Calculating Calories - Am I not eating enough?

2023.02.17 14:02 WaluWaves Calculating Calories - Am I not eating enough?

Hey everyone!
I'm on my second month of this way of eating and I'm loving it. My energy levels are more stable, I need less sleep and my mind is super clear. I also lost 6 kg (13 lbs) since I started which I'm really happy with. I still have around 15kg (33 lbs) to go.
I've recently hit a plateau, which is quite frustrating. I eat very clean, I take my electrolyte supplements, I have a good sleeping pattern, I exercise a lot and I count my calories. But lately I've been doubting if my daily calorie goal is right.
Age: 30Weight: 100kg (220lbs)Height: 194cm (6 feet 4⅜ inches)Activity: I go to the gym at least 4 times a week, doing heavy powerlifting. I get at least 10k steps a day.
I've been using a website ( to calculate my calorie intake. I'm not sure if my activity would be considered as heavy activity, but that's what I filled in. It tells me I should eat a maximum of 2250 calories per day.
Lately I feel more hungry, but I don't know if these are cravings I should ignore of give in to. I tried other carnivore calorie calculators online, and the results are extremely different from each other. I read about the possibility of hitting a plateau by not eating enough. But it kinda feels weird to start eating more to start losing weight again haha.
So after being confused by these calculators and blogs I would appreciate the opinion of a real person with experience. Based on my stats, do you think my calorie intake is too low? Or should I look somewhere else for the solution?
I hope to hear from you :)
EDIT: And I'm curious to know how many calories you eat in comparison to your size and weight :)
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2021.10.18 12:18 Then-Egg8644 Protein wraps / tortilla recipe

I don’t care for empower wraps and other tortilla recipes I’ve tried haven’t turned out great. This one is 🙌🏻. Highly recommend! Id suggest following the recipe as written and use Allulose to get the soft, bendable texture. Also, egg white powder is the same as egg protein powder (check nutrition labels to confirm minimal to no fat to know it doesn’t have the yolk in it). I added a pinch of garlic and onion powder to help add favour Protein sparing tortilla recipe link
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2021.04.12 04:55 happybuddha1 Has someone tried Maca? Does it really taste like malt?

To satisfy my malted milk cravings, I stumbled on this recipe : which says maca tastes like malt. But the site is also American. No idea if malted milk tastes the same there. On this sub reddit, only a slight chatter on people who used it
Has anyone tried maca? And is it a close enough replacement for malt? Any ideas on how I can satisfy my malt milk craving?
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2021.03.12 19:48 KetoKitsune HAUS-KEEPING (Thankfully NOT the Ides of March Version)

The handy-dandy Cliff Notes version to what’s been happening in our sub recently! (a collaborative effort from your moderator team, we hope you enjoy!)


Our bodies are like complex whodunnits. It's nice to hear you are decoding the puzzle and making progress.
u/TrixieKixx has dubbed me the "Cheap Meat Whisperer" because of my ability to sniff out all the deals on Meat and I LOVE THAT!! Hahahahaha!!!!
The only thing that made me sad is that I accidentally got low fat sour cream the last time instead of regular. It tastes so different and I can't believe I used to eat all low fat stuff. What misery.
I love your sandwich - it looks like hot sex in the morning with bed hair. sigh!
u/ketokate-o could use a hug or seventy-five
A general malaise has set into my bones which no amounts of dairy will fix and believe you me I have been trying.
u/Getreadytogrumble stating the obvious once again
I'm definitely on Team People-Are-Terrible-And-I'm-Just-Here-To-Poke-Gross-Stuff. (Although occasionally I get some warm fuzzies when I can Do Some Good for the world, and then spend a fair bit of time hiding it to preserve my rep as a Salty Bitch.)
The great anti-worker fuckery must be challenged!
One day, you're young & free. The next thing you know, you're excited about air fryers and new mattresses. 🤣🤣🤣

Hot Topics:

u/socal-chicana shares her story with progress pics having lost 150lbs.
On Monday, u/TrixieKixx wishes everyone a Happy International Women’s Day
Happy International Women's Day to all of you bad ass [email protected]! Much love to all of you who do every thing you do every single day to make the world go round!
With March OMADness in full swing, I think it’s appropriate to plug the super awesome Recipes Doc curated by u/Shakatay29. If you are looking for some new meals to make, check out some of these recipes and add them to your to-do list. They are all recommendations from members here so these are vetted food adventures.

Biggest Disappointments:

u/kotce9, who now has to deal with a horrific refund. The class she wanted to take was modified & moved from evening (which worked for her) to daytime (which does NOT.)
I feel devastated. I am the kind of person who struggles to make large life decisions like this and I was so proud of myself and excited to give myself this opportunity to change.. Finally did something to "drive my own life" instead of bobbing with the current, and this happens.
u/perfect_crayon had a chicken and dumplings fail (but a win on flavor!)
Tried to make chicken and dumplings with a rotisserie chicken and carb quick for dumpling dough. It made a nice soup and the flavor was just right, but chicken and dumplings it was not. Carbquick does not stick together. The dumplings dissolved entirely before serving so the soup became thicc.
u/getreadytogrumble shares her frustrations about a “frequent faller” over here in the daily.
when you call 911 to have an ambulance crew pick you up off your floor so frequently that you not only know when shift change is but who will be working that day, it might be time to seriously reevaluate your life choices.

Food Porn:


WE’VE REACHED 5,000 MEMBERS! Let’s celebrate - our community is growing in numbers and awesomeness. Our numbers jumped quite a bit recently!


they had a hard time believing that I used to weigh 302+ lbs which was a huge NSV. I showed one them my Before and After Picture and he said "That's Good Money" and I am not exactly sure what he meant by that but I am taking it as a compliment.
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2020.12.11 20:39 BRC_Haus HAUS-KEEPING (December 11 edition)

The handy-dandy Cliff Notes version to what’s been happening in our sub recently! (a collaborative effort from your moderator team, we hope you enjoy!)
Our good buddy u/BigTexan1492 is looking for smart, experienced Keto women to help mentor new Keto-ers in his new subreddit: KetoMentors. He describes why this might help with the onslaught of new Keto-ers after the New Year - read more here: Something A Bit Different.


u/metal_herbalist had a realization after ‘reviewing her MFP data since the beginning of time’
I averaged out the whooshes & stalls, and it worked out to 1-2 lbs a week. The takeaway was that I am way more successful than I give myself credit for, and that KCKO WORKS, and that I'm not gonna drop 20 lbs by new years or anything crazy, so just KCKO.
u/2-22-15 rediscovers a body part
I did not fully appreciate how much of my frustration was being caused by really trace amounts of carbs and sugar in my otherwise Carnivore diet, but I have ANKLES again! I seriously thought they were gone with my 20's.
u/2boredtocare shares this universal truth
I 100% feel better when I'm eating how my body wants. Now if I could just drill that into my brain, we'll be set!
u/ketokate-o speaks for Most of Us, no?
I need to get my eating under control. I think cutting out snacking will be a big help with that, so that is my new food goal for the foreseeable future. (Mod note: see below for the new No Snacking item!)
u/Natalicious-Keto commiserates with u/JennLnz’s undersized chuck roast
And WTF with Tiny Meat! No one needs Tiny Meat!! (That's what she said)
I think lots of us are going through something similar. Maybe it's because we're fresh out of fucks to give because 2020 inhaled them.
u/PM-me-SEINFELDquotes has the best transition EVAH:
This is a very non-keto update so let me sprinkle some bacon fat on this.
And although it’s completely off topic, u/BRC_Haus shared this gem from her Jewish pre-teen after attending a holiday gathering with her dad & uber-Xmas-loving GF:
"Mom, did you know there's this stuff called Jello? And you can make SALAD from it!"

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After both u/ketokate-o and u/lk3c called out snacking as their nemesis, u/BRC_Haus started the No Snacking Club.
u/Retro-esque celebrates her latest accomplishment in Soooo EXCITED - I’m Overweight!!!
u/MIdtownBrown68 celebrates both Onederland and losing 50 lbs in her Halfway there! update.

Biggest Disappointments:

u/PM-me-SEINFELDquotes kicked off a spirited discussion in a Daily thread about Holiday Gifts in the Time of Covid, while u/Minerva9338 had her own identical gifting rant at approximately the same time (holidays, bruh...)
From PM:
I know everyone has their own language of showing they care, and if gifts/material things are my MILs way of expressing love then she is entitled to it, but at what point do you listen to the recipient in question and respect their wishes?
While Minerva describes a Holiday Hellscape that’s familiar to many:
So...I have this step MIL that is a bit of a Christmas drama queen. There are 4 sets of us adult kids/step kids couples and then the mostly teenaged (at this point) cousins (her grand kids) that we only see around this time of year. But, MIL insists that everyone buy everyone gifts, and all of us travel hours to her place for Xmas every year.
Many of us have told their horror stories about differing family expectations about holiday gifting & the pressure they feel (unintentionally or NOT) to change their own behavior to accommodate others, while others are awesome about setting expectations, but still get pressure or guilt nonetheless.
Resident Grinch & veteran Just Say No to Holiday Giving u/BRC_Haus also gave tips to avoid the gift exchange & share the holiday spirit - just tell family/friends that you’re ‘taking the money you’d normally spend’ & doing something locally to help a family in need, or suggesting a charity that the whole family can donate to instead. She offers a few suggestions here:
It could be as simple as everyone buying a bunch of warm socks & giving them to a homeless shelter, or collaborating on getting a meal to front-line health care workers for Xmas. I also love what Jose Andres is doing with his World Kitchen non-profit.
There’s also a movement online that suggests paying a utility bill for an older relative instead of buying a useless gift.
However you decide to celebrate this year - WE SO FEEL YOU HERE & wish you a holiday celebration this year that’s more in line with your own values/beliefs! And while it may be a bit cliched - YOU are the BEST GIFT OF ALL this holiday season.

Food Porn:


WE’VE REACHED OVER 4,800 MEMBERS! Let’s celebrate - our community is growing in numbers and awesomeness.


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2020.06.01 07:06 WorldEdit2020 New couple to Keto Chow -- questions on macros, seems impossible to meet

Hi all,
We are a couple that are relatively new to Keto Chow. By that I mean we tried out the sample bundle and ended up buying samples of all the flavors and have an outrageous amount of bulk bags on the way to us. It's so good.
We are trying to determine the proper amount of fat to use since we are considering using it for 3 meals a day. Using the Keto Chow Custom Calorie Calculator, which references this Keto Calculator to determine how many calories we need:
1417 calories, 103g fat, 102g protein, and 20 TOTAL (not net) carbs per day.
Plugging 1417 into the Keto Chow calculator,
101g (0.43cup) HWC/meal
39g (0.18cup) oil/meal
49g (0.22cup) buttemeal
In terms of TOTAL carbs, looking at the keto chow nutrition, HWC seems way out of the realm of possibility here as each flavor with HWC seems to easily be 10g+ per meal and we need to keep it under 20/day. The counts with oil or butter are more reasonable and even possible to get three shakes in a day and come in under 20 total carbs, but it seems like most are 7g+ a meal putting us over the 20 limit a day.
Then there's the protein goal of 102g/day... each shake gives ~25g so that leaves us short by ~25%.
So... how would someone go about meeting those macro goals that Keto Chow recommends (via a 3rd party calculator) using Keto Chow shakes?? Am I missing something completely? Thanks!
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2020.05.13 04:42 Sohcahtoa82 I have made three keto desserts and they've all come out incredibly bitter, very not sweet at all. What am I doing wrong?

I've tried this Frankenberry cereal recipe, made a pie crust using this recipe, and there was a keto vanilla frosting recipe I tried a while back.
In all three, I used Anthony's Powdered Erythritol, which everyone says is almost as sweet as sugar with no bitter aftertaste, but all of them ended up being not very sweet at all, and just very bitter.
Is there possibly some silly mistake I've made? Should I try using Swerve Confectioner's Sweetener since it isn't pure erythritol?
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2019.07.23 15:11 SoddingEggiweg Online Carnivore Diet Class
I randomly happened upon this. It was an interesting discovery.
"Some interesting facts you will learn:
Fiber is not needed and is often hard on our gut and colon.
You do not need carbohydrates for a healthy gut flora. How we changed vegetables into being tasty.
Antinutrient common in plants and their effects on our bodies.
Meat and Cancer. Where did this idea come from?
What to eat besides steak!
What was our body designed to eat?
What did our ancestors eat?
The levels of carnivore
The Carnivore Autoimmune Protocol."
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2019.06.23 12:41 haakon666 My crack at Protein Lasagna

My crack at Protein Lasagna
Had a go at making Protein Lasagna today. Got from everything from Aldi since I'm a cheap bastard. Passata instead of Marinara sauce, grated Mozzarella instead of slices. Really happy with how it turned out.

aaaan done
Foil off
All the cheese
ricotta and egg
Chicken breast instead of pasta sheets
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2018.08.15 02:05 louderharderfaster Told my new GP I was "on keto". She (literally) leapt out of her chair...

in excitement. She then showed me a website she recommends ( She asked me a ton of questions - how did I get into it/heard about it, what it was like for me, what I felt like now compared to before. How was my sleep? Was I also fasting? Did I find it hard to begin? Turns out she just was hired by the clinic to "introduce low carb" as a way, no doubt, to combat the epic heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc that in this part of the PNW. She explained she was actually aiming for getting people into full fat adaptation but starting with "Low Carb/No Sugar" to not scare folks.
This made my fricking week and I just had to share it. If anyone is in the south of PDX area and would like the name of the clinic - let me know :)
EDIT: I just learned she is an NP (not a GP) after looking at the clinic page more closely.
EDIT II: added the website she referred.
Edit III: If you have a keto friendly doctor then please consider reviewing them and saying so on YELP or Google so others can find them!
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2018.01.16 01:45 mccork1 For those of you who love keto cooking...

I got my copy of Maria Emmerich's "Easy Dairy-free Ketogenic Cooking," and wow. It's amazing. Very do-able recipes that even I can make and incredible variety. Honestly, between Maria Emmerich ( and Carolyn of, I'm pretty sure that I could make meals for a year and not every have a duplicate. This is such a huge change for me; I hated cooking until keto, and I did keto for 6 months before I did any cooking. When I found those two sites, it was katie-bar-the-door and I was off and running. Today, I made pot roast, cauli mash, and key lime pie with a coconut crust. And since it was prep day, I also made enchiladas, chile, and chicken fajitas. Wow. Keto forever. I love this WOE.
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2017.12.08 04:56 virgilash List of keto recipes websites

Maybe we should compile a list of sites and youtube channels with recipes and pin it here.. I can only start the list: ( rank: 16,541) ( rank: 114,001) ( rank: 200,286) ( 96,998) ( rank 75,445)
Not sure if this is the right sub though... Please don't kick my ass too hard if it's not...
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2017.11.16 21:56 Twibbly Here We Go Again...

Prepping to give it another go. As long as I actually have stuff planned out, hubby is willing to do keto/low carb with me. We're on a serious budget crunch, so I only get to play with baking with what I have in the house...which is everything baking-wise but pork rinds (which are cheap!).
Chicken thighs (for me)
Chicken breasts (for my husband)
Meatloaf Muffins
Roasted veggies - cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms
Almond cookies
Pumpkin cheesecake filling
Turkey & Gravy (for Monday, not planning on leftovers)
Group Friendsgiving thing on Monday, then we start with keto on Tuesday...since we end up eating bacon cheeseburgers on holidays anyway.
Hubby's other request was that I put together a list of what he can eat when he's on the road (local trucker). I figured, I don't want to re-create the wheel, somebody's got to have created something. Well, yeah, of course they did.
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2017.09.25 15:32 Kewne777 Seriously looking for advice - Keto weight loss stall

M - 1,84 m/6'0'' SW: 136,4 kg/300 lbs CW: 112,3 kg/247 lbs GW: 99,9 kg/220 lbs
Hey folks,
I'm on Keto since 2nd January 2017 and now, almost 9 months later, I'm in a quite desperate situation.
As a foreword: My medical analysis was completely positive, so there seem to be no thyroid diseases or other serious metabolic problems affecting my health. It was checked very recently.
My routine: At least 3 times a week, 30-40 mins cardio and at least 30-40 mins workout with dumbbells and own body weight, afterwards some minutes stretching. Seriously sweating and sometimes exhausted from the workout, joints started hurting seriously some weeks ago so I went down from 2,5 kg/5,5 lbs dumbbells to 2 kg/4,4 lbs ones.
Dietary supplement: Magnesium, zinc, medical Vitamin D3 (prescribed by my doctor because of a serious deficit), sometimes Saw palmetto and L-Arginin.
Daily intake is about 150 grams of Fat, 20-25 grams of Carbs (and even with that it's a pain to permanently stay in Ketosis for my body) and about 100-120 grams of Proteins. It's a literal pain to calculate and weigh every gram of intake day by day, spending about 1 to 1,5 hours of planing my meals out every week, sometimes even more. I calculate everything out via various websites and their nutritional values for vegetables, meat, cheese etc. - Additionally I'm drinking AT LEAST 3 liters of water every day, sometimes added by green tea and I'm doing a strict 18/6 intermittent fasting routine, so I'm eating between 17-23 o'clock or 5 pm to 11 pm.
So after losing 24,1 kgs/53 lbs, even some weeks before (since end of August 2017) the weight loss stalls catastrophically - at least for me and my opinion. It's a constant up and down, although I didn't change anything in my diet. I'm even doing more and more consistent workout, cold showering, green tea (of course without sugars etc.!) and nothing seems to REALLY work anymore. Even had 2 periods a 3-day fat fasting that didn't break the spell.
So, my calculated macros, via seven various websites are as following:
KetoDietBuddy -> 191 Fat/25 Carbs/105 Prot
Keto Calculator -> 168 Fat/25 Carbs/120 Prot
Ketogains -> 138 Fat/25 Carbs/121 Prot
Dreamshape Calculator -> 184 Fat/29 Carbs/129 Prot
MariaMindBodyHealth -> 157 Fat/20 Carbs/121 Prot
Ketosummit -> 164 Fat/25 Carbs/140 Prot -> 157 Fat/25 Carbs/151 Prot
~Average -> 166 Fat/25 Carbs/127 Prot -> 2167 Kcal per day
But with the intake of the Average of these calculators I'm quite sure that I'll be gaining weight in no time.
Any suggestion what exactly or obviously could hinder me?
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2017.09.12 00:41 Drexl_ Because "Sugar Free" isn't as simple as that: Sweeteners

  1. Artificial Sweeteners (Aspartame, Acesulfame potassium, Neotame, Saccharin, Sucralose, Advantame)
Artificial sweeteners will cause stress on your metabolism, liver (detoxing) and effect overall health. They also can cause changed in our gut flora which is essential for good health and immune function (source). Stay away from all of these artificial sweeteners.
  1. Other High Sugar Sweeteners
Be a detective and read those labels! Sugar is hidden in most products. Watch out for these sugars in your ingredients:
Brown sugar, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, dextrose, fructose, fruit juice concentrate, glucose, honey, invert sugar, lactose, malt syrup, molasses, raw sugar, sucrose, maple syup, brown rice syrup, malt syrup, agave nectar, beet sugar, cane crystals, corn sweetener, dehydrated cane juice, dextrin, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), maltose (anything ending in “ose” is a sugar!), palm sugar, saccharose, sorghum or sorghum syrup, sryup, treacle, turbinado sugar, xylose.
Read this:
THEN watch 'Fed Up' on Netflix, it's a dc about how shitty sugar is for everyone!
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2017.09.09 15:32 mccork1 Some interesting reads on keto, cholesterol, and thyroid function

I found this interesting post on PCOS and thought it might be helpful to some of us: I've also noticed posts that have questions about cholesterol and thyroid function and found these helpful; it's a good explanation of why keto helps to heal these issues, too: These are posts by a keto nutritionist who personally had a diagnosis of PCOS. I'm not affiliated; she just has some great science behind the answers. If you search on the site, you'll also find more info on cholesterol. Pretty interesting if you're worried about osteoporosis, too.
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2017.06.07 02:18 bftrollin402 Met a keto-er in the wild, she shared some podcasts/blogs and her story!

I sell cheese and she mentioned having problems with some cheese, so I asked if she'd tried cutting out carbs and she said she does keto! She claims keto has helped her immensely with MS and overall energy and health.
Here are podcasts/blogs she recommended:
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2017.04.25 06:00 Chi847 Just looking for opinions on macros

Male, age 35, 5'8, 215lbs, Did Keto for 12 weeks, lost 28lbs a total of 22 inches, had some carbs for about a week, back on the plan.
Bodyfat according to a handheld bio impedance device so take that for what it's worth, 31%, with margin for error, go with low to mid 30's
My training is thus
So I workout 5X a week. Wednesday and Sunday are off days
I do a fasted 30 minutes HITT Bootcamp M/T/W/Thurs/Fri/Sat at 9 AM, f. Plyro work, KB/Dumbbells, some barbell movements, med balls, TRX etc
In addition to that, on Monday, I do 30 minutes of core, followed by 30 minutes of resistance training, starting at 7 PM
Tuesday, 30 minutes of agility work, followed by 30 minutes of boxing. start at 7 PM
Wed, off
Thurs, 30 minutes of plyo bootcamp 6PM, 30 minutes rest, hour of boxing
Friday, 30 minutes of boxing at 10 AM
Saturday, 45 minutes of boxing at 9 AM, I do my first class at 8 AM
My macros are
1820 calories 3255 sodium 32 grams of fiber 4 grams of sugar 59 carbs, 27 net carbs 115 grams of fat 134 grams of protein
I'm right at the calorie range the calculator suggests, it just wants my fat far higher.
I've used the one AND Ketogains and set my activity to moderate, outside of the exercise, I sit a lot, photographer..editing. I have the calorie range, I'm looking to lean out, shred the fat off, not looking to really gain muscle, just hold onto what I have.
Are my macros acceptable for what I want to achieve?
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2017.04.12 20:30 realgoodpizzaco Keto friendly pizza review by Maria Emmerich, author of Keto Comfort Foods

The author of The Ketogenic Cookbook and Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking reviews an all new keto friendly pizza made with an all natural chicken and parmesan cheese crust.
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2017.03.18 21:10 pugsneedhugstoo Sour Patch Gummies Keto Style

I've been wanting to try keto sour patch gummies but also didn't want a nasty tasting failure with expensive ingredients leftover. Found a recipe online and I finally took the plunge. Worth the risk!
From amazon, I bought some gummy bear molds ($8 for a 3pk - although if you have the patience and time, you can find the same molds on AliExpress for around $1.50/ea). Also from amazon, I bought a bag of food grade citric acid.
At the grocery store, I purchased a box of Knox gelatin (~$4)
2 tablespoons of gelatin (this equaled one package of Knox gelatin)
1 cup of water
A squirt of Stur (I used the fruit punch flavor)
Mix the gelatin and water together and pop in microwave until mixture is boiling.
After removing from microwave, add 2 tablespoons of swerve confectioners and 1 teaspoon of citric acid.
Pout into molds and let set in the fridge. The longer the better. I was able to use all three molds and still has mixture leftover. So this easily makes 150 gummies with this recipe.
Once gummies are set, pop out and put into a bag. Dust with more citric acid until all the gummies are coated. Try not to eat the entire bag.
If anything, I would add more Stur next time. The hefty squirt I used made the gummies have a faint taste of fruit punch. I think next time I'm just gonna add half the bottle.
These passed the kid taste test, so I was pretty impressed with that. My kids usually turn their nose at any "homemade" candy bc it doesn't take the same.
Original recipe here:
Nutritional info: Each gummy contains 23 calories, 0g fat, 6g protein, 0g carbs
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2017.02.12 01:51 mccork1 I made ice cream, guys! Delicious malted milk keto ice cream.

Oh!Oh!Oh! This is one of the best keto things I have made, and it literally took 5 minutes to prepare. I have a countertop ice cream maker; it took 10 more minutes to freeze it to soft serve. You have got to try this. I am trying the recipe for Keto Klondike bars next, and the Rainbow sherbert. YUM. This is the link; that's okay to post, right? Wow, so easy! By the way, the recipe called for 2-3 tablespoons of maca powder (I bought it in the bulk section at the health food store). I just used a single tablespoon and it was really tasty. My non-Keto husband just had some with some Keto pumpkin pie. I just love this lifestyle.
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2016.12.27 17:08 ivythepug Christmas Dinner/Turkey leftover Ideas

We hosted our first Christmas dinner this year (everything was keto!), but now we have tons of turkey leftover. Whoops! This morning I've been looking up ideas and I figured I wasn't the only person with this issue, so others might benefit from what I've found and maybe have their own recommendations!
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