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2013.07.30 12:47 DrixGod Official Twisted Treeline Subreddit

Hello. I decided to create the Twisted Treeline subreddit for the fellow players that like to play 3v3's and want to discuss strats and champion picks about this map.

2023.04.21 19:58 Piscean333 Swapping from Mobalytics to metasrc

After watching challenger streamers I've noticed many use metasrc. It feels like mobalytics is more for novice players who need a hand holding up to plat 4 (which is where I'm at). I just don't seem to understand how metasrc is mean to be used. Any useful feedback would be welcome :)
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2023.04.21 17:19 Likashots Various Team Comps with High Top 4% and Win rate %'s

Various Team Comps with High Top 4% and Win rate %'s
If anyone is tired of the same mundane team comps for this set, I took the time to review the analytics break down from Metasrc and created a set of team comps that had the highest win rates and top 4 rates. Hopefully some people will find this useful. Good luck and have fun winning!

I'll Run each comp and show results.
Here is the 76% top 4 24% Win Rate Game. RNG gods did not favor me this game with items or an ASOL. 3rd Place.

Here is the 64% Top 4 28% Win Rate WW Comp. 1st Place

69% Top 4 29% Win Rate. 4th Place. Re-rolled way to many times, took to long to get to 8.

Regardless of Hero augments. The numbers don't lie. I was averaging a 74% win rate. It dropped a little theory crafting. Here's my current stats.
Top rated comp from list posted. #1!

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2023.04.16 15:05 resilience_bnb Bing Chat is not running under GPT 4 (?)

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2023.03.17 06:39 superabilis Bruiser Nid Top

I've been looking for awhile on good bruiser nid resources and havent seen much. Metasrc has a few different item builds and rune setups but I'm interested to see what else is out there. I've had good success with Iceborn or Trinity rush into straight tank. If I'm snowballing hard, I'll look into a bork or Demonic. Any specific streamers or vods I should check out that are more current?
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2023.03.14 15:40 xRolocker TFT Coaching from Bing AI [Tips to reach Grandmaster+]

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2023.02.24 01:35 The_red_griff according to metasrc, Veigar sits at 61% win rate (all regions, plat+) after his latest buffs

Not sure if the website is totally realiable, but ive played a few games againts veigar this patch and can say that he is really unfunny to play against now (like, way more). What do you guys think? Should he get some -20 AH or other nerfs?
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2023.01.18 15:36 Thragtusk88 Have any champions been nerfed harder than Dr. Mundo was in patch 13.1?

According to, Dr. Mundo Top lane went from a 54.35% winrate in patch 12.23, to a 48.27% winrate in patch 13.1 after the huge nerfs he received. He lost over 6 percentage points in winrate, in a single patch! His jungle lost over 4.5 percentage points, too.
Which got me thinking: Is there any champion that's been hit harder in a single patch in the history of League? Open to suggestions below!
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2022.12.09 13:13 amicaze PSA : If you asked the ARAM community for advice on how to play ARAM for Clash, don't listen to what they said.

ARAM meta has changed drastically since then.
Look at the winrates of 12.21 (which is what people would base their answers on, the ARAM meta of this season) and compare that to the winrates of 12.23. The top performers are engage, damage, mobility, etc, when before you had almost every type of character in the top winrates.
If you want more proof of this meta shift, you can look at other websites, MetaSRC's 12.21 vs 12.23 stats or OP.GG's 12.21 vs 12.23 stats.
Just pick Skirmishers, Engage, and Mobility. Melees are stronger than ranged. Supports are less useful, and disengage supports are the only ones which are doing good.
Pick champions which have a good winrate, look for Skirmish synergy, and that's it.
Don't listen to advice about Meta that was given to you, the meta has little in common with what it was 2 patches ago.
Imagine that instead of playing a Teamfight at lvl 13-18 around Baron, you're playing a Skirmish in the Jungle at lvl 7-11, and you'll have much more success.
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2022.11.30 08:34 Virtyjab How does Elise feel in current state of the game?

I took about 5-6 months of a break from league. As a fellow Spider Queen enjoyer, it's obvious to start playing again with this champion. According to METAsrc, Elise has about 53% winrate overall.
Before I start, may I ask you about her current state and/or build (especially those three pets)?Thanks in advance
Edit: I'm also interested in her viability on other lanes, as I have rarely played her on midlane.
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2022.11.21 12:02 Xoxoo14 Confused about tierlist website

Hi everyone, So as the title Say, i'm a little bit confused about all thoses website that give tier list and winrate for every role/champ ( opgg, metasrc, as exemple) No one of thoses website is giving the same stats, regarding winrate, tier list or even itemization. So my question is, what website should i trust ? Thanks you all for your return
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2022.11.18 04:14 Damurph01 Ashe in ARAM

Can we talk about ashe in aram?
Riot recently talked about adjusting ability haste for Ashe in aram in an effort to make support/poke ashe less oppressive, and the AA build more prevalent. Except, they actually made her take 5% more damage, on top of the added -20 ability haste. She literally deals 15% less damage, takes 15% more, and has reduced ability haste.
And if we are to look at her winrates (to see if these changes are even warranted), she is at BEST a middle of the pack, decent champion to get. Shes not winning a wild majority of her games (like Kayle and Lillia), shes quite literally mediocre as f***.
I know Riot discussed more adjustments to come for ARAM, but this seriously needs to be one of them. Poke ashe is the problem, the BUILD is the problem, not Ashe, not her winrates, not her damage. If they want ashe to be less of a problem with the poke build, then rework her W (so its harder to land), or nerf the support build, or just simply give her way more reduced ability haste.
But as it stands, the AA build for ashe is quite literally entirely useless. It is (in my opinion) by FAR the more enjoyable build to both play and play against, but as it stands, the AA is getting punished for the poke builds problems. AND the nerfs theyre implementing for ashe don't even really affect the poke build. Im aware these are some issues they're aware of, but I don't think that Riot seems to realize that a champion dealing 10% less, or taking 10% more damage feels absolutely terrible. The solution isnt to nerf these champions, its to buff the ones that struggle in an environment where poke is so prevalent.
Here are some links to peep her winrates, lowest was 48% and highest was 52%. As Ashe stands, its not only not fun to play her, but its not fun to play against her AND she has really mediocre winrates.
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2022.10.24 01:28 xfrombelow Probably my best winning streak ever in a game. Without even trying!

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2022.10.23 22:31 clarazmzm What's the best site to get ideas for good comps?

Hello! I usually use, but some good comps like shimmerscale or dragons appears as bad on this site. Do you have a good sugestion?
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2022.10.05 13:51 castowley where can I get aram builds and runes

im using metasrc site and I wonder if theres something better?
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2022.10.05 05:51 DannyBoi699 [Stats Proving DMG Creep] Since Durability Patch There Have Been 15 More Buffs Than Nerfs AND The Nerfs Aren't Stronger.

Link to spreadsheet with maths (the delta is the shift in winrate, the XXXX numbers are XX.XX%, easier to type with whole numbers, I updated the sheet every 2 weeks once new patches hit, since pre season is coming up I will wait to do this again once next season starts!)
Conclusion (same on link):
There has been 69 Buffs and 54 Nerfs Since the durability patch, logically that means that the nerfs should be stronger than the buffs, however, they are not. Nerfs should be 23.89% stronger than buffs, but they are only .01% stronger than buffs, More data would need to be mined on the nature of the buffs/nerfs however dmg is the primary trend when patched. Patch-to-patch data is supposedly unreliable, yet the balanced team has many 'repeat offenders' patch by patch, if they do not wait for numbers to settle before shipping balance changes... why should I wait to analyze. And if Buff v Nerf isn't enough, champion 'adjustments' and 'minor tweaks' regularly result in a massive overlook in numbers that result in insane changes in winrate; furthering the T1 sentiment that the balance team is spitting out numbers for fun. At first, I thought people were crybabies about DMG creep, but now I am a conspiracy theorist obsessed with Winrate trends... FML
Here is the chart for people who don't feel like opening google sheets:

Patch Buffs Nerfs WR change from buffs WR change from Nerfs Difference between WR
12.11 14 12 30.8% -23.39% 7.41%
12.12 8 8 14.10% -12.25% 1.85%
12.13 11 2 22.59% -4.16% 18.43%
12.14 7 6 9.34% -8.82% .42%
12.15 10 6 11.11% -8.74% 2.37%
12.16 7 4 8.35% 7.80% .55%
12.17 9 9 11.79% -15.16% -3.37%
12.18 3 7 3.68% -7.45% -3.77%
totals 69 54 111.66% -87.77% 23.89%

Avg change in Buff Avg Change in Nerf Difference
1.62% 1.63% 0.01%
This literally means that buffs and nerfs are near equal in power but there have consistently been more buffs than nerfs throughout the entirety of league with close to no change per patch.
And if you look at the spreadsheet, adjustments typically result in major buffs, they are just sliding in extra buffs man...
How the charts work: Total nerfs and buffs are counted, each champion has its winrate assessed pre buff/nerf and post buff/nerf, alternate roles are taken into account and notes are made for all champs, however I purposefully skewed the results to be in favor of the balance team whenever possible, sadly they can't even be helped by fraudulent claims. the source for winrates is from metasrc all regions 5v5 (which I believe is ranked only, all ranks LMK if that's not the case). The last time I did this, the consensus was that nerfs were just stronger than buffs and to make a claim I should be analyze by strength of the buff/nerf and its nature (sustain/durability/dmg), I used winrates to do that, as well as I didn't analyze the type of buff/nerf as I got lazy and didn't fully incorporate the nature of the buff/nerf however the trend was they nerf/buff sustain/durability on jg champs and their movespeed (which is an weird result-wise) laners get their dmg nerf/buff and occasional CC and sustain but trends to be DMG. Next season I will be more ontop of my game and try to work in the nature of the buff via color or something on the graph or organize better. Still LMK what I can improve for S13!
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2022.08.16 03:00 NoGarage6269 Help me find the perfect LoL team building tool!

First, I am very familiar with sites like and
These are fantastic tools but they both miss the mark for what I am looking for.

Years ago there was a site called lolsynergize (lolsynergize original post) that used champion stats to help create a good team. Unfortunately it wasn't very popular and went offline many years ago.

I am looking for a draft tool that will give live recommendations based on stats that updates with your team and enemy team picks.
I am also looking for a draft tool that will spit out a prediction when given a 5v5 team comp.

Any suggestions for team builders are welcome!
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2022.07.13 23:51 yinational Master Yi Winrate Gap, Season 8 vs Now

patch 8.24, Yi had a 50%-win rate in all ranks, 49.4% in plat +.
patch 12.12 Yi has a 48%-win rate in all ranks, 47.14% in plat +.
as a bonus, patch 9.9 Yi has a 51.52%-win rate in all ranks, 50.56% in plat +.
after patch 9.10 with multi strike q and losing passive e, Yi in bronze gained 1.53%-win rate while diamond+ lost 2.39%
while the current changes are better designed compared to before, such as removing e passive for multi hit q or adding on hit to his q, they are not balanced and puts Yi into a cycle of massive nerfs/buffs and hotfixes that continually erode his identity for some new gimmick.
his ult for example is a hallow shell of what it used to be, and that is not something I would have willingly traded for lower meditate cd or higher auto range. because even if they are stronger, they are not why I would choose to main Yi.
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2022.07.13 23:43 yinational Ranked Win rate Gap, Season 8 vs Now

patch 8.24, yi had a 50% win rate in all ranks, 49.4% in plat +.
patch 12.12 yi has a 48% win rate in all ranks, 47.14% in plat +.
as a bonus, patch 9.9 Yi has a 51.52% win rate in all ranks, 50.56% in plat +.
after patch 9.10 with multi strike q and losing passive e, Yi in bronze gained 1.53% win rate while diamond+ lost 2.39%
while the current changes are much better designed compared to before, such as removing e passive for multi hit q or adding onhit to his q, they aren't balanced and puts Yi into a cycle of massive nerfs/buffs and hotfixes that continually erode his identity for some new gimmick.
his ult for example is a hallow shell of what it used to be, and that isn't something I would have willingly traded for lower meditate cd or higher auto range. because even if they are stronger, they aren't why I would choose to main Yi.
It would have been better for the champion if none of the reworks ever happened.
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2022.07.06 04:58 Fusilli_Matt Database?

are there any websites similar to wowhead, icy-veins, or metasrc for godfall that have a collection of the items, different builds, and guides to this game? all of the information posted by users and mods here have been extremely helpful, i was just curious if something like this exists.
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2022.06.29 23:25 magicispowerless Guys, i want to discuss about all changes of durability patch that influenced on our favorite champ

After a 12.10, as i see on U.GG and other sites, a lot of us start building Luden, and i start build Muramana every time when i have a tear at first or second recall, but i want to know how these changes influenced on your gameplay Metasrc stats U.GG stats
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2022.06.20 04:35 Xznub What's the best app/tool/website for TFT data?

Metasrc, metatft, lolchessgg, there are many competing options. What are the standout websites, and what are the standout in game apps? What makes one better than the rest?
My main gripe is that most ive found lack data or info on early game comps and what their stats look like.
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2022.06.08 17:04 ParrotMafia Fimbulwinter no longer listed as an ideal build path? and used to recommend buying an early tear and completing Fimbulwinter after Sunfire. Neither site now has it listed a part of the correct build path. Does anyone know why this is? The nerf wasn't that severe...
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