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4 rental properties & home paid off, no mortgages/loans. 30 years old. What should I invest in with an additional $100k? (Advice Needed)

2023.05.29 01:52 itsmemme 4 rental properties & home paid off, no mortgages/loans. 30 years old. What should I invest in with an additional $100k? (Advice Needed)

Hi team.
I've been investing the wrong way, and i need help. So for the last 4 years, I've been buying real estate with no mortgages. All cash. This cash wasn't in an HYSA or MMF. Every dollar I've ever had was/is sitting in a Wells Fargo checking account. Currently, I have over $100,000 in this same Wells Fargo checking account (not even in their savings account). Now, I realize how wrong I am by having that amount of money sitting there.
My current investments are the following:
I have no debt, and my monthly expenses are around 2000 to 3000/month (Yearly property taxes/12, HOA fees of the condo I'm living in, and that's it. My girlfriend pays the rest (food and light, as I'm handling the HOA fees).
My monthly income varies, but for the last 4 years, it has always been over $10,000 (without counting the rental properties income).
I know that I've been a lucky person but also a workaholic, and I've achieved many positive things as a 30-year old, but I'm missing exposure to index funds in my portfolio. I forgot to mention that I'm an immigrant from Spain and a current U.S. Resident, so the culture of index funds, stock investment, money market funds, high-yield savings accounts, etc., wasn't taught to me. So I've always been doing what I knew best, working as much as possible and investing earnings in purchasing real estate.
So, I've heard the term "mutual funds" before, but I never really dug much into it. A few days ago, I started reading more about it and came across the terms "HYSA and Money market funds". After reading about it, I couldn't believe I've been saving my money terribly (I even called Fidelity to confirm that these HYSA and money market fund avg. returns exist).
So now, I plan to change how I manage my money.
What I'm currently doing when I get paid:
  1. My paystub goes directly into my business Wells Fargo checking account.
  2. I hold it there until there's a buying opportunity (Like a property). Remember, I don't save 10-15k for a down payment but 150-300k for a cash purchase.
What I'm planning on doing AFTER investing a lump sum of 100k in an ETF index fund:
  1. My paystub goes directly into my business Wells Fargo checking account.
  2. I keep 5k in my Wells Fargo business account and transfer the rest to my Fidelity account.
  3. Once the money goes to Fidelity, 20% will go to an ETF index fund (I'd like suggestions on which one(s), maybe VOO?), and the other 80% into SPAXX (MMF).
  4. Wait until the next buying opportunity (like a real estate opportunity) and pull from the MMF.
So, as a 30-year old, I'm already late to the party of the ETF index funds, and I'm plan on investing 100k in an ETF index fund to catch up with the years of not investing.
My questions are:
  1. Is the approach of only having 5k in a basic Wells Fargo checking account and transferring everything else to a Fidelity MMF (80%) and an index fund(20%), savvy?
  2. Which ETF(s) index fund should I invest in? I like conservative but also something that's quite heavy in tech, as I'm a big tech believer.
P.S. I'm not much interested in mutual funds because of the taxes of the fund selling and buying activity every year) or retirement accounts, as I'm not really looking forward to becoming a multi-millionaire by then, but earlier (hopefully)). I'm fine with paying taxes on dividends and when I sell the ETF index funds.
I appreciate your help, as i feel so lost with everything I'm reading about ETF index funds, MMF, high-yield savings accounts, etc.
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2023.05.29 01:44 yixiaodafang 5/25/2023 #Ava on #Matta of Fact Ava mentioned that the #CCP kleptocrats-controlled companies mainly help them accomplish two things.

5/25/2023 #Ava on #Matta of Fact Ava mentioned that the #CCP kleptocrats-controlled companies mainly help them accomplish two things.
One is money laundering, transferring money stolen from the Chinese people to their own pockets, and many of them are hidden in Western countries. The second is to use the money to corrupt the key persons of the West.
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2023.05.29 01:39 MajorParticular4841 Should I threaten to take my ex roommates to court?

They notified us in early February that the complex was raising rent for our 3-bedroom and that they were also looking for a place of their own. My partner and I agreed. They preferred to stay at the complex but transfer to a 2-bedroom, which would only save us about $200 a month compared to what we were already paying, including utilities and other expenses.
However, just two days after we decided not to renew the lease, they informed us that we all had to move out within 2 1/2 weeks. They were planning to stay at the complex, and the management wouldn't hold the apartment until our lease ended. This sudden notice left us with very little time to find a new place. It's worth mentioning that our roommates were the head of the lease.
My roommate delegated the communication about all this to his girlfriend, who used to work with my girlfriend. According to my girlfriend, she was never given the option to say no, and I trust her because she would have taken that opportunity if it had been presented to her. I believe he intentionally did this at work because there would have been more room for discussion if it had been brought up at home.
As a result, we are currently living with our respective parents. While I don't have much of a problem with it (as we are saving money), I understand why my girlfriend is unhappy with our current living situation. I won't go into details, but it further supports the notion that she would have declined if given the chance.
It wasn't until a month after we moved out that we realized we actually had the option to say no. We never thought to ask the management because it didn't seem like we had a choice, and we suspected that our roommates may have applied for the new apartment and received approval well before they even informed us.
Additionally, I only received a fraction of my initial deposit back, which is disappointing. This adds insult to injury. Our parents also found the handling of the situation suspicious, but we didn't question it because we believed we would be saving money and getting our deposit back, while hopefully securing a place in the affordable complex we were on the waitlist for within a couple of months. However, we are still on the waitlist as of now and may not be able to move in until October.
As a consequence, my credit line for utilities has been compromised (except for my credit card), which could potentially hinder my ability to buy a house in the next few years if I choose to do so. At the moment, the only bills I pay are occasional car insurance payments when my parents ask and my phone bill.
We have text messages that prove that nothing was clearly presented to us, aside from his girlfriend telling mine that we had to move out early and could temporarily stay with our parents until we found a new place. This happened just two days after we all agreed not to renew the lease for that apartment unit.
Although my girlfriend and I are not technically homeless, she primarily stays at my parents' place on weekends due to her unsatisfactory living conditions at home. I did express to my former roommate that if we truly had no other option but to move out, I would have been willing to reimburse him the full deposit and even compensate him for the inconvenience, given that I have had a steady job throughout my life and have built up substantial savings (which he lacks).
It's perplexing to me why my longtime roommate handled the situation this way. We've known each other since grade school, and I can't comprehend his actions. Admittedly, my girlfriend and I made the mistake of not immediately approaching the management, but I don't believe they would have been able to do much at that point either.
I have a close family friend who is aware of the situation, and is an attorney and asked that I come to him if I choose to pursue this legally.
If anyone has any opinions, feel free to respond.
Thank you
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2023.05.29 01:22 Defiant-Skeptic Any lawyers out there?

I am considering filing a lawsuit I wrote. Do you think this has merit?
The Plaintiff is the proprietor of two businesses, namely [*], which is an electronic repair service, and [], an online retail business. Both of these businesses have a physical presence in [***].
In early 2020, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic triggered unprecedented economic disruptions globally. Both of Plaintiff’s businesses, [*] and [*], were heavily impacted by these disruptions and faced severe financial setbacks.
Given the distressing circumstances, the Plaintiff, in his capacity as a small business owner, applied for two separate EIDL loans under the provisions of the CARES Act in order to offset the economic hardships caused by the pandemic. It is important to note that the Small Business Administration (SBA) is responsible for the implementation and administration of these provisions.
On June 8, 2020, the Plaintiff received a notification from the SBA, stating that the EIDL application for [****] had been approved. This approval entailed an Advance Grant amounting to $1,000.00 and an EIDL loan amounting to $1,500.00.
On June 16, 2020, the Plaintiff entered into an agreement with the SBA by signing the Loan Authorization and Agreement (LA&A) contract. Subsequently, on June 18, 2020, the SBA transferred the EIDL loan amount of $1,500 into the Plaintiff's personal bank account.
On June 25, 2020, the SBA initiated the transfer of the Advance Grant of $1,000.00 to the Plaintiff's personal bank account. However, this transfer was not successful and was returned to the SBA by the bank.
On June 26, 2020, the Plaintiff was informed via an email from his bank that the deposit of $1,000.00 made by the SBA had been returned to the depositor. The bank attributed this reversal to a discrepancy between the name on the deposit and the name registered on the bank account. This happened despite the successful deposit of the EIDL loan amount on June 18, 2020, indicating an error from the SBA's end as no changes were made to the account details by the Plaintiff. Over the course of the two years, the Plaintiff repeatedly reached out to the SBA for a resolution to this problem, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.
Contrary to the treatment of the application of [*], the EIDL application for [*] was denied by the SBA. Plaintiff received the denial notification on July 6, 2020, Plaintiff received an email From the SBA which contained a decline letter which stated, "Unfortunately, although we have made every effort to approve your loan request, we are unable to offer you a Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) for the reason(s) described below. Not Eligible: The SBA has been unable to verify the existence of an eligible business as reflected in the application. The SBA has been unsuccessful in our attempts to obtain documentation from multiple sources (public records) and we attempted to obtain documentation from you that would validate the existence of your business." Plaintiff disputes the SBA's claim to have "attempted to obtain documentation" from the plaintiff. The only time the SBA had reached out prior to the decline letter was On July 2, 2020, Plaintiff received a voicemail from the SBA asking Plaintiff to select a loan amount and submit for final approval.
On July 21, 2020, the plaintiff initiated contact with the SBA regarding the returned grant and the declined EIDL appliction. In a conversation with SBA Disaster Customer Service Representative Rossana M. Nuno, she explained her inability to provide case-specific advice or information. Instead, she could only offer general information about the program. The Plaintiff was informed that due to the depletion of funds, the Advance program had been terminated on July 13, 2020. The money that had initially been allocated to the Plaintiff for the Advanced Grant was no longer available. Plaintiff contended that this was a failure on the part of the SBA, that they had made a mistake sending the deposit and that it was their fiduciary duty to correct it. Nuno promise to make a note of it and notify her supervisors of the issue. The plaintiff managed to update their bank account details during this conversation in hopes that further errors would be avoided, and Nuno instructed the plaintiff to reach out to the Reconsideration Department for inquiries about the declined application and potential adjustments to the existing loan agreement At this stage, the plaintiff emphasized to Nuno that the applications were for separate business entities. Further she emailed the reconsideration instructions to both business entities.
On October 6, 2020, the plaintiff sent the first request for reconsideration letter to the SBA, attaching the documents as instructed by Nuno. The letter detailed the plaintiff's newness to business operations, the mistakes they'd made in financial and bookkeeping aspects, and the rectification of these errors. It also declared the filing of an Amended Tax Return for the years 2018 & 2019, which was still being processed by the IRS. The plaintiff included various supporting documents, including Business Bank information, State Identification, Driver's license, Social Security Card, Business registration with the Oregon Secretary of State, and IRS Form SS-4 assigning the business an EIN.
The SBA began a cycle of communication with the plaintiff from October 13, 2020, often requesting documents already submitted or requiring additional ones. Despite providing the necessary paperwork such as tax returns, Form 4506-T, and proof of identity, the SBA seemed to overlook the prior submissions and requested them repeatedly. This pattern continued until late December 2020, leading to significant frustration on the plaintiff's part.
On November 8, 2020, and several subsequent dates, the plaintiff sought to inquire about the status of their applications. However, these efforts yielded no responses from the SBA.
On January 7, 2021, the SBA responded with concerns about perceived discrepancies between the two applications, including different financials, number of employees, and Employer Identification Numbers (EINs), and the reported revenue. The plaintiff clarified that the applications were for two separate business entities with distinct financials, employees, and EINs. The plaintiff speculated that the SBA might have been misled by the similarity in trade names of the two businesses.
The plaintiff's dissatisfaction with the SBA's treatment escalated by March 2021. They composed a detailed letter of appeal on March 25, 2021, where they voiced their struggles, highlighted the separateness of the two businesses, and expressed their irritation with the SBA's repetitive requests for already provided documents. This letter also contained a plea for the SBA to take their case more seriously and to expedite the application process.
In a disappointing development on March 28, 2021, the SBA sent another email requesting more documentation. Many of the requested items were documents that the plaintiff had submitted multiple times in the past. Feeling helpless and dissatisfied with the SBA's handling of their case, the plaintiff turned to the office of U.S. Congress Member Kurt Schrader. They submitted a comprehensive summary of their ordeal, detailing the SBA's apparent disregard of their explanations, the repeated requests for documents, and their overall grievances with the SBA's treatment of their businesses.
On March 29, 2021, the plaintiff received an email from Alvin Klausen, a Field Representative from the Office of Congressman Kurt Schrader. In his email, Klausen requested further clarification on the issues at hand and asked for supporting documents to bolster the plaintiff's case.
The plaintiff also received a somewhat reassuring email from Vanessa R., an SBA Customer Service Center Representative, acknowledging receipt of the plaintiff's documentation. She stated, "We have notated the file with the information provided. We forwarded your email and attachment(s) to our Processing and Disbursement Center for review and file association." Even so, the SBA continued to ask for documentation that they had already received.
Two days later, on March 31, 2021, the plaintiff sent another email to Alvin Klausen, this time detailing their grievances against the SBA. The email was a passionate plea for recognition and change, highlighting several key issues. These included perceived discrimination by the SBA against the smallest businesses, a 'delay and deny' tactic used by the SBA, and repeated requests for duplicate information that were both tiresome and confusing. The plaintiff also questioned the SBA's ability to manage information and records effectively, attributing their struggles to the organization's mismanagement. They expressed a desire for accountability and reform, making it clear that while they wanted their personal issues addressed, they also hoped for broader changes within the SBA to benefit all small businesses.
On April 3, 2021, the plaintiff was taken aback by an email from the SBA, which stated, "We have received multiple applications from your business for economic injury as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Your earliest application will continue to be processed, and we have withdrawn application number *****1116 from active consideration." The plaintiff felt this statement was fundamentally incorrect, as they had applied for two distinct businesses, each with separate financials, employees, and EINs. They reiterated that both businesses were in operation before January 1st, 2020, and both had suffered economic injury due to Covid-19. The plaintiff insisted that according to the CARES Act, both applications were valid and deserving of consideration.
A promising development occurred on April 7, 2021, when the plaintiff received an email from Alvin Klausen, stating that a Congressional inquiry had been submitted on their behalf. This offered a glimmer of hope, indicating that their struggle was gaining attention at higher levels and might lead to some resolution.
On April 13, 2021, a communication came from the Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan Officer, Ayesha Babar. She requested additional supporting documents for the plaintiff's application, explicitly mentioning the application number *****0742. The language in the email underscored the urgent necessity for the plaintiff to complete a particular form, with a clear warning: failure to provide the requested Form 4506-T within a week could lead to denial of the plaintiff's aid request. This gave rise to questions about the SBA's policies, especially whether this time-constrained requirement was a standard SBA policy or the discretion of an individual loan officer.
Just a day later, on April 14, 2021, another email from Babar arrived. It sought further information to move forward with the loan modification process and, importantly, put forth a request for immediate communication, either via a phone call or an email response. The email contained an explicit timeline: a response was needed within two days, or else the plaintiff's request could be labeled as 'not interested'.
These interactions highlight the SBA's conduct, characterized by an exigency that seemed to border on the arbitrary, as per the plaintiff's perspective. From a seven-day deadline for document submission to a two-day ultimatum for a call-back, the SBA's approach was perceived as a high-pressure tactic. This conduct raised serious questions about the equitable treatment of loan applicants and the management of relief funds intended to support small businesses during the pandemic.
On April 15, 2021, the plaintiff was contacted via email by Anna Rose, an SBA Loan Specialist, who was appointed as an advocate for the plaintiff's case. Rose expressed her intention to address the plaintiff's increase request and suggested a direct phone conversation for further clarification on the outstanding issues.
A telephonic conversation between the plaintiff and Rose took place the same day, during which the plaintiff articulated the hurdles encountered in the reconsideration process. Rose admitted she hadn't previously reviewed the plaintiff's provided documentation or any prior emails related to the case, though she was aware of the congressional inquiry initiated on the plaintiff's behalf.
Throughout the discussion, the plaintiff reiterated multiple points, clarified the nature of their "Qualified Joint Venture" tax status as opposed to a 1065 Partnership, highlighted the separation of business entities, and raised several issues previously discussed with the SBA. The issue of the missing Advance Grant portion was frequently brought up by the plaintiff. Although Rose acknowledged this concern, she clarified her lack of involvement in the advance program and asked the plaintiff to be patient.
Rose, in her capacity as advocate, took on an advisory role, guiding the plaintiff through the process, and requesting various supporting documents, including the original 2019 Federal Tax Return, SBA Form 2202 Schedule of Liabilities, IRS Tax Form 4506-T, and a Partnership Agreement. The SBA appeared to be in a thorough review phase, trying to ensure that all the necessary documentation was in order.
A significant aspect of these interactions was the decision to request an updated 2019 Tax Transcript from the IRS. Rose, on April 20, 2021, indicated that the utilization of the amended tax return figures (as opposed to the original ones) could lead to a larger loan amount for the plaintiff. However, this move, framed by Rose as the goal, was made without explicitly providing the plaintiff an opportunity to make an informed decision or explaining the implications of such a request. It was clear that the objective of leveraging the amended tax return for a higher loan amount was initiated by the SBA, specifically Rose, and not the plaintiff. This suggests an attempt by the SBA to maximize the available support for the plaintiff, albeit with a lack of transparency in communicating the possible consequences and constraints.
As the discussions between the plaintiff and SBA Loan Specialist Anna Rose progressed in April and May 2021, the focus remained on the plaintiff's amended tax return and the corresponding IRS transcripts, pivotal elements in the loan reconsideration process. In these communications, Anna Rose called for the submission of multiple forms, including IRS Form 4506-T.
A crucial point arose on May 6th, 2021 when Rose falsely reported to the Plaintiff that the IRS hadn't processed the plaintiff's amended tax return. This assertion was in direct contradiction to the plaintiff's records showing the return's adjustment, finalization, and subsequent payment.
Furthermore, when the SBA received Plaintiffs tax transcripts on April 23, 2021, and May 3, 2021, they both showed that the tax return had been processed. This fact was withheld by the SBA and kept from the Plaintiff. It would only be revealed in the Freedom of Information Act Request that Plaintiff acquired in 2022.
Rose then suggested that the plaintiff wait for the processing of the amended tax return before incorporating the amended gross revenue numbers. Plaintiff is told by Rose, "you can wait a couple of months until the amended tax return has been processed. This is the only way we will be able to go off of the AMENDED gross revenue." Plaintiff is told this despite having satisfied the requirements as stated by Rose on April 20, 2021, "This transcript should show that an AMENDED RETURN was filed. That's all the information that I need in order to use your AMENDED Tax Return figures."
Most notably, Rose informed the plaintiff of a policy that limits the resubmission of Form 4506-T to every 60 days or a couple of months. However, neither the SBA nor the IRS has an established policy restricting the submission of Form 4506-T to every 60 days. This alleged policy seems inconsistent with the Covid Relief Acts' guidelines and raises questions about its applicability and fairness. As a result, the invocation of this policy by Rose marks a significant point of contention in the loan modification process with the SBA.
On May 7, 2021, the plaintiff forwarded a screenshot from the IRS website confirming the completion of their tax amendment and questioned whether this would influence the decision.
Ten days later, on May 17th, 2021, despite the plaintiff's evidence, Rose indicated that the agency lacked confirmation that the plaintiff's amended tax return had been processed. The transcript's absence resulted in a significant discrepancy in potential loan amounts based on the reported gross revenue. Rose restated the need to wait 60 days from May 6, 2021, before reordering the tax transcripts.
The next day, the plaintiff was informed by Rose that their file had been forwarded to another department for assistance with the requested increase. This abrupt transition was given without detailed explanation, leaving the plaintiff uncertain about the next steps in the process. In response, the plaintiff voiced their frustration and confusion over the lack of clarity, and the perceived lack of assistance from the SBA.
Finally, Rose clarified that the plaintiff's file had been forwarded to the funding department to handle the increase request, citing that she had no control over this change. For any queries related to the advance funds, she directed the plaintiff to the customer service department.
On May 25, 2021, SBA Loan Specialist Austin Ross communicated with the plaintiff via email, requesting further details about the partnership filing status on the recently amended Federal Tax Return. Ross specifically states that the loan modification could not be processed until there was clarification of his business's 1065 partnership tax status. This was despite the plaintiff having shared this information multiple times in prior communications with various SBA representatives.
In response, the plaintiff reiterated the pertinent details to Ross and sought a definitive list of remaining requirements to finalize the aid request. A phone conversation between the two provided an opportunity for the plaintiff to clarify multiple points around the amended tax return, the nature of the “Qualified Joint Venture” tax status as opposed to a 1065 partnership, separation of business entities and ownership, the completion of the tax return, among other issues.
Following this conversation, Ross sent a summary email presenting two courses of action: waiting for the IRS to process the updated tax transcripts or proceeding based on the existing application details. However, discrepancies arose in Ross' recounting of the conversation, primarily concerning the waiting period for tax transcripts, the establishment of a loan modification, and the plaintiff's interest in the Targeted Advance program. Contrary to the plaintiff's stated intent to proceed correctly with the loan process and accept a loan amount commensurate to their qualifications, Ross miscommunicated this as the plaintiff preferring to wait for the updated tax transcripts due to potential differences in loan amounts.
Additionally, Ross indicated that the SBA could create a loan modification based on the existing application data, while the SBA subsequently sent a decline letter for the loan modification on June 12, 2021. Moreover, Ross's assertion that the plaintiff showed interest in applying for the Targeted Advance program misconstrued the plaintiff's wish to address the issue of the returned EIDL grant.
In closing his email, Ross expressed enthusiasm to continue working with the plaintiff, but his actions did not align with these words. The plaintiff's subsequent attempts to reach Ross through phone calls, messages, and emails went unanswered. Over a period of the next three months plaintiff would call and email Ross multiple times only to be completely ignored by Ross. This pattern of discrepancies between Ross's written statements and the actual actions of the SBA amplified the plaintiff's frustration and perceived mismanagement of their case by the SBA.
On May 28, 2021,the plaintiff received a communication from SBA Loan Specialist Dave Dubois, demanding additional documentation that didn't pertain to the nature of the plaintiff's business. These included requests for proof of an active insurance policy and board resolution providing authorization for the loan. These requests were glaringly irrelevant, considering the plaintiff operated without a board of directors and did not require an insurance policy to conduct his business. This demonstrates an apparent lack of understanding or consideration of the plaintiff's business model by the SBA.
A significant development occurred on June 12, 2021, when the plaintiff received an email from the SBA, attached with a letter dated April 3, 2021, stating that his request for a loan modification had been declined due to "Unverifiable Information." The letter claimed that during the loan underwriting process, the SBA encountered issues with the validity of some of the information the plaintiff submitted. The plaintiff was particularly perplexed because the decision to decline the loan modification was apparently made on April 3, 2021, but was only communicated to the plaintiff over two months later, exposing an egregious delay of more than two months in the SBA's communication. This decision predates the assignment of SBA Loan Specialist Anna Rose as the plaintiff's case advocate.
Seeking clarification, on June 24, 2021, the plaintiff emailed SBA Loan Specialist Austin Ross, attaching the SBA decline letter and the letter from Dave Dubois, and asked for an update on his loan modification status. However, this attempt to gain insights into his application status was also met with silence; Ross never responded to the plaintiff's inquiry. This further highlights the communication inconsistencies and lack of transparency in the handling of the plaintiff's case by the SBA.
These events draw a critical spotlight on the SBA's handling of the plaintiff's case, particularly emphasizing the disconnect in communication, a failure to comprehend the business's nature, the delayed disclosure of vital decisions, and a persistent lack of response from SBA representative Austin Ross.
On June 24, 2021, the plantiff made an attempt to resolve the ongoing loan modification issues by reaching out to multiple SBA representatives, including SBA Loan Specialist Anna Rose. Rose's response, however, was perplexing. Despite her role, she expressed unawareness of the decline letter and shifted responsibility, putting the onus on the plaintiff for not accepting a purported loan increase — an offer that, to the plaintiff's knowledge, had never been formally made.
Most importantly, Rose laid down stringent requirements, instructing the plaintiff to provide a fully processed and IRS-stamped amended tax return along with an updated and signed 4506-T form, underscoring the red tape marring the SBA's process. Furthermore, Rose highlighted that 60 days had passed since the last transcript was received, implying that the plaintiff needed to hasten his interaction with the IRS — another burden imposed on the plaintiff.
The SBA on July 1, 2021 reiterated the loan decline decision — a decision made three months prior on April 3, 2021, but uncommunicated until June 12.
In response to the array of impediments, the plaintiff kept pushing forward, providing the requested IRS transcript to Rose on July 21 and formally objecting to the decline on July 22. This well-articulated objection included necessary documentation, a fresh IRS Form 4506-T, and a specific request to move forward with the loan modification.
Throughout this convoluted process, the SBA, particularly through the actions of Rose and Ross, demonstrated an alarming level of inefficiency, bureaucratic entanglement, and unresponsiveness. The persistent silence, stringent requirements, lack of clear communication, and the controversial 60-day waiting policy before resubmitting a 4506-T form, critically marred the plaintiff's journey with the SBA, ultimately reflecting poorly on the agency's commitment to aiding small businesses.
On July 26, 2021, a detailed account of the ongoing issues was provided to Alvin Klausen, a liaison from Congressman Kurt Schrader's office, and copies were sent to SBA Loan Specialists, Anna Rose and Austin Ross. However, it seemed this attempt at gaining resolution bore no fruitful response.
In further compliance with SBA's requirements, the plaintiff sent to Anna Rose on July 31, 2021, a range of documents including an IRS-stamped Form 1040X, an IRS-printed Account Transcript, and a completed IRS Form 4506-T. This move was in response to Rose's instruction from June 24, 2021, yet there was no acknowledgement or meaningful reply.
Persisting with the process, the plaintiff dispatched exhaustive document packages to the SBA via fax on July 30 and July 31. Despite containing all necessary material to overcome the loan decline, these emails seemed to fall into a void, receiving no response.
The plaintiff took a crucial step on July 31, 2021. A detailed complaint was submitted to the Small Business Administration Office of the National Ombudsman. This report illuminated the interactions between the plaintiff, Ross, and Rose, and presented an extensive analysis of the challenges the plaintiff was encountering. Yet, in the ongoing pattern of silence, the plaintiff received no follow-up or response to this complaint.
The communication gap continued as on August 3rd, 2021, the SBA reiterated the decline reason, citing a lack of verifiable information, while ignoring the submitted IRS-stamped documents. The plaintiff tried to overcome this by sending an objection email with additional IRS documentation on August 6th, 2021, yet there was no indication of SBA's receipt or review of this new information.
On September 9th, 2021 the SBA requested 2019 business bank statements. This was curious as the SBA bypassed the essential step of ordering the IRS transcripts using the 4506-T. Moreover, it neglected to consider that the plaintiff didn't have a business bank account in 2019 and relied on online payment processors like PayPal and Amazon Pay for business transactions.
The plaintiff expressed their frustrations and disappointment in a response on September 14th, 2021. This correspondence conveyed the sentiment of being systematically ignored, manipulated, and deceived by the SBA. The plaintiff's concerns about the agency's lack of intent to provide assistance and the perceived injustices were made clear. Despite their efforts, the plaintiff was left in a seemingly endless loop of unmet requirements and unanswered queries.
In the subsequent months, the plaintiff did not receive any further information or correspondence from the SBA concerning their loan modification request, causing additional distress. The plaintiff expressed their frustration and disappointment with the entire process in an email to the SBA, stating that the constant silence and lack of feedback from the SBA were indicative of gross negligence and a breach of the SBA's fiduciary duties.
On July 31, 2021, initiated a fresh application for their sole proprietorship, [*], heeding the guidance of SBA Loan Specialist Austin Ross. It is essential to underscore here that Ross, in his advisory role, inadvertently mischaracterized [] as a cellphone repair business. However, [***] is an online retail business. Another example of Ross's blaintaint inaccuracies.
This effort was met with a contradictory response. The plaintiff was informed that their reapplication had been withdrawn due to it being a duplicate application. Then in an abrupt about-face, the SBA invited the plaintiff to proceed with the withdrawn application, issuing successive reminders about completing the application process.
Despite reservations about the sincerity of the offer, the plaintiff accepted the proposed loan amount. True to their suspicion, a decline letter arrived on October 22nd, 2021, citing the inability to verify the existence of an eligible business.
On January 3, 2022, the Plaintiff sent an email to the SBA asking to address the $1,000 advance grant that was returned June 25, 2020. The SBA responded with these instructions, "To assist in processing your request please reply to this email with: A copy of your photo identification (front and back), A copy of a check with the word "VOID" written on it (please do not redact the routing or account number) and, If you need to submit an updated 4506-T, the completed and signed corrected 4506-T form may then be sent as a reply to this email or may be emailed to [email protected]."
On January 10, 2022, the Plaintiff sent another email to the SBA with all the requested documents and expressing his frustration over the lack of resolution to his issue and the impacts it had on his eligibility for the targeted advance and the supplemental advance.
The SBA remained unresponsive and the status of the Advance on the SBA Disaster Portal was changed from "error" to "declined" without any explanation. This exclusion from the Advance Grant portion of the EIDL program, along with the Targeted Advance Grant and Supplemental Grant programs, was conducted without any legal justification.
For the record, it's important to note that the applicants must receive an official email invitation from the SBA to apply for both the Targeted EIDL Advance and Supplemental Targeted Advance. Due to the aforementioned error, the Plaintiff was deprived of this opportunity and thus, was unable to apply for these programs.
The SBA's failure to adequately process the deposit for the Advance Grant, coupled with their refusal to rectify the problem despite the Plaintiff's repeated attempts to seek a resolution, is a clear violation of their obligations. The repercussions of this error not only prevented the Plaintiff from receiving the Advance Grant but also from applying for the Targeted EIDL Advance and Supplemental Targeted Advance.
It is pertinent to highlight that these grants were crucial for the Plaintiff's businesses to mitigate the devastating financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, the failure of the SBA to fulfill its duties has caused substantial harm to the Plaintiff and his businesses.
Moreover, the lack of communication from the SBA and the subsequent change in the status of the Advance from "error" to "declined" without any given explanation is unacceptable. This behavior demonstrates a blatant disregard for the dire financial circumstances the Plaintiff found himself in due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Not to be deterred, the plaintiff initiated a reconsideration request on March 1, 2022. In response, they were given a list of documents to submit, which they promptly did. Unfortunately, another decline letter soon followed, reiterating the inability to verify the business's existence.
The plaintiff sought a final reconsideration on April 2, 2022, asking for a comprehensive list of all requirements needed to overcome the stated reasons for decline. In a repetitive cycle, the SBA updated the application status on April 6, 2022, asking for a series of documents which, as per the plaintiff's account, had already been submitted numerous times.
Again the plaintiff submitted the required documents as per the updated request on the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Portal account. Despite this, it's important to highlight the plaintiff's firm belief that the SBA was employing tactics of constant delay or denial regardless of the file status, even when all necessary documents were submitted, and all discrepancies were addressed legally. The plaintiff contends that such an approach seems to be a systemic internal policy, serving to deter applicants until the SBA could close the program. Unfortunately, the plaintiff's diligent efforts were met with an insurmountable roadblock when the SBA announced the exhaustion of all funds under the EIDL program. This, sadly, left the plaintiff's persistent attempts to secure the loan unfulfilled.
The Plaintiff repeats, reiterates, and realleges each and every allegation contained in paragraphs 1 through ** as if fully set forth herein.
The Plaintiff entered into a contractual relationship with the SBA when it accepted the terms of the EIDL program, which was manifested by the approval of the EIDL advance grant and signing the Loan Authorization and Agreement (LA&A) contract.
The SBA had a contractual obligation to provide the approved advance grant to the Plaintiff as well as process the Plaintiff's requests in accordance with its established procedures and guidelines.
The SBA breached this contractual obligation by failing to deposit the approved advance grant, changing the status of the advance grant from "error" to "declined" without due justification, and failing to rectify this situation despite the Plaintiff's attempts to seek resolution.
As a direct result of the SBA's breach of contract, the Plaintiff suffered significant financial harm.
The Plaintiff repeats, reiterates, and realleges each and every allegation contained in paragraphs 1 through ** as if fully set forth herein.
The SBA owed Plaintiff a duty of care to diligently review and process EIDL applications, provide clear and consistent communication, provide adequate customer support, and demonstrate transparency in decision-making.
The SBA breached this duty by their actions as outlined above.
As a direct and proximate result of the SBA's negligence, Plaintiff has suffered damages, including but not limited to lost opportunities for financial relief and detrimental effects on the business, in an amount to be determined at trial.
The Plaintiff repeats, reiterates, and realleges each and every allegation contained in paragraphs 1 through ** as if fully set forth herein.
The SBA made representations to the Plaintiff regarding the processing of the Plaintiff's application and the subsequent steps needed to rectify the situation.
These representations were false, as evidenced by the SBA's subsequent actions, which included changing the status of the Plaintiff's application without due justification and requesting documents that had already been submitted multiple times.
The Plaintiff, relying on these misrepresentations, suffered substantial financial harm.
The Plaintiff repeats, reiterates, and realleges each and every allegation contained in paragraphs 1 through ** as if fully set forth herein.
The SBA violated the Plaintiff's right to due process under the Fifth Amendment by declining the Plaintiff's application without providing any legal justification or opportunity to rectify the issue.
The SBA's actions, including unresponsiveness and failure to provide a fair reconsideration process, deprived the Plaintiff of the opportunity to adequately address the issues affecting his eligibility for the grant and loan.
The Plaintiff repeats, reiterates, and realleges each and every allegation contained in paragraphs 1 through ** as if fully set forth herein.
The SBA, as an agency of the U.S. government, is subject to the APA, which requires federal agencies to follow certain procedures when making or changing rules.
The SBA violated the APA by acting arbitrarily and capriciously in its handling of the Plaintiff's application and its subsequent actions. This includes changing the status of the Plaintiff's grant without providing a reasoned explanation, unresponsiveness to the Plaintiff's attempts to seek resolution, and the failure to offer a fair reconsideration process in accordance with established rules and procedures.
Specifically, the SBA's refusal to rectify the erroneous deposit, even after being repeatedly informed by the Plaintiff, constitutes an arbitrary and capricious action under 5 U.S.C. § 706(2)(A). This statute allows courts to set aside agency actions that are arbitrary, capricious, or an abuse of discretion.
Furthermore, the SBA's failure to communicate effectively with the Plaintiff about the issue, followed by the unexplained change in the status of the Advance from "error" to "declined", are against the agency's obligation of providing 'reasoned explanation' for its decisions, a principle well established in the case law, see, e.g., Motor Vehicle Mfrs. Assn. v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co., 463 U.S. 29, 43 (1983).
As a direct result of these violations, the Plaintiff suffered significant financial harm and a loss of opportunity to benefit from the EIDL program, the Targeted EIDL Advance, and the Supplemental Targeted Advance.
As such, the SBA's actions were in violation of the APA, and the Plaintiff is entitled to relief under the APA.
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2023.05.29 01:21 Goddesskate24 AITA for threatening to block my friend if they gave me money?

So me and OP have been friends for about 5 years. Throughout this time we have had an on and off friendship and their friendship language is to help friends out financially.
So over the period of the years they have helped me out giving me £20 and £50 here and there without me asking for it but I appreciate the requests and one time I tried to decline it but then there was an argument because I’d offended him because he was being generous so I never rebuffed any offerings after that.
However, recently my friend has expressed on multiple occasions that they have almost maxed out their credit card and they can’t pay it off because they spend it on fuel, cigarettes and women (OF and content) and they have a minimum wage job. So a couple of weeks ago they gave me £50 because they were feeling generous and then they bought my friend a game for their console they really wanted.
(It is always brought up every time I see this friend of their gestures and how much money they’ve given me- I ignore it now)
I saw my friend today as this morning they asked if they could borrow money off me-i transferred before I even replied. They asked if they could give it to me on payday and I said it’s ok, just give it when they have it. A few hours later my friend wanted to give it to me in cash because they had actually sold alot of their belongings to come up with some money for the week until they get paid so I said idm waiting if they need it. They gave it back and all was good.
So they said that they maxed out their 2k credit card because they saw new content on OF then tried to give me 100. I declined because I advised that he needed it more than I. I told him that I’m not putting him in more financial hardship, I wasn’t having that on my conscious because he was a friend and I know how he is struggling rn. He replied with fine, we won’t be friends and then you’ll take the money.I said no bc he is a friend and I know his financial situation and I’m not adding to that and if he was to do that then I’d block him on everything to ensure no funds could be sent to me instead so put the money towards the debt and fuel for work.
That seemed to hit a nerve and then he said I ruined his night and I offended him in a way he’s never been offended before and slammed my front door as he was storming off.
A lot was said in the argument but I didn’t say anything out of anger, just as a friend..I thanked him for the offer and I said I appreciated the gesture but he needs to put himself first at the moment as this will impact his finances when he wants to get a mortgage (which he’s mentioned a few times bc he lives with his parents and they don’t know his finances)
I am now getting spammed with his messages making me feel bad because he feels useless and offended and now he is threatening to end the friendship because I didn’t apologise to him.
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2023.05.29 01:00 WishieWalshie Suggestions on a pro level saxophone that is suitable for both jazz and classical playing?

I’ve been playing saxophone for 9-10 years now and I’m looking for a suggestion on a pro level alto that can play both jazz and classical on a serious level.
Much of my playing career I’ve gotten away with playing on school lent saxophones, but now that I’m transferring colleges I no longer have access to a pro level horn. At my old college they had a Mark VII that I got comfortable on before having to let it go just a couple months ago.
Ideally I’m looking to buy new but don’t want to buy a horn that puts me in a “box”. It seems like most pro horns on the market are marketed as being either “jazz” or “classical”. I just want to have a horn that I can be comfortable on and won’t stick out in either a classical/jazz college studio.
Right now I have the budget to only buy one pro horn that would at the very least get me through a masters degree. And I don’t have Selmer Supreme money either.
Only three horns come to mind that fit my criteria which are: a Yamaha YAS-62, a Yani, or even a Eastman Rue St George.
If anyone has any opinions on other options that I should keep my eyes out for that would be great.
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2023.05.29 00:52 IreneLyman Deception is their constant companion

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2023.05.29 00:49 ConfesdorCarwyn Now Casting for Drag U 3

Now Casting for Drag U 3
Disclaimer: as discussed previously with the mods, I have their blessing to post this. This subreddit is in no way affiliated with my contest and there is not real life money to be won.
We are back back back again
The first two seasons have been an absolute success and we're back to cast another 12 queens from all sorts of social media platforms. (Ngl so far the reddit queens have been the most impressive ones we casted)
Now what is drag u about?
Drag U is a drag university where we teach queens about editing their looks step by step, it is practically a gateway into our growing virtual drag race community where editing is key.
You need zero knowledge about editing, we have had queens of all ages, gender and nationalities join with zero knowledge and teach them how to become real good real quick.
Then they went on to other races to win some crowns on their own. Im so proud of the previous queens but im ready to take on 12 new queens.
All you need is a mobile phone or ipad, play the game RuPaul dragrace superstar and use messenger. Yes we run the race through Facebook, some people prefer to be discreet and have drag persona as profile which is fine too as we use our drag names as nicknames in groupchats
Interested and want to join? DM me the following
Your drag name An unedited look that represents your drag persona Your entrance line as a text message
Location you're from (county/state) if u want to.
I'm really excited to see this new journey through with you, Don't hesitate to dm me any questions
Xx Headmistress Socio Lite
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2023.05.29 00:44 Longjumping-Body-826 Legit way to gain $200 within a week by following needed criteria

Looking for Australian male residents who want to make $200 within a week all they need is a drivers licence with valid information & trust in a legitimate business to buy the right, & consent from applicant & to use their identification to create 'losing account' on bet sites & also a digital bank account to use for there own money to fund the losing account if sale is agreed & completed, they pay cash via bank transfer or pay ID to your bank of Choice, it's done with a contract & link I can provide if your genuinely interested in helping a business expand & grow along with making money for yourself, it's a one off opportunity & only comes up every year or so due to bookies rules hence the side hustle you see here, I'll explain it the way they have done so for me via private chat, I myself have done it & received my payment as I gave it a shot, I then realised I had been offered the opportunity to help others make a profit from it as any money helps these days, I have since been put into the lucrative referral program witch increases payouts as you refer they are running this program witch pays money witch you become apart of after joining the team to continue there work & , it's easy to do aslong your willing to try & everyone benifits at the end of the sale, & successful referrals gain from the successful candidates, so private message me & ask any questions, or if you are keen to try this tactic, I will explain wats needed & how to do so, remember communication is the key to success so we need to be on the same page with everythingb👌
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2023.05.29 00:28 LowBudgetBallin Selling my Telluride to Vroom

I was very hesitant when I approached the idea of selling my vehicle all online. However, Vroom was my best offer and I decided to give it a shot. With my new vehicle due to arrive at the dealership in two weeks, I'll have plenty of time to go through the process. I'd decided to reach out to the dealership (after not hearing from them for weeks) and found out that my car would be arriving in 5 days, and it was a Friday. I called Vroom customer support and they were able to answer all my questions about the process and filled me in on the timeline of each step. And I filled them in on my predicament of the early arriving car and my 72 hour timeline once that car arrives to the dealership. I began the selling process and all of my paperwork was submitted and contracts were signed within 24 hours. Awesome. Things were moving along well. I was told that I would be getting a call from a certain number that was visible on screen and to be on the look out as they would be calling to schedule pick up of my vehicle. As it was late afternoon on a Saturday, I did not expect a call until Monday. About 48 hours later, I received a call on that Monday and the earliest pick up would be late afternoon of the next day, Tuesday. I let her know of my situation and asked if there was any way for me to get my vehicle picked up sooner as I was under a time crunch from the dealership. She was super helpful and we actually arranged for me to get my car picked up that day. 2 hours later and I was having my car inspected and everything went so smoothly. Pictures were taken of the vehicle and I signed off on it at the end and away my Telluride went. That evening I received a conojter generated text from the dealership that i would be purchasing my new vehicle from. "Hey its blank from blank, i have some good news, give me a call", it was 6pm amd they closed in an hour. This was their attempt to start the 72 hour clock. I waited 24 hours from the time of pick up of my vehicle and called customer support to verify that my vehicle was showing as delivered on their end because even though I received a receipt for delivery of my vehicle, the website showed it was waiting to be picked up. Everything was good and the customer service rep was nice enough to expedite my case to make sure that I would have my money from the sale of the vehicle by noon on that Friday (the deadline for me picking up my vehicle from the dealership) which was now just under 72 hours away.
Sidebar, the dealership really wasn't going to wait until Friday. They were saying that after Thursday evening, it was fair game. Eventually a manager called me to discuss the 72 hour timeline after the salesman told her what was going on. She called, to let me know that they have this policy in place and they would do their "best" to hold it until I could get there on Friday. I expressed that it was bad business to just ghost a customer for 2 weeks and then I have to do the reaching out to get an ETA for my vehicle I put a deposit on. She agreed to my notion and we agreed to noon on Friday.
Friday came and I after a few days of anxiety I checked my bank account and, nothing. That's okay, it was 7am and my bank was pretty notorious for keeping things in a "pending" state for 24 hours unless you called. So I called the bank to inquire about any possible pending transactions, there were none. That's alright. I planned for this. I was just going to call the dealership and be honest about what was going on and that I would not be making that 72 hour timeline. But.. maybe I would wait until 11am to tell them I wouldn't be making my noon appointment. 11am, no money in my account. Time to call the dealership. Surprisingly enough, the dealership was very helpful and said I could do all the other paper to purchase the vehicle, they would just not be able to let the vehicle leave the premises until I was able to put the down payment on the vehicle (the direct deposit I was waiting on from Vroom). Awesome! All information acquired I decided to pack up the kids and we would head to the dealership to sign off on the paperwork. For whatever reason I decided to check my bank account at 11:40 am. And the wire transfer had cleared and the money was in my account. I could not have been happier! Vroom customer support was always helpful and kind and they went out of their way to expedite my case and make sure I could get my vehicle, even though the time crunch was put on them and myself by an uncommunicative dealership. I was able to get my cashiers check and get the new vehicle picked up that day.
TLDR; Dealership didn't communicate. Vroom was helpful and expedited my case at every turn to meet deadlines imposed by other dealership They made sure I got my money by noon on Friday and I got my new car
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2023.05.29 00:27 ScoobyDooFan1969 Uber scam rider.

It’s been over a year since I had the fake Uber support call. How it works is you get a trip, then immediately a call from Uber, they say this was a computer generated trip, they go on that you’re such a great driver we have a reward for you, but you need to verify your info. How the scam works is they ask for you phone number, then log into your account, you will receive a code, they ask to confirm the code, then they are in your account, and transfer your money into their account. I know this guy was a scammer, as Uber will never call you at 2am. I told him I’m going to track him down, and shove my cock in his mouth. He got pissed, told my he was going to fuck me in the ass, then hanged up, in hindsight I should’ve played with him, give him a fake number. Or I should’ve drove to the pickup spot to collect the cancellation fee.
Oh well next time.
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2023.05.29 00:24 GiversBot /u/imellenicetomeetya [REQ] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2023-05-28 (t3_13i1kbl up 13.60 days, ACCOUNT DELETE/SHADOWBAN)

imellenicetomeetya deleted from /borrow

Active loans

Quick search


[REQ] (£800-£1000) (#Durham, England, UK) (REPAY £1200-£1500, 26TH MAY - 30TH JUNE - 28TH AUGUST) (BANK TRANSFER, PAYPAL)

Post contents

Hi there
Looking for £750 as found cheaper. Repay £1000 in 2 halves on 15/6 and 15/7
Keeping it short. My niece, and goddaughter, is in hospital for what we are preparing to be end of life. She's been moved to London for tests and final hail Marys to see if anything can be done. We tried all the Mcdonald houses but they're unable to offer for another week.
This money is to rent a hotel and buy food etc whilst we wait on the outcome. I have good history and payback. I can provide lender references.
I can give proof, ID, payslips etc.
Asking to pay back over 3 months to ensure all is managed well. I will likely pay back earlier.
Please, do get in touch with any questions. I would really appreciate being there and seeing my girly and finding some hope.
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2023.05.29 00:14 TightAsF_ck YouGov Get £50 Every 3 months for Connecting Bank Accounts (£5/account)

YouGov is one of the more famous survey sites/apps, usually quoted in the papers for their political surveys. It was founded by that absolute cretin, Nadhim Zahawi, But let's not let that inconvenient fact get in the way of beermoney.
With YouGov, there are several ways you can earn money:

What you get with YouGov/YouGov Finance

What can I earn?
  • Up to £50 every 3 months for connecting your bank accounts (10 max).
  • You get 500 points for each active current account or credit card you connect - this is worth £5
  • 100 points for each active savings account you connect - this is worth £1
I initially connected my accounts last summer. Then I reconnected them at Christmas. Then again a few months adi. This has gotten me quite a few fivers from YouGov Proof. I reconnected them earlier this month too.
This is the message you get when you re-add:
Congratulations! You've successfully added your bank account(s) to YouGov Finance. For each valid active account, you will receive points within 48 hours. (Note: You can only receive points once every three months for each valid active account).
Note that bank accounts that are too new are not accepted. Four weeks seems to be the minimum age.

How to earn with YouGov and YouGov Finance

  • 1. Sign up to YouGov here
  • 2. Then go to YouGov Finance here (This is the bank account arm of YouGov) and share your banking data.
    Use chrome on your desktop for this. Some browsers have issues with the connection.
    You get £5 worth of points for each active bank account you connect, and £1 for each active savings account. Some redditors have reported that some of their accounts aren't accepted (but that's probably because we have so many here on beermoney and might not use them all!).
  • 3. If you get an invite, connect to YouGov Safe for additional points,
  • 4. Top up your points balance by completing surveys as they are emailed to you.
Then tell your friends and get £2 if they fill in 6 surveys with YouGov (you get nothing if they only use the Finance arm).

Getting paid by YouGov

With YouGov you redeem your points in cash or vouchers when you hit £50. Example options:
  • Cash by bank transfer
  • ASDA, John Lewis/Waitrose, M&S, Morrisons, Tesco vouchers.
  • Amazon voucher
  • ASOS, Adidas, AirBnB, Deliveroo, Google Play....
Note: Don't get the virtual visa card, as these are an absolute pain to use.
YouGov sign up
[YouGov Finance (sign up to YouGov first](https://www.yougov.finance/))
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2023.05.28 23:47 braduardo12 Quit my full time job to start freelancing and need somewhere to put my retirement savings from my old employer-sponsored 401k...

I quit my full-time job to start freelancing via Upwork. I have a bunch of money in my old employer-sponsored 401k account which is now closing because they went out of business, so I have to disburse/transfer my funds. I'm not making a *ton* of money freelancing yet, but I do hope to start making contributions to a retirement fund once I get my freelancing income to be more consistent. In any case, in the meantime I do need to find somewhere to transfer all of my funds from my old 401k.
I was going to open a SEP IRA for simplicity's sake and because I don't yet need the higher contribution limits that a Solo 401k may offer. I figure that in the future, if I need I can either open a Solo 401k or a Roth IRA (and set up backdoor Roth contributions). But I want to make sure that there's nothing I'm missing and that a SEP IRA would work to hold all of my funds from my old 401k, and for someone who is making money through a website like Upwork (I don't know what my tax "status" or "classification" is as someone who doesn't have an LLC or anything, but simply makes money through Upwork).
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2023.05.28 23:46 vm88 401k with old employer gone missing?

I had an old 401k from a previous job I was laid off from back in 2019, and since there's a substantial amount of money in it, I just left it there. I've had no issues with accessing it and changing my investment allocation around up a few times, but I usually only check it a few times a year... if that. I've tried to log in a few times this year just to see how it's doing, but have been trouble accessing my account. I can log in just fine, and I get the 2FA email to confirm it's me, BUT when I do get in it doesn't have any of my account information in there including my name and it says my balance is $0.00. I initially chalked this up to the website glitching out, but after waiting a month or so to try again, it's still coming out blank. I tried calling the automated account access line, but when I entered in my SSN, the automated response said I did not have an account with T Rowe Price. Any idea what could have happened? I'm paranoid that my account was hacked and my funds were transferred out and then the account was closed, and I can't get in touch with T Rowe Price since they're closed for Memorial Day Weekend.
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2023.05.28 23:42 SeahawksFanInCA ibonds + kids + college planning

Last year I bought $10k of ibonds for my kid (in their name) in may. Now that the rates are low, I’m thinking of selling them.
I know that the $10k must be used for my kid and it’s effectively their money. I’m fine with that. What I want to know is do I have to transfer them somewhere that proves it’s still for them? Does it need to be a custodial account? Or can I just transfer it to, say, a me-owned bank account and just make sure I earmark that money for them?
Does the IRS require proof?
Does it make sense to transfer the $10k to a 529 that I already have opened? And will they have a negative impact on their ability to get financial aid.
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2023.05.28 23:38 simplygen Frequency of money transfers from the US to UK for living expenses - what are your experiences?

We will be retiring back to the UK next year and I'm trying to think ahead about strategies to exchange USD to UKP for general living expenses, i.e. whether to exchange living expenses every month; six months' of living expenses every six months; a big lump sum and live off it until it goes, then repeat, etc.. We will have no UK income (until UK pension age) so the money for all expenses will come from the US.
Transferring every month seems like it would result in more fees, and be subject to some bad exchange rates if either currency fluctuated in the wrong direction. But it seems like investment options in the UK are limited for US citizens, so the best option for a lump sum in the UK would be a regular savings account, with very low interest rates.
Has anyone tried one way or the other, or a combination over the long term, to bring funds back to the UK for everyday use, and worked out what makes most sense for you?
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2023.05.28 23:36 RangerFrank Deathworld Commando: Reborn-Vol.7 Ch.158- New This, New That.

CoverVol.1PreviousNextMapsWiki+DiscordRoyal RoadWebNovelTapasKo-FiFandom/wiki
Good afternoon party people.
As a reminder, I will be going on vacation starting tomorrow. I will be gone and away from my computer and duties, so tomorrow's chapter is coming today.
There will not be a chapter Monday, June 5th. I'm uncertain if I will post at all during the week of June 5th. It all depends on when I get back and how I feel after a long plane flight.
Regardless of what I do, we will return to our regularly scheduled posting starting June 12th.
I'll miss you all, and I hope you all have a wonderful week. And for those of you in the state, I hope you enjoy having Monday off.
And for those of you who just can't wait...well...buy me a drink and get some chapters on Ko-Fi >:)
Kaladin Shadowheart’s POV
I finished buttoning the top button on Mila’s coat and stepped back to appreciate just how well it matched her school uniform. I had to say. I had done a great job without even meaning to.
She looked positively adorable in all red with her little hat. Even her ears poked out from the top, and now that her hair had grown more, it really helped fill her face out. She looked up at me with piercing blue eyes and an expectant look. I couldn’t help but chuckle and pat her on the head.
“You are too cute for your own good,” I told her.
A smile bloomed on her face, and she hugged the hand patting her. “Daddy is even prettier!”
Prettier, huh? Should I be happy that I’m pretty? I think I should. Better to be a pretty daddy than an ugly one, I guess.
“Are we ready to go?” I asked the person standing in the doorway with a smile on her face.
Mila ran over and hugged Sylvia. “Sylvia is pretty too!”
Sylvia stroked Mila’s hair, and her smile brightened even more. “Thank you, Mila,” she said softly. “Let’s go, shall we? We don’t want to be late for our first day of class.”
Today was the first day of school, so we were all dressed up in our school uniforms. It had been a long time since I donned the red and gold jacket of Forward University, not since I had reunited with my family. In that amount of time, I had missed a lot of school as well as essential tests and such.
It was a shame, but to be honest, I didn’t exactly need to attend classes, nor did I need to graduate. As far as I was concerned, my family came first, and I fully intended to accept whatever consequences came my way, even if that meant expulsion from the university.
However, that never came to pass as Bowen explained that all was well. Students missing class for important reasons was common enough and wouldn’t negatively reflect on them if they had sufficient proof and explanation. But that meant I had to make up all those tests, which was a hassle and something I didn’t want to do.
In the end, Bowen suggested that I simply take the tests I missed. If I passed them, then there was nothing to worry about, and I could continue with my studies as if nothing had happened. Apparently, Forward University did offer advanced placement tests in specific scenarios. After all, it would be useless to have a student take a class they didn’t actually need.
Either way, I’m not looking forward to it, even if I can pass the tests with ease.
“Hey, what is Professor Garrison doing here?” Sylvia asked as we made our way down the stairs.
Professor Garrison was at the front door, talking with my parents. He looked apologetic as he lowered his head after speaking a few times. Our eyes met, and he gave me a quick nod of greeting as well. Come to think of it. I hadn’t parted ways with him amicably the last time we met.
I didn’t mean to do that to him. Professor Garrison had always been good to me, and I appreciated him as a person, friend, and mentor. But at the time, I couldn’t let him threaten my family like that. I had my priorities, and I wasn’t afraid to handle those who wanted to threaten my family, even if they were friends.
“Good morning, Professor,” I said with a friendly nod.
“Good morning, Kaladin, Sylvia, and Mila. I’m sorry to bother you before classes, but I thought it would be best to do this now…I should have come sooner, though,” he said, regret laced in his voice.
I looked at my mother, and she just smiled softly and tilted her chin down. I figured they must have already talked and apologized. If Mom and Dad weren’t mad, then neither was I. Besides, I understood where he came from. It would be hard just to let the person who killed your comrades walk around, even if it was years ago.
“I’m sorry for my outburst in class at that time. I shouldn’t have acted so harshly toward you or your mother. And I definitely shouldn't have drawn my weapon. I’m sorry, Kaladin,” Professor Garrison said with a bow.
I patted the man on the shoulder and just smiled at him. “No need to worry. It appears that everything has already been forgotten and forgiven. And I never harbored any ill will toward you, even after that event,” I told him.
Professor Garrison slowly looked up at me. His green eyes were wide behind his glasses, and his eyebrows were high on his face. He looked genuinely shocked at something.
“Is something the matter? Is there something on my face?” I asked as I wiped at my cheeks.
Professor Garrison shook his head like he was clearing his thoughts with force. “No, no, not at all. I was just a little surprised, that's all.” Then he started laughing, and he even grinned. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen or talked to you, Kaladin. You seem like a completely different person now. No, maybe I should say you’ve finally grown up? No…that’s not quite right either…huh,” he mused with a shrug.
“Hopefully, in a good way?” I asked.
“Yeah…definitely in a good way.” His eyes turned to Sylvia, and he raised an eyebrow. “In a good way?”
“In the best way,” she told him.
Is that so? I think I’ve changed a little, hopefully for the best. If I got any worse, things would probably get ugly fast.
Professor Garrison nodded to himself in satisfaction and then chuckled. “Alright, you three, get to class. I'm going to stay here and talk to your parents for a bit. I might be a little late, so let everyone know for me.”
“Yes, Professor,” I said with a grin.
Mila and Sylvia said their goodbyes and see you laters, and we made our way outside. Forward University was buzzing with energy today as students and staff walked around campus. Even in the early morning hours, the place was truly alive for the first time in months.
We walked through the teacher and staff homes until we reached the main pathway. There were so many students out and about the walkways were actually shoulder-to-shoulder. But as we approached a four-way intersection, there was suddenly a massive traffic congestion of bodies.
Everyone was oohing and awwing as they talked amongst themselves. I followed their eyes and looked up at the giant statue that had been erected in the last few weeks in the new park that had been built. I didn’t pay much attention to it because, frankly, I didn’t care…but now I wish I did.
I gawked at the black marble statue in embarrassment. It depicted what could only be described as me, wearing fancy armor and driving a spear into a Dragon’s skull while I sat atop it triumphantly.
Never in my life had I expected to see me…like that. That’s not even how events played out. My spear never went into the Dragon’s head, and I never stood tall over it. The last time I checked, I was dying while being crushed inside of a rock face.
I really hope there are no statues of me anywhere else…
“Sylvia…remember when I asked if you knew what was going on here…did you lie?” I asked in disbelief.
Sylvia giggled to herself as she looked up at the statute. “I did, sort of. I never imagined it would be taller than the trees.” She tilted her head to the side to look at me. “I think they did a fantastic job. They really caught your general vibe and got your face almost perfect. I probably would have made you a little more handsome, though…maybe make your hair a bit longer.”
I sighed deeply. It was true. Whoever sculpted my face had done a good job at replicating it, which was better than them screwing up and making me look like a fool or too much like some fantasy hero. At least they didn’t have me yelling to the heavens or grinning like a fool. The expression was best described as stoic, which was appropriate considering the event and the number of people that had lost their lives.
“Wow…Big Daddy,” Mila mumbled to herself.
“Please don’t say that out loud, Mila,” I begged.
Then it started.
“Hey, is that him?”
“It is him, right?”
“Yeah, that’s Voker—”
“No, that’s Kaladin, you idiot.”
From there, the voices picked up exponentially, turning into a single block of loud noise. I felt all the eyes in the general vicinity flick toward me as the information of my arrival spread through the crowd. It didn’t help that I was taller than the average person which meant it was easy to spot me in a group.
“Let’s just keep walking,” I muttered.
Thankfully the crowd of onlookers did not impede our walking. They even parted to the sides to let us through, which was both good and bad for various reasons. Mila tightened her grip on my hand, most likely nervous at all the attention she was getting.
Instead of just leaving her be, I picked her up, and she instantly held onto me tightly. I personally didn’t care about fame or the attention. People have gawked at me for as long as I can remember in both of my lives, so this was nothing new. However, it clearly upset Mila, who only had bad memories of large crowds staring at her.
Sylvia and I hastened our pace to class, leaving the onlookers behind us.

“Wow, he actually came to class for once. It’s a miracle,” snickered Varnir.
“Indeed, it has been some time since we have all been together, has it not?” Sylas said thoughtfully.
“I suppose it has been a long time since all of us have been in class at the same time. Even Jen is back with us,” Ren said with a warm smile.
I almost forgot what it was like to be in this class…it’s good to see everyone is happy and healthy again.
Jen had put back on some healthy weight and looked far better than she had during winter. Some color had returned to her face and hair, and she smiled as she sat next to Tsarra. It was also nice to see that Tsarra wasn’t hiding under one of her spells. Perhaps Jen and Varnir would slowly whittle down her shell.
There was a solid thump as Professor Garrison dropped a stack of papers on his desk. He stared out at us, and the entire class went silent. The Professor let out a deep breath and walked to the front podium.
“It’s good to be back, everyone. I hope all of you had a wonderful, rest-filled winter break with your friends and family. I also hope that you did some studying,” he joked with a grin.
A few students groaned in annoyance, but Professor Garrison continued with his trademark smile. “So…we have much to talk about today. As you all know, today is the first day of classes despite there being no lecture. So for that, I welcome all of you to your final year here at Forward University and congratulate you all for being in Class Onward. As your teacher, I am proud of every single one of you for the trials you have overcome this previous year. We all know just how difficult of a year it was…”
The Professor trailed off for a moment before heading to the chalkboard and writing down a name. “As you all have heard, the tournament with Sandervile is being hosted in Luminar this year, which means we are going to be incredibly busy these next few months with training. Of course, those of you who have no intentions of competing will not be forced, but those of you who are interested will have to compete in the school’s preliminaries to be selected, as is tradition.”
That applies to everyone but me. As the sole person who received a golden ticket so to speak, I’m exempt from this preliminary, which is nice.
Professor Garrison pointed at the name on the board. “I’m sure you are already aware of all this. His and Her Majesty have changed this year's venue to the coastal city of Flumare. I’m sure this came as a surprise to many of you, and rest assured. It was a surprise to us as well. We only learned of this change around the same time I’m sure most of you did, especially with the addition of Saber Academy and with Tel’an’duth joining us this year. And I’m here to say that for contestants who qualify, nothing will change. The school will house, feed, and equip you free of charge, as they have done every year. For the students who are interested in traveling to the venue, the school is offering free tickets as well as free passage to the city. However, lodging is another matter that has still yet to be resolved. I’ll release the information as I get it but don’t worry too much. I'm sure we will figure something out.”
A few students whispered amongst themselves. But what the professor had said was true. For the first time ever, Tel’an’duth was sending students to the tournament, which was as historical as it sounded since this entire tournament was devised to raise and nurture students to fight against Tel’an’duth.
But now the times are changing. And Queen Maxwell was making her moves.
The professor moved to his desk and grabbed a giant scroll. He unraveled it and laid it across the board for all to see. “Now, this is probably what most of you have been waiting for, our new student standings.”
He gave us a few moments to look over the list. In all honesty, there wasn’t too much of a drastic change overall. However, the top five students had changed significantly, and everyone else sort of moved to reflect that change, staying within one or two spots of their previous ranks.
It was also nice to see that Jen had actually stayed the exact same. It was probably due to the Dragon incident keeping her out of school for so long. If she were to be punished for that, it would have been a heartbreaking penalty.
But…there was a new number one on the board…which I didn’t think was necessary.
“I’m sure that there are very few of you who have complaints about the new number one student. Honestly, giving reasons as to why he shouldn’t be number one would be hard. Well, maybe besides his constant absences,” Professor Garrison said with a grin as he winked at me. “Academically, Kaladin has achieved top marks since his arrival last year, only ever stumbling in his Beastmen language studies. And as for his merits outside of the class and in physical examinations, what else is there to say? Please, everyone, give a clap for our new number one student.”
The class erupted into claps and a few cheers as everyone turned to me. It was a relief to see that people weren’t in an uproar over it. Which I thought would happen since I had missed so much school. But perhaps I had just become too much of a figure to be denied that spot.
I even looked at Lin, and she just winked at me. She had no qualms about relinquishing the position she had maintained all these years. However, I did feel somewhat bad for dethroning her.
“Daddy is number one!” Mila said as she sat up in my lap and hugged me.
Well, this isn’t so bad.
“Now, now, then. We will go over the top five as it has changed the most. Linnetia Paine, although you are now second, I hope you are not discouraged in the slightest,” he said as he eyed Lin.
Lin bowed her head graciously. “Being second to the Dragonslayer is hardly a downgrade. On the contrary, perhaps it’s even more of an upgrade. I have no problems with my ranking, and I am more than happy to congratulate Kaladin,” she said, her voice kind yet firm.
As expected of the next head of the Paine family. I almost forgot that Lin was a noble now.
Everyone clapped at that, and Professor Garrison continued. “Congratulations to Arene Maxwell for successfully holding onto the third-ranked position. In such chaotic times, I believe that shows just how much you have grown.”
Ren bowed her head while everyone clapped for her. “Now, to our new fourth-placed student, Tsarra Tel’an’duth, congratulations on your new ranking. You have by far improved the most out of any previous student. Even though you were not officially recognized for your act of bravery against the Dragon, the school has decided to do this much for a hero. You have also shown incredible growth in your magic, officially reaching the mage rank of Grandmaster. And as to be expected of a princess, your academics are outstanding, and the school has even published your book on illusion magic.”
The room erupted into clapping once more, and I watched Sylvia put a hand to her chin. “She wrote a book? That’s impressive,” Sylvia muttered quietly to herself.
“Is it that surprising? I think she is more than capable of that,” I told her.
“I guess we have two very different images of her then,” Sylvia whispered.
Tsarra, at first glance, seemed to be a shy, introverted girl. And that was because she was. Although she had changed steadily since I met her, her nature was still much the same. However, she became a completely different person when it came to reading books.
And it turned out it wasn’t only reading books she was passionate about but writing them too.
I turned in my seat and clapped for her, but Tsarra looked about ready to explode. Her face was redder than her hair from all the attention. I was afraid she would burst a blood vessel with how hard she clenched her jaw.
Well, some things change. And some things don’t.
“And, of course, another congratulations is in order to our new fifth-ranked student, Varnir Shadowstone. Varnir, you are easily the second most improved student in Class Onward, only falling short of Tsarra slightly in academics, which you have improved greatly in and in outside achievements. However, your prowess in your physical testing has improved dramatically. Once again, congratulations, Varnir,” Professor said, his voice full of praise.
“Hey, look at that! I almost caught up to you,” Varnir said with a chuckle as he hugged Tsarra by the shoulder.
If Tsarra wasn't embarrassed already, that was enough to kill her. I watched as the air around Tsarra wobbled and warped, and she disappeared completely in a blink of an eye. It was amazing that she lasted that long in the first place.
Sylvia grumbled some things under her breath about beating Varnir on the first day of school but still being ranked below him, and surprisingly, even with the clapping, Professor Garrison heard her. “Sylvia, I imagine many people are confused as to why you are only ranked eighth. It’s no surprise that you played a critical role in the Dragon incident, and many people, including myself, owe our lives to you. I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you for saving us. Also, your physical prowess is something to remark on. If we based rankings solely on that, you would be in the top five, no questions asked. However, we take more into account. To be honest, your academic abilities fall short of the class average, which is nothing to be ashamed of. And if rankings were to be recalculated today, your outside achievements would have doubled even more considering your involvement with Dragonheart Foundation. Regardless of your rank, we should all congratulate President Sylvia of the Dragonheart Foundation, who will give us a speech tonight at the school banquet.”
Everyone in the class clapped loudly for Sylvia. It seemed that despite her being a Vampire, many students felt that she had done something remarkable, which was the absolute truth. Sylvia deserved all the praise and more.
“Congratulations, Miss President,” I said with a grin.
“Shut up…” she whimpered, her ears burning red.
“Sylvia is number two to Daddy!” Mila squealed as she rolled off my lap and into Syliva’s arms.
Sylvia looked surprised for a moment but hugged Mila back, the two of them touching heads. “I guess being second to Daddy is okay…” Sylvia muttered.
Professor Garrison took a swig of water and let out a deep sigh. “Sadly, we don’t have time to go over everyone’s rankings today. We would be here all day if we did. For those of you who have complaints or want to know how you were ranked, please head to the counselor's office. They will give you your breakdown there.” The professor clapped and put his hands on his hips. “Now, onto the next and hopefully last article for today. I would like to welcome three new students to Class Onward. And before you ask, I understand that it’s a bit late to be accepting new students into our class. And the school agrees. It’s best to consider these three as… short-term transfer students with exceptional skills and circumstances. Although they will not graduate with you, they may just become teachers one day, so please treat them well and warmly welcome them to our class.”
Everyone clapped once more as the door to the room opened. I was clapping as well, only to stop in surprise. I’m sure I had a dumb expression on my face as I watched the two familiar faces walk in. I had no idea they would attend Forward University, let alone join the class. They had somehow managed to keep this a secret.
The first to walk forward was none other than Padraic. The young Dwarf looked dashing in his gold and red jacket. He left the jacket hang open, exposing the black dress shirt underneath.
He had his trademark grin as he eyed me across the room. I’m sure he was positively reveling in my surprise. And I had a feeling he was about to say something outrageous in an attempt to embarrass me.
Professor Garrison motioned for Padraic to introduce himself, and the Dwarf cleared his throat as all eyes turned to him. “It’s good to meet all of you and all that good fun. My name is Padraic Whitehelm, and to be honest, I’m really only here to use the forges and the school’s resources, and since I had to take classes to do so, I figured I would join the class with my brother from another mother and my two future fiancees. So uh…yeah, that’s it, really.”
Oh, he boldly declared that. At least his embarrassment was targeted at…wait…two fiancees? Who's the second? Did I miss something?
I thought that as I looked back at Jen. Much like Tsarra, she was beside herself as she hid her face in her arms. It seemed she wanted to run away. I scanned the room for the second so-called future fiancee, but it didn’t seem like anyone was reacting to that statement, so I had no idea who it was.
The class clapped somewhat awkwardly but was more or less mumbling to each other. Padraic’s brazen entrance no doubt shocked quite a few students. But that was Padraic for you. He never cared what others thought of him.
Professor Garrison chuckled awkwardly to himself. “Well, that was something. But a little background on our new student is that he not only passed the entrance exam but tested in the top one percent of advanced mathematics, not only in this class but the entire school. Padraic here also impressed both the forge and smithing teachers, earning their respect with a single demo. As well as being an Opal adventurer with three years of experience.”
With a little more context, it seemed that assuaged anyone’s worries, and they put more excitement into their applause. I had no idea he placed so high in math, but Padraic was always good at it. Even back in the day, he took to math faster than Cerila. But that was only when he was actually focusing and not goofing around or teasing me…
And good for him on impressing two teachers at Forward University with one demonstration is definitely something to be proud of. He did make my new bow, which was expertly crafted.
Next up was also a surprise. She looked stunning in her uniform, and it was hard to look away. Her long snow-white hair flowed down to her hips as her new jacket fit snugly around her upper body, accentuating her athletic and curvy physique. And her white and gold skirt was—
“Why is her skirt shorter than everyone else’s? What’s with that crap?” Sylvia growled in a low voice as she glared down at Cerila.
It’s uh…true…Cerila’s skirt, for some reason or another, was shorter than the norm. And it only exposed her long toned yet pale legs even more as she chose to wear short white socks.
I felt Sylvia’s glare turn to me in my absence of a response, but I just kept my eyes forward, fully intent on not meeting her gaze. I felt that no matter what I said, I would be wrong. And it would only open me up for criticism. So the best course of action was to say nothing.
Cerila went over to the board and quickly chalked up a hand that was leaving a head, as well as her name. To an untrained eye, it looked to be as if she drew someone saluting followed by her name in Human. But it was actually a depiction of someone signing hello.
And it was accurate as well as being well drawn. I guess years of drawing on that tablet are coming into play.
Once she was done, she turned around to face the class and repeated the motion for the sign. From there, Professor Garrison took over. “First of all, please welcome Cerila to the class. Although she can’t hear any of you, the gesture still has meaning for her.”
The class looked confused, and a few people muttered to each other, but after a pointed glare from the teacher, everyone quickly gave a round of applause to welcome her. “As some of you have guessed, Cerila is deaf and can not hear you, but that does not mean she can’t talk to you. And although you may think of this as a hindrance, Cerila has lived her entire life this way and has not only adapted but flourished. She passed the school’s entrance exam and tested out of master-level language classes for both Elvish and Human, being able to read and write fluently to the level of a translator. Not only that, Cerila is fluent in a completely new language called Sign Language. As a result, she is able to communicate in everyday conversation with others despite not verbally speaking a single word. She also shows martial prowess that is to be recognized, as she has achieved the adventurer rank of Topaz in only three years. For those of you who are unaware, that is an accomplishment beyond what a normal person is capable of, especially someone so young.”
Upon his further explanation of Cerila’s exploits and achievements, the room did a collective nod of approval and gave her one more final applause. Cerila flashed a stunning smile at everyone, and with Padraic next to her, the two of them walked straight up the steps and toward me.
“Are they really going…what a pain,” Sylvia grumbled quietly to herself.
Sure enough, the two took open seats to my left, with Cerila right next to me. She smiled brightly at me and even let out a noise that was the same as her giggling. she asked.
I told her.
Cerila was about to sign to me again, but I poked her as Professor Garrison cleared his throat loudly. “Now then, would the final student please introduce himself?”
The third student had been quietly standing to the side. At first glance, he seemed…odd, and I found it hard to tell how old he was for some reason. He wore the school uniform just the same as everyone else, and as a tiger Beastmen, he didn’t appear to have overwhelming physical size but was a rather average build. His tiger-like ears poked out from his long hair that was poofed up while being the color of brownish dried blood.
But the oddest thing about him was those dark-tinted glasses he wore over his eyes…they seemed almost like sunglasses, which was weird since we were indoors and the room could hardly be described as bright.
The Beastmen had a proper air about him, almost like a noble, which was all but confirmed as he dipped into an elegant bow straight out of a book on manners.
“My name is Malachi Talgan, and I am the crown prince of the Principality of Nul. It’s an honor to be here,” he said in a velvety smooth voice.
Malachi also took his glasses off, exposing his unswirling Vampiric blood-red eyes to the class. But unlike Sylvia, who possessed entirely crimson eyes, Malachi’s eyes were like that of a half-moon of red, leaving the rest of his iris a dead-looking white color. Of course, I only had two other Vampires besides Sylvia to compare to, but Malachi’s eyes had far more red than the Vampire who kidnapped me and even more than the Vampire diplomat I saw in Sandervile.
And did he just say his last name was Talgan?


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I would like to just pay the card directly, but my bank won't do it. Are there banks that do? Any alternative suggestions for paying my cards without a costly middle man?
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Since then they've been...fine? Like they all adapted, they're green, they look good. For reference I have snake plants, spider plants, monsteras, spider plants, a white nerve plant, I have found that my cuban oregano has struggled to adapt but whatever on that one. I just put them in tap water and make sure they get some good light.
But now that it's spring in NY I'm reading about how my plants are gonna die unless I buy some fertilizer and put it in.
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