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2023.05.29 01:14 Legalize4200 CarMax has had my car for 4 months and wrecked it.

I bought my car, a 2014 Hyundai Equus with 12k miles, including Maxcare in August of 2021. By January 2022 the front suspension went out so I took it to the Hyundai dealership, maxcare covered the front suspension and radio for the tune of 6k dollars. Never mind it took them 3 months to fix it, I was happy my warranty covered it all.
The suspension was good until around October of 2022. Then it started acting up again but would fix itself, usually just by restarting the car. By December it was worse, and the rear end suspension was now acting up. I take it back to Hyundai on December 1st 2022. A week goes by and I get a text letting me know my car is ready and no charge. I picked up the car but since the suspension button that usually raises and lowers the car on demand wasn’t working, I knew they didn’t actually fix it, it was just having a few good days.
Within a week of picking it up the suspension is acting up again. I decided this time I’m going to CarMax. I dropped it off at CarMax on February 1st 2023 the advisor made sure to let me know if they can’t find anything wrong with the car then I have to pay this diagnostic fee. The next morning I get the call from Carmax my car is ready! I head up to Carmax and greeted with a $100 diagnostic fee since nothing is wrong. So at this point I’m really losing my patience. We walk out to the car and it’s literally sitting in its axel (I have photo proof). Now that the advisor has seen the issue, he books the car back in to have it looked at for a 2nd time.
Around the end of February I get a call from the service manager letting me know when he was test driving my car they ran over a speed bump and ripped out the fender well, but they would fix it no charge. That’s great and all but what about the suspension? Supposedly, They don’t know what’s wrong.
Around the beginning of April of 2023 (Carmax has had my car for 2 months at this point) they take it to the same Hyundai dealership that couldn’t/didn’t fix it in December, and that’s where it’s at as I post this. About 2 weeks ago I’m notified the whole suspension needs to be replaced for 24k and they’re waiting for approval. This has been 2 weeks “waiting for approval”
Any thoughts, suggestions, what would you do?
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2023.05.29 01:03 SmallTruckBigPP Has anyone used this tonneau cover with LED built in?

Has anyone used this tonneau cover with LED built in?
I want to get this Oedro hard tri-fold since it is reasonably priced for a hard cover and has a neat LED built in. Anyone have it that can comment on the quality? None of the amazon reviews mentions the "hinged" version. Is there anything else in this price range that's a better alternative for a hard tri fold?
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2023.05.29 01:01 menace_to-society Must try food spots in Santa Cruz

For someone who is visiting Santa Cruz what are the most absolutely must-try food spots here?
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2023.05.29 00:57 4toTwenty This any of you?

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2023.05.29 00:40 gobananaslugsjk Bored, Lazy, slightly above average, Test-optional Hispanic CS-major Student Goes for Majority Reach Schools

Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Latino (Peruvian Descant)
Residence: Northern California (but not the bay area, its the Sacramento area)
Income Bracket: >50k
Type of School: very average public school (only a few [around 10-15] go to top schools like ucla, uc san diego, uc berkeley)
Hooks: First-Gen, Low income LOL
Intended Major(s): Computer Science/Data Science for UC schools; sociology for most of the private schools on the Common Application
GPA (UW/W): 3.84 UW and 4.19 W at the end of my junior year (this was the GPA I applied as to the UC schools). 3.78 and a 4.16W on my mid-year report sent to the private schools.
Rank (or percentile): 49/585 (although I lost my rank in the second semester of my senior year to a 65/601 and didn't even make the top 10%).
# of Honors/AP/IB/Dual Enrollment/etc.: 4 Honors, 11 AP courses, 7 Dual Enrollment courses.
Senior Year Course Load: AP Spanish Literature, AP English Literature, Computer Programming, AP Microeconomics, AP Government, AP Physics 2, Pre-Calculus Honors (I know, its bad) and Art 1.
Standardized Testing
SAT I: Didn't take the SAT Or the ACT test; Applied test-optional.
AP/IB: 3's on four AP Exams and 4's on two AP Exams. Failed AP Physics 1.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
#1 National History Day Competition (State Competitor, 11th-12th grade, 4 hours a week, 23 weeks, won local county competition).
#2 City Hall Internship (intern, 10th grade, 23 hours a week, 4 weeks a year, made changes to city website)
#3 Elementary School Internship (Teacher's Assistant/Intern, 11th grade, 20 hours a week during the summer, helped support first-grade students with learning curriculum.
#4 Family Housekeeping Assistant (helper, 8 hours per week for around 34 weeks a year from 9th-12th grade, helped clean homes).
#5 Academic Decathlon Co-Founder (team member, 11th grade, 3 hours per week for 21 weeks, helped initiate after covid-19.
#6 Web Developer for my school's technology academy (11th to 12th grade, 2 hours a week for 20 weeks, informed 100+ people of club and community events & info).
#7 Robotics Team (coder, 2 hours a week for 20 weeks, 9th to 12th grade, made state competitions for the first time ye)
#8 MESA team (9th to 12th grade, 1 hour per week for 30 weeks, learned useful technical skills like python, inventor, fusion 360 and more).
#9 Web Developer for Key Club (11th to 12th grade, 2 hours a week for 15 weeks, no major accomplishments)
#10 Cashier and fast food worker (11th grade, 10 hours a week for 8 weeks, understaffed in many case).
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
#1 History Day Special Award for Chinese American History (State Level Recognition)
#2 Sacramento County History Day (Local, regional recognition).
#3 School's Technology Academy Leadership Service Award
#4 AP Scholar (LOL)
#5 Honor Roll with Distinction (school recognition).
Letters of Recommendation
APUSH teacher recommendation (8/10): I think I got to know her pretty well and that she was really able to get to know me as a student. She told me she tried to really showcase the strong qualities of myself that really shined through and would serve me best. She also told me she liked how I overcame challenges on the history day competition and how I was persistent/a grit student. I also did try my best in APUSH class and i feel like she probably wrote a lot about that, including about my character.

AP Psychology teacher (6/10): Wrote it in a couple of days, so not sure how strong it was. I feel like she somewhat got to know me in AP Psych class but nothing outside of the classroom. She also didn't know what COMMON APP when I asked her so this was probably a first for her, which is kinda a red flag lol but not anything bad. I feel like it was probably average to above average, but who knows it could have been well-written.
City employee internship advisor (5/10): I got the letter of recommendation after my internship and it was very generic, but i still asked her to fill it out for the community recommender part of the Common app recommendation section. I think she wrote like an extra sentence or two but people have told me it was very generic and didn't really demonstrate extra qualities about myself.
Had 1 alumni interview with Dartmouth College. I would rate it a 7/10. I got along with her pretty well but I did have some hick ups but I really was able to express myself well. I did prepare for it but it wasn't anything extraordinary.
UC PIQ Essays (8.5/10): I spent a lot of time writing/editing my UC personal insight questions. I went to both my AP English literature and AP English language teachers, my counselor, one of my close friends, my APUSH teacher, and online "advisors" who somewhat helped although I did pay them upwards of $400 in total to review/edit. I started writing them on November 1st, but I went through so many drafts. I had like 40 pages of just drafts on the google doc. I did have lots of people go over it (which may have been a bad thing due to an overwhelming amount of different advice/feedback/edits they had). I also did pay for online college advisory services to look over my essays, which wasn't too helpful because they gave very minimal edits/feedback. I think three of my PIQ essays were pretty strong at the point . The fourth PIQ essay I started writing the week of the deadline and it turned out pretty good, but not super strong. I feel like one of my UC essays was especially strong for how well-written it was, how unique it was, and how much it demonstrated my personal values/challenges. I truly do feel like my essays on leadership, overcoming a challenge, favorite academic subject, and community essay shined through on me as an applicant and demonstrated who I was as well as my potential.
Common APP PS essay (7/10): As for my Common App Personal Statement Essay, I started on December 16th (one day after my birthday LOL). I tried being different and writing about an inanimate object I've had since I was young. I wrote about this and basically mixed in one of my strongest UC Essays from above into one really well-written essay. I think it was an alright essay but now looking back on it, it wasn't that well-written LOL. I didn't have a winter break and I remember editing one of my supplemental essays like 10 minutes before New Years LOL. I had like 20 supplemental essays to write and I think some of them were really well-written and insightful, while some were written as if it was written last-minute (because it was). But I really liked my community essay, at that point, it was really polished and well-written so I had that as my basis for all the community supplemental essays. For my common app personal statement and supplemental essays, i spent upwards of $600 for online college essay editing services, which was absolutely not worth it because I feel like i could just relied on my personal feedback and not others. However, I did spend all my winter break applying to like 16 private schools, including writing the supplemental essays and common app personal statement that winter break. The topic of my PS statement was more of a grit story and what I learned after working with my mom a lot with house cleaning and how it has changed my outlook on life.

Decisions: I only applied Regular Decision for all of them.
Amherst College (social sciences major).
Bowdoin College (social sciences major).
Brown University (social sciences major).
Colby College (social sciences major).
Dartmouth College (social sciences major).
Duke University (cs major)
Northwestern University (social sciences major).
Pomona College (social sciences major).
California State University - San Diego (cs major)
Swarthmore College (social sciences major).
UC Santa Barbara (cs major)
University of Southern California (cs major)
Washington University in St. Louis (cs major)
Yale University. (cs major).
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (SWE major, still waiting to hear back although I don't think i want to commit there ).
Grinnell College (humanities major) declined waitlist offer
Middlebury College (humanities major) declined waitlist offer
UC Davis (cs major) declined waitlist offer
UC Santa Cruz (cs major) declined waitlist offer
UCLA (cs + engineering major) I'm still waiting to hear back; might commit if i get admitted).
California State University - Sacramento (computer science major)
California State University - Long Beach (computer science major)
Pepperdine University (computer science major)
UC Irvine (software engineering major)!
UC San Diego (data science major)!
Vanderbilt University (College of arts and sciences)!!!!
UC Berkeley (Committed!!!) Although I am a data science major and not comp sci, I really do feel like I can learn a lot at Cal!!

Additional Information: Although I only got I would get into mid-tier schools like UC Irvine or something, I am really happy about my results! Despite being rejected from almost all the private schools besides Vanderbilt and Pepperdine, I really did like how Vanderbilt chose me. It was a super difficult decision picking between Vanderbilt CS (intention to switch to college of engineering) and Berkeley Data Science, I ultimately chose Berkeley because of how prestigious it was for the technology sector and how close it was from home (around 2 hour drive). Although Vanderbilt truly did appeal to me with its student social life scene, academic and social life balance, good food, new location, happy student body, and rigorous academics, it was a bit too far from home. However, although I only got into 7 out of 27 colleges I applied for, I am happy that top universities did pick me and that I was able to choose from such excellent universities. Cal is where my next four years will be! Now, that's only if UCLA doesn't get me off their waitlist, but even then I might still choose Cal if I get off the waitlist. go bears!
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2023.05.29 00:01 Antiochboy Best Bay Area beaches for Family on memorial day?

I figured Santa Cruz was the answer but there might be something closer whether thats near half moon bay or Marin county?
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2023.05.29 00:01 Lepke2011 R. H. DeGrange map. Historic Santa Fe New Mexico and Vicinity (1932)

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2023.05.28 23:44 gopchang_purrito It’s Memorial Day, gyms are closed, it’s quite warm by 11:00, what outdoor activity would you do between 06:00-11:00?

I’m planning on riding my bike along The Loop from Campbell up to the Rillito-Santa Cruz Rivers merging points, take some pics of the new murals along The Loop, the Javalina on the the bike statue, and check out the Sweetwater Wetlands (assuming they’re open).
Any other alternatives to this planned activity? I’m only mobile on bike and would like to do something tomorrow instead of simply cleaning my apartment when it’s hot later in the day, “taking a hit,” or going to the theatre.
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SANTA CRUZ DEIXA EMPATAR MSM COM UM A MAIS! - NACIONAL-PB x SANTA CRUZ BRASILEIRÃO SÉRIE D submitted by noiadaodelolo to futebol [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 23:18 alentuga Chatgpt wine list, what would you change?

Chatgpt wine list, what would you change?
I've been learning more about wine, reading and tasting. I thought seeing what kind of pairings ChatGPT would provide would be fun.
I prompted it as someone who is opening a restaurant (I'm not) and wanted it to create a wine list that represented a variety of options from across the world. This is what it came up with. I don't know many of these, Miraval, Caymus and the Port I know of but never tried them. What changes would you make and what are your thoughts on this list?
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2023.05.28 23:17 Southern-Proposal837 𝐀𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐥𝐨𝐜𝐢𝐛𝐢𝐧 𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐲

Psilocybin as far as I've been reviewing belongs to category I control substances.

But if places like Denver or Santa Cruz have legalized the substance, how is it still in Category I?

That it belongs to category I but is legal in 3 American cities, doesn't it create a kind of legal vacuum?

I'm asking this because my country bases its narcotics laws on schedule I, but if psilocybin is legal in 3 American cities, doesn't this leave a kind of question about "you refer to schedule I laws but there are 3 cities where it is legal that they "operate" on that category I fund"...

That is something that is not clear to me about their laws, and in the case of mine (Latin American)...

I would like to read the answers to understand more about this topic. Thank you.
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2023.05.28 23:16 clenduro53 Anyone have a retractable hard tonneau cover they like?

Trying to decide between a tri fold hard cover and a retractable hard cover. I know none are water tight, but trying to get close. I like the function of the retractable..
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2023.05.28 22:58 tigre_de_tierra "Uno magnificante" de Rumi
Sinceramente, no sé cómo hablar de esta increíble recopilación del místico sufí Rumi. Supongo, que "Uno magnificante" ha consolidado en mí aquello que busca: dejar sin palabras, mostrando lo inefable. Aún así, falta de palabras y con el corazón encogido, me encantaría poder compartir en este hilo algunas cosas que se dan dentro de la mística -en general- y que, evidentemente, se dan en la mística sufí -en particular-.
Cómo la mística se encarga de aquellos que es inefable, inexplicable, existe un lenguaje propio para todos los místicos que les permiten acercar al lector aquello que no puede ser dicho. Ibn Tufayl, Mosé Sem Tob de León, San Juan de la Cruz, Santa Teresa de Jesús, etc. Hacen uso de un lenguaje simbólico y metafórico que les permite exponer tales profundos pensamientos espirituales y trascendentales. Entre éstos se encuentra el árbol, el Corazón, la luz, la Palabra, la Nada, el Amor o el Amado entre tantos otros recursos.
En "Uno magnificante" de Rumi, se ve perfectamente esta adhesión al misticismo, en concreto al sufí ya que éste era musulmán de la zona de Afganistán.
Por ello va a apelar a todas estas cuestiones; a callarse ante aquello de lo que no se puede hablar, simplemente sentir, al Amor, al Amante y al Amado, también a la Unión con el Amado. O, también, al Ser y la Nada.
Siguiendo el ejemplo de Rumi: «Cierro mi boca. Recitaré el resto del poema con la boca cerrada», dejo de hablar y os invito a vivir la experiencia individual de la mística a través de esta recopilación, como si fuerais parte de los Derviches Giróvagos.
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2023.05.28 22:54 phillcollinss 25 [M4F] Santa Cruz, Bolivia/Online - Alone in my hotel room and could use company

Hey y’all
Looking for some company either over the phone or in person - although I doubt anyone from Bolivia is on here. who knows?
About me: love deep conversation and exploring emotions
Movies and music, anything to do with art and the outdoors. (Heavy metal, hip hop) (thriller,horror, action, documentaries)
Love true crime and history
I love to cook, and my favourite food is curry
I’m game for a call over discord or another platform. Send me a message and a picture and I’ll do the same!
Description: 6 foot, stocky, beard, really long hair, nose ring
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2023.05.28 22:53 nininiche Moving to Santa Cruz 21F

i’m sure there are plenty of posts about this but i wanted to get a more updated idea of what to expect when i move in July. i am moving to an apartment near San Lorenzo Blvd and Riverside Ave, and i was wondering how safe this area is and if there are any tips i should know as a woman living alone. obviously im aware to keep nothing of value in my car etc, but i wanted to know what general locations were best to stay away from at night. i took a look around the area these past couple days and noticed that it gets pretty quiet after 7, saw only a few people walking around. any advice or knowledge is greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.28 22:26 Urpervyneighbor LAMBS REVEALED - Clues discussion. Spoilers for LAMBS only. CLUES REVEALED SERIES #8.21

Since I did not post this from last season; here it is: Lambs are Wilson Phillips! Let's discuss how the clue packages related to them.
Here is my ongoing accolades tally. It's still a work in progress, and I'm open to improvement suggestions!
What did I miss?
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2023.05.28 22:04 thepitchofdiscontent The Pitch of Discontent Podcast #056 - Hit List feat. Kat Moss (Scowl)

The Pitch of Discontent Podcast #056 - Hit List feat. Kat Moss (Scowl)
"With the band Down Under for their inaugural run on the sold-out "The Real Bay Sydney Shit" tour with Sunami and SPEED, Kat Moss from Santa Cruz sensation Scowl joins the show to chat about the ten songs that have impacted her life. Alongside her diverse and wide-ranging Hit List, Kat opens up about leaving her hometown, dealing with vulnerability, her creative inspirations, and crushing their Coachella debut."
Listen here:
Feat. Saves The Day, Gorillaz, Julien Baker, The Mountain Goats, and more.
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2023.05.28 22:01 HeywoodDjiblomi Barcelona, such value

Had a recent trip to Barcelona, and was absolutely floored with the value compared to the US.
What I'm used to: Based in Miami, ATL. Got into hobby last year, started off by getting scammed big by 2 girls at Club E11ven. Transitioned to strip club circuit like Tootsies. My best exp there was a dayshift Cubana a 10/10 enhanced brunette for $500/30 min VIP, all covered action, no GFE or kissing. Focused more on ATL clubs, started getting 8-9/10 Latinas for $400/30 min. Learned more, now I'm consistently $270-$300/30 min with still hot girls, although just basic service. My absolute best was this Lana Rhoades look alike Italian American stripper, $300/30 min at her hotel. Kissing & BBBJ included (she's long since diseappeared). Eventually tried Amsterdam 2x and loved it. While I hear its lost its hey day, but for me I love the fast food McDonalds approach for Red Light District, 100-150E/30min with wiggle room, and the convenience to check out the goods right there in a fun safe city.
Onto Barcelona, 7 providers, all I finished with CF&S. Tools: Sexmercadobcn, independent providers post there and the forum links reviews for many providers. Blurred faces so I stuck with recent/highly reviewed girls. Tip: Schedule to be the girls' first session if possible. I find they're fresh as can be.
Ana & Ashley. I made 2 separate appointments in the morning. Both are mid/late 20's, blondes, enhanced pornstar bodies (big fake tits, BBL) but are very high quality and well done. Each with a unique and sexy face (Ana is Polish, Ashley is Canary Islands), absolute 10s to me. Both were responsive via Whatsapp and hosted in their clean apts in nice part of icy -Ana: was 150E for 60 min, Ashley 250E for 60 min. Both included much french kissing, BBBJ, and GFE despite some language barrier. I didn't push for CIM. Ashley was fantastic, but Ana was far more economical & as good. -Near half the price, 2x as long, and in the comfort of a safe, clean room with a bed and not some uncomfortable club, as well as extra. To me, its 4x the value
Mia: Used the Eden private brothel. Messaged them from their Sexmercado page. Very responsive, the rooms are ok but harsh from fluorescent lighting. Mia, a mid 20s Venezuelan. 9/10 in looks, youthful perky, stacked Latin body with tasteful fake tits. Performance was average. Submissive which I like, included BBBJ, but no GFE, kissing, and she rushed the session. Knowing Spanish would've helped. -120 Euro ($130) for 60 min. Still one of my local clubs girls will charge you that just for 6 air dances.
Denise/Sugar Girls: This is a private discrete brothel, but they have website. Lots of turnover of girls so availability is inconsistent and reviews arent deep. They were very responsive via Whatsapp, similar nice part of town. Rooms are nice, with shower. They do edit their photos, while my girl was still hot she's slightly better on the site. I advise a lineup every time, I'd get 8 or 10 girls and only want to pay for 2 or 3. Dennise is this all natural tattooed girl from Bilbao. Perky pierced B cups, thick fit trunk, built like a softball player with a face like Juelz Ventura. Lots of kissing, but CBJ this time. -150E/60 min. Great fun personality, felt like a party.
Alice/TeensBCN: Another popular private brothel. Same deal, whatsapp, responsive, nice part of town. Rooms were like a motel/dorm room. Alice is a Greek girl with great English, plain faced but feminine, large breasts with natural low hang on her mid 20s body. Like a smaller version of Gianna Michaels. Because of no language barrier, we clicked, she made it feel like a true fun flirty hookup as if I took her from the bar. Kissing, GFE, BBBJ included. -Around 120E for 60
Forgotten named Cuban & Lena/Maison Close: My first public brothel. Just walked in, a discrete initial door in a quiet, nice part of town but you see the branding once in. Nicest rooms of them all, spacious, nice shower. Cuban: Blonde slim Barbie bimbo, body a 9, face a 7.5. Good CBJ, deepthroated. No GFE, kissing. But still a good experience. Lena: My final girl the night before my flight home, wow addicted to her. An early 20s spinner Uruguayan, with big soft juicy fake tits, slender frame but still had curves to her ass. Because of our heights, leverages were great. Even after days of 2 sessions a day, and 1 that morning with other girls, I knew within 10 min this girl was electric. I will be requesting her specifically next visit.
Barcelona for me has been the perfect monger city. It's a great place to visit as is, food is great, not expensive if you travel smart. Most of year is decent weather. Then you have 20+ options from big public brothels to independent girls all with 15 min of you. If I lived in Europe I'd been in Barcelona & AMS every other weekend and still be less money than what I'd need to spend in the US. If they werent $1800+ flights through winter, I'd probably never use a US provider again.
Future targets, would stick to clubs as a first timer. Frankurt: Sharks Oase. Just learning about FKK clubs and seems like an easy 2-3 day bender. Vienna: Wellcum, technically 3 hr drive from Vienna. Would need 4-5 days but another well reviewed FKK where you can stay in their hotel included." Sao Paolo: Scandalo
Going to Colombia very soon and will post on that. Santa Fe and escorts. Feel free to DM if questions or to talk shop
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2023.05.28 21:53 Putrid-Bend1699 Oil Drained Out Everywhere

Oil Drained Out Everywhere
I drive a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe and this morning when I started it up I heard rattling. As soon as I pulled out there was oil everywhere on the ground. I parked it back in place and saw that all of the oil was gone. I found a melted bent bolt just behind the oil cap. It looked like it came from the engine and I need help on trying to figure out the actual cause, part and how it happened. I got pictures I can show
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2023.05.28 21:43 inthemidnighthour Need help identifying a cargo / tonneau cover

Need help identifying a cargo / tonneau cover
I found this tonneau cover in my garage (from a long previous renter) and want to sell it, but I have no idea what kind of car it goes to. If anyone recognizes it, I'd appreciate the info!
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2023.05.28 21:35 Bshs2015 Engine Failure

2017 Hyundai Sonata, on a road trip this weekend for my birthday and start feeling shaking when changing gears. Stop to take it into a shop, they tell me it has cylinder misfire. After a compression test they realize the piston rings are failing and tell me I need a whole new engine. Engine replacement exceeds value of the car, it's totaled. Had to tow the car to storage, and buy a flight home. Hyundai says it's not covered by warranty. I financed this car 18 months ago and still owe. I feel robbed.
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2023.05.28 21:21 TsuDohNihmh Double dipping in Santa Cruz!

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