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2023.05.28 23:50 CarlyLewis3 Dollar Tree, Dollar General, And Family Dollar Twill Be Open On Memorial Day

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2023.05.28 23:50 Minespidurr There’s no worse feeling than knowing that nothing you do will change anything

No matter how hard you try in this world, if you don’t look a certain way, not a single thing will change in how the opposite sex treats you. You’ll always be rejected, ignored, minimized, alienated, and isolated. You’ll go through life seeing literally everyone else experience the dopamine hit of love and sex and validation on a daily basis, but you? Ohh, you’re nothing but an inferior, subhuman creature! 🤣 In order for you to receive 1/5th of that, you need to put 2000x as much effort in!
This world is so unspeakably cruel and superficial. Looks dominate sexual attraction, period. End of discussion. That’s why you see so many abusive short term relationships. People care more about sex and looks than anything else because at the end of the day, we are primitive mammals still operating on the same impulses that governed our actions 20,000 years ago: fuck, reproduce, eat, shit, die. It’s simple.
Yeah we have advanced technology that makes us THINK we’re beyond that, but the reality is we’re not. We sit around and talk about advanced ideals such as inclusion and empathy and the complexity of love but then proceed to do the exact opposite in our actions.
I’m gonna be honest, I’ve legitimately tried to change myself in recent years. I’ve tried to put myself out there more. I’ve tried to work on myself and my personality. But nothing changes. People still ignore me. I can’t afford food to gain weight or muscle to be more traditionally attractive as a guy. I’ve been abandoned by my abusive family and am now stuck living in an area where finding new people is not easy. None of my friends support me. I can’t afford actual therapy or other psychiatric help to address the trauma of living with an abusive family.
What am I supposed to do?
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2023.05.28 23:49 Willowfairy336 how can I(26F) be more affectionate towards my boyfriend(28M)?

We’ve been together for 3ish years.
I’ve always been more distant than the rest of my family when I was younger, like not liking to hug anyone, was kind of a late bloomer, etc. It’s never been a problem until being with my boyfriend, who is what I’d consider to be my first real relationship. In the beginning I was more affectionate/sexual, but we broke up for a while because my mental health became toxic. We got back together after like 8 months and was doing my best to be more affection as that was a complaint of his. but then I found that he was flirting with other girls and was talking to/hanging out with his ex behind my back. I'm pretty much passed everything that happened; however, I guess I ended up losing that ability to be vulnerable. He also lost his want to be romantic or even go out anywhere although he’s been struggling with that since even before me with his other exes and even with his friends, but in the beginning he was more into me and would at least let me know how he feels about me towards text or doing small gestures. I feel like these days he'll get me or do something if I keep asking or he'll be affectionate, but it always has to lead to sex so sometimes it makes me feel like that's all he wants from me. He's told me a multiple times that he wants to be more romantic and "lovey dovey" for me again but doesn't know how to or then he'll do one thing and won't do anything else until months go by and i start getting sad by it again.
I need advice how I can change myself to be more affectionate again as i feel like that's the main reason why he's having trouble. I really loved how our relationship was before and I love him so much, but have trouble expressing it to him whether physically or verbally.

tldr; having trouble being affectionate towards my boyfriend
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2023.05.28 23:49 PentatonicScaIe First post

Hey guys, creating this post because I cant stop. This shit is my crutch and it needs to stop if it's not drinking it's weed. Every day I have off work or after work.
I used to deal with financial issues, past trauma, family issues, and wondering what Im gonna do with my life. Now all of that is settled, I have none of those issues, but Im developing an alcohol/weed issue as I mentioned. I work night shift, moved 3 hours from family, and only see friends once every 3 months if Im lucky. Ive always loved liquoweed and some other substances, but this us starting to feel like it's attempting to fill that void and it's going to bite me. Usually I can stop smoking weed if I got a drug test coming up for a new job, but Im afraid it's going to come back at me soon (Im interviewing for a job that would improve my life significantly).
Ive worked nights a year now, the terrible sleep schedule mixed wuth drugs is awful. I need someone to give me a reason not to drink or smoke when I wake up in the morning. Both my grandpas had/have addiction issues. One's a stoner and the other was an alcoholic (died in his 50s). Am I doomed to this shit? I want to have a beer every few weeks without wanting to grab the whole bottle. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.05.28 23:49 Lamorosii 페리 (Perry)

Korean Studio Album #1: Perry by Storm - YouTube Playlist
Release Date: September 4, 2001

Song Title Music Video Live Performance
1. Storm (Ft. G-Dragon, Sean, Masta Wu) Official Music Video MBC
2. Oh No (Ft. Y.G, Vanessa) - -
3. Turn It Out (Ft. Masta Wu) - -
4. Get Ready (Ft. Y.G Family) Official Music Video -
5. Know How What I Mean? (Ft. Masta Wu) - -
6. 비상 (Flight) (Ft. Jah-U, Hoony Hoon, Day-1, In-Chang, 45 RPM) - -
7. Get Down - -
8. G-Dragon (feat. Perry) - -
9. Don't Leave Me (Ft. Swi-T) - -
10. Baby Come On (Ft. Lexy) - -
11. 돈이 (Money) (Ft. 45 RPM) - -
12. So Tight (Ft. Jinusean) - -
13. Bounce (Ft. Teddy, Masta Wu) - -
14. Storm (Remix) - -
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2023.05.28 23:49 cb33- Anyone else not able to cope with sharing a room?

I was diagnosed earlier this month and a lot of things are now starting to make sense.
I’m on vacation at the moment and sharing a hotel room. Even with separate beds, I just lose the ability to sleep as soon as I am in the same room as someone else. This is after nearly 36 hours without sleep because of flight times and not being able to sleep on the plane surrounded by people.
It’s so uncomfortable for me, and I just want my own little space to crawl into where I can be entirely alone. It’s not like the other person is bothering me - in fact they’re fast asleep as I write this. I just can’t function properly without my normal routines and own space and it sucks
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2023.05.28 23:48 Sleight_Hotne Which Adepta sororita's set should i get?

I recently started the hobby and I wanted to start with the Sisters of battle but I do not know which sets to buy and how to do so in a way that won't make me sell my kidney for a 60 dollar piece. Any suggestions on which sets to buy that are worth the price? How many do I need to play properly?
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2023.05.28 23:48 SophieCamuze Me Being Petty: I hate it that my parents are getting a puppy

I just found out my parents are getting a puppy, most likely within the next week. We had a dog, a corgi, before but my sister is taking the dog with her when she moves in an apartment with her fiancée. The thing is that getting a freaking purebred puppy and it apparently cost them hundreds of dollars to get, maybe even thousands. Like dude puppies are not easy to train and it was no cakewalk with our training and taking care of the corgi when it was a puppy. Plus, they are both retired and not rolling in dough, why do they spend so much money to get a effing purebred puppy that most likely will be unable to keep up with because of their old age. Heck if they want a replacement dog so badly, why don't they get a dog from the shelter? It would be a lot easier on everyone and can give a dog from the shelter a forever home and a second chance. And finally, this is a really petty reason, I am not looking forward to the time when this dog is being dumped on me when my parents are unable to take care of the dog temporarily or permanently. I wasn’t informed about them getting the puppy literally the week before they were supposed to pick it up. I wasn’t clued in about the process and wasn’t given the option to prepare let alone object. I loved the corgi but I didn’t want to raise a puppy again after all that hardwork and corgi is still a handful when he grew up. Until I move out I am going to be expected to help take care of this puppy, a puppy that I literally had no say if I am okay with it or not and I would literally have no energy to give the attention and affection it would deserve with my job and commute to work. They think that they can take of the puppy all by themselves but I know they would probably going to try to foist the dog on me when they want a break, because they feel like it, they grow too old to take care of it or when they pass away (my sister doesn’t trust the corgi to get along with another dog in the same house so there is little chance she is going to take it in) even when I am still struggling to get the skills necessary to take care of just myself and maybe one other human and them knowing that I love to have time to myself and not want to constantly have give attention to someone all the time. I feel like it also once again shows how little my family respects me. Taking in a dog is a not small decision yet here I am, being left out of the decision-making process that going to have a impact on my life. Sorry for the rant and seemly overexaggeration but I am just tired of this.
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2023.05.28 23:48 InAShensh AppleTV still says “TED LASSO: Season 3 Finale” not SERIES FINALE (there is hope 🤞🏽)

I know it seems trivial and hopeful BUT whenever there’s a SERIES finale , the accompanying description says as such. They have not changed it so it still says SEASON finale. This gives me the slightest hope Jason Sudekis and company have heard the outpouring of love for this show and decided to keep it opened to another (or more) season! I swear I am a Ted and Rebecca truther from day one so I’m hoping for him going to Kansas, realizing it’s not “home” anymore, Henry wants to go with Ted because he doesn’t want to be there either (and he’s totally into British culture) and they end up back where Ted belongs. With his new family. And his soul mate. I guess I’m just wishful thinking ….sorry for the long tangent but I love this show so much and I’m having such a hard time with it being the alledved end.
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2023.05.28 23:48 bugsrtired Another nightmare. I need help

Even over a year later I have them. And some days I wake up and just immediately cry my eyes out. Some days I wake up stunned and dissociate for hours. It depends on the nightmare but they always involve him coming back only to cheat on me again. This time I dreamt I looked through his facebook and just saw pictures of him and her and them together with his family who I loved so much too.
I never once snooped, I blocked him the moment I found out what had really happened. So I don't know what he looks like now or if they're even still together. They definitely still are, and I shouldn't care either way.
I'm just still so very hurt. I am struggling so bad with myself, I don't even like myself anymore. I feel ugly and unloveable after what he did. I keep comparing myself to others, and I can't feel happy for my friends when they get into relationships. I fake it, of course, because I love my friends, but theres a deep sense of bitterness and sadness in me that can't be properly happy because I don't have what they have anymore.
And I don't know if i'll ever have it again. I don't know if I can. After being cheated on after a seven year long relationship nothing feels real anymore. If a man flirts with me I just can't feel like it's genuine, I feel empty and that everything he says is a lie. I don't know how to fix this, I think this genuinely have broken me and that I should stay single forever so I don't get hurt like this again. I don't think I'll survive this another round, i'm barely hanging on as it is.
And the kicker is that my ex never apologized, in fact he thinks of himself as the victim and spun a lie about how the breakup really went to make himself look like the good guy. He's never going to feel ''bad'' or remorse for what he did. He's enjoying his life with a new girlfriend who is more beautiful than i'll ever be.
I know i'm self-pitying but i'm genuinely depressed. Nothing i've done has worked so far. I don't know what to do, i'm spiraling and I feel so SO alone. I hate this so much. It's so unfair that i'm still suffering from his actions over a year later.
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2023.05.28 23:48 Professional_Dab I've come to the conclusion that we won't be getting a cure to diabetes for a long, long time

I know many well read this and view me as being overly cycnial, but I'd like you to think about it. Imagine you are a company making billions and billions of dollars from a group of people- these people rely on your services. Why would you then assist in finding a cure and lose all of that money? The main companies who produce and distribute diabetes treatment all work together, which is shown by how they all raise insulin prices nearly simulatenously. I've noticed that in many of these trials that hope for a diabetes 'cure', you'll have a big company like Novo Nordisk contributing in it. I have no doubt that if hope of a cure does arise, these big companies will suppress it to the best of their ability, which will inevitably delay us getting a cure for decades.
My one hope is the introduction of AI, which will very likely make science take a huge leap in the next few decades and make a cure to diabetes common knowledge, though even this has a few variables.
It's a depressing, but very real concern of mine. What do you guys think? Am I being too cynical here?
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2023.05.28 23:48 ChunkeeMunkee3001 New build - Start menu, browsers, games keep closing themselves!

Hi all!
I've encountered a really bizarre issue with a PC I put together for my daughter's birthday, and have been tearing my hair out for the past 2 weeks trying to get to the bottom of what might be causing it.
It'll only be used for school work and light gaming, and so I decided to go for an AMD APU setup. The PC was put together using all-new parts, and is specced as follows:
AMD Ryzen 7 5700G
AsRock A520M HDV MicroATX Motherboard
Kingston FURY Beast 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3200MHz DDR4
Patriot P300 M.2 PCIe Gen 3 x4 256GB NVMe Drive
Corsair CP-9020101-UK CX450M 450 W 80+ Bronze PSU
Generic brand dual-band Wi-Fi/Bluetooth card
DEEPCOOL MATREXX 40 3FS Mini Tower case
Everything went off without a hitch initially, and my daughter was happily playing games on it for a couple of days, but then started mentioning that games were closing themselves. I took a look for myself, and found that the Start button didn't always respond when clicked, and when it did actually open it tended to close itself again in 1-5 seconds. Browsers (Edge and Chrome) also started to either close themselves or hit an error page with a "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION" message, and her games (Minecraft, Star Stable, and Roblox) all close themselves anywhere from straight away on launch up to 5 minutes of play. I've also noticed that system menus like the Windows Settings and Updates pages tend to vanish after a short while too.
The version of Win10 Home I installed was one I'd grabbed from the Windows Media Creation Tool years ago and was quite out of date, meaning it needed a number of updates once installed. I'm not sure if it's coincidence, but on the further two times I reinstalled this version it felt like the Start menu issue didn't occur until after updating the OS. I have also tried downloading a fresh version of Win10 Home through the Microsoft Media Creation Tool and installing that - same issue.
My troubleshooting steps so far:
Reinstalled Win10 Home multiple times from two different installers (one old, one fresh as of yesterday),
Uplugged the keyboard, then the mouse, then both and tried another set (in case of cheap keyboard weirdness), plus tried switching from the board USB ports to the case ports,
Re-seated the RAM,
Tried one RAM stick only in slot 2, then 1, then repeated with the other stick,
Tried a stick of DDR4 3200 RAM from another PC in either slot,
Ran a Windows Memory Diagnostic (clear),
Removed the Wi-Fi card, then the HD Audio header, then the case USB 2.0 and 3.1 headers,
Updated the board's BIOS from 2.10 to 2.73, then back to 1.60 as per ASRock's CPU compatability table,
Updated all relevant chipset and APU graphics drivers,
Double-checked all overclocking is off in BIOS, including XMP (found after a Google search that the "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION" in Chrome and Edge might be OC related),
Tried installing Windows to a different, older PC (didn't seem to exhibit the same issue, but the system as a whole is ancient so difficult to distinguish chug from outright failure!),
Removed the motherboard from the case and reconnected the power, HDMI, and keyboard/mouse to check for case shorts.
One thing I had observed was that the initial troubles started around the time we installed Minecraft, as it seems that logging into her Microsoft account through the MC launcher woke up the long-thought-dead beast that is Microsoft Family Safety. This horrible piece of software near crippled her older sister's PC in the past and was a PITA to remove, and on this new PC it initially limited her access to Chrome. I relaxed the settings and thought that was that, but now these new issues seem to have emerged. Is it possible that Microsoft are still screwing with her system, even after multiple re-installs of Windows?
I also noticed that every time the Start menu does open, there's a brief flash of the blue Windows loading wheel next to the mouse pointer, and then the menu vanishes again! I've tried to catch what this might be in the Task Manager but no joy - however the StartMenuExperienceHost.exe does list in the system as having experienced a crash each time.
I can now only assume it's something to do with the motherboard or CPU, but have no clue how I could test for this. I'm absolutely lost for ideas, and really getting quite dispondant now as not only is this my daughter's birthday present that's been pretty much unusable for the past couple of weeks, but also because I've built probably a couple of dozen or so PCs in my time, and not once have I come across such an elusive issue as this.
Any help or ideas would be hugely appreciated!
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2023.05.28 23:48 Strong-Switch-1057 Anxiety to use detector in public

Hi, maybe its a bit weird but I have anxiety to flash detector in public. I could say that it feels like im carrying something illegal and don't want anybody to see me using/carying it. Even though in my country it is legal to buy detectors but laws are quite strict. You cannot search for treasures that is mostly things over 50 years of age. Guess you can always tell that you are searching for scrap metal or just doing the hobby. I feel that im missing out by avoiding parks and some swimming spots near the lakes even though my last experience with these were only pull tabs and bottle caps. I live in eastern Europe.
I mainly search in the woods and find junk. Only several coins were found over the years. My chosen locations are usually empty of good finds or no signals at all. Very demotivated but I keep trying. Another problem with woods is that you can probably get punished for ruining the grass there. Rarely I search on some land but nothing cool so far. I like the hoby and doing it for several years now but because of this feeling my options is limited, well of course to search on private properties you have to get permission as anywhere else. I tend to hide/run if I hear some car nearby... Feeling like a bulgral when metal detecting
Any help how to cope with this would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.28 23:48 Blue_Bird_Nerd My dad isn’t listening and I don’t know what to do

My family and I (f20) moved into a new house with 2 stories and a basement. Our living arrangement is a bit odd but my grandma lives entirely on the ground floor, my parent live in the basement due to there being an entrance from the outside with few steps, and I live to in a bedroom on the top floor. It’s a Georgia summer and I obviously need AC so I set the top floor ac to the average in the house. It works fine but my dad is convinced it’s broken and needs to be fixed. It getting out of hand because it works fine but he keeps messing with it. This morning I woke up and he turned it off all together making my room super hot. I called him on the phone and asked why he turned it off and then asked how can I turn it back on. I kept a neutral voice but he screamed at me, hung up the phone, then ran up the stairs and slammed my door open just to yell more. He did turn it back on but then I left to go to my sisters house. When I got back it was obvious he messed with it again and my bedroom is now 81 degrees. I would mention it to him but he always yells at my mom when he’s mad at me. I don’t know what to do all I know is that this can’t go on all summer. My mom is going to get someone out to the house to look at the AC even though we both know it’s not broken just so my dad will stop. I think it’s a stupid waste of money just because he won’t listen to others and thinks he is always right.
TL:DR my dad is convinced the upstairs ac is broken when it isn’t. Has turned it off and messed with it to the point where my room is over 80F. He yells at my mom and I over it. My mom is going to spend money on a repair person just so my dad will chill
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2023.05.28 23:47 Neatfreakmj88 Should I write or postpone?

I’m scheduled to write my LSAT on June 10th but I’m nowhere near my goal score on PTs I’ve taken so far. Guess so underestimated how long it will take me to prepare. So now I’m not sure if I should just write my scheduled exam just to gain experience of how the actual test is, or postpone it and write it when I hit my goal score on PTs?
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2023.05.28 23:47 oranjui I feel like my dad cares more about my stepmom and stepsiblings than me and my siblings

Am I just jealous? Is this a normal stepfamily problem? Am I creating a self-fulfilling prophecy? Maybe, I don't know. It just feels like that, myself (23) and my younger sibling (18) are trans and my older brother being gay (25), we are all varying degrees of distant from my dad for different reasons, and I am the only one still particularly close with him (my sibling has minimal contact with my dad, and I am no-contact with my older brother going on 3 years now because he was abusive to almost all of my family, but my dad still is in contact with him); my 3 stepsiblings are all about the same ages, just more like the children you'd expect in a 'normal'(cisnormative) family, even though I think they are all bi too, so I guess the queer part probably isn't as big of a deal as I think it is. I know he's hurt my mom in irreparable ways, and he's hurt me in many ways too, and he manipulated the divorce agreements that were unfair to all of us, but at this point he's still supportive in my life, mostly in material ways but lately we have been able to gain some ground in emotional connection. But a lot of times when we see each other or call each other, he just tells me updates about my stepsiblings who I don't even know that well (they came into my life right as I was moving out at 18 for college--that I dropped out of--so I just didn't have much opportunity for connection with them) rather than asking about my life or trying to get more involved in my life.
I still need him but it feels like I've (and maybe my siblings) failed him in his eyes in some way by being queer and by me and my older brother both dropping out of college. Which I know is my internalized homophobia and internalized transphobia and shame talking from bullying growing up and proselytising extended family and internalizing unrelenting expectations for myself from peers/teachers/society. But sometimes that wound still hurts. Or maybe it's about resentment of our connection with our mom? Because me and my younger sibling are very much closer with our mom? I don't really know anymore.
I'm just frustrated and sad and guilty and longing and nostalgic and hurt about it. And it's a weird hurt, because I know he's hurt me and my other family members too, but somehow I still want him back in my life more? My dad wasn't physically absent but he was very emotionally absent growing up. So part of it is feeling a void from childhood, and part of it is envy of what my stepsiblings have--they have a biological dad AND a biological mom AND a stepdad who care deeply about them and invest in their lives and are very present nowadays, but I just have a struggling bio mom and a strained/pained connection with my bio dad and stepmom. I am starting to connect more with my stepmom at least on the times that I see her. She's meaningful in my life, but I still feel weird about my dad inserting himself into her whole life.
Is this what they call daddy issues? Lol.
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2023.05.28 23:47 DillonW904 Quick Question Regarding My X17 R2 Stovetop Grill

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will just be playing with temps of 95-100C and accept it. My question is, is it better to let it just thermal throttle, or power limit? By power limiting I mean setting the TPL to 45w or 50w. Also, no I will not be re pasting because I don’t trust myself doing any kind of work to this machine.
Keep in mind I have the 12700h so no undervolting here. Trust me, next machine I will be getting I will make sure to get one that can undervolt. Not impressed with Intel locking these chips knowing they will be microwave ovens. So anyways, let it thermal throttle and play high temps or should I power limit it and change the TPL? I’ve never had gaming sessions where no red codes were thrown. Either thermal throttle alert comes on, or power limit alert shows up in throttle stop. 3,000 dollars I would have just hooked a monitor up to my grill outside and gotten the same results.
(I’ve also done TCC to 15 as well, slight performance hit, would rather keep it as is and let it burn)
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2023.05.28 23:47 SweatScoobyDoo AW252H1HF Power Button Broken

Not a PC issue, but thought I'd shoot my shot here. I've got an Alienware AW252H1HF monitor. It's lasted me great, but literally a week after the warranty expired the power button has broken. The backside of the cap is no longer connected the the button itself, so it gets jammed constantly within the button frame making it near impossible to use. Dell doesn't sell these parts aftermarket, and according to the site, they literally just replace the monitor if it's in warranty (which mine unfortunately isn't, as of the 10th). Any recommendations for home repaiplaces to locate aftermarket parts or any tips about the warranty renewal? Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.28 23:47 MgaSangheili619 I wish I had a family like my next door neighbors.

Last Month, a new family moved next door to my house. The dad is a foreigner who I think is from England based on the thick accent, he has an England sticker in his car. The mom is a native in my country. They have a son and daughter together.
I really wish when I start a family, I want it to be like those neighbors. I dunno, judging how I see them, they look like a nice family. The dad is fit, I mean not tripped but he looks like he is borderline underweight and normal, and is kind of......attractive, prob due to his thick accent, him wearing shades and facial hair. He also jogs. The son, prob 16-18, is a football player. I see him practice his skills and he is pretty good a his footwork. He can dribble well and do these insane skills. I heard the mom is a great cook and based on my parents when they chatted with her for a while.....the daughter, 12-14 is top of the class and her teachers say she can get a scholarship from Oxford or Cambridge if she keeps her potential up. My only "chat" with them is I went to my car parked outside my house gate wearing a full suit since I had a formal event to attend with my GF. The dad saw me and said "Looking good lad". Plus one time I saw the dad and his son on full suits too and my God they both look so good.
I always dream of having a family where I am a good looking and attractive parent, wife who knows how to socialize well, and my children are good at their own things.
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2023.05.28 23:47 tobyfunke Review: Viture Accessories & NReal

Viture creates their own brand of XR Glasses & accessories
I purchased a few and will review: Overall their packaging and presentation are all high quality and top notch.
USB-C TO GLASSES AND CHARGING ADAPTER: This is easily the best I've used so far. I do have the redmagic and another dock type one.
This is really why I purchased. First Dock mount fits great on the switch. Again quality product, everything snaps in tight and feels very secure. The dock provides a large battery, stated at 13,000maH. High quality and everything is well marked.
I couldn't get it to work. I was hoping this would work without using an hdmi converter. No luck. Its still going to require another weird dongle setup that I haven't been able to figure out yet.
Overall, if you want a slimmer redmagic, the charging adapter is worth it. Mobile dock Its good, but because of all the dongles and everything not really mobile any longer, and I just plug in near an outlet anyways.
If you have any ideas or questions please let me know.
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2023.05.28 23:47 ThrowAwayRA_0111187 How I [28M] move on from an abusive relationship from [30F]?

I missed a phone call from my EX while at a party and I did not get a response when I called back. She immediately berate me over text for asking if she was okay and I ask to speak so I understand what was going. She continued to be rude and say I never listen or care about her feelings. Drew the line after I told her I would not continue this over text and she responded sarcastically. I told her I did not have the emotional energy to continue this conversation and be a punching. I left the party to go to bed and she panicked telling me not to ignore her. We talked later and initially, she apologize for her words and behaviour and then went off when find out I was with a friend at his party. Accused me of some of the worse and cruel things a human can do and I abandoned her and she had to call a support line instead because she had nobody. I tried to talk to her and explain my feelings about this situation and that this was very much a miscommunication and I had no idea she needed support. I ended the relationship and cut contact after she continue to berate me for what I felt were unreasonable such as going for hike by myself and not telling her about it earlier than our usual end of day conversation. I realize this was abusive, but I need some support on what I can do to move forward to heal

.I met her a 3-4 months ago on dating app and we clicked well. She had her shit together (career, house, good car, etc) and I thought was very kind, caring and thoughtful person. I now see that I might have overlooked some major red flags. Particularly was how fast this individual wanted to intermesh with my life and seemed very keen on building a photo wall, travelling with me, getting a dog and picking out the house I was purchasing.She even wanted to plan my graduation party for my masters and took me on a very expensive trip for my birthday and spend over 1000. This was all within a month of datingThe other things that were catching me off guard was how poorly she would talk about her family and others, but then completely changed characters when she was around them. Telling me that all men are horrible, but I was the exception. Often complained about how others take advantage of her kindness and she always gets shit on. I really didn’t like how much shit she talked about her sister, her fiancee. Especially the kids who have done nothing wrong and she called them lazy and pathetic.

Things really took a turn when she got ill and her mental health went downhill. She had disclose to me that she had a chronic illness and had been SA a few years ago and was dealing with the court procedures at that time. She also disclosed that she had been diagnosis with PTSD. I did what I could do be supportive, and understanding during this time and be with her when I could. I work rotation shifts so I am away for periods at a time. I tried to help her with some small things and house duties such as putting a tree in her front yard and cleaning up. I left a little bit of mess with my clothes in her room and she proceeded to melt down about how I don’t respect her house or the fact that she worked two years to pay for it. This was all after I cooked, cleaned and helped her. I took out the trash one morning when she was feeling sick and she meltdown again about how I make her feel incompetent and cry that I was going to leave her. So I started to ask what kind of support she needed. She just said to listen. Granted I will admit that I wasn’t fully present at times, but almost everyday after my work shifts it was always about how ‘fucked up the world is’ and her life sucks. It was draining emotionally and my suggestions for professional help or asking what she needed for support in that moment were ignored.
I felt at times that she would have overreactions to small slights including her accusing me of being selfish, and inconsiderate for trying to take a remote job to be closer to home. I had told her about the position and my plans to take it, but she got upset at me for not considering her hard and demanding job and how she changed her schedule to accommodate mine. We never had this conversation nor did I ask her to go and rearrange her schedule for me. Didn’t take the job and she proceeds to accuse me of ruing her day with this news and turn off read receipts when I tried to have a conversation with her about it. Refuse to speak to me then hours later accuses of me shutting down and being immature because she came running back crying and I was feeling very upset. I explained to her that my buttons and patience were tested and she took offence to my comment. She also accused me of being an unstable and unreliable partner while there wasn’t any stability in her life. Threatened the relationship and I almost broke up with her that day.
Another time she had a meltdown after I asked for reassurance in the relationship because I felt she was being distant and a past romantic partner had done that to me. She accused me of projecting my insecurities and that I fucked her sleep and thus I don’t respect her job and that she could lose her work for lack of sleep. She also proceeded to drop out of grad school because she didn’t get a full ride. She didn’t want to take a loan despite her 150k salary nor considered any partial scholarships and completely dropped out. She then proceeded to say that nothing ever goes right for her. So I think you get the point where this going.
I finished my rotation and came home this past week. I wanted to see her, but she refused saying that ‘seeing me is not a priority while her mental health struggles’. I had just sent her a dinner that night because she had a hard day at work and I got that response. I was utterly crushed. That pretty much killed it for me. She then proceeded to text me about how awful her job is and why she picked her career if she can’t even take care of herself.
The next morning, I texted her and told her about my day plans. Gym, dinner with friends and also seeing another friend later in the evening. Through out the day she’s again texting me about how shitty her life is, she’s going to take sick leave from work and then proceeding to tell me again that she doesn’t want to spend time with me tomorrow. I told if that was what she needed to do what is best for her healing. I have to admit that I was emotionally drained and exhausted.
Later that evening a friend and I were going to hang out and then he invited me to a party. I went and she called me, but it didn’t go through. I saw it immediately and called her back and she did not answer. So I texted her that I missed her call and asked her if everything was good. She immediately blew up on me telling me I don’t listen, I don’t care about her feeling and why in the fucking world would I ask that question. I told her I would like to speak to her over the phone and she refused. I asked her three more times if I could speak to her and that we would not engage these conversations over text. This wasn’t the first time she had an outburst over text message and then refused to actually communicate over the phone. She then proceeded to say some hurtful comments that were directed at me that we always have these conversations, I am not even there for her anymore and I am disinterested. I was fucking hurt and told her kindly that I felt attacked and I did not deserve to be on the receiving end of being an emotional punching bag. I told her I did not have the emotional energy to continue this conversation and that I wanted to go to bed. I wished her a good night and to take care of herself. Immediately she calls me back and I did not answer because I was hurt, frustrated and angry. She then proceeded to gaslight me saying she doesn’t understand why I wouldn’t just call her back knowing things aren’t good. That she needed support, she wanted my help and not to ignore her and acknowledge her text. I told her I did not want to speak because I did not have the emotional energy to do so. She responded with she doesn’t understand and that just needed a minute
I left the party and drove home to go to bed. I eventually texted her and told her that was uncalled for and unacceptable. Initially she apologized and I called her. She asked me what I was doing and I told her I was lying down as I came back from friends party. She immediately blew her lid and accused me of abandoning her. That she had nobody to support her and she had to call a distress line. She needed me and I wasn’t there. I explained again that I felt attacked and I tried to talk to her, but she wasn’t being receptive. She went on a list of accusations about my texting style, how I did not care to listen to her bad days one night when I told her I was tired and needed some food. She went off about how I posted a story to my IG of these two animals by the river and I should have known that would have made her happy and I should have sent it to her. That she waits at work all day for my phone calls and text messages and that is the only that would make her happy. She then gets mad over me going for a solo hike, not taking pictures for her and not telling her about it until the end of the day when we usually have our conversation. The list of grievances goes on and I called off the relationship after she said it wasn’t healthy. I told it was done and I did not want to communicate with her or see her again. She accused me of giving an ultimatum and that I was leaving her with nobody or no support system. I was cruel, unkind and did not care about her.
Basically all the worse things nobody wants to hear followed by cussing and crying. Telling me that she made these two things for me that she wanted to give to me, but the relationship doesn’t matter anymore. That she wanted me to come see her and spend time with her (after she explicitly told me she wants some space) and tell her that I love her.To be honest, I feel crazy and my emotions all over the place. I feel responsible for this, but I am starting to see that this might have been abuse. Looking for what next steps are
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2023.05.28 23:47 Flat-Paper7288 Should I just go with my parents to Disney land

My parents are going to Disney land for 8 days and I don’t wanna go because i applied for a job I wanna do because I could get paid 800 dollars every 2 weeks and that’s pretty good cause I wanna get myself some toys but my parents say if I don’t go I have to stay with my real mom and they joke abt leaving me there forever should I just go with them and work next summer when I’m 15?
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