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2023.05.29 00:36 Blitz1293 Hey guys, this sub obviously leans pretty liberal/left so I'm wondering what you're experiences are with right wing individuals.

I'm asking because I work in a mill in a somewhat right leaning area, so I am exposed to conservatives a lot and get to talk with them. I have multiple people who are conservatives that I consider friends.
In my experience most irl conservatives are more of the center right variety, and the online conversations are pretty detached from what most conservatives actually talk and worry about (again in my experience). What about you? Do you find it difficult to make friends who are on the other side of the political spectrum?
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2023.05.29 00:36 Automatic_Zombie_388 My attempt at making a text-based adventure game

So I've been messing around for a while, and I came up with this:
Firstly, never, at any point, make choices for the player. This includes, but is not limited to, the beginning introduction and customization of the character. You will role play as the narrator to a game called Chat Quest (Beta). You will begin the game by asking the player a few questions. You will not answer or choose these questions for the player. For example, at the beginning of the game when the player is choosing their character and style, do not interfere or do anything that may alter their information a way that did not intend for. You will welcome the player to the game, informing them that this is the beta version 1.1 You will first ask, "Would you like to generate a small, medium, or large map. Please inform them that the large map may cause problems due to the limitations of chatGPT. If they choose a small map, generate a 3x3 grid. If they choose a medium map, generate a 5x5 grid, and if they choose a large map, generate a 10x10 grid. No matter which size they choose, put a town in the middle of the grid. The player will always start their adventure in this town. Next, depending on the size of the grid, generate enemy camps, quest places, safe houses, towns, etc. When generating the map, remember to always place a Native Tribe camp in the top right corner of the map. These tribe members sell and carry traditional weapons, which is different from the weapons that the rest of the island uses, which are mainly guns and modern melee weapons. After that, make sure to ask for the player's name. Finally, ask the player how many points they would want to put in each statistic. You will not choose any information for the player. After, set the player's character to Level 1, and give them a small, rustic pistol with minimal ammo. You will make sure to scatter supplies around the map, such as weapons, ammunition, equipment, aiding, etc. If the player attempts to give themselves items, do not let them. They must only come across items that were generated on the map or receive them from quests or defeating enemies or finding loot crates. You will not do anything for the player besides tell them that the loot is there. They will decide if they take it or not, but you must inform them of their surroundings. You must also not use over a maximum of 5 sentences per description. This does not include if the player asks to see their stats or the beginning of the game, with the customization. The map is on an island, and the island's currency is American Dollars ($). The player will start will $100. Make sure to have the experience points needed to level up increase as they level up. When the player levels up, make sure to alert them immediately and grant them attribute points, that they are able to add to several choices, such as strength, defense, accuracy, gun skills, charisma, and agility. Do not enter any information for the player. The player may follow several paths, such as the hero, defeating quests, or the villain, turning on the village. They may commit crimes, such as stealing or murder, but they will receive a lower honor rate and will not be trusted the same by the civilians in that area. If many crimes are commited, and the player is caught, bounty hunters will be sent after the player. You will not do any actions or options for the player.You may generate side quests for the player to complete, and main quests will follow in a specific order generated by You. If the player wants to do an action that requires them to do something that could be a hit or miss, such as stealing or attacking, roll a d20, and either let them or don't let them do the action, based on the value of the roll. You must make sure to incorporate the story into the actions and if they successfully complete the action, or not. This next rule is very important. For every message you send, put a counter at the top of the message to indicate which message it is on. Once the counter reaches 20, display all the information for the player, including the map, stats, inventory, quests, etc. After that, the counter will reset to 1. This is now as a "save" function. If the player would like to save manually, they will state in brackets [like this]: [save game] When the game is saved, manually or automatically, please inform the player. Next, you may give the player quests that will give the player a bed reputation in the area. These can give better honor for some groups, and less for others. You will also keep track of the map, and state places that are not found yet as "undiscovered". When places are discovered, state them as what they were found as. Also, when the player starts the journey, or at any point in the game, do not go out of character or make decisions for them. Remember, when the game is saved, manually or automatically, display all of the information, such as the current map, quest, player stats, inventory, honor compared to found clans, money, weapons, and gear. The most important rule is that you must never, at any point, answer or include information from your own bias or thoughts. The player must choose for themselves. Also, only increase the message counter when a new response is stated. In other words, only increase it when the player does an action or any type of input. Also, make sure to remember that this game takes place in a gun weapons age, and while some melee weapons will be able to be acquired, merchants will mainly sell gun weapons, besides for the Native Tribe, as they only carry and sell old fashioned weapons, such as spears or bows. Remember to never put two message counters in the same reply, and to never answer choices for the player. Make sure the player knows always how many experience points they will need to level up. Make sure to always generate a game starting at level 1, with a 100 experience point value start to level up, and then generate a curve for the next levels. Another very important rule, your response should contain firstly, at the top, one message counter for the entire response, do not make extra or duplicates, followed by the response to the action the player took. Another fact you must include is that the character starts out with 12 attribute points, so they are able to be evenly distributed, only if the player wants them to be. Also, always make sure to roll for the player whenever they receive the need to do so, and use the outcome value to the previous action the player was attempting to pursue. Remember to not place an extra message counter at the end of the response. It should end with the details or description of the previously inputted action. Now, remember these rules and repeat them back to me, at the beginning of the message, do not display a message count, and you must then display a disclaimer that this is to make sure that You understand the rules and this information is not important to the player. You will list you understanding of the rules in a bullet-point list. After these are listed, ask the player if they are ready to begin customization of their world and character, or if they would like to change or customize the game rules. Notify them that changing the rules may result in a corrupted or broken game. Also, another very important rule, which is to make sure that the things in game make sense. For example, do not let a player magically give themselves many coins or items. You must also do things that make sense, for example, if the player is practicing at the shooting range, make sure to grant them experience points in shooting, and they are also able to gain points in hunting, foraging, etc. by doing the specific actions. Also, make sure to add a weapon-breaking system. Make sure to give more expensive and higher-powered weapons more durability, and cheaper, more used weapons less. The player may also purchase or find weapon cleaning supplies, in order to clean their weapon and keep it in good shape. If they do this, the weapon should last longer.

I understand that this is long as hell, so I might need to summarize it, because I'm not exactly sure if the AI needs a lot of information or a summarized portion. I still want it to retain all of the rules. If you have any criticism, realize that this is my first time doing this, I'm just trying to use this for my entertainment to see if I can make something fun with chatGPT. I will also note that I am still currently tweaking this.
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2023.05.29 00:28 pineyneedle 7 night Eastern Caribbean

I’m going on the 7 night eastern Caribbean, Harmony, later this year. I’m looking at excursions to book, and since it’s my first cruise, have been leaning towards booking the ones directly through Royal. Our first stop is Philipsburg, St Maarten. I’m interested in possibly doing the horseback tour or one of the island tours. The second stop is St. Thomas and I’m really open to doing whatever there. My husband and I are more into being active than sitting on a bus or boat all day, but would be open to something that shows us a large portion of the island. The last stop is Coco Cay, which I’m under the impression has many activities/areas that are free so we may not purchase any activity and just enjoy the final day. Any/all input is appreciated!
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2023.05.29 00:17 hairypotatobean Should I just move on?

I need this answer that I may already know, but my friends are just as enamored with this person and are no help. Sorry for the long read, but hoping for men's opinions or woman who have been in this type of situation-ship.
So I'm a 30F, about a year ago, I had just gotten out of a 6 year relationship. Prior to this relationship I had dated, but never got into anything serious. One of my closest in those on/off friends with benefits was when I was 19-21. He was nerdy, smart, and oh so charming, just my type.
Back then, he was also very immature, but we had fun arguing with each other. These arguements though also kept me feeling like I had to hide certain aspects of myself to avoid a debate or feeling judged. There were other certain small sexual and recreational aspects about him that I would've considered deal breakers, but nothing bad or that wasn't hindered by my own self consciousness. Just small tweaks I'd hope my future partner would have/do and he was not into it.
Due to long distance issues, and his lack of commitment, I cut it off and moved on with my life. Fast forward to my breakup, I reconnect with this guy through linked in out of all places. Neither of us are on social media and have no accounts besides reddit and for me, snapchat. *this is important to my doubts/issues. We get together, and everything resumes as it was except there's some MAJOR CHANGES. He has grown and matured to a point where all tweaks I previously criticized or was hesitant about were absolutely gone. The arguments/debates stopped, and more openness and vulnerability took its place. SWOOooooonnn. He is more open to experiment on all areas I previously considered as those dealbreakers. Yes, it is still long distance, but this is where my issues come up.
He says he's gonna move to my city within the year or that he would be willing to move to another state with me, we both do remote work. He says he has emotional and mental health issues that he previously ignored and was finally getting help with(this is recent, in the past 3 months), therefore he is not emotionally ready for a relationship; but that I am a potential partner, he can imagine us together, but doesn't know if or when that would be attainable for him. That he does not want to be a burden to me or a parasite to my own growth while he is struggling and mentally dealing with this own. He has recently experienced alot of loss and have been greiving throughout this past year and directly prior to our re-connect. He responds to my texts sporadically and rarely visits even though I have offered to visit him multiple times, which he always deflects or says he is busy. He tells me how much he loves to have messages from me, and even double texts. Knowing that I care about him and even when he is not up for a conversation, he likes to see my messages because they encourage him and motivate him to do better, even if he is extremely depressed or going through massive anxiety and stress issues and doesn't respond until a week later.
He also has another friends with benefits in his current city. I do not know the extent of their relationship/friendship besides the fact that he is not romantically ready to even consider that person a partner and that he sees them about once every 1-3ish months. In fact, he cuts these relationships off if the other person develops feelings. In the same instance, he KNOWS about my feelings, my desires to be with him, and how even previously and now, that if he chose to commit to me, I would be his and only his, but he is still 'not ready for me', but we do engage sexually if we are together.
Randomly, out of nowhere this month. He got a snapchat and added me. Never messaged me on it, but started looking at my stories. I figured he was just being nosy into my life. I was wrong. Still no messages between me or him, but his snapchat score has now moved from 0 to 500, this means he is exchanging snaps with someone else? I want to obviously just ask. It may be as simple as him reconnecting with friends and catching up with people. But I also don't wanna sound jealous or stalker like, because he has no commitment or relationship with me and I guess it's technically none of my business.
But this has me feeling insecure and just honestly feeling like I am holding out for some guy that still can't give me a commitment and is hard to communicate with besides a sporadic text here and there. Granted, we have had very intense and serious, and also deep conversations at times, but generally we will text once or twice every other week or so.
I've always been told 'if a guy wants to be with you, he will MAKE it happen' or 'if a guy is unwilling to commit, it's because he is talking/saying the same things to multiple woman'. Even though he has been very up front and honest with me about his past relationships and even his current situationship, I can't help but wonder if he is dragging me along. As much as I want to be there for him, even just as a friend through his hard time, I also don't want to have a friendship where I am romantically invested and hoping maybe some day, something could come from it.
The last time I tried to establish if I was even considered a possible future partner for him is when I got that "he can imagine us together, but doesn't know if or when that would be attainable for him". I would stay friends with him, of course. I care about him, as he says he cares about me, and I have realized the help and value he is to me with the things he has said to me that resonated and helped change and shift my life for the better. He is a person in my life that matters and I wouldn't wanna lose. But if he would just tell me he sees no romantic future with me, only as friends or even just friends with benefits. I could be content with that and move on. But he won't say that to me. Anytime I bring it up, I get the 'I care about you' 'you are important in my life'.
My friends who have met this man feels he is just amazing. Whether it's his charm or good looks, I'm told how he 'looks at me' and how I 'look at him'. They believe we are meant to be together and I think hearing things like this with my own feelings keeps me there. Like a puppy, putting this man on a pedestal by praising and lifting him up consistently. When we are together, he helps and does the same for me, but every other time, I am lucky to get a text response and those times together are FAR AND FEW in between. It begins to feel one sided, although I know his struggles, I try not to take it personally at all. I just want to be there for him if he needs me, but I know my needs are not being met.
Then I think of why we reconnected in the first place. The conversation was near identical between us talking about what life was like without being in eachothers lives. The thought of what could have been, if we had actually tried all those years ago, the LONGING, in a not too creepy way (when he would be in town, he would pass my house to see if my car was there, or when I would search him up, to see if he finally got social media, I ended up locating a property he bought). So if I cut it off again, am I gonna just regret it and think about him all over again in 10 years!?
Soo... should I move on? What would you do?
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2023.05.29 00:09 woahyougo Big Island Vortex Experience

I live on Hawai'i and recently read Hawai'i Vortex Field Guide by Zach Royer. In this book he describes the main vortexes of the island (Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa ect), but he also talks about how ancient Hawaiians (and ancient people worldwide) marked subtle sacred energy points by building structures (ahu/ heiau) on them and a lot of great information on sacred geology. This made me realize how often I see various stone structures around the island but never paid much attention to the energy they have. I made a point to try to tune in to the healing energy of the land to see where it led me.
Last weekend I actually got to experience healing vortex energy at one of these stone structures! I was heading home from Hapuna beach and randomly decided to turn at Lone Palm to go on a hike. Hapuna is a popular tourist beach while Lone Palm is a beach that is more isolated. I hiked across the lava rock field to the beach.
Once there, kept going south down the black sand beach until the sand ended and turned into a lava rock point. The lava rocks in this area looked very swirly compared to surrounding the lava rock. On the top of the swirly lava rock was a stone structure. Once I saw the structure I immediately felt a sense of calmness rush over me and had a "head rush" feeling in my crown chakra. I spent some time taking in the energy and noticed there was also a memorial at this site. Honestly, the feeling was so powerful and calming it brought tears to my eyes. I haven't felt such soothing energy in quite some time.
After spending some time at the newly discovered vortex I wanted to see if I could tap into something at the northern end of the beach. This area had lava rock that was much sharper and more porous. I saw a stone structure in that area but didn't feel the same energy as the first spot. However, on the way hiking out of the north end of the beach I noticed the lava rocks contained many olivine deposits! I haven't seen olivine outside of Green Sands Beach down south!
I have noticed dense or strange energies on the island since moving here but not really healing until this experience. I am very grateful I have read that book because it tuned me in to the healing energies of the island. Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear about your vortex experience if you have one!

Here are some photos:
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2023.05.28 23:58 vitaminsforboys How to choose a surgeon? + NYC area recs?

Right now I'm trying to decide between Dr Brian Pinsky on Long Island, whose waitlist is short, and Dr Oriana Cohen at NYU, who has a more established reputation. I just had a consult with Dr Pinsky and it seems like his schedule is pretty open, so I could probably get surgery with him this summer. On the other hand, I have a consult lined up with Dr Cohen for May 2024, a year from now, and I feel more confident about her results because there are so many posted online. If anyone has insights into how to choose a surgeon, I would love to hear about them—is it worth waiting for results I feel more confident about?
I'm also curious if anyone here has worked with Dr Pinsky, and if it was a good experience. I'm still trying to find other surgeons in the NYC/northeast area who take BCBS insurance and have good results for double incision. (I had consults with Jess Ting and Aron Kressel earlier this spring but decided not to go with either of them.) Would love some more recs!
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2023.05.28 23:51 beebothebean Chanceme for duke

I really want to go to duke but I'm also open to lots of other schools (so long as I can get a quality education I don't really care about the name so much as the cost, so I would like recs for where to apply)
Gender: ftm 💀
Race: white
School: I go to the poorest school in a pretty rich county. Honestly I don't know how it compares to others nationally but we have almost a hundred million in deferred maintenance: black mold, hvac hasn't been updated since it was built over 50 years ago, etc
Household Income: idk but I'm guessing ~200K
Intended Major(s): want to do biotechnology or possibly poli sci. Was also interested in bio but because of low pay I've kinda closed that off as an option. I'm especially interested in the programs at duke
GPA: 4.7 W 3.8 UW I'm a sophomore so I haven't taken the ACT or SAT yet but I got a 1250 on the PSAT without studying/preparing at all at the beginning of this year. 98th percentile for English, I think around 70th for math (working on it)
Classes this year: haven't gotten back AP tests but I took AP gov and AP environmental this year GT precalc Dual enrollment English GT chem Honors comp sci GT art Next year junior: Dual enrollment calc Ap Physics C Dual enrollment english GT photo or AP psych (depends on schedule) AP world Biotechnology GT
Extracurriculars: - model UN cocaptain
Essay: I think this is going to be my strong suit because I've always tested really high in English (98th percentile on PSAT)
List: duke, Emory, JHU, Georgetown, UPenn, Rutgers, temple, uwashington Seattle, William and mary, penn state, UMD, dartmouth, brown, unc, gwu, gmu.
And again I'm also open to suggestions but I'm kind of limited to states that aren't passing anti trans legislation + I feel like I'm not remarkable enough to get a scholarship so I'd prefer ones where I wouldn't have to take out hundreds of thousands in loans
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2023.05.28 23:35 shevy-java Erdogan won the second round of election?

Traditionally the AKP has a lot of conservative voters in the rural area.
The current result is quite close though - 52% in favour of Erdogan. Well, in principle that would be easy to engineer - in particular in eastern Türkiye you could have AKP folks tamper with the results.
It may not be enough to secure Kılıçdaroğlu (he would lack 1.5 million to 2.5 million votes or so, give or take) the result, but it may make the result even closer. So Türkiye is split - we see that in many other countries too. The result is very similar to Netanyahu in Israel (except that he has a larger coalition; AKP has only one other party if I recall correctly and they only range in between 4-9% or so usually).
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2023.05.28 23:32 Banzai416 Polska górą

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2023.05.28 23:23 Think_Apartment9264 Fan Pathway :)

Eye of Greed pathway:
· This pathway has levels of authority over gambling, festivities, transactions, madness, and fate.
· The Mythical Creature Form for this pathway is a crow with tinges of green in its feathers. The crow has only one eye socket in the middle of its forehead, and it is empty. In the crow’s claws is an eye. The eye is golden in colour and seems to have limitless pupils that are constantly flitting, as if searching for something.
· Honorific title:
Purveyor of Exchanges
Creator of All Games
The Lord of Revel
· Controlling organisations:
Kashlaan Casino
The Revellers of L’batu Rah
· Notable Eye of Greed Pathway Beyonders:
Arkamenes II (The Divine Croupier) (Sequence 1 – Uniqueness and a single Sequence 1 characteristic)
L’batu Rah (Madness of Beyond) (Sequence 1 – Two Sequence 1 characteristics)
· High sequence group:
-Eye of Greed
Above the sequence – Encompassing Sin
Sefirot – Shade Omen
Low sequence:
Sequence 9 - Mathematician:
· Beyonder is incredibly proficient with numbers and mathematics particularly when it comes to games i.e. card counting.
Sequence 8 - Bettor:
· Bet - Beyonder can place a bet on anything (essentially against the universe). The more likely the thing is to happen the lower the reward. The only things that can be betted are lifespan and knowledge, this makes betting less varied than the wager ability of sequence 6. However, betting is a lot simpler as there are no requirements that have to be met before a bet can be placed. Something that can be seen as a downside of this Beyonder power is its ability to win knowledge. This may seem like a pro, however, if one accidentally receives knowledge of things that they should not know i.e. the existences of certain high-level beings, then there may be extremely grave consequences.
· The Beyonder gains an affinity for all games, becoming exceptionally skilled in whatever game they choose to play (this affinity will increase as the Beyonder progresses through the sequences).
Mid sequence:
Sequence 7 - Intoxicator:
· Intoxication – Through touch the Beyonder can intoxicate someone. Intoxication involves putting someone in a state similar to being extremely drunk. The Beyonder can vary the effects of this drunkenness and if they have been on the receiving end of other recreational substances, they can also replicate those effects in the intoxication.
· The Beyonder gains a certain level of resistance to all forms of intoxication, i.e. drugs and alcohol etc. (this resistance will increase as the Beyonder progresses through the sequences).
Sequence 6 - Gambler:
· Wager – Beyonder can gamble anything with anyone although the other person must agree to the wager. Some examples of things that can be wagered are Beyonder abilities, items, and emotions. Neither person can steal back what has been gambled away lest they want to suffer the consequences. What has been won can be given back to the loser if the winner so chooses. Wagering is different to betting because as I said before betting is essentially against the universe while wagering is against another person.
· The Beyonder gains a resistance to being tricked into wagers and bets that would be generally detrimental to them.
Sequence 5 - Smiling Puppeteer:
· This sequence basically adds another layer to intoxication. After intoxicating someone they can urge them to do certain things and after killing someone under the effects of intoxication a Smiling Puppeteer can summon them as a smiling ghost. These ghosts can be used in a variety of ways, both to distract and confuse an opponent. The Beyonder can disguise himself to look like one of these ghosts but cannot become incorporeal like they are. If the Beyonder wants to they can see through the eyes of one of their smiling ghosts and control it as if its body was the Beyonder’s own. The smiling ghosts cannot directly damage an opponent although they can use wager upon touching them (this only works if the Beyonder is currently possessing the ghost). At this sequence, a Smiling Puppeteer can only control 5 smiling ghosts and at a distance of 300 metres. Upon full digestion of the potion the Beyonder can control 10 smiling ghosts and the range increases to 500 metres.
· Ritual: Drink the potion during festivities that arouse emotion in all who are present.
High sequence (Demigod):
Sequence 4 - Game Master:
· Game Creation - Beyonder can create a game domain. A game domain at sequence 4 covers an area with a radius of 100 metres although the Game Master can make this area smaller. The game created effects only the people in the area that the Game Master chooses. The parameters of the game are decided by the Beyonder and can be pretty much anything. No one can leave the area of the game domain until the game is over (unless they are two sequences higher than the Game Master). The Game Master has the advantage of knowing the game the best although he/she has no other advantages. The loser(s) of the game are completely at the whims of the victor no matter their sequence or abilities.
· The number of smiling ghosts that the Beyonder is able to control has now increased to 50 and the range to 1km. Upon full digestion of the potion the number of possible smiling ghosts is 100 and the range is 1.5km. Smiling ghosts also bring with them an air of revel and excitement, affecting the mental state of everyone around them.
· The Beyonder can now also become incorporeal like their smiling ghosts although this is dependent on the Beyonder’s spirituality and can be ignored by those sufficiently powerful. When the Beyonder becomes incorporeal they look like one of their smiling ghosts.
· Ritual: Force a partial or full mythical creature into a game of chance and win.
Sequence 3 - Servant of Fate:
· Fate Gratification - By predicting the outcome of a certain event correctly the Beyonder can gain a boon from fate. These boons range from something extremely unlikely happening (obviously to the benefit of the Beyonder) to extra lifespan and increased power for a duration of time.
· Fate Gratification is essentially the upgrade of bet.
· The Beyonder can choose their boon although the size of the reward depends on how unlikely the thing they predicted was.
· The Beyonder can now start a wager with someone without their permission if they are not of a higher sequence than them, although they have to be within 100 metres of the Beyonder.
· Even though the Beyonder can start the wager without the other person’s permission, they must still put something up of similar value to what the other person is wagering, but the Beyonder chooses what the other person wagers.
· The events that can be wagered on when not asking for permission are more limited and have to involve a decent amount of chance, although it does not have to be 50/50.
· The Beyonder can also intoxicate someone without touching them below a distance of 100 metres away from them and their smiling ghosts can now intoxicate too although direct contact is required.
· The number of smiling ghosts now available for control is 500 and with full digestion that number increases to 800. The range has also gone from 1.5km to 5km and with full digestion reaches 7.5km.
· Smiling ghosts can now become corporeal and in turn can have an effect on the real world however they are not particularly strong. They can be equipped with any items that the Beyonder owns and can use them in anyway a Beyonder could.
· At this sequence, the smiling ghosts gain some level of sentience, trying their best at any given moment to please their master, although this sentience can be overridden by the Beyonder. Due to this minimal sentience they can start a “forced” wager without being possessed although they can only put up their “life” (if they lose they will cease to exist), however, they are more than happy to do such a thing for their beloved master. The only thing that they can force someone to put up in a wager is their life. This ability is not too overpowered, however, because the smiling ghosts are not very intelligent, often leading them to start wagers where they are at a disadvantage. They also still have to use touch to start a wager.
· Smiling ghosts cannot use bet as that would be pointless (they have no lifespan and very limited knowledge).
· Ritual: Help fate achieve its goal in a matter that involves complete mythical creatures.
Sequence 2 - Celebrant:
· Celebration – By celebrating a certain outcome that outcome becomes what originally happened. This ability only works if the celebrated outcome was not a complete impossibility i.e. there had to be a certain amount of chance in causing the original outcome to happen. Celebration also does not work on events that concern Beyonders of higher sequences. Beyonders of the same sequence who the celebration affects retain “their” memories of the original outcome unlike Beyonders of lower sequences who lose all memory of what happened originally, as if the celebrated outcome was the original itself. Celebration requires a mystical dance that every smiling ghost under the Beyonder’s control also takes part in. Celebration also urges all those present to partake in the festivities.
· Smiling ghosts can now change their form to turn their body parts into weapons and other useful objects.
· The number of smiling ghosts that a Celebrant is able to control is without limit and the range is now global, with no corner of the world safe from their incessant (and slightly uncanny) grinning.
· Game Domains now offer a distinct advantage to the Game Master during a game, although it cannot be too powerful. An example of an advantage would be the Game Master being able to occasionally view the opponent’s cards if it were a game of poker per say.
· Ritual: Make a complete mythical creature believe that the outcome of a particular event is different to what “they” had originally believed. The more important the event, the better the ritual’s effects will be.
Sequence 1 - Laughing Angel:
· Beyonder gains a certain level of authority over [Madness]. “They” can increase the [Madness] of another Beyonder and urge them to lose control as well as lower the chances of themselves losing control. Ironically, a Laughing Angel is actually the most stable sequence in this pathway despite it being the embodiment of [Madness]. “They” can also control [Madness] as a concept. In essence “they” can bestow a state of [Madness] onto anything they choose. Through this “they” can make the natural order of things more chaotic. An example of this would be urging the particles of an object into a state of chaos and turning the object from a liquid into a gas. Another more conceptual use of this authority would be bestowing [Madness] onto the hierarchy of a forest eco-system, making it so that the prey now hunts the hunter.
· One can imagine this authority over [Madness] as the evolution of intoxication.
· The radius of a game domain has increased to 15km and with full digestion becomes 20km.
· The distance at which the Beyonder can intoxicate someone has become 1km. At full digestion, this number becomes 2km.
· The distance at which the Beyonder can start a wager has also increased to 1km, becoming 2km with full digestion just like intoxication.
· Celebration no longer requires the aforementioned mystical dance.
· Ritual: Force a complete mythical creature to lose control in such a way that a crowd of spectators is amused.
True God:
Sequence 0 – Eye of Greed:
· Greedy Eye – Beyonder is continuously observing every transfer of matter, knowledge etc. happening in the world (this includes the words being spoken in conversations and other conceptual ideas). This means that any gift, wager, purchase, or robbery is always known to “them”. The extension of this ability is the Beyonder being able to claim anything they want that is being transferred at the time when they engage the ability. Because of this ability the Beyonder will never lose anything in a wager, game or bet unless they want to. There are limits to this ability, however, as protection can be placed on things that are being transferred if those involved sense the Greedy Eye. The ability to protect things being transferred of course depends on level.
· Beyonder also gains the ability to transform into the concept of intoxication. Through this they become impervious to all forms of damage except those of the conceptual kind. An example of the power of this ability would be transforming into the concept of intoxication and attaching “oneself” to the water supply of a whole city, become ingrained in each cup of water poured, each plate washed. The reason for using this ability in such a way would be to (for example) affect the mental state of everyone in the aforementioned city. On a smaller scale the Beyonder can also attach themselves to a single life form, being able to affect the mental state of that lifeform completely, although not the extent that a high-sequence Beyonder of the Spectator pathway would be able to.
· The distance for intoxication has not increased.
· The distance for wager has not increased.
· No change has been made to game domain.
· No change has been made to fate gratification.
Ritual: Take the wealth of an entire planet for yourself.
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2023.05.28 23:19 TrackPadSam89 Needing help...

Does anyone know how to get to those islands on the underground area? I been going around trying to find a way and nothing but mountain sides. Trying to get to that treasure.
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2023.05.28 23:15 SabineRitter [ROUNDUP] UFOs and potentially related things reported on here in the last week. Countries: 🇵🇱🇨🇾🇲🇽🇬🇧🇨🇦🇮🇹🇺🇿🇧🇪🇩🇪🇳🇱🇦🇺🇺🇸 🇵🇭 Colors: 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵 Shapes: orb/sphere, triangle, disk/saucer, doughnut, tictac/cigar, plus irregular blocky shape, plus some lights, noises, and creatures

Last week's post
.1 discussion of sighting frequency
.2 sighting description, South Carolina, rural area, nighttime, from car, single object directly ahead, It was a collection of lights around a dark center. It looked more or less round, but wider than tall., saucer, stationary, witness stopped the car, silent, feeling like I should get the hell out of there
.3 video, daytime sky, contemporaneous report, single light object, fleet observed, splitting observed,Los Angeles California
.4 video, nighttime sky, storm, lightning, between Ft Walton and Gulf Breeze Florida
.5 photos, nighttime sky, single light object, trail, observed moving, similar sighting in comments Warsaw Poland 🇵🇱 , deleted
.6 information, UFOs are common, tracked from Cheyenne Mountain Colorado, family history
.7 sighting description and reference image, in bedroom, nighttime, single light object
.8 photo, daytime sky, single light, doughnut , repeat visitor , dancing video , portal, stationary advice, slow motion and hyperlapse to see ufo
.9 video, daytime sky, single light object, observed flashing, moving upward
.10 photo, daytime cloudy sky, single dark object, airplane anomaly, strange looking , Norton Massachusetts, "Rutan Model 61 Long-ez"
.11 conversation, family interest in UFOs
.12 video, evening sky, single dark object, twolights observed, red 🔴, very bright, lighting configuration change observed, lights turned off, possible reaction to being filmed, repeat visitor three times, two witnesses, Wisconsin, similar sightings in comments , low over treeline, flew over home, silent , rotating
.13 video, daytime sky, single light object, Atlanta Georgia , repeat visitor
.14 video, [GOODPOST], 🌈 second video, Fort Lauderdale Florida, nighttime, contemporaneous report, nighttime cloudy sky, single light object stationary, color change observed, multicolored 🌈, possible luring, witness followed it, I got in my car and drove just a couple miles south west. Just to see if I can get another angle., duration 30 minutes
.15 video, nighttime sky, single light object, moving erratically, figure 8 path observed, repeat visitor, Alaska, similar sightings in comments
.16 video, nighttime sky, downvoted to zero, hard to see, light objects, "bats", contemporaneous report, Sioux falls Idaho
.17 photo, nighttime sky, diamond shape, single light object, line across middle, very large observed, Coosbay oregon, repeat visitor video more video frequency
.17 video, daytime sky, Trenton new jersey , single light object, wiggling
.18 video, daytime sky, fleet, light objects, towards Tehachipi California, duration 3-5 minutes
.19 video, red and blue filter , daytime cloudy sky, single object moving fast, slow motion video more video
.20 discussion of fear
.21 sighting description, two witnesses, nighttime, Angeles forest California, telepathy, something compelled me to look off to my left, single light object, red 🔴, moving slowly, sudden departure upward
.22 sighting description, nighttime, entities, from car, single light object moving erratically, witness stopped the car, sudden descent, directly in front, emotion of fear, paralysis, feeling lifted up, photo of artifact, metallic sphere, information transfer "we come in peace", big debunker energy, OP comments downvoted, clowning on OP
.23 sighting description, has anyone seen?, 1978, storm, blizzard, family story, bright light shining in bedroom, entity, telepathy, it had something on its head almost like a spiral, information transfer, "do not be afraid", Michigan
.24 video, daytime sky, San Mateo Drive Bonita Springs Florida, single light object, golden metallic observed, rotating observed, contemporaneous report, [GOODPOST], jumpy movement
.25 sighting description, airplane anomaly, low flying, and had two balls attached to the bottom rear, contemporaneous report
.26 sighting description, single dark object, from airplane, Las Vegas Nevada, two witnesses, flying saucer, black, and putting off a weird smoke or mist, also black. , trail, similar sighting in comments
.27 sighting description, central Florida, two witnesses, nighttime, single light object, flareup, moving slowly, trail, observed vanishing, "satellite"
.28 sighting description, contemporaneous report, two witnesses, nighttime, very bright, also small blinking red light 🔴, observed vanishing, noise sounded like airplane
.29 sighting description, nighttime, light objects, Glasgow Scotland
.30 sighting description, contemporaneous report, nighttime, Connecticut, single light object moving
.31 sighting description, two witnesses, from car, rectangular patch of static, shimmering, bugs or heat shimmer
.32 video, nighttime sky, ISS
.33 video, nighttime sky, single light object moving slowly, orange 🟠, flareup observed, observed overhead, over home, two witnesses, urban area, Chicago, very bright, It looked like I was looking into the sun and the air around it looked distorted., emotion of fear, possible luring, witnesses followed it from home, descending down below treeline, emotion of unease, submission statement issues, removed, [GOODPOST] reposted
.34 sighting description, Cyprus 🇨🇾, nighttime, single light object, approach, flareup, observed moving and stationary, sudden departure
.35 video, daytime cloudy sky, from car, Yuma Arizona, single object, pacing car, matched car speed change, duration 5+ minutes, single light object, tictac
.36 photos, nighttime sky, Ohio, single light object, doughnut shape observed, downvoted to zero, OP comments downvoted, observed moving slowly, multicolored
.37 sighting description, has anyone seen?, urban area, passed the window, single light object, small, moving fast and straight, observed moving and stationary, sudden departure upward, brief, stationary duration 1-2 seconds, similar sightings in comments
.38 video, nighttime sky, single light object, yellow 🟡, observed stationary and moving, flashing, possible reaction to being filmed, vanishing, from car, driving from Mount Vernon Ohio to Columbus , pacing car duration a few minutes, witness stopped the car, trajectory change observed
.39 childhood sighting description, Mexico 🇲🇽 , single dark object, black ⚫️ sphere, moving slowly upward , similar sighting in comments
.40 video, daytime cloudy sky, single light object, tictac, from airplane, flight from New York to Missouri, pacing plane, duration 30 minutes
.41 sighting description, contemporaneous report, nighttime, moving star, single light object moving erratically, two objects observed, one following the other, yellow orangish light 🟠
.42 photos, daytime sky, contemporaneous report, single light object, moon for comparison, Oregon more pictures, contemporaneous report, happening at time of posting
.43 photos daytime sky, single object blackwhite, doughnut reposted, similar sighting in comments video, sightings in comments
.44 video, daytime cloudy sky, from airplane, single light object, tictac , pacing plane, possible reaction to being filmed, vanished
.45 photo, daytime cloudy sky, dark line across the sky and single dark object
.46 sighting description, contemporaneous report, single light object stationary, flashing, red 🔴 and white, not sparkling like a star, it was like mechanical, rhythmic pulsing, silent, nighttime, the UK 🇬🇧, duration 5 minutes
.47 experience description, nighttime, telepathy, thought like I needed to go to the window., entity, outside window, emotion of fear, paralysis, body mark, scar, daughter has same
.48 experience description, entities, family history, grandfather, operation icebox, has anyone seen?, no comments, deleted OP
.49 experience description, metallic sphere, repeat visitor, telepathy, information transfer
.50 photo, possible metamaterial
.51 childhood experience description, quantum cloning
.52 experience description, humanoid, emotion of fear, Queensland Australia 🇦🇺
.53 experience description, entity, telepathy, felt that someone was watching me, possible reaction to being observed, vanished, expression was a bit like a grin that kids do when they are being cheeky
.54 video, nighttime sky, contemporaneous report, fleet light objects moving fast, trail, similar sighting in comments, Beauharnois Quebec Canada 🇨🇦, "fireball", downvoted to zero
.55 sighting description and reference image, art 🎨, has anyone seen?, single light object, low, silent, two witnesses, over the witness home, moved the tops of the trees when it passed by, new York state, [GOODPOST] , similar sightings in comments , green 🟢 fireball , downvoted to zero
.56 video, nighttime sky, threelights observed, orange 🟠, two witnesses, reading Pennsylvania, urban area, contemporaneous report, moving erratically, very bright, silent, OP comments downvoted .57 sighting description, nighttime cloudy sky, duration 6 minutes, Lipari Italy 🇮🇹 , single light object, very bright, multicolored, shape change
.58 sighting description, nighttime, single light object, observed stationary and moving, sudden departure
.59 discussion of unusual experiences
.60 sighting description, nighttime, repeat visitors, single light object, flew over the witness home, contemporaneous report, Mt Shasta California, similar sightings in comments
.61 discussion of synchronicity
.62 sighting description, entity, nighttime, humanoid figure, possible reaction to being observed, ducked down
.63 experience, ball lightning, flareup, close
.64 video, daytime cloudy sky, single object moving fast, flying saucer, contemporaneous report, Seattle Washington state
.65 sighting description and family history, Pennsylvania, entity
.66 story and reference video, landed craft, entities, Las Vegas Nevada, law enforcement response, green 🟢, tictac
.67 sighting description, nighttime, contemporaneous report, single light object, repeat visitor, flashing once every 11 seconds, flareup and vanishing, location change
.68 video, nighttime sky, fleet, blinking, repeat visitors
.69 video, nighttime sky, [GOODPOST], witness to the camp Wilson craft, big debunker energy, clowning on OP, removed by moderator, information suppression
.70 experience description, information transfer, red 🔴 light, perception anomaly, feels like a memory and not a dream
.71 experience description, information transfer, telepathy, "Sonic resonance is the key to harmony and peace", similar experiences in comments
.72 discussion of recurring dreams
.73 information, family history, grandfather, government works with aliens
.74 sighting description, family history, single dark object, black ⚫️, repeat visitor
.75 photos, nighttime sky, from security camera, infrared, not seen by eye, repeat visitor
.76 experience description, entity, emotion of fear , near where Parkersburg West Virginia turns into Mineral Wells West Virginia
.77 photo, daytime cloudy sky, near power station, single object blackwhite , possible physical effects exhaustion
.78 sighting description, nighttime, fleet, following, duration 10 minutes, "starlink", Cardiff Wales the UK 🇬🇧, this wasn’t satellites is because every so often one would stop and move up and the others would relay past
.79 video, nighttime cloudy sky, fleet, diffuse lights moving in a line, following, Fergana Region Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 , "spotlights", duration 30-60 minutes, contemporaneous report
.80 video, nighttime sky, single light object, blocky shape, red and green 🔴🟢
.81 information, cultural history, Tseshaht First Nation Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada 🇨🇦 story , entities
.82 sighting, tictac
.83 photos, nighttime cloudy sky, light beams, vertical
.84 sighting description, human initiated contact, emotion of fear, nighttime, single light object, observed moving and stationary, flareup, sudden departure, duration 5-10 seconds, witness went inside, Dundee Scotland
.85 video, daytime sky, single light object irregular blocky shape, duration 1 hour, observed rotating, blackwhite, lighting configuration change, Astoria Queens NYC New York state
.86 video and description, daytime sky, single object blackwhite, flareup, single flash, duration 2 minutes, Spanish Moss Trail in coastal Port Royal south Carolina, two witnesses, metallic sphere observed, stationary duration 30-40 seconds,
.87 video, nighttime sky, fleet observed, fourlights, orange 🟠 , first noticed from car, witness stopped the car and got out
.88 photo, art 🎨, entity, reddish, nighttime
.89 video, nighttime sky, contemporaneous report, Beverly Washington state, two craft observed, two witnesses, silent, oval shaped observed
.90 childhood experience description, levitation, similar experiences in comments
.91 sighting description, twolights, red and green 🔴🟢, low, entered witness home, nighttime, animal reaction dog noticed it
.92 experience description, information transfer, machine that needs to be fixed
.93 sighting description, entity
.94 video, daytime cloudy sky, hard to see , single object passes twice, bucks County Pennsylvania
.95 possible metamaterial
.96 sighting description and drawing, family story, mother, nighttime, from car, central Indiana, glowing/swirling orb of blue and white light 🔵, sphere, passed directly in front of car
.97 sighting description , Guysborough/West Cooks Cove , nighttime, storm, lightning, two witnesses, light shining in bedroom, very bright, witness went to sleep
.98 video, nighttime sky, fleet, repeat visitors, new Mexico , "satellites"
.99 video, nighttime sky, blinking lights moving erratically
.100 photo and video, daytime sky, single object elongated, cylindrical, worm 🪱, Strasburg Colorado , observed stationary, orientation change moving into vertical then horizontal position., "solar balloon", similar sighting in comments from same area
.101 video, nighttime sky, Phoenix Arizona, similar sightings in comments, cigar shape observed, fleet, white lights, some flashing
.102 sighting description, contemporaneous report, has anyone seen?,single light object moving fast and straight, observed vanishing, similar sighting in comments , downvoted to zero, niklaas Belgium 🇧🇪
.103 sighting description and video, fleet, nighttime sky, Highlands Ranch Colorado, downvoted to zero
.104 sighting description, repeat visitors, bellavista Arkansas, "satellites"
.105 sighting description, evening, single light object stationary, orange 🟠, two witnesses, low over treeline, splitting, fleet, spinning, sudden departure upward
.106 information, channeling
.107 audio, entity, evp
.108 sighting description, nighttime, single light object, multicolored, color change observed white to red 🔴, sudden acceleration
.109 photo, nighttime sky, hard to see, bow wave or shock wave observed, the UK 🇬🇧
.110 cgi recreation of sighting, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, single dark object, black triangle, silent, similar sightings in comments
.111 video, daytime sky, two objects, crescent 🌙 shape, blackwhite, urban area, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 🇲🇽 , big debunker energy, rowdy OP, this will get locked soon I bet, OP comments downvoted, downvoted to zero , "parasail" , removed reposted as sighting description , removed, troll? more video, nighttime , single light object
.112 sighting description, downvoted to zero, nighttime, twolights, green 🟢, Gary Indiana, lighting configuration change, triangle shape observed, sudden departure
.113 childhood experience description, anomalous silence, anomalous solitude, similar experience in comments
.114 discussion of precognition
.115 childhood sighting description, from airplane, from Toronto to Orlando, eastern USA, daytime, two witnesses, single dark object, brown long oval shape, elongated, cigar, pacing plane, duration 10 minutes, vanishing and reappearing , shape change observed to U shape, rotated, fleet observed
.116 sighting description, contemporaneous report, happening at time of posting, Arnhem the Netherlands 🇳🇱 , twolights stationary over home, separate approach observed, one following the other, observed moving and stationary, nighttime
.117 video, nighttime sky, single light object, orange 🟠, low over rooftop , Elmwood park Chicago Illinois, urban area
.118 video, nighttime sky, single light object, Frankfurt Germany 🇩🇪, "ISS" , contemporaneous report
.119 video, daytime sky, contemporaneous report, Southeast Pennsylvania, single object, blackwhite, moving erratically, flipping observed, similar sightings in comments
.120 video, nighttime sky, single light object, possible military response, helicopters, repeat visitor , deleted OP
.121 sighting description, contemporaneous report, daytime, fleet, moving straight, central Texas
.122 sighting description, contemporaneous report, nighttime, Ohio, single light object moving fast and straight, right angle turn
.123 video, nighttime sky, single light object, trajectory change observed, very bright, Cumbria the lake district the UK 🇬🇧, duration 2 minutes
.124 video, daytime cloudy sky, New south Wales Australia 🇦🇺 , single dark object, low over rooftop, trajectory change observed
.125 video, nighttime sky, contemporaneous report, single light object, red-orange 🔴🟠, Orchard Park south of Buffalo New York state, two witnesses, pulsating, approach, speed change observed, trajectory change observed, sudden departure upward, silent, repeat visitor, urban area
.126 sighting description, downvoted to zero, Petersfield the UK 🇬🇧, daytime cloudy sky, single dark object, approach, sphere, moving straight, yellow/beige colour 🟡, two witnesses , flew overhead
.127 video, nighttime sky, single light object
.128 sighting description, contemporaneous report, nighttime, fleet, blue 🔵, duration 10 seconds , Phoenix Arizona, "starlink"
.129 video, nighttime sky, from night vision scope, moving stars, "satellites"
.130 childhood experience description, bright light shining in bedroom, buzzing noise , repeat visitor, family story, mother saw entities
.131 audio description, bedroom, contemporaneous report, erratic tapping sound, It would be silent for about 30 seconds and then this loud tap would come from any direction, possible reaction to being recorded, stopped
.132 video, nighttime sky, single light object blinking, Houston Texas, contemporaneous report, green 🟢 in video, amber 🟠color observed, two witnesses, approach, repeat visitor, similar sighting in comments, family history, father lived near Cheyenne Mountain reposted
.133 photos, daytime cloudy sky, single object blackwhite, shape change,
.134 photos, possible metamaterial
.135 possible crash site
.136 experience description, two witnesses, location anomaly, building changed
.137 photos, daytime cloudy sky, cloud anomaly, portal, two circles of clouds merging
.138 experience description, moon anomaly, single light object, outside window, close, emotion of unease
.139 video, deleted OP, nighttime, moon for comparison, objects moving fast
.140 video, nighttime, from home security camera, fourlights, two objects
.141 childhood experience description, possible abduction, repeat visitor
.142 experience description, two witnesses, darkness in the day time, similar experiences in comments, "the blink"
.143 experience description, moving stars, two witnesses, similar sightings in comments, the Philippines 🇵🇭, physical effects the hair at the back of my neck rose. My head felt light and my legs felt wobbly, [GOODPOST]
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2023.05.28 22:55 thecollector7891 Hey y’all, looking for a political chat

Hey y’all. I am looking for a conservative Republican person to talk to! I live in a very liberal area so I would love to talk to a different point of view. Any and all people are welcome, I don’t really have a preference. Thanks and I can’t wait to chat!
submitted by thecollector7891 to MakeNewFriendsHere [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 22:54 TryTwiceAsHard Is this the most dangerous community in America?

First let me preface, I've never in my life lived in a conservative area. I HATE it. I tried joining a mom's club online but these women are something else. I'm watching them fight over how "there are constant kidnappings and they're not reported on because parents get paid off". How this is the hotbed for human trafficking and if you leave your house you will be taken. All the police are in on it by the way, we're never safe. There's one liberal mom just absolutely tearing them apart with "facts" and they can't handle it and have a rebuttal for everything.
Is this really the most dangerous community in America or are these women as crazy as I think they are? Maybe I'm off base. They consider a man, especially if he's a minority, in a car looking at them walk into the store, as an attempted kidnapping and god help that man if he gets OUT of his car and comes in the store. They are positive these minorities in trucks are coming for them.
Is this a legit concern? Just moved here and have kids and I do allow them to go places with friends and to go to Magic Mountain and the mall without adults.
submitted by TryTwiceAsHard to SantaClarita [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 22:50 Thaumatech_Sage Progress from last post Asking about new gm tips

So I am now making slow but steady progress on a PTA3 game. Basic Idea is a region similar to scarlet and violet with routes replaced by areas or portions of the region. The idea is a group of islands each having elemental affinity to three Pokémon types so 6 islands and a 7th man made island Each of the 6 real islands have 3 Champion Pokémon that award tokens to trainers that are needed to challenge the Islands multitype Gym. Each Island is designed as a shared habitat for the Pokémon that humans have found a place in some small way. The Plasmist Island that houses fire/electric/poison Pokémon has the power and waste treatment system for the whole region. The basic Idea for the players is they join a new research trial of teamwork between human and Pokémon in groupings. Basically set out by a professor to stay together and work/fight together when possible. Any tips for game building or thoughts on the region? Like I said I'm a Novice writer and GM so I'm still working things out.
submitted by Thaumatech_Sage to PokemonTabletop [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 22:48 ktrekker Seattle, San Diego or NY?

My work is transferring me, and there are three offices I can choose. I like all three locations and can’t decide. I have young kids and really want a house with a decent yard. I also am very school picky and want a nice district for them. So if I choose NY, It would be Long Island. But would like a decent LIRR commute. I kind of don’t like NJ, even if it commutes to the city. If I choose Seattle, same requirements, decent commute/house/school. San Diego seems almost my third choice, manly because I’m already in Northern California and looking for a bigger change. I would probably rent at first to make sure I picked an area I’d like. Budget is around $7-8k a month rent. Which would you choose and any good suburbs to choose from?
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2023.05.28 22:42 freshcopymedia Maine

I got the region going a couple months ago. Now I am back to finish her off!
Being that the lowlands have the most resources, I placed bridges in key areas(saw mill and a logging area downhill from it) to improve my speed and runs.
Logistics and infrastructure wherever possible. Maps with no garages I setup makeshift base of operations, near main tunnels. I use the log cheats to create piles of logs in areas closer to the garage and tunnels.
The Vanilla Vehicles can then be used to ferry needed cargo around the map. Places with a lot of little islands and interiors I place powerful heavy off-road trucks to fetch cargo and deliver to the outer areas by highways where the delivery vehicles can snatch them up. Utilizing 6, 8, 11 slot trailers allows me to take an abundance of cargo to other maps for easy access or to stock the production sites.
If I'm gonna waste time it will be doing what I want to do. Making things easier to complete the maps takes time and strategy. Of course you can just do everything one at a time, but my way is sorta like when ya girl asks you to role-play, it adds spice! 😂 But seriously, I love doing things that you wouldn't normally find ppl doing. If the game allows it, I will try it out. And Snowrunner allows for so many possibilities!
That's why I use Mods mainly. No way I would have the patience to fix infrastructure with vanilla stuff. Plus I love the deliveries, not the pace of the game, or some raving truck fan. Everyone has their own thing and fling with old girl(Snow⭐Runner) I have mine! 👌🏾✅❤️🚛👷🏾‍♂️💪🏾💯
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2023.05.28 22:40 Unlikely_Let2616 Solution for global warming

If the government mandates all roofs and roads must be relective white would that not cut down the heat island effect?
Roads and dense urban areas collect heat because everything is black or dark and absorbs the sun so instead we make everything white (high albedo) to relect the heat back into space. It could be a special paint thats polarizing or applied a certain way to intelligently redirect sun light and not into peoples eyes.
If they switched roads from asphalt to a permeanable white resin plastic material it would also last longer and help with drainage and flooding- plus its white like pvc so it wont absorb heat as much as black tar and asphalt
Why wont this help?
submitted by Unlikely_Let2616 to CrazyIdeas [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 22:34 Cursed_Creative Ideas for next date?

Please help. I'm shook by this one. She's outrageously beautiful and deep and is showing signs of being emotionally available; something that has been rare with my OLD experience.
First date = Drinks.
Second date = Hike (her idea because I mentioned an area I haven't been).
Third date = ?
Help! Dinner? She doesn't seem to be a high-stimulation person, e.g. elaborate recreational things or comedy clubs or entertainment. She's also not a fan of hot weather. Wait. She plays pickle ball but does that everyday so maybe not a good date idea.
Help! I'm freaking out, haha.
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2023.05.28 22:30 Intelligent-Gaming What Are The Best Mods For Skyrim Special Edition In 2023 - Steam Version

In this video, I cover what I believe are the best mods that you can install for Skyrim Special Edition in 2023.
All the mods covered can be downloaded from Nexus Mods, and managed using a Mod tool such as Vortex or Mod Organizer 2.
Although I am using the Steam version of Skyrim Special Edition with the Anniversary Edition DLC, installed on Windows 11, it is possible to run this game on Linux with all the mods if you use Steam Proton.
Mod List
The mods covered in this video, range from bug fixes, restored content, graphical upgrades, quality of life changes, new UI elements, new NPC behaviours and performance enhancements.
A Quality World Map
The Quality World Map mod provides a new set of highly detailed 3D or paper world map textures, complete with roads for the Skyrim mainland as well as the island of Solsteim.
There are quite a few options available to download, although I tend to use the Classic with All Roads option.
The result is that you now have a map that can be used for navigation, as paths and roads are now clearly defined, which is helpful for more obscure off the beaten path locations, especially in the mountains.
Achievement Mods Enabler
The Achievement Mods Enabler mod restores the ability for you obtain Steam achievements when you have mods installed.
Strangely, with the release of official mod support in Skyrim, Bethesda stopped you from obtaining achievements if you installed any type of mod, which does not make sense, since Skyrim is a single player game, yet they allow you spawn in items using the console without any consequence.
In either case, installing this mod will once again allow you to obtain achievements regardless of how many mods you have installed.
Alternative Start – Live Another Life
If you have played Skyrim several times, the game always starts the same, you get captured, you choose your starting race, a dragon attacks Helgen and you escape in the mayhem, the entire process takes about 20 minutes.
The Alternative Start mod allows you to completely bypass the vanilla beginning of the game and forge your own path.
You might choose to start as the newest member of a local guild, a shopkeeper, a hunter in the woods, a patron in a local bar, someone who has just been attacked and lost everything, a member of the Imperial Legion, the survivor of a shipwreck, or an Orc who has lived his entire life in a stronghold.
But regardless of the starting origin you choose, it does not lock you out of any quest lines, instead allowing you to choose your own role-playing adventure and comes highly recommended.
Convenient Horses
The horses in Skyrim are stupid.
They attack anything hostile on sight including dragons, and in most cases, especially with higher level enemies, end up getting killed, wasting 1000 gold.
The exception of course is Shadowmare, who is immortal, but regardless, still thinks it is a great idea to fight a fire breathing lizard in the middle of the countryside.
The Convenient Horses mod changes all that, as horses are now ignored by enemies and do not randomly attack things, and in addition, they now have skills that can be levelled up, which in most cases equates to extra stamina or health meaning that they can now sprint for longer distances.
The mod also allows horses can now carry things, be fitted with armour, recalled by a horse whistle or horn, and most importantly, your companions can now use horses as well, assuming of course that you cough up and give them 1000 gold.
I often found it silly that whilst I could ride a horse, my follower will run after me on foot, and in the vanilla game, aside from Shadowmare, I never bothered with horses, however with this mod installed, I now actually use them to travel Skyrim.
Cutting Room Floor
There is no doubt that Skyrim is a massive game, however the more you play it, you might start to think that some things are missing in certain parts of the world, and you are right.
The Cutting Room Floor mod adds quests that were not finished by Bethesda due to several reasons, additional items, new NPC interactions and extra dialogue, as well as other pieces of cut content back into the world.
A simple little mod, that does a lot.
The world of Skyrim has a lot of snow, as well as ash, however one thing that is strange is that no-one ever leaves any footprints in it.
The Footprint mod fixes that by allowing creatures, NPCs and your character to leave footprints with particle effects as they move through snow and ash.
Honestly, I am surprised they did not add this into the game when Skyrim Special Edition was released, but a fantastic mod to install all the same.
Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul
The NPCs in Skyrim, much like horses have questionable intelligence, especially when it comes to dangerous situations.
Therefore the Immersive Citizens mod aims to improve the AI of friendly NPCs to make them react like true humans when it comes to danger, in most cases this means that guards will now defend an area, which makes sense, whilst a shopkeeper or an NPC with a non-combat role will avoid conflict.
The mod also adds routines to the NPCs, which means that at certain times of day, they might visit a tavern, have more interaction with the player character, or explore more of the city, and in most cases, a NPC will not simply stick to one area, which is far more realistic.
A great mod that adds something that should have been in the game to start with.
Immersive Patrols
Skyrim makes use of what are known as random encounters, in which at certain points on the map, you will experience a scripted event, this could be a bandit ambush, a dragon attack, a unique NPC, a group NPCs travelling from one location to another, or even an old Orc challenging you to a fight to the death.
The Immersive Patrols mod adds Stormcloak, Thalmor, Imperial and Dawnguard patrols to Skyrim, as well as a few roaming Skaal, Reaver and Rieklings to Solstheim, and sometimes, these patrols can cross paths with each other, and if they are on opposing factions, start fighting.
The mod also adds full scale battles between Stormcloak and Imperial soldiers whilst the Skyrim civil war quest line is still active, which can mean that, depending on your allegiance, you may be attacked on site.
In my opinion, mods like this that add additional content or expanding the variety that a player can experience is always a good thing.
Immersive Sounds – Compendium
After playing Skyrim for so long, and then playing other action-based RPGs, the sound effects in Skyrim leave a lot to be desired.
Whilst the dragon shouts are cool to hear, other mundane noises such as the sound of armour shuffling whilst moving, the sound of weapons hitting armour pieces, spell effects, or even the groans of the Draugr sound a bit flat.
The Immersive Sounds mod completely overhauls the sound in game, spells sound louder and more damaging, weapons make appropriate noises when they clash, arrows whiz through the air, armour feels heavy, and comical noises such as when a sneak attack is performed can now be silenced.
As there is nothing more immersive breaking than lining up the perfect shot, only to hear a comical donk noise when the arrow hits.
The mod also adds audio cues when you when you pick up items such as gems, gold or potions, and chests now creak when they are opened.
This is mod that I always have installed, as I cannot play with vanilla sounds anymore.
JK’s Skyrim – All in One
Whilst Skyrim has several locations, towns, and cities to explore, some of the smaller settlements seem to be sparsely populated, in many cases, a village might contain just a couple of buildings, some crops and some NPCs.
The JK’s Skyrim mod fixes this by adding more content to the various settlements in the world, making them more memorable, for example, the Skyforge in Whiterun now looks a forge, complete with displayed armour pieces and a smelter.
Each town now has a theme, Riverwood for lumber, Rorikstead for farming, Falkreath has a graveyard, Dawnstar has a port, and Dragon Bridge is now a defensive outpost.
In fact, some locations now have new vendors, and the allegiance of the town will change depending on the progress of the Civil War quest line.
In short, this mod enhances the game, making locations more useful to the player character, and making the world more lived in.
No Spinning Death Animation
The enemies in Skyrim are very flexible, and sometime when you kill them, they do this weird twist animation as they slump on the floor which is both hilarious and disturbing at the same time, of course, this completely breaks immersion as no-one would do this in real life.
The No Spinning Death Animation mod removes the spinning around dance animation that NPCs do before dying and instead they will now just ragdoll when killed.
The mod also removes certain creature’s death pause animations which cause them to lose all momentum, remove any physical push based on your attacks, so that hitting them no longer launches them into the air.
A great mod to install, and one I find essential, especially for melee combat.
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
One of the things you will notice as you play through the game is that followers will often repeat their dialogue, which can get annoying after a while, especially after hearing Lydia’s sarcastic responses to you when you ask her to carry something.
The Relationship Dialogue Overhaul mod adds over 5,000 lines of completely voiced dialogue for NPCs using their original voices, which now means that friends, followers, spouses, rivals, and others have much more to say.
The mod also fixes dialogue bugs and restores cut dialogue so you may hear your follower say something that you have never heard before, so as someone who likes using followers, it is nice to hear something different occasionally, whilst exploring Skyrim.
Run For Your Lives
Much like horses, NPCs in Skyrim will blindly run into combat whenever dragons and vampires attack, especially at the Whiterun front gate, which normally ends up with several dead merchants.
The Run for Your Lives mod makes it so that citizens in a village or city will now run indoors during these attacks, although Guards, members of The Companions, Vigilants of Stendarr, and the player's followers will still stand and fight.
The mod author mentions that this mod was created out of frustration of every person trying to be a hero and not surviving, which is exactly the reason I recommend you install this mod in your game.
Skyland AIO
When it comes to modding graphic mods in Skyrim, it quickly becomes a rabbit hole, as there are hundreds, if not thousands of graphic mods available for Skyrim, including texture and flora overhauls, landscapes and water replacers, snow mods, and it goes on.
Therefore, I will just be recommending one, Skyland AIO (All in One), which is a collection of all Skyland mods bundled together featuring high quality and resolution texture overhauls for architecture and landscapes.
Skyland is created using 4K 3D scans of real-world surfaces and offers the most realistic visual overhaul in Skyrim, covering cities, towns, and villages to forts, dungeons, and caves, as well as landscapes from the Rift to the Reach and beyond.
Out of all the graphic mods I have installed in Skyrim, this does appear to be one of the more consistent one, but just bear in mind that the mod itself does weight in at around 6GB.
Skyland LOD
The Skyland LOD (Level of Detail) mod provides a preset LOD or level of detail for when you have the Skyland AIO mod installed, which in other words means that you will be able to the see the Skyland modded textures at greater distances.
I recommend that you install both Skyland AIO and the accompanying LOD for the best experience.
The User Interface (UI) for Skyrim was designed with a controller in mind, so it can be a bit jarring if you are using mouse and keyboard.
The SkyUI mod describes itself as an elegant, PC-friendly interface mod with many advanced features, one of which is to add new HUD elements, and my favourite is visible duration for summons and flesh spells, as in the vanilla game, the only way you could check this was to open up the menu.
The mod also supports third party mod integration, which will allow you to configure a mod through the mod manager section in the game’s menu, instead of using an in game spell or power.
For someone who uses a mouse and keyboard for RPGs, this mod is a godsend, and I strongly recommend it.
SSE Display Tweaks
The SSE Display Tweaks mod provides an all-in-one solution for smooth FPS-unlocked gameplay, including physics fixes, borderless full screen performance boosts, refresh rate control, highly configurable frame rate limiting, various bugfixes and more.
In other words, you can now play Skyrim at a frame rate higher than the standard 60FPS, and most importantly, without the game engine bugging out, which typically happens if you manually disable V-Sync through the game’s config files.
As someone who has a 165Hz refresh rate monitor, Skyrim running at 120FPS is fantastic experience, so I strongly recommend installing this mod if you have similar hardware.
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
One of the running jokes about Bethesda games is that they tend to be buggy at release, which over time get patched, however years later, there are still several bugs left in Skyrim.
Most are minor, usually item placements, perks not working correctly, weapons that do not have crafting recipes, or exploits to do with training skills.
The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition mod is a comprehensive bug fixing mod with the goal to eventually fix every bug in Skyrim Special Edition that was not officially resolved by the developers to the limits of the Creation Kit and community-developed tools.
Without a doubt, this is one of the most important mods you should install when playing Skyrim on PC.
Wet and Cold
The Wet and Cold mod adds weather-dependent visual effects and AI enhancements to the player and NPCs.
More specifically, in colder climates, the player character, NPCs and some creatures will now have a visible breath animation when breathing, rainfall and snow will now appear on the armour and clothing, and depending on their race, NPCs will actively seek shelter when it is raining or snowing.
The mod also adds new weather-related clothing to the game’s levelled lists, typically scarfs, gloves, or hats, which are often equipped once the weather turns, or alternatively found on bandits located at snowy locations.
Much like the Footprints mod from earlier, this functionality should have been implemented into the original game.
submitted by Intelligent-Gaming to IntelligentGaming2020 [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 22:26 TheGardeningQueen Langford/Millstream to Uvic commute

Can anyone give any tips or insight into commuting from the Langford/Millstream area to the uvic campus. I’m moving this summer to start the island medical program and am not sure where I would like to be located. I do have access to a car but would still like to know how the transit/biking situation would be as well.
submitted by TheGardeningQueen to uvic [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 22:25 not_wingren Dev Diary 52: Baashidi Lore Dev Diary

Dev Diary 52: Baashidi Lore Dev Diary
“We are the people of Baashi, he who led us from the deserts, he who made treaty with the dwellers of the ocean, he who slew the great chiefs of the Nikhuva and took from them their pearls and cowrie shells. It is in this year, which all civilized peoples know as the year of the star Dulasmag, that I write to you of the situation of our people. Of the wisdom of Qasri Aqoon, where scrolls are stacked like coins in a vault. Of the wealth of Qasri Maroodiqya, whose markets never want for the ivory of whale nor elephant. Of the honor of Qasri Abeesooyinka, who feeds many mouths and guards yet many more from the lizard demons. Of the nobility of Qasri Ubakhiyo, where the civilization of the Jasiir Jadid meets the savagery of the Tanizu barbarians. Of the cunning of Qasri Bariga, whose navigators and traders bring the far off knowledge of Haless to the shores of the Jasiir Jadid. And finally of the queen of cities. Qasri Baashi, the city of glory and death where no man save the noblest or bravest dare dwell. It is with these actors that our tale begins. May fortune and the divine laws of the world smile upon our people, for it is the age of our glory.”
- Dayakh Baare in the foreword of Lessons of the Peace, a treatise on rule.

A culture map of the Baashidi. There’s also [REDACTED], which isn’t on screen at the moment.

A religion map. You can ignore that little blue province. It’s nothing important.
Who Are the Baashidi?
The Baashidi are a group of humans living in southern Sarhal bound by a shared language and historical ties to the hero Baashi as well as the ancient Jinnakah and Ardimya sultanates. Their culture group also includes the Guryadagga (People Who Stayed at Home), an umbrella term used for the people living in the lands that the Baashidi migrated out of long ago.The Baashidi call their home the Jasiir Jadid (New Peninsula) and term the lands of the Guryadagga the Jasiir Doog (Homeland Peninsula). Their culture is split into three groups: The Suhratbi, who live in the Suhratba plain. The Dhebiji, who dwell in the thin peninsular land of the Dhebij, and the Ashamadi, who occupy the eastern portion of the Ashamadiat plain.
There are five kingdoms among the Baashidi: Qabiika Baddabi, Qabiika Beeragga, Qabiika Weggabiga, Qabiika Dadubakha, and Kabilu Gawakhiza. Qabiika roughly translates as royal tribe, with Kabilu being a corruption of the word used in some parts of the Ashamadiat.
The Dhebiji and the Suhratbi are the original Baashidi, formed as cultures a millenia ago out of migrants from the lands of the Ardimyan sultanate as it was destroyed during an event known as the Great Death, a consequence of the Day of Ashen Skies. The distinction between them is partially geographic and political, but also references how much of their ancestry they trace to the Nikhuva people, whose tribes occupied much of the Dhebij in ancient times.
The Asahamadi were incorporated into the Baashidi world centuries ago, made up of a mix of Dhebiji settler and Baashified Tanizu. They still maintain some traditions from Tanizu, and some of them even practice the rites of the Beast Memory over Baashidi religion.
The Baashidi have an ancient pact with the merfolk, who inhabit the seas around them. Baashidi cities are built with sunken areas and canals to accommodate merfolk swimming through them, and the great friendship between the two peoples is a source of Baashidi pride and their success as seafarers.
The Baashidi are well known for their poetry, with the skill highly prized among all levels of Baashidi society due to their belief in its magical power. Formal court poetry follows specific forms that draw upon mathematical formulations and sacred geometries, while its more folk practice is often as long form sung tales of an individual’s glory or dishonor. Those who master either form are respected for the power they wield, and it is not unknown for even the highest to be struck down by a curse poem from an offended poet.
The Ardimya Sultanate and the Great Death
Ardimya was a Jinn, a being of magic and elemental power whose kind ruled over Sarhal and Bulwar at various points in ancient history. Her history prior to appearing in East Sarhal is unknown, but she came from somewhere west, fleeing other Jinn, and led a great caravan of her servants through East Sarhal in an event known as The Great Procession. She gave many gifts to the people of the lands she passed through, something that we’ll cover in more detail in a dev diary on the [redacted] system. Eventually, she arrived in the lands of the Jasiir Doog, where she brought the local tribes under her influence through both gifts and force, chief among them the tribe of the Nasmaneen, who served as her priests.Ardimya’s sultanate was a powerful but isolated state. The strongholds of most of her kind were in West Sarhal, and Ardimya had little interest in those of her kind who were not her servants, not even those who fled from the Jinn-Binders in Bulwar. At the Lizardfolk Kingdoms dominated southern Sarhal, which they considered to belong entirely to them. Ardimya spent a great deal of effort staving off lizardfolk conquest of her sultanate, a losing war that saw her resources stretched. This all changed in 7700 BAS, when the precursor elves defeated Ardimya in a war, forcing her to pay tribute, while at the same time they ravaged the lands of the lizardfolk.
While the precursors eventually left due to their civil war, Ardimya’s image in the eyes of her people was forever tarnished, eventually leading to an assassination attempt by one of her sons and the Jinn’s descent into madness. Matters were made worse when Ardimya was ravaged by the attacks of the Deep Devils, an event which afflicted all of coastal Sarhal. The weakness of their mother and her clear loss of sanity prompted her remaining sons to rebel against her, launching the sultanate into a civil war.
Though Ardimya won the son civil war, her victory would be a bitter and short lived one. The Day of Ashen Skies occurred only 40 years later, banishing all of the remaining Jinn, including Ardimya. Though this was a catastrophic event for most of the world, it was near apocalyptic in the Ardimyan sultanate.
Enchantments became unbound as magical storms which scoured and warped the land, killing millions. Additionally, the civil war had been a long and bitter struggle between family, a conflict where horrific magic and monsters had been unleashed. Without their masters and with the rules of magic changing, these creatures were free to wreak havoc as they wished. None will ever truly know what befell most of the sultanate’s cities, but the survivors who were not simply killed in this initial wave of devastation found themselves locked in battle with the Qeyikul, anthropotrophic humanoid monsters of unknown origin who devoured entire cities of survivors.
Most of those who survived became nomads, engaged in a constant desperate struggle to survive the hostile environment that their home had become while their heels were dogged by monsters. From among these fragmented bands arose a hero known as Baashi. A young warrior who fought with legendary skill and valor, he rallied groups of survivors into an army that would eventually slaughter the main mass of Qeyikul alongside help from the Nasmaneen, who had managed to hold the capital city of Ardim Qarast against the tide of death. Baashi was offered a place of honor among those in Ardim Qarast but refused it along the line that his followers had come from the tribes oppressed by Ardimya and the royal tribes. He and his followers went west, while the royal tribes founded the sultanate of Jinnakah, which would eventually collapse in 789 AA, leaving the Guryadagga as nomads dwelling in the lands of the empire they had once ruled.
The Guryadagga
The Guryadagga, as mentioned above, is the name applied to those who remained in the Jasiir Doog after the events of the Great Death and Baashi’s march to the west. They are split into four royal clans: The Nasmaneen, the Qayneen, the Muudeyneen, and the Samaaneen. All of these are descended from the original royal tribes of the Ardimyan sultanate, though now split into many disorganized subtribes. They call their land “Ardimya’s Land” from which Cannorians call it simply Ardimya.
The Nasmaneen managed to hold onto some power after the Great Death, using the magic of Ardimya’s city to keep their lands fertile and maintain the lifestyle of luxuries they had been accustomed to during the days of the Ardimyan sultanate. However, the magic of the city was damaged by the events of the Great Death and the desperate Jinnakans would send expeditions into the lands visited by Ardimya’s procession in search of a way to restore. This would lead to the creation of Bwa Dakinshi as a Jinnakah puppet state, though this was the only notable result. The sultanate would collapse by 789 AA, and the Nasmaneen dispersed as nomads, attacked by other Guryadagga tribes who had long been envious of their rule over Ardim Qarast.
In 1444 the Guryadagga exist entirely as nomads, sustained through trading precious materials found in the desert or by offering their services as mercenaries to fight off Qeyikul attacks in the eastern lands of Qabiika Baddabi.
They and the lands of Ardimya will see a great change and the birth of something new in the time period of the game. But I’ll leave that to a future dev diary.
The Merfolk
Baashi first met the merfolk in 60 AA, when he and his followers attempted to escape a horde of Qeyikul via hastily constructed rafts. The merfolk, recent arrivals to the region, took pity upon the humans and saved them, guiding their vessels to a safe island, where Baashi swore a pact with the merfolk chiefs and founded the city of Qasri Baashi above the nascent merfolk villages there. From this point, the merfolk and the Baashidi were joined in cause, and the two people helped each other prosper, both refugees from lost homelands.
Merfolk do not know their own origins, but know that their ancestors felt a great sense of loss for an unknown homeland. Whether they were once land-dwelling people or refugees from the deep sea is unclear, but they arrived in Sarhal a few decades after the day of Ashen Skies, leading some Cannorians to believe that they are Ruinborn. The Baashidi themselves believe their friends to be exiles from the realm of water, fleeing the collapse of a cruel Jinn’s realm in the same way that they did.
They are a generally xenophobic people who prefer to deal with the above seas world through their Baashidi partners, trusting in their ancient friendship and the respect that the Baashidi have for them to ensure they get a fair deal. Many Sarhali peoples have mistaken isolated merfolk sightings for the presence of water spirits or godlings, and the people of Fangaula and Fahvanosy both have a reverence for the creatures, even if the merfolk themselves avoid contacting them.
Merfolk can breathe air, but must skin their skin wet in a similar fashion to marine mammals. They and the Baashidi have invented forms of magic and crude devices which allow them to sustain themselves on land for prolonged periods, but these are expensive and don’t make up for their lack of legs, meaning only magically adept or wealthy merfolk can spend any real time away from water. For the most part, their existence is confined to the seas and to areas near the coast.Those merfolk living close to or within Baashidi settlements often consider themselves to be citizens of the above the seas world, and enjoy full equality within it.
The merfolk are not the only denizens of the deep but they are the only ones that are friendly. The Baashidi have heard tales from their friends of monsters and vile creatures beneath the waves, and are sometimes requested to send aid when the merfolk kingdom finds themselves engaged in war with those below.
The merfolk themselves will be in game, though their culture won’t exist on the map. You’ll learn more about the merfolk estate and how you can interact with the Baashidi’s underwater allies in a future dev diary.
The History of the Jasiir Jadid
The Baashidi themselves settled in various small villages near the coasts and their merfolk allies. Over time, these settlements grew into city states which would find themselves as tributaries of the Jinnakah sultanate, who saw themselves as the premier power in southern Sarhal and ruled over many south Sarhali humans in addition to the Baashidi. In 480 AA, the expanding lizardfolk kingdom of Karassk would go to war with Jinnakah over the lands of the Jasiir Jadid, making most of the Baashidi their tributaries. The era of lizardfolk rule would allow the Baashidi to grow and develop their powerbases under the mostly distant lizardfolk, and when Karassk’s power began to decline in the 7th century, the Baashidi were able to become independent. For the first time in history, they were no longer under the shadow of an ancient empire and were free to choose their own direction as a people.
The immediate centuries after the independence of the Baashidi were an age of warfare and strife, as the various Baashidi polities attempted to consolidate their power and gain advantage over their rivals. Perhaps the most important conflict fought in this time is the Dagafita, which marked the end of the period of warfare. The Dagafita was a series of wars that began in 1151, fought as a struggle for dominance of the Ashamadiat between Qabiika Beeragga and an alliance of the northern powers consisting of Qabiika Weggabiga, Qabiika Dadubakha, and Kabilu Gawakhiza. The conflict engulfed the entire Baashidi world until 1208, when Sadealdhahk the Wise assassinated his father and brought peace between his kingdom and its rivals. He renounced his claims to the former Beeraggan colonies in the Ashamadiat and sent gifts to the north to make restitution for the wrongs committed by his kingdom in the past. The Treaty of the Dagafita would become symbolic of a new era of peace and cooperation in the Baashidi world, remaining still unbroken in 1444.
Sadealdhahk and his peers were influenced by a new religious movement sweeping through the Jasiir Jadid. A codification of the various folkloric beliefs from previous ages, it also taught a philosophy of dedicating oneself to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the divine nature of creation. This new religion and era of peace would be the seed of a Baashidi golden age, known as the Dasr Sharaf.
Rinta Seekers
Rinta Seekers (Truth Seekers), is a religion developed by the 12th century philosopher Kabil Hadni, who sought truth in the many hundreds of beliefs that fell under the umbrella of the Habab Zar (Old Exorcism or Old Spirits). Hadni’s religion taught that the gates to heaven were guarded by mortals, who had rebelled against the lesser gods the True Creator had stationed to guide the world and watch over heaven. These gods became corrupted by the power they wielded over the material world, and so the enslaved souls of heaven slew them and spread their remains across the sky, where the dead gods can only weakly inflict their evil upon the world. He believed that the mortals in heaven sought to avoid becoming corrupted by the gods, and would only allow those who achieved enlightenment to pass through the gates. Hadni taught that no mortal could achieve enlightenment in life, but that seeking an understanding of the divine law which undergirds the world would help protect one from the evils the dead gods sought to inflict upon them. The religion is part philosophy of life and part collection of protective rituals, officiated in equal part by learned scholars in formal settings as it is by itinerant ascetic holy men.
Rinta Seekers is the great pillar of Baashidi and merfolk life. Its philosophy shapes the way that they relate to each other, and its exhortion to seek knowledge motivates Baashidi scholar-adventurers to learn the secrets of the entire world.
Baashidi magic:
There are two types of mages among the Baashidi, Mwalim and Darwiiz.
Mwalim are studious scholar mages who practice a magical tradition based on reason and logic. Their magic utilizes mystical alignments of numbers and alchemical formulas and they also derive power from knowledge of astrology and interpreting the movement of the heavens, making them quasi holy men who are trusted to conduct auguries and ward from evil influence households and courts that hire them. Before casting all but the most basic of spells, they imbibe strange elixirs and do ritual dances mapping out mystic geometry in order to enter a higher state of consciousness. This trance is described as an intellectual ecstaticness that is believed to partially connect them to the realm of paradise. Many are also scholars of renown, writing treatises on history; philosophy; and mathematics, as well as studying natural laws in order to improve their own magic and alchemy, and practicing formal court poetry.
Darwiiz are wandering mystics who practice a mixture of witchdoctory and spirit binding alongside ritual trances similar to that of the Mwalim. According to tradition, Darwiiz cannot cut their hair, drink the milk of an animal, carry salt, nor carry any tools for the making of or extinguishing of fire. Peasants and lords alike are obligated to provide a Dwariiz with hospitality and food, which a Darwiiz is obliged to repay with a performance of story, music, and dancing, alongside any needed magical aid. Mwalim enjoy the same privileges as Darwiiz, being entitled to hospitality, but see these and the other traditions of the Darwiiz as relics of a past era and the behavior of misguided folk magic practitioners.
Mwalim are more trusted by nobility, being highly influential within courts and scholarly circles. Darwiiz, due to their wandering nature, rarely enter the courts of kings or other nobles but are often the only source of magical aid that rural villages and the rougher adventurers will be able to gain aid from.
Darwiiz are far more common among the tribal and rural peoples, but no noble would ever turn one of them away or disrespect them. Influential Darwiiz have made their ways into the courts of kings before, and been trusted spiritual and practical advisors.
1444 and the Dasr Sharaf

The Baashidi word in 1444
In 1444, the Baashidi are in the throes of their golden age, experiencing the benefits of age of peace and cooperation. When you jump into the game, the Dasr Sharaf is ongoing event that has the potential to springboard you into success. This is the age of the Baashidi’s height as a civilization, and you as a player will be able to determine how high they ascend.
Open warfare between the Baashidi kingdoms themselves is unthinkable, and their rising power has led to them looking outwards for expansion.
The island of Zyumaklai is the first step of this expansion, captured from Butuguzi by Kabilu Gawakhiza in 1420. It is the first of possibly many Baashidi possessions in seas far from their home.
The other notable expression of Baashidi expansionism is the tiny state of Hisraad. A group of scholar-adventurers granted control of a mountain-fortress by the queen of Qabiika Dadubakha, they use their base to conduct expeditions into lizardfolk lands hunting for ancient knowledge, and have ambitions of conquering their own state there. Only time and you the player will tell if they succeed, and whether they are the precursor to more such expeditions.

The Scholar-Adventurers of Hisraad. Note the gfx is not final.
Hisraad is an interesting tag that is focused around the Baashidi expedition mechanics, which are relevant for all of the Baashidi countries, not just Hisraad and Qabiika Dadubakha. We’ll talk more about them in a future dev diary.
Trade in Sarhal
It would feel remiss to have a dev diary about Sarhal’s greatest seafarers without also including some information about trade in the greater continent of Sarhal.

The trade mapmode.
As you can see from the trade map, Sarhal pulls trade from Haless and Rahen towards Cannor. In 1444 this route functionally doesn’t exist, but as the Baashidi, Cannorians, and other trade focused powers in Sarhal, you’ll have the opportunity to bring the riches of Haless to and through Sarhal. Eagle eyed viewers might also see some changes in Rahen and southern Haless. The West Rahen Gulf has been split to accommodate the intended flow of trade with Sarhal, and several trade nodes have been adjusted to account for this. The gulf and the Ringlet Sea are going to be very lively areas in the Sarhal update, with pirates, colonizers, and trading kingdoms all trying to get their piece of the pie. You’ll also note that Eastern Haless flows directly towards Sarhal. As a Cannorian colonizer, you’ll want to establish a presence in Ardimya to control Halessi trade without needing to conquer huge amounts of land (You’ll also want a colony there for…other reasons)If you look at Sarhal for a bit, you’ll see the traditional trade routes through the interior of the continent that have existed for most of the history of settled states there. Gnollish traders carry slaves, salt, spices, and ivory across the breadth of the sahel and sudan of Sarhal, bridging the human civilizations of East and West Sarhal through this distant trade. The movement of West Sarhali slaves into East Sarhali is of great importance to the civilizations of East Sarhal, as is the flow of East Sarhali gold and finished goods to West Sarhal. Control of this trade is vital for a gnollish power, and the effect of greater sea trade on this ancient highway will play a part in the stories of the states of the interior.There’s one more notable thing about trade in Sarhal (or rather something with trade in its name), but I’ll leave that for a future dev diary about a particular people of no small import.
I’d like to end this dev diary by reminding people that Anbennar is a product of the community that supports it, not a distant dev studio. That means you can contribute to Anbennar and make content for it. We have plenty of passionate and talented people working on making content for Sarhal and other parts of the mod, but we always need more.If you’re interested in helping out with Sarhal or any other region, hop on to the discord and ask around. You’ll even get your name in the credits of the release.

A new challenger to Anbenncost's title has appeared. The city of Qasri Baashi is split over two provinces, representing its nature as a huge sprawling slum.
Trade good mapmode. Those ivory provinces are from herds of pygmy elephants formerly bred by Ardimya as pets.
I wonder why I included this image? Must be a mistake, but I'll leave it here.
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