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2010.12.19 11:20 waldoxwaldox Toronto GTA Real Estate News & Trends

The Latest Real Estate Market News, Trends & Advice For Toronto GTA and Surrounding areas Halton, Peel, York, & Durham.

2010.06.05 06:13 murderous_rage The middle of Okanagan Lake

A place for people interested in Kelowna, BC, Canada and the surrounding region.

2011.06.05 05:03 tashibum Area code 530 from Northern California - NOT NSFW

The 530 area code covers much of northeast California, from the northern suburbs of Sacramento north through the Sacramento Valley to the Oregon border, and the entire Northern Sierra mountain range from Tahoe along the Nevada border to Oregon. Despite the name, Dirty530 IS NOT a community for NSFW content, dating, personal ads, hookups, plugs, or other "adult" content. All NSFW content will be removed and users banned.

2023.05.29 01:27 ZestyHistory How do I go about finding a cheap car without being scammed?

I am a broke student. Next year, I will not be living on-campus or close to campus so I will definitely need my own form of reliable transportation. I'm trying to look for something that is below 7500 and will get me through the next 4 years. I've been checking places like craigslist or facebook marketplace periodically, but I know that these options can be a little sketchy.
Not the most car-savvy person either, so how can I safely go this route? Also, please let me know of any other options or places that I can check out!
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2023.05.29 01:23 AffectionateStep5001 Rakuten Canada Referral - $30 when you make a purchase of $30 or more at participating stores online 🇨🇦 :)

For Canadians 🇨🇦 only
The way it works is Rakuten gives you cut of their affiliate revenue.
Make sure your adblock is disabled on both Rakuten and the store site you’re purchasing from, or it might not count.
Simply log in and click on the store, and it will redirect to the store’s website. When you make a purchase, you get a certain % cashback (varies by website and current promos).
Once you accumulated enough cashback, it can be deposited into your PayPal or you can request a cheque.
You earn $30 after a purchase of $30+, within the first 90 days of signing up, on one of the many supported stores.
Get started here:
Thanks for considering this referral :)
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2023.05.29 01:23 Final-Appointment112 My therapy homework

My therapy homework
I’ve blurred some of my writings so I don’t have to warn anyone of spoiler alerts 😂
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2023.05.29 01:22 jeremiahthedamned State Farm stops issuing new insurance in CA due to climate issues like wildfires and flooding combined with skyrocketing construction costs.

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2023.05.29 01:22 Low_Ad_849 Depressing Craigslist find… I can’t tell if this snake was born with that mouth defect or if it’s mouth rot or a result of it rubbing its face on the glass so much and wanting out of its horrible living conditions…

Depressing Craigslist find… I can’t tell if this snake was born with that mouth defect or if it’s mouth rot or a result of it rubbing its face on the glass so much and wanting out of its horrible living conditions… submitted by Low_Ad_849 to snakes [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 01:18 Puzzled-Ad-3893 A deer with chubby cheeks and big ears!! Curious what y’all will guess!!

A deer with chubby cheeks and big ears!! Curious what y’all will guess!!
15 lbs and 2 1/2 years old, craigslist said chihuahua maltese so we know what he is not lol
As a puppy I thought maybe chihuahua pit bull because the head-shape matched google image results for one, but his body is very slender (kinda similar to a german Shepard) and not as sausage-y as a chihuahua and not as muscular as a pit bull so I don’t know.
I added in 2 puppy pics (age ~4 months) at the end bc they were too cute to leave off.
my husband and I are betting on 1/2 deer, 1/4 kangaroo, and 1/4 chaos machine currently.
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2023.05.29 01:17 dealgad [Amazon] Cyber Acoustics USB & Bluetooth Speaker Bar (CA-2890BT) – USB Powered Speaker with Speakerphone for PC and Bluetooth to Simultaneously Connect to Smartphones, Clamps to Monitor, Convenient Controls, with 17% off, for $24.99 (lightning deal)

[Amazon] Cyber Acoustics USB & Bluetooth Speaker Bar (CA-2890BT) – USB Powered Speaker with Speakerphone for PC and Bluetooth to Simultaneously Connect to Smartphones, Clamps to Monitor, Convenient Controls, with 17% off, for $24.99 (lightning deal) submitted by dealgad to dealsonamazon [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 01:15 kyzyl123 Your 2 liter container now contains 1.6! Hurray!

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2023.05.29 01:15 drewpyy [US-CA][H] Lubed and Filmed Epsilon Switches [W] Paypal


Lubed and Filmed Prevail Epsilon Linear Switches (x90 count) Brush lubed with Krytox 205g0 on switch housing and stem. Springs are bag lubed with Krytox 105g0. Filmed with Deskey Films. $60 shipped

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2023.05.29 01:11 ianlola US roaming on Fido

Not strictly personal finance per se, but kinda ... I will be spending 7 days in the US and will need data (and if possible, also access to my phone number / SMS - but that's less important I guess)
Is there any better option than $12/day ( that's $84 + tax just for roaming! ... more than double my monthly plan too ...
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2023.05.29 01:09 jmbuhr otter.nvim: LSP features for embedded languages (e.g. code chunks in markdown)

Hey there! I think it's about time I advertise my plugin a bit, because I think it's really cool.
otter.nvim provides code completion, hover documentation and other lsp features for code chunks in computational markdown documents (e.g. quarto).
The easiest way to get started with it is via but the reason I made it a separate plugin is because it can also be used for other purposes, so I'm excited what usecases you come up with!
Here is a playlist that goes over some of the features: A coffee with Quarto and Neovim:
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2023.05.29 01:04 BlueRidgeCornbread CURTIS JOSEPH - 2020 SP Signature All-Time Future Watch Auto #364, 007/199 for sale low number!

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2023.05.29 01:03 Fine-Aioli2353 Recluse or Zoropsidae? 🧐(Northern CA) thank you!!! ❤️

Recluse or Zoropsidae? 🧐(Northern CA) thank you!!! ❤️
Found late last night in my mom’s bathroom, Seek app ID’d spider as a brown recluse though it sounds like these are very rare out here and zorospidae are commonly confused with recluses / are often found here…
ID or any good info much appreciated as she’s very worried about possible recluse infestation. Everything we’re reading online indicates it would be rare to find a recluse in northern CA. Thank you!!!
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2023.05.29 01:01 toohothotwings [Group] Feel like joining an online friend group all from Reddit?

Hey!!! I’m Haley/Hales. I’m 28 from CA! I love this sub and the similar subs like it, so I’ve decided to make a 21+ group chat so we can all chat and mingle and make new friendships! Feel free to comment or message me for info and I’ll reach out. I hope you guys have a lovely day!
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2023.05.29 01:00 Znobaii [Playlist] I've spent the past 6 years refining 25 Spotify and Apple Music playlists so that I can take the aux in any scenario. With over 120 hours of music, I'm ready to share them with the world so that you can also take the aux whenever needed.

Hey /Music,
A few years ago I posted my playlists to this subreddit, and I still get some comments on that post, so I decided to post them so more people can see them, and hopefully be prepared whenever someone asks them to play some music!
Some of these playlists might have a couple of familiar songs, but I'm entirely confident that everyone will find some new music in every single playlist here. I won't give you any more filler than is necessary, just a quick explanation of the intended mood of each playlist - and its flagship songs.
Playlist Listening Context Flagship Songs Links
Sanctuary Sessions This is music for when you need to put yourself in a good mood and remind yourself that the world is an alright place. Sam the Samba Man, Sense, Para Ouvir No Rádio Spotify / Apple Music
Sapphire Sessions This is the melancholic playlist of the bunch. Play this when you're down in the dumps. I Need Some Sleep, Shadow's Song, Good News Spotify / Apple Music
Scarecrow Sessions This is a playlist for autumn. A good mix of hearty songs for when the leaves change colour. Old Friends, Grumpus, Never Meant Spotify / Apple Music
Seaweed Sessions Songs that make you feel like you're in the Krusty Krab. A feel-good mix. Fisherman, Quiero, Waikiki Wiggle Spotify / Apple Music
Snowboard Sessions Songs to shred to. I'll use it as a pump up playlist at different points as well. Lots of punk and rap. Tondo, Popeye, Six Wave Hold-Down Spotify / Apple Music
Snowfall Sessions One of two winter playlists. This playlist has cozy acoustic music to warm you up when you need it. Little Garçon, Pale Blue Eyes, Fantasy Theme Spotify / Apple Music
Soirée Sessions Having guests over for a fancy dinner? This smooth playlist will help them feel at home. Great for board game night too. Moondance, Autumn Leaves, I'm So Happy Now Spotify / Apple Music
Sprouting Sessions A very happy playlist. Meant for spring when the snow is starting to melt and you are feeling optimistic again. Lisztomania, Lloyd I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken, Paint Me Silver Spotify / Apple Music
Stairwell Sessions Vol. 1 The first of the Stairwell Sessions - all of which are meant to be accompanied with psychoactive substances. This one is great for relaxing conversations with friends. O Trem Azul, Dreams Tonite, Crazy Spotify / Apple Music
Stairwell Sessions Vol. 2 This one has a pretty simple mandate: hip-hop to get high to. Snakes, Rapp Snitch Knishes, Where I'm From Spotify / Apple Music
Stairwell Sessions Vol. 3 This playlist has a lot of synthpop for when you're feeling energetic. Also meant to get high to. Realiti, Crimewave, Écoute Chérie Spotify / Apple Music
Stairwell Sessions Vol. 4 This is the closest thing to a personal playlist out of these all. Listening to this playlist can be a very intense experience while high. Some songs are not as accessible. Serious Shit, Navy & Cream, Romanticist Spotify / Apple Music
Stairwell Sessions Vol. 5 This is a playlist with all the "epic" songs. I think the average track length is over 10 minutes; don't let that distract you from how great some of these songs are. Long Season, Maggot Brain, Impossible Soul Spotify / Apple Music
Stairwell Sessions Vol. 6 This one is almost like a sister playlist of Vol. 4. It has a lot of ethereal music for when you want to disassociate. That's Us/Wild Combination, Sept, Clube Da Esquina No. 2 Spotify / Apple Music
Starlight Sessions A playlist for stargazing. Lots of pensive tracks to help you realize our scale in this universe. Man of Oil, Space Song, Sleeping on the Roof Spotify / Apple Music
Steppin' Sessions This is the party playlist. Not enough people are giving Disco love these days, but it's still great music to get sent. Histoire d'1 soir, Stayin' Alive, And the Beat Goes On Spotify / Apple Music
Stormcloud Sessions For really murky days where you can't see much but gray. This playlist gives you room to sulk but also energy to still get things done. Guns of Brixton, Dreams, Riot! Spotify / Apple Music
Strawberry Sessions This is one of the most accessible playlists. Play this one in a casual setting if you don't know people's music taste yet. Great for balmy summer nights. Buttercup, BLEACH, It Was A Good Day Spotify / Apple Music
Streetlight Sessions Play this when you are driving somewhere late at night, with only the moon and streetlights guiding you. It is a high enough tempo playlist to keep you up, and fits the surroundings quite well. Roads, Girl, Nightcall Spotify / Apple Music
Study Sessions An ambient playlist. I understand not everyone studies to ambient music, but this is great for those who do. It is also a lovely mix to put on as you fall asleep. Quiet Friend, Banteay Srey 1991, A Walking Embrace Spotify / Apple Music
Subaru Sessions A mix for road trips. The only word relating to road trips that I could find that also began with an 'S' is Subaru, so I had to go with it. Corona, Ain't No Rest For The Wicked, Better Days Spotify / Apple Music
Subzero Sessions One of two winter playlists. Compared to Snowfall Sessions, this one is for when you give in to the cold. Chilling songs are in this mix. Iron Galaxy, Lorelei, Keep The Streets Empty For Me Spotify / Apple Music
Sunflower Sessions One of three summer playlists. This playlist has casual acoustic music that puts you into a good headspace. Have a beer with the lads. Golden Days, Patio Song, Listen to the Music Spotify / Apple Music
Sunscreen Sessions Vol. 1 One of three summer playlists. This playlist is full of summer jams for when you are soaking in the sun. It also works as a party playlist. Dapper, Slide, Hoes at Trader Joe's Spotify / Apple Music
Sunscreen Sessions Vol. 2 One of three summer playlists. This playlist is the spiritual successor to Vol. 1. There's some overlap, but it's mostly a fresh batch of great summer tunes. Don't Need You, Walking in the Rain, Shine Blockas Remix Spotify / Apple Music
Sweaty Sessions For when you get sweaty with that special someone. Thinkin About You, West Coast Love, Brown Spotify / Apple Music
System Sessions A playlist of very low-key house music. Lots of deep/outsider house is great for when you're doing repetitive tasks. Right Here! Right Now!, Innerbloom, Fish Spotify / Apple Music
I have spent years curating these playlists, taking out songs almost as fast as I add them to keep quality high. Somewhere along the way, I decided to collect all the songs that either didn't make the cut or didn't fit into any specific playlist. Thus, Spare Sessions was born. This is an incredibly eclectic mix of music, recommended for only the very adventurous listener.
As happy as I am with all of these playlists, none of them are (or ever will be) fully complete. I'll continue to add and remove songs from them in the future. So, if you have any song recommendations for any of these playlists I would love to hear them. Last note, I use Spotify so I will rarely update the Apple Music playlists, but I felt like sharing them since not everyone is on Spotify.
Enjoy :)
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2023.05.29 01:00 Anonypotimus8 Moving to South Bay

Considering redditers are on average cooler and less suspect than the Craigslist crowd, thought I would post this here. I’m an M30 looking for a roommate somewhere in the South Bay. Working as a physician in training. I’m pretty laid back and kinda just work and exercise with most of my time. Looking to move by the beginning of July… budget is 1500-2000 but somewhat flexible. Also, are there any areas in the South Bay I should avoid??
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2023.05.29 00:59 nickdemarco IMT spindle interface docs?

I'm building a 5-axis CNC, and I have an IMT spindle for the project - but no docs on the interface and such. The drive is a 300-1/2 S ca/ 2018. The spindle is a Classic Eco 62.
Any docs would be very helpful.
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2023.05.29 00:59 NeverFirstTry My Knife in cs2 W or L?

My Knife in cs2 W or L? submitted by NeverFirstTry to ohnePixel [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 00:57 4toTwenty This any of you?

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2023.05.29 00:56 NeroLight67 Modding Question: CaC2X2m tool unable to read save file?

Hello. I have been modding the game off and on for a while now, and with the 1.20 update for XV2, the patcher and modding tools made by Eternity were recently updated. I have been able to mod the game just fine, and have created many characters using mods, however when i use the recently updated X2m2cac as well as CaC2x2m tools, i get this error message. Then after I press "OK" it says "Unable to read Save File"
I am able to use other modding tools that can utilize and edit the save file such as the Save Editor, but the only tool that does not work is specifically those two. I am searched through the modding forums and the reddit trying to find the error code and see if anyone has had the same issue as me but no luck. Has anyone come across this error code? if so, is there a fix? any help would be appreciated.
Note: i do use lazybone transformation mod, ive read it can cause some issues with the cac2x2m tool, however every error code ive seen related to that issue is not the same as the one i am encountering so i figured it was something else causing the problem. Thanks again.
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2023.05.29 00:56 mwvwca NEW - Alu-Cab Canopy Camper for 2019+ Jeep Gladiator JT

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I am helping my father sell this camper. It is currently in Westminister, CA, ready for a fresh install. Asking $26,000 or OBO. This is all very new to me and outside my expertise.
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2023.05.29 00:55 socra When did Hardbacon become such a trainwreck and why isn't anyone talking about it?

I started trusting this platform years ago because it was on a healthy growth streak. They were adding lots of features and supporting more and more financial institutions. They were on the service committed to storing and maintaining historical data for paid customers.
I accessed my premium account recently for the first time in awhile expecting to find all my manually created portfolios for investments/crypto, all of my linked accounts(banks, brokerages, rrsp, etc), and the corresponding reports and analytics data that comes from centralizing them with Hardbacon.
But guess what? It's All gone. Nothing remains. They changed their provider for API based financial institution integration without notifying anyone at some point. This is presumably the reason but they happily charged me 12.99 USD a month with absolutely nothing being tracked and gave no notice of the change. No recommendation to relink accounts. Not countdown to this taking place.
My manually created portfolios? All gone. Deleted. Disappeared. The feature doesn't even appear to exist anymore. I migrated all of my tracking to Hardbacon because it made sense. That was a huge mistake.
All of the manually tagged/edited transaction data from the last two years so that spend categories were accurate?
Reaching support? Nope. The option was removed from the app. The 'help' link on their website is non-functional.
And the best part. They no longer support connecting to ANY self brokerage accounts. National Bank Discount Brokerage, Desjarding brokerage, WealthSimple, QuestTrade, HSBC, RBC, Scotia, Manulife, .. you name it.
NONE of them are supported and all previously stored account data being centrally tracked, along with investment goals, portfolios, historical metrics, etc.
Gone. No notice. No email.
This page is a very much a lie. About 2% of that list is supported now.
But they were happy to keep billing me.
Is no one else using them? Is that why no one is talking about this trash fire they became?
The only function they seem to serve is spoon feeding promoted credit card and account promos. Basically like a bank and credit card account coupon clipping service.
What gives? Does anyone know? I investment so much time into this platform. It's such a huge let down. Especially from a local MTL company.
Any recommendations for an alternative to centrally and securely track financials? What are people using?
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