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2011.06.03 13:25 instant_street Sunset

Pretty photos of the sun setting.

2023.05.29 01:21 Elegant_Ear_9146 What's the most awkward encounter you've had with a stranger?

What is the most beautiful sunset or sunrise you have ever seen?
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2023.05.29 00:58 MooseGlittering9223 Have you ever had a paranormal or supernatural encounter with an animal? Share your story.

What's the most beautiful sunset or sunrise you've ever seen?
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2023.05.29 00:32 Ok-Series-3999 What's the worst punishment you've ever received?

What's the most breathtaking sunset or sunrise you've ever seen?
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2023.05.29 00:04 imaninjayoucantseeme This is incredible.

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2023.05.28 23:55 DistributionAfter478 I don't know what is enough.

I will be 25 this year. All my life, I have been about others, really. I was born into this world in the middle of the worst familiar wedge that I could ever wish for anyone. My mother and father created something akin to a curse, two families destined to dislike each other, and I was in the middle. But not that I'm not strong to fight for life. Did that from the very beginning.
Raise in a very strict family. Grandmother sick, grandfather alcoholic, mother working for everyone. An uncle that stuck in the house past adulthood. Needed to have straight A’s in school; the only thing that they allowed me to do was school. The area where I lived was not the safest. A mountain of trash burned in the distance, or wheels on fire burned on the nearby bridge. Hurricanes brought torrents, and the people watched over to see if their houses were next to be taken.
It was one of those days when, as far as I had a memory of childhood. I was seeing the waters from afar, then turned. I fell several stairs down to the water accumulated below. I hit my head. I don’t know if it was a concrete slab or a trunk of a tree that floated nearby. I don’t know how long it took before I screamed. I was brought to the house, and my mother, instead of making sure that I was alive, that I was okay, instead of checking that I was hurt, decided to slap my head exactly in the same spot I was probably bleeding. From that point, I knew life was unfair.
So much was the detachment that my own mother was called by her nickname rather than “mom.” At many points ending my life was optional. The things that stopped me were the economic situation (not being able to afford a funeral for me) and the height of the furniture (houses had low ceilings.) Teenagers are not the best at handling feelings while being shoved down.
And my father came back seven or eight years after leaving and making another family. The start of disdain between families. Fast forward years of childhood that didn’t exist, of no friends, of no real connections, of always fearing fights, of fearing God, of fearing that I was not enough. Every single weekend was torture, and I had to endure nights where alcohol created problems and, for me, caused insomnia while being a slave to his wishes. I was brought to another country.
I saw snow, it was beautiful. I learned many things. I learned how to become an adult in a few months, existed high school in months, and then went off to the university. Or so I do wish. Turns out they messed up the applications, and I had to do the process again. It would take all the resources again, decided no. I became something else and learned trades. I learned how to drive and how to speak the language.
Now I sit in the corner of the world. No friends outside the ones of worksites and families that hate each other and plan to use me to bring people to better places. I have been stuck. They say, “If you work, then you must make a lot,” not knowing how the system works. Stopped trying to translate that one must sacrifice who one is in order to become self-sustaining. I have sacrificed a lot.
Had no friends to be an ace, only to come here and that become dust. Had no love or crushes for the same reasons, not that I understood what love was either way.
Worked from sunrise to sunset. Not enough. Did things to entertain my mind, but not enough. Money was never enough. I came here, and the wedge of two families is still present. I wanted to erase my past in many points, so much to erase my name, change it, or move out. Yet never had the energy, feeling that it would be a waste of time trying to change something that would chase me down everywhere I went. I help those far away from me, and it is never enough.
I had episodes of dysphoria. I understood myself when I came here, then I decided to show who I was. I was shoveled in the closet. But I survived that. But now, I see myself at the crossroads of my life, thinking and seeing myself in the mirror. I see who I could have been if things were different or even if I had parents that cared first about me, if I had more experience in life, or even if I was allowed to cry, to feel pain, to rage. I was not allowed that. Otherwise, a wet belt across the back or sit in a corner. Things that I didn’t understand were thrown at me one after another and made path. Yet I feel that I am not strong enough.
There are days that I wake up and rise in bed, thinking about who I am. I see myself raiding the streets, working, yet unable to contemplate a single sunrise or sunset, thinking: Yes, this is good.
No, depression will haunt me if I stop working on my goals. I wish not to participate in the Pain Olympics or to see myself wallowing in self-pity. But I see myself in the mirror, wondering how many sunrises will take to feel happiness, to feel that I am complete, that I am free of the burdens. No…even a call from them telling me that things over there are wrong, cue me sending money while knowing that I cannot tell adults what to do with their lives. My grandfather died while a degenerative illness, alcohol involved; they were never strong enough to tell him no, only to suffer later, or at least that is the lie that I tell myself.
Otherwise, I'm still breathing, working, having goals, been enjoying most of what I can do in the limited time that this world has allowed me every day. But I just wanted things out of my chest. That’s all.
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2023.05.28 23:17 Busy-Bat-1126 Have you ever made up a fake holiday and tried to get people to celebrate it?

What's the most beautiful sunset or sunrise you've ever seen?
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2023.05.28 23:13 Infamous_Sky7751 What is the most beautiful sunset or sunrise you have ever seen?

Have you ever had a life-altering experience and what did you learn from it?
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2023.05.28 23:00 yellowumbrella Daylight Savings Affects Mental Health: Study

Daylight Savings Affects Mental Health: Study
It's well known that exposure to natural light affects mood, and that shortened days (whether we're shortchanged naturally by the change the season or manually by the shift from Daylight Saving Time) can make people feel blue. But a new study suggests just how much sunlight really matters to our emotional and mental health. Their findings? A whole lot--more than any other weather phenomenon, to be exact.
"That's one of the surprising pieces of our research," Mark Beecher, PhD, clinical professor of psychology at Brigham Young University, said in a press release. "On a rainy day, or a more polluted day, people assume that they'd have more distress. But we didn't see that. "
To study the link between weather and depression diagnoses, Beecher and his co-authors looked at self-reported mental-health data from more than 16,000 students who, over a six-year period, attended free sessions at BYU's Counseling and Psychological Services Center. Students are required to complete questionnaires assessing the state of their mental health before every single visit, which proved immensely valuable to this research.
Those questionnaires were then matched with precise weather data, also collected by BYU, down to the minute in the exact area where those students lived. (Names and identifying information for the students was stripped from the analysis. )
"We looked at solar irradiance, or the amount of sunlight that actually hits the ground," Beecher said. "We tried to take into account cloudy days, rainy days, pollution. . . but they washed out. The one thing that was really significant was the amount of time between sunrise and sunset. "
In total, the study examined 19 environmental factors, including dew point, cloud cover, rainfall, wind chill, wind speed, barometric pressure, temperature, lunar day, and several measures of air quality. None of these factors were significantly associated with higher levels of emotional distress, however, as long as a given day had adequate sunlight.
As the total sun time decreased seasonally, however, distress levels rose. This applied to all of the students who sought counseling during the study period, the authors note, not just those diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder. (Most students reported attending sessions for issues related to adjustment, anxiety, or general depression. )
Therapists should be aware that winter months will be a time of high demand for their services, say the study authors, as people may be more vulnerable to emotional distress than at other times of the year.
"These findings suggest the need for institutions and public health entities to plan for intervention and prevention resources and strategies during periods of reduced sun time," they wrote.
The study, which was published in the , started with a casual conversation between Beecher and BYU physics professor Lawrence Rees, PhD.
"So one day it was kind of stormy, and I asked Mark if he sees more clients on these days," said Rees. "He said he's not sure, it's kind of an open question. It's hard to get accurate data. "
Rees realized that he had access to weather readings in the Provo, Utah area, and Beecher had access to emotional health data for students at the university. They added in pollution counts from the EPA, and looped in statistics professor Dennis Eggett, PhD, to combine and analyze the data.
Provo has some of the highest air-pollution levels in the country--especially in the winter, due to an inversion effect caused by nearby mountains. The authors acknowledge that poor air-quality levels could have affected seasonal depression rates, and say that their study should be replicated in different climates.
Additional research is also needed, they say, to explore factors related to sunlight exposure such as vitamin D intake, amount of time spent outdoors and in nature, and tanning-booth use.
The news isn't all bad for the coming months, though.
"One way to interpret the finding that the other weather and pollution variables did not have a significant impact on mental health is that people and clients are resilient and adaptive," the authors wrote. "Although it is often assumed that outside elements can greatly affect mood or affect, these results present the possibility that more credit needs to be given to people's ability to cope and adapt. "
In other words, those early sunsets will still be a bummer--but at least we don't have to worry so much about the rain.
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2023.05.28 22:21 MarzipanAlone4804 What's the most breathtaking sunset or sunrise you've ever seen?

Have you ever met someone who completely changed your life for the better?
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2023.05.28 22:17 timzilla Wanted to try something new - Tropical Sunrise Cookies an original recipe by ChatGPT

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2023.05.28 22:12 timzilla Wanted to try something new - Tropical Sunrise Cookies an original recipe by ChatGPT

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2023.05.28 21:32 TheOstrichPeasant To Grieve Someone Alive

It's maddening. The quiet, I mean. Throughout the day, the mundane experiences, the simple walking, even just sitting—I think of you.
Every inch of silence; in between songs, heck, every song sings of you; every pause in a conversation; every horizon, sunsets and sunrises I look at—they are in the shape of your figure. Beautiful. But painful.
In the quiet before sleeping and the silent haze upon waking up—you are what my arms reach for. You are my thought.
In every second of seconds, I think loudly of you and I wonder if I made the right decision to live apart from you with parts of you.
1 2
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2023.05.28 21:09 Brilliant_Alfalfa_66 What's the most ridiculous fashion trend you've ever followed or seen?

What's the most beautiful sunset or sunrise you've ever seen?
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2023.05.28 19:35 Purple-Jackfruit-554 What is the most beautiful sunset or sunrise you have ever seen?

Have you ever had a near-death experience? What happened?
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2023.05.28 19:13 legit_acct New garden issues - tomatoes, green beans, peppers (NC Zone 7B)

I have started a new garden this year in raised beds, filling the beds entirely with compost (OMRI organic, from 2 sources; just over 7 cubic yards total). I have some notes about transplant dates and pictures that show progress, but regrettably very little (won't make that mistake again). I'm not sure which beds had more or less of the 2 different sources of compost (another mistake I won't make again).
My garden as a whole currently contains peas, cabbage, purple broccoli, green beans (3 variants), tomatoes (4 San Marzano, 6 different cherry tomatoes, 1 brandywine, and 1 recently transplanted Cherokee Purple) with radishes, beets, and onions interplanted between tomatoes, peppers, and a few different winter and summer squash variants.
I happened to notice a post on here recently about herbicide damage which prompted me to check my tomato plants (~May 24th) where I noticed some were curling in and cupping, but not as significantly as the post I had seen where others suggested herbicide damage. I did notice my pepper plants had significant curling on the leaves (transplanted 5/13 I think). These included 2 serrano, 6 jalepeno, 1 chile red, and 1 bell pepper plant.
Ever since then, I've noticed the tomatoes get more severe curling and cupping, with some being worse than others (blueberry tomato being the worst, and tropical sunset being a close second worst). I have a third blueberry tomato plant in my daughters bed which doesn't show much cupping/curling yet (but it's not pictured here). I did find a couple pictures of the tomatoes from 5/18 which I think showed relatively healthy tomato plants. The caveat is that the brandywine has never looked as healthy as the others, but it also seems to get bombarded by aphids more than the others which is what I had been attributing that to.
My gardening season as a whole has gone reasonably well up until now. This is the first year I've started my own seeds, so the majority of everything in them so far is my own transplants and direct sown plants. I have had some weird issues early on where I transplanted some radishes (and direct sowed some), direct sowed some beets, and transplanted some kale and they were all stunted (in a single bed). I also directly sowed carrots March 24th which seem to be stunted (shown in pictures). But in my tomato bed, I had radishes (direct), beets (direct), and tomatoes take off. For the most part, all other beds have really grown well.
My biggest concern is herbicide contaminated compost because it was pretty expensive to fill those beds, and it also took a lot of effort and time (borrowed trailer, loaded and unloaded twice, plus 2 trips just to fill the truck bed and unload those).
My second biggest concern is herbicide overspray. My neighbor directly beside me has a lawn that he puts a lot of effort into the grass. I'm not sure what all he has done to the grass, but he does have a lawn company come out and do stuff to it a couple times a year. I also have a field behind my backyard where I just noticed the owner this week harvesting grass into bales, then yesterday was spreading something out with his tractor and a spreader.
The fact that the tomato plants looked fine on May 18th and now don't make me think the compost isn't contaminated and points more towards either herbicide overspray or some disease. I did water everything every other day, so to rule out overwatering I stopped watering for 3 full days (but today and days to come we're getting heavy rains). As of today they're still looking rough.
I have noticed mushrooms regularly growing overnight in every raised bed since I've filled them, so that makes me think each bed has good nutrition in them.
I'm hoping someone here more experienced than I am can look through these pictures and help advise on what I might need to do to salvage this gardening year. I'm nervous to even eat anything out of my garden at this point such as collards, peas, or radishes since I'm uncertain if my compost is contaminated. Thanks in advance for the help!
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2023.05.28 19:04 ejdhdhdff What are the most sought after or expensive 3 wick candles?

I have way too many 3 wicks and I’m trying to sell them locally. (This isn’t a selling post) I’m not looking to make a huge score on them just need to free up space so I’m letting them go at $5 per candle. However: which candles should I hold onto- I.e what are the more rare ones or which should I charge more for?
This is a list of what I have. Sorry for the bad formatting. It’s in list form on my notes app but here it isn’t.
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2023.05.28 19:03 draxologic How long is the sunrise sunset timings accurate for G-SHOCK watches ?

I have a gg-b100 mudmaster which has sun timings. My question is how long is the data for the sun timings is in the watch memory? Can I cycle the data for a saved city till 2099 without ever syncing with an app?
Same with gbx-100 or frogman or any G-SHOCK watch.
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2023.05.28 18:56 aheze Introducing Midnight Alarm, a brand-new iOS app that redefines the way you wake up. Features alarm folders, Critical Alerts support, scheduled alarms, widgets, live activities, weather, calendar integration, and more!

Introducing Midnight Alarm, a brand-new iOS app that redefines the way you wake up. Features alarm folders, Critical Alerts support, scheduled alarms, widgets, live activities, weather, calendar integration, and more!
Hey everyone! I'm Andrew, the developer of Midnight.
I've been a loyal user of the iOS Clock app for alarms. It does its job, but lately I've been thinking about everything the app could be, but isn't. Where are folders? Calendar integration? You can't even delete multiple alarms in one go.
So I listed all the features I wanted and packed it into an app. It's called Midnight, and it's designed to feel like the stock iOS app while also being packed to the brim with features.


  • Schedule alarms for later on specific dates
  • Change the alarm volume independently of your ringtone (e.g., normal volume ringtone and louder alarm)
  • Live Activities support
  • Widgets
  • Delete multiple alarms at once
  • Time preview – see the time so you don’t accidentally set alarms for the middle of the night
  • Custom dynamic backgrounds that adjust based on the time
  • Change the snooze / dismiss button placement by dragging
  • Custom snooze duration and alarm ring duration
  • Import music from Files
  • Swap snooze and stop buttons
  • No ads

Pro features:

The Pro version costs $1.49/month. For you guys, only today, I'm running a 40% discount on the one-time purchase: $24.99 → $14.99.
  • Alarm folders - group your alarms. No more of that endless alarm list.
  • Weather previews - it looks pretty nice. See the weather when setting alarms.
  • Solar background - calculates sunrise/sunset based on your location.
  • Calendar integration - syncs with Apple Calendar / Google Calendar, so you just tap a toggle to set alarms. Never miss a meeting again!
  • Import from YouTube (coming soon) - download music from YT to set as your alarm sound.
Calendar integration.
It costs me money to get the weather data, maintain the YT server, and keep up to date with the Calendar APIs, so the one-time version might end up costing me... but the discount is there anyway.
40% off → $14.99 for today only :)

App Store Download:

Available here:
A bit about me if you're interested: I'm an incoming intern at Apple - first day is literally next week on WWDC. You might also know me as the developer of Find, which I posted here last year.
The biggest reason I made Midnight is because I kept setting alarms for the middle of the night (kept mixing up 12pm and 12am). That's where the name comes from. In Midnight, there's a dynamic time preview bar, so you can easily tell what time it is.
I'd appreciate any suggestions and feedback. Thanks for checking it out!
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2023.05.28 18:30 Future_Ad4702 Mommy watching her babies

Mommy watching her babies
The transplant of this Money Maker is done. All clones were cut from the mom in the corner . (I have 4 more rooted ready for transplant). Time to clean up, zip tie cords, and set the sunset/sunrise timer. May the quest 16 Oz plants begin of this massive yielding, mid 20’s THC banger.
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2023.05.28 18:17 Born_Tip3067 What's the most ridiculous excuse you've ever given to get out of something?

What's the most breathtaking sunset or sunrise you've ever seen?
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2023.05.28 17:56 Sure_Clock5215 How do you fast on Mondays and Thursdays like Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Do you have to abstain from food and water from sunrise till sunset like in Ramadan?
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2023.05.28 17:46 paukshop Cinematography of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby - Road to the Top

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby - ROAD TO THE TOP
I wasn’t planning on checking out the 4 episode special for Uma Musume, but the amazing opening caught my eye and convinced me to give it a shot. As I started watching, it was clear to me that this show’s superb animation was supported by some incredible cinematography that helped build the narrative between its leads. As a fun exercise, I wanted to try to highlight some of the directing choices and break down how Uma Musume RTTT gets away with telling so little by showing so much.
Cinematography is the presentation of the visuals in anime. The arrangement of characters in a scene, the lighting, the focus on props or backgrounds: all of these can be encapsulated by “cinematography,” and put in a ton of work for the viewing experience. There are plenty of obvious instances where a show will employ cinematography, but even if you don’t notice it immediately, these choices can have an underlying psychological effect in how you experience a scene. You can dye a scene in blue to enhance the melancholy. You can cut away from a conversation to a nearby prop to reveal a character’s mental state. These visual techniques can easily go underappreciated, and Uma Musume thankfully has some fairly overt examples that we can analyze.
(spoilers for episode 1)
Episode one opens up with the Yayoi Sho, a GII race that introduces two of our main leads: Narita Top Road and Admiral Vega. Much of what I want to talk about in this race will come later. But let me give a brief synopsis of the race. Under a slight drizzle, we start off with Avec Blaze* in the lead. Narita Top Road, eager to meet the expectations of her fans and coach, puts on a burst of speed to take the lead. Admiral Vega, who also feels the need to win for a yet undisclosed person, quickly follows up on her heels despite lingering behind the pack. Though it’s a close affair between the two, Narita Top Road clutches her lead and wins the race. She cheerfully waves to the crowd while Admiral Vega regretfully looks on. The episode immediately gives viewers exactly what they’re here for: some hype horse girls racing.
Narita Top Road: the favorite
After the OP, we follow Narita Top Road in her daily school life. Her training starts at dawn, and this is clearly a recurring affair since her coach advises her to take a break.** At school, Narita Top Road is the class president and is admired by her classmates. Between her coach, fans, and friends, there’s plenty of people who acknowledge her drive and expect great things from her. Admiral Vega, noticing a small injury on Narita Top Road’s thigh, brings her outside to put a band-aid on it. In the hallway, Narita Top Road and Admiral Vega confess to one another declare their respective determination to win the upcoming Satsukisho. While Narita Top Road professes her excitement to race along with someone she admires, the light from the windows is always illuminating her face. She is quite literally glowing. Meanwhile, Admiral Vega, who feels hesitant about befriending her rivals, seems to have her face framed in between the path of these light beams. She’s not poorly lit by any means: there is just a clear difference in how our two characters are illuminated. The light is so all over Narita Top Road that she is reflecting light. This light and dark metaphor will persist throughout the episode’s run.
We’re next treated to a brief origin story for Narita Top Road. What helps sell the flashback is the fact that the conversations with the trainer all take place at sunset. This is a great example of the “Against the Setting Sun” trope, where Narita Top Road and the trainer make a goal to conquer the Twinkle Series together. Sunsets can symbolize transitioning to another phase, and here it depicts Narita Top Road’s first step to becoming a pro. We’re also treated to a parallel from an earlier training scene, where Narita Top Road attempts to make a sharp turn from the outside of the pack. She struggles more in this flashback, staggering several times; there is a noticeable improvement in the training scene that took place during the present, where Narita Top Road only staggers once. The mirroring of her first training scene in this flashback confirms Narita Top Road’s consistent practice and diligence. Narita Top Road works from sunrise to sunset, and when you consider the previous paragraph on lighting, it becomes apparent that Narita Top Road can be associated with daylight.
TM Opera O: in the middle
While Satsukisho is expected to be all about Admiral Vega vs. Narita Top Road, we switch unexpectedly to a third character. The ordering of events here was initially a bit confusing for me: we start with a cocky smirk prior to cutting to the eyecatch, with the upper half of the face hidden. When we come back, the first thing we see is an eye: it is TM Opera O waking up at 2 AM, visibly distressed. Then, it cuts to a flashback where TM Opera O is returning to running after an injury. She is all bravado and speaks boldly of her destiny to win every race she enters. She proceeds to win consecutive races, backing up her claims, but is also shown visibly struggling during training. Even so, she proudly declares that her perseverance in the face of adversity is for the audience: TM Opera O lives to win and bask in the cheers of a crowd.
This flashback in my opinion serves to humanize TM Opera O’s larger than life personality: behind her dramatic flair and proud sense of self is someone who worked incredibly hard to get back into shape and still experiences some stress about meeting the standards she set for herself. For instance, her introduction starts with just her mouth, hiding the eyes, which are commonly used to indicate a character’s true nature. Then the show cuts to that portion of the face (eye) that was missing in that first shot, suggesting that the TM Opera O waking up right now is closer to her true self than the more grandiose mask she wears in public. She’ll continue to play this theatrical character in the series, but her introduction serves to let the audience know early on that she’s had her own share of struggles and insecurities.
Admiral Vega: the rival
Finally, we get to Admiral Vega and what she’s doing in preparation for the Satsukisho. We cut to night time, where Admiral Vega leaves to go for a run. She and her roommate, Curren Chan, are placed in different layers (Admiral Vega slightly blurred in the front while Curren Chan is sharp and placed behind her). This arrangement highlights the contrast in their activities: as Curren Chan is clearly winding down the day by brushing her tail, Admiral Vega is off to train.
As she runs along a deserted street with numerous streetlights, Admiral Vega refuses to step into them. In fact, she’s shown running away from the light. The connection to darkness suggests that Admiral Vega’s motivations could be unhealthy. Or, going back to her thoughts in the hallway, Admiral Vega’s avoidance of light could connect to her dogma that she does not need friends or rivals (in this case, Narita Top Road who is the light): she just has to win at all costs. Either way, the lack of lighting for Admiral Vega directly sets her up as the clear rival for Narita Top Road. In the very next scene, Narita Top Road practices in broad daylight to the cheers of her classmates. Lighting and the time of day will play a pivotal role in coloring the interactions between these two characters in the rest of the series.
Final Race
And now we’ve finally arrived at the Satsukisho, a premiere GI race for our trio of leads. Before it begins, Admiral Vega and Narita Top Road meet in the tunnels leading to the racetrack. Even though they are in the exact same location with respect to the light from the exit, Narita Top Road’s face is illuminated while Admiral Vega’s face continues to be shadowed. These two are definitely rivals and antitheses to one another. However, TM Opera O appears from the top of the tunnel exit, the backlighting giving her an almost videogame-boss-like feel; these two were supposed to be focused on one another, but the more menacing opponent may be the one standing above them.
Even if the media has tried to convince you that it’s a close affair between Narita Top Road and Admiral Vega, the cinematography makes it clear that this is Narita Top Road’s race to lose. Despite her cheerful demeanor in training, Narita Top Road is actually very nervous. She’s the last to enter her start gate and, as her classmates and friends cheer her on, we get this shot of Narita Top Road seemingly caged in by her starting gate. These expectations that she’s desperate to meet are beginning to stress her out. As we start the race, you’ll see that many of the shots here mirror that first race, which Narita Top Road won: the stormy clouds and slight drizzle, the shot of her coach right before the dramatic last minute spurt from Narita Top Road to take the lead, and even the brief proximity of Narita Top Road and Admiral Vega give the impression that we’ve seen this exact race before.
But unlike the race at the start of the episode, TM Opera O arrives to steal the show! There’s an incredible panning shot that zooms in on TM Opera O as she makes a break for the lead, emphasizing her approach. But then she flies past the camera, and the shot becomes an inverted zoom away. Not only does this shot give the viewer the sense of being left in the dust like her opponents, but the upside down perspective makes it clear that this result is an upset and, dare I say it, has flipped expectations. TM Opera O snatches victory from Narita Top Road’s hands, shattering the projection of a repeat of the first race’s results.*** She rightfully basks in the glory she anticipated earlier in the episode.
At the end, Narita Top Road is devastated. While TM Opera O celebrates, Narita Top Road’s sweaty face is pushed to the background: it’s a very familiar position for Admiral Vega. The mirroring of shots throughout this final race really gives this single episode a sense of completion, and that we’ve come full circle in spite of the different results. Despite the loss, the episode ends with Narita Top Road’s refusal to give in: a literal ray of sunshine breaks through the clouds and illuminates her as she holds her head high. Her hopes for a GI win have yet to be dashed, and she’ll have three more episodes to get her revenge. Meanwhile, Admiral Vega finished a dismal 6th, and her posture here is even more slumped than in the first race. Maybe it’s an injury bothering her, or perhaps it’s from the increasing weight of her failed expectations physically pushing her down. We’ll have to see in episode two if she’ll be able to find the same strength to raise her head.
As you watch the next three episodes, you’ll find the same impeccable directing throughout. They’ll continue to mirror previous shots to help depict the evolving relationships between characters and utilize lighting to contrast Narita Top Road and Admiral Vega. There are so many awesome shots littered throughout the show and despite my qualms for some of the story elements, my attention was captured by both the stellar race animation and the thoughtful cinematography. Even if you’re not that interested in horse girls, consider giving this short ONA a shot.****
Thanks to u/MyrnaMountWeazel for reviewing my essay!
*Is her name actually Astral Blaze?
**There’s a fun pair of shots here between the coach and Narita Top Road, but I wasn’t sure what this could mean outside of (spoilers) some potential communication issues between Narita Top Road and her trainer in the later episodes.
***I really was hoping that TM Opera O being in the 12th position and winning was a cinematic choice referencing Narita Top Road winning the first race in the 12th position, but no it is an actual coincidence.
****This was supposed to be a funny post about horse feet but I got lost in the directing sauce.
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