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2023.05.29 01:51 kraw- SCJERK STOCK UPDATE: MAY 2023

Greetings goofs, please find my resuméěè below:
I am here to save you from Jerk ruin by guiding you to this month's best HODL gems. Lets begin!
1- DFFE: Dub Fight For Ever is really hot right now and I would suggest buying and holding for at least a month. The reactions to this stock are high and people expect massive returns on horrendous graphics, mediocre gameplay, FUN value, childhood replication, and so much more.
2- DDON: Dub Dub Or Nothing should be trader overnight or at most held for a week, bringing great value through TARP merger, and EMPTY seat maximization. Just like DDON, childhood replication and FUN are at an all time high, just be sure to sell before it dies out.
3- ROLL: Rollins is really in right now, be sure to buy and hold for the quarter, liquidate your position when boos start sounding in the arenas again.
4- ALLIN: No, not Darby (phew); but Dub All In is expected to be one of the hottest stocks in August, so be sure to buy up early and sell roughly a week after the event ends, bringing in all time classics like TARP, TICKET, and SALES to the mix will certainly bolster ALLIN even more. Expect this to be the hottest stock of the year.
5- UNSA: Unsafe has doubtful value but seems like a solid memestock option, Unsafe seemed to dip when the dub became a thing because no worker can be unsafe in heaven, but UNSA seems to be making a comeback that will even put the Celtics to shame.
HONORABLE MENTIONS: - JRCO: Always hold a bag of JRCO, can never bet against the BLOAT. - SABU: DAE returning legend?? - KSAA: DAE Saudi good now?? - PAIG: Your girlfriend looks like this stock, probably.
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2023.05.29 01:51 VeuveNoireSlytherin Being the scapegoat is very lonely and not fitting in society too.

Socially speaking, I'm a cool person but in people's eye it seems like I'm not. They always prefer others that will stab them in the back. Since I was in elementary school, it was always like that.
A lot tend to detest me for no reason and it was terrible. I'm not even good looking, nor rich or any reason to envy me. It looks like there's something dysfonctional about my existence. I never knew why ...
Socially, school, home (narc mom), relationships and work place. Everything is off and I have no clue of why have I done. Always the fkng target. Why ?!
Left my family's home at 18 and been living alone since (22 now). I'm on my bed feeling hopeless. Chronic sadness deep inside of me.
Any one else ?
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2023.05.29 01:51 Griffelking Finally Infinite

Finally Infinite
The struggle was real. Been stuck between 95-99 for the past three weeks after quickly reaching 90 in the first week from just playing to clear missions. Switching in Cosmo for today's hot location sealed the deal.
A few cards are easily replaceable as they either were rarely played or didn't matter in most games. Rocket, Jeff, and Enchantress can be switched with Nightcrawler, Armor, and Drax to suit the current meta of seeing more of Killmonger and less of Darkhawk. Armor would have saved me many cube losses if I had drawn it instead of Jeff to protect Nebula and Rocket. Jeff, once played, I rarely moved and didn't have much effect to play late game to be placed on Storm or Professor X where throwing down Doom or Gamora was a better decision. Using turn 4 to play Spider-Man into Professor X even after playing Storm on turn 3 is fine with Doom being in hand, as long as Nebula and/or Armor are also in lane you will generally win it. Having Zabu in deck to make Spider-Man cheaper to play along with Nebula/Rocket/Nightcrawler turn 4 after Storm is also a good direction to go.
Ran into a few Sera Surfer decks that the deck just couldn't handle, but anyone trying to play into Dark Dimension leaves you free to Storm and Professor X to hold the other two lanes for priority to Cosmo final turn in Dark Dimension. Hela/Arnim decks don't seem to expect lockdown to be running Cosmo at the moment and stole me plenty of cubes. Galactus decks will pose no threat as you have 5 cards in deck that can easily deal with him, leaving you at least one option to counter after a Doc Oc most of the time.
Once the hot location ends, Luke Cage will more than likely be needed again as everyone switches back to HE from Hela and counter decks.
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2023.05.29 01:51 Underground-Surprise Need help finding the right college

Hello there. I recently decided that I wanted to go back to college to become an author. But I think with everyone, choosing the right college can be pretty difficult. I'm more worried about the quality of the programs I'm looking for in creative writing. I'm not sure where to see if the program is actually well funded, provides what I actually need and such. I was told to not actually look at the school's website to see how good the English/creative writing program is but rather to ask the students. Is this correct? I'm just not sure on how I should go about this, I made the mistake of choosing schools without doing any research about them and I dont want to make that mistake again.
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2023.05.29 01:50 CreatureComfortRedux Which anime am I remembering?

I cannot remember the name of an anime I watched recently and it's driving me crazy. The main character (boy) is indebted to some sort of spirit master that he pays back by helping resolve spirit possessions. One episode has a character who's arm is possessed I think. Another there is a shrine at the top of a mountain possessed by a snake that nearly kills the main character. I will update as I remember more about the show. Thanks in advance for the help!
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2023.05.29 01:50 Vlad_117 After some pondering and remembering that fan theory which idk where it came from I decided this is a good replacement since I don't want to pay 70 usd for ss scourge.

After some pondering and remembering that fan theory which idk where it came from I decided this is a good replacement since I don't want to pay 70 usd for ss scourge. submitted by Vlad_117 to transformers [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 01:50 effingusername123 I'm spiraling

It's been just over 8 months since my abusive 16 year marriage ended. He left me because he felt his feelings weren't validated and that I couldn't communicate. I tried. For YEARS I tried. I tried to fix us. I tried to help him fix himself. But when he would start fights for no reason, I ran away. And when I tried to communicate when we weren't fighting, I always got, "Do you really want to do this now?" I couldn't win. I had no chance.
He met Katie on Reddit exactly 2 weeks after he left. He now lives with her. My 15 year old son and I live with my mom and her husband. I'm a 53 year old woman with no job, due to back injury and crippling depression/anxiety. My son has anxiety too, from the abuse he witnessed growing up and from his dad leaving. He is on Prozac, but his anxiety is so bad, he can't leave the house. He hasn't seen his dad since February and only started talking to him again a week ago.
Life is grim. I haven't had a good day since he left. I can't sleep. I can't function. Therapy and meds haven't touched it. His birthday is Tuesday, and every time I close my eyes, all I can see is his face. I know what he did, and I don't want him back. But I can't stop thinking about how lonely and miserable I I have no options, how I'm stranded here because he took my car to Georgia, so I can't even leave this fucking house to meet anyone. He won't even consider giving my car back. Not because he needs it...just because he wants to be able to get off on the fact he took everything from me. He pretends he wants us to work out details of divorce ourselves, but when I tell him what I want (my car back, for him to take his stuff, and child support), he tells me I'm obsessed with him and I need to move on. But I can't because I have no car, no home of my own, nothing but a bunch of shit that reminds me of what I don't have
He was one of my best friends for 18 years before we got together. My other 2 best friends died 8 and 6 years ago. I have no one because he discouraged me having friends because 'all we need is each other'. I'm reminded every single day that I have no friends, and that the man I loved for most of my life and tolerated abuse from because I knew he was mentally ill doesn't give a shit if I live or die.
My mom and stepdad are elderly and need constant help, and I can barely get out of bed every day. I have no self-worth. He made sure of that. And to top it off, when my son came in my room and saw me looking at my DMs, not even chatting with anyone, just checking them, he got mad and asked me if I was gonna start fucking around. If I had destroyed our family, deserted him, moved in with some whore in another state and ignored him for months on end, would I then be the hero he seems to think his father is? It's not fucking fair! I have to deal with this shit on my own.
I don't want to do this anymore. I can't handle it. I've lost everyone and everything, and no one gets why I'm depressed and won't just get over it. No one fucking cares. I'm just done!
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2023.05.29 01:50 josephredd173 Breaking a Cycle

So I recently got into a new relationship (just hit 2 months) and things have been going great. And toward the start of things, that was sort of the problem. For most of my life I've had issues with anxiety and overthinking, especially when it came to relationships. And in some cases this has ruined otherwise okay situations for me. (To be clear I have never mistreated anyone I have dated and would never dream of doing such a thing) It's been about three years between this relationship and my last one, excluding casual flings and failed talking stages. Mostly because I just wanted to take a break from dating, instead focusing on myself and my own mental headspace. Over the last months of 2022 I changed up a good bit, moving into a new job, pursuing higher education again (always wanted to be a teacher), and otherwise just trying to enjoy my twenties. I had been on dating apps on and off for the three years, so I figured it made sense to start there when it came time for me to try again. Within I'd say two weeks I matched with the woman I am now dating. She's amazing, funny, like this little Ray of absolute sunshine. Honestly I reckon that this woman could lower my blood pressure with just her presence. We met for coffee and we just kind of clicked. Almost like we'd known each other forever (funny enough she doesn't live that far from me either). And before you knew it coffee became a walk along the Quay, and the walk became dinner at a local restaurant. We've been dating pretty much since then. And at first there was this fear, a kind of shadowy thing that loomed over me all the time. I was afraid that I'd overthink something small, or that my own worrying would cause an argument and things would fizzle out. That I'd say the wrong thing or just self sabotage out of blind panic but here's the thing. She listened. I know it seems really small, maybe even insignificant, but for me it was this massive new thing. I realised that I'd never actually talked about what I was worrying about, and that my own ability to communicate was just flawed. It's been slow going, somedays at a snails pace, but bit by bit I think I'm getting better, and this amazing person has been with me, holding my hand the entire way. This is a bit of a long post I know, but I just don't know how else to explain. Peace and love
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2023.05.29 01:50 snapbackhatthat Bulldog cannabis

I purchased an oz today to see if I could get more bang for my buck since their 1/8ths were sold out. It was the hybrid they have out now. So far I'm pretty impressed. Anyone else have good experiences with the bulldog flower? It's fluffy but is packed with trics. Honestly way better than my plug was bringing me.
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2023.05.29 01:50 Judas_Nose Stolen item side-case, help needed :(

Hi, Idk if this case is bugged or anything, but first things first I was tasked with retrieving a jade necklace, plus beat up the thief and place the necklace in the mail box of the owner. The person who asked for my service told me to look in the bedroom (where the item was) for clues of the theft BUT I checked everywhere in the bedroom and found no fingerprints aside of the owner and roommate. I even opened the safe they had (without them knowing) because I thought the fingerprints were inside there. Nothing. Checked the rest of the house, nothing either (aside from finding a duct tape that had a different fingerprint and thought that was my lead and then found the hard way that all duct tapes in the city have the same fingerprint for some reason). The owner said it must have been someone they know, so I went through the phone list to check the names of the people they both know but got like 25 people to go through, with no luck so far. I'm still new to the game so sorry if I'm being dumb but is there some way to this? Is the person hiding the necklace at their home so I have to check each and every bit of each people's houses? Any insight is helpful really! Or if that case could be bugged, I will just leave it be. Sucks, because I've spent some time on it already and it is making me go nuts D:
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2023.05.29 01:50 Eevee918 LF: Safari Ball Cacnea, Gulpin, Seviper, Shroomish, Shuppet, Slakoth FT: Spreadsheet (Rare Ball)

Hi friends! In preparation for Home I'm trying to get together all Safari Ball 'Mons that are in S/V and I'm missing a few that are troublesome to get in past games (namely HGSS).
As listed in the title, they are:
While the post flair says BDSP, I'm also willing to do trades in Gen 6 and Gen 7 (can't flair multiple games :( ). My spreadsheet listed here has all of my S/V 'Mons (should you wish to trade cross-generationally) in the first 2 tabs and my Bank (Gen 6/7) and Home (Gen 8) Combos. All 'Mons from Bank and Home additionally have HA if they had one in Gen 6. I can also bring up Combos from Bank to Home if they're present, it'll just take me a bit of extra time.
These are a bit rarer, so I'm willing to go 2:1 for each :) Thanks friends!
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2023.05.29 01:50 LessImplement9400 Boyfriend's friends talking about us behind our back

My boyfriend, Ed, and I currently live in a city that we met in over a year ago. He is originally from a different area of our country and we are moving down there in a couple weeks.
Ed used to be in a friend group that included a girl named Amber & his ex Sarah. They don't all live in the same town/city but just close by each each other.
Unfortunately Sarah still lives in this area and is still friends with his old friends, and apparently she talked shit & made up rumours about him when he moved to where we are now, which was 3 years ago.
3 weeks ago Amber and Ed were messaging as he was saying he was moving back and she mentioned she was still friend with Sarah. Ed said he doesn't want to see Sarah but that he'd like to meet up and have drinks with everyone else.
Well Ed's best friend, Henry, who also lives in this area went out for drinks with this friend group today & has relayed back to Ed that they were talking about us.
Henry told Ed to stop messaging Amber and that she's telling everyone "everything". He also said they don't want to hang out anymore.
We don't know the specifics of what was said but considering the history it's clear it probably wasn't positive. Henry basically said we can't be friends with that group as Sarah will always be there and Amber will always tell her everything.
Now if they're close friends I can't blame Amber for telling Sarah any of this. That's just what friends do, that's fine.
It's more the talking about it in a group setting that rubs me the wrong way. And Ed told me that Amber has talked shit about Sarah to him before, even though they're meant to be friends. Henry said that Amber's a shit stirrer.
The whole situation just seems so childish and I definitely don't want to be friends with a group of people like this and luckily Ed feels the same way. I just hate drama like this and I really hope nothing more happens in relation to it.
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2023.05.29 01:50 bcardin221 Good day drinking spots

So I'm off work next week and would love to find a few good sots for lunch and a few drinks mid week. Love hole in the wall and local places.
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2023.05.29 01:50 anderjb1 Why are the traffic light poles weird?

Is it just me or are the traffic light poles in Brantford (downtown area) really odd? They look like they were welded together with spare parts. Any particular significance for these poles or are they just ugly for no good reason.
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2023.05.29 01:50 RedElephant429 LECOM and Rutgers-Rowan as an Asian student

Hi! I am a current high school sophomore student who wants to apply to BS/DO schools next year. As an Asian, I have a concern about the affirmative action's implication on my EAP(BS/DO) acceptance.
I wanted to hear from you guys about my possibility to get into BSDO schools, especially for LECOM (4+4) and Rutgers-Rowan (3+4). Please provide comments in pov of a person who goes straight to bsdo from high school, not as a freshman or sophomore from college. Below are my stats.
SAT: Have 1450 now, will have 1470+ before I apply
Highschool GPA: all A's by far. I have taken 3 aps by far (sophomore year) and will take 5 more next year (junior year). Seems like it will be all As. I will have about 4.6 weighted gpa before I apply. (class rank: 30-ish/600)
  1. 4-weeks-long research in one of the school of medicine in Korea (done, 150+ hours)
  2. 200 hours of volunteer (including translation service) in dental practice (done)
  3. Medicine development/pharmaceutics club founder (done)
  4. virtual shadowing (planning to do soon, about 50+ hours)
  5. In-school volunteering (hanging out) with students who need special helps (done, about 40 hours)
  6. Science board member (done)
  7. Math club board member (done)
  8. FBLA club Vice President (done)
  9. Chinese self-study (took ap chinese and culture this year as a self-study student)
  10. NHS (done)

I am worried if I will get rejected because I am ORM(South Korean, of course US citizen). Do you guys have thoughts about this? I am concerning about the penalty as an Asian student. My main concern.
And please tell me if my stats and ECs are good enough under the premise that my essay and interview skills are good. I am very good at speech and interview, so honestly interview won't be a big problem for me.
If possible, please provide or evaluate my possibility to get into 1) USF+LECOM (8 years) and 2) Rutgers+Rowan (7 years) BSDO

Thanks :) !!!!
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2023.05.29 01:50 Former-Macaroon-9798 Replacement for string that loops in hammock

Where would I find the replacement for the string or loop that you thread through the hammock then attach to the hook? And what's the name for it? *Mine snapped Thanks
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2023.05.29 01:50 Longjumping_Eagle822 Meet Vessel

Meet Vessel
My mum's kinda friend is very irresponsible, didn't teach him anything, not even his name (originally Zeus) and this cute little guy was taken to a shelter and was gonna be put down in 7 days if noone got him, so ofc we had to rescue for now but hoping I can convince my mum to keep him for when I move out and can take him with me. He is an XL bully, fucking huge dog and just had to name him vessel, I think it really suits him
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2023.05.29 01:50 Readgooder Capital Ships and CIG

I'm a fan of the game and the project but I feel it's a bit disingenuous to sell such a large expensive item without any real intentions of making it anytime soon.
The BMM I believe is on its 10-year anniversary and the other capital ships aren't going to be around for another 4 years (probably? probably longer?).
I understand this is a project with lots of moving parts but I feel a product was sold without knowing how it was actually going to be made and funding wasn't and hasn't been put towards making good on the sold item. As if it product was an afterthought after they got the money.
Sorry to ramble but this type of business practice doesn't feel right to me.
Again, I love the game but there has been so much promised.
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2023.05.29 01:50 Night0wl14 Getting into the sports industry as an accountant?

I'm currently heading into the final year of my bachelor's degree in accounting. I'm planning to do my master's after to pursue CPA licensure. As someone who's always been into sports, it's always been a goal to find work in the accounting/finance department of a professional sports team.
Where are some good places to be looking for jobs of that nature? I've heard TeamWork Online is a good resource for finding jobs in the sports industry but wonder if there are other good places I haven't found yet. Also, if anyone has any advice for ways to get into the sports industry, which I hear can be hard to break into, I'd appreciate it.
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2023.05.29 01:50 promicin_positive Friend is buying tickets for me for my birthday

My friend is buying Monday tickets for my birthday. He bought the tickets under my name and sent me the receipt. However on the receipt it says credit card must be present? Will I have issue picking up my tickets?
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2023.05.29 01:50 TatM I've been really liking nock

I get that it was cheaper on quest, but the truth is 10 dollars isn't really a price point for psvr2 games. They're in business, they want to make money, it's still a good value at 20 even though it's more than quest 2.
How come no one birches about the price of that kayak game or creed being 45 bucks. Nock is way better value at 20.
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2023.05.29 01:50 ViewtifulGene What is the proper etiquette for carving monsters when you arrive late?

I lean heavily on responding to random Join Requests for rank climbing. Sometimes I spawn just as the monster gets a blue icon or dies. I never know how to respond with regard to carving the monster I spawned for, but didn't really contribute to. If I don't carve, it looks like I'm too good for the monster you just killed- I don't even want the parts. But if I joined at the last minute, do I really deserve to carve alongside everyone else? I'm stuck in a conundrum where it feels wrong to carve (I didn't earn the kill), but it feels wrong to not carve (everyone who joined carves together). I ended up setting a shortcut for a confused Palamute sticker saying "sorry I was late..." before I carve, but it still feels wrong. What is the proper way to handle something like this?
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