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A safe space for stepmoms to share empathy and community.

2023.05.28 21:07 BrownGirlLondon How to cope with transitioning

I’ve transitioned once when I was 22 took estrogen for 3-4 months. Noticed my lifts at gym were going down at gym and that I wasn’t increasing in femininity I just had bigger nipples and areoles.
I stopped transitioning but after a few more months I looked back at pics of me during transitioning and I noticed the differences. I started transitioning again for 2-3 months before stopping. For similar reasons…
I’m so tired I just want to figure out how to commit to one. When I’m not transitioning I spend so much time watching sissy porn and feminization hentai comics. When I am transitioning this craving goes away. When I am not transitioning I do have small bouts of masculinity where I want to be more masculine but they don’t last more than a few hours per day after orgasm.
I know people say “figure out ways to express femininity” but the only way I want to is by having tits.
At this point I spend more time during my day questioning or feeling feminine than I do masculine. Im left thinking I should probably transition because I spend most of the time with my headspace as a woman so why not remove that burden right?
Im so frustrated. How do I cope with these urges? Even if I do give in to them, how can I give into them permanently?
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2023.05.28 18:58 futaarus (M4GM) hung frisk breeds the multiverse with his huge cock making a huge harem~

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2023.05.27 21:26 Beneficial_Increase6 need help getting started

I used to lurk here for many years.
I will give a long description of what has happened with me, because I need help, I feel hopeless, no my life has not fallen apart, but things could have been better.
I found porn way back in high school (before 2010) , and masturbation started there as well. I was masturbating regularly.
it was not very bad and in control because I was living with my parents and siblings, kept it discreet.
after sometime, I got sick of Masturbation habit, thought it was going out of control, i did not usually use porn during masturbation.
At this point I should have realized that I was craving intimacy, but never tried to persue a partner.
later in pre-college life was super busy, but I managed to rub one out every week or so, did not consume any porn then.
when I joined college, suddenly I was out of parents house, 17y old with smartphone, computers and internet.
I started watching high quality porn and used it for masturbating, I was doing this so much more than an year ago. I have started building and organizing a porn collection.
at this point in college, a guy who watched anime 24*7 introduced me to (japanese anime porn)hentai, and that too was a particular famous genre >!NTR!< where the audience is humiliated and emotionally hurt,
it was such a taboo material. now I was also exploring hentai genres, and also found >!JAV!< japanese porn, where you find much more genres than you normally get in western porn.
I was consuming all sorts of porn every now and then and using it for masturbation. It was getting really bad. this went on for over a year.
then something bad happened in life and I was not in the same mental state that I had been in past year.
so I came across the porn collection, and I thought of looking at the girls in porn who i (18yo me) was mad in love with(this was physical attraction, not love, my dumbass didn't know any better).
I was following their social and what not.
so I started watching them in porn, and for the first time it felt repulsive, I was ashamed of myself and I thought what the hell was I watching. lot of thinking and agony lay I ultimately deleted the porn collection for good.
I thought of never doing this again.
but I did it again, made accounts on websites and managed bookmarks in folders to organise the collection. the same old routine.
later got sick of it all and deleted it all an year later. once again thought of never going back.
I decided to join a gym. it was a relatively peaceful time, I was masturbating way lesser times and was in stable mind and keep away from porn. i got good gains, it felt good.
It only lasted for a semester because Uni admins decided to close it down for some reason.
at this point, it was back to old routine, made another porn collection, but later deleted it, but continued using online porn for masturbation.
I have relapsed so many times at this point in life.
I used to distract myself with reading books, play computer games, watch movies online.
computer games became a problem but I have it under control now.
cut to pandemic times, I was safe at home. now I was stressed out because of job and all. now I found adult games, or porn games. this was my new obsession now.
you are thrown into a fantasy world, and you are there for hours and hours. this is now part of the problem. developed couple of fetishes here.
so now again this back and forth, relapsing again and again,
just last week I started building a porn collection, and again realized and asked myself, what in the fuck am I doing? so, deleted it a few hours ago.
I am getting sick of this back and forth.
and past couple years horny levels have reached a new high, I am masturbating way more often than before, and consuming way more porn,
also I feel like I am down bad for any slightly attractive girl i see.
getting sick of consuming porn and masturbating. I do realise I can't get rid of masturbation, so want to reduce it as much as I can.
I have had success here, I did not masturbate or watch porn for 2-3 months, many times but relapsed due to some stupid reasons.
I have tried to educate myself about porn industry, so that I can tell myself to avoid it, for the sake of atleast my well-being.
while I write this I think I have developed certain fetishes for porn like 1.>!spit play!<, 2.>!corrupting and then performing acts with a Nun or some woman!<, 3.>!Harem!<, 4.>!King game!<, 5.>!MILF(especially stepmom)!<
and I think I also have the 6.>!cuckold!< fetish, because I watch that genre of porn and see myself in the dominant position, that is, drawing pleasure from someone's emasculation and emotional hurt, also the scandal raises the excitement , so I don't know if it applies here.
I simply do not like any of this shit, I have realized that these fetishes, IRL , they are not me, like this is a fucking worm that has burrowed in my head and makes my life worse.
I mean 1. is just yuck. then we have 2. which is straight up heinous( i developed this watching hentai and playing porn games). then 3. and 4. are just fucking unreal,
like I have to deluded as fuck to believe in that shit. for 5. I seriously do not see myself with a partner with a big age gap, so there. and incest is just no.
then 6. is just scary to me, irl I will not take it very well if I was in the position of the emasculated one, I would fall apart.
and if I was in the position of the one emasculating, i simply can't, that is not ok, I am not that kind of person, this is just not healthy.
I think, I will try(again) to make efforts to cut off from porn and other explicit material, limit masturbation to as little as possible, because I do not like it.
I used this account for nsfw stuff before, I couldn't post using other alts , but I will purge it all to clean it.
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