refund him because I would be getting a broken phone back if he isn’t lying.
I am also wondering how “final sale” works with in person Facebook sales. I looked back at the listing and there is nothing about the mechanical condition of the phone (given that it was fine in my eyes). Would it even be my legal responsibility anymore to come to a resolution with him?
I can definitely clarify anything in the comments. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks y’all
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2023.05.29 00:13 catanimal A bit late for the may challenge, but finally got a full marathon in

A bit late for the may challenge, but finally got a full marathon in
Had some family things that stopped me from doing this earlier in the month during the challenge time, but finally got my first (and last?) marathon in. Definitely wasn't fun, and I have some pretty bad soreness in my upper hamstrings/tendon area, not to mention my butt. Had a few quick watesnack breaks in there as well Overall I'm glad I did it, but I think my long distance rows will be kept to a minimum going forward. An hour or less probably for me 😂
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2023.05.29 00:12 Legitimate_Waltz6297 Ponzi Scheme

Ok, let me get this straight. The US government issues bonds that are super “safe” investments. When it comes time to pay off these bonds and they can’t, they sell more bonds?
Isn’t that the textbook definition of a Ponzi scheme? Hypothetically taxes are suppose to pay off these bonds, but it seems the current administration is hell bent on not doing that because election season is right around the corner. “Pushing” this issue off until 2025 for the next president makes sense as it’s passing the time bomb off to either Trump or DeSantis.
The amount of times I’ve heard people call Bitcoin a greater fool scam and then I look at the USD situation, it builds confidence in my weekly DCA.
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2023.05.29 00:12 brokenphonecharger_ "butterflies in the tummy" is the best feeling on earth

might sound corny but i don't care. to me, it beats any kind of high or orgasm (but obviously does feel even bettemore euphoric when you experience it high, like most sensations). it lasts for maybe 3-5 seconds, but it makes me feel ALIVE like nothing else on this planet. my favorite feeling ever, it's fuckin beautiful. i'm infatuated with the sensation.
it can be caused by many diff things, like something as innocent and simple as mentally thinking about a crush (or thinking about anything that gives you a strong and/or otherworldy feeling tbh, like aliens or how the world was made), to something more physical like doing something risky or exhilerating (skydiving, roller coasters, sports competition, etc). some forms of it are more euphoric and enjoyable than others, but you get what i'm saying. music can also definitely give you strong butterflies.
sounds dorky but personally my fav kind is the kind i get from women i'm attracted to, whether it's just thinking about them, seeing them, or from physically/verbally interacting and bonding with them. it's just a beautiful feeling that fills me with immense joy.
in conclusion i love butterflies in the tummy.
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2023.05.29 00:12 realityblue The guilt is consuming me

Vent incoming. We’re in our twenties but have been together almost a decade. The drinking has been going on and escalating for the last seven years. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m stuck in a viscous cycle of guilt. I truly don’t believe Q would drink the way he does/at all if we had kids like he wanted. His dream is to be a good dad. Yet I can’t commit to kids because of the drinking. I refuse to do it all alone if he does end up drunk/hungover all of the time. I’m terrified, and hardly want kids anymore anyways.
I feel like I’m the reason this has progressed. I turn a blind eye, I drive him to the store. I should’ve drawn a line in the sand seven years ago when it started. We’re isolated far away from friends and family so his boredom takes over and the addiction creeps in.
I feel like I can’t leave because it’ll ruin him more. Unprompted he’s told me in the past if I left he’d probably drink himself to death.
I’m states away from family. I can’t support myself without him financially. I’m sad at the thought of giving up on him. What if I never find someone who is better or will love me for my flaws? Maybe I’m a giant hypocrite.
The THOUGHT of blindsiding him by leaving kills me. I can’t imagine trying to actually do it. I don’t think I’m strong enough to make it out the other side.
All I know is I’m tired of counting cans, hiding keys, trips to the store, conversations he doesn’t remember, waking up to him on the floor with the front door unlocked, feeling guilty for being so disconnected from him. All while he acts like nothing is wrong and everything is fine. But is it even that bad considering what many others endure with their Q’s? It feels selfish to do anything other than help him and love him.
How does anyone do this?
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2023.05.29 00:12 Naytone Need Help Converting XMI File to Wav

I've been trying my hardest with multiple programs such as Foobar2000, MIDIPlex Sequencer, Synthfont, even OpenMPT and of course, Winamp, to export an XMI file from an old DOS game to Wav or MP3, but the results have been less than ideal. Midiplex Sequencer has definitely come the closest to helping me as I can convert the .xmi to .mid, yet when I play the .mid file in any other program, it never sounds the same.
It seems like every program uses a different soundfont and they don't come close to the original way it sounds in-game OR in winamp. And before you recommend the Nullsoft Disk Writer plugin, I've tried using it and it doesn't matter if the file is .mid or .xmi, it doesn't work. Of course I've also tried Send to > Format Converter and then I get the "Cannot find decoder" error.
My goal is to convert the .XMI file to .Wav or .MP3 so I can upload the soundtrack to this game to YouTube. I do like the way the song sounds in Winamp, so I'd like to try to convert that version. If anyone has experience using Format Converter, and might know how to help, please let me know. :)
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2023.05.29 00:12 SleepingWithBricks My 980 isn't cutting it for VR anymore!

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars:
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2023.05.29 00:12 simochiology landlord proposes new lease + termination instead of assignment

Hi. I'm renting this condo as a joint tenant with a roommate [Form400, both our names are on the lease]. This is a single unit and our lease is ending 31st July, 2023. The current roommate is definitely leaving starting August and I have found a new roommate who is really interested in his room. The Landlord said ok to the assignment, but today her agent called and says they suggest us to sign a new tenancy, and terminate the current one, and they can guarantee the new lease has the same rent & conditions... They said they prefer not to assign because it's confusing what's the original rent (the current roomate is also assigned before), and they just want to ensure the new roomate I got is reliable. And they demanded 2 month's deposit... The new roommate and I have no problem doing that, but if there anything we need to be careful with? I know the assignment needs landlord's signature and if she doesn't consent, I'm only eligible to leave but not stay (unless I pay the whole rent including my current rommate's). Thank you. TLDR: switching rommates but landlord proposes a new tenancy with an offer of the same rent
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2023.05.29 00:12 daw-nerd The beginning is so scary

I posted about my extreme muscle inflammation on this subreddit about a few days ago. It’s been two weeks and not a night goes buy where it feels like my body isn’t heating up like a furnace. Worst of all I’ve been overcome with heavy fatigue and my body feels shaky and tired even after constant sleep. I think the thing that makes me the most upset is that my intake appointment is still months away (September 24th to be exact). I was diagnosed in January and was put on the waiting list in February. I’m so tired of playing the waiting game and I feel so useless and desperate. I want to go out and do something or just even get out of bed without feeling heated and tired as hell. It fucking sucks that because I have a certain medical insurance the majority of rheumatologist refuse to take me in as a patient. I thought not being able to pay for most of my medical bills would be my advantage but it’s actually super hard to find a clinic that gives a shit. I just wanted to rant, I’m tired and I’m scared and I wanted to feel closer to people who understand me better.
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2023.05.29 00:11 CaptainChristopher02 My Floridian Arxur Daughter (Part 15)

My Floridian Arxur Daughter (Part 15)

Art by u/HaajaHenrik
Content Warning: Mentions of Pancakes between two consenting adults'.
It's really nothing but I'll put it in case someone prefers a warning. Love you guys.
Memory Transcript Subject: Chalta Rodriguez, Adopted Arxur Youth
Date [Standardized Human Time]: November 24, 2136
Finn is a good friend. We would walk around the park with our families, and he would tell me about all the fish in the ocean.
“Okay so like- there’s this fish. It looks like it’s melted but it really isn’t because it lives in really deep water. And you know when like- you like- have someone hug you really tight you go squish!” fin said.
“Yea! Mommy and daddy give the best hugs!” I thought of last night, when I showed all my weakness and was given a big warm hug from my family.
“Well, what if you were always hugged so hard… that when everyone let go you’re body went mushy! Because those hugs were the thing that was- um, keeping your bones tight together! That’s what a blob fish is.”
“If we went to water that deep, would we squish?”
“Yup! It’s also really dark down there too! You wouldn’t be able to see your hand in front of your face!”
I checked to see if I could already see my hand in front of my face. Yup, that would be dark.
“Wow,” I said softly.
“Hey Chalta, can I see your claws?”
“Sure.” I gave Finn my hand and he started looking and playing with my claws. They weren’t very long, only about half the length of his fingers, but Fin didn’t mind. He gently rubbed them and pressed his finger against the pointy end.
“They’re very shiny and pointy,” Finn said with an exited smile on his face.
“Thank you! Mom helped me clean them this morning. They’re so pretty now. Hey Finn, can I see your claws now?”
“They aren’t as nice as yours but sure.”
I played with Finns claws. They were short like daddies. Cut really close to the end. I wonder why humans didn’t keep them long. How would a human hunt? I also noticed that his hands are also warm and very soft. Even softer than mommies! Arxur have much rougher skin to protect us. How did humans protect themselves?
“Finn,” I asked. “How did humans hunt without claws?”
“We threw rocks.”
Throwing rocks, that was their weapon of choice? “Why rocks?”
“We could throw hard and accurately so we could hunt from a safe distance, or if food was running too fast.”
“How did you know that would work?”
“Well… there’s a lot of rocks everywhere, and the deer over their looks like they could use one. I guess we threw one too hard one day and some cave man went ‘hey I got an idea’.”
“What’s a deer?”
“An animal we used to eat a lot. I think we still do.”
“Are they tasty?”
“I dunno, maybe.”
“If you threw a rock at a deer, could I eat it later?”
“Sure, I don’t need a rock.”
I like talking with him, he makes me feel happy.
We kept walking until Finn stopped in front of a sign that said, The Kraken.
“Oh cool, a roller coaster! Mommy can I ride it with Chalta!”
“R-r-roller c-coaster?” I asked, remembering the screaming humans. I looked up and saw the deathtrap he was talking about. Why would I ride this? Why would anyone ride this?!
But what if he thinks you’re weak?
We tell him he’s stupid!
But I wanna show him we’re brave, also that’s mean!
Fine! Be my guest, but when you’re falling to your death it will be your fault.
“S-sure they can’t be that bad r-right?” I said, knowing it can be that bad.
“Chalta sweety, I don’t even go one those, and I know you don’t want to either!” Mommy said, remembering how I reacted earlier today.
Finn’s mother overheard and realized why I wanted to suddenly go. “Listen to your mother, don’t try impressing Finn if you don’t want to.”
Carlos and Salisek looked at each other.
“Carlos no!”
“You were going to go on that death trap!”
“Finn, wanna ride with me?”
Big brother was so brave! I wish I was brave enough to- Wait, if he can do it maybe I can too!
“Okay Carlos!” Finn said, “You and me! Bros!”
“Count us in too!” Daddy said with his arm around a proud looking Tarvik.
Mommy realized she had lost her husband to the coaster crossed her arms in frustration, “Okay than, Chalta you can wait with us girls.”
“A-actually mommy… can I go?”
Mommy gave a big sigh. “Yes bebé, but if you’re feeling uncomfortable come back. Even if it’s a little bit m, okay?”
“Yes mommy.”
I walked with the boys up the very, very long line. Every time I thought we were close there was just more line! I looked at a photo of the ride we passed to see how high we were going and… oh. Oh, that’s high.
I turned to Finn, “Um… is this safe?”
“Yea! They strap you in real tight!”
“Why are all the humans screaming?”
“They’re screams of fun!”
Daddy snickered. “Kinda reminds me of my honeymoon.” I didn’t know what a honeymoon was, but it sounded like a pretty scary roller coaster.
Big brother’s eye’s shot wide open. “There are two kids here!”
Honeymoon must be an adult secret.
“What? We went to Disney! We got fast passes and where riding Space Mountain and Tron all day!”
“That’s not what is sounded like!” Big brother is so silly. He makes me smile. Finn was laughing too.
After what felt like days, Daddy said it was only 30 minutes, we finally made it to the end. Four seats per row. Me and Finn sat next to each other with Big brother and Tarvik next to us. Dad sat with some strangers in the back, but I wish he was next to me. I was really scared.
After checking the uniformed humans checked the restraints, the ride was ready to start, and I could feel my heart beating faster than it ever has.
Finn grabbed my hand. His grip helped me feel safer. “It’s okay Chalta, I used to be scared of these but now I’m not! You’re safe with me, I’ll protect you!” Finn said proudly and I wrapped my tail around his leg and tightened my hands grip.
“Y-you better not let go!”
It’s starting! Oh no! I want mommy!
3… 2… 1…
The ride started… slowly? This isn’t so bad. Wow, we’re going high now. Really high. Wait how are we getting down. Oh, oh no. We’re dropping at speeds I didn’t know I could survive! Are we going upside down? Again! How are we moving like this? This… feels… AWESOME! It feels like I’m flying! I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS!
When we got off the ride I was filled with a sense of relief after finally returning to the ground. Tarvik also looked relived and proud of himself.
“Did you see that! I conquered the beast didn’t I. Ha, only humans could come up with something so dangerously fun!”
The boys giggled with each other while Finn and I raced back to our Mommies resting spot so we can tell them how brave we are.
A ran as fast as I could and gave mommy a big hug.
“Mommy, mommy! Did you see me? I was so brave wasn’t I! It wasn’t so bad; I’m not scared anymore!”
Mommy held me close and smiled. “Yes sweety, you were very brave! I’m so proud of you! You and Tarvik.”
“Hey what’s that supposed to mean,” Tarvik said sounding a little angry.
Big brother gave him a back pat. “Tarvik, I don’t think you realize that you’re probably the first Venlil to ever ride a rollercoaster. And you did it of your own free will. That’s almost unbelievable, yet here I am, standing in front of the living legend!”
We all giggled, but now I was feeling hungry.
“Mommy, daddy. Can we go eat something?”
“Sure,” mommy said. “These lady’s drank most of the water and ate almost all the sandwiches anyways. And I know the boys want their fill.”
Big sister looked embarrassed. “H-hey! It’s hot out here. My fur and size and all the walking aren’t helping either.”
Speaking of water, I was getting thirsty.
“Water sweety?” Mommy said before I could ask her myself.
“How did you know I was thirsty?”
“My mother senses where tingling.”
I took a sip of the water and noticed my legs were aching. We were close to a restaurant with all sorts of fish to eat.
So… close… can’t walk…
Finn noticed my struggle.
“Chalta are you okay? Do you need a break? Wait… are you hibernating?! It’s winter so I understand.”
“What’s hyper mating?”
“No silly, hibernating!” Finn said with a giggle. “Some animals do it when it gets cold. They sleep for a really long time.”
“Oh, okay. No, I’m not hibernating. My legs are tired. I didn’t know humans could walk so much!”
Finns’ mommy spoke up. “Darling, if you want, I could rent some strollers. We could also take a break.”
I suddenly felt like I was about to trip over my own weight when Finn caught me.
“Chalta if you can’t walk, I can carry you.”
“You can do that?”
Mommy looked worried. “I… I don’t think that’s such a good-”
Finn didn’t hesitate when he picked me up like a princess and carried me to the restaurant. The whole family looked surprised. I was too, how was he able to pick me up? Was I that light? I could tell he was struggling a little bit, but he kept going, determined to make sure I enjoyed a nice meal.
“Wow you’re really strong!” I said to Finn.
“Thanks, it’s from helping mom with all the groceries!”
“And those weights dad has that I keep telling you not to play with!” Finn’s mom said.
“If you don’t want me to pick up the weights than why do they have a handle?”
“Because you can hurt yourself!”
My mom spoke up, “Why don’t you just lock up the equipment?”
“I do! But somehow this little gremlin keeps getting past everything. Locked doors? No. Locked windows? No. Hide them? Always finds it! Punish him? He considers it a challenge. The closest I got was putting a piece of broccoli on all the equipment because he hates it. Wanna guess the day he started liking broccoli? It was the day he decided to force the stuff down his throat so he could use the weights. At this point I might as well hire a personal trainer, so he gets proper gym lessons and maybe just gets bored.”
“You still love me though, right mommy?”
“Of course! You little muscle baby!”
Big brother gave Finn a head pat while he carried me. “You know Marleen, I know a thing or two about fitness. I could teach him some things if you’re okay with it.”
“That would be wonderful. At lease he would have someone watching him and maybe learn not to hurt himself.”
Finn was still carrying me, and I could feel the warmth from his body. It was wonderful! It reminded me almost of how daddy carried me on the day we first met, but this was different. Dad’s felt like a comfort, but Finn’s felt like… a protector?
“Come on Chalta let’s go on an adventure!” Finn’s pace picked up and finally put me down once we got in line. I felt much better with some water and rest. Once we ordered and got our food we finally got to eat. I took one bite of the food called sushi. It had raw fish, with tons of vegetables that mom said should be fine in small amounts and pick off if I wanted.
*munch* “Mmm, so good!” I said aloud trying to contain my excitement.
After the sushi I had fish sticks. They were amazing, almost as good as chicken tendies! The French fries where good too, even if they were vegetables. I was fine at first, but then my stomach started telling me to stop eating plants for the day, so I had more fish sticks.
“Aw, I ran out,” I said, disappointed that I couldn’t enjoy any more fish sticks. I gave my fries to the table to share, but Finn still had some fish sticks.
Maybe I can ask? No that would be rude. He should enjoy fish sticks too!
“Hey Chalta! Have the rest of my fish sticks, I know you need them more than me,” Finn said as he placed the tasty fish on my basket.
*gasp* “Yay! I love you, Finn!” I said hugging him close while Dad spat out his drink. “You’re my best friend!”
Daddy calmed down. “Oh, thank god!”
Silly daddy. I love him too.
I felt bad about leaving but it was getting late. I said goodbye to Finn with a nice hug. Our moms told us that we could talk to each other again anytime we wanted and could even set up play dates! I was so happy!
The ride back home was smooth, and everyone headed to their rooms. Mommy pulled me aside and asked me if I wanted to sleep with her and Daddy since everyone needs a bed.
Big brother came and gave me uppies. “She can stay with me and Salisek, we talked about it. Go and enjoy some alone time with dad.”
“Thank you sweety.”
Mom went up to her room while Big brother and sister took me to theirs. After we got ready, they laid me between them for the night. I nuzzled up against brother’s soft and warm arms, and sister’s fluffy body. It was so cozy, but before I drifted off, I asked Big brother to sing me a lullaby.
Big sister gave an excited smile and wrapped us all around her tail. “I’ve never heard you sing! Please sing to us.”
Brother giggled and sang in a soft, surprisingly beautiful voice, "The song is called Send Me a Peach,"
“I never dreamed that there'd come a day
When I'd find myself far from your arms
Now that I am, I can hardly stand
Not to be near your sweet southern charms
Send me a peach from ol' Georgia
Down where the Savannah flows
If I could have one bite of Georgia
I would feel right here at home
I miss the shady old lanes there
Walkin' with you by my side
Just send me one peach from Georgia
Just so I know you'll be mine
I hope that you won't forget me
Before my road leads back to you
Though the winter may bring the whole world to its knees
The spring shall return with its fruit
The wind here is ready for winter
It seems to turn everything blue
So just send me (Send me) send me one little peach
Just a sweet, sunny piece of you”
Big sister whispered, “I love you.” As we all dozed into a peaceful sleep.
Memory Transcript Subject: Elena, School Teacher, Loving Wife and Mother
Date [Standardized Human Time]: November 24, 2136
For the first time in almost a couple weeks I was finally alone with my husband. He was reading in bed when I did my little ‘routine’. I jumped in and peppered him with kisses while he giggled profusely. I missed that wonderful laugh.
“My love,” my darling dearest said. “I know you’ve missed me, but our house is full. Are you sur-”
I put my finger over his lips and got into the ‘paint me like one of your French girls’ position. I know he loves that. “I have been without your presence for far too long, never mind your touch. Your wife has needs. Your wife wants to feel you all around, and for you to feel her all around. Are you gonna keep her waiting any more… mi amor?”
My husband sighed and pulled me right next to him. He gave me a wonderful, passionate kiss. “Okay my love, let’s just be quiet. We have guests AND a new daughter, okay?” I nodded excitedly. “I love you so much.”
We looked into each other’s eyes for the first time in a while. With him leaving and the new baby alone time was sparce. But moments like these… they were priceless. We gave each other another passionate kiss before we started making love.
I love my husband.
First Previous
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2023.05.29 00:11 IWantToGoBackInTime So how to navigate this

Ok so this might be a little bit random for a sub like this but I've gotten into a situation that I find really difficult to navigate. And I figured maybe someone here could relate my current story.
I've been pretty depressed for about 20 or so years. You could call it an underlying condition. Had T for four years but it was pretty mild. Habituated to the point that it was barely noticable and wasn't causing me much additional distress.
Been involved with a woman that I really appreciate for the past 1.5 years or so. But kept it as a non-serious, open thing. Beginning of this year things started spiraling down for me. My best friend of 13 years broke contact with me and has turned down every attempt of me wanting to talk about it. That was a huge blow. Made me more unstable. Then my "pseudo-relationship" also got under a lot more pressure. I knew from the beginning she ultimately wanted a real, committed relationship and so it happened that shortly after I got dumped by my best friend, she indicated that there was interest from other men and she might want to pursue that, if I wasn't going to step up and show commitment. This ultimately led me to break down in a spectacular manner. The night she told me she couldn't be more than just friends with me anymore, I theathened and tried to take my own life. The experience was very rough on her and possibly traumatized her.
It was a truly desperate moment, yet the aftermath (her saying she definitely couldn't be with me after I did a thing like that) led me to even more despair, anxiety and depression. In order to get a grip on this massively increased anxiety I felt forced to try new antidepressants, which by sheer, stupendously terrible luck caused my T to double in intensity. I quit them immediately but it hasn't backed down (over a month ago now). My T went from mild to moderate and it's really bothering me all the time now. I feel in trying to make one step forward, I ended up several steps back.
I am trying to mend things now with this person. While simultaneously feeling that if things between us hadn't gone so sour, my T wouldn't have spiked the way it did. I know, rationally, that I can't hold her responsible for the increase in my tinnitus, yet emotionally it feels so very unnecessary and, in retrospect, avoidable.
I'm wondering if anyone here has ever gone through anything similar. Where a situation between you and another person caused you so much distress that it caused a permanent spike, and how you deal in regards to grudges (valid or not) and negative feelings towards that situation. I'm really trying to look at the bright side here but I fear that perhaps this will become something that will come to stand between us, in one of my weaker moments.
What a fucking shitshow this had become. Sorry. I'm venting and looking for help. I don't know what to do. Yeah it's probably clear to say I fucked some thing up, but it feels like it resulted in a life sentence for me. Is every major life event going to result in an increase of tinnitus until I blow my brains out? It feels a little bit too harsh for what I've done.
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