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A community for those prescribed Lexapro or Cipralex, also known as Escitalopram. Please be positive and supportive. [> If you are feeling suicidal call 1-800-273-8255. If you need emergency medical attention call 911. [> Read all the rules before posting the first time, and please do not ask for medical advice, contact your doctor or psychiatrist.

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A community for Redditors who are tax professionals to discuss professional development, firm procedures, news, policy, software, AICPA/IRS changes, news/updates about law relating to any tax - U.S. and International, Federal, State, or local.

2013.05.10 21:03 Type A Machines

Type A Machines designs and builds the Series 1 3D printer, rated "Best in Class" by Make Magazine. www.typeamachines.com

2023.05.29 01:53 M3102 DAE feel like everyone's life is more interesting then theirs?

I feel like everytime I look at any type of social media, everyone else around me is always doing something and it makes me feel like I should be doing more. It's hard to explain but it feels like I go to work, come home, and just kind of chill. And I'm honestly pretty content with that until I look at other people. I know its bad to compare but, lately I just feel like maybe I should be doing more? Like is my life really just that boring? Does anyone else feel like this? Is it just time to disconnect from social media for awhile
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2023.05.29 01:51 orokoh Audio Device Recommendations

I utilize both a MacBook and a windows PC at my work desk. Along with wired headphones, and speakers that have a 3.5mm aux. I’m tired of manually swapping my headphones between the two computers. Not only that, but my speakers and my headphones seem to share the same port on my PC. I’d like a device that I can plug all 4 of these items into and be able to seamlessly swap between them.
Hoping to not only get a device recommendation, but also a full breakdown of which type of cables to get, and where they would go. (Hoping I could connect this dream device to my Mac via it’s thunderbolt port, if that’s possible)
Would this device I’m looking for be a DAC? Perhaps a Xenyx 502?
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2023.05.29 01:51 kraw- SCJERK STOCK UPDATE: MAY 2023

Greetings goofs, please find my resuméěè below:
I am here to save you from Jerk ruin by guiding you to this month's best HODL gems. Lets begin!
1- DFFE: Dub Fight For Ever is really hot right now and I would suggest buying and holding for at least a month. The reactions to this stock are high and people expect massive returns on horrendous graphics, mediocre gameplay, FUN value, childhood replication, and so much more.
2- DDON: Dub Dub Or Nothing should be trader overnight or at most held for a week, bringing great value through TARP merger, and EMPTY seat maximization. Just like DDON, childhood replication and FUN are at an all time high, just be sure to sell before it dies out.
3- ROLL: Rollins is really in right now, be sure to buy and hold for the quarter, liquidate your position when boos start sounding in the arenas again.
4- ALLIN: No, not Darby (phew); but Dub All In is expected to be one of the hottest stocks in August, so be sure to buy up early and sell roughly a week after the event ends, bringing in all time classics like TARP, TICKET, and SALES to the mix will certainly bolster ALLIN even more. Expect this to be the hottest stock of the year.
5- UNSA: Unsafe has doubtful value but seems like a solid memestock option, Unsafe seemed to dip when the dub became a thing because no worker can be unsafe in heaven, but UNSA seems to be making a comeback that will even put the Celtics to shame.
HONORABLE MENTIONS: - JRCO: Always hold a bag of JRCO, can never bet against the BLOAT. - SABU: DAE returning legend?? - KSAA: DAE Saudi good now?? - PAIG: Your girlfriend looks like this stock, probably.
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2023.05.29 01:51 itsallbullshityo German Kriegsmarine Type XXI U-boat 'Elektroboot' (left) alongside another completely wrecked submarine: in Germaniawerft, Kiel, Germany - after the end of hostilities in Europe, May 1945. [960 x 619]

German Kriegsmarine Type XXI U-boat 'Elektroboot' (left) alongside another completely wrecked submarine: in Germaniawerft, Kiel, Germany - after the end of hostilities in Europe, May 1945. [960 x 619] submitted by itsallbullshityo to drydockporn [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 01:51 climbance Best off-wall exercises for climbing specific strength

Mostly opening this up as a discussion for what people believe has advanced their climbing the most in terms of the off-wall climbing elements. I'm already well versed in hangboarding, can hang +15kg on the Beastmaker middle edge, so am looking for others experience on what areas, niche of otherwise, they've found most effective.
My main tokens for the debate on what seem most useful:
-Weighted scapula holds: scapula is pretty integral in stabilising most upper body intensive positions, I find these to be more effective than pullups when you get to a high rep range
-Weighted hip flexor lunges: lower body strength tends to be neglected, strong legs and the ability to pull through your toe easily feels integral
Keen to hear more, have about 12 years of gym and 9 years of climbing so have tried a lot over the years so will reply on my experience to exercises if I have it!
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2023.05.29 01:51 billbratsky33 Ways to make this concrete look better?

Total novice and first time pouring concrete today. I dug a drainage trench and terminated the run here. My wife thinks it's ugly. Is there a way to add stucco or another type of concrete on top that's a little more asteticcly pleasing?
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2023.05.29 01:51 Plus_Dragonfruit1363 What type of cactus is this?

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2023.05.29 01:51 InSomnusVeritas Feeling a little catfished but also feeling guilty

Met a girl online. Chatted for a few months. Pics. Video calls. Etc. I’ve been really enjoying her and we have tons in common. We met up for the first time recently and she was much bigger in person. I already knew she was on the bigger side and that’s normally no issue with me but I was quite shocked when we met. She struggled to fit in my car and generally get around, avoided most seating etc. I’m not sure if I’m just working through whatever initial expectations I made up and that weren’t met or what. I’ve never been with a woman her size so that also made me very nervous. All the flirty things I’m used to doing just didn’t seem possible. Couldn’t pull her in to my lap, couldn’t sit next to each other in our Ubers, couldn’t dance, etc.
I really don’t know what to do. I like our vibe but physically idk if we’re a match. She has amazing eyes and a great smile. But there’s just certain things I like being able to do with women?
I feel terrible typing this. I’m so at a loss. I don’t want to hurt her feelings. Really not sure how to process. I know she’s in to me and I really don’t want to lead her on while not being 100% certain of how I feel.
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2023.05.29 01:50 Alto1869 Favorite SciFi/Fantasy Armor ?

I always liked the Phase II Clone Trooper armor in Star Wars it always looked cool and authentic to me with the shape of the visofaceplate. It also helped how as the Clone Wars progressed, the Clones began to paint their armor in different ways to make them more distinguishable from one another. It's a cool looking armor overall.
Also honorable mention goes to MJOLNIR Battle Armor from Halo. It looks authentic, looks cool, and the fact that it's only suitable for Spartans to wear reinforces how supersoldier, powerful and awe inspiring the Spartans, particularly Spartan IIs are. I also love the visors and how as the war progressed, different types of helmets and armor pieces came to be.
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2023.05.29 01:50 vini-fluf-cat the austerity engine inspected the damaged,''hello jinty, are you being a good gracious engine'' ''i beg pardon but we dont like this type of suprise''

the austerity engine inspected the damaged,''hello jinty, are you being a good gracious engine'' ''i beg pardon but we dont like this type of suprise'' submitted by vini-fluf-cat to thomasthetankengine [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 01:50 Readgooder Capital Ships and CIG

I'm a fan of the game and the project but I feel it's a bit disingenuous to sell such a large expensive item without any real intentions of making it anytime soon.
The BMM I believe is on its 10-year anniversary and the other capital ships aren't going to be around for another 4 years (probably? probably longer?).
I understand this is a project with lots of moving parts but I feel a product was sold without knowing how it was actually going to be made and funding wasn't and hasn't been put towards making good on the sold item. As if it product was an afterthought after they got the money.
Sorry to ramble but this type of business practice doesn't feel right to me.
Again, I love the game but there has been so much promised.
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2023.05.29 01:50 susman15 I really need help

Every time I relapse I feel tribale afterwards. I literally feel less worthy as a human being. Yet I keep doing it.
I have tried everything; journaling, exercising, eating healthy, meditating and everything else you could think of. I can’t stop, although I know the solution. The solution is to find a girlfriend. Because the human body needs sex. It’s not like gambling or alcohol, which you can just stop with therapy.
I am sorry if this post is hard to read I am typing this literally minutes after my idk maybe 1000th relaps and I feel terabille I need help.
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2023.05.29 01:49 CuriousPetals9 How so I keep this alive?

How so I keep this alive?
Good morning! I was gifted this Plant (according to my online research it's a type of Orchid, please correct me if I'm wrong) and I've discovered that it's stuck in styrofoam. I have no idea how to re pot this or if I even have to do it at all. Can it stay in the foam?
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2023.05.29 01:49 cindyloohoos [Product Question] smoothening indented acne scars?

they aren't really deep, but i can feel a very slight indent and see the indents in certain angles of light. they're across my really bad post inflammatory erythema marks. not sure if this indentation will sort itself out when my PIE is healed, or if it'll remain indented. what should i do to smoothen it out? i currently use paulas choice azelaic acid and .045% tazarotene (arazlo), which is a type of a retinoid.
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2023.05.29 01:48 AdLife820 What’s your enneagram type and what type of seducer are you?

Here is a summary/outline
I’ll go first: 3w4, the Ideal Lover.
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2023.05.29 01:48 fjandujo Help Needed: Keyboard Issue with Razer Blade 15 (2018) - Continuous "cb" Typing

Hello Reddit community,
I hope you can assist me with a persistent issue I've been experiencing with my Razer Blade 15 (2018) laptop. I've owned this laptop since new, and approximately eight months ago, the keyboard started malfunctioning.
Whenever I press the letter "J," it acts as if I'm pressing the "ALT" key. Similarly, pressing the "H" key simultaneously registers inputs for both "H" and "R" keys. The most peculiar behavior occurs when I press the "Caps Lock" key, as it starts typing "cb, cb, cb," endlessly.
I have already uninstalled the keyboard drivers and performed a factory reset on the computer, but the problem persists. I stopped using the laptop until I could resolve the issue, and two weeks ago, I decided to purchase an external keyboard as a temporary solution. Surprisingly, the issue was resolved for about three days, but now, when I press the "Caps Lock" key on my external keyboard, it again types "cb, cb, cb" continuously.
I am in desperate need of assistance to resolve this problem. I initially thought it might be a software issue, so I performed a complete reset, but it didn't solve the problem. I also suspected it could be an issue with the built-in keyboard, which led me to purchase the external keyboard, but unfortunately, the issue persists.
Any suggestions or guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!
Best regards, Fj
Note: I am currently using Windows 11 operating system on my Razer Blade 15 (2018) laptop. And I have a video that shows the issue.
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2023.05.29 01:48 Throwawayayay4125 Boyfriend is a bit of a people pleaser and lets his family control him. What can I do?

Probably going to be long, sorry. Boyfriend let’s his family control him to a degree I think is unhealthy. If he shares an opinion or a plan for his future, his family will disagree and tell him his new opinion. He takes what they say as the only way to move forward, he lets their opinions fuel his actions even if he knows for a fact it is not what he wants. This applies to pretty much everything from work plans to plans for getting married in the future. His dad will also get him alone to kind of talk shit on me/us… idk why bc I don’t really think it’s even about me bc he doesn’t have a reason not to like me. From what I understand, he just likes to make these really misogynistic macho man type statements bc it makes him feel like a big guy I guess?? I just don’t understand it bc in the environment I was raised, those types of statements were embarrassing and made you less of a man. If my father said these things I would be mortified and just so embarrassed. If my father heard him say these things he would definitely not like me being associated with people who behave that way and raise their children to think it is normal. For example he will make up a problem that my boyfriend and I have not even had in our relationship, in this example he made it out to my boyfriend that I would try to come between him and his friends. I actively encourage him to hang out with his friends separately from me so this isn’t really an issue we have ever dealt with, but his dad brought up this topic to use it as an excuse to say things like “bros before hoes” and “bitches are a dime a dozen.” I don’t expect my boyfriend to defend me or disrespect his dad by telling him to shut up or something but sometimes it does hurt my feelings that he won’t say anything bc it seems like it could be as simple as saying “I don’t like when you say stuff like that” or simply not responding so these things aren’t encouraged. He wouldn’t even have to say anything really, if he just went quiet and acted even a little mad, his dad would take the hints that these comments are inappropriate and unwelcome. A few days ago I went with them somewhere and his dad got him alone and was acting like something happened bc my bf was distracted by me. His words were something along the lines of “that’s what happens when you bring along pigtails and legs” and my bf kind of made me feel like I might be overreacting to the comment but I brought it up with friends and everyone agreed with me that it was creepy and gross. I told my boyfriend weeks ago (this has continued for months) that someone was going to say something about this and it could be him or it would have to be me. I’ve given him plenty of time but I think he is hoping I have forgotten so he can avoid conflict. If he’s okay with being treated like less than a person by his parents that is none of my business, but I don’t really know what else to do to communicate to him that I’m not gonna let his family treat me like a dog just bc he’s okay with them treating me like a dog. He’s a great guy but he’s scared, I was like that once and it took me years to grow a spine. But if I can get better at things like this, I’m hopeful that he can too. I just don’t know what to say anymore, I thought I was clear before but he doesn’t seem to get that I refuse to live the rest of my life this way. This is the biggest red flag I have come across with him and I just want to know how to fix this.
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2023.05.29 01:48 RepresentativeNo4225 Encephalitis & therapy wird horses

Hello Reddit community,
I hope you're all doing well. I wanted to reach out and share my story in the hopes of gaining some insights and advice. Two years ago, I experienced a severe case of encephalitis, which has had a significant impact on my life. While I am not visibly physically impaired, I am dealing with the lingering effects of this neurological condition. I am at home the whole time with brutal pain. I can‘t go to university anymore, I cant work, I want to die because of the pain.
Ever since I was a child, I have had a deep love for horses and horseback riding. It has always brought me immense joy and a sense of connection. However, due to the aftermath of my encephalitis, I find it challenging to engage in horseback riding in the same way I used to. While I don't have visible disabilities, I do experience limitations caused by the condition. I am disabled in terms of memory, concentration, numbness of body parts, severe pain, stamina etc.
Recently, I came across the concept of therapeutic horseback riding and its potential benefits for individuals with various neurological Challenges. It has piqued my curiosity and has made me consider trying it as a part of my recovery journey.
However, I have reservations. Most of the resources and discussions I have come across are centered around individuals with visible disabilities. I can't help but wonder if my participation would be appropriate or if I would be taking away resources from those who need it more. Since they would also take money of their funds (I cant pay it). I genuinely don't want to be insensitive or disrespectful towards others who might have more visible challenges.
That's why I'm turning to this Reddit community for guidance. Has anyone here had experience with therapeutic horseback riding after encephalitis or a similar condition? Are there any known benefits or success stories related to this type of therapy? I would appreciate any insights, personal experiences, or advice you can offer.
Ultimately, my goal is to explore therapeutic horseback riding as a means to address the lingering effects of my encephalitis and support my overall well-being. I want to reestablish my connection with horses and harness the potential benefits this activity-based therapy might offer.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post and for any responses or suggestions you may have.
Warm regards,
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2023.05.29 01:47 Some-Estate1914 Ellen N. La Motte was the nurse who wrote like Hemingway before Hemingway. She was the originator of his famous style, using spare, understated, declarative prose. She deserves more recognition.

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2023.05.29 01:47 GirlLunarExplorer He used a public restroom!!

My son (5.5) has always struggled with the noise and strangeness of public restrooms. He even had a hard time using the nurse's restroom at the beginning of TK this year because it was strange qnd new. We always had to make sure he went before we left anywhere and sometimes had to come home in between errands so he could pee. We tried so many things, covering the detector with a posit it note, noise cancelling headphones, etc but it was still too much.
But slowly through reassurance, using our hands to cover the flush and just lots of repeated exposure, he finally used the public restroom last week, and this week when the family restroom was occupied he was able to follow me into the women's room and go pee!
We have a trip planned in the summer and I was so worried about him holding it the whole time at the airport but this is such a relief!
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2023.05.29 01:47 AlexP-sky Proving conjecture on number series

Below is conjectured by me formula (expressed in Maple notations) for relating π with ALL of convergents - those, which are described in OEIS via A002485(n)/A002486(n) (-1)n(Pi−A002485(n)/A002486(n))=(Abs(i)2j)-1Int((xl(1-x)2*(j+2)(k+(i+k)x2))/(1+x2),x=0...1) where integer n>2 serves as the index for terms in OEIS A002485(n)/A002486(n), and {i,j,k,l} are some integer parameters (which are some implicit functions of n and so far to be found experimentally for each value of n) . The integral yields the following expression https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XDXUANFtVG-PJDsWqCUjaG-UWCT0I5gO It is shown in examples below that the formula from my conjecture is applicable for some first few convergents of the A002485(n)/A002486(n) 1) For example, for 22/7 with n=3, i=−1, j=0, k=1, l=4 - with regards to my above suggested generalization. In Maple notation i:=-1; j:=0; k:=1; l:=4;Int(xl(1-x)^(2(j+2))(k+(k+i)x2)/((1+x2)(abs(i)2j)),x= 0...1) yields 22/7 - Pi. 2) It also works for found by Lucas formula for 333/10 with n=4, i=265, j=1, k=197, l=5 - with regards to my above suggested generalization. In Maple notation i:=265; j:=1; k:=197; l:=5;Int(xl(1-x)^(2(j+2))(k+(k+i)x2)/((1+x2)(abs(i)2j)),x= 0...1) yields Pi - 333/106. 3) And it works for Lucas's formula for 355/113 with n=5, i=791, j=2, k=25, l=8 - with regards to my above suggested generalization. In Maple notation i:=791; j:=2; k:=25; l:=8;Int(x2*(j+2)(1-x)l(k+(k+i)x2)/((1+x2)(abs(i)2j)),x= 0...1) yields 355/113 - Pi. 4) And it works as well for Lucas's formula for 103993/33102 with n=6, i=−47201, j=4, k=124360, l=14 -with regards to my above suggested generalization. In Maple notation i:=-47201; j:=4; k:=124360; l:=14;Int(xl(1-x)2*(j+2)(k+(k+i)x2)/((1+x2)(abs(i)2j)),x= 0...1) yields Pi - 103993/33102 5) And also it works Lucas's formula for 104348/33215 with n=7, i=−2409, j=4, k=1349, l=12 - with regards to my above suggested generalization. In Maple notation i:=-2409; j:=4; k:=1349; l:=12;Int(xl(1-x)^(2(j+2))(k+(k+i)x2)/((1+x2)(abs(i)2j)),x= 0...1) yields 104348/33215 - Pi 6) And it works as well for 618669248999119/196928538206400 which, by the way, is not part of A002485/A002486 OEIS sequences: with i=47201, j=4, k=77159, l=14 - with regards to my above suggested generalization. In Maple notation i:=47201; j:=4; k:=77159; l:=14;Int(xl(1-x)^(2(j+2))(k+(k+i)x2)/((1+x2)(abs(i)2j)),x= 0...1) yields 618669248999119/196928538206400 - Pi This issue was also posted by me several years ago on https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/860499/seeking-proof-for-the-formula-relating-pi-with-its-convergents and on https://mathoverflow.net/questions/175762/is-formula-valid-for-relating-pi-with-all-of-its-oeis-a002485n-a002486n-c In some of the posted answers it was shown that there is an infinite multitude of {j,j,k,l} solutions for each of A002485(n)/A002486(n) Pi convergents and that in order to have just a single solution for each of A002485(n)/A002486(n) Pi convergents the number of parameters should be reduced from four to two. Here are multiple sets of i, j, k, l producing for n=8 the same correct Pi convergents result: 208341/66317 $$ n = 8 ==> ( -66317 -1 9977 1 ) n = 8 ==> ( -6963285 3 212651 1 ) n = 8 ==> ( -66383317 7 833127 1) n = 8 ==> ( -103605391175 11 720252257 1 ) n = 8 ==> ( -55884747999795 15 517817918873 1 ) n = 8 ==> ( -66317 0 8805 2) n = 8 ==> ( -2188461 4 89050 2) n = 8 ==> ( -16380299 8 317214 2) n = 8 ==> ( -1305427928805 12 23297755114 2) n = 8 ==> ( 896546759355 14 27371124886 2) n = 8 ==> ( -23756674250925 16 5393931750178 2 ) n = 8 ==> ( -66317 1 8246 3)$$ However, I don't know what to do with this data - I don't visually see any simple pattern helping to reduce the number of parameters from 4 to at most 2. Does Mathematica have any commands/package helping to find out the pattern based on this type of data? The only pattern which could be seen looking on all currently available i,j,k,l data is that [j - l] is congruent modulo 2, which means that the difference between the values of j and l, denoted as (j - l), is divisible by 2. When n->infinity then A002485(n)/A002486(n)->Pi while the integral component will approach value of 0 - that happens when either i=0 or both i=0 and k=0.
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2023.05.29 01:47 Fuzzy_Hawk_4165 05/28/2023 What Do I Do About My Friends Talking About My Other Friend

So, this is my first post here. I'd just like to say this won't be a long one, but I think It's very important that I request advice for what to do. So, I hang out with a group of friends. I'd say about five people. They heavily rely on their ego's, and they're heavily insecure based on what I'm about to tell you about them. So, I was out riding with my friends. We rode a few miles, and then we came back to my place. We stayed there for a bit, and then we set off again. We then saw my mother and father driving down the street, so it prompted me to say hi. As they pulled in, my mother asked my father what happened to the Redbull Drink that my other friend drank. Mind you, they don't like this other friend. This prompted one of my friends to get all egological around my parents, and tried to get them onto his side. And of course, since they're older and had more experience with things like this, they didn't let him. And this is the kid who always gets his way. I wasn't there at the time, because I was a few feets away, so I didn't quite get what they were saying. But then, the friend who I mentioned kept bugging me to put my helmet on. He kept trying to pull the whole, "Haha, look. I'm trying to be the adult here. Come on guys, join me," type of guy. Which prompted my other friends to try to stop me biking to come and put the helmet on my head. Which, none of them had their helmets on either. So, I had to stop and they forcibly put the helmet on my head. Then, we went to a convenience store called Wawa. As we went there, they started asking me, "Why did you hang out with [Said Friend]?" I replied with why does it matter? So, me saying that prompted them to bring up an embarassing fact about the friend that I hang out with. I won't really get into it, but they also started calling him a pathological liar, only because he's lied a few times. I said, that doesn't make him a bad person. I should've kept my mouth shut, but then they replied with, "Yes it does." Then, they brought up the fact that he's a "sex offender" because of the embarassing fact. Mind you, the thing that he did never involved anyone else. They all then started to say, "[My Name] is friends with a sex offender." So, I rode home. They then called me and asked me what happened. I didn't say anything until the friend who I kept talking about started this whole spiel about my other friend, which I was hesitant about listening. They wanted me to come back, but I denied. I made up a random excuse saying that I was eating, so they ended the call. What do I do?
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