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Welcome to CleaningServicesNearMe! This subreddit is dedicated to all things related to cleaning services in your local area. Whether you're in need of professional cleaners, looking for recommendations, or interested in sharing your experiences, this community is here to help. Whether you're a homeowner, business owner, or a professional cleaner yourself, this subreddit is the perfect place to discuss everything from deep cleaning to regular maintenance, organization tips, and more.

2023.05.29 00:20 SithLordWithAnAK74 [WTS/WTT] Knives and prybars

Hi, I’ve rounded up a few knives and some lynch prybars that I no longer use that I’d like to sell or maybe swap out for some other gear
Knives: (
Prybars: (
My trade interests include; Something Obscene, CRK, Spyderco, TRM, Microtech, Hinderer and other stuff. I’m also looking for Damascus knives, specifically damasteel. Will consider gear and other things
Here’s what I have;


Spyderco Kopa- mother of Pearl and abalone edition. 1 of 600 made in 2010. Absolutely mint. I have the box and CoA. I paid $300 for this on Facebook and I’d like to keep the trade value the same. SV $285
Spyderco Chaparral- Raffir Noble version. Picked up off the swap from a homie. It is used, there are light scratches on the scales and it needs to be sharpened. I do still have the box. TV $140 SV $135
Spyderco Chaparral- Maple wood version. I also got this off the swap, fairly recently actually, but the seller failed to properly disclose the condition. While it may look mint, there is a chip in the blade near the tip. I included a close up. Could be sharpened out. I also noticed a small hairline crack on the clip scale below the left clip screw. The show scale also does not seem to be totally flush with the liner. Needless to say, I’m kinda pissed about this one. I paid $150. TV/SV $125
Spyderco Manix 2- 154cm saber grind. Kind of an odd duck to see, this is an older model. Black g10 scales show signs of being carried, blade needs a sharpening. Kind of dirty. Centering slightly favors clip side. No major blems to speak. SV/TV $135
CRK Small inkosi- beautifully modded, but now the warranty is hella void. Has been bead blasted. S35 steel. Box and docs included. TV $375 SV $350
TRM Nerd Ti- neat little knife, picked up at BladeShow West by me back in October. Still pretty minty. I’ve carried it a couple times and opened some mail with it. TV $275 SV $235


All of these are LynchNW and include the box. I am the original owner on all.
UrbanEDC Asanoha $150
DLT p40 $140
Joker $105
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2023.05.29 00:17 AlvaaarScripts [M4A] Another Believer [Scientist Speaker X Vampire Listener] [Spicy] [VERY Spicy] [Very Much In Love Speaker] [Dom Listener] [Sub Speaker] [Romance] [Nerd Speaker] [Short Speaker] [Tall Listener] [Taking Over the World together] [Vampire Feeding]

Summary: You’re an unusual pairing, a scientist and a vampire. It’s a love story that really wrote itself – but as time passes and more modern thinkers about, the age of vampires is coming to an end and scientists are being shoved in the spotlight. Your dear scientist however has plans to keep your legend alive.
This script is open to be monetized and used, all I ask is that credit is given in your video description. If you choose to fill this script, please comment a link to your recording. Making changes to the script and to the gender of the listenespeaker is okay. ScriptBin Link
Plain text for speaking
(for tone suggestions)
[SFX and descriptions]

[The sounds of metal gears turning, potions brewing, and the soft smell of… burning?
Just one more- no! no no no don’t pack up on me now you stupid generator- [LOUD CLANK] O FUCK – kicking it was a bad idea.
Oh heyyyy my dear bat… (very guilty) Noooo, I’m not experimenting. Not this late – I am simply cleaning the equipment and –
Fine, you know I was never able to lie to you… Yes I am working on another experiment but only to help you, my dear. You see I had this idea, this plan to-
Yes I know we’ve had this conversation a dozen times, but this time I know I can get this right! If we return creatures of the night to their original power just think of the control we could have over those mortals!
It infuriates me to just imagine what the world could be without you, without the creatures of the night. Humans would run rampant – it’s the only way we can keep them in check! I just –
Just… [shiver] Oh my dear bats, you know I can't keep myself together when you run your fingers through my hair like that… you make me so weak just being beside me, but when you lay your hands on me I can't help but melt…
You have me wrapped around your very finger and weak under your fangs, my love. You can bite me anytime you wish, my body is at your disposal and I will obey your every wish and command –
[You interrupt your dear husband with a quick kiss before he gets too carried away-]
(very flustered, trying to gain composure) Right, well as you can see I’ve taken some inspiration from the Dreameaters machine, using the base as a way to absorb some of humankind's worst nightmares, then used some extra fancy bits to sort them into dreams about creatures of the night, and then again into dreams and nightmares.
But then that wasn't enough, so I made an add-on machine to also consume some of their media about creatures of the night. It seemed like a good idea at first, but then I had to make filter to get rid of some of the more,, well let’s just say not so safe for work ideas they had about us.
All very complex, but I’m getting there. You see, with this, we can perform whatever fears the humans think of most – of course in moderation – to start striking the fear back into them. At the moment it seems to be skinwalkers disguised as their friends, which admittedly would be difficult to do at first since the humans seem to be getting smarter at knowing who is who.
My dear bat, just think of what this could do for the community. Alas, I know I am not one of them, but I can’t help but care so deeply for the creatures that lead me to you. I can’t help but want to help their legacy – your legacy! Withstand the passing of time.
[Small, semi awkward pause]
Well, what do you think? Do you think it needs an evil name? Or maybe a scarier look? I went a bit overboard with the dream thing, I tried just using what they had in the media and well, there were a lot of things that should be kept private… - so much porn…
[You give a slow nod of approval]
Really? Yes! Thank you, my dear bat. I promise, I will not let you down. I will help you restore the fear that the creatures of the night deserve- wait no, respect! And fear! I -
[You lean down to give your scientist a kiss, a passionate one at that]
(enamoured) Oh, dear bat. Keep kissing me like that and we might have to worry about cross contamination - which is no joke but I’d be willing to risk it all for you. Anything for you.
I know you do, I love you too. I want to spend all of my days and all of my nights with you. Mostly the nights because we’re basically nocturnal at this point - on the account of you being a vampire and me not liking the sun. And not liking humans, or social interaction, or just the public in general.
I don’t think I’ve actually seen the sun in a few weeks- no, months maybe. I’m not sure… But I wouldn't want to change a thing, being nocturnal means I get to spend every moment under the moonlight with you.
We haven’t danced in the moonlight for… a few hours, but I didn’t want to disturb you while you were tending to the carnivorous plants, you know how they do like to bite me- and not in the way I like it.
[You step closer to your husband, standing directly over him.]
Don’t play coy, you know just how I like it. Your lips kissing me up from my chest onto my neck, your fangs brushing against my skin, that small give you give me before you sink your teeth into my flesh. The blood pouring down my neck, covering your lips…
[You grab him by his tie- he yelps as you bring your face closer to his.]
We can kiss down here if you want to, I just might have to clear things off my desk so you can reach me without having to bend down, I know how it hurts your neck after a while. As much as I know you enjoy seeing me in pain, I don’t share the same pleasure when you are in discomfort.
[Your literally knock everything of his desk onto the floor in one clean swoop, sit all falls, crashing onto the floor.]
Oh, dear bat, I kind of needed those papers, but that doesn’t matter, I can pick them up later and you can pretend to not look at my ass when I do. Don’t think I don’t catch you looking, but I must say, I do enjoy it when you watch me. Especially from the shadows.
I guess now we can - OH?
[You pick up your husband, and promptly toss him onto the desk.]
OH? I like this. Alot. I could get used to you tossing me around more often- maybe even everyday, if you wouldn’t mind doing so of course.
[You brush your lips against your husbands neck, listening as breathing becomes hitched.]
Oh those fangs never fail to… excite me. How much blood do you want from me today, my dear bat? Go on, bite me. I’ll sit still. Just for you, dear bats.
[You bite into your husbands neck, and he near melts in your arms.]
Yes, oh I can already feel the blood running down my neck, your sweet lips against my neck - it’s enough to make a man melt… And trust me, I am.
[He whimpers as you continue feeding,
How much?- All of it. Drain me. Suck the life out of me - leave me a bloodless mess of a man, rip apart my neck if you need to. If it is my body that you need, that take it from me, I would willingly surrender myself to you if it meant you were satisfied, happy, even for just a moment.
[You pull back, wiping the blood off your lips.]
More? What else could we possibly do- oh, you mean that kind of more…
Do you worse, dear bats.

Here, spice, as a treat.
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2023.05.29 00:17 Wrong_Initiative_970 I miss him so much

He was always out of my league and he should have never looked twice in my direction but I still couldn't help but love him. I loved him when we were 15 and no girl looked at him and I love him now that every girl wants to be with him. But he never loved me, he only wanted my body and I obliged because being used like that was better than not being near him at all. We haven't talked in 6 months and I still think about him every single day and he probably never thinks about me. I'm so pathetic. He gets every woman he wants, has lots of friends, he's talented and happy and easygoing. I don't have a single friend and no prospects, i'm not good at anything, i'm miserable and think about dying every day and I have a fucking terrible personality and everyone hates me for it. I will never find a guy as good as him and it's simply because I don't deserve it.
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2023.05.29 00:17 hairypotatobean Should I just move on?

I need this answer that I may already know, but my friends are just as enamored with this person and are no help. Sorry for the long read, but hoping for men's opinions or woman who have been in this type of situation-ship.
So I'm a 30F, about a year ago, I had just gotten out of a 6 year relationship. Prior to this relationship I had dated, but never got into anything serious. One of my closest in those on/off friends with benefits was when I was 19-21. He was nerdy, smart, and oh so charming, just my type.
Back then, he was also very immature, but we had fun arguing with each other. These arguements though also kept me feeling like I had to hide certain aspects of myself to avoid a debate or feeling judged. There were other certain small sexual and recreational aspects about him that I would've considered deal breakers, but nothing bad or that wasn't hindered by my own self consciousness. Just small tweaks I'd hope my future partner would have/do and he was not into it.
Due to long distance issues, and his lack of commitment, I cut it off and moved on with my life. Fast forward to my breakup, I reconnect with this guy through linked in out of all places. Neither of us are on social media and have no accounts besides reddit and for me, snapchat. *this is important to my doubts/issues. We get together, and everything resumes as it was except there's some MAJOR CHANGES. He has grown and matured to a point where all tweaks I previously criticized or was hesitant about were absolutely gone. The arguments/debates stopped, and more openness and vulnerability took its place. SWOOooooonnn. He is more open to experiment on all areas I previously considered as those dealbreakers. Yes, it is still long distance, but this is where my issues come up.
He says he's gonna move to my city within the year or that he would be willing to move to another state with me, we both do remote work. He says he has emotional and mental health issues that he previously ignored and was finally getting help with(this is recent, in the past 3 months), therefore he is not emotionally ready for a relationship; but that I am a potential partner, he can imagine us together, but doesn't know if or when that would be attainable for him. That he does not want to be a burden to me or a parasite to my own growth while he is struggling and mentally dealing with this own. He has recently experienced alot of loss and have been greiving throughout this past year and directly prior to our re-connect. He responds to my texts sporadically and rarely visits even though I have offered to visit him multiple times, which he always deflects or says he is busy. He tells me how much he loves to have messages from me, and even double texts. Knowing that I care about him and even when he is not up for a conversation, he likes to see my messages because they encourage him and motivate him to do better, even if he is extremely depressed or going through massive anxiety and stress issues and doesn't respond until a week later.
He also has another friends with benefits in his current city. I do not know the extent of their relationship/friendship besides the fact that he is not romantically ready to even consider that person a partner and that he sees them about once every 1-3ish months. In fact, he cuts these relationships off if the other person develops feelings. In the same instance, he KNOWS about my feelings, my desires to be with him, and how even previously and now, that if he chose to commit to me, I would be his and only his, but he is still 'not ready for me', but we do engage sexually if we are together.
Randomly, out of nowhere this month. He got a snapchat and added me. Never messaged me on it, but started looking at my stories. I figured he was just being nosy into my life. I was wrong. Still no messages between me or him, but his snapchat score has now moved from 0 to 500, this means he is exchanging snaps with someone else? I want to obviously just ask. It may be as simple as him reconnecting with friends and catching up with people. But I also don't wanna sound jealous or stalker like, because he has no commitment or relationship with me and I guess it's technically none of my business.
But this has me feeling insecure and just honestly feeling like I am holding out for some guy that still can't give me a commitment and is hard to communicate with besides a sporadic text here and there. Granted, we have had very intense and serious, and also deep conversations at times, but generally we will text once or twice every other week or so.
I've always been told 'if a guy wants to be with you, he will MAKE it happen' or 'if a guy is unwilling to commit, it's because he is talking/saying the same things to multiple woman'. Even though he has been very up front and honest with me about his past relationships and even his current situationship, I can't help but wonder if he is dragging me along. As much as I want to be there for him, even just as a friend through his hard time, I also don't want to have a friendship where I am romantically invested and hoping maybe some day, something could come from it.
The last time I tried to establish if I was even considered a possible future partner for him is when I got that "he can imagine us together, but doesn't know if or when that would be attainable for him". I would stay friends with him, of course. I care about him, as he says he cares about me, and I have realized the help and value he is to me with the things he has said to me that resonated and helped change and shift my life for the better. He is a person in my life that matters and I wouldn't wanna lose. But if he would just tell me he sees no romantic future with me, only as friends or even just friends with benefits. I could be content with that and move on. But he won't say that to me. Anytime I bring it up, I get the 'I care about you' 'you are important in my life'.
My friends who have met this man feels he is just amazing. Whether it's his charm or good looks, I'm told how he 'looks at me' and how I 'look at him'. They believe we are meant to be together and I think hearing things like this with my own feelings keeps me there. Like a puppy, putting this man on a pedestal by praising and lifting him up consistently. When we are together, he helps and does the same for me, but every other time, I am lucky to get a text response and those times together are FAR AND FEW in between. It begins to feel one sided, although I know his struggles, I try not to take it personally at all. I just want to be there for him if he needs me, but I know my needs are not being met.
Then I think of why we reconnected in the first place. The conversation was near identical between us talking about what life was like without being in eachothers lives. The thought of what could have been, if we had actually tried all those years ago, the LONGING, in a not too creepy way (when he would be in town, he would pass my house to see if my car was there, or when I would search him up, to see if he finally got social media, I ended up locating a property he bought). So if I cut it off again, am I gonna just regret it and think about him all over again in 10 years!?
Soo... should I move on? What would you do?
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2023.05.29 00:16 disneyprincess2312 31 [F4A] #Colorado/nearby states- Nerdy, travel lover looking for my life partner

31, bi, 5’ 2”, 115lb, pale skin, blue/grey eyes and auburn hair. “Girl next door” kind of vibe, femme but low maintenance.
I’m introverted and pretty independent so I’ve always sort of struggled in the modern dating scene. But I’d like to meet someone special to share life and adventures with.
I love to travel and highly prioritise it. So far I’ve been to 39 countries, 5 continents and 26 US states/territories .
When I’m not traveling I’m kind of a homebody with an ever rotating set of (usually creative) hobbies.
I’m “pop culture” nerdy, I love Disney, MCU, Star Wars, Harry Potter and books. I like going to comic cons, frequently visit the Disney parks and even Cosplay on occasion.
I’m a realist, with a very practical, logical and pragmatic sort of approach to most things.
I have three random degrees, and a full time “good for now” job. But I’m not a career oriented sort of person, more like a Jill of all trades. I prefer a simple/modest lifestyle. As long as I can afford to travel (budget style is just fine by me) I’m happy.
I do own a small home in Colorado near my family, I am open to relocation if things get serious, but prefer to stay in CO or nearby states.
Religion- Raised Christian but consider myself more spiritual than religious
Politics- l hate everything to do with politics, but view wise Id be considered left leaning
Alcohol- Very, very rarely
Drugs- Never
Marijuana- Never (I’m allergic)
Smoking- Never
Tattoos- several smallish ones
Pets- I love dog and cats.
Kids- None currently. But I want one. Okay if you have them.
Possible dealbreakers for you
*I’m Neurodivergent and have diagnosed ADHD.
*I have some social anxiety and a very small social battery.
*Low-ish libido, sex positive but somewhere on the demi/ace spectrum (ask me about this if it’s important)
*Im not a very “funny” person, I don’t really crack jokes and I dislike being teased. Pranks are the worst thing ever and toilet humour irritates me.
*I usually only check reddit once a day, so responses might be slow. If we hit it off and conversation is good, I’m happy to swap #s. I don’t do other messaging apps or social media.
Must be single and monogamous. 28-45ish, Height-weight proportionate, well groomed, seeking serious LTR. Must be located in Colorado or nearby state. Must want a kid in the future.
Someone who is upfront with their needs and intentions, who is a very strong communicator, and doesn’t play games. Someone who’s affectionate, kind and patient.
Please be willing to swap photos within the first few messages.
Dealbreakers for me
Doesn’t want/can’t have a kid
Doesn’t like cats and dogs
Doesn’t prioritise travel
Married/engaged/actively dating
Frequent drinker
Super religious
Not looking for LTR
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2023.05.29 00:16 monkey-primate-man Tension Headaches?

Hey all,
I've been staying hard for a while now. Consistient with my physical and mental goals.
I was wondering if anyone has any experience with tension headaches. Whether from genetics or past rough experiences, my brain is more prone to tension headaches, which really fatigue me. I try to overcome them by staying hard, but I end up getting gray hairs and being sapped of energy. These headaches keep me from going my max. I could be making excuses, but I'd like to find a balance where I can avoid the headaches and still go near my max.
I know Goggins mentioned that he had a giant knot on the back of his head for years till he started stretching / meditating (think this was during one of his interviews with Rogan).
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2023.05.29 00:16 georrgiev What would you do in my position?

Hi all, looking for some advice on my next steps for my schooling and career.
I've loved flying since I was a little kid. I got FSX for my 10th birthday, fly whenever I can, and did a few demo flights in a 172 last year. I can't think of a career I'd enjoy more than flying.
I'm 19 and nearing the end of my first year of college. I'm a liberal arts major, nothing aviation related. I enjoy what I study but just can't help but feel like I'm wasting my time? I signed a lease on an apartment for next year so I guess I'm going back. All I think about during the day is flying but would I be stupid to walk away from a college education?
My parents say they'll support me no matter what, and I have no doubts I would enjoy flight school but it's so hard to pull the trigger and take the chance.
I'm considering a variety of paths- ATP, or my local Part 61/141 schools. If you were in my shoes, what would you do?
Thanks for any help, I really appreciate it.
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2023.05.29 00:16 fokslero-0521 [Gensan] Seeking Manga Hunter in/near Basco, Batanes! Offering Commission for Rare Finds!

Hey, fellow manga enthusiasts!
I'm on a quest to find rare manga treasures, and I need your help! I'm reaching out to the awesome community of Basco, Batanes, or anyone who knows the area well. If you're a manga enthusiast living in or near Basco, this post is for you!
Here's the scoop: I've been hearing rumors about a hidden treasure trove of rare manga titles in Basco. However, due to the location's remoteness, it's nearly impossible for me to visit and retrieve these precious books personally. That's where you come in!
What I'm Looking For:
I'm particularly interested in finding manga titles that are difficult to come by elsewhere. Whether it's limited editions, out-of-print volumes, or exclusive releases, I'm eager to expand my collection with these rare gems. There is a seller selling rare manga finds.
Commission Offer:
To sweeten the deal, I'm more than willing to offer a generous commission for your efforts. As the delivery rider cannot be picked up from the location, I understand that obtaining these manga titles may require some extra legwork. Therefore, I'm prepared to compensate you for your time and dedication to tracking down these rare manga finds. We can discuss the details and reach a fair agreement based on the value of the manga and the effort involved.
How to Get in Touch:
If you're up for the challenge and willing to help me on this epic manga quest, please reach out to me via private message on Reddit. Let me know if you have any connections or knowledge about the manga scene in Basco or if you're willing to scout out the area for these rare manga titles.
Important Note:
To ensure a smooth and trustworthy transaction, I kindly request that any potential manga hunters provide proof of their credibility.
To all manga enthusiasts in Basco, Batanes, or anyone who knows the area well, your assistance is greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance for your help!
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2023.05.29 00:15 DietLotus [US,INT] [H] Various Vintage Singles (Holo, Non-Holo, English, Japanese, Shadowless, Promo) (PWE) (BWE) [W] Paypal

Hi there!Back again this week.
Prices based on lowest 1000+ seller on TCG Player and TrollAndToad if available (especially on Japanese cards)
I trust all buyers with sub $20 orders to do the just and honorable thing in reporting the arrival of their orders, so that we can help and support each other and our Pokemon TCG trading community. :)
(I can provide packing and letterbox drop off video clips for anyone needing extra assurance, per request. I know I definitely will document my packing and drop off for those.)
**REMINDER:**Please use the same formatting for each card you’re wanting to order.
Please specify the name, set number, set name, holo or non-holo, and especially if it is English or Japanese.
We already had a mixup between an English and a Japanese version of the same card.
Copy/Paste is best!
I will also confirm with you the specific cards, but please take a second to confirm that you’re getting the correct cards before agreeing. Thank you!

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5

Flareon 19/64 - Jungle - NonHolo – English - Near Mint - $9.25
Card Back

Dark Weezing 14/82 – Team Rocket – Holo – English – Near Mint - $8.00
Card Back

Entei 244 – Neo Revelation – NonHolo – Japanese – Near Mint - $8.50
Card Back

Meganium 154 - Neo Genesis - Japanese - Holo – Near Mint - $18.75
Card Back

Clefable 17/64 - Jungle - English - NonHolo - NM - $8.20
Card Back

Mewtwo - WoTC Promo - Near Mint - NonHolo - English - $6.20
Card Back

Recycle Energy 105/111 – Neo Genesis – NonHolo – English - $4.40
Card Back

Chansey 3/130 - Base Set 2 - Near Mint – English - $13.50
Card Back

Jynx 124 - Neo Revelation - Japanese - Near Mint - NonHolo - $16.50
Card Back

Jynx 124 - Neo Revelation - Japanese - Near Mint - NonHolo - $16.50
Card Back

Jynx 124 - Neo Revelation - Japanese - Near Mint - NonHolo - $16.50
Card Back

Yanma 193 - Neo Discovery - Japanese - Holo - Near Mint - $11.50
Card Back

Pidgey 57/102 - Base Set - NonHolo – Shadowless - English - Near Mint - $2.75
Card Back

Marill 29 - WOTC Promo - Non-Holo - English – Near Mint - $2.75
Card Back

Politoed 27/75 – Neo Discovery – NonHolo – English – Near Mint - $6.40
Card Back

Clefable 5/130 - Base Set 2 - Holo Rare – English - Near Mint - $18.95
Card Back

Cleffa 173 – Neo Genesis – NonHolo – Japanese – Near Mint - $5.75
Card Back

Jigglypuff 7 - WoTC Promo - Near Mint - English - NonHolo - $8.25
Card Back

Ditto 18/62 – Fossil – NonHolo – English – Near Mint - $9.75
Card Back

Hypno 8/62 – Fossil – Holo – English – LP/MP - $26.99
Card Back

Blissey 242 – Neo Revelation – Holo – Japanese – Near Mint - $18.75
Card Back

Super Energy Removal 79/102 – Base Set – NonHolo – MP/HP - $3.00
Card Back

Pikachu surfeur (Surfing Pikachu) 28 - World Collection Promo (French) – Near Mint - $18.50
Card Back

Computer Search 101/130 – Base Set 2 – NonHolo – English – Near Mint - $3.75
Card Back

Nidoqueen 7/64 – Jungle – Holo – English - Near Mint - $23.00
Card Back

Dark Dugtrio 23/82 – Team Rocket – NonHolo – English – Near Mint - $3.25
Card Back

Koga’s Arbok 25/132 – Gym Challenge – NonHolo – English – Near Mint - $5.25
Card Back

Computer Error! (Rocket's Secret Machine) 16 - WoTC Promo - NonHolo – English - Near Mint - $2.25
Card Back

Dark Blastoise 20/82 - Team Rocket - English - NonHolo - Near Mint - $20.00
Card Back

Scyther 17/130 – Base Set 2 – Holo – English - Lightly Played - $23.50
Card Back

Breeder Fields 62 – Awakening Legends Neo Revelations – Japanese- Near Mint - $6.00
Card Back

Brock’s Dugtrio 22/132 – Gym Challenge – English – Near Mint - $5.00
Card Back

Lt. Surge's Riachu 28/132 - Gym Heroes - Near Mint - English - NonHolo - $16.25
Card Back

Hitmonchan 8/130 – Base Set 2 – Holo – English - $23.99
Card Back

Pikachu 025 – Jungle – NonHolo – Japanese – MP/HP - $7.50
Card Back

Sabrina 110/132 – Gym Challenge – NonHolo – English - Near Mint - $3.50
Card Back

Koga’s Pidgeotto 27/132 – Gym Challenge – NonHolo – Near Mint - $5.25
Card Back

Lt. Surge's Raichu 11/132 - Gym Challenge - Holo - English - LP/MP - $25.71
Card Back

Croconaw 159 – Neo Genesis – NonHolo – Japanese – Near Mint - $3.10
Card Back

Magneton 82 – Neo Revelation – Holo – Japanese – Near Mint - $22.25
Card Back

Double Colorless Energy 94/102 – Base Set – NonHolo – Lightly Played - $4.50
Card Back

Pidgeot 24/64 – Jungle – NonHolo – Near Mint - $4.00
Card Back

Dark Golbat 7/82 – Team Rocket – Holo – Near Mint - $17.99
Card Back

Quilava 156 – Neo Genesis – NonHolo – Japanese – Near Mint - $5.50
Card Back

Double Colorless Energy 94/102 – Base Set – NonHolo – Lightly Played - $2.75
Card Back

I'm willing to accept offers on cards. I assess conditions as best as I can, but if you feel certain that a certain card's price is just too high, or you feel that a card is of a different grading condition, please explain before you make an offer.

Any Order(s) Below $20 will be shipped in carboard protection and a teambag.
Order(s) Above $20 will be shipped inside toploader(s) and teambag(s).

Free Shipping Within 1-2 Business Days.Shipped as First-Class Mail if above $20, PWE for less than $20.
Paid Shipping for International Orders Only.
Please let me know if you're international ahead of time and what your address is, otherwise, I may have to bill you for shipping before I can ship. I can always give an estimate ahead of time.
I ship cards in 4x6 Envelopes and 4x6 Clasp Envelopes, with which I've had a flawless track record.
Bubble wrapped is possible, but at this point after over 800 successful shipments in a plain 6x9 envelope using a toploader and teambag, it's clear how unnecessary bubble wrapping is and how it just adds unnecessary cost.

4 PM CST USA (10:00 PM GMT) is the latest for daily orders to be send out same day Mon - Fri.

Thank you for checking out what I have to offer this week!

I hope to continue to help grow your Pokemon collection! :)
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2023.05.29 00:15 Bibileiver Great restaurants northwest side, not past 1960?

I'm trying to support local spots but don't want to drive 30 minutes sometimes.
I live near 77038 area. Google maps isn't that helpful for stuff since it's results are not that great.
For example there's a sushi place that I didn't know was near me if I just searched restaurants near me.
Not picky, want to try new things.
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2023.05.29 00:15 lysergicalkaloidae How to get discipline

even small things like waiting 2 mins between sets makes me forget that Im working out and I zone out
I never had any routine or discipline and im nearly 30
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2023.05.29 00:13 SithLordWithAnAK74 [WTT] some knives I don’t use

Hi, I’ve rounded up a few knives I no longer use that I would like to exchange for something else.
My trade interests include; Something Obscene, CRK, Spyderco, TRM, Microtech, Hinderer and other stuff. I’m also looking for Damascus knives, specifically damasteel.
Here’s what I have;
Spyderco Kopa- mother of Pearl and abalone edition. 1 of 600 made in 2010. Absolutely mint. I have the box and CoA. I paid $300 for this on Facebook and I’d like to keep the trade value the same.
Spyderco Chaparral- Raffir Noble version. Picked up off the swap from a homie. It is used, there are light scratches on the scales and it needs to be sharpened. I do still have the box. TV $140
Spyderco Chaparral- Maple wood version. I also got this off the swap, fairly recently actually, but the seller failed to properly disclose the condition. While it may look mint, there is a chip in the blade near the tip. I included a close up. Could be sharpened out. I also noticed a small hairline crack on the clip scale below the left clip screw. The show scale also does not seem to be totally flush with the liner. Needless to say, I’m kinda pissed about this one. I paid $150. TV $125
Spyderco Manix 2- 154cm saber grind. Kind of an odd duck to see, this is an older model. Black g10 scales show signs of being carried, blade needs a sharpening. Kind of dirty. Centering slightly favors clip side. No major blems to speak. TV $130
CRK Small inkosi- beautifully modded, but now the warranty is hella void. Has been bead blasted. S35 steel. Box and docs included. TV $375
TRM Nerd Ti- neat little knife, picked up at BladeShow West by me back in October. Still pretty minty. I’ve carried it a couple times and opened some mail with it. TV $275
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2023.05.29 00:13 JumpRopesAndLove having your abuse minimized because of how you reacted

tw also sexual abuse and emotional
hi i (19m) was abused for around 2½ years by my ex(18f) with bpd and by the end i had finally gotten to the point of breaking and yelling back and stuff. by that point i had been physically hit and she attempted to gaslight me out of believing it, had been sexually coerced in weird ways where she would yell at me then when i told her i dont wanna have sex after getting yelled at and how it made me uncomfortable she just stopped being intimate with me for around a week or two and started treating me very distantly(this yelling then wanting to have sex happened a lot though it also happened in my last sexually abusive relationship and she knew i had a lot of trouble saying no because i feel destroyed and like sex will make things safe if its suddenly making them feel better but it would always make me feel so disgusting and alone during and afterwards and i would just have to pretend to be ok and i tried bringing it up a lot of times and she just told me ok just tell me no but when i did she would get different and its very scary i just didn't want to be asked it after something so big like being yelled at for hours). and had emotionally abused me since all the way near the beginning and cheated on me as well. i did stuff back obviously i cheated near the end and admitted to it without her finding out or anything unlike her who never admitted even at the end when discarding me, only really saying it sometimes vaguely to shut down conversations. i also snooped through her stuff because she very often would do very fucked things like accusing me of sexual abuse on a spam account with her hoover at the time but literally not describing how i did at all and getting mad at me for even asking to just talk about it because i wanted to know what she was talking about obviously since i wouldn't wanna do that given that i had literally been sexually abused in my relationship before her too. she also would do stuff like flirt with people while drunk then lovebomb me after stopping or just talk badly about me in general without ever telling me anything because she was either quiet not saying stuff or finally saying everything when shes exploding. i would bring everything i snooped on up very calmly and just trying to fix the relationship but it was always me and my fault and she hit me over something solved literally 2 years prior just because she was angry that day and my friends went from all thinking shes bad for me or our relationship is just unhealthy without ever really fully understanding the scope until i got beat that night until finally when i broke everyone switched on me i was just a pussy who cant do anything to them literally by their words and saying i was just saying abuse to not try to fix my life when i was actively seeking mental help for us both and taking responsibility for my mistakes despite the abuse. i know i did bad back but did i really deserve all that did i deserve for everyone to turn me into a monster just because i broke under the pressure even at the end i was trying so hard to explain everything and people just started saying shit like it sounds abusive so it must just not have happened because they already know who i am when i literally have admitted to everything and anything they accuse me of i literally just wanted to be seen its so disturbing it has left me in shambles for 7 months after the fact and it doesn't even feel like half a year has passed i feel so destroyed i lost everyone i ever cared about all at once. everything she ever did is just forgotten and people won't even tell me what shes accusing me of behind closed doors since shes convinced everyone it's gonna lead to her getting abused if anyone talks to me about anything at all or even let me defend myself (which some people didn't listen to and i was literally able to give more context that they just completely ignored because I'm me that was their reason). its debilitating shes allowed to actually continue to abuse by keeping out hoovers that manipulatively keep me hooked while when i tell anyone about them they just blindly believe its not her its so fucked shes just with another guy now while im destroyed and shes keeping me primed so she can come back if she needs to its so gross it makes me feel so gross she took away everyone and everything from me just to give herself a tiny bit more comfort in her fucked brain
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2023.05.29 00:12 helplesslyhopeful97 Couriers wanted Las Vegas, NV

Hello everyone! My husband and I own a courier service here in Vegas and we are constantly adding new contracts and getting more work. Here in the near future we will be looking to hire some drivers full time, part time, and on call. This is a 1099 position, must have your own reliable vehicle with full coverage insurance, and a cell phone. Message me if you're interested and we can arrange an interview.
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2023.05.29 00:12 helplesslyhopeful97 Couriers wanted Las Vegas, NV

Hello everyone! My husband and I own a courier service here in Vegas and we are constantly adding new contracts and getting more work. Here in the near future we will be looking to hire some drivers full time, part time, and on call. This is a 1099 position, must have your own reliable vehicle with full coverage insurance, and a cell phone. Message me if you're interested and we can arrange an interview.
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2023.05.29 00:11 CaptainChristopher02 My Floridian Arxur Daughter (Part 15)

My Floridian Arxur Daughter (Part 15)

Art by u/HaajaHenrik
Content Warning: Mentions of Pancakes between two consenting adults'.
It's really nothing but I'll put it in case someone prefers a warning. Love you guys.
Memory Transcript Subject: Chalta Rodriguez, Adopted Arxur Youth
Date [Standardized Human Time]: November 24, 2136
Finn is a good friend. We would walk around the park with our families, and he would tell me about all the fish in the ocean.
“Okay so like- there’s this fish. It looks like it’s melted but it really isn’t because it lives in really deep water. And you know when like- you like- have someone hug you really tight you go squish!” fin said.
“Yea! Mommy and daddy give the best hugs!” I thought of last night, when I showed all my weakness and was given a big warm hug from my family.
“Well, what if you were always hugged so hard… that when everyone let go you’re body went mushy! Because those hugs were the thing that was- um, keeping your bones tight together! That’s what a blob fish is.”
“If we went to water that deep, would we squish?”
“Yup! It’s also really dark down there too! You wouldn’t be able to see your hand in front of your face!”
I checked to see if I could already see my hand in front of my face. Yup, that would be dark.
“Wow,” I said softly.
“Hey Chalta, can I see your claws?”
“Sure.” I gave Finn my hand and he started looking and playing with my claws. They weren’t very long, only about half the length of his fingers, but Fin didn’t mind. He gently rubbed them and pressed his finger against the pointy end.
“They’re very shiny and pointy,” Finn said with an exited smile on his face.
“Thank you! Mom helped me clean them this morning. They’re so pretty now. Hey Finn, can I see your claws now?”
“They aren’t as nice as yours but sure.”
I played with Finns claws. They were short like daddies. Cut really close to the end. I wonder why humans didn’t keep them long. How would a human hunt? I also noticed that his hands are also warm and very soft. Even softer than mommies! Arxur have much rougher skin to protect us. How did humans protect themselves?
“Finn,” I asked. “How did humans hunt without claws?”
“We threw rocks.”
Throwing rocks, that was their weapon of choice? “Why rocks?”
“We could throw hard and accurately so we could hunt from a safe distance, or if food was running too fast.”
“How did you know that would work?”
“Well… there’s a lot of rocks everywhere, and the deer over their looks like they could use one. I guess we threw one too hard one day and some cave man went ‘hey I got an idea’.”
“What’s a deer?”
“An animal we used to eat a lot. I think we still do.”
“Are they tasty?”
“I dunno, maybe.”
“If you threw a rock at a deer, could I eat it later?”
“Sure, I don’t need a rock.”
I like talking with him, he makes me feel happy.
We kept walking until Finn stopped in front of a sign that said, The Kraken.
“Oh cool, a roller coaster! Mommy can I ride it with Chalta!”
“R-r-roller c-coaster?” I asked, remembering the screaming humans. I looked up and saw the deathtrap he was talking about. Why would I ride this? Why would anyone ride this?!
But what if he thinks you’re weak?
We tell him he’s stupid!
But I wanna show him we’re brave, also that’s mean!
Fine! Be my guest, but when you’re falling to your death it will be your fault.
“S-sure they can’t be that bad r-right?” I said, knowing it can be that bad.
“Chalta sweety, I don’t even go one those, and I know you don’t want to either!” Mommy said, remembering how I reacted earlier today.
Finn’s mother overheard and realized why I wanted to suddenly go. “Listen to your mother, don’t try impressing Finn if you don’t want to.”
Carlos and Salisek looked at each other.
“Carlos no!”
“You were going to go on that death trap!”
“Finn, wanna ride with me?”
Big brother was so brave! I wish I was brave enough to- Wait, if he can do it maybe I can too!
“Okay Carlos!” Finn said, “You and me! Bros!”
“Count us in too!” Daddy said with his arm around a proud looking Tarvik.
Mommy realized she had lost her husband to the coaster crossed her arms in frustration, “Okay than, Chalta you can wait with us girls.”
“A-actually mommy… can I go?”
Mommy gave a big sigh. “Yes bebé, but if you’re feeling uncomfortable come back. Even if it’s a little bit m, okay?”
“Yes mommy.”
I walked with the boys up the very, very long line. Every time I thought we were close there was just more line! I looked at a photo of the ride we passed to see how high we were going and… oh. Oh, that’s high.
I turned to Finn, “Um… is this safe?”
“Yea! They strap you in real tight!”
“Why are all the humans screaming?”
“They’re screams of fun!”
Daddy snickered. “Kinda reminds me of my honeymoon.” I didn’t know what a honeymoon was, but it sounded like a pretty scary roller coaster.
Big brother’s eye’s shot wide open. “There are two kids here!”
Honeymoon must be an adult secret.
“What? We went to Disney! We got fast passes and where riding Space Mountain and Tron all day!”
“That’s not what is sounded like!” Big brother is so silly. He makes me smile. Finn was laughing too.
After what felt like days, Daddy said it was only 30 minutes, we finally made it to the end. Four seats per row. Me and Finn sat next to each other with Big brother and Tarvik next to us. Dad sat with some strangers in the back, but I wish he was next to me. I was really scared.
After checking the uniformed humans checked the restraints, the ride was ready to start, and I could feel my heart beating faster than it ever has.
Finn grabbed my hand. His grip helped me feel safer. “It’s okay Chalta, I used to be scared of these but now I’m not! You’re safe with me, I’ll protect you!” Finn said proudly and I wrapped my tail around his leg and tightened my hands grip.
“Y-you better not let go!”
It’s starting! Oh no! I want mommy!
3… 2… 1…
The ride started… slowly? This isn’t so bad. Wow, we’re going high now. Really high. Wait how are we getting down. Oh, oh no. We’re dropping at speeds I didn’t know I could survive! Are we going upside down? Again! How are we moving like this? This… feels… AWESOME! It feels like I’m flying! I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS!
When we got off the ride I was filled with a sense of relief after finally returning to the ground. Tarvik also looked relived and proud of himself.
“Did you see that! I conquered the beast didn’t I. Ha, only humans could come up with something so dangerously fun!”
The boys giggled with each other while Finn and I raced back to our Mommies resting spot so we can tell them how brave we are.
A ran as fast as I could and gave mommy a big hug.
“Mommy, mommy! Did you see me? I was so brave wasn’t I! It wasn’t so bad; I’m not scared anymore!”
Mommy held me close and smiled. “Yes sweety, you were very brave! I’m so proud of you! You and Tarvik.”
“Hey what’s that supposed to mean,” Tarvik said sounding a little angry.
Big brother gave him a back pat. “Tarvik, I don’t think you realize that you’re probably the first Venlil to ever ride a rollercoaster. And you did it of your own free will. That’s almost unbelievable, yet here I am, standing in front of the living legend!”
We all giggled, but now I was feeling hungry.
“Mommy, daddy. Can we go eat something?”
“Sure,” mommy said. “These lady’s drank most of the water and ate almost all the sandwiches anyways. And I know the boys want their fill.”
Big sister looked embarrassed. “H-hey! It’s hot out here. My fur and size and all the walking aren’t helping either.”
Speaking of water, I was getting thirsty.
“Water sweety?” Mommy said before I could ask her myself.
“How did you know I was thirsty?”
“My mother senses where tingling.”
I took a sip of the water and noticed my legs were aching. We were close to a restaurant with all sorts of fish to eat.
So… close… can’t walk…
Finn noticed my struggle.
“Chalta are you okay? Do you need a break? Wait… are you hibernating?! It’s winter so I understand.”
“What’s hyper mating?”
“No silly, hibernating!” Finn said with a giggle. “Some animals do it when it gets cold. They sleep for a really long time.”
“Oh, okay. No, I’m not hibernating. My legs are tired. I didn’t know humans could walk so much!”
Finns’ mommy spoke up. “Darling, if you want, I could rent some strollers. We could also take a break.”
I suddenly felt like I was about to trip over my own weight when Finn caught me.
“Chalta if you can’t walk, I can carry you.”
“You can do that?”
Mommy looked worried. “I… I don’t think that’s such a good-”
Finn didn’t hesitate when he picked me up like a princess and carried me to the restaurant. The whole family looked surprised. I was too, how was he able to pick me up? Was I that light? I could tell he was struggling a little bit, but he kept going, determined to make sure I enjoyed a nice meal.
“Wow you’re really strong!” I said to Finn.
“Thanks, it’s from helping mom with all the groceries!”
“And those weights dad has that I keep telling you not to play with!” Finn’s mom said.
“If you don’t want me to pick up the weights than why do they have a handle?”
“Because you can hurt yourself!”
My mom spoke up, “Why don’t you just lock up the equipment?”
“I do! But somehow this little gremlin keeps getting past everything. Locked doors? No. Locked windows? No. Hide them? Always finds it! Punish him? He considers it a challenge. The closest I got was putting a piece of broccoli on all the equipment because he hates it. Wanna guess the day he started liking broccoli? It was the day he decided to force the stuff down his throat so he could use the weights. At this point I might as well hire a personal trainer, so he gets proper gym lessons and maybe just gets bored.”
“You still love me though, right mommy?”
“Of course! You little muscle baby!”
Big brother gave Finn a head pat while he carried me. “You know Marleen, I know a thing or two about fitness. I could teach him some things if you’re okay with it.”
“That would be wonderful. At lease he would have someone watching him and maybe learn not to hurt himself.”
Finn was still carrying me, and I could feel the warmth from his body. It was wonderful! It reminded me almost of how daddy carried me on the day we first met, but this was different. Dad’s felt like a comfort, but Finn’s felt like… a protector?
“Come on Chalta let’s go on an adventure!” Finn’s pace picked up and finally put me down once we got in line. I felt much better with some water and rest. Once we ordered and got our food we finally got to eat. I took one bite of the food called sushi. It had raw fish, with tons of vegetables that mom said should be fine in small amounts and pick off if I wanted.
*munch* “Mmm, so good!” I said aloud trying to contain my excitement.
After the sushi I had fish sticks. They were amazing, almost as good as chicken tendies! The French fries where good too, even if they were vegetables. I was fine at first, but then my stomach started telling me to stop eating plants for the day, so I had more fish sticks.
“Aw, I ran out,” I said, disappointed that I couldn’t enjoy any more fish sticks. I gave my fries to the table to share, but Finn still had some fish sticks.
Maybe I can ask? No that would be rude. He should enjoy fish sticks too!
“Hey Chalta! Have the rest of my fish sticks, I know you need them more than me,” Finn said as he placed the tasty fish on my basket.
*gasp* “Yay! I love you, Finn!” I said hugging him close while Dad spat out his drink. “You’re my best friend!”
Daddy calmed down. “Oh, thank god!”
Silly daddy. I love him too.
I felt bad about leaving but it was getting late. I said goodbye to Finn with a nice hug. Our moms told us that we could talk to each other again anytime we wanted and could even set up play dates! I was so happy!
The ride back home was smooth, and everyone headed to their rooms. Mommy pulled me aside and asked me if I wanted to sleep with her and Daddy since everyone needs a bed.
Big brother came and gave me uppies. “She can stay with me and Salisek, we talked about it. Go and enjoy some alone time with dad.”
“Thank you sweety.”
Mom went up to her room while Big brother and sister took me to theirs. After we got ready, they laid me between them for the night. I nuzzled up against brother’s soft and warm arms, and sister’s fluffy body. It was so cozy, but before I drifted off, I asked Big brother to sing me a lullaby.
Big sister gave an excited smile and wrapped us all around her tail. “I’ve never heard you sing! Please sing to us.”
Brother giggled and sang in a soft, surprisingly beautiful voice, "The song is called Send Me a Peach,"
“I never dreamed that there'd come a day
When I'd find myself far from your arms
Now that I am, I can hardly stand
Not to be near your sweet southern charms
Send me a peach from ol' Georgia
Down where the Savannah flows
If I could have one bite of Georgia
I would feel right here at home
I miss the shady old lanes there
Walkin' with you by my side
Just send me one peach from Georgia
Just so I know you'll be mine
I hope that you won't forget me
Before my road leads back to you
Though the winter may bring the whole world to its knees
The spring shall return with its fruit
The wind here is ready for winter
It seems to turn everything blue
So just send me (Send me) send me one little peach
Just a sweet, sunny piece of you”
Big sister whispered, “I love you.” As we all dozed into a peaceful sleep.
Memory Transcript Subject: Elena, School Teacher, Loving Wife and Mother
Date [Standardized Human Time]: November 24, 2136
For the first time in almost a couple weeks I was finally alone with my husband. He was reading in bed when I did my little ‘routine’. I jumped in and peppered him with kisses while he giggled profusely. I missed that wonderful laugh.
“My love,” my darling dearest said. “I know you’ve missed me, but our house is full. Are you sur-”
I put my finger over his lips and got into the ‘paint me like one of your French girls’ position. I know he loves that. “I have been without your presence for far too long, never mind your touch. Your wife has needs. Your wife wants to feel you all around, and for you to feel her all around. Are you gonna keep her waiting any more… mi amor?”
My husband sighed and pulled me right next to him. He gave me a wonderful, passionate kiss. “Okay my love, let’s just be quiet. We have guests AND a new daughter, okay?” I nodded excitedly. “I love you so much.”
We looked into each other’s eyes for the first time in a while. With him leaving and the new baby alone time was sparce. But moments like these… they were priceless. We gave each other another passionate kiss before we started making love.
I love my husband.
First Previous
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2023.05.29 00:11 kblro Is there any point in NG+ in 3?

I finished 3 a long time ago, bought it on launch. Unfortunately I started it near the end of summer and pretty much had to stop playing the game entirely for my university work. I had just finished chapter 5, I think, and the big break I took from the game coupled with the rest of the game not hitting the same peak as chapter 5 made me fall out of love with it.
I just bought the DLC and want to get back into it, so I'm wondering if playing through the game again in NG+ would be a good idea before getting into the new content. 2 had some content you can only get in a NG+ playthrough, is it the same with this game? I'd be fine even if it's just a small extra incentive to complete it in NG+.
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2023.05.29 00:11 helplesslyhopeful97 Couriers wanted Las Vegas, NV

Hello everyone! My husband and I own a courier service here in Vegas and we are constantly adding new contracts and getting more work. Here in the near future we will be looking to hire some drivers full time, part time, and on call. This is a 1099 position, must have your own reliable vehicle with full coverage insurance, and a cell phone. Message me if you're interested and we can arrange an interview.
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2023.05.29 00:10 Top-Criticism2851 Childhood with my Dad

My childhood was amazing. I grew up in a joint family of 16 members and life was never boring. It was the typical patriarchal household where the male goes to work and the women cooks, clean and tend to their children.
Growing up, I’ve always been closer to my dad. Every morning he would leave for his job around 7 am and come back home during dinner around 8 pm. My morning started with my dad dressing me up and bidding me goodbye and my day ended with him bringing chocolates or any edibles for me and my younger brother.
I clearly remember he would bring chocolates like dairy milk, kit-kat, milkybar and healthy snacks like salted cashews. We would diligently wait for him every single evening in the hope of getting the chocolate rewards or guess what he would bring tonight.
After having dinner, he would always got for a walk to relieve the stress and like the daddy’s girl I was, I would cling to him, climb up to his shoulder and start talking anything and everything. Sitting in his shoulders somewhat made me feel closer to the moon and we would together count the stars.
He had a very demanding job as a Professor and would travel 120 kilometres every single day, just to come back to his family and kids. He had the choice to live near his college and come back home on weekends, but he chose to travel every single day with public transportation because we didn’t own a car. One of my uncles also had similar job as my dad but he lived near his college and would come back home only on weekends. His kids grew up mostly without his presence and became closer to my dad.
I’m forever thankful for all of my dad’s sacrifices and hardwork to give us the childhood we deserved. He was present with us in every single step, be it annual day performance or our results day. It breaks my heart to see my mom berating him for not doing enough for the family, while he have dedicated his entire life to us and never put himself first. He never got any financial help from my mom as she became a SAHM after marriage, yet he provided us a comfortable lifestyle. Whatever we demanded, we got it. It was summer and we needed AC, we got it. I was starting college and needed a laptop, I got a Macbook. All my friends had iPhone, I got an iPhone. There are days when my gut wrenches realising my father is still financially responsible for me and my brother, as I’m still studying. As much as I want to earn, there are no better prospects in my country which won’t hamper my studies if I join them. I’m penning my thoughts in the hope that in future, I will come back to this post and be proud for achieving the dreams of my dad and showing him the world. Until then, I need to push myself for a better career and start working hard.
submitted by Top-Criticism2851 to u/Top-Criticism2851 [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 00:10 Bound2earth86 The Importance of Being Erinis. $45 Gruul Landfall and Control Deck
## Hey Vern, It's Ernest!
Well hey there Vern, glad you could join us. Today we need to pack for camp, luckily I know a swell lady who can help.
[[Erinis, Gloom Stalker]]
She has Deathtouch, she Ramps, and she even allows us to control the board with [[Street Urchin]]! WOW what a woman!
## Ernest Goes to Camp
To get the perfect camping experience, first we need to pack the right supplies.
* [[Ash Barrens]] with Basic Landcycling not only gives us a basic land but also puts a land in the graveyard for Erinis to return.
* [[Springbloom Druid]] sacrifices a land and gives us two in return.
* [[Orcish Lumberjack]] chops down a Forest for 3 Mana in any combination of colors.
* [[Rolling Regrowth]] and [[Harrow]] are an instant speed Springbloom Druid.
* [[Magmatic Insight]] sacs a land and draws you cards.
* [[Blighted Woodland]], [[Evolving Wilds]], [[Terramorphic Expanse]], and [[Myriad Landscape]] all allow us to sacrifice a land and go and get basics.
* Special shoutout to [[Cabaretti Courtyard]], [[Brokers Hideout]], [[Riveteers Outlook]], and [[Maestros Theater]] allowing us to hit 4 Landfall triggers in a turn.
Now that we have some lands in the graveyard, we can fully use Erinis ability to replay them. But what do we do with all these Landfall triggers?
* [[Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith]] makes Rocks for us to throw at whoever is bothering us.
* [[Sporemound]] makes sacrificial Saprolings
* [[Geode Rager]] opens up attack lanes by Goading each creature target opponent controls
* [[Rampaging Baloths]] gives you a 4/4 body for attacking or for sacrificing to Street Urchin
* [[Sarinth Greatwurm]] ramps you with Powerstones that can be used to activate abilities
* [[Tireless Provisioner]] and [[Tireless Tracker]] both make you artifacts with every landfall trigger
* [[Scute Swarm]] is always a winner by making an endless supply of bodies
* [[Zendikar's Roil]] makes elementals which are elemental to our gameplan (see what I did there?)
## Ernest Goes to Jail
Well darn Vern, instead of ending up at Kamp Kikakee we nearly drowned our opponents with all of our triggers. Guess we will have to be a bit creative with how else with get more creatures and/or artifacts for Erinis to use.
* [[Impulsive Pilferer]] gives you an early body but also gives you a treasure when you ~~murder~~ accidently eliminate him.
* [[Undercellar Myconid]] brings a friend both when it enters and leaves the battlefield, and taps to add a mana of any color
* [[Mitotic Slime]] is like the friend you invited but you weren't expecting them to bring along 6 of their friends. Luckily for us we can sac them all!
* [[Loyal Apprentice]] makes a hasty flying 1/1 at the beginning of our combat step. We can sac it to clear the way for Erinis or grow an army for when the need arrives.
* [[Dragonlair Spider]] can easily flood the board depending on your opponents
* [[Awakening Zone]] gives you another adorable critter to Old Yeller when the time is right.
* [[Crack Open]], [[Seize the Spoils]], and [[Artifact Mutation]] all provide answers and give us something to sac along the way.
* [[Implement of Ferocity]] and [[Implement of Combustion]] only cost us 1 mana and when they are sacrificed they draw us a card.
* [[Nimblewright Schematic]], [[Mycosynth Wellspring]], [[Servo Schematic]], [[Ichor Wellspring]], and [[Prized Statue]] give us several artifacts for doing what we were already going to do with them anyway.
* [[Gingerbread Cabin]] is a fun land to recur with Erinis because it brings along Food!
## Ernest Scared Stupid
At this point we have so many things to sac that we have drawn the ire of our opponents. Unlike your parents 9 months before your birth, we need **Protection**
* [[Ranger's Guile]] and [[Snakeskin Veil]] give you instant speed Hexproof when you become the target of removal.
* [[Mirror Shield]], [[Mask of Avacyn]] and[[Swiftfoot Boots]] give you some bling to keep the party rolling.
* [[Snake Umbra]] protects you with Totem Armor and is a better [[Keen Sense]]
* [[Alpha Authority]] gives you protection and evasion, and it doesn't get much better than that Knowwhatimean?
* [[Beamtown Beatstick]] and[[Sticky Fingers]] both give you Menace and whenever you connect it makes you a Treasure Token just to add insult to injury.
## Ernest Goes to School
At this point you would guess we have all the answers, well good thing you still have some schooling to attend because here are a few tricks you may not have seen on first glance
* [[Sylvan Scrying]], [[Crop Rotation]], and [[Expedition Map]] all give us the ability to search for any land. but which lands should we go and find?
* [[Cryptic Caves]], [[Roadside Reliquary]], [[The Autonomous Furnace]], and [[The Hunter Maze]] can be sacrificed for card draw.
* [[Slagwoods Bridge]], [[Darksteel Citadel]], [[Tree of Tales]], and [[Great Furnace]] finds us a repeatable artifact land that we can sac and then recur with Erinis.
* [[Rogue's Passage]] makes Erinis unblockable
* [[Detection Tower]] gives us a way to ping those annoying hexproof creatures our opponents control.
## Ernest Rides Again
As fancy as this $45 deck is, like my Middle School teacher told me, there is always room for improvement. Gruul Landfall has some more expensive token producers that would put in some serious work in this style of deck. Also the inclusion of Fetch Lands would make it very possible to hit all our Landfall triggers each and every turn. Hope y'all enjoyed this little journey, come back real soon.
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2023.05.29 00:10 poseidon317 Looking for Fall 2023 ONLY Sublease

Hey everyone, I'm graduating in December and looking to sublease an apartment near-ish to campus from August to December of this year. A one bedroom or studio is preferred, but I am also willing to live with roommates (For prospective roommates, I'm 22M, pretty good at keeping stuff clean, but also don't really mind mess too much). I'd like to pay $700 per month or less if possible, but I'm willing to pay more if need be.
If anyone has anything, dm me or comment! Thanks!
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2023.05.29 00:10 helplesslyhopeful97 Couriers wanted Las Vegas, NV

Hello everyone! My husband and I own a courier service here in Vegas and we are constantly adding new contracts and getting more work. Here in the near future we will be looking to hire some drivers full time, part time, and on call. This is a 1099 position, must have your own reliable vehicle with full coverage insurance, and a cell phone. Message me if you're interested and we can arrange an interview.
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