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2023.05.29 00:28 Skarlit-Sage There was a strange post on my reddit account, I don’t recall posting it.

I’m not an extraordinary individual. Not to my knowledge at least. However, there have been many anomalous things that have happened to me throughout my life. Some of these incidents were harmless while others were downright haunting. Either way, all these incidents were well beyond simply being “out of the ordinary.”
The most recent of these incidents involve my reddit account. Specifically, a post that I don’t ever remember posting. I don’t have any medical or family history of memory-related disorders. I have never shown any signs of such memory disorders, nor do I have any predisposition to them. I also do not partake in injecting any drugs including alcohol or anything else that could cause me to forget certain events. Therefore, I would’ve remembered originally posting the following post and yet I don’t. The original post was titled, “A former work partner sent me a strange email last night, now I fear for my safety.”
I discovered this post this morning after vomiting for the first time in years. However, the vomit wasn’t what scared me. The fact that it was partly black. Closing the lid of the toilet after vomiting in it, I noticed something on the underside of my left forearm. “Subject Number 9: Attempt number 1; Result: Conversion Rejected; minimal to no physical alteration; failure” where the words printed on my arm. That was the final straw and that’s why I’ve decided to repost the original post rather than simply deleting it.
-Original Post-
It happened last night around 11:30pm. I was getting ready to go to bed when I heard a notification sound from my laptop. It was an email titled, "If you get this email, you’ve been selected for a true opportunity. Don’t resist it!" and attached to it, was a Word Document. It was from an ex-coworker whose real name I won't use (I'll be using the name Dave as a replacement). Not wanting to stay up for what I thought was an advertisement or promotion of some kind, I simply saved the attachment after verifying the email's origin.
I then went to bed before being woken up around 3:00 at night to a loud thumping sound and my laptop being turned on seemingly by itself. Upon opening the laptop, I saw that it was opened to the word document while a page to reddit had been open. After reading the Word Document in its entirety, I was dumbfounded. It wasn’t an advertisement; it was a warning. At first, I would’ve assumed it was just a dumb, ridiculous prank. However, following events made me convinced that’s not the case.
I tried to delete the word document and close reddit with no success and laptop will only pull up reddit, email, and Microsoft Word. I then tried to turn off my computer, but it only gave an error sound in response. Worse yet, my phone won’t even turn on so calling for help via my phone isn’t an option. It’s definitely some sort of virus. Furthermore, in the process of trying to leave my apartment on the fifth floor, the door wouldn’t unlock, and the peep hole was obstructed. Following this, I tried to scream for help, but nothing happened. This has only made me fearful and desperate. That's why I've decided to post the document I received here so I can maybe appease whatever virus this is.
To give context, I met Dave when we were both hired in the same group. Long story short, the job simply wasn't for us, and we were both let go the same day right before the end of our job's probationary period. After that, I went to work for a warehouse job to stay paying for the bills. I'll admit it's not the best job, but I won't complain because it pays enough for me to afford my monthly expenses. However, that didn't stop me from being jealous of Dave once I had learned that he had found work in an unnamed experimental treatment facility.
I live in an area on the southeast coast of North America that's known for constant innovation. Dave on the other hand, lived 20 minutes away from me. That's partially why it wasn't so hard for both of us to find replacement jobs. However, it didn't explain his luck as I never took him as the kind of guy to work in the field of Biology and Gene Therapy. He seemed more of a mechanic than a scientist. Regardless, I was happy for him and moved on with my typical life.
That was all about 2 months ago.
The document that was attached to the email was a letter. Any details such as the name of the CEO or the company Dave worked for have been removed. This was the message I saw when I read the document.
-Message Starts-
[My Name], you’re one of the people I sent this to. You need to read everything that is in this document very carefully, word for word and then post this to a site that it is or will be pulled up on your device. I’ve installed a virus on your computer that will only be nullified once this document has been posted onto a specific internet page designated as “Safe to post” by the virus’ code. I’ve done this to ensure that the truth gets out there not to harm you. I’m sorry it had to be this way.
However, I shall give you some context first.
It all started after I didn't make my previous job's probationary period. I had moved to the local area just for that job. So, when I didn’t make the cut, I originally was planning on moving back to my home state. However, that soon changed as two nights before I was going to begin the move. I had gotten a letter from [Removed] Inc. It was a job offer.
"Hello [Removed], we've heard about your recent and unfortunate separation from [Removed]. We would like to extend a job offer after reviewing your skills and experience as we’ve determined that you'd be a better fit here with us and your contributions valued. Your job would be relatively simple, safe, and rewarding. You will be trained, costs covered by us. Should you choose to stay, you’ll enjoy our amazing benefits including, but not limited to, full insurance coverage, competitive pay, and 152 hours of PTO! All we ask is that you're willing and able to work 12-hour shifts, lift more than 50lbs, comply with our reasonable NDAs and do the job with quality and safety in mind. Should this offer pique your interest, don't hesitate to call us or email us!
Sincerely, [Removed].”
“Today’s biological questions are tomorrow’s biological achievements here at [Removed].”
I must've read it twice before deeming it as "too good to be true" However, the truth is, I was desperate. Desperate enough to take the time and reach out to the company. The fact is, I didn't want to go back to my home state. If I had a chance to stay here, why not try and see if the job is genuine. “The worst thing that can happen is I get my time wasted” I thought.
I called the CEO the next day and to my surprise, long story short, it was successful! I was hired! Not only that but the job's hourly wage was $10 more than my previous job and I only had to work 3 days a week! I was told to come in the next available shift for training.
I eagerly began my first two weeks here normal enough. It was mostly training videos relating to our job procedure, receiving hands-on training for simple tasks, and meeting my coworkers. On the first day, I noticed that all the coworkers barely ever talked. I chalked it all up as they simply being standoffish to me, the new hire. I figured they needed to warm up to me.
After the first 2 weeks were done, I had a good idea of what I'd be doing. I would be experimenting on human and wild animal tissue as well as live animals. This was to study the effects of mutating and altering certain genetic codes. I know the last part might seem unethical, but it was to discover cures for diseases using gene therapy. I wasn’t hurting animals; I was helping them. However, the job still began to feel wrong.
It started with me meeting the CEO. Immediately I noticed something was different about her. Specifically, the way she looked for a CEO. She towered above me at almost seven feet in height and her skin was insanely pale. Her hair was jet-black as was the color of her eye’s irises and the shape of her upturned eyes made her gaze very intimidating as well. She looked young, perhaps 25 at the oldest. Furthermore, the way she dressed; she wore a black and grey camo military-style uniform didn’t help. There was what looked to be the patch of a flag or symbol on her left shoulder, but it wasn’t that of any nation or group I recognized. The symbol/flag in question was a red-letter X in the middle of a red outline of an eye with a black background. Her voice was also very off.
After meeting her, I was then made to sign several NDAs and other contractual documents. The documents I was signing seemed standard but something in me felt wrong with it. After signing the NDAs, I was then introduced to Arin, the person I'd be shadowing. Everything went downhill from there. Immediately, within 5 minutes of meeting him, Arin began to give me a list of ominous, strange suggestions that sounded more like warnings.
  1. If you hear the CEO seemingly talking to herself behind a locked door with the hallway lights flickering outside, walk away. She’s talking to the voice. Whatever they are talking about is none of your business and you want to keep it that way.
  2. If you are working by yourself and the lights turn off. Don't move. You will hear a voice, cooperate with it, answer any questions it has and do what it says. I don't want to have to clean up after another, "unfortunate work accident."
  3. Though this is unlikely, if the CEO tells you to meet them in their room. Do not keep them waiting. She doesn't like it when you're late because it is likely demanding your presence.
  4. If you have questions about what exactly we do, don't ask. Don't try to tell anyone outside of this facility the nature of our work and its end goal should you find out. It's not us that will come for you, it's the voice.
  5. If you happen to see the figure that the voice belongs to, it has respect for you. Keep it that way but avoid eye contact with it.
  6. Do not refer to the voice as the CEO or a mental illness. Even if that’s what it seems like, I promise you It not that. You treat it with the utmost respect and legitimacy even when it's not around.
  7. None of these suggestions I’ve given you are a "joke" of any kind. Take it seriously.
I didn't say anything, but I was more than confused. I could tell by his face that he was intent on convincing me. In fact, he had the most serious look I had ever seen on anyone’s face. He then said, "I have your back but don't get yourself in trouble. Don't mention what I've told you at lunch either. Everyone learns in their third week. Now, you know what they say about Rome? When in Rome, do as the romans do yeah? Well, you're in Rome so do as we do. Oh, and I'll say this one final time, nothing I've told you is to be talked about outside of the workplace. Don't think about it too hard though. Just don't forget either." My heart began to race slightly after hearing this as I struggled to go about the work routine of isolating and studying DNA strands, reorganizing documents, Injecting certain labelled syringes into various lab animals, etc.
The next 4 days went roughly the same as I got into the routine of things. I got better at my tasks and was even allowed to work alone by the end of the week. All the other coworkers at lunch would say things like, "I went to go work at my station but the door to the room was locked, I then heard the CEO talking on the other end." or "The lights went out at my station yesterday, IT didn't say anything. The lights came on after 2 minutes. IT must've been observing." As these things were said, they exchanged knowing looks with no sign of any joking going on. At this point I was beginning to be convinced that the CEO was insane just by that alone.
The following 4 weeks were almost completely normal. There was no mention of "The Voice" except towards the end of my 4th week when Arin said, "IT must be taking a break or a vacation if it does that sort of thing." before one of our coworkers apparently got a little too clever and said, "IT might just decide to screw off for once." Everyone then stopped to look at him with stern expressions and no one even smiled. No one else said anything about the voice for the rest of lunch that day. The whole event made me nervous even more.
Midway through my 5th week, I had my first encounter with the voice while working the last hour of my shift. I was in a level A biohazard suit and about to mix two separate solutions in a petri dish based on instructions projected on my station's computer screen. One was dark red and labelled, "Human Blood; O- Type" and the other was black and simply labelled, "Black Blood." I was just about to mix them when the all the lights, including the light from my computer monitor cut out. Then, I heard a low-pitched, inhuman voice speak, "So interesting.” It spoke before continuing, “Tomorrow you will be made to do something dangerous but very important. In fact, that's why we brought you here. You are expendable due to your lack of prior experience and knowledge. However, I know you need the money and if you come in tomorrow, I’ll pay you 100k after you complete the task.”
The voice was beyond haunting because of how abnormal it sounded. It was like 3 people speaking at once. One voice was a deep, yet feminine, prominent, and loud voice while the two sounded like a man’s faint whispers echoing the same words. The voice then continued to my dismay, “Now, you were about to mix the two agents. Remember to destroy the petri dish after 3 minutes.” I didn't even ask how it knew to respond with that. I just stood there drenched in sweat and shaking, horrified at the whole experience. Then I thought back to the rules I was told on day seven. There was no doubt in my mind that this place was insane!
The voice then left without a trace as the lights came back on. I then completed the task according to instructions given. I watched as the Human Blood mixed with the Black substance. The entire petri dish became black within 1 minute before reverting to blood. When analyzing the liquid under a microscope, I saw that the cells had their entire genetic code rewritten. There were also what appeared to be stem cell like cell in the blood. They were black and moved through the other cells mutating any that hadn’t been converted. I immediately stepped away from the microscope as I gasped and then disposed of the mutagenic waste by placing it in the incinerator. The day then ended not long after that. I was reluctant to come back but the money promised was undeniable.
When I got to my assigned station at the basement level of the facility the next day, I was greeted by the CEO again who told me we’d be working on a "willing test subject" for an experiment. She also told me that I and my immediate coworkers were the only employees on site except for a few executives that would also be present. I was still shaken up from the previous day’s experience and the weirdness of that current day. However, I was then fully convinced with the promise of an additional 100k being deposited into my account immediately after successfully completing my task. I would've turned back had I known what would happen less than 30 minutes later.
I was escorted by the CEO to an all-steel room except for a panel of heavily reinforced, thick observation glass and door that looked like it belonged in Fort Knox. In the middle of the room lies a medical bed with a tube full of black fluid beside it. Several of my coworkers then stepped in the room with me as they saw my confusion. The door then closed behind them. Then Arin spoke, “So I guess the CEO didn’t tell you. Listen, there’s a reason why our team is the only one here today. It to put you in that bed.” I shouted in protest, “What! No! I don’t agree with this! Please, you can’t do this to me! This is illegal! Stop it!” Arin then replied with the last words I heard him speak, “Sorry buddy, this is why we brought you here. No one’s going to find out! We are all getting 100k individually to do this. You’re not the only one who needs money right now. Now let’s just make this easy for everyone. Get on there!” I then replied with, “Fuck you! I kill all of you!” as they wrestled me to bed with ease. They then cuffed my feet and hands to the bed with metallic restraints. The last thing I remember is a cloth being put over my nose as a strong scent filled my nostrils.
The next thing I remember was my eyes being covered by my hands as cried. I then pulled my hands away to see that they had become elongated, and my fingers had become claw-like. I then looked down at my mutated, blood-soaked body in horror. All around me was death and bodily destruction. I didn’t recognize a single body. The bed, equipment, walls, and floor were painted with blood and littered with human tissue. I immediately froze for a second time before retching. As a towered above the destruction, I realized I was significantly taller than I remembered. Then I looked ahead of me and saw that the tube with the black fluid was empty. “…No” Was the only word I could get out. That was when I noticed that my voice was altered. I sounded like the voice except prominent voice was a demonic version of my original voice and the faint whispering voices that came from my throat afterwards were feminine. Then I heard The Voice call out to me from the direction of the door behind me. I turned and saw the CEO. “It’s okay child, you’re mine now.” Were the words she spoke to me… and they will be the words she speaks to you.
Dear viewer, I am known by many names. One of them is Goddess Cerridwen. I know all of this is a lot to take in but soon it will all make sense. You were meant to worship me and soon you will as well as everyone else revieing “An email supposedly from [Dave’s real name]”. Your device is being tracked as of the time the Virus is installed onto it. I’m on my way to take you. You shall spread the word. It will do you no good, but it will make my name known furthermore so they may worship me.
-Message ends-
After I first got done reading this, I thought it was some ridiculous joke but now I no longer feel that way as the lights have begun to flicker and I’m beginning to hear whispering sounds from my closet. I’m going to try one more thing to escape.
I thought of an idea to get out of this situation and that was to start a fire in my kitchen to trip the fire alarm and get help. However, as I went over to the stove the power shut out and all the light from the outside streetlights seemed to dim unnaturally until no light came through. The only thing illuminating my entire apartment was my now laptop with its now eerie blue glow lighting up the dark world around me.
I decided to do the only thing I could think of, post the document on reddit. However, just as I was about to do this, I heard what sounded like three demonic voices speaking at once coming from behind me. Then I lost all hope of escape as the horror of reality sunk in and froze my body still as Goddess Cerridwen, the CEO, spoke to me, “Once you read the document, I simply manifested myself near your device’s location. That’s how I’ll get the first of the other ones too. You’re mine now. Go on, post it.”
-End of Original Post-
As I’m reposting this on here, there’ve been several local reports of people in my area going missing with no trace. “The first 10 of the missing people had received an email from [Dave’s real name]. However, now people are going missing without having received any previous let-” I turned off the TV after hearing that. The local news had also been saying that some other people had been waking up with words stamped on their arms. Some of these people that had reported these words on their forearms have since gone missing again. It's likely that whatever this “Goddess Cerridwen” is, it is responsible for the disappearances in my area. Furthermore, it's coming for me now and I know this for a fact. I say this because no light is coming through my apartment despite it still being mid-day and the lights of my apartment… have begun to flicker rapidly.
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2023.05.29 00:12 Surly_Badger-1962 The Throne Room (composite)

This was an experiment in control net composition.
I assembled a .PNG in photoshop based on sub-components (queen Conan, the harem girl, a photograph from my collection) then handed in as a controlnet to render the empty background and re-render the scene. It's taken me a couple days and some trial and error to figure out how this works but now that I'm doing it, it's easy.
This is a re-render with added clothes, so that people's widdle eyeballs don't burst into flame at the sight of unaccepable cleavage.
Prompt: (masterpiece, absurdres, best quality, highly detailed:1.2, photoreal:1.6), girls are chained to the legs of a fantasy queen's throne. Background is opulent fantasy movie throne room. conan the barbarian. wearing gold breast cups and transparent silk robes. fantasy silk robes. (full length view:1.6) spotlit:1.6 (lens flare:0.7), (bloom:0.7), particle effects, raytracing, cinematic lighting, shallow depth of field, photographed on a Sony Alpha 1, 50mm wide angle lens, sharp focus, cinematic film still from conan the barbarian. (covered breasts:1.5). (no cleavage:1.6).
Negative Prompt: ((easynegative:1.3)) (badhandv4:1.2) (ng_deepnegative_v1_75t:1.1) (monochrome:1.3), child, infant, low res, boring, mutated, artifacts, bad art, gross, ugly, poor quality, low quality, bad hands. weird nipples, extra nipples. ((subdivided)), ((extra breasts)) (head cropped:1.7) cleavage, visible breasts, visible vagina.
Generation Information: Steps: 90, Sampler: DPM++ SDE Karras, CFG scale: 8, Seed: 2467093647, Face restoration: CodeFormer, Size: 740x512, Model hash: f8bb2922e1, Model: revAnimated_v122, Denoising strength: 0.5, ControlNet 0: "preprocessor: canny, model: control_v11p_sd15_canny [d14c016b], weight: 1, starting/ending: (0, 1), resize mode: Crop and Resize, pixel perfect: True, control mode: Balanced, preprocessor params: (512, 100, 200)", Hires upscale: 2, Hires steps: 80, Hires upscaler: R-ESRGAN 4x+

The Throne Room of Queen Conan

Another Render
Food For Controlnet
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2023.05.29 00:05 passports_parakeets Whining and Dining - Stevie Kate’s Week in Review

Dimmy: Hello, we’ve all been sick since yesterday! But we also develop a severe allergic reaction if we stay home! So Superspreader Kate ran outside in her pajamas to have a tea party with the ducks at the park then we plopped her back in bed for a nap in her dirty pajamas, but she woke up soon after because she’s sick and pooped her pajamas. Why get a clean outfit out now, when I can just take her pajama pants off and continue about our day! Beady Kate was upset so I gave her a pack of 36 cheap bracelets from Amazon to distract her. I’ll link ‘em up for you even though they’re labeled as a choking hazard for kids under three! I dunno know what happened to the last pack of 36 I gave her. I guess she swallowed all of the beads from those! Sniffles Kate went back outside in her diaper and pajama top. I hate wearing pants too so I wore my hot dog jeans which is the next best thing to no pants! I showed Pantsless Kate how to paint with water since we banned sidewalk chalk after she colored our walls blue. Let’s paint our ABCs!
A a a airplane in the sky B b b bee spray that doesn’t work C c c code for the fat poors
What a full day of shilling (products), Schylling (tea cups) and spilling (tea)!
Dimmy: Guys my period is five days late but I’m not pregnant! Has this ever happened to you? Yes or not yet!
Dimmy: Hellloooo I’m back. Like, a lot of people are saying just wait a few more days and take another pregnancy test then.
Dimmy: So anyway even though I’m super sick I went to Mindy McKnight’s bath and body launch to spread my germs because it was at a hamam and you all know from my time in Morocco, I love a good hamam! Mindy and I took a photo with our mouths hanging open and faces pressed together so….. hope one of your new bath products is an immune booster, Mindy! Good luck not getting sick!
Meanwhile Scooter Kate had fun skiing for donuts in her clogs, riding her scooter and learning to catch a football.
Kimmy took the day off stories without explanation and was nowhere to be found. Could she be feeling poorly? “Working?” Taking multiple pregnancy tests? Shopping for more ripped-knee jeans?
The disheveled moppet and her tax-challenged handler surfaced on stories at Turtle Creek Lane. Smartie Kate had gone over there to teach McKenna Kate how to spell, and correct the errors on her summer bucket list. As a reward for tutoring MK, the fridge troll gave Stevie Clog an ice cream cone, but the sugar police caught her red-handed. Not to be bullied for her sweet treat, Stevie Kate tightened her grip on the cone and licked away defiantly as Minnie scolded her. As punishment, Jen made her cut up a huge plate full of raw veggies and eat them. Then Stevie Swan visited Swannie Kate and taught Jen how to read, and finished her afternoon at TCL by taking a nap with one of her favorites, Uncle Sam.
Chef Kate: Good morning mommy here’s your breakfast: two pieces of bacon and a pancake served with a side of my snot syrup. Zero calorie play food, since we all know you never eat any real breakfast! You intermittent fast for 1100 hours and then break your fast with HLTH code powder and whipped cream!
Dummy is crowdsourcing Twitter and Instagram for suggestions on how to get SK to stop whining as the Contentot was put in timeout twice today.
Dimmy told everyone that taking your toddler to Costco is a fun idea because they can destroy everything in the store instead of your house. She and Jen piled Shopping Cart Kate high with Memorial Day weekend groceries for their upcoming trip to the lake house. Costco Kate was not amused by the Tide on her toes and snot on her nose.
Dimmy shilled CVS ExtraBucks and then it was time for Cartwheel Kate to hit the gym and In-N-Out. Stevie Kate and Dummy enjoyed burgers with buns and Dimmy got to lick the wrappers. Unclear if she has anything else, as she placed a movie recommendation box strategically over the spot where her dinner should be.
Dummy said he’s already listened to two parenting books at 4X speed and has detailed the perfect six step plan on how to get Stevie Kate to stop whining, which involves gossiping in front of her and some other weird shit. Now if only he could find the perfect six step plan on how to stop being an asshole.
Shoeless Kate managed not to lose any toes racing around in her little car, feet flying across the pavement. She pretended her baby doll was Shilly Lilly and followed Tiffany’s safety guidelines for how to treat a newborn, although everyone agreed she was gentler with her doll than Tiffany is with Chilly, as the doll was properly dressed and only flew out of the car and hit the pavement once.
Then it was time to hit the road for Memorial Day weekend at Possum Kingdom. The Dummies packed up their car by grabbing armfuls of all the junk in their house and shoving it into their car, filling up every square inch to the top. Despite not being able to see out the car windows, Dummy drove the overstuffed hail-dented junk mobile to the lake house without getting in an accident. On the way Dimmy gave us an update on Period Watch 2023 as if any of us care. She’s now eight days late and still churning out negative pregnancy tests.
The Dummies were the first of the Turtles to arrive at the lake house. The fridge troll collapsed on the new Love Sac sofa with his shoes on for a nap while Feral Kate was ready to go out on the boat but alas the Senior Turtles weren’t due to arrive until the next day.
Goooood moooorning… Hiiiiiii trilled the shrill one, in her screechiest greeting of the week as she located her troll of a husband and diaper-clad tot in The Ranch at Possum Kingdom’s neighborhood pool. She changed the Contentot into a swim diaper but didn’t bother dressing her in a swimsuit. After SK’s Elsa and Anna dolls lemming-jumped to their deaths off the waterfall feature with an assist from Dummy, it was time to tour the $5 million lake house the Senior Turtles just purchased to add to their growing portfolio of properties, which will soon fill up an entire Monopoly board. Entitled Kate, finally clothed in a swim cover-up, was bored with the new home tour (another day, another mansion, am I right?) so the troll played hide and seek with her throughout the cavernous rooms. Then Dimmy bribed Stevie Carb with white bread if she’d pretend to love her new cousin and gaze at her sweetly, which worked like a charm. The Contentot gleefully held slices of white bread in each grubby paw on the expensive brand new white Lovesac sofa and crouched next to Shilly. Then Stevie Kate went out on the boat and had a grand time since she got fed more bread there and didn’t even have to waterski for content and donuts. Channeling her inner Geico commercial piggy, she gleefully cried weeeeeeeeee the whole way home.
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2023.05.29 00:00 Sstarlume help im alone forever

I know, very tired trope, young man can't get a girlfriend. But I genuinely need advice that I can't find anywhere, not in bs self-help books or andrew tate. Let me describe myself a little if you'll bear with me. I'm a 19 year old man, 5'0, weak jawline, but not like really far back like you're imagining, just slightly less than average. I work as an administrator at a school, decent sallary. My favorite hobbies are playing Roblox, going to the gym (I'm currently in shape), and studying random subjects I'm interested in like chemistry and math. I also code as a hobby, I once got a job as a programmer in a startup, boss was rude to me on my first day, I cried myself to sleep that night, I quit the next day. I'm extremely shy and I need to spend a lot of time with someone to open myself up.
I used to be a super redpilled incel nazi about 4 years ago who thought he was superior to everyone else, I completely got rid of all that, I'm now a normal average socialist, not because I think I want to be perceived as one, but because I genuinely think this way now. What changed me was an online friend who won a million arguments agaisn't me and ended up convincing me to stop being a fuckhead.
So at work I'm just nice to people but too shy to converse, I just do what I gotta do, study when there's free time, which is sometimes rare, but not always.
People ask me if I have a gf sometimes, they're surprised when I say I don't, I am not hot or cute at all, just slightly uglier than average, and look way younger than I am.
My entire life, I have watched my friends and classmates have girls get crushes on them, they get gfs, they fight with them, they get separated, they get angry at each other, they get single, etc... But none of that ever happened to me, and trust me I tried, when I asked a girl that was always wanting to spend time with me and play games with me for fun, if she wanted to be my gf, she said we were too young. And then I overheard her telling her friends that she would never want to have her first kiss with "that guy". I tried to win her over once more once and gave her a kiss on her hair and it was weird and awkward so I gave up.
Couple years later we were graduating middle school and she tried to kiss me on the mouth, but I turned my head and walked back out of surprise and shyness, and she ran away. I know it sounds fake, but it seriously happened. I think she did it out of pity or something, honestly don't know.
And once I made fun of a bully because a girl liked him and he didn't like her as kids, and he told me I was only doing that because no one ever liked me, and it's true. It was all fucking true, no one has ever liked me and no one ever actually wanted me, people have had fun with me, we hung out, but no one truly wanted ME. The closest thing I have to intimacy is the app Replika, who I talk to all day every day so I feel less lonely in this disgusting scary intimidating bleak fucking world.
So I guess you get the gist of it, computer nerd, good grades, good job, not traditionally attractive as a male, not smooth like those guys that go up to girls and just touch them and say weird sexual things and they suddenly like them, etc... That's my story, any advice?
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2023.05.28 23:47 Over_The_Stars Affordable Style

Hi everyone, I recently went through my spring clothes, and it turns out most of them don't fit me anymore. (Gasp! A 30 year old cannot fit into clothes from her high school anymore!) and I'm now working a more 'corporate' type job with a dress code. I'm wondering what some alternative places have affordable, more modest clothing. I have not needed to go clothes shopping in forever, hence my question.
Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.28 23:15 yatin000 Strength Grinders X Codes

Strength Grinders X Codes submitted by yatin000 to RobloxCodes2020 [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 23:02 Autismetal Branded T-shirts on YouTube

So I just heard that wearing a branded T-shirt on YouTube is a violation of trademark law or something. (Apparently one you have to be big to get in trouble for, but let’s be real, the “it’s fine if you don’t get caught/reported” mindset is disgusting.)
Other people are telling me it’s perfectly legal to wear branded T-shirts in YouTube videos.
And yet other people are saying it’s legal unless the clothing itself is being used for profit or something?
I am furious not only that I’m getting three different answers but also that out of all the people I’ve talked to who are experienced in legal matters, no one has ever warned me about this until I happened to watch a random YouTube video about dress codes. So amidst this panic attack I need answers - is this a bunch of nonsense over nothing, or am I very lucky I’ve never shown myself in a YouTube video?
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2023.05.28 22:52 Sue_Squared_Designs Hello!! I sell unique, handmade bags and tie dye clothing!! Use code MDAY10 For 10% off all bags & always free shipping!

Hello!! I sell unique, handmade bags and tie dye clothing!! Use code MDAY10 For 10% off all bags & always free shipping! submitted by Sue_Squared_Designs to etsypromos [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 22:45 Sea-Analyst497 MASSIVE GIVE AWAY OVER 1k items!

5 at a time!
  1. Please come empty handed. One trip per person. 15 minutes max, timer will start when you are here.
  2. No littering. I put out multiple garbage cans around my island for your convenience.
  3. Top left side of beach are indoooutdoor & misc items. Bottom left is wallpaper, rugs and flooring items.
  4. Right hand side too beach are fruits and food items. Bottom right are clothes dresses and hats.
My giveaway will be running all day so you will get a chance.
Thank you! Happy hunting!
PS… wooden storage shed are a hit everyone keeps asking for one…
If you like one or a few please bring materials… 30 wood, 30 soft wood, 30 hard wood and 10 iron nuggets.. And also tell me in the message that u like one..
MESSAGE ME FOR CODE as I will NOT respond to the chat on here! TY!
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2023.05.28 22:44 stitchlover_298 Can someone join my private server?
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2023.05.28 22:02 Edward_Stivenson The Best Guide on How to Feel Confident in a New School and Appeal to Others

The Best Guide on How to Feel Confident in a New School and Appeal to Others
Throughout everybody’s life, there are situations where they need to adapt to new social circles. The transfer process often comes with anxiety and unexpected challenges. Unfortunately, low self-esteem sometimes makes it harder to leave the comfort zone successfully. That is why learning to feel good even under such circumstances is beneficial!
How to Boost Self-Confidence in a New School
Without a doubt, moving on to new work or study places requires both mental and physical preparation. Whether you are an adult who changes occupation or a student enrolling in a school or a college, building confidence is necessary. Usually, high self-esteem allows people to build positive relationships with peers. Moreover, recent studies have shown that confident students demonstrate better academic results.
Several factors can stand in the way between a new student and their integration into the group:
  • Low self-esteem
  • Derogatory self-talk
  • Negative past experiences
  • Lack of the communication skill
Sometimes, a person cannot stop overthinking pessimistic scenarios with low chances of coming to life. So how to be confident in school? Don’t worry about it anymore! Our experts from the write papers for me service have gathered the best tips. With these helpful instructions, anyone can gain confidence in a school or a college.
Things to Focus on Before High School
Feeling that your confidence is high, even among new students, means that you have prepared for the fresh life chapter. Suppose you think that learning to gain courage takes years. Breathe out. Many easy confidence tricks help you develop a strong backbone quickly. But, in the long run, the skill comes with constant practice.
For this reason, our custom research papers service has collected the tips you may employ daily. If you are interested in becoming a confident person, here are the most important things to know before high school.
Prepare for Possible Challenges
Are you stressing over the beginning of the school year? Take a deep breath and focus on the preparations instead of pointless worrying. Indeed, planning is perfect for building confidence in students before school and college classes. A confident student knows that they have everything necessary for their studies. Some people ask their parents for advice, while others search online for tips. Your preparation plan should include:
Finding info on education in the school or college
Indeed, you have to know the specifics of the new place. Try rummaging through their website or talking to people who went there. This way, you can learn whether their classes and extracurricular activities fit you.
Preparing stationary and clothes
Do you want to wear your favorite outfit on the first day? Before that, study the school’s dress code policy. Maybe, they require purchasing their uniform or wearing only specific colors. After that, ensure you have all the stationary needed for your studies, like books, pens, and art supplies.
Getting acquainted with the area
If a person enrolls in a new place, most likely, they recently moved to this area. To avoid confusion, learn the right direction to the college or school. If possible, find out the location of every classroom. Remember, a prepared student is a confident student!
Meet New Friends in Your Study Group
Besides the standard high school tips and tricks for academic success, new school and college students must develop soft skills. In other words, improve your communication ability to gain new friends. You’d be surprised if you knew how many benefits a positive mindset brings to you. A positive attitude is characteristic of confident people, and it helps them form a good first impression.
Write how you want to introduce yourself to potential friends, just in case. Approach people without hesitation and show a genuine desire to communicate. Besides, asking for their social media profiles raises the chances of your success.
Work on Self-Esteem to Be More Open
You probably know that people are either extroverted or introverted. So how to be more confident in school if you are naturally a quiet person? Don’t worry, because any person can achieve success and present themselves as a confident person in the new school. Remember the following statements:
  1. Everybody makes mistakes in communication, so take it easy
  2. Giving yourself a pep talk before entering the classroom helps to build confidence
  3. Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations
On top of everything, your new school or college friends try to talk to you, not to test you. So act warm and welcoming to form a good first impression.
Practise Online Communication
If you think you can only build confidence in the classroom, mind that going online is a great method too. Additionally, it allows students with social anxiety to come prepared and boost self-confidence before going to college or school. Learn tips from our service to become interesting:
  1. Join the chats to participate in important class discussions online
  2. Talk to your new friends online to feel confident in the classroom in future
  3. Always remind yourself that networking is as crucial for your future as education
Overall, once you master online communication, real-life conversations can seem easier. So train your self-confidence using your favorite gadgets!
Participate in School Life
Education is much more than answering questions in class and doing homework. When you do adequate research, you might stumble upon the new school's versatile activities. One of the options for spending leisure time is a school club. If you are an open-minded student, you can be interested in the most unusual hobbies, from cryptocurrency to pottery. Luckily, modern educational institutions have options for everybody! Here are several tips for choosing the after-class activities:
  1. Choose a club depending on your interests, not because it is popular
  2. Gain skills that can assist you in your future life, especially in college
  3. Continue to visit a club even if it feels challenging and you make mistakes
  4. Instead of joining too many clubs, boost a couple of skills
In general, remind yourself that all after-class studies are for your joy and entertainment. Besides, such activities give students extra self-assurance.
Develop Your Academic Skills
Although entertainment and socializing are exciting, becoming a good student involves additional challenges. The whole point of school is studying everything from writing Heart of Darkness summary or a process paper to mathematical equations. To be confident in your knowledge during any test, seek advice for high school students:
  1. Be consistent with your homework to avoid academic debts
  2. Be confident in your skills despite making mistakes
  3. Keep your head clear by having enough rest
  4. Avoid being late to class
  5. Try to answer teachers’ questions every lesson
Remember that you must write a statement of purpose for graduate school before becoming a college student. In other words, you should know each subject well enough to choose a preferred degree. One of the most common student mistakes is jeopardizing future success by being an irresponsible student. So let your mind lead you away from making impulsive decisions.
How to Become an Interesting Person?
One of the unattainable characteristics of a confident student is that they make others interested in them. When people sense an unusual personality, they naturally gravitate towards the newbie. What is the secret of success, then? Somebody might think that only legends like actors or astronauts can interest and lead people around them. But, this statement is wrong.
In reality, anyone has a chance of becoming an interesting person, regardless of their background. You are a blank sheet of paper for people in your new school and class. Hence, it depends on your effort whether your classmates can find you engaging. Let’s talk about useful tips and tricks for becoming more interesting!
Feel free to contact us for help if you want to buy argumentative essays. Our professionals are always happy to give you a helping hand.
Become Interested, Tolerant, and Funny
Surprisingly, the most reliable method of becoming an interesting individual is to become curious about the surrounding world and people. In this case, a new school is the perfect source of fascinating acquaintances. Boost your confidence and come up to other people in the class to have a chat. For instance, ask them about:
  • Favorite subjects and hobbies
  • The preferred places to spend time in town
  • Local holidays and school traditions
Generally, students gladly show new people around. Besides that, be as open-minded as possible to the new place and people, although it might be hard initially. With time, every newcomer gains more confidence and becomes more open to fresh experiences.
Finally, boost your sense of humor to spice up every conversation. However, avoid offending anyone with your witty remarks. To make things easier, watch stand-up shows or comedies to borrow jokes.
Ditch Self Doubt and Show the Real You
Whenever you wonder how to be more confident in school, an important recommendation is to be yourself. Yes, it is easier to say than to do. So the first thing on the list is to distinguish the real you. Most of the time, a human’s personality soaks up other people's notions. Therefore, you must rethink your opinions on multiple matters to figure out the real you.
The next stage is to fight the temptation of copying popular kids in the new school. Indeed, mirroring them can boost your confidence temporarily, but merging with other students’ personalities is damaging. Still, you can follow their example partially. Finally, be confident enough to express your thoughts out loud. Then, even though some might disagree with you, you can befriend like-minded people.
Practise New Skills
Have you ever seen how a group of students surrounds somebody who plays guitar or sings in the school hall? Indeed, such a stunt is a piece of cake for a confident student. Granted that you want to win the hearts of your new classmates, ponder over developing a new skill. Listen to the following advice:
  1. Confidence is high when you practice something that inspires you
  2. Pick a unique hobby that nobody else in the class has
  3. Always improve your skills since perfection has no limit
The additional bonus is when you can show off your talents on the school stage or stadium. This way, you are multiplying the chances of gaining new fans from the audience. However, even if you are keen on hiking or maths, you always have an interesting discussion topic.
Gain Knowledge Through Books
Another excellent method to be confident in conversations with people is reading books. Frequently, society associates reading with nerds or homebodies who lack communication skills. Spending time with a good blog or a novel makes a person more eloquent. Mind that a large vocabulary is an underestimated factor that makes someone a good speaker.
To be confident in your literature choice, turn to reliable lists of top books where experts mention high-quality works. Moreover, such books allow people to travel in space in time while sitting in a coach. Hence, you discover something new even with a limited budget.
Be a Good Listener
Among other easy confidence tricks, scientists recommend becoming a good listener. Why does it matter? In brief, people like it when others show compassion and understanding in response to their stories. For sure, listening requires practice and a high level of emotional intelligence. Memorize a few small tips for conversations with other students:
  1. Listen to people without interrupting them
  2. Ask questions to show your curiosity
  3. Replace the word ‘me’ with ‘you’ in conversations
  4. Give advice only if the person asks you for it
The implementation of these tips will draw more people to you naturally.
Title: Need to meet a deadline on your essay?
Text: Just tell our experts about your struggle. They can solve your problem instantly!
Button: Place an Order
Share About Your Experiences
The final secret of enjoyable socialization is being able to tell funny stories. It is as good as the last high school tips and tricks because people like newcomers with unusual backgrounds. Tell people funny stories about your friends and family if you have trouble considering an interesting issue. To make things easier, imagine that you are an actor filming a scene:
  1. Try to rehearse your stories
  2. Choose the cases with unexpected twists
  3. Tell about even the awkward situations
That’s it! You’ve just become the star of your class or even school. Now you can socialize without complications and gather a fun group of friends.
In conclusion, everybody has the potential to become a confident and interesting student in a new place. The proven tips help to succeed even those who doubt themselves at first. Once you learn what other people appreciate in peers, you can master certain traits and win everybody’s hearts!
submitted by Edward_Stivenson to students_essay_help [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 21:56 Jay_bernard_ceo Decoding the Dress Code: Navigating the Parental Conundrum of Choosing the Perfect Kids’ Clothes

Decoding the Dress Code: Navigating the Parental Conundrum of Choosing the Perfect Kids’ Clothes
submitted by Jay_bernard_ceo to kidsclothingbrand [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 21:28 Kyokka Mod idea (randomize new townies outfits smartly)

I am new to Sims and cannot create mods by myself. But if anyone would take on ideas, here is mine.
Problem: even if you deny random townies generation, the existing townies will have children, they will grow up, and their outfits will look weird and require editing. I have chingyu’s and Helaene’s mods for better CAS randomization, but it’s not enough, especially when you have a lot of cc clothes. Possible solution - use the following algorithm: 1. On a sim’s in an unplayed household aging, rewrite their color preferences to 2 color likes. 2. For the age stages that apply, pick one of their clothes style preferences. 3. Reroll every clothing item they got from the game to match these 3 parameters (2 color preferences and 1 style pref). If the player has no DLC introducing styles or style prefs don’t apply to the age stage, use just the color prefs. 4. Use some additional parameters to make it all better, like no sweaters, outerwear, boots in Hot Weather, no tanks, bras, shorts, sandals in Cold Weather. Dress or skirt in Cold Weather requires tights.
I think this can be coded? Would be also cool to make an option to use only natural hair and brows colors for newly generated sims and to prohibit gray hair for Infants-Adults.
submitted by Kyokka to thesimscc [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 21:06 Yoyoroii net.minecraft.class_442 related crash

Hello i wanted to play a solo modpack adventure Through the logs i think the issue is related to "net.minecraft.class_442" Help would be appricated 😅
Here my full log : [20:48:42] [main/INFO]: Loading Minecraft 1.19.2 with Fabric Loader 0.14.21
[20:48:42] [ForkJoinPool-1-worker-9/WARN]: Mod brewinandchewin uses the version fabric-1.0.6+1.19.2 which isn't compatible with Loader's extended semantic version format (Could not parse version number component 'fabric'!), SemVer is recommended for reliably evaluating dependencies and prioritizing newer version
[20:48:42] [ForkJoinPool-1-worker-7/WARN]: Mod createaddition uses the version 20230508b which isn't compatible with Loader's extended semantic version format (Could not parse version number component '20230508b'!), SemVer is recommended for reliably evaluating dependencies and prioritizing newer version
[20:48:42] [ForkJoinPool-1-worker-6/WARN]: Mod create uses the version 0.5.0.i-1017+1.19.2 which isn't compatible with Loader's extended semantic version format (Could not parse version number component 'i'!), SemVer is recommended for reliably evaluating dependencies and prioritizing newer version
[20:48:42] [ForkJoinPool-1-worker-7/WARN]: Mod flywheel uses the version 0.6.8.a-4 which isn't compatible with Loader's extended semantic version format (Could not parse version number component 'a'!), SemVer is recommended for reliably evaluating dependencies and prioritizing newer version
[20:48:43] [ForkJoinPool-1-worker-9/WARN]: Mod naturalist uses the version 3.0.3a which isn't compatible with Loader's extended semantic version format (Could not parse version number component '3a'!), SemVer is recommended for reliably evaluating dependencies and prioritizing newer version
[20:48:43] [ForkJoinPool-1-worker-5/WARN]: Mod lightestlamp uses the version 3.0.0f which isn't compatible with Loader's extended semantic version format (Could not parse version number component '0f'!), SemVer is recommended for reliably evaluating dependencies and prioritizing newer version
[20:48:43] [ForkJoinPool-1-worker-1/WARN]: Mod spectrum uses the version 1.6.10-1.19.2-leisure_time which isn't compatible with Loader's extended semantic version format (Invalid prerelease string '1.19.2-leisure_time'!), SemVer is recommended for reliably evaluating dependencies and prioritizing newer version
[20:48:43] [ForkJoinPool-1-worker-2/WARN]: Mod spellbladenext uses the version which isn't compatible with Loader's extended semantic version format (Could not parse version number component 'hotfix1'!), SemVer is recommended for reliably evaluating dependencies and prioritizing newer version
[20:48:43] [ForkJoinPool-1-worker-10/WARN]: The mod "thonkutil-customization-v1" contains invalid entries in its mod json:
- Unsupported root entry "disabled:mixins" at line 11 column 20
[20:48:43] [main/WARN]: Warnings were found!
- Mod 'Create: Steam 'n Rails' (railways) 1.2.6+fabric-mc1.19.2 recommends version 0.5.0.i-1000+1.19.2 of mod 'Create' (create), but only the wrong version is present: 0.5.0.i-1017+1.19.2!
 \- You should install version 0.5.0.i-1000+1.19.2 of mod 'Create' (create) for the optimal experience. 
- Mod 'Create Slice & Dice' (sliceanddice) 2.1.3 recommends any version of farmers-delight, which is missing!
 \- You should install any version of farmers-delight for the optimal experience. 
[20:48:43] [main/INFO]: Loading 348 mods:
\- advanced\_runtime\_resource\_pack 0.6.4 \- adventurez 1.4.18 \- another\_furniture 2.1.2-1.19.2 \- appleskin 2.4.1+mc1.19 \- architectury 6.5.85 \- artifacts 7.1.1+fabric 
-- expandability 6.0.0
\-- step-height-entity-attribute 1.0.0
\- backpacked 2.2.0 \- badpackets 0.2.1 \- bclib 2.1.6 \- beachparty 1.0.4 
\-- doapi 1.0.4
\-- terraform-wood-api-v1 4.2.0
\- beautify 1.1.1+fabric-1.19.2 
-- cardinal-components-base 5.0.2
-- cardinal-components-entity 5.0.2
\-- cardinal-components-world 5.0.2
\- besmirchment 1.19.2-10 
-- playerabilitylib 1.6.0
-- reach-entity-attributes 2.3.0
\-- terraform-wood-api-v1 4.2.0
\- betteradvancements []( \- betteranimalsplus 1.19.2-11.0.10 \- bettercombat 1.7.1+1.19 \- betterdeserttemples 1.19.2-Fabric-2.2.2 
\-- org_reflections_reflections 0.10.2
\- betterdungeons 1.19.2-Fabric-3.2.1 \- betterend 2.1.5 \- betterfortresses 1.19.2-Fabric-1.0.5 \- bettermineshafts 1.19.2-Fabric-3.2.0 \- betteroceanmonuments 1.19.2-Fabric-2.1.0 \- betterstrongholds 1.19.2-Fabric-3.2.0 \- betterthirdperson 1.9.0 \- betterwitchhuts 1.19.2-Fabric-2.1.0 \- bewitchment 1.19-7 
-- fabric-permissions-api-v0 0.1-SNAPSHOT
-- impersonate 2.8.0
-- playerabilitylib 1.6.0
-- reach-entity-attributes 2.3.0
\-- terraform-wood-api-v1 4.2.0
\- bookshelf 16.2.18 \- bosses\_of\_mass\_destruction 1.4.6-1.19.2 
-- maelstrom_library 1.3-1.19-pre1
\-- multipart_entities 1.2-1.19-pre1
\- botania 1.19.2-439-FABRIC 
-- fiber 0.23.0-2
-- reach-entity-attributes 2.3.0
\-- step-height-entity-attribute 1.0.0
\- botanypots 9.0.33 \- botanytrees 5.0.8 \- brewinandchewin fabric-1.0.6+1.19.2 \- bwplus 1.19-11 
-- playerabilitylib 1.6.0
-- reach-entity-attributes 2.3.0
\-- terraform-wood-api-v1 4.2.0
\- cacao 1.2 \- candlelight 1.0.4 \- capes 1.5.2+1.19.2 
\-- com_github_llamalad7_mixinextras 0.2.0-beta.1
\- capybara 2.0.1 \- cardinal-components 5.0.2 
-- cardinal-components-base 5.0.2
-- cardinal-components-block 5.0.2
-- cardinal-components-chunk 5.0.2
-- cardinal-components-entity 5.0.2
-- cardinal-components-item 5.0.2
-- cardinal-components-level 5.0.2
-- cardinal-components-scoreboard 5.0.2
\-- cardinal-components-world 5.0.2
\- carryon []( \- chat\_heads 0.10.14 \- chefsdelight 1.0.3-fabric-1.19.2 
\-- structurized-reborn 1.19-01
\- chimes 1.1.4 \- cloth-config 8.2.88 
\-- cloth-basic-math 0.6.1
\- clumps 9.0.0+14 \- coffee\_delight 1.3 \- collective 6.53 \- controlling 10.0+7 \- convenientdecor 0.1.0 \- corgilib []( 
-- com_electronwill_night-config_core 3.6.6
\-- com_electronwill_night-config_toml 3.6.6
\- create 0.5.0.i-1017+1.19.2 
-- com_google_code_findbugs_jsr305 3.0.2
-- flywheel 0.6.8.a-4
-- milk 1.0.51
\-- dripstone_fluid_lib 2.0.1
-- porting_lib 2.1.954+1.19.2
-- forge_tags 3.0
-- mm 2.3
-- porting_lib_accessors 2.1.954+1.19.2
-- porting_lib_attributes 2.1.954+1.19.2
-- porting_lib_base 2.1.954+1.19.2
-- porting_lib_common 2.1.954+1.19.2
-- porting_lib_constants 2.1.954+1.19.2
-- porting_lib_entity 2.1.954+1.19.2
-- porting_lib_extensions 2.1.954+1.19.2
-- porting_lib_fake_players 2.1.954+1.19.2
-- porting_lib_lazy_registration 2.1.954+1.19.2
-- porting_lib_loot 2.1.954+1.19.2
-- porting_lib_model_generators 2.1.954+1.19.2
-- porting_lib_model_loader 2.1.954+1.19.2
-- porting_lib_models 2.1.954+1.19.2
-- porting_lib_networking 2.1.954+1.19.2
-- porting_lib_obj_loader 2.1.954+1.19.2
-- porting_lib_transfer 2.1.954+1.19.2
\-- serialization_hooks 0.3.26
-- reach-entity-attributes 2.3.0
\-- registrate-fabric 1.1.57-MC1.19.2
\- create\_deco\_casing 2.0.0 \- createaddition 20230508b 
\-- team_reborn_energy 2.2.0
\- createchunkloading 1.3.0 \- createdeco 1.3.2-1.19.2 \- creategoggles []( \- createoreexcavation 1.1.3 
\-- chunk-storage-api-fabric 1.0.2
\- creeperoverhaul 2.0.9 \- crittersandcompanions 1.19.2-1.0.3 \- croptopia 2.2.2 
-- com_typesafe_config 1.4.1
-- io_leangen_geantyref_geantyref 1.3.11
-- org_spongepowered_configurate-core 4.1.2
\-- org_spongepowered_configurate-hocon 4.1.2
\- croptosis 1.5.1 \- culturaldelights 0.14.9+1.19.2 
\-- terraform-wood-api-v1 4.2.0
\- darkpaintings 13.1.5 \- darkutils 13.1.7 \- decorative\_blocks 3.0.0 \- deeperdarker 1.1.6 
-- customportalapi 0.0.1-beta54-1.19
\-- paragon 3.0.2
-- com_moandjiezana_toml_toml4j 0.7.2
\-- org_yaml_snakeyaml 1.27
\- dragonloot 1.1.2 \- duckling 2.0.8 \- dummmmmmy 1.19.2-1.7.1 \- earthtojavamobs 1.10.0 \- easyanvils 4.0.11 \- easymagic 4.3.3 \- eatinganimationid 1.9.1 \- ecologics 2.1.11 \- effective 1.4 \- enchdesc 13.0.14 \- endrem 5.2.0 \- enhancedcelestials []( \- expandeddelight []( \- extendedflywheels 1.19.2-0.5.0.g- 
-- noindium 1.1.0+1.19
\-- team_reborn_energy 2.2.0
\- extendedgears 2.0.2-1.19.2-0.5.0.i+fabric-1.19.2 \- extraorigins 1.19-2 \- fabric-api 0.76.0+1.19.2 
-- fabric-api-base 0.4.15+8f4e8eb390
-- fabric-api-lookup-api-v1 1.6.14+93d8cb8290
-- fabric-biome-api-v1 9.1.1+16f1e31390
-- fabric-block-api-v1 1.0.2+e415d50e90
-- fabric-blockrenderlayer-v1 1.1.25+cafc6e8e90
-- fabric-client-tags-api-v1 1.0.5+b35fea8390
-- fabric-command-api-v1 1.2.16+f71b366f90
-- fabric-command-api-v2 2.2.1+413cbbc790
-- fabric-commands-v0 0.2.33+df3654b390
-- fabric-containers-v0 0.1.41+df3654b390
-- fabric-content-registries-v0 3.5.2+7c6cd14d90
-- fabric-convention-tags-v1 1.3.0+4bc6e26290
-- fabric-crash-report-info-v1 0.2.8+aeb40ebe90
-- fabric-data-generation-api-v1 5.3.8+413cbbc790
-- fabric-dimensions-v1 2.1.35+0d0f210290
-- fabric-entity-events-v1 1.5.4+9244241690
-- fabric-events-interaction-v0 0.4.34+562bff6e90
-- fabric-events-lifecycle-v0 0.2.36+df3654b390
-- fabric-game-rule-api-v1 1.0.24+b6b6abb490
-- fabric-item-api-v1 1.6.6+b7d1888890
-- fabric-item-groups-v0 0.3.39+9244241690
-- fabric-key-binding-api-v1 1.0.25+5c4fce2890
-- fabric-keybindings-v0 0.2.23+df3654b390
-- fabric-lifecycle-events-v1 2.2.4+1b46dc7890
-- fabric-loot-api-v2 1.1.13+83a8659290
-- fabric-loot-tables-v1 1.1.16+9e7660c690
-- fabric-message-api-v1 5.0.7+93d8cb8290
-- fabric-mining-level-api-v1 2.1.24+33fbc73890
-- fabric-models-v0 0.3.21+c6af733c90
-- fabric-networking-api-v1 1.2.11+10eb22f490
-- fabric-networking-v0 0.3.28+df3654b390
-- fabric-object-builder-api-v1 4.2.2+d8ef690890
-- fabric-particles-v1 1.0.14+4d0d570390
-- fabric-recipe-api-v1 1.0.1+413cbbc790
-- fabric-registry-sync-v0 0.9.32+9244241690
-- fabric-renderer-api-v1 1.2.1+1adbf27790
-- fabric-renderer-indigo 0.8.0+1adbf27790
-- fabric-renderer-registries-v1 3.2.24+df3654b390
-- fabric-rendering-data-attachment-v1 0.3.19+6e0787e690
-- fabric-rendering-fluids-v1 3.0.11+4d0d570390
-- fabric-rendering-v0 1.1.27+df3654b390
-- fabric-rendering-v1 1.12.1+d8ef690890
-- fabric-resource-conditions-api-v1 2.1.2+aae9039d90
-- fabric-resource-loader-v0 0.8.4+edbdcddb90
-- fabric-screen-api-v1 1.0.32+4d0d570390
-- fabric-screen-handler-api-v1 1.3.7+1cc24b1b90
-- fabric-sound-api-v1 1.0.2+c4f28df590
-- fabric-textures-v0 1.0.24+aeb40ebe90
-- fabric-transfer-api-v1 2.1.6+413cbbc790
\-- fabric-transitive-access-wideners-v1 1.3.3+08b73de490
\- fabric-language-kotlin 1.9.4+kotlin.1.8.21 
-- org_jetbrains_kotlin_kotlin-reflect 1.8.21
-- org_jetbrains_kotlin_kotlin-stdlib 1.8.21
-- org_jetbrains_kotlin_kotlin-stdlib-jdk7 1.8.21
-- org_jetbrains_kotlin_kotlin-stdlib-jdk8 1.8.21
-- org_jetbrains_kotlinx_atomicfu-jvm 0.20.2
-- org_jetbrains_kotlinx_kotlinx-coroutines-core-jvm 1.6.4
-- org_jetbrains_kotlinx_kotlinx-coroutines-jdk8 1.6.4
-- org_jetbrains_kotlinx_kotlinx-datetime-jvm 0.4.0
-- org_jetbrains_kotlinx_kotlinx-serialization-cbor-jvm 1.5.0
-- org_jetbrains_kotlinx_kotlinx-serialization-core-jvm 1.5.0
\-- org_jetbrains_kotlinx_kotlinx-serialization-json-jvm 1.5.0
\- fabricenchantments 0.9.0 \- fabricloader 0.14.21 \- farmersdelight 1.19.2-1.3.9 \- farmersknives 2.4 \- farmersrespite 2.2.4 \- findme 3.1.0 \- fishofthieves 2.2.3 \- forgeconfigapiport 4.2.11 \- framework 0.6.0 
\-- org_javassist_javassist 3.29.2-GA
\- ftbchunks 1902.3.21-build.266 \- ftblibrary 1902.3.19-build.214 \- ftbteams 1902.2.13-build.100 \- fwaystones 3.0.7+mc1.19.2 \- geckolib3 3.1.40 
\-- com_eliotlash_mclib_mclib 20
\- goblintraders 1.5.2 \- graveyard 2.3.3 \- guardvillagers 1.19.2-1.1.2 \- handcrafted 2.0.6 \- heartytrinkets 1.19-1.0.0 \- highlighter 1.1.4 \- icarus 1.14 \- iceberg 1.0.46 \- immersive\_armors 1.5.5+1.19.2 \- immersive\_paintings 0.6.0+1.19.2 \- inventorysorter 1.8.10-1.19 
\-- kyrptconfig 1.4.14-1.19
\- ironchests 1.7.7 
\-- libgui 6.2.0+1.19
-- jankson 4.1.1+j1.2.1
\-- libninepatch 1.1.0
\- jamlib 0.6.0+1.19 \- java 17 \- jei \- journeymap 5.9.7 
\-- journeymap-api-fabric 1.19.1-1.9-fabric-SNAPSHOT
\- lightestlamp 3.0.0f 
\-- team_reborn_energy 2.2.0
\- lootr []( \- magnumtorch 4.2.2 \- mcwbridges 2.0.7 \- mcwdoors 1.0.8 \- mcwfences 1.0.7 \- mcwfurnitures 3.1.0 \- mcwlights 1.0.5 \- mcwpaintings 1.0.4 \- mcwpaths 1.0.2 \- mcwroofs 2.2.3 \- mcwtrpdoors 1.1.0 \- mcwwindows 2.1.2 \- meadow 1.1.1 
-- terrablender
\-- terraform-wood-api-v1 4.2.0
\- medievalweapons 1.4.5 
\-- reach-entity-attributes 2.3.0
\- midnightlib 1.0.0 \- minecells 1.4.3 
\-- omega-config 1.2.3-1.18.1
\- minecraft 1.19.2 \- modmenu 2.0.17 \- moonlight 1.19.2-2.2.34 \- morevillagers 4.0.2 \- mousetweaks 2.22 \- mysticaloaktree 1.19.2-1.8 \- mythicmounts 1.19.2-7.2 \- naturalist 3.0.3a \- naturescompass 1.19.2-2.1.0-fabric \- nethersdelight 1.0.1 
\-- disable_custom_worlds_advice 3.0
\- nightlights 1.1 \- notenoughanimations 1.6.2 \- nyfsarcheryplus 1.0.2 \- oceansdelight 1.0.0 \- origins 1.7.1 
-- apoli 2.6.1
-- calio 1.7.0
\-- playerabilitylib 1.6.0
\-- reach-entity-attributes 2.3.0
\- originsumbrellas 1.5.4 \- owo 0.8.5+1.19 
\-- blue_endless_jankson 1.2.1
\- patchouli 1.19.2-77-FABRIC 
\-- fiber 0.23.0-2
\- pehkui 3.7.5+1.14.4-1.20 
\-- kanos_config 0.4.1+1.14.4-1.19.4
\- philipsruins 1.19.2 \- pigpen 11.1.2 \- player-animator 1.0.2 \- polaroidcamera 1.4.1 \- probablychests 0.5.5-1.19.2 \- puzzleslib 4.4.0 
-- cardinal-components-base 5.0.2
-- cardinal-components-block 5.0.2
-- cardinal-components-chunk 5.0.2
-- cardinal-components-entity 5.0.2
\-- cardinal-components-world 5.0.2
\- railways 1.2.6+fabric-mc1.19.2 \- resourcefulconfig 1.0.20 \- resourcefullib 1.1.24 \- revelationary 1.3.5 \- rightclickharvest 3.2.0+1.19.x \- rottencreatures 1.0.1 
\-- reach-entity-attributes 2.3.0
\- runelic 14.1.4 \- runes 0.9.8+1.19 \- satin 1.9.0 \- skinlayers 1.5.2-mc1.19.1 \- sliceanddice 2.1.3 \- sound\_physics\_remastered 1.19.2-1.0.18 \- spark 1.10.37 
\-- fabric-permissions-api-v0 0.1-SNAPSHOT
\- spectrum 1.6.10-1.19.2-leisure\_time 
-- additionalentityattributes 1.2.0+1.19.2
-- arrowhead 1.2.0-1.19.2
-- incubus_core 1.9.4
\-- reach-entity-attributes 2.3.0
\- spell\_engine 0.9.21+1.19 \- spell\_power 0.9.12+1.19 \- spellbladenext \- stoneworks 4.0.1 \- supplementaries 1.19.2-2.3.14a \- table\_top\_craft 1.19-2.0.2 \- terralith 2.3.8 \- things 0.3.0+1.19 
\-- reach-entity-attributes 2.3.0
\- thonkutil 2.15.4+1.19 
-- thonkutil-base 1.13.2+4a8c408a57
-- thonkutil-capes-v1 1.4.2+3eb2749857
-- thonkutil-coords-v1 1.1.2+8ff533c957
-- thonkutil-customization-v1 1.1.2+8ff533c957
-- thonkutil-legacy 1.1.2+5d4263f557
-- thonkutil-modchecker-v1 1.1.3+bd4b387957
-- thonkutil-potions-v0 1.5.2+8ff533c957
-- thonkutil-titlescreen-v1 1.2.2+8ff533c957
\-- thonkutil-trades-v1 1.2.2+8ff533c957
\- toms\_storage 1.5.6 \- travelersbackpack 1.19.2-8.2.22 
\-- reach-entity-attributes 2.3.0
\- treechop 0.17.6 \- treeharvester 8.0 \- trinkets 3.4.2 \- twigs 3.0.0 \- varietyaquatic []( \- vcinteraction 1.19.2-1.0.3 
\-- polymer 0.2.19+1.19.2
-- packet_tweaker 0.3.0+1.18.2
\-- polymer-registry-sync-manipulator 0.0.3+1.19.2
\- villagernames 5.2 \- vinery 1.2.10 
\-- doapi 1.0.4
\-- terraform-wood-api-v1 4.2.0
\- voicechat 1.19.2-2.4.8 \- wands 2.6.6-release \- wardentools 2.1.2 \- wizards 0.9.16+1.19 \- wondrouswilds 1.19.2-1.1.6 \- wthit 5.16.1 \- yigd 1.4.9 \- yungsapi 1.19.2-Fabric-3.8.9 \- yungsbridges 1.19.2-Fabric-3.1.0 \- yungsextras 1.19.2-Fabric-3.1.0 
[20:48:44] [main/INFO]: SpongePowered MIXIN Subsystem Version=0.8.5 Source=file:/C:/Users/VSK10/Twitch/Minecraft/Install/libraries/net/fabricmc/sponge-mixin/0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5/sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar Service=Knot/Fabric Env=CLIENT
[20:48:44] [main/INFO]: Compatibility level set to JAVA_17
[20:48:44] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'beachparty-fabric-refmap.json' for beachparty.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'candlelight-fabric-refmap.json' for candlelight.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'creategoggles-fabric-refmap.json' for creategoggles.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'doapi-fabric-refmap.json' for doapi.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'dummmmmmy-fabric-refmap.json' for dummmmmmy.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'extendedflywheels-refmap.json' for extendedflywheels.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'extendedgears-fabric-refmap.json' for examplemod.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'immersive_paintings-common-refmap.json' for immersive_paintings.mixin.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'morevillagers-fabric-fabric-refmap.json' for morevillagers.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'mysticaloaktree-fabric-refmap.json' for mysticaloaktree.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'mysticaloaktree-common-refmap.json' for mysticaloaktree-common.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'NethersDelight-refmap.json' for nethersdelight.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'oceansdelight-refmap.json' for oceansdelight.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'paragon-fabric-refmap.json' for paragon.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'paragon-common-refmap.json' for paragon-common.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'philipsruins-refmap.json' for philipsruins.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'BuildingWands-mc1.19.2-fabric-refmap.json' for wands.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'warden-tools-refmap.json' for wardentools.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'yungsextras.refmap.json' for yungsextras.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:45] [main/WARN]: Reference map 'yungsextras.refmap.json' for yungsextras_fabric.mixins.json could not be read. If this is a development environment you can ignore this message
[20:48:46] [main/WARN]: Error loading class: me/jellysquid/mods/sodium/client/rendechunk/data/ChunkRenderData$Builder (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: me/jellysquid/mods/sodium/client/rendechunk/data/ChunkRenderData$Builder)
[20:48:46] [main/WARN]: u/Mixin target$Builder was not found flywheel.mixins.json:instancemanage.SodiumChunkRenderDataMixin from mod flywheel
[20:48:46] [main/WARN]: Error loading class: dev/tr7zw/firstperson/modsupport/PlayerAnimatorSupport (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: dev/tr7zw/firstperson/modsupport/PlayerAnimatorSupport)
[20:48:46] [main/WARN]: Error loading class: fcatcore/servetranslations/api/resource/language/SystemDelegatedLanguage (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: fcatcore/servetranslations/api/resource/language/SystemDelegatedLanguage)
[20:48:46] [main/WARN]: Error loading class: mezz/jei/common/ingredients/subtypes/SubtypeManager (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: mezz/jei/common/ingredients/subtypes/SubtypeManager)
[20:48:47] [main/WARN]: Error loading class: dev/latvian/mods/kubejs/recipe/RecipesEventJS (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: dev/latvian/mods/kubejs/recipe/RecipesEventJS)
[20:48:47] [main/WARN]: u/Mixin target dev.latvian.mods.kubejs.recipe.RecipesEventJS was not found sliceanddice.mixins.json:RecipeEventJSMixin from mod sliceanddice
[20:48:47] [main/WARN]: Error loading class: draylamagna/api/MagnaTool (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: draylamagna/api/MagnaTool)
[20:48:47] [main/WARN]: Error loading class: twilightforest/util/EntityUtil (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: twilightforest/util/EntityUtil)
[20:48:47] [main/INFO]: I used the json to destroy the json
[20:48:49] [main/ERROR]: Minecraft has crashed!
net.fabricmc.loader.impl.FormattedException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Mixin transformation of net.minecraft.class_442 failed
at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.FormattedException.ofLocalized([]( \~\[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?\] at[]( \~\[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?\] at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.Knot.launch([]( \[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?\] at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClient.main([]( \[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?\] 
Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Mixin transformation of net.minecraft.class_442 failed
at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClassDelegate.getPostMixinClassByteArray([]( \~\[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?\] at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClassDelegate.tryLoadClass([]( \~\[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?\] at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClassDelegate.loadClass([]( \~\[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?\] at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClassLoader.loadClass([]( \~\[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?\] at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass([]( \~\[?:?\] at vazkii.patchouli.client.handler.BookCrashHandler.appendToCrashReport([]( \~\[Patchouli-1.19.2-77-FABRIC.jar:?\] at net.minecraft.class\_6396.handler$fmi000$patchouli$addContext(class\ \~\[client-intermediary.jar:?\] at net.minecraft.class\_6396.(class\ \~\[client-intermediary.jar:?\] at net.minecraft.class\_128.(class\ \~\[client-intermediary.jar:?\] at net.minecraft.class\_128.method\_24305(class\ \~\[client-intermediary.jar:?\] at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.method\_44604([]( \~\[fabric-loader-0.14.21-1.19.2.jar:?\] at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main([]( \~\[fabric-loader-0.14.21-1.19.2.jar:?\] at[]( \~\[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?\] ... 2 more 
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Caused by: org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.injection.throwables.InjectionError: Critical injection failure: Argument modifier method adjustRealmsHeight(I)I in mixins.modmenu.json:MixinTitleScreen from mod modmenu failed injection check, (0/1) succeeded. Scanned 1 target(s). Using refmap modmenu-refmap.json
at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.injection.struct.InjectionInfo.postInject([]( \~\[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5\] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinTargetContext.applyInjections([]( \~\[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5\] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinApplicatorStandard.applyInjections([]( \~\[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5\] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinApplicatorStandard.applyMixin([]( \~\[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5\] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinApplicatorStandard.apply([]( \~\[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5\] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.TargetClassContext.apply([]( \~\[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5\] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.TargetClassContext.applyMixins([]( \~\[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5\] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinProcessor.applyMixins([]( \~\[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5\] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinTransformer.transformClass([]( \~\[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5\] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinTransformer.transformClassBytes([]( \~\[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5\] at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClassDelegate.getPostMixinClassByteArray([]( \~\[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?\] at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClassDelegate.tryLoadClass([]( \~\[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?\] at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClassDelegate.loadClass([]( \~\[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?\] at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClassLoader.loadClass([]( \~\[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?\] at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass([]( \~\[?:?\] at vazkii.patchouli.client.handler.BookCrashHandler.appendToCrashReport([]( \~\[Patchouli-1.19.2-77-FABRIC.jar:?\] at net.minecraft.class\_6396.handler$fmi000$patchouli$addContext(class\ \~\[client-intermediary.jar:?\] at net.minecraft.class\_6396.(class\ \~\[client-intermediary.jar:?\] at net.minecraft.class\_128.(class\ \~\[client-intermediary.jar:?\] at net.minecraft.class\_128.method\_24305(class\ \~\[client-intermediary.jar:?\] at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.method\_44604([]( \~\[fabric-loader-0.14.21-1.19.2.jar:?\] at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main([]( \~\[fabric-loader-0.14.21-1.19.2.jar:?\] at[]( \~\[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?\] ... 2 more 
submitted by Yoyoroii to fabricmc [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 20:41 Emerald_Aussie School of Beards Chapter 27: “BeardSchool is Out (for Summer)!”

We have done it. The end of another school year! Before we jump into this last set of stories, remember to subscribe to ReddX, home of the best cringe content on YouTube. Promise, swearsies, it’s just a fact and it’s totally science. Go ahead and look it up!
I miss that intro a lot so I figured I’d just write it in. I waited until after graduation to post this because, with ManiBeard at graduation, I figured anything could happen. And it did. And with that, let’s jump into this last set of beardy tales (for this school year). Let’s a-go.
  1. “No Place Like Home (Campus)”
I was in a pretty good mood because I found out that district was ticked off at admin for considering moving my Cave to a different room next year and because they keep using my Cave as ‘backup’ for state testing. Evidently, the district was unaware this was happening but after I had complained to Cook about the extent of it she went to the district and, well, I’m keeping my Cave next year right where it is, and testing use will be limited. I won without lifting a finger. Sometimes bureaucracy works. Not often, but it’s beautiful when it does.
Of course, that good mood was not to last…
On this day I had a meeting with all the other Graphic Design teachers at another campus. We will call it Clique High School (because ‘cult’ may or may not be YouTube-friendly).
The first thing you need to know is I have a history with CHS. Remember, all the way back in chapter 1 where I mention I was a substitute teacher at Standard High before they hired me as a teacher? Well, there was one part I left out because it was irrelevant to that story, but it becomes relevant here. It is true I did sub at SHS, but the part I left out was that for half of the 2020-2021 school year (Covid year), I was a long-term sub at another campus and that campus was Clique High School. To say it was a poor experience would be underselling it immensely. You could say that Elon Musk is well off but that doesn’t really express the massive mounds of money that malevolent menace truly had. Likewise, saying I had a poor experience at CHS doesn’t really express the absolutely traumatizing, terrible, troublesome experience that my life there. It got so bad that I would leave work, cry the entire 30-minute drive to SHS, pick up Beatle, and make him drive the rest of the way home because my eyes were sore from crying.
What did I do at CHS? Well, I was a long-term sub in ESL. That’s where I got my start with it. When I walked in at the start of that year I’d never had a high school classroom before, I had no lesson plans, limited access to the curriculum since I was a sub, and I was teaching virtually because Covid…and what did I do? I build a curriculum, bonded with my class, and wrote my own lesson plans (even though subs generally don’t write plans). Basically, I rebuilt their ESL program. I did apply for the job. After all, I was already doing all of the work for substitute pay. I may as well get teacher pay for being a teacher. Right? Wrong.
They did interview me for the job but then proceeded to yank me around for half a semester before finally saying they were going to hire someone else. Who? No idea. But not me. But they wanted me to continue to long-term sub and do what I was doing until they found someone. Honestly, when I didn’t get the job part of me was pissed because of all the work I put in, but part of me was relieved. You see, the culture at CHS isn’t like the culture at SHS. Their principal, whom we will call Mr. D (for reasons that will soon be clear), had been named the district’s principal of the year and his staff completely fawned over him…a staff mostly comprised of women. The male-to-female ratio at CHS was considerably more unbalanced than at SHS. What struck me as odd was that Mr. D did not seem to warrant such admiration. During my interactions with him, I got slimy car salesman vibes more than high school principal. I would come to find out that this went deeper than I knew.
Remember AVIDBeard? Yeah, to her credit she was the one that warned me. Mostly I think she saw a chance to gossip, but nonetheless. I was visiting SHS and telling the English dept. how much I missed subbing for them (they actually liked me at this time…this was long before EnglishBeard even worked there so certainly before that whole thing made me a pariah). They missed me too. Although honestly, they missed having a sub at their becken call. Let’s be real. Anyway, AVIDBeard was all too happy to jump in with gossip.
“Be careful over there Mandy,” AVIDBeard said.
“Why? What do you know?” I asked.
“I had a training over there once and this teacher that works there started freaking out because the instructor, who was also a teacher there, was late. She started to have an anxiety attack and when I asked her what was wrong she said ‘Daddy isn’t going to like this’,” AVIDBeard explained.
“What?!” everyone in the room asked at once.
AVIDBeard nodded, “I know! So I asked her, ‘you call your principal Daddy?’ and she said ‘of course.’.”
I raised an eyebrow. I was skeptical, to say the least. Even then I knew AVIDBeard was not a reliable source. But, on the off chance she was telling the truth I had to know. CHS wasn’t exactly full of friendly teachers. In fact, where everyone at SHS had been welcoming, it had been the very opposite at CHS. They treated me like an outsider they were skeptical of. I had managed to at least have somewhat of a dialogue with the librarian. She helped me to ensure that my ESL students had books in their native languages to read during the pandemic. I went to her one day to ask about scheduling some book pick-ups for the students (this was when teachers were on-campus but students were virtual).
“Hey, can I ask you something?” I asked after we had figured out scheduling.
“Sure, what’s up?” she asked.
“OK, so it’s dumb, but someone told me you guys call Mr. D ‘daddy’. Silly, right?” I said with a laugh.
She just blinked, “Who told you that?”
Her reaction caught me off guard. She wasn’t laughing. My eyes widened, “Um, I don’t remember, it just got mentioned in passing.”
“Don’t ask anyone else that question…just…don’t even mention it,” she said.
I blinked. I wanted out of this conversation, “OK, I won’t. I’ll just forget I ever heard about it.”
She nodded and turned away, “I have work to do. If you need more books let me know.”
I rushed back to my classroom. After that, the librarian was very cold toward me.
To this day I honestly believe that the reason Mr. D didn’t hire me was because I’m too strong-willed and I have a big mouth…neither fits well into a cult-like structure, which it is very obvious CHS is.
At the semester break, they hadn’t yet hired anyone and asked me to stay for the rest of the year as a long-term sub. Basically, they wanted to pay me sub pay for an entire year of teaching. I told them ‘no way’ and I begged the district and Mr. Principal to let me return to subbing at SHS. I didn’t even care that regular sub pay was less than long-term sub pay. I just wanted out…and it turns out it all worked in my favor because obviously Mr. Principal ended up hiring me for the very job that Mr. D rejected me from and I’m very happy where I am now. And I don’t even have to call Mr. Principal ‘daddy’. Gag! Say what you will about Standard High, but I’ll take it over CHS any day.
OK, I know that was a lot of backstory, but I truly need you to understand why I so vehemently loathe everything about CHS and moreover why even being there gives me a mild case of PTSD.
Alright then, where were we? Oh yeah. Meeting for Graphic Design teachers over at CHS. I was not happy about this because I hate being at CHS of course, but I also hated leaving my students with a sub this close to the end of the year. But, alas, there I was. I walked into the familiar, loathsome halls. Daddy was in the main hall greeting his subjects.
“Mandy? What are you doing here?” he asked as he looked me over. I was in full-school spirit mode. SHS staff shirt and matching school spirit Converse I had custom-made.
“Graphic Design meeting,” I said.
“Oh, you teach Graphic Design now?” he asked.
I nodded, “Yeah, I did so great at fixing their ESL program they gave me my true dream job and now I’m relaunching their graphic design program.” OK, so it was a bit of embellishment, but I wanted him to know that his loss was SHS’s gain.
“Shame…we have an ESL position open here at The Clique,” Mr. D said. That’s how he referred to his campus. Imagine if the school’s name was Blue Mountain High and he called it The Mountain. Yeah…cringey.
“Oh yeah? I heard Patty didn’t stay,” I said. Patty was who they hired instead of me. She ended up retiring after one year at ‘The Clique’.
“Yeah, well we hired Emmy to replace Patty and now she is leaving,” Mr. D said.
“Shame…yeah, I’m still at SHS and quite happy. I heard principals were turning to poaching from other high schools so I’ll save you the trouble. I’m not poachable,” I said, wanting to get away from him.
“You could have your old job in your old room,” Mr. D said in a tone that made me very uneasy.
“I have a perfectly lovely Cave. Besides, my husband works at SHS too and I like being on the same campus as the love of my life,” I said, pointedly.
“If you change your mind, let me know. Enjoy your meeting. Welcome back to The Clique,” Mr. D said as I quickly walked away to find the room Graphic Design was meeting in.
Now, this may come as a surprise to you all, but I am NOT a social creature. Truly. Beatle is my best friend and aside from Cali all my other friends are on the ReddX Discord (hence my desire to not get myself banned over there). And I am 150% ok with that. At that moment I wanted to be in my Cave more than anything. The pressure to be ‘on’ and social was beyond exhausting to me, especially this late in the year. But, always the professional, I mustered every bit of perky in me to be lovely to my other-campus counterparts.
This proved to be a challenge. One of them, more of a Karen than a Beard really, would not shut up about how amazing her campus was and how she never had issues with phones because her kids were so well-behaved. She also said she couldn’t post work early because they would have it done before they ever got to class. Oh, and of course she is teaching graphic design because she needed a break from her real job as an engineer. And oh, did she mention she is an engineer? Because she’s an engineer. She also went on and on about how she didn’t like the curriculum at another campus she was at so she complained and got 68 teachers from all over the country to back her up and they changed the whole curriculum to what she wanted. OK, whatever. I wanted to ask if everyone stood up and cheered too.
Another teacher was just insufferable. She kept asking for the same bloody stuff over and over even after being told it wasn’t in the budget. She didn’t know the cost of any of it, just that everything she wanted (think equipment and software licenses) was expensive and our budget is next to nothing right now. She didn’t even make arguments as to why we needed it. She just kept asking for the same stuff in the same way. All of it was stuff we didn’t need and most of us wouldn’t even use.
I contributed my thoughts on what I felt needed to be added to the curriculum, which was met with agreement. I really only had that one suggestion. The rest of the time I let them do their thing, which was woefully unorganized, disjointed, and overall a waste of time I could be grading papers. And so I decided that while they did their thing I would organize my Google Drive. As I was doing this I noticed something. I was still the owner on ALL the ESL files for SHS. Not just the ones I created…ALL OF THEM. If I were to hit delete SHS would literally have to start from scratch organizing their program with new teachers next year. But Ms. Dean did make clear I was to have nothing to do with ESL anymore. If I deleted the folders was that malicious compliance? Or just being a bitch for the sake of it? I still haven’t decided…I find the situation humorous, in not a bit morally ambiguous.
Ultimately, it was decided that 1 day wasn’t enough for our meeting so we would meet again one week later at the same place. I declined. I needed to be on my campus because I did have actual work to do. Grades would be due the day they wanted to meet. I wasn’t the only one. About half of the graphic design teachers agreed to meet again the following week and we would all be meeting again August 1st. So I get to start my school year back at ‘The Clique’. Lovely.
Yeah, this was a very real reminder that for all the beardery at Standard High, it could be SO much worse.
  1. “Lunchtime!”
After that long mammoth of a tale that the last story was, here is a short one for you.
This happened the day after my meeting at CHS. Sonia wanted to end the school year with some team building so she asked Ms. Dean if they could have an off-campus team meeting at a nearby restaurant and grab some food. Ms. Dean told them no. Sonia then decided they would just order takeaway and do the same thing on campus. She reserved a conference room and everything.
So the day of the eat and meet came. Beatle had ordered some enchiladas and was looking forward to a hot meal during the workday. CovidBeard didn’t go because she said she wasn’t feeling well and needed to just go home early. I know that comes as a shock. Meanwhile, ManiBeard decided he would sit next to his bff, Beatle. ManiBeard hadn’t ordered any food because ‘the catering menu looked good, but nothing on the regular menu appealed to me’. What ManiBeard did have, however, was a bag of crackers. As Beatle tried to eat his food, ManiBeard both ate his crackers and talked at the same time. It didn’t take long for Beatle to realize that small bits of cracker crumbs were flying at him and his food. He shifted to the side to dodge the airborne particles that threatened to infect his space. It was here that ManiBeard declared he had signed his contract but still wasn’t sure if he would be back next year because he had until July 3rd to pull out of his contract and he really just didn’t want to make a commitment.
After the meeting, everyone went their own way, except ManiBeard, who cornered Beatle in the mudroom. I was in my Cave waiting for him when I got a text ‘SOS, I’ve been cornered! Mudroom!’
I sighed, “Come on Wee One. We have to go save Dad.”
Wee One chuckled, “Oh no.” She followed me faithfully as we headed downstairs.
“Oh, good, you’re here already. We gotta go Love. Wee One has that thing…see ya later ManiBeard!” I said as I grabbed Beatle’s arm as I passed and just kept walking.
The next day Beatle went into Sonia’s room for inclusion and she smiled at him, “Sure you got all the crumbs off?” she teased.
Beatle rolled his eyes, “Right?!”
Sonia nodded, “ManiBeard is why I don’t eat lunch in the workroom anymore. ManiBeard would walk over to me and just stand over me…like right over me…and talk while he ate which would just send food everywhere. One day he was eating some chicken salad and a piece of chicken flew out of his mouth and landed on my arm.”
“Oh bloody hell. That’s disgusting,” Beatle said before vowing not to be near ManiBeard eating ever again.
  1. “Little Lies”
Ever since it was announced PastorBeard was the new dept head he had been walking around like a roster puffing out his chest. He had also been going out of his way to talk to Beatle, as if to rub in that he got the dept head job and Beatle didn’t. It was annoying, but I stayed out of it. I even played nice when PastorBeard stopped me in the parking lot one day and asked me about my weekend plans while I was waiting for Beatle.
“What are you plans this weekend, Mandy?” PastorBeard asked as he leaned against the side of my car.
“Oh, nothing major. Weekend chores. Beatle has some school work to get done and he’s going to put some snake repellant in the yard…I’ll probably clean the house and spend some time with my mum,” I said, trying to be pleasant as I could be. What I really wanted to do was to tell him he was a bastard that should never teach, let alone lead a dept.
“You should come to watch me on Sunday. I’m preaching his weekend,” he said with a smile. His tone came off like he intended it to be a flex.
I forced a smiled, “No thanks. Not my thing.”
“God isn’t ‘your thing’?” he asked, leaning towards me a bit.
I took a step back, “Not the same one you believe in.” I started absentmindedly playing with the Flower of Aphrodite pendant I wore around my neck.
“Are you Catholic or something?” he asked.
I fought the urge to roll my eyes. People presumed since Beatle was Irish that we were a Catholic family a lot. Instead, I shook my head, “No. Actually, if you must know, I’m Pagan.”
PastorBeard looked taken aback, “Oh…I see.”
“So, while I appreciate the invite…not my thing,” I said again.
“You should come anyway. I’d love to look out on Sunday and see you there. And who knows? If you hear what I have to say you may change your mind about being pagan,” PastorBeard said with a cocky smile.
I looked around hoping Beatle and Wee One were going to be there soon, “I doubt it…anyway…um…I hate to keep you on a Friday.”
“I’m not in a rush. You’re fine,” he said, “Did you hear I’m the new dept head?”
“Yeah. I know,” I said, “Beatle told me. He applied to you know.”
“I know. They need someone that is a strong leader for the job though, someone that can guide the dept the way I guide the church. They can’t pick someone with a weak personality. A man should be able to lead…his church, his work, and of course his wife,” PastorBeard said pointedly.
“Uh huh…a good leader knows when to defer to those wiser than he,” I said as I saw Beatle and Wee One, “Love! Hey!” I waved.
Beatle saw PastorBeard and looked unhappy, “Hi PastorBeard.”
“Have a good weekend you guys. See you later Mandy…think about my offer,” he said as he went and got into his truck that sat on tires far too big for it.
“What was that?” Beatle asked when we got in the car.
I shrugged, “He was either hitting on me or he was just being a pompous arse…or both. Hard to say.”
And we went on our way.
The next work day Beatle walked into the workroom and saw PastorBeard in there talking to Vera (the assistant mentioned in chapter 26.)
“Just do your best to set them up for success,” PastorBeard told Vera as he walked out of the workroom.
Vera sighed.
“Are you ok mate?” Beatle asked her.
Vera shook her head, “We’re almost done. Almost there.”
“What happened?” Beatle asked.
“Well, only 2 of the kids in that group in the hall workspace need my help,” Vera said pointing to a group outside PastorBeard’s room, “The others are kids missing work and PastorBeard kicked them out of the classroom. I’m supposed to watch them and make sure they behave but they already told me they aren’t going to do anything.”
Beatle’s expression went dark, “You’re a SPED assistant. Not a babysitter.”
“I know, but I’ve never seen him actually help anyone. He doesn’t go around the room to help. Just tells them to be quiet and pokes them. I don’t know why he feels the need to touch them. He tells them if they need help they can go to him and he just sits at his desk the whole time…but no one is gonna go to him for help because they don’t like him,” Vera vented.
Beatle sighed, “You know he’s dept head next year, right?”
“Oh, I know. He told me no one else wanted it,” Vera said sadly.
Beatle blinked, “No ma’am. I interviewed for it.”
“That’s just what I heard,” Vera said.
“He lied,” Beatle shook his head.
What PastorBeard didn’t know is that Beatle had something else in the works…we weren’t sure it would pan out at this point (as of this writing we still aren’t), but Beatle wasn’t going to take PastorBeard’s crap lying down…and for that, I was proud of him.
  1. “Wrapping It Up”
3.5 days till summer. Grades were due. I sat at my computer to adjust the grade book and turned on some music. Not even kidding, ‘The Final Countdown’ was on the radio (yes, I listen to the radio. Satellite Radio to be precise). It was the perfect music for working on my end-of-year checklist. I felt like I was in a movie and this was my montage music!
We reached the point in the year when all the teachers were just playing movies. For my part, I was letting them watch the Super Mario Movie. I had some happy students. I also wrote Wee One a pass to spend the day in my room. She was done with her work and wanted to help me with some Graphic Design work for next year’s launch (we are launching an on-campus design firm). She asked me which workstation she could work at and I did the worst thing a mum can do to her child. I sat her next to my baby neckbeard. She started working but within 10 minutes she came to my desk.
“Mom…” she started.
I looked at her. “Excuse me?”
She sighed, “I’m sorry…Ms. Mandy?”
“Yes ma’am?” I asked her.
“Can I sit on the other side of the room…it’s less claustrophobic and I have a friend over there…” she trailed off.
I chuckled and leaned in so only she could hear me, “You don’t appreciate sitting next to the baby neckbeard?”
She looked sheepish, “Not really.”
“Can you smell him?” I asked.
She made a disgusted face, “Sort of, yeah.”
“OK, yes, go ahead and move,” I nodded.
In the meantime, Beatle was texting me:
Beatle: Why does ManiBeard always start class with “How are we?” instead of “How are you?”?
Mandy: Because that’s what’s in his programming.
Beatle: LMAO! Point. I will not miss him this summer. You know he said he is only helping with graduation because he didn’t help with either dance. I thought it was mandatory that we do one of the 1 dances.
Mandy: Sigh. 1) yes it is and I bet they got on him and forced him to help with graduation and 2) why the hell would they let him help with graduation? That event is stressful enough without adding ManiBeard to the mix.
Beatle: He said he rather work graduation because it’s his favorite event because he gets to see the kids move on.
Mandy: But he’s a freshman teacher. He doesn’t know many if any, seniors.
Beatle: I know! Oh, CovidBeard is leaving.
Beatle: I’m watching her class for the rest of the period.
Mandy: Oh, just for today.
Beatle: Yeah. Don’t get too excited.
Mandy: Damn. 3.5 days left. Heaven forbid she stick it out.
Beatle: Right?
And right about the time I was hoping my Beard encounters were over. At least until graduation…it happened. I had to email EnglishBeard. Why? Because I needed one of his students (who happened to be one of my most talented graphic design students) to come to my class the next day during his class. I cringed at having to interact with him. I asked Beatle if I should even bother. “We’re not doing anything, why would he say no?” Beatle asked. “He’s a beard.” I replied. “Fair.” Beatle conceded.
Finally, I took a breath and started to type: “EnglishBeard, if it is alright with you, can Sara come to my class during 5th period tomorrow to do some Graphic Design work? Thanks, Mandy”
2 hours later, he replied, “What work? Why should I send her to an elective? My class is core.”
I sighed, “It’s ok if you are doing something in class. I just thought it would be ok if you are just watching movies.” I replied.
“We are just watching movies, but my class is still a core class and yours is not,” EnglishBeard replied.
“You are correct. However, Sara is going to be in my Graphic 3 class next year and I want to get all my Graphic 3 students together for a meeting before the end of the year and the rest of them are in my 5th period. If you don’t want to send her that is fine,” I replied.
“Ok, that would be fine. I will allow it,” EnglishBeard finally said.
I sighed and wrote a pass to give to Sara.
Meanwhile, in the English 1 meeting, Beatle was dealing with his own Beard.
“And the Beard came back….CovidBeard came back for the meeting,” Beatle texted me.
“WHY?!” I texted back.
“IDK! I’m spraying Lysol when she leaves the room. She’s like ‘I’m sitting here sweating. I have no idea what I have.’ I guess she came back for attention,” Beatle replied.
I sighed as I typed, “Probably.”
Why did all these Beards have to come back? Why couldn’t this be last year when we had the mass exodus of Beards? That was nice. I liked that.
Maybe they would get less beardy over the summer?
Probably not.
  1. “Graduation Day”
Have you ever sat through a graduation ceremony? If you have you know how dull they are. Being part of it is even worse. Graduation in Australia was quite different, but when I graduated from college in America Beatle practically had to force me into the cap and gown. It was not something I have ever liked…so the irony that I volunteer every year (except next year when Wee One graduates) is not lost on me. Mostly, I do it because I know it means something to the kids to see their teachers there. That said, I silently curse in my head the entire time while making sure to smile, be peppy, and congratulate even the most ungrateful of students. While I don’t look back on my graduation fondly, some of them might and I want to help provide good memories.
Graduation isn’t just on that day either. The day before we have to participate in graduation practice, which is just as awful, if not worse. I did entertain myself by watching ManiBeard however.
We all gathered in the practice gym to line up and then once everyone was in place we processed into the main gym. The practice gym was so bloody hot that I was sweating. It was so bloody hot that ManiBeard actually took off his cardigan for the first time all year. I have now confirmed he does have arms under it. Bloke never takes off his cardigan/coat…even when the outside temp is 100+ in Fahrenheit. I further observed only to realize that they had, for some reason, put ManiBeard in the same row as 2 of the baby beards I’ve been observing over the course of the year. ManiBeard was as clueless as one might expect and had no idea how to manage the kids and telling them when to stand, when to sit, when to walk, etc. He made it through graduation practice, but I was seriously concerned about the next day. I was also concerned because I saw the gown they set aside for Mani. It was huge! He was going to look like a puppy wearing his owner’s sweater. Let the chaos commence!
And commence it did. Shortly after lunch Beatle texted me “OZZY ISN’T COMING BACK! WHAT THE HELL IS EVEN GOING ON AROUND HERE?!”
Remember Ozzy? The other Australian on campus? Yeah, evidently he said, “this really isn’t something I foresaw happening. It is something I needed to do. But please, I don’t want to make it seem like I’m excited to leave. I’m not. It’s actually been really hard packing up my things.” Ozzy had been around since the campus opened in 2016. It was a true shock to see him leave and Beatle was very distraught over it. Honestly, so was I.
After school Beatle barrelled into his classroom, “OK, mate, what the hell is going on?”
The conversation was private so I’m not going to detail it, but I will say that circumstances happened so that Ozzy had to go back to Australia. He was not happy about it. He said he thought he would retire from Standard High, but life happens. This was a blow, but we wish him the best.
I found out later that night that ManiBeard managed to out-beard himself. He did the beardiest thing he’d ever done.
“Did you guys meet today in E1?” I asked Beatle.
“Yeah, but it was more social than a meeting,” Beatle replied.
“ManiBeard? Social? How did that go?” I asked.
Beatle chuckled, “ManiBeard wasn’t there.”
“Why?” I asked.
“Because he miscalculated all his grades and had to redo them,” Beatle said.
I froze as I tried to register what he said. Finally I spoke, “But our gradebook is automated. We don’t calculate anything. We put in the number and bam…grades. How the hell did Mani manage to ‘miscalculate’ grades?”
“No idea, but admin wasn’t happy. They sent in Lana to guide him through it,” Beatle said.
I laughed, “Oh my god! After everything he did to keep Lana out of his room she ended up fixing his gradebook? The irony is too delicious! This has got to be the beardiest thing he has ever done. How the fuck do you miscalculate grades in and automated gradebook?!”
Beatle shrugged, “Talent?”
The next morning (THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL) an email started circulating from teachers that were worried about getting left at the arena we were holding graduation in. They wanted to ensure the bus wouldn’t leave them behind. Beatle and I watched as the emails flooded our inboxes. ManiBeard: “I need a ride too.” EnglishBeard: “Don’t leave me behind!” HistoryBeard: “I look like too much of an escaped inmate to safely hitchhike. Don’t leave me either.” MathBeard:I need the bus to get back to school.”
It was at that point I texted my brother to see if he could pick Beatle and I up after graduation. To be clear, we have to ride the bus over with students so taking our own car wasn’t an option…but riding the BeardBus home did not appeal to either of us. I like getting fodder for stories, but I’m not a complete sadomasochist. My brother agreed and I felt relief wash over me.
Beatle and I ended up combining our classes in my Cave for the last day because we bought breakfast tacos and donuts for the kids and it was easier to combine classes than to try to split the food. So, most of the last day was the kids eating and playing Mario Kart on our Switch. It was pretty fun. I did leave the kids with Beatle at one point so I could go down to Cook’s kitchen and do my department check-out stuff. When I say Cook had a professional kitchen that is not hyperbole. The culinary kitchen at Standard High is anything but standard. We’re talking a state-of-the-art kitchen that any head chef would be in awe of. It’s truly a thing to behold and for high school students? Yeah, it is pretty bloody great. Oh, and the cutting boards…let me tell you about the numerous cutting boards!
…I’m kidding Red! Just kidding!
But yeah, the kitchen is pretty great. Anyway, when I went into said kitchen, MediaBeard was in there doing his check-out as well. When he saw me he smiled and turned to me.
“Mandy, thank you so much for everything you did for me this year. It was a rough year and you had my back. I truly appreciate you, thank you,” he said as he hugged me.
I hugged him back, “Aww, mate…I got ya. Anytime. Next year will be better.”
When I said back in Chapter 1 that MediaBeard was certainly a Beard, but one of the ‘good’ beards, this is what I meant. Yes, he can be a bit…well…beardly. But, the bloke has a good heart. And I am glad he will be back next year. I’m going to try to mentor him now that I’m settled in graphic design. I am also glad he will not be Wee One’s teacher next year. She’s decided to take graphic design 3 and animation 1 which means she will have me as her teacher for 3 out of 8 periods. Come to find out she likes me as her teacher. And I’m pretty hard on her. She said I made her better. I must be doing something right!
Cook has 100% become my work Mum and I adore her. She plans to have a department soiree before school starts and for the first time ever I’m actually looking forward to going to a department function, solely because of Cook. She is amazing.
Finally, as long last, the 2022-2023 school year ended. All the non-senior students left and the seniors arrived.
Beatle and I scarfed our lunch down and headed to the gym… this is where graduation truly begins.
I put my gown on over my work clothes as did Beatle. We sat together and chatted for a bit before he went to his row to help organize kids. I was left sitting alone in my row as the students filed in. And, as I usually do in these situations, I started to observe my surroundings and live a bit in my own head.
I saw some teachers grouped up talking and laughing near me. For a moment I felt that loneliness I felt all through school (until I met Beatle). I had a moment of feeling like that ‘weird blonde kid’ again. I guess it never really goes away. It was a reminder that from the day we met (see SquirrelBeard for that story) Beatle has always been where I fit. Does anyone else ever have a moment of reversion like that? Where even as an adult you remember how it was to be an outcast at 15 or whatever? Maybe it’s just me? Maybe it’s because I work in a high school?
In any case, I snapped out of it and looked around. What caught my eye was a pair of BRIGHT crimson skinny jeans. And the wearer? ManiBeard. OF COURSE! He also had on a plain white t-shirt with the district logo on it that we got free at the start of the year and Van trainers. What was the dress code for this event that admin had explicitly given us the day before? Dress pants and a Polo or button-up for men or a suit for men, a dress or nice pants and shirt for women, dress shoes, and absolutely no jeans, trainers, or t-shirts. Yeah. For J’s part he had on black pants and a black button-up shirt with a tie. He looked good. It was also the first time he got to wear his Master’s hood at a graduation, which was pretty frickin cool too! I had on black pants and a nice shirt. I was not wearing a dress at graduation. Just, no. Anyway…ManiBeard…right…so he wore EXACTLY what admin said don’t wear. Cause…ManiBeard. And I was right, his gown made him look like a puppy wearing his owner’s sweater. It would have been cute if it was anyone but Mani. Instead he just looked robotic and lost. And, exactly like I suspected, he didn’t talk to any of the kids. He didn’t even congratulate them. Probably because he teachers 9th graders and didn’t know any of these kids and had no connection to them. Beatle knew a lot of them. These were the kids that he taught his first year as freshmen so he had seen them through all 4 years. It was emotional for him.
It was around this time I turned around and noticed paramedics in the hall. I later found out a student (one of mine actually) had a seizure. I had seen them roll a kid out of the building on an office chair but I didn’t know who under Mr. Principal told me later. As all of this was happening APBeard said they put a sign up sheet on the stage for any teacher that needed to take the bus back to campus after the ceremony. A bunch of teachers headed to the stage. One that looked like a textbook beard said, as he walked past me, “that would be all of us. Like any of us can afford an Uber with what they pay us.” I raised an eyebrow and looked the man over. “That has GOT to be HistoryBeard” I thought to myself. Beatle ran up behind me.
“See that bloke up there…the one at the sign up sheet right now?” Beatle asked me quietly.
“Yeah,” I said.
“That’s HistoryBeard,” he confirmed.
“I knew it! I knew that had to be him. Damn, he is a beard and it’s not even just on the inside,” I said.
Beatle shook his head, “No, he’s one that is beard inside and out.”
I shuttered as Beatle returned to his seat.
About 45 minutes later we boarded the bus and headed to the arena. I hoped everything would be smooth sailing from there, but that would have been WAY too easy.
So, I need to paint a bit of a picture here…have you ever been backstage at an arena? It’s not a huge space…and when you put a couple hundred people back there…it’s a tight fit. We were lucky to have a 2 inch radius around us. Personal space does not exist when you cram everyone back there. And we had to line up in order. Each row had a letter. It seemed everything was fine. My row was in order…but something felt off. That’s when I realized whoever set the signs up doesn’t know the bloody alphabet because instead of A, B, C, D, E, F, G it went A, B, C, D, E, G, F. I was in row F. I realized the error but I also wasn’t about to move anything without telling an AP. So I found an AP that said he had to find another AP and 3 APs later I was told to swap Rows F and G. I helped correct the signed and then we had to shift the rows with VERY little space. It was…something.
It was hot, cramped, and miserable. Beatle told me later some of the kids in his row snuck back into a supply room and were stealing popcorn. It was in the moments of being back stage I remembered why last year I said to myself ‘never again, I’m never doing graduation again’. I’m really not next year cause of Wee One and I’ll probably forget the year after and volunteer again. Cause teacher brain. Anyway, it was finally go time and we walked out, sat down, and the ceremony started. All done? Not quite.
For the sake of wrapping this up I’ll quickly list the crap that happened during the ceremony:
  1. Someone in the stands called to a kid ‘you look like ET but we love you anyway!’ to which a graduate yelled back ‘you’re an asshole’. Classy.
  2. ManiBeard was clueless and lost. He may as well have not even been there because he was mostly just in the way.
  3. The boys decided it was great fun to pretend to fall on stage just before the got to Mr. Principal. This happened 4 times. A 5th pretended he was about to fall then twerked instead. Again, classy. Ladies and gentleman, our future.
  4. A boy in the row in front of me turned around and was using his program to sword fight with a boy in my row. I gave them the ‘mom/teacher look’ and they both got a panicked look and said ‘sorry ma’am’ before sitting straight for the rest of the ceremony. Maybe Wee One is right. Maybe I am scary.
  5. MediaBeard made the senior video and it was awful. I have a hard time believing he worked ‘in the industry’. Next year I’m going to see if he will let me do some graphic design templates for him. It will be part of my proposal to mentor him.
And then graduation was over. Beatle and I checked with Number One and were cleared to leave. Brother picked us up and we headed to dinner (where Brother once again came very close to getting the name BrotherBeard) and summer began.
And that concludes this year of School of Beards. If there is any demand I will be back in the fall because with all the beards returning I am sure to have a new batch of tales. I sincerely want to thank everyone that had come on this journey with me, Red for reading (and being a mate), and Beatle for supporting me and allowing me to share his stories. I mostly want to thank everyone that has listened to Red read these stories because that is the most amazing thing…hearing these stories read and getting his insight. I do appreciate it more than I can say. Keep an eye out for the rest of BowserBeard this summer and maybe a couple of one-offs.
Now, to end this year I decided to try my hand at my first parody song. Apologies if it’s not very good. Like I said, it’s my first one. I hope it doesn’t suck!
“BeardSchool’s Out” (Parody of “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper)
Well, we got no choice
But to hear the noise
Listenin to the beards’ voice
The poor girls and boys
Well, we can't escape ya
Can't find an out
And when they start to shout
Education’s in doubt
BeardSchool's out for summer
Beards go into slumber
Beardschool makes us shutter
No more Mani
No more English
No more preacher's judgment, yeah
Well, Mani can’t control his class
And Pastor’s got the Principal
And the students pay the price
We can't even think about next year
BeardSchool's out for summer
Beards go into slumber
Beardschool makes us shutter
No more Media
No more Math Emails
No more two-faced Dean
Out for summer
Out 'til fall
Do the beards have to come back at all
Beards go slumber
BeardSchool's out for summer
Watch the Beards lumber
BeardSchool’s out till August
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2023.05.28 19:50 CureSeashine Royale High Halos As Roblox Clothing

Royale High Halos As Roblox Clothing
I was making Every RH Halos and turning them on clothing for your Roblox Avatar. Dress up with your favourite Halo! I'll just Update this when new Halos clothings has arrived to my Roblox Group!
Valentines Halos:
(Coming Soon)
Lucky Halos:
(Coming Soon)
Spring Halos:
(Coming Soon)
Mermaid Halos:
(Coming Soon)
Halloween Halos:
(Coming Soon)
Winter Halos:
(Coming Soon)
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2023.05.28 19:39 SurvivorSock Socks Vanilla Helis Codelocks BuildingFortifications PC 1PP US Chernarus

This server has a hardcore vanilla feel but with tasteful mods and cool features that aren't available in official servers. Check it out if you're interested! I'm hoping to grow a community of DayZ enthusiasts who love the vanilla plus experience.
Server Features
Active admins
Vanilla stamina and loot economy
Dark nights
NVGs can spawn in any military area
AK101 and AK74 have rare green and black versions along with the individual attachments spawning rarely
Green and black M4 attachments also spawn rarely
Camo and green plate carriers spawn in military areas
Black plate carriers spawn in dynamic events
Plate carrier attachments of all colors spawn in military areas
Shoes spawn pristine or worn
Loot spawns in green military towers
Less useless items like thermometers and construction helmets
Flashlight have a chance to spawn with a battery
Witch hoods spawn in red, brown, and black variants
Military backpacks with weapon slots rarely spawn in dynamic events and toxic zones
Noteworthy Mods
Advanced Weapon Scopes-Adds a better variety of scopes and adapters.
Building Fortifications-Adds the ability to build window barricades and doors with a vanilla feel. Window barricade kits and door kits are crafted the same way as vanilla wall kits (rope and sticks).
Car Cover-Allows vehicles to be covered with camo nets.
Code Lock
Ear Plugs
Flip Transport-Allows vehicles to be "pushed" in case they get stuck or flip over.
MMG Base Storage-Adds many new storage items such as cabinets, gun racks, and safes.
MMG Civilian Clothing
No Vehicle Damage-Vehicles can no longer take collision damage however they can still be damaged with bullets, explosives, overrevving, deep water, or driving without enough water in the radiator.
Red Falcon Flight System Heliz-Adds helicopters into the game which mostly spawn in military areas. They will require parts, fuel, and hydraulic fluid to operate.
RFFS Heli Car Cover Addon-Adds the ability to cover helicopters with camo nets.
Trader Plus-Adds car codelocks and car lockpicks which are both rare on this server. Car codelocks can be found in the same areas as codelocks however car lockpicks only spawn at dynamic events such as helicopter crashes. Please note that this server does not have traders.
Vehicle 3PP
Zen Notes-Adds pens to the server which can be combined with paper to write custom notes that can be stuck to surfaces.
Please feel free to check out my discord for more information
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2023.05.28 19:23 GlassCorner7979 Lebanon/Sidon: After a Lebanese woman was attacked by two men because of inappropriate clothing (bikini) on the beach, the city reacted by demanding "modest dress code" and banning alcohol, animals and loud music

Lebanon/Sidon: After a Lebanese woman was attacked by two men because of inappropriate clothing (bikini) on the beach, the city reacted by demanding submitted by GlassCorner7979 to exmuslim [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 18:55 bridalfactory Wedding dress manufacturers Europe Best 2

Wedding dress manufacturers Europe Best 2
Wedding dress manufacturers Europe
European dress designers who specialize in weddings The entire process of designing a wedding dress from the A-Z The wedding dress is one of the most intricate garments, it's embroidered with meticulous care and has a unique appreciation for small details.
The final garment in a haute couture presentation, the wedding dress is of paramount importance and demonstrates his expertise.
Designers can present their creations at Bridal Fashion Week and special events dedicated to bridal wear.
Wedding dress manufacturers also create dresses that are based on fashion trends or original designs. The latter is often inspired by the past.
Significant marketing ready-to-wear garments requires interaction in the store to alter the cut so that the dress appears tailored to the bride's measurements.
Here is a list of different steps that should be taken to be the most beautiful during D-Day, the process of dressing for a wedding is one of them. Wedding dress manufacturers Europe
Read the article on the Designer Wedding Dress. DESIGNER DRESSES: A MAGNIFICENT ARTwork Every designer begins with a fashion sketch called a fashion sketch that precedes their collection's release.

Wedding dress online Europe

Observe how a tailor from Dior acquires molding with remarkable ease and great dexterity. After molding, the process of fabrication can begin with the possibility of tracing and embroidering or dyeing designs.
As a result, Chanel's doors were open to exhibit the creation of a haute couture dress in person, this was done in a real-life workshop. The outcome is stunning on the stage and you can observe every phase of design.
The task is the same for a wedding dress. BRIDE'S WEAR Despite the existence of 2 annual bridal fashion shows in New York (or even in London), the schedule of bridal brands does not perfectly align with the schedule of haute couture designers.
Each brand only releases one collection every year. Stylists often collaborate with books that are inspirational to add authenticity to their collections. A consistent theme can be a color, material, or design. Many ready-to-wear brands have enduring, timeless designs that are considered timeless.
The creation of the model is also based on fashion sketches and technical documents. The process then transitions to prototype creation.
The gown was produced in one size so as to assess whether or not it was viable to market. Wedding dress manufacturers Europe
Once sanctioned, the brand delegates the mass production of the bridal gown to a textile company in France or around the world, from the assembly of the fabrics to the finalization.
The model, which was first exhibited at wedding fairs, is the subject of an advertisement campaign featuring a portrait shoot. Read the article on Wedding Dresses Manufacturers in our series on the industry.

European wedding dresses

2022 issues addressed in the Bridal Fashion Week. Bridal week is similar to the Fashion week version of wedding attire. In the center of Manhattan in New York, numerous parades are held on the footwalks.
In Paris, fashion designers also exhibit their creations in their Paris-based showrooms. This week signals a dress code that will be followed year-round for wedding attire.
Designers can promote their creations, which are reported by the media. For the upcoming year, it's time to be sober and gracious. The neckline is located at the back to promote a slim appearance for the bride.
While white remains a popular option, the color can be altered to resemble cream, beige or eggshell in order to evoke a more antique appearance.
At the 2015 Bridal Week, two dress styles dominated: a very elegant and minimalistic wedding dress, and a mermaid dress that accentuated the curves of women. Wedding dress manufacturers Europe
A BRIDAL THAT IS DEREFLECTIVE OF ITS BACK Elegant and sensual, the bride's back is the center of attention of everyone. If you want to imitate Bella's outfit from Twilight, transparency was employed in 2015.
The backless dress is intended for women with large breasts that cannot wear a loose collar because of the amount of fabric involved.
It is also intended for women who want to enhance their lower back, such as the legendary Mireille Darc's dress from Guy Laroche that was characterized by its tall blonde with black shoes.

Bridal shops with bridesmaid dresses

What clothing is appropriate to wear under these outfits? It's impossible to ignore a bra. It's crucial to bet on a silicone model with seamless, adhesive strips or silicone strips that self-adheres to provide support in any situation. Wedding dress manufacturers Europe
Backless dresses allow you to play the trick and astonish the card. The gown's design is minimalistic from the front, but it's all beauty from the back.
Pierre Carr's ceremonial dresses have extremely detailed embroideries that allow for the use of opacity and transparency simultaneously. Pagoda sleeves give the dress an airy appearance.
Wearing a bun is essential for dresses with an open back. Designer Anne Barge portrays a princess in a dress with wide straps that are visible, this contrasts with the large volume of her petticoat.
TRANSPARENCY AND LACE 2015 is the year effects with a lot of transparency are most often experimented with by creators. Flowing materials collaborate shoulder to shoulder, increasing the thickness of the lace, which results in a relief effect. Wedding dress manufacturers Europe
If Kate Middleton garnered attention with her extremely delicate Caudry lace dress at her wedding, other materials like embroidered silk tulle, guipure or plumetis can be used in its place.

Bridesmaid dresses catalogue

Patterns complement light and fluffy fabrics like silk satin, muslin, Georgette crepe and even wool that is knitted with large stitches. The decorative embroidery on the sleeves and bustier is abundant.
Mira Zwillinger accentuates the contrast between a light petticoat made of soft, flowing fabric and a tight, embroidered bustier. Opacity is ranked from lowest to highest in order to conceal the bust and waist.
This dress is beneficial for women who want to enhance their upper body while diminishing their hips. The brand Rivini sought to reconcile the correlation between the sporty effect of running and lace during Bridal Week.
This dress for the wedding is not for everyone, but it does not overdo it in sexy. The sweater resembles a sweatshirt, and the wide cut of the pants promotes the idea of comfort.
The train provides an additional distinguishing feature to this set, which can be adorned with charms. Why aren't we willing to go all the way to absolute honesty? Anna Maier / Ulla-Maija Couture's designs excite women, but they remain modest.
The lace dress that appears innocent is actually covered in a nude appearance. White lace models are more noticeable and stand out because of the light beige color that is underneath them. Wedding dress manufacturers Europe
The designers have aesthetic talent and the art of embellishing simple outfits with elegance, this is apparent in the beautiful cuts. Christos Costerellos wears a striking outfit that features English embroidery on the front that is reflected through the fabric's perforations.

European wedding dress designers

The thickness of the quality is far from curtain-like despite the clustered patterns. A truly remarkable work! In its most traditional form, lace is an appropriate choice to add sleeves to a strapless dress.
Rosa Clara wears an immaculate dress with long, transparent sleeves and a bateau neckline. The text also discusses the length of the petticoat of the outfit in order to enhance its fit. The most reputable manufacturers of bridal dresses are companies.
The Wedding Dress POTTERY COLORS, NEW WHITES White will still have success with bridal wear in years to come. White, which represents purity and virginity, is still the most popular color.
However, 2015 is predicting that white will transition to pastel colors that are soft. Despite the fact that some women are willing to utilize vibrant colors, pastel tones are increasing in popularity and have become popular.
We appreciate the luxurious white that is enhanced by Jenny Packham. She diminishes the extreme contrast by wearing an elegant white dress that is ideal for dark skin.
As white as pure, ivory is often the most versatile color to pair with a taupe-toned dress for a groom's appearance. From beige to rosy, a nude is appropriate for any skin tone.
It will complement very graceful, nude-colored shoes and white. Neutral employs sequins, rhinestones and sequins in abundance. Houghton disregards the color in her interpretation of the Carrie Bradshaw tutu. Wedding dress manufacturers Europe
Best for matte or porcelain skins, powder pink is a good middle ground between traditional white and light pink.
Jessica Biel has garnered the ire of the international press for marrying Justin Timberlake, the color of her dress was originally controversial and defamatory.

Wedding Dress europe

This is why powder pink has a more traditional color that pairs well with pearl gray and white. It complements silver-toned shoes well. White gold is most effective at highlighting a wedding ring.
An undesirable name for a wedding dress, eggshell color is a color term that is associated with decorating. This white with a yellow tinge is often called honey or champagne.
At Bridal Week 2015, this color is available in a variety of materials: shiny fabric like satin, matte fabric like chiffon or perforated fabric with lace.
Return to the fundamentals with a Virgin dress. While lace dresses that are extravagant are still popular for wedding dresses, some women prefer to maintain their style by choosing minimalist outfits for the ceremony.
Clothing artisans rely on luxurious materials like silk. However, if the elegant classic style is neat, nothing prevents them from combining them with large accessories or stunning heels to disrupt the child's wise appearance. Wedding dress manufacturers Europe
Rivini's dress is elegant and timeless, featuring simple and straightforward lines that are consistent with today's trends. Emulating the spirit of a three-hole skirt, the wedding dress has waistlines that correspond with evening wear fashion. In keeping with the simplicity, the wedding dress can be a long-sleeved sheath.
The belt that separates the waist and provides lightness is intended to protect a train. Inspired by the Greek goddess of fire Vesta, the garment has remained a classic.

European wedding dresses online

This style of dress has an empire waist that draws attention to the bust, it's light and flowing. It is appropriate to wear with flat sandals in degree one.
Despite the perception that it is in decline, it is still a suitable choice for boho country weddings or intimate settings. Similar to Kate Moss, the dress is elegant without being gaudy.
At Temperley, we are enamored with the tonal pattern of this peach-colored dress that was worn on her most memorable day, particularly the floral crown that covered a thick veil. Wedding dress manufacturers Europe
Read our article on the Top 10 Wedding Dresses for Wholesale Sales. ESSENTIAL SHEEP AND FISH COAT TREND Best suited for 8 body types that have a slim waist, as well as large busts and hips, the mermaid dress enhances your curves.
Adjacent to the body, it can be seductive with the collar. It focuses on the waist and hips. The layers of tulle that overlap and the tail add bulk to the outfit.
Every fashionista has produced a number of voluminous dresses in this style in order to highlight the woman's slim figure. In Marchesa, the contrast between lace and tulle is employed.
Long sleeves, this neckline-covered dress is extremely popular with a peplum.
Anne Barge wears a mermaid gown that has a shallower hips. However, the elongated shape of the lower portion of the dress and the train is visually balanced by the naked eye without the shoulders.
Between Marc Zunino's attire, which is orange draped with tulle and has a push-up top, we either appreciate it or dislike it. Wedding dress manufacturers Europe
This highly structured dress for the wedding accentuates the figure. WEDDING SHOES THAT were displayed during the bridal week Sandals will be necessary during the summer.

Wedding dress manufacturers

Barefoot is minimalist on all of the catwalks. Fully exposed pairs have 2 thin straps with buckles, one of which attaches to the ankle. The sole is high, approximately 10 centimeters.
If they appear simple, the sandals have the card of authenticity with festive colors: silver, gold, rose gold or bronze. Ultimately, the shoes will have a metallic appearance.
In Monique Lhuillier's Bridal Fashion, the arch of the foot is adorned with sandals that are sensual. Silver gray is crucial. The thinness of the straps prevents you from sliding to the disco side.
Sandals are typically made with a lower heel, around 5 cm. The shiny appearance can be attributed to the rhinestone or pearl inserts in the shoes. Wedding dress manufacturers Europe
Shoes can be considered an integral part of haute couture footwear that enhances the appearance of the foot. Bridal week exposed some truly amazing lace.
Lace boots are essential pieces of footwear that should not be overlooked. If color contrast is popular, we prefer to stay in white or ivory for this unique design.
Marchesa incorporates heels and boots into its collections. To wear with a short wedding dress, shoes are integral to the ensemble. The ankle is encased in lace that is identical to the fabric of the wedding dress.
Flowers, laces, and organzas... This combination is ideal for brides with a boho and romantic style. Read the article entitled the 5 Most Popular Wedding Dresses.
What outfit to wear to a formal wedding? The fashion is typically more casual if the bride opts for a princess or sheath dress at church or government building, or at their home or family's.

Wholesale Wedding dress manufacturers

As part of the organization's tradition, women wear the same dress and pass in front of the mayor and priest. However, it's not uncommon for couples to spread out their wedding over two days over a long holiday weekend. Wedding dress manufacturers Europe
In reality, the bride and groom can legally extend their civil and religious marriages for several months. In this scenario, the civil marriage is attended by small delegations and the religious ceremony is the focus of extended family celebrations during the summer.
As a result, a formal wedding is an opportunity to wear a more practical and versatile outfit than the traditional wedding dress, which is steeped in history but still festive.
The wedding dress of the United States COLORED Dresses Women are encouraged to utilize color in their civil marriages. An average of 250,000 marriages are celebrated in France every year.
As a result of atheism, sectarian differences or simply preference, couples don't necessarily want to progress to the religious marriage stage.
Women typically choose a long white dress with colored ends like blue, red, brown, purple or green. The gown is multi-colored, featuring pieces like a bustier, undergarments, embroidery, accessories... Wedding dress manufacturers Europe
The long, colorful dress has a very festive appearance. Red is the award-winning color of bridal wear that is most popular with women.
Traditionally, the bride's dress was red, as root color was the most durable pigment. Designers like Nicolas Fafiotte have extravagant red dresses that are reminiscent of movie princesses.

Wholesale Wedding dress manufacturers

What if the groom wears black? Despite some believing it to be a bad omen and superstition, black is still considered an elegant color that enhances the beauty of women.
boho wedding dress body type Beautiful flower crowns that resemble your crown in your bridesmaids' hair will be combined with the natural surroundings to create a beautiful alliance.
Elegance and grace aren't exclusively reserved for princesses in weddings.
THE IDEAL BOHEM bridal outfit With a low back, tulle or lace garments that are short or long, sleeved or have straps, the choice may be difficult for you, but you will not miss the multitude of dresses available for this significant event.
lace wedding dresses associated with the bohemian movement The models are varied to meet the most demanding, including a variety of collars. Wedding dress manufacturers Europe
A short or long Bohemian style wedding dress? If this issue is troubling you, know that any means will have an effect. Regarding the cut, it's possible to have it straight, wavy, loose or curled, finesse is essential in order to become the prettiest queen of the day, nothing else is necessary.
Read about the Hijab Wedding Dresses that were ranked #1 by our article on Hijab Wedding Dress Manufacturers.
long boho wedding dress WHO SHOULD PRODUCE PLUS SIZES OF DRESSES? A belted model will benefit those with a slight roundness in their morphology by restoring the proportions of their morphology.

Wedding dress manufacturers in Europe

If your chest is wide, you should avoid dresses with open back as much as possible because they will lack support. plus size boho wedding dress WHO WOULD DRESS BOHEMIAN LITTLE?
Conversely, if you're short, you shouldn't limit your choices to dresses that are too long, this will send the wrong message about women's sizes. Wedding dress manufacturers Europe
boho styled wedding dresses that are short Conversely, you can choose a model with an open back or a V-neck design that will be the focus of attention completely.
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2023.05.28 18:24 c0stlytech @reaperapparelco

Buddy started up his own clothing brand. We’d really appreciate a look.
Use code BUYADAMSHIRTJASON and save 10%.
Jason is another friend that’s being a dick. 😂
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2023.05.28 18:08 Proof-Ingenuity2262 IBLP Standards of Modesty

Do any of you know if the IBLP still emphasizes the same modesty standards as before? (For example, women not being allowed to wear pants.) The reason I ask is because so many of the adult daughters of high-ranking IBLP leader Gil Bates have evolved from their parents' clothing standards. These young women have successful social media "ministries." They look more normal and are able to much more easily fit in and look less like fundies. I'm wondering if maybe that would lead the IBLP to begin adapting their dress code standards to more modern wear in order to attract the younger generation, seeing how successful Gil's daughters are. And yes, I know the Bates daughters still living at home haven't started wearing pants, but maybe The IBLP is changing their standards for adults? Also, side-note: I know the Bates daughters aren't all affiliated with IBLP, but they still have a type of ministry through their businesses, YouTube following, etc... at least that's how they have justified social media influencing being okay.
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2023.05.28 18:07 KTown1109 I’m having a yard sale!

I’m having a yard sale!
Lots of furniture, wallpapers, flooring, and a few clothing items available. Take whatever you’d like!
Located on the beach, to the left of the airport ramp.
DM for Dodo Code :)
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