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2023.05.29 00:17 hairypotatobean Should I just move on?

I need this answer that I may already know, but my friends are just as enamored with this person and are no help. Sorry for the long read, but hoping for men's opinions or woman who have been in this type of situation-ship.
So I'm a 30F, about a year ago, I had just gotten out of a 6 year relationship. Prior to this relationship I had dated, but never got into anything serious. One of my closest in those on/off friends with benefits was when I was 19-21. He was nerdy, smart, and oh so charming, just my type.
Back then, he was also very immature, but we had fun arguing with each other. These arguements though also kept me feeling like I had to hide certain aspects of myself to avoid a debate or feeling judged. There were other certain small sexual and recreational aspects about him that I would've considered deal breakers, but nothing bad or that wasn't hindered by my own self consciousness. Just small tweaks I'd hope my future partner would have/do and he was not into it.
Due to long distance issues, and his lack of commitment, I cut it off and moved on with my life. Fast forward to my breakup, I reconnect with this guy through linked in out of all places. Neither of us are on social media and have no accounts besides reddit and for me, snapchat. *this is important to my doubts/issues. We get together, and everything resumes as it was except there's some MAJOR CHANGES. He has grown and matured to a point where all tweaks I previously criticized or was hesitant about were absolutely gone. The arguments/debates stopped, and more openness and vulnerability took its place. SWOOooooonnn. He is more open to experiment on all areas I previously considered as those dealbreakers. Yes, it is still long distance, but this is where my issues come up.
He says he's gonna move to my city within the year or that he would be willing to move to another state with me, we both do remote work. He says he has emotional and mental health issues that he previously ignored and was finally getting help with(this is recent, in the past 3 months), therefore he is not emotionally ready for a relationship; but that I am a potential partner, he can imagine us together, but doesn't know if or when that would be attainable for him. That he does not want to be a burden to me or a parasite to my own growth while he is struggling and mentally dealing with this own. He has recently experienced alot of loss and have been greiving throughout this past year and directly prior to our re-connect. He responds to my texts sporadically and rarely visits even though I have offered to visit him multiple times, which he always deflects or says he is busy. He tells me how much he loves to have messages from me, and even double texts. Knowing that I care about him and even when he is not up for a conversation, he likes to see my messages because they encourage him and motivate him to do better, even if he is extremely depressed or going through massive anxiety and stress issues and doesn't respond until a week later.
He also has another friends with benefits in his current city. I do not know the extent of their relationship/friendship besides the fact that he is not romantically ready to even consider that person a partner and that he sees them about once every 1-3ish months. In fact, he cuts these relationships off if the other person develops feelings. In the same instance, he KNOWS about my feelings, my desires to be with him, and how even previously and now, that if he chose to commit to me, I would be his and only his, but he is still 'not ready for me', but we do engage sexually if we are together.
Randomly, out of nowhere this month. He got a snapchat and added me. Never messaged me on it, but started looking at my stories. I figured he was just being nosy into my life. I was wrong. Still no messages between me or him, but his snapchat score has now moved from 0 to 500, this means he is exchanging snaps with someone else? I want to obviously just ask. It may be as simple as him reconnecting with friends and catching up with people. But I also don't wanna sound jealous or stalker like, because he has no commitment or relationship with me and I guess it's technically none of my business.
But this has me feeling insecure and just honestly feeling like I am holding out for some guy that still can't give me a commitment and is hard to communicate with besides a sporadic text here and there. Granted, we have had very intense and serious, and also deep conversations at times, but generally we will text once or twice every other week or so.
I've always been told 'if a guy wants to be with you, he will MAKE it happen' or 'if a guy is unwilling to commit, it's because he is talking/saying the same things to multiple woman'. Even though he has been very up front and honest with me about his past relationships and even his current situationship, I can't help but wonder if he is dragging me along. As much as I want to be there for him, even just as a friend through his hard time, I also don't want to have a friendship where I am romantically invested and hoping maybe some day, something could come from it.
The last time I tried to establish if I was even considered a possible future partner for him is when I got that "he can imagine us together, but doesn't know if or when that would be attainable for him". I would stay friends with him, of course. I care about him, as he says he cares about me, and I have realized the help and value he is to me with the things he has said to me that resonated and helped change and shift my life for the better. He is a person in my life that matters and I wouldn't wanna lose. But if he would just tell me he sees no romantic future with me, only as friends or even just friends with benefits. I could be content with that and move on. But he won't say that to me. Anytime I bring it up, I get the 'I care about you' 'you are important in my life'.
My friends who have met this man feels he is just amazing. Whether it's his charm or good looks, I'm told how he 'looks at me' and how I 'look at him'. They believe we are meant to be together and I think hearing things like this with my own feelings keeps me there. Like a puppy, putting this man on a pedestal by praising and lifting him up consistently. When we are together, he helps and does the same for me, but every other time, I am lucky to get a text response and those times together are FAR AND FEW in between. It begins to feel one sided, although I know his struggles, I try not to take it personally at all. I just want to be there for him if he needs me, but I know my needs are not being met.
Then I think of why we reconnected in the first place. The conversation was near identical between us talking about what life was like without being in eachothers lives. The thought of what could have been, if we had actually tried all those years ago, the LONGING, in a not too creepy way (when he would be in town, he would pass my house to see if my car was there, or when I would search him up, to see if he finally got social media, I ended up locating a property he bought). So if I cut it off again, am I gonna just regret it and think about him all over again in 10 years!?
Soo... should I move on? What would you do?
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2023.05.29 00:16 ObsequiousChild Case rec's - ITX, D15

Hello, any rec's for a PC case that fits the following criteria, thanks;
Not interested in other components as I'm creating a new pc in the house out of existing parts I have. Thanks for looking.
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2023.05.29 00:16 Swimming_Tea_5204 *This composite has a permission of both partners to be shared*

*This composite has a permission of both partners to be shared*
What is the thing with Uranus Neptune conjuction in the 7th house? Is this relationship gonna work, considering the fact that both partners want a baby and a marriage?
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2023.05.29 00:16 Photon_Phantam Im a father and I’m ready to give up. I need advice.

So the story is long but I’ll attempt to make it quick. I’ve been married since 2020. She’s from Illinois, I’m from Louisiana. She had a lot of red flags and I’m not perfect myself but we had a baby together, we both wanted a child. She took time off work and I wasn’t making much. She handled the money and bills, I worked. We lost the car, I had no idea about it. So I took a job on the oilfield and the boss paid 3000 for the repo cost. I worked till August when I paid it back. Came home after a month of working to and empty house. She took our baby and other belongings to Illinois, had her brother try to steal my truck bc it’s in her name as well as mine. She wanted everything. I still don’t know and I’m extremely confused and depressed about it. I took her to court and it’s been 7 months. I still am in love with her, although I hate what she did. She wants me to move to a place I know nobody anymore. But has had a boyfriend for the last 3 months. I want my old life back so badly but she is vindictive and narcissistic topped with alot of manipulation. I know it was never real. And it’s killing me. I want to be a father to my daughter. But at what cost to my sanity? Even with all her problems I love her and want to be a dad. And she’s made it clear it’ll never happen. My daughter is happy, hardly knows who I am. Idk why I’m fighting it so hard. She doesn’t want me to be a father, and she doesn’t want me. Would my child hate me for giving up this fight?
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2023.05.29 00:15 nuclear_donut69 How do I proceed with this friendship?

Background information:
A few friends and I went on a trip to our house off the grid earlier this year. Long story short, I lost most of them as friends after that trip. This happened simply for showing that I wasn't impressed with how they disrespected my house, how they messed up all my plans and just them not being good guests. What did they tell me for reacting in a completelt normal way? "You're mentally ill and you must get help."
After the trip, I saw them all at another friend's birthday party. This was the last time I saw most of them. Anyway my best friend, John and another friend, Frank who was with us on the trip was excluding me. And there is absolutely no problem with that; if I was angry at someone, I would definitely not want to spend time together. I moved on and made new friends at college (I'm currently a first year student). When John and I caught up every month or so, he became very jealous when I spoke about my new friends at college. It also always feels as though I have to speak with a filter when with John, as he might criticise my opinions or my feelings.
That's not the issue here. Frank left to start his life in the US after like 4 months of seeing John every weekend. John and I caught up every month, but the last time I saw him, he said,"We must hang out every other weekend." That upset me badly as this showed me that I am simply a replacement for Frank. It might not be the case, but good luck convincing me.
John and I have been best friends for 3 years. It was always fun hanging out with him, but now it feels different; awkward if you will. I could always bring up issues and he'd be willing to help and give advice and vice versa. However now it feels really weird talking about deep stuff like that; it's almost as if he doesn't really seem to care and he gets visibly uncomfortable when he feels he's oversharing.
So my question:
What do I do? Should I just leave the friendship as is and continue to see him every other week or should I bring up how the friendship feels hollow? Should I even let him know that I feel like a replacement for Frank? Heck, should I even tell him anything?
This really breaks me up inside; I have done nothing but good for this guy and he was like this toward me.
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2023.05.29 00:15 JollyPomegranate9803 Anon is Dumbledore

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2023.05.29 00:15 wingtarde [fully lost](?) five nights at freddys youtube live action movie

apologies if this doesnt follow the guidelines, i hardly post on reddit
looking for a fnaf live action fanmade movie off of youtube from 2015-16. it was during the era of vine/racist jokes being very prominent and its obvious in this movie
what i remember mostly is two scenes: in one, there is a freddy "nightmare" esque anamatronic in the attic. the family that moved into the house notices it(either by looking or using the cameras in the house, i dont remember exactly.) the robot then kills someone. after this, the black character being a stereotype (possibly wearing a tank top/shorts/gold chain and im 90% sure was holding a bucket of fried chicken) opens the front door and yells, "the black guy wont die first in this movie!" this video gave younger me serious nightmares for about two years and ive been looking for it for a very long time. the only type of videos that look similar are iron horse cinema fnaf movies. it wasnt as serious/dark as the iron horse videos, i remember the white family was very ignorant to the scary things happening in the house, it was a popular joke a couple years ago to talk about how white families in horror movies moving into obviously haunted places
thats all i remember, thanks for any leads guys
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2023.05.29 00:14 RedditSetitGoit Cold water crossover... continued...

Here is the original post:
So I have isolated sections of the house and discovered that 2 fixtures are outputting hot water through the cold side when the cold is off. One of the fixtures is a brand new bathroom sink faucet. The other is a 30 year old single- handle shower. I tested the new faucet by disconnecting the hot and cold in turn and running water to see if it is backfeeding into the other line. Also, when both hot and cold are pressurized and I turn on the shower valve suddenly the sink faucet gets hot water. Can I safely assume that the shower mixing valve is the issue?
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2023.05.29 00:14 SpamFriedRice__ Turn on the power of an old security system?

Turn on the power of an old security system?
I have an old security system in my new house that seems to have been completely shut off. I ripped out the old faceplate and wanted to repurpose the wires to power a tablet and mount it in the wall. I wanted to know 1) If this is safe/feasible and 2) How I would even go about turning the power back on? I’ve used a non-contact voltage tester and there’s no current.
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2023.05.29 00:14 Swimming_Tea_5204 *this composite has a permission of both partners to be shared*

*this composite has a permission of both partners to be shared*
What is the thing behind the Uranus and Neptune conjuction in 7th house? Is this relationship gonna work, since both partners are striving to marriage?
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2023.05.29 00:13 Noctazio My first beach house on my map (or a regular house next to the beach basically) hope you'll enjoy.

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2023.05.29 00:13 Standard_Ladder923 DK socks are the best!

DK socks are the best!
Yarn: Popohobby merinylon in Fresh Mint Pattern: Vanilla DK by the Crazy Sock Lady with staggered bamboo stitch for added texture. This yarn is perfect for cozy house socks!
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2023.05.29 00:13 Charming_Study_3113 What's the weirdest item you've ever found in someone's house?

What's the most unforgettable dream you've ever had?
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2023.05.29 00:13 rowrowrowyourboat8 Sagar seems so composed on his exit interviews! Could have easily been among Top 5 if he had maintained THIS personality inside the BB house.

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2023.05.29 00:13 Jagged-Subversive Daily furnishings idea

How cool would it be if you could buy a stable that comes with a stable master so you can do your upgrades there? How nice would it be if you could place a “job board” that had the daily writs on it so you could do them from the comfort of your own home then have some sort of mail box furnishing to hand them in? Just so thing I think about as I’m doing my daily stuff wishing I could spend more time in my house.
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2023.05.29 00:13 BigJackoLilMinis Finally talked to my father, my mother and my sister about my feelings, feeling a little confused? I should probably reach out to another Therapist.

Yo, so finally had a conversation with everyone of my family 1:1.
My sister- caught her at the Maccas drive through (we haven’t talked after some fiery text exchanges) Tried to explain my feelings, and just stated that I want to work things out. I asked ‘Why’ she felt the need to block me and my wife and my wife’s family on social media.
She stated that it was too emotionally traumatic to see us all on social media. (I have felt this way about my own family, hence why I have distanced myself and have gone limited contact and spent more time with my in-laws due to actually receiving validation). Bit confused about this, as it feels like the same reason my sister is unhappy is the same reason I wanted to get out of my close family, as it would tear me up when I wasn’t included in the family dynamic.
She said the reason that she didn’t respond to my text is that because there was a lot of “crazy” stuff in it.
She also said that I was welcome at her House anytime to see my nephew, (but at the same time I’m blocked on all social media and we don’t talk?)
I tried to get her to pull over to talk and she said “no thanks”
Had lunch with my mother, our conversation was ok, however when we did talk about my trauma from childhood and feeling second best to my sister. She kind of just deferred to her own trauma about how she felt second best to her siblings (I kinda don’t know why what I’m complaining about doesn’t make sense if she went through the same experience???)
Anyway, her conversation wasn’t as hard. But I didn’t necessarily feel any better either? Every-time I would talk about my past experiences I think I would get “well you were our first child” and when I would talk about how depressed I was growing up she would say “well you hid it very well”.
Kinda bizarro responses but anyway!
The final convo was with my Dad! He’s like the final boss. I initially distanced myself from my entire biological immediate family due to an argument my dad and I had while pretty intoxicated (bad idea I know lol, I take full responsibility)
I basically called out the fact that, I feel there is a difference between the treatment of myself and my sister.
My wife was there helping me with the argument, my mother was also there.
My dad flew into a rage and basically called me crazy, told me the “squeakiest wheel gets the grease” and told me that “it’s all in my head” I remember also him saying that I couldn’t complain that they don’t visit is because I spend more time with my wife’s family.
(Mainly because they’re really nice to me and I feel like it’s reciprocated )
This was about 3 years ago, and my relationship has gradually declined as I’ve distanced myself, and on a whole I’ve felt a lot better about myself, my business and my life due to distancing myself and seeing a therapist.
So anyway yesterday I had a chat with my father, he seemed amicable and initially I wasn’t GOING to lay on him about how I’d been feeling as it was nice to have lunch and just talk.
But I kinda knew why I was there. I chatted to dad about how I felt like my needs weren’t being met hence distancing myself, he said he was “really close to unfollowing me on social media” as “seeing what I was doing with my in laws hurt”
This also kinda took me by surprise as the whole CRUX of why we’re in this mess is because that’s how I already felt in my own family.
I finally admitted that I didn’t like football growing up, and that I felt like this was something I couldn’t bring myself todo to my father so I played football from the age of 7-18 and felt the only way I COULD impress him was by playing football.
It did feel however that every time I would bring something up, he would have a comeback for it (my mother and sisters conversations were the exact same)
For example I brought up the altercation that happened 3 years ago. And He said that he hardly remembers anything of what happened but within the same Breath remembers my wife and I making him “feel” like he was being “ganged up on”
So only remembers that I made him feel Bad, and doesn’t remember the nasty shit he said?
I also said I was seeing a therapist to which he said “sometimes therapists can make a situation worse” kinda red flag?
Go figure.
For some reason I thought I’d get closure talking to everyone. But honestly it feels like there was none to be had.
I think I will continue to trying to be civil for My nephews sake. As my dad and I have broken the awkwardness.
But I’m gonna reach out to a therapist with narcissism experience and see If I’m on the right track?
Anyone have advice?
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2023.05.29 00:12 throw_tf_away_ Who is visiting you in the hospital?

I’m 26 weeks (F26) and I’m starting to think about delivery. This is my first pregnancy and baby. I’ve told my husband I only want him and my mom in the delivery room. He suggested that we also call his mom and he expects she’ll just stay in the waiting room…
She and I get along okay but she’s high anxiety and intense overall. If I’m being totally honest, she’s made life very difficult at times for my husband and I. She threw a hiss fit at my wedding and threatened to leave the day before. All because she felt replaced… But I’m trying to push through. I have accepted that it’s in my family’s best interest if I have a surface level relationship with her.
His mom called my mom to tell her that as soon as I go into labor, she expects to be notified and my BIL will book the very next flight. He and I are not close and he was very abusive to my husband all through childhood. He’s made improvements but I do not feel close to him. Also, whenever he visits, we see him max of a few hours and then he disappears. He’ll sleep in the living room: instead of the bedroom provided until 1:00 pm.
There’s just something about bleeding, having stitches, and going through the trauma of childbirth that just wants me to tell them to back off. I know they’re excited but I feel like I’m having a child with my husband; not with them. My husband says they are just excited for us. But none of my siblings are coming to meet the baby in the hospital.
Extra info: they both live fairly far so they’ll need to stay with me until MIL drives home and BIL books a flight home… I feel like housing them and my mother is unreasonable. We have four bedrooms: ours, nursery, office, and spare room. It would be a tight squeeze and my heart is just not in it.
I’m sure there’s a compromise here somewhere. Do I suck it up for two days? Fours days? A week? Do I advocate for myself? Will I be desperate for help? Even my mom doesn’t plan to stay right away. She said parents always want to bond with their baby first.
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2023.05.29 00:12 horizontigo The house from the Jim Jarmusch film “Only Lovers Left Alive”.

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2023.05.29 00:12 mjonesgcms G’merica vs Amazon: Lyft Tinfoil Theory

Brick and mortar stores and Amazon have different obstacles.
-Porch Pirates
-Distance between consumer and fulfillment centers
-Rent and capacity of Amazon Lockers
-Cost of processing returns
-Fulltime staff benefits
-Overhead and maintenance of delivery vehicles
Brick and mortar:
-Parking availability and limited hours
-Fulltime staff benefits
There are likely a lot more obstacles, but in the case of G’merica, there is a unique opportunity that can be leveraged, and it is one that Carl Icahn happens to already have equity in. Uber and Lyft leverage the vast pool of people looking to supplement their income in flexible hours or work full time on their own terms. They have been evolving to incorporate food delivery, which increased the effectiveness of maximizing the time and gas of their drivers. I believe that these services will be expanded and enable omni-channel retail service to compete with amazon.
Gas prices have pinched a lot of business and probably few more than Amazon. Thinking of my home town, we have a large Amazon fulfillment center, which offers 1-day shipping on some items which is very useful. Those items however have to be shipped long distances, and the time and gas for those trucks is being used both on the way to deliver, and on the way back to the fulfillment center. Utilizing a service such as Lyft to deliver items would mean that passenger or food deliveries could be made on the way back from delivery. This would almost cut the price of delivery in half. Add to that the drivers of Lyft being private contractors, it would decrease the overhead for vehicles and maintenance. With only the upfront capital to add the parcels features to the Lyft driver apps, they would have a full delivery fleet and drivers.
For me, when deciding between going to the store to buy something or doing it online, I factor in the gas I would use and my time. I would have to driver there, and then back. Lyft Drivers could pick up orders while already nearby, and then would only have to drive one direction. That would make the cost comparable to driving to get something yourself but also have the range of items you could get be expanded. In fact, stores that offer late or around the clock hours, could offer less than an hour shipping at any time of the day.
With amazon, you have to see what items offer same day delivery, and it is not really certain when they will actually come. If you know there is a store 20 minutes from your house that has the item you need, you would be able to be confident you would get it in less than an hour.
It seems like Ryan Cohen and Carl Icahn could have a vision for something that really could take on Amazon. I can see it and am excited if it comes true.
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2023.05.29 00:12 Novel_Stop4035 Confrontation

Well it happened this morning. I coordinated with my mom to pick up my daughter as soon as AP went out on her usual Sunday errand run. My wife immediately knew something was up. At first she tried to play dumb, but when I started quoting some of their texts she realized she was busted. I told her my terms for a no fault divorce and she turned very nasty. She said a lot of awful shit about how she never loved me, she wishes my daughter had a different father, a lot of personal insults directed at me. I recorded everything but I hope never to have to listen to it. I already sent it to my lawyer.
She’s getting her own lawyer first thing Tuesday morning and I think she realizes that she’s screwed no matter what. Tonight she is staying at a friend’s house but I told her I don’t care where she is as long as she doesn’t tell our daughter. I’ve moved into the guest room for now.
The best news is that AP is gone. My stbx called her and said “he knows, don’t come back right now” and took some of her stuff when she left. My buddy who is AP’s uncle is coming over tonight to keep me company. I told him everything and he’s furious on my behalf. I wasn’t totally sure if he would be on my side so I appreciate that. He’ll also be taking the rest of AP’s things to her so I don’t have to see her again. He’s going to tell the rest of his family, although he warned me that AP is the golden child and can do no wrong in her parents’ eyes so don’t be shocked if they decide I and/or my stbx are the real villains.
To those who asked my daughter’s birthday party, it went well. We had it at this big indoor adventure park filled with a million screaming kids, so there was enough chaos that I barely had to interact with stbx. My girl had a great day and so far she doesn’t know anything is wrong. She starts therapy next week and I’m making an appointment for myself to be the best possible dad I can.
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2023.05.29 00:12 FelicitySmoak_ How Are People So Confident With Misinformation?

How Are People So Confident With Misinformation?
Just got a message in Modmail from someone that I banned from the main sub. Like... What?! Possessing child porn is illegal. Michael was never charged with that 🤦‍♀ How do people so confidently state things that are just factually inaccurate? It's almost laughable
Just needed to vent
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2023.05.29 00:12 unnamed887 A cyber security firm says hackers are selling access to IT systems at hundreds of New Zealand schools and tertiary institutes, as well as stolen personal data from thousands of staff and students.

A cyber security firm says hackers are selling access to IT systems at hundreds of New Zealand schools and tertiary institutes, as well as stolen personal data from thousands of staff and students.
Cyber Sentience said it found the information being traded on websites on the so-called dark web for just a few dollars last year.
In a report published on Monday, it said it also found evidence hackers were using a New Zealand primary school's website as a training ground to practise hacking.
It said cyberattacks on New Zealand education institutions were growing exponentially, and schools in particular needed more protection.
It said the information for sale last year included alleged vulnerabilities in the IT systems of seven of New Zealand's eight universities, access to 556 education sector web services and to 31 institutions' email services.
Hackers were also sharing the logins and passwords of 2359 people in universities, polytechnics and industry training organisations and for countless people in schools.
It said one hacker was selling backdoor access to a primary school's IT systems and others were sharing a database stolen from a secondary school.
Cyber Sentience founder Tom Crisp said stolen personal credentials generally sold for between US$2-$10 (NZ$3.30-$16) and access to a New Zealand school's webserver was listed for US$8 (NZ$13.20).
Crisp said he did not know if any of the hacks had resulted in financial losses or blackmail of individuals or institutions.
He said several posts indicated hackers had discovered and shared a vulnerability in a web application belonging to a New Zealand school several years ago.
"A few years later, we detect Russian, Turkish and Arabic-speaking threat actors in closed communities sharing this vulnerability as a 'training target'. Interactive mentoring encouraged and supported the abuse of this school's system. One of the locations where this activity was occurring is known to be state aligned, with the others focused on e-crime and hacktivism."
'On the money'
Ministry of Education chief digital officer Stuart Wakefield told RNZ he could not confirm the report's details but its broad findings about the types of problems affecting schools were "definitely on the money".
Wakefield said schools' computer networks were well-protected, but students and staff often used their computers and phones at home and for purposes other than school-work.
"What this report shows is students are using things like their school-issued email address as their username on a whole range of websites and systems and apps and services, and some small number of those has been compromised," he said.
Wakefield said the ministry contacted schools when it found that student or staff credentials had been stolen, but it was hard to stay ahead of the hackers.
"We're always playing a little bit of catch-up here. We're talking about an organised criminal enterprise here that is trying to exploit not just schools and kura but all New Zealand organisations and all New Zealanders," he said.
"To that extent that we can we are putting all our effort into things that mitigate that risk, so precautions such as use of two-factor authentication and making sure people have strong passwords and making sure their devices are kept up to date with the latest patches."
Universities use existing expertise
Wakefield said Cyber Sentience had refused to provide detailed information without payment. Crisp said the company had arrangements with other organisations which meant it could not share further information with the Ministry of Education without a formal agreement.
Meanwhile, universities dismissed Cyber Sentience's approach to them earlier this year as an attempt to generate business.
Universities New Zealand told RNZ its members preferred to use their existing in-house or third-party expertise to manage cyber security.
It could not confirm whether universities investigated alleged vulnerabilities raised by Cyber Sentience and universities did not answer RNZ's questions about whether those vulnerabilities had been investigated and found to exist.
AUT and the University of Waikato said Cyber Sentience's information did not raise any concerns. RNZ reported last year that a major school IT project was on hold because school's IT systems were too vulnerable to hacking.
RNZ also reported an assessment in March last year found major gaps in schools' cybersecurity.
Hackers selling access to school IT systems, cyber security firm says
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