Cheapest kratom near me

Why aren't there better laws in place for grief? FMLA isn't near enough time to grieve a loss. Why aren't we striking or standing up for change?

2023.05.29 01:46 Wonderful_Storm_2708 Why aren't there better laws in place for grief? FMLA isn't near enough time to grieve a loss. Why aren't we striking or standing up for change?

I lost my 15 year old son, and I'm personally mad as Hell as to what is expected of me in the months to come. He died on 12/15/22. I'm nearing the end of my allotted leave. And will be quitting my job when that deadline approaches. Not everyone has the luxury I do, financially after I leave my employer. I worry emotionally about those that don't have that luxury. In an era of a pandemic, fmla has not held up the status quo to death and the need for adequate leave for immediate family members. FMLA has not provided adequate protection. It's callous and inhumane, in my own experience.
Grief should be HEARD long and far. It should not be SILENCED by ignorance or LAWS. By FEAR or governing laws.
We deserve more...
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2023.05.29 01:45 TorturedbyGod watching people work shitty jobs is the only thing that motivates me

whenever i see people working at walmart, having to clean toilets, or do back breaking labor out in the heat all day it just scares the shit out of me.
if i unfortunately have to live that long i at least want to spend my neet time trying to become anything but that just incase. nearly every job looks like pure hell to me especially since i am disabled and have autism. i’m just spending all my time trying to find any way to at all to work from home while i can.
nothing matters except for working from home. i don’t care what it is i save screenshots of all the sad wagie things i see on the internet and look at it whenever i stop doing what i’m doing. anything is better than being forced to work for some normie and be a slave surrounded by other normie slaves.
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2023.05.29 01:45 Gloomy_Hex I want to get started in Welding, I am 18, in California Los Angeles.

I've read the posts on Career advice for some general knowledge.
- Pay will suck at first and probably for a while.
-Practice is key
Are there any welding training schools near me that accept financial aid? If not, my plan is to get a job and save for this one I've found,, if you have any better schools in mind, please recommend me them, of course, they have to be nearby. I'm incredibly new to this so if you have any additional advice, I'd love to hear it, otherwise, while I wait for a response, I will read more from other posts.
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2023.05.29 01:42 Dumpaccount4959 Boyfriend 19 M is being controlling about my Instagram account 19 F

Tldr; my boyfriend made me deactivate my old Instagram account with 900 followers and my friends in it
At first I did it for us because he told me he had trust issues, I asked him if he wanted me to deactivate my main account to which he said yes, I thought he meant only for 2 months I didn’t know it was gonna to be a temporary thing. I made a new account where I’m only following him which is how he wanted it to be, it isn’t fair because he still has some friends in his account to clarify I’m very lonely and he moved 7 months ago so I can’t go out with him either he knows that but doesn’t want me to follow anyone but him. 2 months had past I went to Mexico with my family I took some picture I asked him if I can now activate my old main account because I wanted to upload pictures of myself to where he said yes but he gave an attitude and started being dry I asked why and he said “well because you did it for us” I told him I had no idea it was a temporary thing I meant only for a little while and I want to have a social life posting pictures to my page other than only having him I know it sounds harsh but I wanted to have social media too. He was still upset but he got over it or so I thought. We got a argument a week later about some childish things about me not apoglozing about an incident at the near end I was at fault and he told me “ if you want to prove to me you changed deactivate your account” I was confused because the argument wasn’t Related with deactivating my account in any way? I was straight forward with him and asked “ what does that have to do with anything? “ he told me he won’t believe I changed unless I deactivate my account which is dumb and stupid because I know he is just using that as an excuse for me to delete my main account again. He told me he won’t forgive me unless I do it he also said I can activate it again in the next 3 months which I am pissed off at I really have pictures I want to post there and I have some childhood friends on that account. I’m so sick of this. I want to convince him If I can activate it again but he’s just going to get sad and mad
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2023.05.29 01:41 ZPandahLAS Im tired of yone being shit

Im tired of yone sitting on 48 wr in every elo, im tired of yone being top 10 worst champs in the game.
The buffs were shit and our champ is shit, he is nearly unplayable.
Tell me, yone give us any advantage? one of the lowest base ad of the game, one of the lowest AS of the game, one of the assansins with most cooldown in his abilities. YONE WINS UNDER A FUCKING 40% OF THE TIME IN LATE GAME WE HAVE THE MOST EXPENSIVE ITEMS IN THE GAME.
Im tired of him being so bad
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2023.05.29 01:41 StaleBreadisTasty 19m In USA. Just looking for someone to chat with over emails.

Hello hello. I am a 19 year old who is interested in sending an occasional email-type letter to someone and hopefully they can write some back. I tend to be quite reserved in person so it would be nice to have someone to write to without having to do any face to face communications.
Anyways, I am working full time as of now, so I would be happy to hear about your job or what you are studying at college and to compare it to my experience. I love animals, especially dogs, and will joyfully receive any photos of yours. I also paint figures and occasionally draw, and would like to see any creative works you do. I also enjoy playing video games with friends, especially ones that are team focused, like Deep Rock Galactic, Risk Of Rain, or LoL. Working out is also something I try and do everyday.
I would prefer to talk with someone near my age, as I know plenty of folks older than me, so between 17 and 22 would be ideal, but I am not overly picky. Also, this would be anonymous, I would not be comfortable sending my address to someone I don't know very well.
Thank you for reading, enjoy your day, and leave a comment if you are interested.
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2023.05.29 01:38 DumbIdeaGenerator Just finished The Gathering Storm

The final couple of chapters steadily ramped up the tension, and when Rand nearly killed his own father, I was like “damn, he’s really gone off the deep end”.
Thematically, I thought the climax with rand atop Dragonmount having an existential crisis and about to blow up the whole world was really cool. He raised some pretty good points about the superficiality and pointless repetition of the world. Then he came in with the epiphany that it's all about love and my first thought was: "That's fucking weak..."
Seriously? Love? It's a collection of biological chemicals, it does not VALIDATE all of existence. Ultimately it means very little. Love wasn't powerful enough to stop Lews Therin from offing his wife, it didn't stop him from going mad, it contributed to Rand going mad, it hasn't killed any of the forsaken, it didn't heal the white tower, etc. It hasn't been powerful enough to stop literally any of the major conflicts in the books thus far.
How does that resolve the issue of the entire pattern being a suffering-powered farce? How does that resolve the issue of the Dark Lord's victory being inevitable? Perhaps I don't understand the way the Wheel works well enough, but if every 'cycle' is slightly different (which it'd have to be, given that balefire is used every time), there's a non-zero chance of the Dark Lord winning, which in the context of infinity, means there's a certain chance.
I'm probably going to get downvoted to hell for this, but don't get me wrong. The book was really good. I just think there should be a purpose to the world other than an entirely subjective set of emotions that causes more problems than it solves.
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2023.05.29 01:37 diesel372 Aero EPC-9/BKF 16" barrel

Aero EPC-9/BKF 16
If you only shoot sub-moa with every gun/ammo you've ever shot, this post isn't for you. If you're capable of telling the truth about your shooting and the guns you build, keep reading...
So, a couple months ago, I decided to build a 9mm AR. BKF was my go to supplier for most of the parts, but the 16" BA barrel I wanted wasn't in stock, so I asked to swap out for a BKF 16" barrel. Not knowing how this would turn out, I'll admit I was a little worried about my choice.
I finally got to the range today, and I'll be honest, the first magazine through my new toy didn't impress me. The first group (15 rounds) was about 6" in diameter. Then I adjusted the optic (was hitting low left), slapped another mag in and started shooting again. The adjustment had me closer to where I was aiming, but not quite there, but the second group was closer to 3". Another adjustment, another mag, now we're blowing up the bullseye. A little more fine tuning, a few more mags. Finally I loaded up the last mag I was gonna shoot, and I'll say it...I'm ecstatic. The gun blew up the bullseye (granted, this is 25 yards, but I'm old and nowhere near as steady as I was 30 years ago.
Aero EPC-9 BKF 16" barrel/BCG/buffer Truglo 2x42 red dot. Federal 115gr bulk 200 pack I bought 5-10 years ago
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2023.05.29 01:37 ArkAngel06 Brand new equipment in an older cooler will not keep temperature under 40, or it freezes up.

TLDR: Walk in cooler won't keep temp below 40, if I set it to 32 to get the temperature where it needs to be for milk and food, the evaporator drain trays freeze pretty quickly. The RH% of the cooler is around 75%. Pictures of the equipment at the bottom.
Hello, I own a convenience store built in the 60's in central Florida, we have a walk in cooler that has doors that customers open throughout the day to get drinks and whatnot. We have 10 doors, I believe the dimensions of the cooler is 11x24.
A few weeks ago we had the compressor die on us, so I called a few techs to get estimates, and most said that since the system is so old, it uses a refrigerant that is being phased out, and this would probably be a good time to get a new system. The compressor was going to be a few thousand dollars, and the cooler was never really cold enough anyways, it would keep the temp under 40 for the most part, but I need to keep milk in there and that's supposed to more like 35 degrees.
Well the company I hired to do it, undersized the equipment by about 7k BTU's. The cooler would pretty much never get below 40 degrees. They blamed the engineer where they bought the equipment and were able to get another bigger unit sent out at no additional cost. The engineer that put the system together apparently had the wrong specs for the cooler. The undersized unit was about 23k BTU's, the current new system is 30k BTU's.
Well the new unit isn't doing much better. When they installed the system, they set the temperature to 35 degrees, but that kept the majority of the areas in cooler around 39-41 degrees. I turned the temperature down to about 32 degrees, and that had the cooler at 36 degrees or so, which I was happy about, but that was short lived as about a day later the temperature was back up to 42 or so because the evaporator coils had froze up.
Now it's possible that the reason for the freezing up is the humidity in the cooler. It is around 75% RH. I am not sure how to lower it, the cooler doors are opened often throughout the day. The original cooler system we had it was never over 60% or so. To try and keep the warm air from getting into the cooler, I installed plastic curtains on the entrance, and made sure all the little holes and stuff were siliconed. It didn't lower it much, if at all.
I am going to call him back, but at this point I am sure he is sick of me, he has been out about 5 times to try and fix it, but not on the new unit, that was when he was trying to figure out why the undersized one wasn't keeping temperature. Tomorrow is Memorial day, so maybe on Tuesday, I just want an idea what might be causing this. The system was nearly $20k, I am so stressed out.
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2023.05.29 01:36 Sammael2522 [help] Bodyslide search

Hello! I don't have much information (can't remember, it was a long time ago ~1-2 year). Help me find a mod on nexus. I remember exactly that the mod was in "hot" when I first saw it. It was possibly a racemenu companion/preset. The character didn't catch my eye, but I liked the bodyslide. It was attached as a file on the modification page. It was a moderately full preset, a dense body, a small wide chest, a character of short stature. I may be wrong, but one of the screenshots was near the water. Exactly not vampire/orc/cat. A common human (Nord/breton/imperial). Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.29 01:36 NothingSpecial99 Buyer not showing up to closing?

Hello, FTHB here. I've been looking to buy a condo in the Greater Boston area since the beginning of this year. The market has been brutal where inventory of affordable condos is low and anything I offer on would be blown out of the water by a big cash offer. I was close to giving up and renewing my lease for another year to save for a larger down payment.
Along comes this 800+ sq. ft. condo from a good looking complex with nice amenities but with an ugly interior that hasn't been updated since the 60's listed for 275k. I didn't like this place that much and at that point had enough of this market mentally prepared to give up. I still put in an offer 10k above asking knowing that it still won't be the most competitive. Like the other places, the seller went with another big cash offer.
A couple of weeks later my realtor gets a call from the seller's agent. The sale seemed all ready to close and a date was set. However, the buyer did not show up to closing without any kind of communication and couldn't be reached either. Needless to say, that buyer lost the earnest money but the seller didn't want to bother relisting the unit and was willing to accept mine if I updated the now expired offer.
I'm ecstatic. Even if the interior itself was ugly, the complex was highly desired and near identical units in the same complex sold for well above 300k (with better looking interiors). The place had "good bones" and the only issues that came up during inspection were relatively minor. The appraisal tells me that I'm getting this place for below market value.
Which brings me to my question. While the cash buyer's loss is my gain I can't help but wonder: Why would a buyer not show up to a closing?
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2023.05.29 01:36 TnasnavSirhc 26 [M4F] Virginia/Mississippi/California/Anywhere Handsome single dad tired of dating apps

Ahhhhh, there's soooo much to say and talk about.
Put on For Me - Michal Leah while you read this.
Like the title states, I am a single dad that's pretty tired of using dating apps.
There's been tons of amazing people I've met through them, some that sprouted into meaningful relationships and some that felt like I should've put my energy into something else.
At the end of the day, I'd still like to find my person. <3
A bit about myself -
Demisexual, so let's get that out of the way.
I am a generally active person. I lift everyday, run occasionally, and just developed an addiction to disc golfing that I'll soon find myself doing everyday. I love hiking, trail running + being out/taking pictures of nature. When the weather permits it, I love going to the beach near me. I'm a social drinker, and go out once-twice a month with friends to bar hop or find somewhere to chill and drink.
I was raised in a Roman Catholic household, and up until several months ago was a practicing Christian. I'm no longer monotheistic though! And respect + value all religions. More recently I've been looking into being a Theistic Luciferian. If that's something that bothers you, shrugs, you can skip on past this post.
I'm not home often but when I am, I try to catch up on series I've been missing out on. Recommend me something new :)
Recently I just started buying blank canvases and sort of teaching myself to paint. Its extremely therapeutic, and relatively cheap if it's something you've never considered.
I have a solid, cordial relationship with my sons mom. I have a career I somewhat enjoy, a good amount of friends I love spending time with, and also am comfortable being alone. No co dependency on this side ya feel.
Height doesn't matter to me. I am 5'9/175cm if you were curious though. I'm a handsome dude, and often told I have very pretty features like my long eyelashes and thick but trimmed eyebrows. I can be described as being "dad fit". Muscular with a bit of pudge. I am very comfortable with myself while also still being a bit insecure about specific things. I won't mind sharing pictures if you ask.
Old school gender roles are lame. Don't get me wrong, I'll open the door and push your chair in for you and I'll lead when given the chance, but we are equals above anything else.
what I hope to find~
A woman who wants a intentional relationship and is willing to work through some potential LDR. The title can be explained once I get to know you:)
Like stated, I don't care if you're taller then me.
I care about physical health, and attraction for me starts on the surface level so in that way I am shallow. Over time, my infatuation develops as I get to know a person. What I hope for is being with someone who's patient, kind, loving and shares a similar communication style as me.
While I'll give people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to mental illnesses ~ I will not stand being yelled at, gaslighted, love bombed, physically abused etc. I know my worth, what I deserve and I won't let myself go through any of that again. There's only so much patience I have, and my time + energy is valuable. Please have healthy coping mechanisms and tendencies or at least be actively working on yourself.
I'll end this with saying that there's so much more to me, and vice versa. I'll be looking forward to getting to know you:)
If you've read this far, send me a picture of yourself and your cheesiest dad joke.
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2023.05.29 01:35 Silent_Tundra In a discussion about operator efficacy, the question of "Is an Operator Good?" should never be "Is it possible to clear content with them?" but rather "How does this operator compare to others in the same niche(s)?"

It's very common to see discussion over "whether [x operator] is good" quickly devolving into "oh well they actually do ok damage or can clear x map!" or similar, which is all well and good, but not really adding much to the conversation.
Outside of perhaps the 2 or 3 star operators, nearly any operator can fulfill the most basic considerations of "can kill a few slugs".
An interesting examination of operator capabilities should always focus on what niche(s) they occupy and in those niches, which other operators are they competing with for squad space/resource investment.
A niche can mean many things
and many more than I care to list here.
A further point that I think is worth examining is this: Is the niche this operator fills useful? Many operators have their own interesting niches that don't add much to their value simply because that niche rarely finds meaningful applications outside of extremely contrived scenarios. One example of this, in my eyes, is Shining. Outside of Aak buffing, there simply aren't that many cases where heavy defense buffing is a particularly crucial niche. As a result, when choosing who gets to occupy limited squad space, other medics with more useful utility, or even perhaps no medic at all, often ends up being the better alternative to Shining.
Another common analysis I see floated around is "they're actually really good when you combine them with [prominent support unit]!" To which I reply: "Who isn't good when you buff them with Skadi Alter?", but all jokes aside, if an operator requires support in order to perform, my feelings are that that performance can not simply be "this combination adequately fills a common niche", but must be actually exceptional. This is not to say that you shouldn't bring Skalter to maps, she is incredibly powerful and versatile, but you can achieve much more by having an already high performing operator receive her buffs instead of one that needs her buffs to even register. That said, there are truly exceptional combinations of units out there that do merit discussion! It's commonly brought up how well Blemishine pairs with Mudrock S2, and rightly so! This combination makes Mudrock's laneholding capabilities better than many combinations of two units holding a single lane, and Blemishine doesn't even need to be placed in the same lane as Mudrock.
My most recent thoughts on this topic were prompted by discussion on the new welfare six star operator, Vigil. The very fact that he is a six star does in fact mean that he and his summon are able to kill low to medium defense enemies, true. However rather than watching him be able to kill the enemies at the beginning of a stage and concluding "he's good actually!", we should consider "what niche is this filling, and who else is competing in this niche?"
My analysis leads me to the understanding that the niche vigil fills is that he can serve as an early laneholder with some moderate DP generation, but that as soon as the low defense enemies stop being the bulk of the waves, you will want to replace him. Who competes with Vigil in this niche? I hope that at this point the answer is obvious, nearly any vanguard, or maybe even no vanguard at all if you have a low DP unit such as mountain that can fill both this niche and also handle later waves of tougher enemies.
This is obviously not an exhaustive analysis of what niches Vigil can fill (yes he can target aerial enemies, etc), but my point is that every unit is competing for squad space and resources. When I will always have a much better alternative than to include Vigil in my squad, it becomes a very easy conclusion for me to say "hmm it might not even be worth investing resources in him in the first place." The question of resource investment becomes an even more compelling one when you are taking into account the level of investment necessary for different rarity units. Sure, Vigil can fill this early laneholdedp generation niche, but so can a 4* unit that costs drastically less to raise.
Now, I must always preemptively defend myself from the replies of "waifu > meta" or "I just build operators because they are fun!" and say this:
Yes, build whoever you want if you think they are fun or have a good design! However, I am capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time, I appreciate many operators for their design or think their gameplay is fun, but it should also be possible to come to an analytical conclusion as to their capabilities relative to their competitors.
TL;DR: Don't evaluate operator performance relative to slugs, evaluate their performance relative to other operators who fill the same niches and are competing for squad space/investment.
Thank you for attending my rant.
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2023.05.29 01:35 NorthWallWriter I feel like Peterson is ignoring autistic people, and failing to communicate the importance of memories and its relationship to goals/achievement.

The fastest and roughest definition I can give you of autism, is living in a state of being overwhelmed with some sort of information. People typically think of it as a lack of cognitive function or a serious social impairment. That definition misses a lot. Autistic people can be overwhelmed with nearly any form of stimuli. Noises, emotions of others, smells, tactile senses, bright lights, moving objects, heck even the arrangement of items in a room. That’s more or less what autism is.
Because of this sense of being overwhelmed, the child's brain develops in a chaotic way. Your entire life gets built around coping with one of the above. By coping I don’t just mean counteracting the dysfunction, I mean adapting a completely different way of living compared to a regular human.
A perfect example of this coping is autistic obsession. Autistic people generally seek out situations and environments that are predictable. A means of creating a predictable and less chaotic environment is to hyper fixate on singular interests and/or a limited set of habits. I can’t understate how for some of us it’s the most important part of our identity. I don’t identify as autistic because I have a disability etc, I identify as autistic because I see a radical divide between our motivations and the normies. For me pursuit of my obsessions is almost sexual, it drives me more than anything else.
The problem is of course a narrow focus can be incredibly problematic in adult life. If you want to learn and achieve in life you generally need to be focusing on the chaos and walking into the chaos directed by a set of goals.
Goals rely on path-duration-outcome. For a normal person they can work backwards. They can create the abstraction of a goal and figure out the path and duration after. For example they may want to be a lawyer because they want to emulate the success of their uncle. They don’t remotely know what a lawyer does in their day to day work, but because they’re chasing an abstract social concept they can readjust their plans along the way with ease.
For a person on the spectrum this isn’t an easy option. We tend not to do too well with abstract goals. To be motivated in a meaningful way with big goals we need something very concrete we can obsess and fixate over. The real nuance of the problem is that our success relies on tunnel vision.
While a normal person might associate the partying they did in law school with their enjoyment and motivation to stay in the actual program, for a person on the spectrum your social life in law school and the program itself are completely unrelated. While you might set your goal to party like a mofo after your last exam, for someone like me that makes no sense. If you’re motivated by obsession, veering away from the obsession isn’t a tangible reward for achieving a goal. To me the only tangible rewards are going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. This works in a field like Engineering, because you start studying physics and math in high school and you finish your degree studying physics and math. The myth is we are all natural techies, the reality is our natural talents are more or less the same as everyone else’s, it’s the simple fact that engineering/stem break down into subgoals of path duration outcome nearly symmetrically with the main goal.
To me the solution to this problem is memory formation. The act of actively connecting the main goal to the subgoals based on positive memory. It all falls back to the autistic brain's struggle with uncertainty. We naturally want to avoid things we feel are unrelated to our obsessions. We prioritize our obsessions in part because they are things that fall into predictable patterns.This tunnel vision is great until we run into a dead end and need to engage in some lateral movement. Leaving the tunnel is incredibly challenging because it’s something we rarely do. To me positive memory formation is taking the train out of the tunnel and going across a dynamic countryside. Actively trying to create associates between our primary obsessions and lateral topics.
My point in all of this is, I feel like this should be obvious to someone like Peterson, people in his community fixate on goals, hormones like dopamine and serotonin, personality and the associated disorders that go along with the above. But rarely do they focus on how broader memories are formed and how people rely on past memories to navigate the world around them. For an autistic person it isn’t at all obvious that I should go out and try to mix something like cleaning my room and learning about rocketry at the same time.
EDIT: I’m sorry there’s so much more to this, if you have questions ask away, I feel like I’d need a 100 pages to really explain myself properly this is just an “attempt”
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2023.05.29 01:34 DrBioteacher A poem

A bit of background - I was brought up in Saudi Arabia and lived there for 26 years. I'm currently 30, living in my country of origin - Sri Lanka.
I came across a beautiful Saudi girl while I was visiting a resort here in Sri Lanka. She really was mesmerisingly beautiful. We smiled at each other a couple of times when we made eye contact and I really wanted to go talk to her but her mom was there and I felt it would be disrespectful. She then apparently left the resort for a tour of some sort and that's the last I ever saw of her. The resultant sadness made me write the poem below. Just thought about sharing it
Fleeting smile; not so fleeting emotions
A fleeting smile - often the inception of the path to the pinnacles of love.
Poets and authors have attested to the unsettling effects of a woman's smile on the hearts of man.
Nay, I stood in defiance of association with the feeble
How can a mere gesture as insignificant as a smile, have such a resonant and tumultuous effect on man? Ridiculous! I laughed in defiance!
With arms crossed and a head held high, I professed emotional fortitude and swore those effects would not permeate my desires
But on the 29th of November, 2022 all the vigor within fell through. All what I refrained from, I caved into.
On that very day, I lost shyness; I lost the reluctance of eye contact; I lost the refusal to smile and in the process lost myself to you, a mesmerising Arabian enchantress.
On that faithful day, the sight of you filled this obtuse, haughty man with rare enthralment and hope; feelings that do not knock at the doors of his heart anymore.
To deny your affect on me would be like throwing dust at my own eyes. Isn't this very poem a testament to the ire of my desires?
nights spent in sleep that's spare and days in lost, hopeless stares, I wonder if your smile was sincere.
Do you always reciprocate that smile with the same possessive charm? Or was it especially conjured to desecrate my resolve's calm?
Resolve built over many years long, purposed to resist the seduction of the temptresses all around.
If only you knew how eccentric a man I am within, awed would you have been as to how your fleeting smile wore my feigned facade thin.
A facade built on false premises sure, for the way your sight nearly shattered it down to the floor
And now ,in your absence, I am left reeling once more, having lost my soul to your adore.
I long to gaze into your eyes and lose track of time and space as I caress those crimson cheeks and pour out the gizillion unspoken words that have filled me since you left me in the wake of your wonderful glow
I will roam the streets of Colombo over the next few days in desperate hope of capturing a glimpse of your captivating beauty once more
But as hope wanes and I seek refuge in my old, miserable self, know that you have shook me to my core and awoke a side of me that I thought was no more.
I will sing a prayer in your name for an eternity, grateful for your fleeting smile and how it invigorated me.
Alas, truth be told, I suppose it was not meant to be. Happily ever afters are now a vanity.
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2023.05.29 01:34 I_am_Fang_Yuan_ Fighting God while taking drugs and inhabiting the spirit of Fang yuan

Taking drugs in a forest alone and feeling like a God with epic music on the background while on psychedelics
I felt that me and the world and the entire universe were created by God and that he was all moving them like puppets on a string, all imaginary in his own mind
and that I was the only One who was gonna rebel and refuse him, I was the one who was gonna transcend this world and everything and I was the One who was about to become God
I was moving with absolute confidence, I felt like I am God and the entire world was at my mercy
I felt that the spirit of Fang yuan wasn't just fighting Heaven's will but Gu zhu ren as well, the author himself and that the same way fang yuan was doing that, I the imaginary character was fighting against my author, God himself
I felt Fang yuan as this absolute spirit of Absolute freedom moving through me, I even stumbled in the outer of the forest and was moving near a highway and with cars all moving with all the noise and the possibility of being crushed at any moment coupled with the absolute Epic music, I felt like a God conquering everything and nothing could stand in front of me
That was It! I felt this absolute adrenaline and excitment flowing through my veins, and I heard this in my head "God alone exists, limitless, eternal, all-encompassing" and I was that!
and with the absolute excitment and otherwordly epic music I was transcending my individuality and becoming God and I felt all this energy flowing through me, Life itself, this absolute freedom and limitlesness!
I was absolutely Free!
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2023.05.29 01:30 RevolutionaryArt7189 Moving to Australia: Perth or elsewhere?

Let me preface by saying I'm very aware of the housing problem in Perth and other parts of Australia, so I'd love to not get bogged down there.
I'm a nearly-40-year-old accountant/financial analyst living in New Zealand with 2 kids 3 and 6. I'm worried about opportunities and other factors about living in New Zealand and I feel like right now is going to be almost my last chance to shift before it becomes too hard with my oldest son.
My main criteria for shifting are:
  1. Has to be close to the beach - not beach front, but more than 30min drive is a bit of a deal breaker.
  2. Has to be decent work available - I'm not interested in living in the CBD and working 60 hours, I'm past that point in my life, but I need to be somewhere I can get a decent corporate accountancy/analyst job without a gigantic commute.
  3. Weather has to be no worse than where I am in Tauranga. That basically means no wetter and winters that aren't colder or longer.
My original preference was somewhere on the East coast, but it seems like everywhere with jobs, weather and beaches is INSANELY expensive to live, or has impossibly large commutes. am I missing anywhere?
I've done some searching around and Perth kind of seems like the dream. The isolation is a bit of a problem, but it's a lot bigger than where I currently live (Tauranga) so it's a pretty self-contained place. But I'd love opinions on where else I should consider looking at? Thanks.
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2023.05.29 01:30 Crypt_Rat So I just beat the last boss...

At least I assume that's what Ophion was considering I saw the credits. I haven't played after that yet, but it seems to just introduce a challenge mode.
This is going to sound like I'm bragging and I'm not trying to, but...really? That was my first try and he hit me 2-3 times the whole fight, he was dead so fast I thought there was going to be another boss immediately after him. I had like 6 medkits saved and two entire health bars for no reason. His flashy green bullet cone attack literally comes nowhere near you. I took a stake driver (best gun by light years) into the fight and it was a wrap. I've only died once to a boss in this game and I had an astronaut so it didn't matter.
Is the game just over now? I was enjoying the story but it ended kind of abruptly so I'm hoping there's more. I know about the tower and apparently I just unlocked some kind of challenge mode, but is the main story actually over already?
Don't get me wrong, it was really fun to play, but I thought it was going to be grinding little by little getting proficiencies leveled, unlocking weapon attributes, unlocking artifacts etc. But I feel like I murdered this game immediately in only two play sessions.
Are the other modes worth doing? Someone tell me there's more to do, I really don't want the game to be over already.
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2023.05.29 01:30 throwaway1011100101 I had a near death experience and it still haunts me.

A month ago I didn't eat or sleep for a few days because I was overworking myself without even realizing it and went out for a late night drive to get a snack. Started hallucinating really badly during the drive and ended up crashing my car when going 80-90 mph on a normal road and flipped the car upside down. It felt like my soul escaped my body and all I remember was saying "If you love something so much that you're willing to die for it" before crashing.
I called 911 on myself and was taken to the ER. In the ER I was screaming and grunting uncontrollably because it felt like something was overwhelming my mind as if I needed to die at that moment but thankfully I survived everything.
I've been thinking about this a lot lately because I still don't know how I'm alive to even tell this story right now. I've got a psychiatrist appointment scheduled within the next couple of weeks. Before that incident I used to be scared of things like what do others think of me, will I get fired from my job for underperforming, etc but now the only thing I really fear is myself because of how uncontrollable I got during that manic episode.
Any advice on how to cope with my emotions in the meantime until I get to the psychiatrist & hopefully soon a therapist would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.05.29 01:30 limegreensh0rts Do I (F16) tell my friend (F16) I’m in love with her?

Okay so, I’m (f) in love with my friend. We have been friends for 2ish years and I would say that we are decently close.
We each have a separate best friend and we don’t talk everyday or anything but recently we’ve gotten closer and eat lunch together more regularly and are hanging out outside of school more and more. (Always in a group setting but still more than we have in the past)
I think I started to grow a crush on her last spring but I didn’t realize that I liked her like that until September 2022. And it just progressively got worse from there and hit the point that I think I’m inlove with her in April. (This is the only woman I’ve ever felt romantic feelings for as well, so I’m very confused)
Recently she has lost a large portion of her friends so I’m considered 1 of the 3 outside of school friends she has right now. And I’m scared of that because if she sees me as one of her closest friends it will be harder for me to get out of the friend zone.
In the past I was able to hide my feelings for her pretty well and live with just being friends with her, but recently within the past 2 weeks I am struggling to even be near her and I can hardly talk to her without wanting to just spill her how I feel.
However, I also don’t want to change or destroy our friendship by telling her. Plus I live in an area and house where being gay is not very normalized so if we were more than friends it would have to be a secret.
I also think the main thing holding me back from telling her is that I have no idea how she feels about me.
Sometimes I think that she might have feelings for me too but other times it seems like she doesn’t at all.
I don’t want to get too into detail with why I think that she might like me back because I don’t think it’s that relevant in how I feel about her. But we have kissed once and it was not very platonic imo.
So essentially I feel the deep need to tell her how I feel and have been getting pressure from the few outside sources that I have told about her saying to tell her too.
I also feel like I have to tell her because this guy I was talking to that I ended things with because of my feelings for her said that if I don’t tell her he will be very disappointed in me and I feel like since I ended things with someone else bc of my feelings for her I owe it to that other person to tell.
Basically should I tell her? If I should how should I? And what should I do if I get rejected?
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2023.05.29 01:29 myfakeaccount2019 Cant access Yiga Clan Hideout

I got all the pieces of the Yiga Clan Armor set but didn’t follow the quest line to get them. I showed up to the Yiga Clan Hideout near Gerudo Town and there’s no way for me to open the door to get into the hideout. Anyone know how to trigger the NPC to show up and let me in?
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2023.05.29 01:27 lexiszekes HELP! BIRD HATCHLING

A hatchling was rejected from its nest and I don’t know what to do. The animal rescues near me are closed and the animal hospital won’t accept a wild bird but told me to put it in a box with a blanket. The nest is inside the vent. (Yes we are having it removed)
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