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2023.05.29 00:00 Avversariocasuale Looking to read some Shakespeare

I read a couple of plays and sonnets in HS and college but it was always for assignments and class so it never sparked any love for it.
The ones I've read are Macbeth, Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet, Midsummer Night's Dream.
I thought it would be nice to read up some more, especially since I keep running into references and quotes that fly right over my head. For this reason I'm looking for some enjoyable reads ofc but also something relevant when it comes to pop culture, not really his most obscure works.
Lastly, I'd like to read it in original language but my native language is not English so I find some passages hard to understand. I'd love it if someone could suggest some editions that feature some sort of commentary/explanations as footnotes or at the end of each section. I remember using this sort of books a lot for class but I don't if they are very widespread outside of a school setting.
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2023.05.29 00:00 CoolBen07 How do you get up here? I swear I've looked in every corner around the area and still haven't found the path

How do you get up here? I swear I've looked in every corner around the area and still haven't found the path submitted by CoolBen07 to FallenOrder [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 00:00 Asset_13 08 Fuel spraying everywhere.

Hey guys. Hoping you can help me out with something. First long ride of the season this afternoon, and on my way home on an empty straight I let it loose a bit. After a couple of gear changes, I heard a sputtemisfire and then felt a loss of power.
I’ve had something like that in the past, where I had water in the plug wells which was causing the misfire, and subsequent cherry reddening of one of the headers due to the lack of combustion. Anyway, I pull over and hop off and there’s fuel everywhere.
Powered it back on for a second and fuel was misting out from the spot where the fuel line quick connect is under the tank. Did some quick forum research and some people surmised the quick connect wasn’t connected all the way, but I’ve already gone on a few short rides and have an experience this.
I know I won’t know what’s up until I strip the tank and start looking, but wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar to this??
Getting sick of this bike
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2023.05.29 00:00 Oscar_Templeton Snowprints

"I never told you about the things your uncle and I used to find out here, did I?" Billy asked his boy as they plodded along the forest path, the frozen, snow-covered earth crunching beneath their feet.
Andrew shook his shaggy, blonde head.
"People leave all sorts of junk out here. Porno mags, old clothes... stuff like that. What's funny is that we always found stuff, lots of stuff, but we never found the people that left it behind. Ain't that funny?" Billy continued.
Andrew knew that once his father started, there was no stopping him. Especially not after he began pulling from that pocket flask with the Don't Tread on Me sticker emblazoned on the front. Andrew had smelled that burnt smokey scent so often that he could recognize it from a mile away.
Billy took another deep draw from the small, silver flask. Andrew watched him take a few swigs and heard the noisy gulps of the liquid trickling down into his gullet.
Billy was used to the way his throat burned every time he drank but he still wheezed like a broken vacuum. He couldn't help it; this whiskey was the good stuff, and the pain was worth the pleasure. Soon, the liquor's heat would push the winter chill from his body and the aches in his back would go away too. He gasped again, wiped a dirty sleeve across his lips, and slipped the flask back into his vest pocket. Then he slung the rifle over his shoulder again and turned towards Andrew.
"That's funny, ain't it?" Billy asked again, his tone more insistent.
Andrew nodded.
"No matter how far you come out here, you always run into someone else's shit. But you never see the person or their tracks. Even during this time of the year!"
"The tribe that used to live in these parts, they had a local legend about a monster that used to live out this way," Billy cleared his throat and wiped a few stray beads of spittle and whiskey from his lips again. "Now what was the name of it? The wampum, the why-oot? You remember, boy?" Billy glanced at his son, Andrew answered him with a shrug.
"Anyways, they have this local legend around here that there's a spirit of something that lives out in the middle of the woods. It takes the form of someone you know. Then it leads you deeper into the forest. Where it takes you, God knows, but anyone who follows it is never seen again. Hell, maybe it's real and it took all those folks that come out here after all. Maybe that's why they left everything behind, I dunno. I ain't never seen anything strange or heard anything either. My pal Randy, the park ranger, you remember him? He said he seen some shit out here too."
Billy stopped in his tracks to think. "Damn, this'll kill me, what was it called? The Way-oh, the Winnebago?"
Andrew knew his father would keep guessing until his buzz wore off.
Billy grunted and shook his head and the pair continued on through the forest, Andrew silently plodding through the snow and Billy plowing through like a bull in a China shop. In the fading sunlight, the forest around them began to take on a dark blue pallor and the shadows of the trees grew deeper and stretched their gnarled branches across the path.
Again, Billy slipped the flask from his pocket and took another swig. He could still feel the crisp December air sneaking its way into his camouflage Carhartt jacket and he needed to warm up fast. But then a wave of guilt crept into him as he realized how much colder his son must be.
"You cold, boy? You want a swig? Eh... on second thought you're only 12."
"I'm 14, Dad," Andrew replied.
Billy quickly dropped his head, hoping Andrew hadn't noticed the look of shame spreading across his face. The whiskey-soaked gears in his mind churned quickly, desperate to find something else to change the subject to.
"What the Hell did the tribe call that thing? It was their own version of one of them Skinwalker creatures. 'Cept the thing I found most curious about it is that it never makes you do anything. You just follow it on your own... it talks you into following it deeper into the forest. I always wondered how it could do that."
"It's getting late, Dad." Andrew broke Billy's train of thought.
"We gotta bag a deer at some point, Andrew. We ain't going home empty-handed." Billy grunted, but Andrew could hear was beginning to slur his words.
"By the time we get to dressing it, it'll be pitch dark!" Andrew protested.
But there was a shift in Billy this time and Andrew could see the frustration bubbling out of him like an overboiled pot of water.
"Alright, now listen. Your bitch mother asked me to take you out today so she could finally catch a break from your ass. So don't be complaining when I'm doing her a favor. Ya hear?" Billy's breath reeked of alcohol as he stepped closer and nearly jabbed his finger into his son's chest.
But Andrew held his ground, cleared his throat, and muttered in a low voice. "We're never gonna bag a deer if you keep bitching like that... Billy."
Billy had started towards the path again, but his son's words yanked him back and he spun to face Andrew. "What did you just say to me, you little shit?"
"I'm saying..." Andrew started, but Billy swiftly cut him off.
"You're saying nothing! You don't ever talk to me that way, and we ain't leaving till we bag a deer!" Billy pulled out his flask again, and raised it up high, draining whatever swill was still left at the bottom.
"Mom left you because you weren't man enough," Andrew muttered under his breath. But as quiet as the words were, the sentence hit Billy like a slap to his face.
"What was that?"
"That's what Mom said. She told me you weren't man enough to ask for a raise, that you always stank of booze. That I needed a stronger man to raise me. And that's why she took me and left."
Billy was taken aback. He could only stand there, stunned. He felt as if he'd been struck by a bolt of lightning, but it had been his own flesh and blood.
"Listen..." Billy started, but then he began to whimper. He didn't want his son to see him cry like this, but those words had stung his heart like a hornet and the alcohol had weakened the floodgates in his eyes.
He whimpered again like an old, wounded dog and Andrew took a step towards his father. His firm, cold hand reached towards Billy's large calloused one.
"It's okay, Dad. We can still go bag a deer if you really want."
But Billy didn't hear him. He hadn't expected to be punched hard in the gut like that. He understood his ex-wife's frustration with him, but she needed to leave Andrew out of it. Billy's mind began to swim, grasping for words like branches in a raging river.
"It's fine, boy." Billy finally said through tears. "We can go back now, watch some football. Whatever you want. I just want to do you proud."
"I know, Dad. But let's keep on. Us Coburns don't quit, right? I know where we can find some deer, through the woods, right this way." Andrew smiled, clutching his father's hand with a firm grip.
Billy took one last look at the path they had followed through the forest and noticed that their snowprints had changed ever so slightly with each step. His own prints melted and flattened as the last of the sunlight blanketed the forest floor in that last gasp of light before nightfall. But at first, Andrew's prints seemed to be disappearing more with each step, until the last few prints barely showed at all. It didn't make sense, but Billy pushed the thought from his mind. It was probably just a trick of the fading light.
"I remember the name of it now, Dad." Andrew continued and looked up at his father with his shining, blue eyes. Eyes that seemed, somehow, to pierce through the encroaching darkness.
"It was the Wechuge. The Indian tribe called it the Wechuge."
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2023.05.29 00:00 Best-Wish9243 Looking for a Group? Check us out! Anyone can join!

Looking for a group? Check us out! NEW PLAYERS WELCOME!!
Meet new Rust users! Find a group or a friend! Join our discord of 1400+ users and look under the #Select-your-game channel and select a game to post under the text channels for that game.
We also have channels for you to post info about your clan if you are looking to find new members!
Group up!
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2023.05.28 23:59 Da-baby-bun ❄️Always want attention hehe

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2023.05.28 23:59 Standeman61 Japan 19 day Itinerary Check in August

Heyo guys! Me and 3 other friends will be visiting Japan in August, and we put up an itinerary draft before booking our airbnbs, and would like to have a second opinion before locking in the trip.
We are all aged begin 20s and will come from the Netherlands with 7 hours of time difference and an overnight flight. We will land in Narita.
Day 1:
We will land in Narita around 14:00 local time. We will travel to our airbnb around shinjuku, and explore shinjuku before going to sleep relatively early
Day 2:
Edo Castle/Imperial gardens Akihabara Asakusa Senso-ji and we will walk from there to Tokyo Skytree
Day 3:
Shibuya Meiji shrine Takeshita street Togo Shrine
Day 4-5:
Depending on ticket sales we will visit teamlabs and Ghibli on these days, and finish off the rest of Tokyo depending on what we still want to see on these days
Day 6-7:
Climbing Mount Fuji, we will rent a room in one of the mountainhuts and watch the sunrise
Day 7:
Travelling to Kyoto using JRP travelling to airbnb visiting Kinkaku-ji and eating in Gion.
Day 8:
Arashiyama Bamboo grove early in the morning Monkey Park Philosophers path Kiyomizudera
Day 9:
Checking out of Airbnb dropping suitcases in locker in station Fushimi Inari shrine Train to Osaka Airbnb Dotonbori and food
Day 10:
National Osaka Museum of Art Namba Gardens Osaka Aquarium Tempozan ferris wheel
Day 11:
Osaka Castle Namba Yasaka Shrine Amerikamura Shinsekai
Day 12:
Universal Studios Japan
Day 13:
Travelling to Nara Mochi pounding at nakatanidou Nara park with Todai-ji
Day 14:
Travelling to Hiroshima Atomic Bomb museum and memorial
Day 15:
Miyajima island exploration
Day 16:
Flying to Naha in Okinawa
Day 17-18:
Vibing and Snorkelling in Okinawa
Day 19:
Flight home

We are maybe looking for some more interesting things to do in Tokyo, Hiroshima and maybe Okinawa, and are hoping the rest of the days will be possible. We are also curious to hear how Obon could affect our Tokyo part of the trip. We are very welcome to receive feedback, since we want this to be the best trip possible.
Thanks in
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2023.05.28 23:59 Seaandland45 What to do about a group of teenagers harassing me across the street?

So I was walking along the street and a group of teenagers around my age drived towards me and stopped just up the street. I already felt nervous because they were all looking at me, I think they were giggling. As I walked past, the girl in the car beeped her horn really loud looking straight at me waving and laughing. I looked down and I waved back and they drove away amused. I don't know why teenagers like to harass me on the streets. But this has happened a few times. What should I do in situations like this?
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2023.05.28 23:59 AllstarGaming617 Help managing a growing amount of data specifically for plex server.

So a few kind plex redditors helped me understand the best way to configure my plex server with my particular network and consumption needs. Now I need opinions on the best way to manage my storage. I will be using my gaming/work Pc as the server base(ryzen 7900x/rx5700xt/64gb ddr5/2.5gb lan) as the server is just for the home and potentially 1 or two mobile streams while traveling. After looking into storage solutions for my media, I’m running into a convoluted mess of information on how to manage my storage. Here’s the options I think I’ve narrowed it down to and could use opinions on which is the most logical and economical while having redundancy(raid 1/5/10(will be using 14TB exos drives):
1)Dedicated 4-6 bay NAS 2)DAS 4-6 bay with a built in raid controller(usb 3.1) 3)DAS with software raid via windows(usb 3.1) 4) Drives connected straight to MOBO(+m.2 Sata expansion in future) using motherboard raid 5) Drives connected to MOBO or dumb external DAS and create a “manual raid 1” by manually copying data to two separate drives(or pairs of drives configured as 1 volume) and then un-mounting/disconnecting the second drive and keeping it as a cold backup.
My use case is very light. BluRay rips/remuxes and TV shows streamed to TVs in my house running plex on nvidia shield. Very occasional remote streams to phones or laptops while traveling.
I’m seeing a million different conflicting ideologies on which way to go while searching online. I do not care about file transfer speeds as once it’s on the drive, it will never leave. I do have some concern over array rebuild times should a drive fails. I understand that raid is not a back up and parity/redundancy is not a substitution for cold offsite storage, but this is not “mission critical” data.
I’m simply looking for the most cost effective way to attach mass storage to my PC for a plex server that will eventually reach over 100TB over the years. The plan would be 2-20TB drives in raid 1(I currently have about 10TB of data because of my current storage limits and will increase exponentially once I have a proper array), moving to 3-20TB drives in raid 5, and eventually 4+ 20TB drives in raid 10 when I reach those data storage needs.
An expensive NAS that can run plex on its own is nice, but seems like overkill considering I have a PC that will crush/overkill any hardware bottlenecks that most cheaper Nas run into with thier quad core 1-1.5ghz celeron+1-2gb ram with no cache. And then there’s the never ending argument about hardware and software raid being trash. I feel like that conversation takes place amongst true datahoarders that have mass storage needs of more critical data than I.
Opinions/advice very much appreciated. Thanks.
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2023.05.28 23:59 Old-Bread-8970 Old Garp

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2023.05.28 23:59 Realistic_Chef_1730 The kids Hair (rant)

For years now it has irked me, that she has to comb her kids hair for school daily. Part of me hoped that it was only for the videos, however during the summer the boys hair looked so messy. This tells me they are just used to lining up in the bathroom and having her do their hair. Sure as a parent I would take the extra time to make sure hair was good for picture day, crazy hair day. But for the most part unless one of my kids specifically asked for help on a style, I let them take care of their own hair.
The other day on a video, the mothers day one on Addie was reading her card, or possibly explaining but made the statement she wanted her hair to be down, and to have her hair left alone.
I guess Addie doesn't like to be done up as much as Lillia doesn't like it. Yet here is Jess pushing it for the vlogs. Lillia had to beg for years to cut her hair. I wonder how long till Addie can cut hers...
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2023.05.28 23:59 RareBearToe Looking for advice on getting LWOTC running on deck (followed popular guides here on Reddit, but somehow messed up)

I’m trying to get long war of the chosen running, but somehow messed up the process. Now my game won’t boot (even after reinstalling, verifying integrity of files, changing proton version) Someone on discord recommended that I factory reset my deck to get the game to work…would it? I have the game on an SD card, as I have the 64gb deck
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2023.05.28 23:59 throwaway91634819 Relapsed after a year of being clean

Throwaway cuz yeah
Earlier tonight I was having a breakdown from overthinking that my boyfriend doesn’t love me and I just got up and cut my thigh without thinking. I cried immediately after because it’s been so long that I could only manage one deep cut. Then right after I got a text from my boyfriend saying “it makes me so happy looking at you” and that literally broke me and I cried for about 5 minutes because I felt so guilty. I haven’t told him about this and I don’t plan on telling him until he eventually finds out.
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2023.05.28 23:59 PartTimePoster [PC][2004?] Lord of the Rings platformer fighting game

Platform(s): I know for sure I played this on PC, no idea if it was on anything else
Genre: Platformer fighter? Kind of similar to the Mario 3 battle mode with two characters and powerups
Estimated year of release: Not a clue. It was somewhere around '04ish I think that we played it though if that helps.
Graphics/art style: Pixel art. Can't remember what the backgrounds or anything looked like specifically though.
Notable characters: I don't remember being able to play as anyone aside from Gollum and Gandalf
Notable gameplay mechanics: So, it was a platformer. You could pick up powerups like the one ring, and whenever you did I think as Gandalf it would play the sound byte of the entire "One ring to rule them all" speech, and I think Gollum would say "My precious" whenever he picked it up. I don't really remember how you actually fought, if it was a jump on their head situation, or if you could shoot or anything. I mainly remember rushing for the Ring and constantly hearing the sound bytes from the movies.
Other details: This was most likely some fan made game, considering the movie sound bytes and all, and the fact that I can't seem to find any reference to it while googling stuff.
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2023.05.28 23:58 Working_Upstairs_847 Anyone else having Ursula related issues?

I’ve been trying to move her house the The Glades of Trust. Every time I move her house my game freezes and I’m forced to exit out and reboot the game. It’s ONLY her house. I’ve moved around others houses and decorated a lot since having this bug (a few weeks now).
Also I’m finally trying to finish her level 10 friendship task and I cant find the Sunlit Plateau crystal. I’ve looked it up and it’s not where it’s supposed to be by the pond or ANYWHERE.
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2023.05.28 23:58 MeowFat3 31[M4F] - Looking For Something Special

I'm a 31M and a recent transplant to Washington! I sincerely love it up here, the weather, the people, the scenery and nature. That said, I left friends and family behind to get out and start a new chapter in my life, and so far so good! So, why am I here? Well, I work from home so getting out there can be hard sometimes - not to mention the dating apps are bleh.
A little about me:
I do wanna say, I've been going to the gym consistently for a while now - I'm on a fitness journey, and I'd like for someone to join me in that. I'm not attracted to overweight or physically lazy - sorry :/
Looks wise, I'm 5'11 and 185lbs, long blond hair with blue eyes and a light beard - very viking 😂
Reddit chat please! Hope to hear from ya!
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2023.05.28 23:58 CorruptJerome [WTS] 1884 CC MS64 CAC Morgan, 1810 Mexico Span. Colonial 8 Reales, Peace Dollar Lot, Tasmanian Tigers, Hard Date Peace’s, CHEAPPP add ons! Happy Memorial Day Weekend🇺🇸

Hello all!
First off, Happy Memorial Day weekend and thank you for your service to all PM fiends who are, or have, served in the armed forces.
Some updated prices and added items from previous sale, enjoy! Have items added on CHEAP or a la carte for a premium.
The main attraction is this 1884 MS64 CAC Morgan. Man, I love this thing. The TONING 🤤🤤🤤 but with picking up my quest to collect all commem half dollars, I’m getting rid of CC duplicates. Almost picked this one over my MS65
don’t hesitate to ask for more pictures if needed!!
WTT - Fine-BU Morgan’s. Think I’ve reached my max on cull-VG condition for now. Also Commem halfs. Looking for Lafayette, Vermont, Texas currently.
THE BELOW ITEMS CAN ONLY BE ADDED ON TO AN ORDER OF ONE OF THE ABOVE (Can buy a la carte if you add $4 to the below prices)
🚢Shipping 5 FC Priority 9
Responsibility of package is no longer mine once I hand it off to USPS. Before that point I can guarantee extremely thorough packing, plenty of bubbles and tape. Will ship within 2 days of receipt of payment
Payment methods: (in order of pref)
Zelle Venmo ff Ca ff Apple Pay Ppff if it’s a deal breaker without it
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2023.05.28 23:58 cordellf95 [US] [TRADING] Manga Lot
Looking to trade up to any hardcovers of same value
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2023.05.28 23:58 DJSkrillex Why I think the recent PES games feel more "scripted" than FIFA

I'm not gonna tear down one game to bring another up. I'm a relatively long time PES fan (playing since PES 2009). The only FIFA games I've played are FIFA 11 and FIFA 14. Only recently I got the chance to try FIFA 23 out at a friends' house. After having played PES 2020, 2021 and Football Life 23 recently then trying FIFA 23 - I can confidently answer why PES feels more scripted. Simple: the static animations. When there's a collision between two players, it's not a procedurally generated/dynamic thing - a static animation plays out. And no matter how many animations there are - weirdness will happen very often which can lead to balls moving in a completely ridiculous way. And you will start seeing certain repetitive animations play out and almost 100% know what will happen next.

Let's say your player stops the ball but it bounces off of a body part for which there's no animation. There's a pretty high chance the bounce will look pretty weird and in a lot of cases it may bounce straight towards an opponent. Something like that, while it still happens in FIFA ofc, seems to be more rare. Or as I said, with the collisions. If two players collide a static animation plays out which may sometimes lead to your player taking a stupid amount of time to get up and reorient himself. In FIFA, the collision itself may look whacky but it will be 2 bodies colliding in a "realistic" way. I hope I'm explaining it well.

But the downside of FIFA's collision/procedural animation system is that player movement feels very unrealistic, with players seemingly sliding all over the places and players' feet moving inhumanly fast while making feints/tricks. Also, these static animations don't explain players ignoring the ball, slowing down etc. Those things exist in both games.
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2023.05.28 23:58 Toplap108 Need some help with LDR dates , (35 FM USA & 32 m Uk )

Looking for some fun date ideas. We have talked about it for a while now but haven’t be able to commit to any or come up with any yet . Due to our work schedule and the 8 hour time difference between us.
Definitely throw some ideas out. Would love to hear them
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2023.05.28 23:58 Coffee_n_wifi I'm mounting stairway handrails. Should I use toggle bolts when I can't screw into studs?

Hi thank you in advance for your advice. I am mounting 5 foot-long handrails on the stairway. The handrail comes with two brackets. And at the end of the bracket where it attaches to the wall is a round plate with three holes.
I found studs near both ends of the handrail where it would be mounted, and I aligned the round plates so that two of the three holes on both plates line up with vertical wood studs, but third holes miss the studs.
So for both plates, I used 5/16 × 2 inch lag screws in two holes to screw into the studs. I was wondering what to do with the remaining third holes, and whether to leave it alone, and decided to use toggle bolts.
It worked, but now the bracket plates show two lag screw hex heads and a small round head, and it looks worse than I thought it would. It will look nicer to have just one type of screw heads. Is there any way to fix this? There are three more handrails to mount and I feel like I am now stuck with how I did the first one.
Maybe I could place 1/2 inch thick wooden blocks behind the round plates, in sizes that are similar to the plates, and also use lag bolts for the third holes.
(Also, another problem was, finding studs on the stairway wall was really hard. I used three different studfinders and still the signals were confusing and not clear at all. Later, when I drilled holes, I saw that there is a thin plywood layer attached to the wall inside, so maybe that's what made the signals confusing. Would you have any tips on how to more easily find studs on this type of wall?)
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2023.05.28 23:58 AngZeyeTee Unburdened a part, what it look and felt like

I see a lot of comments here asking about unburdening. I too found it confusing and mysterious. But a couple of days ago I finally experienced what was obviously an unburdening. I thought I’d share.
I have been working with a part I call Sleepyhead. He makes me very sleepy to avoid things. I didn’t set out to unburden. I was just doing typical parts’ work. His appearance was as a human sized bubble. He was opaque, filled with what looked like spider webs or white cotton candy. Visually his effect on me was with the same webs or white cotton candy thickly wrapped around my head.
So, in this meditation we were sitting side by side on some boulders looking put over a saltwater bay late afternoon. I was asking him what he’d like to do if he didn’t have the job of making me sleepy. He said he wanted to float (in previous conversations he couldn’t answer that question). I told him he could float if he wanted, I didn’t mind. I stood up. He began to float. As he began to drift out over the bay he became transparent like a soap bubble with those beautiful rainbow swirls. He was smiling and keeping eye contact with me as he drifted away. I was crying, sad to say goodbye to a friend, but happy for him. I welcomed him back any time, and he indicated he’d stay in the confines of the bay so I could ask his help easily.
And I’ve yet to be hit with extreme sleepiness since then.
What I now know was another unburdening involved a little boy with tape over his mouth and a face red with strain. I pulled the tape off and he projectile vomited all over me, knocking me to the ground. He was deeply ashamed and embarrassed, but I assured him it was okay. He felt better because he’d “been holding that stuff in forever.” His name is Sunshine.
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