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Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

2011.04.09 09:34 oneisnotprime Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

2015.03.06 20:40 Trevor_Skies General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

Arizona has been a growing place to do stand-up with plenty of places to get stage time as well as many alternative comedy shows for those seeking a new writing perspective in general. This subreddit is for those willing to graciously share new sign-up-and-go open mics in the area or any show in general. If your brave enough post your set and ask for critiques. Personally I'm not a fan of taking it too seriously but maybe thats hubris.

2013.07.25 14:18 Open Rights Group

The Open Rights Group is the UK’s leading digital rights organisation. We work on privacy, surveillance, free speech, net neutrality & website blocking in the UK.

2023.05.29 00:55 ChapterOk1668 Hoovering

I finally moved out after my eyes opened to what I was living in and who I was living with. After he blew up at me, threw my things, told me to leave, and then begged for me to not leave, I left anyways and haven’t spoken with him outside of saying I landed at my new destination. Blocking is so hard as I’ve known him half my life almost
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2023.05.29 00:55 upriverbirch46 2nc find

2nc find
Finally found this at a store near me exited to finally play it
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2023.05.29 00:54 DullCardiologist1478 Any bisexual from Boston?

Hello, I’m M 22 Bi and just moved to Boston for graduate school. I just begin to come to terms with my sexuality and after beating myself up for a long time refusing to date anyone, I’m ready to make more friends and potentially find dates. Hit me up and let chat and maybe meet up that would be really sweet. I’m interested in both but I’m only into guys who are top but open up to friends as always!
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2023.05.29 00:54 vvatchlover Help: fresh oil change and this happens

Hi all, I'm hoping someone can provide some advice. I had my oil changed in my Ram 1500 yesterday morning at the Ram dealership and today I was on the side of the highway with the oil pan nut hanging on my it’s last thread with my oil pouring out.
My question is, what recourse do I have? All I'm looking for from the dealer is reimburse me for the 7qts of oil I had to buy at the gas station, a free oil change to put the right oil back in, and a free inspection to make sure nothing happened to the engine or brakes as the oil sprayed the entire under carriage.
For further context: My wife, 5 mo old son and I were driving back from a day near the Poconos when I saw smoke in my rear view. Quickly pulled over to inspect what was going on and found oil splattered all over my tow hitch which caused me to look under the truck. That's when I saw the oil nut hanging on by a thread and oil pouring out. All the oil poured out by the time the turnpike roadside assistance showed up.
Luckily the engine did not seize and it started back up after I refilled the oil. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Sincerely, An annoyed father and vet on Memorial Day weekend.
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2023.05.29 00:54 ImpressionPlenty1990 23 M4F San Jose Ca. Awkward Geek looking to chill

Hello I am 23 male from San Jose, I am white, 5’10” and 150ilbs. I am a little awkward and geeky so don’t expect too much of my talking skills. It’s pretty cold here in Bay Area recently so I was hoping to find someone open to meeting for cuddling and gaming together, or maybe just watch tv. If your open to making out or more that’s great but not a requirement for me.
Hopefully you are around my age and fitness, I’m not too particular about looks if your nice. If your interested text me your favorite game or tv/movie, hope your interested and that I hear from you soon.
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2023.05.29 00:54 slasherpapi [US-IL] [H] Marvel, Various 4K, + [W] PayPal

hey 👋🏼 fellow collector here in need of more shelf space. i only ship in boxes, so buy with confidence. shipping is a flat $5, more if buying more, and includes tracking. make sure and see all photos. US shipping only and no returns. prices based on ebay and other online retailers, but i do accept reasonable offers. every steelbook comes with a steelbook protector! feel free and message me for any questions or concerns! thank you!
Currently FOR SALE:
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2023.05.29 00:54 mdh4775 Oxycontin and heart failure

I tripped on the curb and landed on my left side. ER doc said I have a cracked rib and gave me a script for pain relief. I didn't ask for it, she said I need it because using the spirometer to keep my lungs open is painful.
Said there was a higher possibility of pneumonia for heart patients. I'm just glad I didn't damage my CRT-D. It is uncomfortable to breathe but every day gets better.
Anyone ever had pneumonia with hf?
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2023.05.29 00:53 JoshAsdvgi THE AHOLI AND OTHER WALPI KATCINAS


A Hopi Legend

Alíksai! In Wálpi and Sitcómovi they were living, but not at the places where the villages now are, but where they used to be. In Wálpi lived an old man, the Ahö'li Katcina.
He had with him a little maiden who was his sister, the Katcín- mana.
As he was very old and feeble this maiden would always lead him.
In the other village, Sitcómovi, lived a youth with his old grandmother, and as she also was very feeble he took care of her and used to lead her.
One time the Ahö'li and the little maiden went to their field 'south of Wálpi where they wanted to plant.
They carried with them little pouches containing seeds.
In their field was a báho shrine, and when they came to their field the Katcina first deposited some prayer-offerings in the shrine, first some corn-meal and then also some nakwákwosis which he drew forth from his corn-meal bag.
This bag he had tied around his neck.
In this shrine lived Mû'yingwa and his sister Nayâ'ngap Wuhti. "Have you come?" Mû'yingwa said.
"Yes, we have come," they replied. "Thanks," Nayâ'ngap Wuhti said, "thanks, our father, that you have come.
You have remembered us.
No one has thought about us for a long time and brought some offering here, but you have thought about us."
And she began to cry.
Hereupon Ahö'li gave to each one a stick upon which some nakwákwosis were strung, and also some corn-meal.
Hereupon Nayâ'ngap Wuhti was crying still more.
"Yes, we have come here," the Katcina said, "we are pitying our people because they have not had any crops for a long time, and now we thought about you here and have brought these prayer-offerings here.
And now you pity them and let it rain now, and when it rains then a crop will grow again and they will have something to eat, and they will then be strengthened and revived, because they are only living a very little now.
Hereupon he took out his little bundles of seed and gave to the goddess a small quantity of yellow, blue, red, and white corn as an offering.
These he placed before her on the ground.
The two deities then arose. Mû'yingwa had in his left hand a móngkoho, móngwikuru, and a perfect corn-ear (chóchmingwuu).
These he pointed upwards towards the sky.
The female deity held in her hand a squash, which was filled with all kinds of seeds, and as Mû'yingwa pointed up the objects towards the sky she raised the squash with both hands, and then forcibly threw it on the ground on the seeds which the Ahö'li had placed there.
"There," she said, "in this way I have now planted for all of your people these seeds and they will now have crops." Thereupon Mû'yingwa handed the objects which he held in his hand to the Katcina, saying, "You take these with you and with them you produce rain and crops for your children, the people in Wálpi."

So the Ahö'li and the Katcín-maha returned, first going to their booth, or shelter (kísi), that was near by in the field.
Here they partook of the food which they had brought with them.
"Thanks," the Ahö'li said, "thanks that our father was willing. We shall not now go back to the village in vain."
"Yes, thanks," the mána also said.
Hereupon they returned to the village.
It was now late in the afternoon.
As they passed the top of the mesa upon which Wálpi is now situated, they heard somebody singing on top of the bluff, but they went on, and arriving at their kiva they sat down north of the fireplace and smoked over the objects which they had brought with them.
"Thanks that we have returned," the Ahö'li said, ''that we have not been too late for our people.
We shall now possess our people."
And as they were smoking and thus talking somebody came and entered the house.
It was the youth who lived with his old grandmother in Sitcómovi.
He came in.
"Thanks that you have come," he said, "thanks that you have come and provided something for our people here," whereupon he shook hands with them.
"Sit down," Ahö'li said, "and smoke, too."
So the youth filled the pipe with tobacco that he had brought with him and also smoked over the objects.
He took special pains to blow the smoke in ringlets upon the objects.
After he had done that four times, also praying to the objects, they became moist so that the water was beginning to flow from them, indicating that their efforts had been successful and that these objects would produce rain, which was symbolized by this moisture.
Hereupon the youth prepared to return to his home, but Ahö'li restrained him and said:
"Now, tomorrow when the sun rises we shall make a prayer- offering and you must do the same, because when we came we heard somebody sing away up there somewhere."
So early the next morning they dressed up in their costumes, the Katcina being dressed in a tû'ihi, a kilt, and his mask; his body also being painted nicely.
In his right band he carried a stick, natö'ngpi, to the middle of which were tied beads and a bundle of báhos.
In his left hand he carried the objects which he had obtained the previous day.
The mána was dressed as the Katcín-manas are yet dressed to-day.
She carried in her left arm a tray (póta), containing different kinds of seeds.
They proceeded to a báho shrine west of the present village of Wálpi, half-way down the mesa.
Here they sprinkled a little meal to the sun and on the shrine, this little rite being called kúivato.
As they were performing this rite they again heard the same voice singing on top of the mesa, which they had heard before.
There were then no villages on top of the mesa, but the shrine of Taláwhtoika was there already, and at this shrine some one was singing.
When looking up they say that it was the Big-Horn (Wopákal) Katcina.
Hereupon they returned to their house, but immediately started up on the mesa to look for and meet the one that they had heard singing.
So they went up and reached the top of the mesa somewhat west of the bahóki.
Here they noticed some one dressed in a white mask with very small openings for the mouth and eyes.
His body was also white and he wore a thin bandoleer with blue yarn over his shoulder.
He was standing by the side of the shrine shaking a rattle of bones slowly up and down.
After having shaken the rattle four times he started off.
"Wait," the Ahö'li Katcina said, "wait, we have heard some singing up here and want to see who it is." "Yes," the other Katcina, which was the Â'ototo, replied, "yes, I am not singing, but we are two of us here, and the other one was singing."
By this time the Big-Horn Katcina came from the west end of the mesa holding in his left hand a bow, and having a quiver strung over his right shoulder.
He had a green mask with a big horn on the right side and an ear on the left.
He wore a nice kilt, nice ankle bands, and his body was painted up nicely.
When he arrived at the shrine he asked the Â'ototo:
"Why do you tarry here?" "Yes," the Â'ototo replied,
"these are detaining me."
"Why?" the Big-Horn Katcina asked.
"We heard somebody singing here," the Ahö'li replied, "and we came up here to see who it was, and so it is you.
Now, what do you think," he continued, "let us go down all together and then we shall possess the people," and he told the Katcinas about what they had obtained and were going to do.
So the two Katcinas were willing and they prepared to go down.
The Â'ototo took the lead and was followed by the Ahö'li Katcina, and the mána, the Big-Horn Katcina coming last.
This way they went down a part of the way at a place west of the present village of Háno.
Here they made a báho shrine (bahóki), erecting some stones as a mark between the villages of Háno and Sitcómovi.
This shrine is still there.
They then went farther down to the present gap north of Háno to the large shrine with the twisted stone which is still there, Here they met somebody coming out of that shrine and then going up and down there.
It was somebody dangerous (núkpana), who had large protruding eyes and a big mouth in his mask, and many rattles around his body and along the front part of his legs.
His arms were painted white, his body red.
Around his shoulders he had a small blanket of rabbit skin.
On his feet he had old, torn, black moccasins.
In his right hand he had a large knife, in his left hand a crook, to which a number of mósililis were attached.
It was the Cóoyoko, who used to kill and devour children there.
When the Katcinas saw him they said to him:
"Do not trouble us, we are going to possess these people here.
We are going home now.
You can destroy the bad ones, since you are bad anyway, but do not trouble us.
Hereupon they descended and went to their home.
When they arrived at the house of the Ahö'li, which was a very beautiful house, the Ahö'li said:
"Now, here we are, and you stay with us.
It is not good down here it does not rain, but up there where you are it is better.
When it will rain here you can go back, but we want to help the people first.
So to-morrow morning we shall go to the fields and plant for the people."
During the night they did not sleep but they were singing all night, on their masks, which they had standing in a row in the north side of the room.
When the yellow dawn was appearing before sunrise it commenced to rain, and it rained hard.
Towards noon the Katcinas dressed up, putting on their masks, went out, crossed the mesa, came to the fields south of the mesa, and there they beheld large fields of corn, patches filled with melons, watermelons, and squashes. Everything was growing beautifully.
Having looked around a little while they turned around, taking with them a watermelon, an ear of fresh corn, and a melon.
It was still raining so that their feet sank deep into the ground.
When they arrived close to the mesa somebody met them.
It was Big- Skeleton (Wokómásauwuu), who owns the earth and the fields.
He lived about half-way down the mesa near the mesa point. He told the Katcinas that they should go up the mesa and prepare a house there and live there, and from there they should perform their rites.
So they went up on top of the mesa and have lived there ever since.
Soon after that the Wálpi also commenced to move up the mesa and build the new village, where it is at the present time situated.
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2023.05.29 00:53 ErinJean85 My transfer was cancelled

I had my first transfer booked in today (day5), just got a call this morning saying that my embryo hasn't changed since Saturday (day3), so there would not be a transfer today.
I believe we have may have enough for 1 more round, but I'm not entirely sure at this point, so our chances of having a baby are slimmer now. I am waiting for a call from my specialist to see what the next steps are, new protocol and all that jazz.
I don't think it has hit me yet, I know this round is over, but I just haven't felt the emotions of it all yet, I know it will hit me later, but I just had a feeling this round would work, even against all the odds.
I know it seems stupid, but i started my stims on Mother's Day, my day 3 call was at my best friends baby shower, so I was taking all that as "good omens", you know positive thinking, on top of all that, the stupidest thing that was giving he hope was my 96 year old grandmother was moved into palliative care on Friday (she has not been well for a long time), but about 8 months ago she had a dream she gave birth to a baby girl, she said it was my baby girl and all she would talk about was "the baby girl for Erin", and with her nearing the end coinciding with my transfer I thought maybe it would be one of those soul for a soul deals, but with no transfer happening it almost feels like the universe is laughing at me for thinking I even have a chance at becoming a mum.
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2023.05.29 00:53 IDKAGUDNAME1234 [US-TX] [H] Pokemon White, Pokemon White 2 Sealed, Pokemon Heartgold Big Box Only, 2DS [W] PayPal FF, Cashapp, Zelle.

Hello! Just wanted to sell these as i got replacements in better condition. Each item has some wear to it and dings. Shipping is included in pricing. Open To Negotiate Pricing
Pokemon White- $85
Cart, Box and Manual.
Pokemon White 2 Sealed- $250
Has A Huge Tear In The Bottom Left Corner And 2 Small Tears At The Top.
Pokemon HeartGold Big Box Only-$80
Box Got Crushed When Shipped To Me And Is Scuffed Around The Edges
2DS- $60
Modded 2 Months Ago. Works Well And Comes With A 64GB SD Card.
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2023.05.29 00:53 Competitive_Ninja839 Losing ability to drive

(TRIGGER WARNING: breathing) I used to have to drive 1.5 hours per day, but about six years ago I got into an accident at high speed that wasn't my fault. I was lucky, and only got a concussion from it. I drove like normal after that without issue for three years, and then suddenly, three years ago, I start having panic attacks in cars. Doesn't matter if I'm driving or a passenger, anytime I'm in a vehicle, my anxiety skyrockets (while day to day I have very little anxiety).
Last November, I had a panic attack driving to my parents (30 miles out of town, middle of nowhere) and had a horrible panic attack, the worst I've ever had. Ever since, I haven't been able to drive more than 5 minutes without this feeling like an electric shock going through my body, and BAM, I can't breathe, everything is tingling, I feel like I'm dying.
I can pull over and try to walk it off, but my other trigger is being far from medical help, so anytime I'm driving more than 10 minutes away from the nearest EMS building, I can't get out of the car and walk it off, because I just keep hyperventilating, I can't calm myself down. I've tried exposure therapy, I've tried driving everyday, and I've tried medication (can't take and drive so it's moot). My world is shrinking, and I don't know what to do. It's a combination of my two worst fears: driving, and distance from medical response.
Just the sensation of a moving vehicle triggers me now, and while I don't need to drive for work or to visit most of my friends, I would like to be able to drive if I needed to, and I'm quickly losing that ability because every attack or near-attack makes it harder to drive anywhere. I don't know what to do, and it's a 6 month wait to see a therapist and my insurance barely covers it.
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2023.05.29 00:53 TomTheBomb120 First impressions as a newcomer who has read up to Ch 282, along with some questions.

It's been about a month, but I finally got caught up on this series on a whim while browsing Crunchyroll and eventually decided to read the manga. I haven't been around too much on the subreddit nor have I followed the series for some time, but I do have questions I hope can be elaborated on by others who've been around a while. I'll provide a brief summary at the end of how I feel about this series.
  1. Is there any idea how long this series will actually go chapter-wise? I know we're all shooting for the "official couple" part, but even so, I feel like we're nowhere near it yet.
  2. How does the subreddit and general community feel about the storyline so far? Optimistic or frustrated?
  3. What are some theories/ discussions about how the story will go? I'm curious but also want to ultimately see the series succeed in the end and leave the community on a good note.
I could talk about the series for a while but I'll give the main points about how I feel about it so far here. For one, I personally feel as though the Paradise arc should have been the "making it official" part of the storyline with development built upon an actual would have been more intriguing to watch and read for me. Second, I can't help but feel the series is dragged out quite a bit with progress getting steadily more frequent and better with the latest dozen chapters (although Kazuya says the same stuff over and over). I think the "simple moments" with them being their true selves are also important, but there could be more... there's something "missing" and I feel like it's causing the story to seem like it's being dragged out more than it needs to be. Third, I won't try to hide my disappointment/ borderline disgust after the Paradise arc, and the few chapters past it, it felt like I was dupped/ played for a fool. Although most of everything came full circle again to where the current situation makes a bit more sense, I still think my first point would've been better.
I think the current arc with them living together is important and I will continue to read as the story progresses. It can sometimes be unrealistic with real emotions and parts tied in (loneliness, the death of a loved one, patience to truly grasp feelings, etc.) but I think it is a good story overall. I am frustrated with the story but also hopeful as well (like "anything I want ticket" being used to ACTUALLY further the relationship for example). I think the story could also have more productive parts rather than just feel like the same repeated stuff with a different scene. I just want to know some other people's feelings, insights, and questions as well. I'll be sticking around the subreddit more frequently heading forward as the series progresses as well.
There's a lot more I want to write, and I may do so in the future, but this is the main stuff for me at least at the moment. Looking forward to discussing the series further with everyone!
Off-topic stuff: Sumi= goated, Yaemori= goated, and the fact Umi got reintroduced makes me want to throw up unless he becomes the ultimate wingman somehow (doubtful).
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2023.05.29 00:52 Pretty-Mycologist268 Thoughts from a CS student

With more and more people vying for a spot in a CS course, I thought I'll share my thoughts on opportunities a degree in CS would open up and the reality of these jobs.
For some context, I have interned at FAANG as an SWE, a trading firm as an SWE and another trading firm as a trader. While this allows me to compare and contrast my experiences, keep in mind that experiences are often team dependent so I shall focus on things that apply at a company level. I'm sure there are many of you who dream of landing a job at the likes of Google or Jane Street - I have been in your shoes too and hopefully I can help you figure out whether these jobs are what you really want.
Doors a CS degree would open
A CS degree is extremely flexible. You will have the math and programming foundations for jobs like: software engineer, machine learning engineer, product manager, quant trader, quant researcher, data analyst, data engineer and any more. While these seem like vastly different titles, a CS degree will equip you with the foundational programming skills and more importantly, the ability to solve problems independently. A lot of the learning happens on the job, which means you shouldn't rule out applying for something just because you don't fully satisfy the job descriptions - most people don't anyway.
I feel like the go-to job for CS grads is software engineering, but designing new features and doing code reviews all day is not for everyone. CS is also a very broad field with subfields like AI, ML, NLP, systems, graphics, algorithms, software engineering. Take the time to look into areas you might be interested, and use internships to explore different areas to get a feel of what you like the most.
Tech vs Finance
These are probably the 2 most common industries CS grads end up in, so I thought I should comment a bit about their similarities and differences.
- There is no shortage of smart people in either industry
- Both are pretty results-driven
- Both industries pay quite well, and can have good benefits
- Tech is more laid back, finance moves faster. I was coming into office anywhere between 9-10am in tech with option to WFH, in finance it was more like 8am with no option to WFH
- Some roles are limited to tech - UX designers, product managers. Some roles are limited to finance - quant traders and researchers
Expectations vs Reality
Unsurprisingly, many people aim to land jobs at FAANG companies and trading firms because of their eye-popping pay, crazy benefits, and the prestige associated with working at these places. Everyone has different things they look for in a job, so you should tailor your search to suit your goals. That being said, I will weigh in with my thoughts having worked at a few of these firms.
I'll start off with the premise that if these companies could pay you any lesser to do your job, they would. Lower employee cost => More profits for shareholders => Attract more investment => Company grows. There are 2 main reasons why they are not offering you lower than they are.
  1. Competitors: if Company A offers you 5,000/month while Company B offers you 7,000/month and all else is equal, everyone would leave A to join B. We saw this when trading firm intern offers topped off at 96/hr in 2022, but Optiver raised to 112/hr in 2023. Citadel quickly followed with 120/hr and Jane Street called up interns to raise their offer to 120/hr
  2. Work that is expected of you: if a trading firm offered the same salary as a tech firm, nobody would join the trading firm. Trading firms offer more because more is expected of you - just because you cleared the interview doesn't mean that you're getting twice the salary for the same amount of work
With that in mind, hopefully you can start to see how not everything is captured in the number that is your total compensation. There is a big element of the fight for talent and work expected that goes into it.
Another thing that isn't captured by numbers is job risk. Nobody told Meta and Amazon engineers in their contracts about the possibility of being laid off, yet it happened. Tech firms are barely hiring in an economic climate where recession is a possibility, and I'm sure there are many non-FAANG companies that looked to cut costs in other areas instead of having a knee-jerk reaction and laying off 11% of the company at short notice.
Trading firms are also notorious for cutting under-performers, even more so for front office roles like quant traders. Jane Street has a roughly 50% conversion rate for trading interns, and when you see the profiles of some of these trading interns - IMO medallists, ICPC world finalists, attending top universities like Harvard and MIT, you can probably imagine how much effort you might need to put in to keep up. Just to give an example of what my schedule looked like as a trading intern: I would wake up at 7am, get to office by 8am, trade all the way from 8.30am to 5.30pm, and clear up admin tasks until 6.30pm, getting home at around 7.30pm. After dinner and shower it's already 8.30pm and I hit the bed by 10pm.
Not saying this schedule is something people cannot cope with, but this life is not for everyone. It requires a lot of discipline, not to mention being focused at work so you don't lose 10k in a matter of minutes by making the wrong trades. I'm fortunate that this is something that I find pretty fun which keeps me going, but staring at an ever changing wall of numbers for 8 hours a day is not everyone's cup of tea.
Another shallow reason to factor into where you want to work is company prestige. FAANG and trading firms are hyped up a lot in schools and on these forums, with people dreaming about getting an offer from Hudson River Trading or Apple. Even as someone who values prestige, I can tell you it fades away pretty quick when you're dragging yourself out of bed at 7am and you're given what will likely take a year as a 3-month intern project. Sure, it feels good to have an offer from these companies and put in on your CV, but please look beyond the brand name and consider things like company culture too. I know way too many people who have joined Citadel, gotten free IPads and private jet flights for an offsite event, just to work 70 hour weeks and hate themselves afterwards.
These are some things I have come to value through my internships that you can consider too:
  1. Good mentorship: The difference in having a managementor who cares about you is massive. I've been fortunate enough to get mentors who were willing to get on a 4 hour call with me to debug my code, advocate for me during reviews with my manager. Some firms have a strong mentorship culture like Google (each intern has a host) and Amazon (each intern is assigned a mentor), but there are many other companies that do as well
  2. Exploring other areas: I also used to be under the impression that studying CS is simply preparing to be a software engineer. That is most definitely not true, and I'm glad I got to try out trading during an internship
  3. Culture: Again, this is usually quite team dependent, and you don't always have control over what team you get placed on. However, some firms are known for having a more laid-back culture like Google, a more intense culture like Optiver, or a more elitist culture like Jump Trading (barely takes any new grads). You can probably use this and your personality to decide where you would be a good fit at
These are the key points that I felt should be touched on, but feel free to ask about others!
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2023.05.29 00:52 Personaguytdk How do I help my boyfriend open up to me about his feelings more?

So I'm 15, and so is my boyfriend. He's the sweetest man alive and I love him to absolute death. We've been dating for over 4 months, but it's been getting a bit more difficult to talk. I feel like when we text, he becomes more avoidant of me, although assures me that he wants to message me, yet finds it very difficult to express emotions. As an emotionally expressive person, I feel like it's extremely necessary to be open about feelings and what's bothering you, and for it to not be like that, it's very difficult for me not to become overwhelmed and worried for my boyfriend. He doesn't have the best mental health, and is worried about me worrying more if he were to tell me how he feels. He's not used to expressing emotions, so to suddenly be expected to is very overloading on him. I'm not sure what to do. I care so much about this boy and I want him to be closer to me emotionally again.
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2023.05.29 00:52 bettybrand Abandoned kitten in parking garage

A couple days ago I heard meowing from the garage of 519 Glenrock and it turned out to be a kitten that looked to be abandoned. It's been 2 days and its mom has not come back. I've been leaving it food and water but I'm really at a loss for what to do. It doesn't look to have a collar or anything but I haven't gotten close enough to see for sure. A lot of local shelters won't take in feral cats and I'm moving out of Westwood soon to go home so I won't be able to keep caring for it. I would keep it in my apartment but my roommate is allergic to cats.
If anyone would be open to helping me rescue this kitty and taking it in let me know. Or if anyone has any advice in general about what to do in this situation.
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2023.05.29 00:52 AdComfortable6056 What should be discussed ahead of your first threesome

Me and my partner have been together for 5 years (both male) and have expressed interest in doing some threesomes and maybe opening up our relationship. I just want to hear about other people’s experiences. For those that relationships began monogamous how was the transition was it difficult? What do you wish you knew then that you knew now?
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2023.05.29 00:51 Ok_Investigator_6587 Venom Theory.

Hi Guys, I was recently watching the first trailer for the sequel of the game & I realize that the one that’s talking is Kraven. He’s talking about finding someone that can give him a challenge. Then the trailer shows the alley where Venom is hidden in the shadows & he says: We will.
Then, I continue to watch the gameplay they released a couple days ago & I noticed some things to create my theory.
  1. In this universe venom looks like to be a weapon, suit or armor created from a possible alien symbiote that Oscorp was able to get. This explains why when we first see peter with the black suit, it looks like a kind for armor that adapts to its suit and copy some feature of this one to make it your own. For example, the spider in the chest from peter’s advanced suit.
  2. Connors is the creator of this Venom Armor. In the coms from the kravens army, they notify Lizard has been seen in Queens, so they’re are arriving to its house & they say: The beast could be anywhere…the Peter comes out of the basement with the symbiote but without the symbiote being attached to him until we see the black suit completely. This could possible open the fact that Connors is the Lizard but was also working on creating the symbiote with Norman in order to develop a cure for harry, but then Peter found it & the symbote escaped with him.
  3. The enemy that will step up for Kravens challenge would be Dr Connors plus the symbiote the one we see from the first teaser. I got this theory from 2 things. First, in the hole gameplay trailer we dont see or have a clear picture or image of the Lizard design. The camera shows him but does not gets closer to the face or head of him, it’s look like they’re trying to hide it for us so we can theorize about the games plot. Also when there’s a lizard chase sequence appears really fast so we can see a lot of detail of it. Second, thats how Venom would get his iconic design/appearences. Because when it attaches to Dr. Connors, it coppies its teeths & large tongue. In some ways Venom looks like a kind of alien reptile. For this I took screenshots from the gameplay in the best quality I could & the lizard has this very similar features that venoms has too.
Let me know your opinion about this theory. I will attach images in the comments.
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2023.05.29 00:51 Godista Moog Sub 37 Glitch

Hey guys! I hope you can help me out with one problem I have with my Moog sub 37.
So when I turn it one and it functions properly for like 1-2 min. Sounds and works fine.
But after those 2 minutes it’s changes the presser automatically and the whole sequence and just goes on it’s own. You can’t change the preset or the sounds at all. You play the keyboard and the Moog just changes the presets and all the sounds. And changes the numbers on the screen automatically.
How do fix tha and I think I need to buy a new part. Because I opened the Moog up and all the connections seemed fine. There has to be something wrong with the Wiring of the screen so it keeps or what conecta the computer to the preset or sound change in the Moog Sub 37
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2023.05.29 00:50 Murrrrdawg Mom Lied Again

Hi all,
Long time lurker, first time poster.
Thanks in advance for any and all guidance, support or advice. I’m not quite sure what I’m even looking for but figured this community would at least get it.
As a bit of background, my family has been ravaged by alcohol and drugs. Many members on both my moms and dads sides are addicts, or have died of alcohol/drug related pathology.
Closest to me, my mother is a long time alcoholic, previously addicted to benzos and opiate prescription pills. It destroyed my parents marriage and I went periods of no contact/minimal contact with my mother for nearly a decade in my twenties. She has been mostly sober for a couple of years now. When my son was my born 2.5 years ago, I didn’t want to deprive him of the choice of having a grandmother (still not sure that this was the right thing to do, it’s something I struggled with for a long time). Since she had been sober, I started contacting her again, she’s been out to see me and visit my son. She’s had a couple of relapses, but quickly rebounded. I’ve always made it clear my boundary is dishonesty— if she is drinking, I won’t allow her around my son, but as long as she is honest, I won’t cut her out completely like I have in the past. Since then she has been honest about when she falls down
As we all know, addicts are liars.
Most recently, my sister has fallen to alcoholism. She has been in and out of ERs, rehab, psych admissions for the last two months. She and I have never been close, and truthfully, when it comes to alcoholism, my walls go up. I partially funded her first rehab stint and have gone minimal contact with her as well. Maybe I’m a bad brother and son but that’s what I need to do to protect my own sanity and my family.
My mother felt the need to go out there to help… I explained that I thought it was a bad idea for her own sobriety, and also that it was unlikely to help in any meaningful way.
Predictably, they both ended up shitfaced and in trouble with the law and all kinds of other drama
When I called my mother to confront her about it, she lied. She held up the lie for about 60 seconds before ultimately admitting it. But the damage was done, she had lied again.
She had planned to come out to visit me late in June. I’ve told her to cancel her flights and that I’m going minimal contact for the foreseeable future. I’ve told her until she finds a way to work on herself and honesty that I am not interested in a relationship with her.
But I find myself feeling guilty. I don’t actually know what I want her to do or to accomplish to reinstate the relationship. Maybe I just want her to feel punished, but that feels shitty.
I am completely fine going no contact for the rest of both of our lives truthfully. But I feel guilty making that choice for my son… but on the other hand don’t want him to have the same exposure to and trauma from addicts if I can help it.
Feels better to get this all out there. Thanks for listening.
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2023.05.29 00:50 jrpsmith Stuff

I'm on the struggle bus this weekend.
My brother came down to visit. It's weirdly hard whenever family comes over. It's weirdly surprising for me every time too, but I pretty consistently fucking fall apart.
I cooked yesterday and I enjoy cooking. My brother, his wife, and my other friend and her husband came over. I like the cooking but I'm terrible at hosting. I never know what to say to people and I can see that they're bored or uncomfortable. And like I want to talk and make them feel better but I don't know how. Especially when they are very different.
When my family comes over, my brother or my mom, it ends up being hard because it just reminds me of all that weird shit. This brother that came over isn't related to my dad. And he's the only one in my family who is like ok with my dad. My brother is far too gentle.
One of the things that pissed me off a lot is that I have to be the big brother somehow. Like he's 9 years older than me and an adult and all this stuff but he... I have to be the big brother. My mom didn't bother coming this time but that's fine. She's the same way. Somehow I have to be the one in charge of everything.
These two, my mom and my brother, never have an opinion about anything. But somehow they still take the time to talk about anti-trans shit. My brother came over this morning and started bitching about Budweiser and shit. I just sort of blocked it out. I'm not quite sure what his opinion is but I'm not sure I care to find out.
And it's like mostly my own fault. It's just in my head. My brother is a victim as well. He's about the most gentle person I know. So I look like a lunatic as I get bent out of shape for reasons that aren't even apparent to me.
Then I start going off normal and everyone's looking at me weird. So I'm trying to wrap it in and look like a normal person and just failing. Then my wife isn't impressed because I just look like a crazy asshole. Because how do you explain cptsd. You can't you can't just explain how sometimes all the danger signals go off for no reason.
I feel like nebula from guardians of the Galaxy if nebula tried walking around being friendly, and sucking at it.
At first when I found out my wife had been reading my desperate trans shit on Reddit I was relieved that she wasn't going to immediately bolt and that she was being kind. But it's sort of sinking in that she was being so unkind to me these past several months because she was reading my emotional vomit and seeing me ask questions and she just read all that shit and was mean to me. And she said she wasn't angry with me but she was really really angry with me. And all those times when I said things like "it feels like you hate me" and she just insisted it was in my head. That she wasn't so angry.
So I got to get all that anger about stuff that isn't even accurate and she hid the fact that she was reading this stuff from me. I fell off the wagon a while ago and I hid it from her and I broke her trust. I drank and said I wasn't drinking. Because there was a global pandemic and i fucked up.
Then she was talking about how scared she was that she wouldn't know the "truth" because she wouldn't be able to read my emotional vomit on Reddit anymore. So here you go hun. I'm pissed that she was mean at me about shit that she wouldn't explain to me.
I tried to tell her so many times how fucking bad it is for me when she's angry with me and it doesn't make sense. And I said this to her face while she wanted to murder me.
Any moral high ground she thinks she had because I lied about falling off the wagon is gone. She yelled at me and yelled at me about being open and honest with her, and then pulls this shit. Then tells me she has the right to know. That she's mad that I won't share shit with her now.
What else is she hiding? If she could read this stuff and be that angry at me and just try to hide it from me what else is she hiding?
She said she was digging into and checking my meds because she was afraid I was going to start taking hrt in secret and I'm getting really fucking tired of being treated like a criminal.
Then last night we go to bed and she can't sleep and so I can't sleep and then it's bad when I can't sleep and all this other shit is melting down. So I'm fucking dying today. Trying to get my shit together to be nice because there are people around and failing at that. But suck it up enough to try and say that the meds are kicking in and to say that one that that would be really helpful is if she could get on a normal sleep schedule. I've suggested she read the book why we sleep several times but she won't.
So I try to say that it would be really helpful if I could sleep when we need to sleep and she's just like.
She's apparently really good at hiding it when she's all pissed off at me and thinks I'm an evil liar who's going to secretly take hrt on her. Because that's exactly the same as fucking up trying to deal with addiction.
How hypocritical. To harp on and on about honesty, and read that shit, treat me mean over it, and hide all that. She demands full honesty while lying through her teeth to me the whole time
I tried talking to her, as I often do, and she got mad at me as she often does. It's a no win situation. I tried bringing up last night how weird it is how freaked out being around my brother makes me. And I got a "I'm sorry dear" which sounded dismissive at best, but probably more like "whatever you're crazy"
People tell me to be myself, you know what that would look like? Never talking to my family again. They're harmless idiots so it seems crazy how much they piss me off, but these are the harmless idiots that kept putting me back in my father's path.
We reminisced this morning about how the basement of the house we lived in regularly flooded and there were mushrooms growing on the wall, but it was preferable to being upstairs where he was. How I had to sleep in the mushroom room when that other girl lived at our house and she got my bedroom and I got the basement. Next to the gun room. Yes there was a room full of guns. A whole room dedicated to it. Every day I shift my perspective enough to see how fucking bonkers something else was.
Fuck it. I don't care if I'm crazy. I don't care a lot if mom and my brother were kind of victims, they failed to protect me. They kept going back and taking me back there. He tried to forcibly abort my brothers baby by punching that girl in the stomach.
I'm tired of being treated like a criminal. I drank some. I'm fucking sorry. I didn't even do anything terrible when I was drinking. I had some limp dick a few times but otherwise no one seemed to think there was a problem.
But it was wrong. I drank and hid it. And I got sober and paid my dues, but I'm treated like someone who is going to sneak hrt behind their wife's back.
She's hiding something. She's hiding her feelings, I have no idea how she feels. A lot of the time it seems like she likes my kids and sort of tolerates me. I told her how hard it was when she was so angry at me and that she pretended like she wasn't and just how hard that is for me in general. It makes it impossible to feel safe if I can't tell how she feels. But it turns out she was really angry all the while because she thought I was going to go transition without talking to her because I asked a lot of questions. (She only believes the shit that scares her, she ignores the posts where I say I don't want to transition regardless.)
I'm tired of being treated like a criminal. I'm tired of the hypocrisy. I'm tired of being begged to talk and being rebuked when I do. There's no winning path here. She'll never trust me again.
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2023.05.29 00:50 Iliturtle Excuse me what? Boss-only enemy spawns in the open world valley???

Guys trust I don’t suck this bad usually, I was just in pure shock
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2023.05.29 00:50 AutoModerator [Course] The System by Todd Valentine

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