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2023.05.29 00:20 Fluid-Possibility-73 TNAIW Podcast on Twitch Sunday Night 8pm UnderSiege review

TNAIW Podcast on Twitch Sunday Night 8pm UnderSiege review submitted by Fluid-Possibility-73 to ImpactWrestling [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 00:20 fiddleleafpop 20 mo is nervous around other kids…any advice?

Our very sweet 20mo got kicked out of her daycare because her teachers felt that it wasn’t the right environment for her due to her discomfort being around other kids (for context, there are 7 other kids all between 12-36 mo). They tell us she’s very happy/calm/content playing by herself and/or with the teachers but as soon as other kids approach her to play or hold her hand etc, they say she tenses up and cries and goes to the teacher for comfort/to be held. After about 6 weeks at the daycare (4 weeks of which were gradual entry so just a couple hours/half days), they told us they don’t think it’s the right fit and essentially told us to find a nanny or smaller group daycare. I tried to talk through different options (half days/fewer days/play dates with the other kids on weekends etc) but they were pretty insistent and said it was really tough on them (having to give her so much 1:1 attention) and our daughter (being uncomfortable) and reiterated that a nanny would be better for her development/care. They said she’s very sweet, no developmental or behavioural issues, communicates well etc. and will grow out of it.
We’re very fortunate to be able to change our work schedules to keep her at home, and plan to go to drop in play groups and programs to keep her environments where she’ll be with other kids, and hope to find another daycare that is more willing to take on ‘socializing’ her in the fall.
Do you have any advice? I’m a FTM. What would you do in this scenario to support your child?
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2023.05.29 00:18 Stuck_inthe_Closet How would you price this account?

How would you price this account?
Almost all 5 stars have their signature weapons. Only missing 7 playable characters. NA AR 50
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2023.05.29 00:18 wheeloflifer Panzola Lane Control - Dummy's Guide to Infinite (Series 3 deck w/ Guide)

Panzola Lane Control - Dummy's Guide to Infinite (Series 3 deck w/ Guide)
I'm not a particularly good player, but managed to reach rank 115 and climbing with this deck after stagnating in the 70s for over a month. I didn't have any of the cards needed for most of the current meta decks so cobbled this together instead.
It really shouldn't work as well as it does since the play is so telegraphed, but can promise most folks do not see it coming.
Definitely open to hearing suggestions for improving the deck.

Primary Win Condition
Your primary win condition is playing Black Panther followed by Arnim Zola, which triggers the on reveal for BP a 2nd time and drops 16 power into both other lanes. You want to use the other 2 lanes for control (with Storm / Goose) and/or adding supporting fire in the form of Ebony / Scorpion / Groot, Nebula / Rock Slide.
It is also possible to double Gamora, dropping a possible 12-17 power in the alternate lanes if you can time or get lucky with her procs.
Secondary Win Condition
General value along with lane restriction and filling closed lanes with Doom / Vision. Not as successful but can usually take 30% or so of games where the key combo is missing.
Lane Management
Don't play any cards until you have a target lane that you can keep clear for the PanZola combo. This might mean skipping a turn or two while you get the lay of the board.
Most locations that restrict card placement or value are good for this deck with some obvious exceptions. Storm anything that is problematic.
Important Cards
Nebula - play alongside Goose/Storm/Ebony to build value
Ebony Maw - Can be a bit awkward but the restriction often doesn't make a big difference when you are going to be filling them post-hoc anyway. Will often hold onto this card to play on turn 2 or 3. Ebony + Nebula or Goose can often win a lane on its own.
Goose - Key card to tamp down opposing values.
Storm - Key card for closing lane and getting rid of disadvantageous locations. Can Storm a lane and leave it empty if there are no opposing cards or drop Groot/Rock Slide to stay competitive
Black Panther - Key card. Be on the lookout for any lanes that double On Reveal or add value to this card.
Gamora - Good fallback option for when you don't get your key combo.
Vision - Same as Gamora but for playing into closed lanes.
Arnim Zola - Key Card for doubling PantheGamora
Doctor Doom - Fallback closer

Deck Code
# (1) Nebula
# (1) Ebony Maw
# (2) Goose
# (2) Scorpion
# (3) Storm
# (3) Groot
# (4) Rockslide
# (5) Black Panther
# (5) Gamora
# (5) Vision
# (6) Arnim Zola
# (6) Doctor Doom
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap.
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2023.05.29 00:17 NCPereira Lunar Crescendo Is Recruiting! Both Competitive and Semi-Casual Consortiums

Lunar Crescendo Is Recruiting!

We are a multi-consortium alliance passionate about all things CounterSide.
With a history predating the global release, we boast some of the brightest minds and most knowledgeable CounterSide veterans.
Our members consistently rank high on the in-game leaderboards across all game modes. As such, we are dedicated to mentoring new players and supporting experienced ones alike, not only in CCB but also in other content such as DC or RTA.

Our Consortiums

Lunar ‧ Rank 2 last season ‧ Looking to fill 1+ slots
Lunar is a CCB-focused consortium where members continuously strive for improvement, both individually and as a collective.
Applicants should possess an account capable of facing Worm Lv. 8+ and demonstrate a strong desire to stay updated on in-game and consortium news.
Eclipse ‧ Rank 3 last season ‧ Looking to fill 2+ slots
Eclipse is a semi-casual consortium with a focus on CCB participation and competitiveness within a more relaxed environment.
Players of all levels, from beginners to late game veterans, are welcome to apply. A willingness to improve and grow your account is highly valued.
SolisLooking to fill 2+ slots
Solis is another semi-casual consortium that emphasises the growth of its members' CCB skills while ensuring full rewards every season.
Players of all levels, from beginners to late game veterans, are welcome to apply. Sharing an interest in continuous improvement and account development is a plus.

Additional Info

All our consortiums have the capability to clear all necessary bosses, ensuring full rewards for our members every season. You will receive all the essential resources to further enhance your units and gear.
Discord is required for coordination. Our leadership will provide CCB instructions at the beginning of each week. You will also benefit from weekly consortium buffs.
We have our own in-house theorycrafting, guides, and sheets. All information is shared within our alliance, and all consortiums work together towards the same goals.
While we encourage active participation in discussions, members are also free to utilise our proven strategies without any further effort.
Our membership comprises individuals with diverse personalities. Some enjoy spending hours testing various game mechanics to optimise their teams and scores, while others just copy them and get an easy win.
Roster movements are not uncommon, so you will have the opportunity to grow with us or take a step back later on, should you desire a more relaxed experience.

Apply Now

Interested in joining? Submit an application on our server at any time!

Feeling Social?

Even if you are already in a consortium, feel free to join our server! Apart from CounterSide, we host numerous top clans in other popular gacha games.
Most of our channels are public and open for everyone to participate!
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2023.05.29 00:17 hairypotatobean Should I just move on?

I need this answer that I may already know, but my friends are just as enamored with this person and are no help. Sorry for the long read, but hoping for men's opinions or woman who have been in this type of situation-ship.
So I'm a 30F, about a year ago, I had just gotten out of a 6 year relationship. Prior to this relationship I had dated, but never got into anything serious. One of my closest in those on/off friends with benefits was when I was 19-21. He was nerdy, smart, and oh so charming, just my type.
Back then, he was also very immature, but we had fun arguing with each other. These arguements though also kept me feeling like I had to hide certain aspects of myself to avoid a debate or feeling judged. There were other certain small sexual and recreational aspects about him that I would've considered deal breakers, but nothing bad or that wasn't hindered by my own self consciousness. Just small tweaks I'd hope my future partner would have/do and he was not into it.
Due to long distance issues, and his lack of commitment, I cut it off and moved on with my life. Fast forward to my breakup, I reconnect with this guy through linked in out of all places. Neither of us are on social media and have no accounts besides reddit and for me, snapchat. *this is important to my doubts/issues. We get together, and everything resumes as it was except there's some MAJOR CHANGES. He has grown and matured to a point where all tweaks I previously criticized or was hesitant about were absolutely gone. The arguments/debates stopped, and more openness and vulnerability took its place. SWOOooooonnn. He is more open to experiment on all areas I previously considered as those dealbreakers. Yes, it is still long distance, but this is where my issues come up.
He says he's gonna move to my city within the year or that he would be willing to move to another state with me, we both do remote work. He says he has emotional and mental health issues that he previously ignored and was finally getting help with(this is recent, in the past 3 months), therefore he is not emotionally ready for a relationship; but that I am a potential partner, he can imagine us together, but doesn't know if or when that would be attainable for him. That he does not want to be a burden to me or a parasite to my own growth while he is struggling and mentally dealing with this own. He has recently experienced alot of loss and have been greiving throughout this past year and directly prior to our re-connect. He responds to my texts sporadically and rarely visits even though I have offered to visit him multiple times, which he always deflects or says he is busy. He tells me how much he loves to have messages from me, and even double texts. Knowing that I care about him and even when he is not up for a conversation, he likes to see my messages because they encourage him and motivate him to do better, even if he is extremely depressed or going through massive anxiety and stress issues and doesn't respond until a week later.
He also has another friends with benefits in his current city. I do not know the extent of their relationship/friendship besides the fact that he is not romantically ready to even consider that person a partner and that he sees them about once every 1-3ish months. In fact, he cuts these relationships off if the other person develops feelings. In the same instance, he KNOWS about my feelings, my desires to be with him, and how even previously and now, that if he chose to commit to me, I would be his and only his, but he is still 'not ready for me', but we do engage sexually if we are together.
Randomly, out of nowhere this month. He got a snapchat and added me. Never messaged me on it, but started looking at my stories. I figured he was just being nosy into my life. I was wrong. Still no messages between me or him, but his snapchat score has now moved from 0 to 500, this means he is exchanging snaps with someone else? I want to obviously just ask. It may be as simple as him reconnecting with friends and catching up with people. But I also don't wanna sound jealous or stalker like, because he has no commitment or relationship with me and I guess it's technically none of my business.
But this has me feeling insecure and just honestly feeling like I am holding out for some guy that still can't give me a commitment and is hard to communicate with besides a sporadic text here and there. Granted, we have had very intense and serious, and also deep conversations at times, but generally we will text once or twice every other week or so.
I've always been told 'if a guy wants to be with you, he will MAKE it happen' or 'if a guy is unwilling to commit, it's because he is talking/saying the same things to multiple woman'. Even though he has been very up front and honest with me about his past relationships and even his current situationship, I can't help but wonder if he is dragging me along. As much as I want to be there for him, even just as a friend through his hard time, I also don't want to have a friendship where I am romantically invested and hoping maybe some day, something could come from it.
The last time I tried to establish if I was even considered a possible future partner for him is when I got that "he can imagine us together, but doesn't know if or when that would be attainable for him". I would stay friends with him, of course. I care about him, as he says he cares about me, and I have realized the help and value he is to me with the things he has said to me that resonated and helped change and shift my life for the better. He is a person in my life that matters and I wouldn't wanna lose. But if he would just tell me he sees no romantic future with me, only as friends or even just friends with benefits. I could be content with that and move on. But he won't say that to me. Anytime I bring it up, I get the 'I care about you' 'you are important in my life'.
My friends who have met this man feels he is just amazing. Whether it's his charm or good looks, I'm told how he 'looks at me' and how I 'look at him'. They believe we are meant to be together and I think hearing things like this with my own feelings keeps me there. Like a puppy, putting this man on a pedestal by praising and lifting him up consistently. When we are together, he helps and does the same for me, but every other time, I am lucky to get a text response and those times together are FAR AND FEW in between. It begins to feel one sided, although I know his struggles, I try not to take it personally at all. I just want to be there for him if he needs me, but I know my needs are not being met.
Then I think of why we reconnected in the first place. The conversation was near identical between us talking about what life was like without being in eachothers lives. The thought of what could have been, if we had actually tried all those years ago, the LONGING, in a not too creepy way (when he would be in town, he would pass my house to see if my car was there, or when I would search him up, to see if he finally got social media, I ended up locating a property he bought). So if I cut it off again, am I gonna just regret it and think about him all over again in 10 years!?
Soo... should I move on? What would you do?
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2023.05.29 00:16 Listige r/Listige playlist statistics, from last week 22/05 - 28/05

Congrats u/CronoDroid! Your post below is the most up voted post, among 514 other posts, added to an Listige playlist, where the track release date is from last week:
The track 'BONVOYAGE' by 'Dreamcatcher', were released to Spotify on 2023-05-24.
Detailed playlist statistics gathered from last week:
Playlist name New Spotify followers Spotify tracks added
IndieHeads Top weekly posts 15 27
ShoeGaze Top weekly posts 12 21
MelodicDeathMetal Top weekly posts 9 25
ListenToThis Top weekly posts 6 31
PostHardcore Top weekly posts 5 29
Djent Top weekly posts 5 7
PopPunkers Top weekly posts 4 28
Emo Top weekly posts 4 21
HipHopHeads Top weekly posts 4 14
TechnicalDeathMetal Top weekly posts 4 5
Music Daily hot posts 3 185
IndieHeads Daily hot posts 3 114
BlackMetal Top weekly posts 3 12
Ambient Top weekly posts 3 9
TheTikiHut Top weekly posts 2 39
Metalcore Top weekly posts 2 38
Music Top weekly posts 2 36
80sMusic Top weekly posts 2 32
Metal Top weekly posts 2 28
ProgMetal Top weekly posts 2 26
NuMetal Top weekly posts 2 17
DnB Top weekly posts 2 15
PsychedelicRock Top weekly posts 2 14
FutureBeats Top weekly posts 2 12
EmoScreamo Top weekly posts 2 11
PostMetal Top weekly posts 2 7
OutRun Top weekly posts 2 4
NoiseRock Top weekly posts 2 4
FutureFunk Top weekly posts 2 2
Insanecore Top weekly posts 2 0
HipHopHeads Daily hot posts 1 160
PopHeads Daily hot posts 1 103
ListenToThis Daily hot posts 1 65
Hardcore Top weekly posts 1 24
DeathMetal Top weekly posts 1 23
IndustrialMusic Top weekly posts 1 22
90sAlternative Top weekly posts 1 21
HardStyle Top weekly posts 1 17
Ska Top weekly posts 1 12
Techno Top weekly posts 1 11
Indie Top weekly posts 1 11
TreeMusic Top weekly posts 1 9
PostRock Top weekly posts 1 9
DreamPop Top weekly posts 1 9
MathRock Top weekly posts 1 6
CyberPunk_Music Top weekly posts 1 5
IndieFolk Top weekly posts 1 5
DanceHall Top weekly posts 1 4
Backpacker Top weekly posts 1 3
KrautRock Top weekly posts 1 0
Metal Daily hot posts 0 72
PostPunk Top weekly posts 0 42
PopHeads Top weekly posts 0 30
HipHop Top weekly posts 0 29
90sHipHop Top weekly posts 0 27
PowerMetal Top weekly posts 0 25
90sMusic Top weekly posts 0 24
70sMusic Top weekly posts 0 23
60sMusic Top weekly posts 0 22
Rock Top weekly posts 0 22
Punk Top weekly posts 0 21
Kpop Daily hot posts 0 21
Deathcore Top weekly posts 0 20
Reggae Top weekly posts 0 20
House Top weekly posts 0 20
Trance Top weekly posts 0 20
ElectronicMusic Top weekly posts 0 20
StonerRock Top weekly posts 0 19
Indie_rock Top weekly posts 0 19
RealDubstep Top weekly posts 0 18
BeatsNRhymes Top weekly posts 0 16
ProgRockMusic Top weekly posts 0 16
Trap Top weekly posts 0 16
Goth Top weekly posts 0 15
Kpop Top weekly posts 0 15
DoomMetal Top weekly posts 0 15
HardRock Top weekly posts 0 14
Funk Top weekly posts 0 14
Jazz Top weekly posts 0 14
CaliReggae Top weekly posts 0 14
IDM Top weekly posts 0 14
Jpop Top weekly posts 0 13
TripHop Top weekly posts 0 13
Metalcore Top weekly posts with flair "New" 0 12
SymphonicMetal Top weekly posts 0 12
2000sMusic Top weekly posts 0 12
Rockabilly Top weekly posts 0 12
SoundTracks Top weekly posts 0 11
JapaneseMusic Top weekly posts 0 11
Rap Top weekly posts 0 11
AltCountry Top weekly posts 0 10
AlternativeRock Top weekly posts 0 10
NewWave Top weekly posts 0 9
DeepHouse Top weekly posts 0 9
GuiltyPleasureMusic Top weekly posts 0 9
VideoSoulandVibration Top weekly posts 0 8
Blues Top weekly posts 0 8
Country Top weekly posts 0 8
DubStep Top weekly posts 0 8
Music2020s Top weekly posts 0 7
Electro Top weekly posts 0 6
NuDisco Top weekly posts 0 6
LoFi Top weekly posts 0 6
AdultContemporary Top weekly posts 0 5
PopPunkers Top weekly posts with flair "New" 0 5
2010sMusic Top weekly posts 0 5
AboveAndBeyond Top weekly posts 0 5
PsyTrance Top weekly posts 0 5
Grime Top weekly posts 0 5
EBM Top weekly posts 0 4
PostHardcore Top weekly posts with flair "New" 0 4
SpaceMusic Top weekly posts 0 4
LoversAndLosers Top weekly posts 0 3
UkHipHopHeads Top weekly posts 0 3
FutureGarage Top weekly posts 0 3
MusicaNova Top weekly posts 0 2
WoahTunes Top weekly posts 0 2
ElectroHouse Top weekly posts 0 2
ChillMusic Top weekly posts 0 2
StonerMetal Top weekly posts 0 2
SmoothJazz Top weekly posts 0 1
EDM Top weekly posts 0 1
Grunge Top weekly posts 0 1
SilkySmoothMusic Top weekly posts 0 1
Punkrock Top weekly posts 0 1
Spop Top weekly posts 0 1
FutureFunkAirlines Top weekly posts 0 1
LetsTalkBlackMusic Top weekly posts 0 1
FrenchRap Top weekly posts 0 1
FrenchHouse Top weekly posts 0 1
Listige Top weekly posts 0 0
Listige Top weekly posts 0 0
RnBSongs Top weekly posts 0 0
Listige Top weekly posts 0 0
Listige Top weekly posts 0 0
Listige Top weekly posts 0 0
Listige Top weekly posts 0 0
Listige Top weekly posts 0 0
RunningMusic Top weekly posts 0 0
LeeroysJams Top weekly posts 0 0
RnBHeads Top weekly posts 0 0
MelodicHardcore Top weekly posts 0 0
GreatMusicOfTheDay Top weekly posts 0 0
DIYemo Top weekly posts 0 0
90sRock Top weekly posts 0 0
OccultRock Top weekly posts 0 0
TropicalHouse Top weekly posts 0 0
FolkPunk Top weekly posts 0 0
Disco Top weekly posts -1 9
Jungle Top weekly posts -1 6
AmbientMusic Top weekly posts -1 5
ListenToUs Top weekly posts -1 5
Psybient Top weekly posts -1 4
FutureSynth Top weekly posts -1 4
VaporWave Top weekly posts -1 3
Frisson Top weekly posts -1 2
ClassicalMusic Top weekly posts -1 1
MusicForConcentration Top weekly posts -1 0
Soul Top weekly posts -1 0
Synthwave Top weekly posts -1 0
RnB Top weekly posts -2 17
ClassicRock Top weekly posts -2 16
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2023.05.29 00:16 luuisromero Rocky Mountain Growler 20/40 or Trek Roscoe 7, help.

Hey! So recently I've got a Specialized Rockhopper Comp 2022, 13 days ago to be precise, however i just noticed that the upgrade options are very limited with that frame. The bike is brand new and I'm going to take it back to the shop during this week to claim warranty and get another.
They have the Rocky Mountain Growler 20/40 and the Trek Roscoe 7 2023 available. Which bike will be better for trails?
Thanks for your help!
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2023.05.29 00:15 DragBunt According to 538 Brentford are the 19th best team in the world.

Fun to see this! I guess when you do the double over the #1 team in the world it'll move you up the rankings!
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2023.05.29 00:15 Competitive-Nature36 Facebook Moms are something else

Facebook Moms are something else submitted by Competitive-Nature36 to insanepeoplefacebook [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 00:15 DietLotus [US,INT] [H] Various Vintage Singles (Holo, Non-Holo, English, Japanese, Shadowless, Promo) (PWE) (BWE) [W] Paypal

Hi there!Back again this week.
Prices based on lowest 1000+ seller on TCG Player and TrollAndToad if available (especially on Japanese cards)
I trust all buyers with sub $20 orders to do the just and honorable thing in reporting the arrival of their orders, so that we can help and support each other and our Pokemon TCG trading community. :)
(I can provide packing and letterbox drop off video clips for anyone needing extra assurance, per request. I know I definitely will document my packing and drop off for those.)
**REMINDER:**Please use the same formatting for each card you’re wanting to order.
Please specify the name, set number, set name, holo or non-holo, and especially if it is English or Japanese.
We already had a mixup between an English and a Japanese version of the same card.
Copy/Paste is best!
I will also confirm with you the specific cards, but please take a second to confirm that you’re getting the correct cards before agreeing. Thank you!

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5

Flareon 19/64 - Jungle - NonHolo – English - Near Mint - $9.25
Card Back

Dark Weezing 14/82 – Team Rocket – Holo – English – Near Mint - $8.00
Card Back

Entei 244 – Neo Revelation – NonHolo – Japanese – Near Mint - $8.50
Card Back

Meganium 154 - Neo Genesis - Japanese - Holo – Near Mint - $18.75
Card Back

Clefable 17/64 - Jungle - English - NonHolo - NM - $8.20
Card Back

Mewtwo - WoTC Promo - Near Mint - NonHolo - English - $6.20
Card Back

Recycle Energy 105/111 – Neo Genesis – NonHolo – English - $4.40
Card Back

Chansey 3/130 - Base Set 2 - Near Mint – English - $13.50
Card Back

Jynx 124 - Neo Revelation - Japanese - Near Mint - NonHolo - $16.50
Card Back

Jynx 124 - Neo Revelation - Japanese - Near Mint - NonHolo - $16.50
Card Back

Jynx 124 - Neo Revelation - Japanese - Near Mint - NonHolo - $16.50
Card Back

Yanma 193 - Neo Discovery - Japanese - Holo - Near Mint - $11.50
Card Back

Pidgey 57/102 - Base Set - NonHolo – Shadowless - English - Near Mint - $2.75
Card Back

Marill 29 - WOTC Promo - Non-Holo - English – Near Mint - $2.75
Card Back

Politoed 27/75 – Neo Discovery – NonHolo – English – Near Mint - $6.40
Card Back

Clefable 5/130 - Base Set 2 - Holo Rare – English - Near Mint - $18.95
Card Back

Cleffa 173 – Neo Genesis – NonHolo – Japanese – Near Mint - $5.75
Card Back

Jigglypuff 7 - WoTC Promo - Near Mint - English - NonHolo - $8.25
Card Back

Ditto 18/62 – Fossil – NonHolo – English – Near Mint - $9.75
Card Back

Hypno 8/62 – Fossil – Holo – English – LP/MP - $26.99
Card Back

Blissey 242 – Neo Revelation – Holo – Japanese – Near Mint - $18.75
Card Back

Super Energy Removal 79/102 – Base Set – NonHolo – MP/HP - $3.00
Card Back

Pikachu surfeur (Surfing Pikachu) 28 - World Collection Promo (French) – Near Mint - $18.50
Card Back

Computer Search 101/130 – Base Set 2 – NonHolo – English – Near Mint - $3.75
Card Back

Nidoqueen 7/64 – Jungle – Holo – English - Near Mint - $23.00
Card Back

Dark Dugtrio 23/82 – Team Rocket – NonHolo – English – Near Mint - $3.25
Card Back

Koga’s Arbok 25/132 – Gym Challenge – NonHolo – English – Near Mint - $5.25
Card Back

Computer Error! (Rocket's Secret Machine) 16 - WoTC Promo - NonHolo – English - Near Mint - $2.25
Card Back

Dark Blastoise 20/82 - Team Rocket - English - NonHolo - Near Mint - $20.00
Card Back

Scyther 17/130 – Base Set 2 – Holo – English - Lightly Played - $23.50
Card Back

Breeder Fields 62 – Awakening Legends Neo Revelations – Japanese- Near Mint - $6.00
Card Back

Brock’s Dugtrio 22/132 – Gym Challenge – English – Near Mint - $5.00
Card Back

Lt. Surge's Riachu 28/132 - Gym Heroes - Near Mint - English - NonHolo - $16.25
Card Back

Hitmonchan 8/130 – Base Set 2 – Holo – English - $23.99
Card Back

Pikachu 025 – Jungle – NonHolo – Japanese – MP/HP - $7.50
Card Back

Sabrina 110/132 – Gym Challenge – NonHolo – English - Near Mint - $3.50
Card Back

Koga’s Pidgeotto 27/132 – Gym Challenge – NonHolo – Near Mint - $5.25
Card Back

Lt. Surge's Raichu 11/132 - Gym Challenge - Holo - English - LP/MP - $25.71
Card Back

Croconaw 159 – Neo Genesis – NonHolo – Japanese – Near Mint - $3.10
Card Back

Magneton 82 – Neo Revelation – Holo – Japanese – Near Mint - $22.25
Card Back

Double Colorless Energy 94/102 – Base Set – NonHolo – Lightly Played - $4.50
Card Back

Pidgeot 24/64 – Jungle – NonHolo – Near Mint - $4.00
Card Back

Dark Golbat 7/82 – Team Rocket – Holo – Near Mint - $17.99
Card Back

Quilava 156 – Neo Genesis – NonHolo – Japanese – Near Mint - $5.50
Card Back

Double Colorless Energy 94/102 – Base Set – NonHolo – Lightly Played - $2.75
Card Back

I'm willing to accept offers on cards. I assess conditions as best as I can, but if you feel certain that a certain card's price is just too high, or you feel that a card is of a different grading condition, please explain before you make an offer.

Any Order(s) Below $20 will be shipped in carboard protection and a teambag.
Order(s) Above $20 will be shipped inside toploader(s) and teambag(s).

Free Shipping Within 1-2 Business Days.Shipped as First-Class Mail if above $20, PWE for less than $20.
Paid Shipping for International Orders Only.
Please let me know if you're international ahead of time and what your address is, otherwise, I may have to bill you for shipping before I can ship. I can always give an estimate ahead of time.
I ship cards in 4x6 Envelopes and 4x6 Clasp Envelopes, with which I've had a flawless track record.
Bubble wrapped is possible, but at this point after over 800 successful shipments in a plain 6x9 envelope using a toploader and teambag, it's clear how unnecessary bubble wrapping is and how it just adds unnecessary cost.

4 PM CST USA (10:00 PM GMT) is the latest for daily orders to be send out same day Mon - Fri.

Thank you for checking out what I have to offer this week!

I hope to continue to help grow your Pokemon collection! :)
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2023.05.29 00:15 RBTV_Sendeplan_Bot Sendeplan-Thread der Kalenderwoche 22 des Jahres 2023

Uploads vom Montag, dem 29. Mai 2023
18:00 [U] Speedrundale - PORTAL (Glitchless) Speedrun in 26:31 von Bisalina
Uploads vom Dienstag, dem 30. Mai 2023
17:00 [U] Kino+ Spezial - SCREENSHOT CHALLENGE: Kann man Filme an nur einem Bild erkennen?
17:30 [U] Bohndesliga - Der 34. Spieltag der Fußball-Bundesliga in der Analyse
18:00 [U] Game Talk - Der Gaming-News-Talk
Uploads vom Mittwoch, dem 31. Mai 2023
13:30 [U] Der Monatsausblick - Unser Programm im Juni
17:30 [U] Endgegner E03 - Super Mario
Programm vom Donnerstag, dem 1. Juni 2023
19:45 [L] Warm-Up (15 Minuten)
20:00 [L] Du bist! - Risiko 2 (210 Minuten)
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17:30 [U] Almost Daily - Budi, Eddy, Nils und Simon am Mic!
18:00 [U] Retro Klub - Jackass, 24 & Prison Break! TV-Serien-Games der 2000er
18:30 [U] Kino+ E436 - Alles rund ums Kino
Programm vom Freitag, dem 2. Juni 2023
19:30 [L] Warm-Up (30 Minuten)
20:00 [L] Beans VS - Street Fighter (120 Minuten)
22:00 [L] Tag der freien Schelle - Street Fighter 6 (60 Minuten)
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12:00 [U] Game Two #294 - Game TWOOOOO!
15:00 [U] Du bist! - Risiko 2
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17:00 [U] Tease Me
Livestreams vom Montag, dem 29. Mai 2023
09:00 [L] Krogmann streamt - Disco Elysium durchspielen (240 Minuten)
17:00 [L] Viet streamt - MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE (MHA Battle Royal) (60 Minuten)
18:00 [L] Viet streamt - Zelda and Chill (Open End)
20:00 [L] Viet streamt - Valorant (Open End)
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09:00 [L] Krogmann streamt - Dies das Dienstag (240 Minuten)
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09:00 [L] Dennsen86 streamt - Pokemon Morning (Pokemon Infinite Fusion) (300 Minuten)
17:00 [L] Marah streamt - Best of RBTV: Mai! Welche Clips sollen rein? Entscheide mit !bestof (240 Minuten)
19:00 [L] Krogmann streamt - LIVE DRUMS! <3 (360 Minuten)
19:00 [L] Budi Bros. streamen - Küchentime is hängitime aber mit Horrohr - Wolf und @Keyles (Open End)
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21:30 [L] SuuN streamt - Rimworld 500% Run (240 Minuten)
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19:00 [L] SuuN streamt - Gitarre / Bass Musik Requests (480 Minuten)
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13:00 [L] Viet streamt - Streeeeeeet Fighter 6? (Open End)
Livestreams vom Samstag, dem 3. Juni 2023
17:00 [L] SuuN streamt - Drum / Bass / Guitar Requests (600 Minuten)
VOD-Uploads der letzten 7 Tage
22.05.2023 16:00 Let’s Play - Tragische LACHNUMMER oder taktisch GENIAL Dead Cells: RETURN TO CASTLEVANIA #10
22.05.2023 17:30 Bohndesliga - „DAS sind Bilder, die wir sehen wollen!“ Bohndesliga 33. Spieltag 2022/23
23.05.2023 16:00 After Dark - Der Horror geht weiter! AMNESIA: JUSTINE (Ganzes Spiel) mit Colin & Janina
23.05.2023 17:00 Bada Binge - Wie viel True Crime steckt in BIENENSCHWARM von Donald Glover?
23.05.2023 17:30 Du bist! - Twists, Turns und jede Menge Geschrei PARTYSPIELE Spezial Du bist
23.05.2023 18:00 Game Talk - Kommt mit FINAL FANTASY 16 der große Zelda-Konkurrent?
24.05.2023 18:00 Game Two Mittwochsvideos - Noob zum ELDEN-RING-FAN bekehren????? VOLL SPIELBAR!
25.05.2023 17:30 Almost Daily - Gefährliche Badewanne Almost Daily #483 mit Budi, Eddy & Nils
25.05.2023 18:00 Retro Klub - KINO-HELDEN in Games! Reif für den Oscar?
25.05.2023 18:30 Kino+ #435 FAST & FURIOUS 10, Renfield & Arielle, die Meerjungfrau mit Bea, Wolf & Anne
26.05.2023 16:00 Let’s Play - THE LORD OF RINGS: GOLLUM angezockt - Ein EINBLICK in das neue Game
26.05.2023 18:00 Indie Tonne - INDIETONNE Challenge #3: UNSPIELBARE Kackspiele, die Dritte
27.05.2023 12:00 Game Two - Der Herr der Ringe: Gollum, LEGO 2K Drive, Planet of Lana GAME TWO #293
27.05.2023 15:00 Das Kneipenquiz - Bettwäsche wechseln & Logikrätsel von MathemaTrick Das Kneipenquiz #12
28.05.2023 16:00 Let’s Play - Kampf ums blanke Überleben in ARK: Survival Evolved
28.05.2023 17:00 Kino+ Interviews - Filmemacher PETER THORWARTH im Gespräch mit Schröck & Steven Kino+ Interview
28.05.2023 18:00 Game Talk Spezial - SPIELETRENDS: Geil oder nervig?
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2023.05.29 00:14 TightAsF_ck YouGov Get £50 Every 3 months for Connecting Bank Accounts (£5/account)

YouGov is one of the more famous survey sites/apps, usually quoted in the papers for their political surveys. It was founded by that absolute cretin, Nadhim Zahawi, But let's not let that inconvenient fact get in the way of beermoney.
With YouGov, there are several ways you can earn money:

What you get with YouGov/YouGov Finance

What can I earn?
  • Up to £50 every 3 months for connecting your bank accounts (10 max).
  • You get 500 points for each active current account or credit card you connect - this is worth £5
  • 100 points for each active savings account you connect - this is worth £1
I initially connected my accounts last summer. Then I reconnected them at Christmas. Then again a few months adi. This has gotten me quite a few fivers from YouGov Proof. I reconnected them earlier this month too.
This is the message you get when you re-add:
Congratulations! You've successfully added your bank account(s) to YouGov Finance. For each valid active account, you will receive points within 48 hours. (Note: You can only receive points once every three months for each valid active account).
Note that bank accounts that are too new are not accepted. Four weeks seems to be the minimum age.

How to earn with YouGov and YouGov Finance

  • 1. Sign up to YouGov here
  • 2. Then go to YouGov Finance here (This is the bank account arm of YouGov) and share your banking data.
    Use chrome on your desktop for this. Some browsers have issues with the connection.
    You get £5 worth of points for each active bank account you connect, and £1 for each active savings account. Some redditors have reported that some of their accounts aren't accepted (but that's probably because we have so many here on beermoney and might not use them all!).
  • 3. If you get an invite, connect to YouGov Safe for additional points,
  • 4. Top up your points balance by completing surveys as they are emailed to you.
Then tell your friends and get £2 if they fill in 6 surveys with YouGov (you get nothing if they only use the Finance arm).

Getting paid by YouGov

With YouGov you redeem your points in cash or vouchers when you hit £50. Example options:
  • Cash by bank transfer
  • ASDA, John Lewis/Waitrose, M&S, Morrisons, Tesco vouchers.
  • Amazon voucher
  • ASOS, Adidas, AirBnB, Deliveroo, Google Play....
Note: Don't get the virtual visa card, as these are an absolute pain to use.
YouGov sign up
[YouGov Finance (sign up to YouGov first](https://www.yougov.finance/))
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2023.05.29 00:14 pom_bear How long do I have to pay builder's interim invoice?

I'm in the middle of a home renovation, I get weekly invoices from the builder and normally pay within a few hours of receiving the invoice via internet banking. Recently I had a day where I had no access to internet banking on my phone, and was intending to pay when I got home from work. By the time I got home I had some arsey messages waiting for me from the builder pestering me to pay up, which seemed to me a bit off, and I'd like to know whether he's in the right or if I can accurately explain to him that his expectation of payment within around 6 hours of the invoice being sent is neither practical nor legally enforceable.
He was pointing at his Ts & Cs - the relevant bits are:
"Payment by the customer is due on the completion of the Works. Payment must be made on such completion"
"Where work is agreed between the customer and [company] and the time given to complete the works is in excess of five (5) days then payment for works completed to date will be required at the end of each working week. The sum required will be advised to the Customer prior to the commencement of the Works. Non-payment or late payment of the agreed sum, will result in work being suspended until payment of the outstanding amount to date is satisfied."
Again, we only get the invoices based on his timesheets at the end of the week, so in fact we don't get advised of the sum prior to commencement of work, but anyway...
As far as I can work out, the "on completion of the Works" clause is possibly irrelevant to us anyway, as our project isn't complete, is that right? In any case, in both clauses there's no actual length of time given for paying the invoice, so am I right in thinking that the legal default is 30 days? Otherwise what constitutes "late" payment?

I'm trying to be sympathetic to the guy and his apparent cash flow problem, and don't intend to start dragging out future payments longer than necessary, but I am a bit pissed off at being pestered so would quite like to have a word about expectations, and would really appreciate help in understanding what the technical legality is before I bring this up
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.29 00:14 scarletnolan Vagina is totally numb!

Hi all, I hope I can ask this question here as I couldn’t find a thread dedicated to specifically medical post partum questions - if anyone wants to send me in the right direction it would be appreciated!
But anyway, let me give some backstory to my question. I had my second baby in March of this year. She was born completely OP (sunny side up) and I pushed for about 2.5-3 hours without her budging. It was ridiculously painful and a bit traumatic. However I did push her out successfully and she is perfectly healthy. So with that information - I was at my postpartum pelvic floor therapy appointment and I couldn’t feel my therapists finger in my vagina. Couldn’t feel the pressure she was giving either. My vagina is numb. My husband and I tried to have sex and I couldn’t feel anything. Has anyone else experienced this and did it go away? My therapist wasn’t worried at my appointment bc I was only 6 weeks postpartum. I go back in a couple weeks. So I’m not looking for medical advice but to see if anyone has had a similar experience? Thanks!
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2023.05.29 00:13 BeginningScientist92 Pixel 6a , pixel 7a or something else?

I did my research a few weeks back and I settled down on the pixel 6a which I could get for 330e. However the past week the 6a has gotten up to 355e where I am from and I am not willing to give that much, already the 330 was a stretch. Shall I wait? Do you think the price will come back to 330 or less in the next 2 weeks?
Also the pixel 7a at the moment is at around 410e which seems like a good deal. Shall I stick/wait for one of the two pixels or should I find something else. I am also not sure if I am willing to give 400e for a phone...
I would like 6gb of ram and 128gb of memory. I also never had a phone with even a decent camera so that would be fun. But overall I just want a phone that could last a few years with basic use (social media, music and articles). A big deal would also be the size of it. I would really appreciate something small, 6.1inches seemed like a great size and since I am all day on the run I need something that can fit my pocket.
Any recommendations? What would you advise me to do?
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2023.05.29 00:13 Express_Editor_945 Home composting test of PHA filament(6 weeks)

Home composting test of PHA filament(6 weeks)
One sample in each of the two composts I tried with. Pic 1-2 is from pic 3 and 4-5 is from pic 6. Original model pic 7.
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2023.05.29 00:12 csooz Couple I Been Sitting On For Sale

Couple I Been Sitting On For Sale
Anyone interested dm me, Dalvin is real clean with no noticeable defects anywhere.
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2023.05.29 00:11 jacknikedisamotracia on the same line of the previous post: a good moped wich can last long? depends on the cylindrate?

doing full time deliveroo rider can require to ride 52k km a year wich is 32.311 miles following the converter. (i do 1000km a week, in a year there are 52 weeks) i usually go "fast" if there's no traffic so 80-90km/h, change oil every 5k, with the "total check service" at the mechanic. while if there's traffic, i do a lot of brake and further acceleration in order to do overtakes. my previous moped was a kymko, i chosed a kymko because i already expected a lot of usury, and i thought i would find cheaper spare parts. despite that, i changed like 5 or 6 batteries i didn't counted them, in september i had to change the motor, (engine) entirely, while the last time(january) i spent "only" 1k to change the head of the motor (cylinders). brake pads didn't wasted so much, i changed only once in a year of usage. now ive done a crash and so the mechanic proposed me a loan for a new one instead of repairing the old, but... i wonder... with the way i have to use the moped in order to earn something other than paying taxes... is it worth? i would end to pay the loan after 2 years, in two years the same kymko 125 can be death and resurrected and i would pay two loans dk (joking, it has a sort of warrantee for big breakages... but the thihg is... after the loan is paied? i have to buy a new kymko 125cc, if im lucky with the warranty for all the reparations it would have to do, for sure, in two years) my previous was also 125cc, but if he had so many problems after only 40k km... neither a year... maybe in order to work for delivero i'd need a bigger cylindrate, so i'd need to do the next license? would a 300cc actually last for more/ resist for more km until he die? i already have car license, but i prefer two heels because of traffic. im from italy (europe). thank you in advance!
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2023.05.29 00:11 Plus_Adagio_5588 My Story

Hello guys ! I wish to share my story with you. I believe now it’s the right time to do it and I hope it will help you stay positive no matter what is thrown at you, keep moving forward. First of all, things are looking good now and I am on remission. It all started in September, 2021. That was when I discovered that one of my testicles was harder than another. Ultrasound was done immediately and sadly the news were worse than I would imagine. Not one, but both testicles would need to be removed. That was hard to take but somehow since it all started, I managed to stay positive and calm (this forum and your stories guys really are godsent). So, I was thinking to myself, “alright I am happily married, we have one beautiful boy, getting ride of my testes it’s not an end of the world. If this is what it takes to win this fight, let’s go! “First surgery was easy to take and there is nothing really to add to it. I was back home the same day. However, after my first surgery, me and my wife decided to try for another baby (I used sperm bank option, but to be honest we would never really used that anyway). Our hopes that she will get pregnant were really small. She was 40 at that time, me, with one cojones and very low sperm count, with few weeks until I will be ball-less..We really needed a miracle.
I recovered from my first surgery very swiftly, then after few weeks they removed my second testicle. Again, surgery was super easy. I was on my feet and out of the hospital the same day. I remember very well; my wife came to pick me up. And that was when she told me, that she was pregnant. I started crying. I just couldn’t believe.. So now there is no way I am not coming out of this! I am beating shit out of this cancer.
My biopsy results were, non-seminoma on the left, and seminoma on the right. I never really want to get too much into medical details of what kind of tumor I have. I was focused on getting through the day, on my family... I always wanted to keepy myself busy, so that stupid thoughts wont come to my head (of course there were days that I was really down..like really down) but I never really allowed, this negative to take over for too long, I was thinking “I have testicular cancer, one of the most treatable cancers, everything will be fine”. And that’s true. That’s a fact. Keep that fact in your head.
After both surgeries they told me that my tumor markers are still elevated so they decided the best treatment would be chemotherapy, BEP x3 (pretty standard procedure). First 2 rounds were pretty easy, the real shit started with round number 3. I mean, it was hard. I was vomiting in one room because of chemo drugs and my wife in another room with her hyperemesis. Anyway, chemo was working, markers were going down, however after the last round the markers were still not normalized so they added one more round. Taking 3 was hard, so 4..I wont lie if I say it was the hardest thing I ever done in my life. Chemotherapy did the job, my markers were normalized. Sadly, CT scan showed some enlarged lymph nodes on the back of my tummy. Decision – RPLND. Surgery was hard, but nothing compares to chemo. Recover took me a while, I think about 5-6 till I was back to my normal activities. Another CT scan and it turned out that the picture they took last time didn’t cover the area in my neck where I had one more enlarge lymph node. So, another surgery. At that point going into surgical table felt pretty normal. There was no fear or anxiety. I knew at some point this will come to an end and in my head, it was always happy end. So here I am guys, after my last oncology appointment I am officially clear and on remission. Next follow up appointment in 4 months. Please don’t stop to share your stories, because even though I don’t know any of you I felt really connected every time I read your comments. They helped me to stay strong and believe things will get better. And they are! Btw, our second child is a boy. We named him Matteo, which means “gift of God”. He will be one in month 😊
Please pm me if you have any questions I will be more then happy to answer.
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2023.05.29 00:11 WithoutATrace_Blog Finding a new normal after years of diets, anorexia, and binge eating.

Little background 25f 5”6, size L or pants size 12.
Goal weight:195 Current weight 241
Since the end of 2018 I have been trying to lose weight as an anorexic and a binge eater. It’s not been easy.
Long story short, for a long time I did keto for pain and inflammation reduction and this helped a lot but wasn’t sustainable long term especially through the pandemic. And eventually my health improves enough where I no longer needed to do that diet and I stopped.
In September 2022 I was 9 pounds from my goal weight of 195lbs. In 2020 before the pandemic I was 10 pounds from my goal weight.
So in the past I could reach a lower weight but it was never sustainable or long term.
I even went through treatment to help my physical health issues on the past two years along with brain surgery to get me the healthiest possible. In October 22 I decided my gut health and immune health had gotten to the point where I felt safer to stop the strict diet I’d been on and trade it for a more sustainable lifestyle. And I did feel like I slipped a few times especially over the holidays and after the new year. (This is always the worst time for me for binge eating and depression.) I’ve finally recognized that and I’m seeing a dietitian soon to try to work through that. I’m hoping she can help me get to my goal and stay there for many years.
Fast Forward to last month. In April I saw a new Chiropractor and he weighed me. I did explain that I don’t usually like to know how much I weigh in that I usually only weigh myself a few times a year. And he understood and respect that, but after I got off the scale, he forgot to readjust it.. and I had mentioned the weight was a significant increase than what it had been in September. it was pretty frustrating just because I had been so close to my goal before and because my doctors have been telling me they hadn’t thought I was eating enough during this time and I thought I was eating too little because I was up having sleep issues. It went against my better nature to eat as much as they were suggesting, but I was desperate for better sleep. I have since realized I was actually eating too late in the day and it was affecting my sleep and it has been better since, and I also learned to trust my body a lot more.
Since then I’ve been trying to get back on track. Making sure I’m eating enough protein, and not relying too much on fat and carbs which I typically gravitate towards when binging. Getting in veggies and water as much as possible etc. and, trying to workout at least 10-15 minutes a few times a week.
Because of my gut issues I already avoid excess sugar and carbs to some extent.
After a month I felt good and tried not too but caved and weighed myself. And unfortunately it looked like I only lost a pound, maybe one and a half pounds. that was hard to accept. But I’m trying to view it as a success rather than a failure.
In the past I’d loose too much then gain that plus some back. so steady loss is positive despite it being a small amount. In the last two weeks I started doing some really fun mood boosting HIIT workouts at home and have enjoyed them. I’m hoping it can also help me make it to my goal and stay there.
I’m not very confident at this size though. and I find it difficult to go out or do normal activities without anxiety because of it. So I hope I can start to lose a little more weight soon. My goal is about a half pound to a pound a week. If I could lose 3-5 pounds a month that would be more comfortable for me I think.
But, I still think a one pound weight loss is still worth celebrating. I also recently started working with a dietitian and she’s helping me combat my gut issues.
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2023.05.29 00:11 ITTimeAllTheTime MLB Top 10 DHs (5/20 - 5/27)

MLB Top 10 DHs (5/20 - 5/27) submitted by ITTimeAllTheTime to PredictionStrike [link] [comments]