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2013.07.24 00:33 gugulo Conscious Like Us

Animals are conscious like us. Here we discuss animal intelligence, emotion and consciousness.

2023.05.29 02:05 ShadowRiggs Feel stuck

My husband is an amazing man, but for the past two years, no matter what he or I do, I just am no longer in love. I can’t get myself to leave because of everything we built and bc I know he is a good man. I also REALLY don’t want to crush him. I’m scared about how hurt he will be and what he will do to feel better. I know if I leave that’s no longer my role. I still have a lot of love for him, but the romantic love is gone. I don’t know what to do and I’m so sick of being in this headspace. Anyways, thanks for listening. Would love to hear from others who have felt this way. It’s horrible.
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2023.05.29 02:03 herequeerandgreat the dark knight returns animated movie is one of the best batman movies.

the dark knight returns is often considered to be one of, if not THE, best batman comic. it helped to usher in a new era for the dark knight, helped to put frank miller on the map, and has influenced almost every subsequent version of batman. all the batman movies following the dark knight return's release has taken something from the dark knight returns.
given it's iconography, it's only natural that fans would want to see a film adaptation of the story. well, after years of development hell, in 2012, we finally got an animated film adaptation...and it absolutely rules!
the film manages to remain faithful to the source material while also getting rid of the more problematic elements. often, the film quotes the comic verbatim. the art style is a perfect translation from comic to film. it's almost like miller's drawings are leaping right off the page. it keeps everything that made the original story great while also updating it for modern times.
the voice acting is spectacular. peter weller is amazing as batman, showing that he's still got it after all these years. ariel winters is good as carrie kelley, david selby is good as commissioner gordan, and michael emerson is good as the joker. the whole voice cast gives 110% in their respective performances.
the film also has an epic scope. while an argument could be made that it's a bit plotless with multiple storylines happening at once, that nonetheless takes away from the scope of the film.
on a few more minor notes, the musical score is great, the fight scenes are awesome, some of the jokes are pretty funny, and it's just an all around good adaptation.
you can tell that the people who worked on this movie were fans of the source material and put their all into making a genuinely good movie. frank miller himself has never commented on this movie but, if i were him, i would be happy that my graphic novel was adapted so faithfully and well. the film was released straight to video but, honestly, i think that a movie like this would be best viewed on the big screen. like, i would totally rent out an auditorium just to watch this movie on it.
the dark knight returns is not only an excellent batman movie but it's one of THE best batman movies.
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2023.05.29 02:03 Zrea1 2004 Chevy Avalanche Engine Temperature gauge issue?

Took my truck on a 3 hour drive to the mountains this weekend, and noticed the temperature gauge for the engine went waaaay past the red mark...
However, no steam, smell, or other overheating symptoms were present. I pressed on to my camping spot just fine. While driving around up there, the needle stayed over to that side a good amount of the time, only going back to the middle this morning.
On the way back, same thing, but then my speedometer also wonked out. Thought I'd been traveling 85mph for half an hour, wondering why EVERYONE was passing me on the 75mph road- Google maps said I was traveling at 50mph. Now that gauge is stuck at 60 while stopped.
I am going out on a limb and assuming both of these issues are related to dying stepper motors. However, I'm obviously worried about the temperature gauge, even though I had no engine trouble or overheating symptoms on the 3 hour drive there or back.
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2023.05.29 02:02 Expensive-Plant-5264 Buyer wants a refund, do I have any obligation?

Sold a gaming pc to a kid on marketplace. I let him test it out, run benchmarks everything. Now he's complaining about the headphone jack not working and how it is running a cracked version of windows how I'm a "scammer" etc. etc. I sold this thing for dirt cheap, and never mentioned it was in amazing quality, it's used.
My question is, does facebook have any buyer protection for customers? Like is there any way they could get me in trouble or force a refund, after paying me cash and picking up product in person? Or am I good to just block his number and move on?
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2023.05.29 02:02 SizzlinKola Does Vincenzo get better? Finished Episode 7.

I just finished Episode 7 and it feel pretty flat for me. Massive spoilers ahead to anyone who hasn't watched the show up to episode 7.
I enjoyed the trial but thought the doctor couple fighting was a bit over-the-top. And the slow-motion shots felt a little too cheesy for my tastes in kdramas.
I thought the twist that the Korean-American son is the mastermind behind Babel was great. But I'm not finding him a compelling antagonist and more annoying. Just seems like a kid that has tantrums or has a thrill fighting with Vincenzo. Though I don't know much about his motivations yet and found that he killed his own dad interesting.
The episode just felt like a lot of filler and not a ton of plot movement. The comedic relief of the group residents was not funny to me this episode either, especially with the fight. The thugs tried to seem funny too but was not funny to me either.
I just didn't really resonate with this episode. The first 5 episodes were great. Episode 6 was okay, but slow.
I feel that this show is slower than some recent kdramas I've watched (Flower of Evil, Beyond Evil, Reborn Rich, The Glory). It seems like the episode length is literally longer than the average show.
So I'm not sure if I should keep watching if it's going to be this slow or if it doesn't get better. I don't mind a slow burn, but if it's going to be consistent like Episode 7, I don't think this show is in my tastes. It had a strong start for me but now it's not keeping my attention enough.
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2023.05.29 02:01 JDobe023 Fave Ye Comedown Songs?

What are your go-to relaxing Ye songs?
Feeling absolutely rotten after an amazingly beautiful messy night out, in dire need of some chill ye music to relax to
My favourite song by him to wind down to has got to be Good Morning, such a pretty melody & vocals
What are your favourites comedown songs and I’ll add them to the playlist below?
ye comedown times:
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2023.05.29 02:01 MerkadoBarkada DITO gets $1.2-B bridge loan from China; Quick look at the week ahead; ALTER equity reorg SEC approved; SGP in hot water over big divs; SPNEC underwriter addresses concerns (Monday, May 29)

Happy Monday, Barkada --

The PSE lost 30 points to 6530 ▼0.5%

Thanks to mein, ben hur, Jun, Jing, Archie Gugol, michaelsamuel66, Wilson Chua, and Annie Batumbakal for their positive feedback on the ITB feature on DragonFi, and for their follow-up questions. Thanks also to the DragonFi social media team for reaching out to answer those questions on Twitter and Facebook. I didn't expect that, but I always appreciate it when companies respect the questions and thoughts of my readers!
Shout-outs to Migs Lopez de Leon, Retweeter, GubantesLM, MiUMaO, LanAustria, mjbachao, Stephen Chiong, Jonathan Burac, Dyane, MUA, Buzz, meloi, Lance Nazal, Justn, urayon, mArQo, avenmicjohn, Dividend Pinoy PGG, mia, Dominic Ligot, CHARToons, Palaboy Trader, Jo Sa, victim of my own choices, arkitrader, Arbet Bernardo, Evolves Capital, Inc., KingArk, Chip Sillesa, kalelManila.eth, Maded Batara III, and Jing for the retweets, and to, Padilla GJ, Jayvee Menil, Genesis Umali, and Mike Ting for the Facebook shares.

In today's MB:

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▌Main stories covered:

  • [COMING_UP] Quick look at the week ahead… The week starts with the listing of Ayala Corp’s “new” preferred shares [ACPAR] today. Check below for the updated Underwriters Table. Tuesday is the VistaREIT [VREIT 1.69 ▲1.8%; 145% avgVol] Q1 dividend ex-date, and also the pricing date for the Repower Development Corp [REDC] IPO. Wednesday we will see Q4 dividend payments from DDMP [DDMPR 1.28 ▼0.8%; 82% avgVol] and Premiere Island Power REIT [PREIT 1.54 ▲2.0%; 1% avgVol].
    • MB: This is shaping up to be something of a quiet week: the schedule is light on potential market-moving information here, plus the US markets are closed on Monday for a holiday. Still, I’m very curious to see the results of the REDC pricing (which we should get Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning), and I’ve got my eyes and ears open for changes in tone out of the US on the likelihood of further rate hikes since there’s a good amount of employment data expected to drop later in the week that influence that decision.
  • [NEWS] DITO gets $1.2-B bridge loan from China… DITO CME [DITO 2.35 ▲4.0%; 139% avgVol] [link] said its subsidiary, DITO Telecommunity (DitoTel), received a bridge loan renewal from the Bank of China and China Minsheng Banking Corp. DITO said that the bridge loan will be “repaid and absorbed” into a larger $3.9 billion project financing loan that it is attempting to finalize and close before the end of 2023.
    • MB: For those who are unfamiliar, a bridge loan is a short-term loan that is given to help a company “bridge the gap” between its current situation and the signing of a longer-term loan. Here, DITO has been working on the larger part of this deal (the long-term loan) for a long time, and while DITO’s shareholders will be relieved to see DITO making a deal with one of its largest lender (Bank of China), it won’t mean much unless the larger deal is closed. A lot has changed in the time that DITO’s management has been working on this deal, and DITO has continued to burn cash trying to expand its capex-heavy and low-margin business, so a bridge loan like this will give DITO breathing room (working capital) to maintain its growth pace without having to make tactical sacrifices to keep the lights on or make payroll.
  • [NOTES] Quick takes from around the market...
    • Alternergy [ALTER 0.93 ▼5.1%; 117% avgVol] [link] disclosed that the SEC approved its equity restructuring to eliminate a ₱120 million deficit using some of ALTER’s additional paid-up capital. This transaction was approved by ALTER’s board in late January, and was disclosed in ALTER’s prospectus during its IPO process.
      • MB Quick Take: This is really just an accounting/paper move that doesn’t have any impact on ALTER’s operations or cash flows. While the move does improve the “look” of ALTER’s financials, the main benefit to shareholders (and to ALTER’s owners) is that it allows the company to declare dividends in the future. Companies cannot declare dividends with a retained earnings deficit. This move got rid of that deficit.
    • National Grid Corporation [SGP 8.50 ▼4.5%; 184% avgVol] [link] Assistant VP Cynthia Alabanza, in response to allegations from a Senate panel that NGCP was distributing income to shareholders at the expense of delivering electricity under its franchise, said: “I don’t know when making money became so demonized.” She went on to say, “Again, when you talk about dividends, if you look at prevailing law, you’re not supposed to retain dividends. You’re supposed to give it out. In fact, you will be penalized if you retain dividends beyond your paid-up capital.”
      • MB Quick Take: Ms. Alabanza is trying to hide behind capitalism to protect herself and SGP from criticism. It’s important to remember that NGCP’s profits are due to its government-legislated monopoly on the distribution of electricity in this country, not from excellence on the open market. It’s also important to remember that dividends are declared after a long process of budgeting and allocating for future needs, like capex, so a declaration of dividends does come at the expense of capex spending. Earnings and profit are not just “cream” for the owners, but are actually the first source of capital to fund future growth.
    • SP New Energy [SPNEC 1.47 ▼1.3%; 36% avgVol] [link] received some assistance from Nicky Franco, head of research for Abacus Securities, which was the issue manager and lead underwriter on SPNEC’s IPO back in December. Mr. Franco solicited questions about SPNEC on Twitter, and answered some of those questions in an informative thread that you can read here. Mr. Franco talks about SPNEC’s ethical issues, the share-swap, future profitability, the stake sale to Metro Pacific, SPNEC’s valuation, and several other topics.
      • MB Quick Take: I’m not co-signing on Mr. Franco’s answers, just exposing readers to a very informed take on SPNEC’s past, present, and future. One quibble that I have is in Mr. Franco’s response to the question about whether IPO buyers were “fleeced” because of SPNEC’s abrupt change in purpose from a discrete non-operational Nueva Ecija solar project, to a behemoth backdoor injection of Solar Philippines projects. Mr. Franco said that IPO buyers were not fleeced because those buyers are “still sitting on gains”, and “had the chance to exit at ₱2.30+”. I think that evades the question (purpose/plan), and points to something (performance) that is entirely irrelevant. In my opinion, it cannot be debated: what IPO buyers experienced after the IPO was materially different from what they bought in December. That isn’t changed just because the stock price just happens to be above the IPO price. Mr. Franco’s point, that buyers had the opportunity to exit at a higher price than their purchase price is valid, and is perhaps the only silver lining in this answer, but it doesn’t suddenly make what has happened any less weird. If the price were lower than the IPO, buyers would have been misled and fleeced. But since the price is above, they were only misled (fleeced implies a loss). Wait, what about the IPO buyers who sold on the first day for less than the IPO price? This is why our evaluation of “what happened” shouldn’t be informed by performance.
MB is written and distributed every trading day. The newsletter is 100% free and I never upsell you to some "iNnEr cIrClE" of paid-membership perks. Everyone gets the same! Join the barkada by signing up for the newsletter, or follow me on Twitter. You can also read my daily Morning Halo-halo content on in the Stock Commentary section, and in the Saturday edition of the Daily Manila Shimbun.

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2023.05.29 02:00 mad-isobel Does your family interfere with your treatment?

I have been on Risperdal highest depot (injection) for a year and four months, and seroqual at night too. I was relatively stable on this, but hypomanic nearly every day on it, and spending thousands every month, the whole year, I bought a 800 dollar velvet cape, it was absurd and very very unlike me. I never buy anything. I also always have extremely shallow terrible sleep on Risperdal, every time I stop it my sleep returns to normal. I have been meaning to stop Risperdal for years.
I stopped taking the depot a few months ago and increased the seroqual and made it night and day with the dr. Much better sleep and no spending all these months and not the slightest urge too. But I started feeling spirits again, and I was still withdrawing from the high dosed Risperdal and could feel the spirits around me, walking into me which I’ve always had, even on the high depot I had to move around them every day, just not as often. This is all I really have - spirits round me, hypomania etc. I have no depression and never have had that.
I went back on the depot, within a day or two of taking it, I was completely hypo/mild manic again posting everywhere, totally up, loved it btw, and then the last week I’ve been hypomanic twice again, staying up till 2am, writing non stop. My sleep is crap again. I decided for myself that Risperdal depot was no longer a good choice for me, and even discussed this when I went to the ward at length.
My narcissist controlling abuser sister who tells me when it’s appropriate for me to eat ice cream - apparently 1130am warrants an argument, twice we’ve had this argument, and what I must wear to the beach or I can’t come etc etc who always tells me what to do, she came in this morning and said you have to go back on the depot, and lectures me on and on that I must go back on the depot. I tell her assertively that I’m not going to, she carries on and on, I explain that I’m going to look at some other options. I’m still on seroquel.
She says I’ve been humming that’s her concern, I have definitely not been humming in any way, I would know if I had. Anytime I express my opinion or voice or disagree with her in any way she says I’m unwell. She is not use to me saying anything. All I’ve been doing is sitting in my room studying for days. Im a completely non confrontational infp and always have been, I had absolutely enough of being controlled of late, and spoke up to her. That’s it. She prefers me on the depot because I’m completely silent, never react to her abuse or control or to anything and docile. Like a lot of people say of these drugs. You don’t care. She had a work review last week where she was told she was ‘too aggressive’ still she denies this means anything, that she is not wrong in any way and deflects everything back on to me.
I’m just really so tired of being told what to do and governed, I’ve never felt more caged up, my god, I would like to just move as soon as possible and as far away as possible. I tried to move two weeks ago but couldn’t fall asleep there the whole time, except once, so had to come back unfortunately. Any wisdom welcome?
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2023.05.29 02:00 abusivethrowawa I feel so much anger towards my nmom

It was only recently that I realized that my entire childhood was emotionally abusive. For years, I looked at my mom as the protector. She protected me from my dad, and they were constantly fighting. I was told that it was all for me and that my mom was a strong, brave woman for putting up with him and then eventually fighting to give both of us a better life. My father was a covert narc. He has called me crazy, subjected me to his borderline insane beliefs (he believed in bioenergies and once touched me inappropriately using bioenergies to justify it). He told me that he was healing my thyroid and my autism (that I never actually had) by manipulating energetic field. Being a child, I just sat through it and pretended like I believed it. I wanted dad to approve of me.

Anyways, I thought my mom wasn't like this. I thought she was the good parent. No. She enabled him. She was emotionally volatile, so much so to the point where I could never say anything around her or set boundaries because I wasn't sure what would set her off. One time I accidentally stained her shirt. She screamed at me for hours and cursed me for ruining everything good in her life and not even allowing her this ONE thing. I knocked over her ice cream cone on accident once. Same deal. 4 hours. I shut the door to my bedroom and she kept banging on the door and screaming at me. She told me that I was too shy, made her look bad in front of her friends, and that I was too unsociable. Even when I'd try and spend tons of time with everyone else, she would go off on me. She went off on me once in the middle of the airport for being "annoyingly positive" when she went off on me for being negative and a debby downer all the time. I was speaking through tears. It broke me.

My mother raised me wrong. All fucking wrong and I've been forced to say that she was an incredible mother because how ungrateful would I look if I talked poorly of my poor, delicate, hardworking single mom? She raised me to be a fucking people pleaser who chases narcissists and people who are somehow more avoidant than me (I'm very avoidant and self-sufficient). She raised me wrong and insisted that she was the best mother in the world until I literally tried to kill myself and I finally told her that I hate her and I'm disgusted by her and that I hate myself for hating her. This is the wake up call that it took for her to even think about changing her ways and that infuriates me. No, I'm not ready to forgive her. I'm so mad that I'm in tears right now. I'm not ready to forgive her for making me her therapist, her punching bag, and guilt tripping me into everything all while praising her own DOGSHIT parenting skills. I'm fucking done. Please, god please let the school approve of my dependency override. This woman ruined my childhood and took away my innocence by telling people that I was autistic when I'm not. ABA therapy that I didn't need. Being told that me being introverted and wanting to keep to myself is because I'm autistic and lack social skills. Naw maybe I just hate all of you stupid motherfuckers and don't want to interact. I'm not proud to be autistic and I'm not gonna "embrace my differences" because NONE OF IT IS FUCKING TRUE.

God, I need to calm down. I really hope they approve my dependency override. I'm working 2 jobs with one side hustle. I'm doing everything I possibly can. I'm emotionally and physically exhausted. Please god please god please god. I need to get away from this. Please.
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2023.05.29 02:00 TopOfTheBot Top of the Day - 29/05/2023

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2nd “Rainbow colors” lol. You mean colors? u/Manyak- facepalm 7,858 Upvotes 28/05/2023 04:58 UTC
3rd What if the kid wanted the rainbow because you know they just fucking like rainbows? u/Burnt420Toast facepalm 7,255 Upvotes 28/05/2023 04:15 UTC
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5th The overwhelming thing that strikes me about these videos is how fucking unprofessional U.S police are.(...) u/Aggressive_Signal483 facepalm 7,078 Upvotes 28/05/2023 09:07 UTC
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2023.05.29 02:00 Ok_Effort_8018 My boyfriends dad hates me, what should I do?

My boyfriend (18) and I (20) have been together for 2 years. I have always gotten this weird feeling around his dad. He was judging me from afar. I've told my boyfriend multiple times that he didn't like but he always reassured me his dad is just like that with everyone. Well Thanksgiving day I went over there and his dad wasn't around us the whole time and didn't join us for the football game or anything. Well when I got home he told me his dad accused me of smelling like weed. I was in shock. One, I don't do drugs, and Two, my clothes were brand new. His dad since has been disrespectful towards me. Not shaking my hand, saying that he needs to leave me. My boyfriend gets upset and it's obvious this bothers him. Tomorrow is his graduation party and his dad told him that I am not welcome there. I am HEARTBROKEN. I've done nothing but be there for his son through everything and supported him. His dad have disrespected me. My family isn't the best, my mom was a previous addict, and I was taken away from my mom. He thinks that I am not good enough for his son due to my "unstable" family. He judged for my family and things that have had a big toll on my life. I just don't know what to do. My bf has stood up for me as much as he can. I don't want him go go against his dad or move out bc thats his home and family. But idk how much more I can take. Any advice?
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2023.05.29 01:59 Throwaway5959502 I slept with the woman who touched me as a child when I turned 18

cw for csa
It wouldn’t let me post in confessions. I don’t know where to post it. I need to put it somewhere.
I know this sounds like a bad fantasy or porn plot but I promise you, it’s not and it’s fucked me up all my life.
When I f24 was 6 years old I was touched by a girl in my neighborhood who was 10 at the time. I had slept over at her house because my parents went out of town and she touched me. We had a couple more sleepovers and she would continue to do so.
Due to being touched I have always had a very warped and fucked up view on love. I started watching porn at a very young age, and would talk to older men on chat rooms, among other things. I’ve been in therapy on and off since I was 9.
When I turned 18 I thought I should find her. She was a child too, and I thought I would get closure. She was 22 and lived in a city about 2 hours away.
We met for coffee and then went back to her house to talk because it was not a conversation to have in person.
I told her i had been fucked up for a very long time, all the ways what she had done had effected me. She apologized and hugged me.
Due to my fucked up warped view on love and affection, I made a move on her and we slept together.
I have since met, fell in love, and am getting married to a good man. I recently told him what happened. He was appalled and told me that even if I was 18, that was a grooming tactic.
I feel disgusting and ashamed that I allowed myself to be used again.
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2023.05.29 01:59 gleamingsushi Is this guy friend into me or am I just an easy option?-

I was introduced to this guy, through a friend, in February of this year. He is exactly my type. Eventually, all three of us (the crush, I'll call Watson; the friend Patrick) became good friends. Once, I called all my friends over for a few drinks in my room. When they all came over, Patrick decided to also invite Watson. (I did not have Watson's number at this point.) He came over. When everyone was leaving and he just stayed back for a while — which was odd but I didn't think much of it. The next day, he saw me working on some important application at the cafe on campus and came over to apologise. When I asked why, he said he took my lighter. I laughed and said it's okay. I was also on a call with my parents, so I couldn't hang out with him then, but he lingered around my table for a while and then left.
A few days/weeks later, I helped him make his Hinge profile. While doing so, I told him I thought the friend I saw him with that morning was really cute. Patrick suggested as a joke that they should set us up. Watson, however, was dismissive and said "I think the first relationship you have should be a relationship; not a set up". At this point, I must mention that he was introduced - by Patrick - to two other people both of whom are also my friends and have a crush on him. Since these girls were my friends AND I was in a situationship where I was down bad, I didn't pay much heed to this guy. That same night, however, we went to our usual smoking spot. Patrick...went away for a while, and I and Watson kept talking while leaning against a door frame. In that moment, I had the strongest urge to kiss him but I ignored it. The three of us hung out till the morning, so around 6-7 A.M., and him and I went out for a walk. I picked him a few flowers, we smoked a little bit more and walked around a nearby neighborhood. It was, once again, very normal and platonic. Till the beginning of this month.
This month was our graduation & senior week. Anyhoo, the entire two weeks is mostly just parties and events. One of which happens to be the biggest event of the week: the grad dance. That day, he kept hovering around I and my other group of friends while we danced. It was odd at the time but whatever. Later, he came up to me and asked if I wanted to go for a walk. I assumed he wanted to smoke so I said yes. He held my hand and we went on a short walk in the neighborhood. We kept getting calls from Patrick who was concerned because my phone was dead and I was drunk and out in a very... provocative dress. Anyway, Watson answered and said we're coming back and we begin to head back. Abruptly, he stops and asks me if I want to kiss him. And I said yes. Since then things have been slightly more... flirty. He calls me cute and constantly interacts with me on social media. We hang out here and there — one-on-one which is...rare and had only happened once before. At our graduation ceremony, I just asked if he wants to make out with me again. He said yes and we....did???
The issue is: he is currently kind of, sort of also seeing this one other girl? By seeing I mean they have a situationship and idk how I feel about that. I am also not so sure anymore that he's into me. Now I don't know what to do and I cannot stop thinking about this and I am going to explode if things don't change by August ;-; he's also not the long distance kind and I am so sure that even if he's into me, he will refuse to date me since it's only 6 more months of college, technically. He also is currently, as he described it to me, in his "hoe phase but in spurts only", so there's that. I don't know what to do. Is he into me? Should I move on? Are we just friends? Apart from that, I also have 0 confidence in myself and I don't know if I can say that he's into me for ME or the possibility of sex and now I am so confused. Pls help
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2023.05.29 01:58 LemonBerry365 Docs seem baffled

This might be long. 39f this all started a few weeks before my 37th birthday. So one day I randomly got dizzy after a day out. So I laid down felt better after 30 min sat up and then stood up. Got a quick intense wave like feeling in my head, tingling in feet up my hold body, super hot, heart racing and pounding, legs shaking. Feeling faint but never do(i have fainted years ago 4 timesso i know the feeling) Called 911 ambo took a while to get there but when they did I was so scared, and my bp was high, hr was 177. They took me to the hospital hr was 130s and the hospital said SVT. Well saw cardiologist they went along with it. Was on meds that made me super sick came off had an ep study no svt found. But this has happened a few times feb-april of 2021 they didnt last long 30 seconds- 1 min. 1 time at the ER it happened and they didnt catch SVT on the monitor either. I was also diagnosed with PPPD and anxiety a few months later as I was constantly feeling like I was rocking on a boat/swaying. Those episodes stopped for the longest time. Fwd to this year. And BAM randomly and out of no where. Wave feeling, tingling in the mouth and a weird taste, heart racing, legs shaky(wobble). Now today I had out of no where just chillen in the car felt funny for a second, then bam weird taste and mouth tingling, heart racing.
Ive had a clear MRI and Ct scan 2 echos, stress test and a loop recorder, loop recorder shows my heart rate going up but no arythmia. Docs from 2021 say, Anxiety, SVT(even though nothing was ever caught), Maybe vasovagal. VITAMINS and thyroids are all good.
Moved to new state, saw cardiologist, really isn't finding anything except like tachycardia when this happens sending me for TTT but that isn't until oct. . New Neurologist gave me an EEG, bc pcp thought focal Siezures that came out normal, autoimmune blood work normal, waiting on lymes results although i dont remember getting bit by tick. He also talked about dysautonomia but that doctor takes 6-8m to get into. Pcp and Therapist says not anxiety related and I actually have anxiety due to not knowing what in the world is going on.
Also randomly and usually at the docs my bp will spike, heart rate jumps and I start sweating so much until I leave. Thats where I think the anxiety plays in. But it happens certain times I go and certain docs its so weird. Oh and hair loss as well, non scarring alopecia if that has anything to do with other symptoms. Also whats baffling to them and me is how random these epsiodes or flare ups as ive heard them being called has been happening. I can be completely fine and then BAM.
And I noticed with a couple of the recent ones the PPPD acts up days or even weeks before it hits.
I have been told before im just a mystery which im like lucky me 🙄 Im scared and frustrated not at rhe docs but at my body and bc they cant figure it out depsite trying.
Meds Buspirone started sept 2021 Valium if needed Tried propranolol but isnt working Womans 1 a day vitamin Baby asprin which i might be coming off soon(Lupus anticoagulant which can come and go, weakly positive) Folic acid(Homocysteine elevated 12.2)
I also still get the PPPD feeling but starting to really wonder 🤔 And Idk if it has any correlation either but I do have periodontal disease in my gums which has been under control for sometime now. Never had covid that I know of, nox vaxxed, and no infections before this started.
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2023.05.29 01:58 Any-Analysis-3568 AITA for refusing a relationship with my husband’s family?

I (27F) and my husband Ryan (30M) have been married 3 years. Ryan is from a different country and I’m American. We live in the US and share two children. Ryan comes from a large toxic and co-dependent family. I’ve had issues with his parents and siblings (except 1) since day 1. His family has looked down on me and insulted me to my face and privately to Ryan about a lot of things, such as my openness with my mental health struggles, my pro LGBTQ views, my thoughts that a woman is more than just a wife and mother, etc. Most of Ryan’s family is unemployed and live off their wealth. Ryan and myself work full-time and they look down on me, saying I’m not a good mom and wife. They make nasty comments about my parents (who paid our rent for 2 years during Covid when I was laid off), poke fun at Ryan’s weight (he’s gained a bit since we got married), and overall have nothing nice to say. My breaking point was when I gave birth to our youngest child 6 months ago, and when I allowed them to meet her the day I was discharged from the hospital (they live abroad and they were leaving to home the next day), Ryan’s mom started giving criticisms to me. From that point on, I don’t talk to them on the phone, I respond curtly to texts, and when they came to US 2 weeks ago, I met with them once at a restaurant. I let Ryan and my kids interact as much as they want. Whenever Ryan brings up anything about any family member, I listen politely but when he sings their praises hoping to get me to change my opinion on them, I tell him that I think they’re selfish, narcissistic, toxic, homophobic, and sexist people in which I do not wish to associate with, and I’m not interested in him trying to change my mind. His family also has been giving him crap about my dissociation with them, and it really upsets him.My family and friends think I’m too nice, but he says I’m acting like an AH. So, AITA?
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2023.05.29 01:58 LonelyvirginA AITA for refusing to my MIL house because BIL will be there?

this story is a bit complicated, my (f26) relationship with my family in law was amazing, I visited them every week even after my husband travel abroad for work, I go to all family gathering, and I met the whole extended family and they loved me!
I treated my BIL (m24) like a really close friend, we talked about my work struggles, his relationships, and college. we are Egyptians, so BIL still lives with his mother and sister.
I noticed he like my sister (f24) and they started to hangout a lot. although my husband, mother and MIL was against it, I supported their "friendship" especially after I had a good serious talk with him about the states of the relationship and his feelings, and he assured me he treats my sister like his sister, and he is not intended on pursing a relationship with her.
so I went around defending him to my husband who was sure its going to end badly and will affect my relationship with his family.
Fast forward two months, he started to get distant from both me and sister, and they ended up not talking and blocked each other.
after close inspection, I figured out he has been trying to hook up with my sister, and tried kissing her, they both agreed that they will not be together but they will not get with anybody else until they figure out their feelings.
He started meeting this other girl so he started treating both me and my sister badly, they had a fight about it and he told my sister some hurtful stuff.
He apologized to me, and I sent him a message telling him he needed to apologize to my sister and get it sorted, he didn't answer me back for a week now.
I don't want to see or deal with him right now, but his mother is upset that i don't want to come anymore while he is there.
My husband is on my side but he is clearly sad and hurt by the situation.
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2023.05.29 01:57 HowdyYaw [Misc] Please PLEASE help, have I done permanent damage to my skin barrier?

I don’t know what I am doing wrong or what more I can do, and I’m at the end of my rope here. I have done tons of research online about how to repair your skin barrier, along with reading various posts on this sub-reddit along with other related sub-reddits and I feel like I’ve tried it all. The majority of sources online say that the skin barrier is repairable, which makes it all that more frustrating and depressing. Except for two sources I found that say that permanent damage can be done. Either through UV light damage or burns, and while my situation technically doesn’t fall under one of those, it’s just been so long that I have been trying to repair my skin barrier and it’s still not back to normal. I’ve been to 2 dermatologists, and neither one was really able to help all that much. The first one seemed really out of touch and I never went back to him, and the second one was nice and he did try to answer all my questions, but when it came to asking whether my damage was permanent it’s like he couldn’t give me a definitive answer. The way he described it was “your skin barrier might not go back to 100% like when before you damaged it, I’m not sure, but maybe when you initially damaged it, it went down to 70% lets say, and now with how you have been caring for it maybe it has bounced back to 80% but it might not get to 100%”. I’m not sure if he just really didn’t know, so he didn’t want to give me a bettefalse answer. But as far as I’m concerned, if that is the case then I see that as meaning I’ve done permanent and irreversible damage. I can’t put into words how devastatingly depressed I am about this, it’s no exaggeration when I say I think about this every single day. I have been trying to repair my skin barrier for over 3 years now. There is only one other person on one of these sub-reddits who is close to the amount of time that he/she has been damaged (for that person it was 2 years) for, and another that has been damaged for 8 months at the time of the post. I just don’t know what to do anymore, and I can’t keep doing this, it’s been 3 years, I feel like I’ve tried everything, I am so mentally exhausted and so utterly depressed because of this. As for what happened, I have already written about it in detail in another post, and it’s a bit embarrassing but essentially I ended up using a LOT of rubbing alcohol on my penis and it destroyed my skin barrier. Yes, I know it was a really stupid thing to do, but please if you can just look past that and help me with the question. We all make stupid mistakes in life especially when younger, and I am just really trying to fix my skin barrier now. Every time I try a new product, I hold out hope only to be disappointed when the reality shows that it didn’t repair the skin barrier. It’s just so frustrating and depressing because I realize how horribly harsh Rubbing alcohol can be, but even so, I held out hope before because I would think that skin is somewhat like a “living creature” and because it renews itself that it would repair. But now, it just seems like it’s been damaged so badly that it just seems like it’s beyond repair. Like no matter how much barrier repair ingredients I throw at it, it’s just unable to bounce back, the relief seems to be temporary but the moment I stop applying moisturizer it goes back to exhibiting all the symptoms (super sensitive, raw, tight, TEWL, etc). Anyone who is very knowledgeable on the skin barrier, can you give a detailed scientific explanation as to what happened to my skin barrier due to the rubbing alcohol and why it seems to not be able to repair, the dermatologist gave a good explanation but maybe someone here can give even more of a detailed scientific explanation. I just don’t understand why my body can’t recreate the skin barriers, it’s very depressingly frustrating. Even after all this time I don’t want to give up hope and I keep trying to repair it, but I feel in the back of my mind that it has been permanently damaged. Below is what I know is supposed to help and what I have tried in terms of products/ingredients.
I am aware of key ingredients like ceramides, fatty acids, Hyalauronic acid, glycerin, cholesterol, and squalene so I try to look for those. I try to drink a lot more water, and when I take a shower, I wash with luke warm to cold water (because I know hot water can strip the skin barrier). I then gently pat my skin dry and apply a serum, than a moisturizing cream, and an occlusive to seal it all in. With how damaged my skin barrier is, I have been very hesitant and prefer to err on the side of caution and just clean with water and so I don’t use a cleanser, toner, none of that stuff. I am a guy, that doesn’t use make up or sun block so I don’t need the cleanser to get that stuff off.
Past Products
Cerave hydrating lotion (ok, and doesn’t sting or anything because there are better creams out there so I just kinda stopped)
Cerave hyalauronic acid serum ( would sting so I stopped)
Krave Great barrier relief (some ingredient in there causes an allergic reaction)
Vanicream Daily Facial moisturizer
Current Products
Transparent Lab Ceramide repair moisturizer serum
Hada Labo Gokujyun Premium Hyaluronic cream
Skin fix barrier+ triple lipid-peptide cream
And then either Aquaphor or Cerave Healing ointment for occlusive
I very recently wondered if I should also add a hydrating essence before I apply my serum, is it necessary, do you think it will actually help? I’ve also been thinking of maybe trying a different serum or cream that has Niacinamide because that seems to be another important key ingredient that I am lacking. Something other than Stratia liquid gold though because it has urea, and while it might have a small % my dermatologist suggested staying away so I am just going to listen to him. At this very moment I am trying the “zero therapy” method (where you do absolutely nothing) not because I necessarily think its going to help because the skin still feels raw, very sensitive, really tight and I can clearly see TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) but I’m just so mentally exhausted from constantly applying creams every day just for nothing to change. So, I am just taking a break right now until I see what to do next. I know I said I’d rather stick with just water right now for cleaning, but do you think I should use a VERY gentle cleanser, would that make a difference? Is water not taking off certain debris or dead skin cells that a gentle cleanser might without ruing the skin barrier? Is there something I can try that I haven’t tried yet either a different process or product that will finally make a difference, what more can I do, does it sound like my damage is irreversibly permanent or is there any real hope left? I appreciate all the help from all of you.
Thank You
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2023.05.29 01:57 go_chacha I fell in love with a man who has a hole in his heart.

To start, I've been going through some things. I have a lot of issues. I grew up in a abusive household and have mental health issues that I go to therapy for. I'm in my early thirties and I realized recently that I need to value and love myself more. I am very broken and not in a place in my life right now where I can be my best self. I try my best, but I'm just not there yet where I feel like I can be a good partner. I went out of town for a couple of days just to get away from life and practice some self-love. I met him at the hostel I was staying at. It wasn't love or lust at first sight. I was chatting with a bunch of people and he was one of them. Eventually, we were just talking more and more. We were laughing so much and were even at some point dancing. It wasn't anything sexual, we were just being dorks and enjoying each other's company. Next night, he came over to where I was and we were able to chat again. We were with other people chatting as well, then eventually it was just us two. I told him that he was sunshine, that that's what I associate him with, this beam of light and joy. I just felt so comfortable with him. I felt myself falling for him and attached. He was so kind, dorky, funny, and just lovable. I don't think he felt anything romantic towards me, but I think it will just be easier thinking he didn't. He eventually told me that he had this heart condition, a hole in his heart. He was telling me about it and what he's not able to do. I felt so sad and slowly started getting in my head. I called it a earlier night and went to my dorm while the party was still going. I wrapped the blanket I was using around him and told him I was going to bed. He looked up at me and asked if I would be there the next day. I said yes and smiled. I woke up still in my head, thinking about how damaged I was and how much I could hurt him. I couldn't shake this sadness and fear off of me. I ended up shortening my stay and packed my things. We never exchanged info and he doesn't know what my full name is, nor do I his. He's probably expecting to see me tonight, but I won't be there because I'm back at in LA. I feel regret and remorse, but I feel like I made the right call. He might not even notice that I'm gone. I cried most of the way back. He lives in another state and will be leaving tomorrow. I will miss him. Regardless of how little I knew of him, I just loved how he made me feel. I hope that he will have fond memories of me too. I'm glad that I didn't show this broken side of me, I want him to remember me as being happy. I will probably never see him again and his life will be wonderful. Since I didn't get to tell him this...Eric, thank you for dancing and laughing with me. You will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for being that sunshine that I needed.
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2023.05.29 01:56 KnightBreeze What I've Become: Chapter X

First Previous
The first thing that Si’feri became aware of was the gentle rocking motions. She hadn’t been held like this since she was a chick, and while it was incredibly soothing, it was still somewhat demeaning. “I’m awake, you can set me down, now,” she said as she opened her eyes to look at whomever was carrying her.
She had to push down a wave of terror when she saw that it was Al’ecs. As much as she knew that the alien would never hurt her, his face was still something that had been dredged up from the deepest of nightmares, and really wasn’t something anyone wanted to wake up to. “I’m up… I’m up…” she said, gently tapping the alien on the shoulder, trying to make it clear that she didn’t want to be held any more.
Al’ecs stopped immediately before he set down the groggy hen. Sir Kev, who had apparently been walking next to Al’ecs, drew closer with a concerned look on his face. “Are you well, M’lady?” Kev asked, holding out a hand to help steady her.
“I’m fine, this has been known to happen from time to time,” she said, before taking stock of their surroundings. They were still in the forest, though they were nowhere near the clearing anymore. She also noticed that Al’ecs still carried her basket, though she had no idea why. “Were we on our way back?”
“I believe so, M’lady. You passed out not long after completing your vision, and Al’ecs picked you up and began taking you towards town. I have merely been following,” Sir Kev said, bowing respectfully. “I hope we did not disturb any after visions or effects you might have been experiencing.”
“You did not. In fact, thank you for doing just that, as we have very little time to waste, and staying where we were would have just delayed us. I need to speak with Tor and Ja’vail as soon as possible, preferable the second we get out, though I already know that that is not going to happen,” Si’feri said before she turned back towards Al’ecs. As she studied the expressionless alien, the warning from the vision seemed to echo in her ears, reminding her of the possible doom that she might have to place on him. With a chipperness she did not feel, her crest perked back up to its original bounciness as she placed a hand on the creature’s upper arm. “Don’t worry, we’ll work through this, okay?”
The creature clearly didn’t understand her, but he seemed to appreciate the sentiment all the same, as evidenced by the way the creature gently placed a hand on her head. Al’ecs tried to say something, but whatever came out of his maw was both far too garbled, and in a completely unrecognizable tongue. Si’feri really had no chance of understanding the creature, but somehow that didn’t matter to her. It was clear to her that Al’ecs was just happy to have someone to interact with, regardless of any actual understanding.
That realization alone was enough to bring the baker to tears. How long have you been alone like this? she thought as the creature slowly removed his hand. He turned around, clearly intent on making his way back to his cave, but stopped when Si’feri reached out and touched his back. He turned back to her, his face as expressionless as the first time she had seen him in her dreams, but that didn’t stop her from seeing past all of that, and into the being that lay underneath the monster.
The face looked far fuller, with an odd set of lips, like those on a dragon or a pig, though neither of those comparisons did them justice. Their corners were turned upwards somewhat, in an expression that, on anything else, would have made the creature more menacing as it bared its teeth. On Al’ecs, however, it was a warm expression, made even friendlier by how the corners of his eyes changed to match. On the top of his head was a shock of reddish orange fur, a small, button-like nose sat in the center of his face, and right above them was a pair of gray eyes that shone with intelligence.
The vision only lasted a second, but in that instance she truly understood just how much Al’ecs had lost. Without even thinking about it, she threw her arms around the alien’s neck, pulling him into a tight hug, though she was mindful not to stick herself on the spikes on the creature’s back. “Don’t worry. We’ll get you home, I promise.”
The creature seemed stunned at this, completely unsure of what to do with his hands. After a few seconds of this, and when nothing terrible happened, he finally seemed to realize that this was very real. He then gently wrapped his arms around the hen, before a shuddering sob racked his body as tears began to flow freely from his eyes again. It didn’t take Si’feri long to realize that the feathers on the top of her head were quickly becoming soaked, but she didn’t care. It was a small price to pay when she considered the fact that the promise she had made was most likely a lie.
After what felt like an eternity of this, the two finally separated, and Si’feri could only watch as Al’ecs awkwardly tried to dry his face with his hands. Not knowing what else to do, Si’feri reached out and took the blanket from the basket the creature was holding before she offered it to him. He took it, but not before letting out a grateful sort of sound. “We’ve got to get going. We’ll be back tomorrow, though, okay?” Si’feri told him as he began patting his face dry with the blanket in his hands.
Despite him not understanding a single word she said, Al’ecs nodded, then proceeded to return the blanket to the basket before he held it out to her. Si’feri gently pushed it back, shaking her head as her crest bobbed in a happy manner. “It’s yours, as well as everything in it.”
Al’ecs just looked down at it, before he turned it upside-down, revealing that he had already eaten everything she had brought him as only the blanket fell out of it.
“I’m thinking that he really enjoyed your cooking, M’lady! So much so, that I think he’s trying to ask for seconds!” Sir Kev said with a laugh.
Si’feri’s crest perked up even higher as she took back the basket, but she still pushed the blanket into his open hands. “Well, why don’t I bring this back to you tomorrow? Filled to the brim, of course. But this is still yours.”
Al’ecs didn’t try to say anything in his garbled tongue, choosing to instead give them one last nod in gratitude before he turned back towards the forest, putting the blanket over his shoulders like a mantle as he walked away.
Si’feri was briefly tempted to bring the alien back to town, but quickly dismissed the idea. Despite night quickly coming, the Town of Jov was still quite alive. Getting the alien anywhere comfortable would require more magic and drake power than they currently had available, not to mention that Al’ecs would most likely spook and run in the event that someone started screaming.
No, it’s better this way, she thought as she watched the alien disappear into the forest.
It wasn’t even ten seconds later when she started having second thoughts. This was further compounded when several knights fluttered from the trees above and landed in front of her, their heads bowed low in respect.
“How long were you up there watching?” she asked them curiously.
“For quite some time, Ma’am. Sir Kev instructed us to stay hidden while the creature was still around,” the knight in front said, not rising from his bow. “I must say, it is an honor to-”
“Leave the formalities for someone who cares,” Si’feri said as she reached out to raise the knight from his bow. “We do not have time for ceremony, nor will such things save us from what is to come.”
“M’lady Siv?”
“Si’feri will do fine, for the time being,” Si’feri said before she turned back to town. She stopped, however, as a thought occurred to her. “How many knights are stationed at the creature’s cave?”
“Four, M’lady.”
She thought about this for a few seconds, before shaking her head. “Better increase it. Two of you should head to the clearing, and provide additional protection. The creature is to survive the night, am I clear?”
“As the rising sun, M’lady,” the leading knight said, rising from his bow. He then turned to his subordinates and clapped his hands together. “Tilvan, Mor, you two provide additional protection. We’ll send more once we get back to town, but in the meantime you and the others are to defend the creature with your lives, understood?”
The two soldiers quickly cut sharp salutes, then took off into the skies. The sight of the two valiant knights disappearing into the night sky did much to relieve the worry that had been building in Si’feri’s heart, but that relief was a fleeting thing. As Si’feri and her escorts traveled back towards town, she couldn’t help but feel her heart fall further and further, and she found herself wondering if it would be enough. * * * “Hey, Genpi, take a look at this, will you?”
Genpi released his magic, deactivating the heat wand in his hand that he had been using to cut through the alien ship. The vessel was made of some kind of metal the dakri had never seen before, and the team in charge of investigating the craft had found it extremely difficult to cut or pull apart the vessel through conventional methods, hence the reason why Genpi was painstakingly cutting into the metal siding of the ship with a heat wand. He had been making good progress, too, or rather, he would have been making progress, if it wasn’t for his colleague’s constant interruptions.
With a disgruntled sigh, Genpi pushed up his black tinted goggles and looked up at the excitable drake, his expression telling the whole world that this had better be worth his attention. “What is it now Penirl?”
Penirl stood about three meters away, in his hands an oddly shaped piece of metal. It was long and staff-like, but had what looked like a stock at one end.
It also looked like it had survived the crash reasonably intact.
“I’m thinking it’s some kind of weapon, but I already ran a detection spell to look for any enchantments, and I didn’t find anything,” Penirl said as he held up the thing for Genpi’s inspection. Penirl then grabbed the weapon by its grip, and held it in front of him like he would a Lightning Rod.
Thankfully, the drake had enough sense not to point it at anyone, otherwise Genpi would have smacked him upside the head right then and there. “Well, don’t just play with it, the higher ups will want to have a look at it,” Genpi said, waving the excitable young drake away.
“What do you think it does, though?” Penirl asked, ignoring Genpi’s instructions. “I’ve already tried the triggering mechanism, but nothing happened.” As if to demonstrate this, Penirl stuck his finger into the hole near the grip and squeezed the rather obvious trigger.
Nothing happened, but that did nothing to lighten Genpi’s mood about the drake playing around with something he didn’t understand. “Stop messing around and get that thing logged and put with the other artifacts,” Genpi said, shooing the drake away.
Penirl looked a little downcast at this, but quickly perked up. “Come on, Genpi! Aren’t you even the slightest bit excited?”
Genpi looked up at the drake before slowly returning his goggles to their old position. “I'll be ‘excited’ when I find out whether or not friends of these things are going to come looking for their lost ship. More importantly than that, though, is if they find the inhabitants of this planet in any way delicious.”
“Oh poo, you really need to lighten up,” Penirl said, sticking out his tongue at the older drake.
If Genpi saw this, he didn't show it, choosing to instead reignite his wand and get back to cutting.
Penirl shook his head in disapproval before he turned and carefully picked his way out of the wreckage of the ship. It didn't take him long to log and store the new discovery, during which he started having the oddest feeling that he was being watched. He looked up and around for a little bit, drawing a confused stare from the hen in charge of the recovered artifacts, but that didn’t matter to him as much. He would never admit it to Genpi, but what the older drake had said earlier had shaken him to the core.
“Are you okay?” the hen with the clipboard asked, her crest lowered ever so slightly in worry.
“Yeah… yeah, I’m fine…” Penirl said before he tried to shake off the feeling.
“Well, if you’re sure, then you probably should be getting back to work,” the hen reminded him.
Penirl nodded, but didn’t say anything as his eyes searched the edges of the crater for a few more seconds, before they moved to the skies above. After a few seconds of finding nothing, he turned and made his way back to the ship and into the depths below.
The hen’s eyes followed him until he disappeared, before she shrugged to herself and muttered about the strangeness of drakes, completely ignorant of the strange area of warped air that hovered just above the wreckage as it silently recorded the activity below. * * * Tor was in a bit of a panic. Lady Siv was one of his closest friends, but that relationship was somewhat marred by the fact that she never came to him with good news. When one coupled this with the fact that Siv had apparently had a vision specifically about the alien survivor, one could understandably see why the small king was distraught.
Nightmarish scenes began playing through his head; vastly superior forces invading his planet, insect-like creatures that could shape-shift infiltrating his forces, and his people rounded up like cattle, being used as weapons like the unfortunate survivor, or even as a source of food.
All of this and more danced through his mind and kept him at his desk as he desperately tried to think of some way out of this hellish scenario. Plan after plan was drawn up, considered, then ultimately thrown away, as he had no way to gauge the strength of his opponents with the information he currently had, but even with his limited understanding, he knew that he and his people would be conquered within a week should the aliens come. If they had the power to send a ship across the vast distance of space, what stopped them from hurling a meteor the size of Tor’s castle at his tiny Diarchy? What about several meteors? What about their own moon?
None of this sat well with the small king. If their enemy wanted, they could annihilate Tor’s little world before the planet’s inhabitants even knew what had hit them.
Unbidden, the king felt his eyes drawn to a particular book on his shelf. It was one he had read before, quite extensively for that matter, since it had been penned by one of his previous students. The concepts inside were just that, though: concepts. Nothing more than pipe dreams that the imaginative young drake had drawn up during his free time.
With a small grunt, the king held out his hand, while his beak glowed a brilliant golden color. Almost immediately, the book on the shelf took on a similar hue, and flew from its place on the shelf and into the king’s outstretched hand. He didn’t know why the book caught his eye, but something about the problems he faced reminded him of his long dead student. Maybe something about the way the curious drake saw the world would help me. At the very least, it would be a welcome diversion, the king thought to himself as he began to flip through the pages.
It wasn’t long before one of his student’s scrawls caught his eye, and he had to suppress a chuckle at the strange invention the drake had penned. “A wooden, flying golem. I remember that one,” Tor said fondly to himself. “Was supposed to be able to ferry weapons and equipment to soldiers in the field. If I remember correctly, Jovask even made a land-based version for transporting foodstuff. Pity, he never did get the instructions on his golems to work right…”
The king continued to idly flip through his apprentice’s notes and designs, stopping every so often to laugh fondly at what the drake had thought up, and the memories they conjured. There was an automatic arrow golem, a creation designed to do the washing up, and something that would gather flowers for some reason. Each and every creation brilliantly designed, but flawed by the creator’s inability to overcome the inherent weaknesses found in golemmancy.
With a shrug, Tor flipped through the remaining pages, fully intent on putting the book back once he reached the end, but stopped at the final page. On the page was a very strange device indeed. It looked like a random assortment of items, all tied to a central statue made to look like a Nightmare Falcon’s head. Tor remembered this particular invention: it was supposed to be the ultimate telescope, capable of not only gaining information on distant objects, but also able to track them for the benefit of the user. It could even locate invisible objects, if enough information for basic scrying was available.
The only problem was, again, the inherent problem with the school of golemmancy: The more complex the task, the more arcanite was required for the golem to perform said task. In order to get this thing to work, Jovask would have needed a hunk of arcanite the size of a large mountain.
Tor let out a weary sigh as he snapped the book shut. Shame, too. If we had Jovask’s Omniscope, we would at least be able to determine if there were any alien ships in orbit about to destroy us, maybe take a few with us using the sun and moon, but… golemmancy, of all things… he thought as his beak began to glow again. With no small amount of nostalgia, the King of the Dawn returned his former student’s work to its resting place.
“What’s wrong, Tory?”
Tor looked towards the open door of his study, his heart falling at the sight of the Lady Siv. Her crest was just as bouncy as he remembered it, though her dress and occupation seemed to have changed since the last time he saw her. “I see you’ve decided to take up baking,” Tor said as he stood to greet her.
“It was either that or basket weaving, and I felt that the people of Jov needed a baker more,” Siv said as she approached her old friend. “I see that Javy’s been rubbing off on you, as you seem to have grown mopey in your old age.”
Tor felt his crest perk up ever so slightly at that jab. “Hey, if I remember, wasn’t it you who told me that I should start acting my age?” he asked, placing his hands on his hips in mock anger.
“Yes, but I never expected you to take my advice!” Siv said as she rolled her eyes at the king. “It was just one of those things you say to a friend. ‘Act your age.’ ‘Don’t date your mortal enemy.’ ‘Don’t eat all the karro berry pockets.’ Never expected you to actually listen, though…”
They both stared at each other for some time until Tor couldn’t take it anymore and broke down in a fit of laughter. “Oh Siv, it’s been far too long…”
The Lady let out a few chuckles of her own, but the laughter never reached her eyes. Instead, there lurked a profound sadness there, one that made Tor’s laughter disappear as quickly as it had appeared.
“So, my friend, what doom have the spirits pronounced upon us?” Tor asked, his crest falling ever so slightly.
Siv let out a sigh, before slowly walking over to the king’s desk and taking a seat. “It’s bad. Really bad. Before, I’ve given you many ways to avoid fate’s decrees. Until this morning, I had never once seen a doom that had but one escape.”
Despite the hen’s gloomy demeanor, the king’s crest rose as he felt his heart leap in hope. “You mean there’s still a way out?”
Siv let out a weary sigh. “Yes, but it may involve the sacrifice of an innocent, and even then I cannot guarantee that your people will come out completely unscathed.” Siv fixed Tor with a stare that seemed to pierce straight through to his soul. “Are you prepared to hear the doom I would announce against you? Are you prepared for the doom that would swallow your people?”
“I am always prepared for this burden. You know that better than anyone, M’lady,” Tor said as he slowly circled his desk, then sat back down in his chair.
Siv reached into the pouch at her belt and pulled out a single memory crystal. “Then, O King of the Dawn, receive this doom, and turn it away for the sake of the living, and the sake of those yet to live,” she said as she placed the glowing red crystal on the desk.
Without hesitation, Tor reached out and took the crystal and gently prodded it with his power. His mind instantly became scorched with images of depravity and violence: Monsters and fire rained from the sky, and his people were turned into cold, unfeeling machines. Anguish washed over all of his senses, and it felt like he was being turned inside out.
Just as quickly as it had come, however, the feeling vanished. Tor now knew everything Siv had placed inside the crystal. Every torment she had experience now scarred his mind, including the way to annul the whole ghastly future.
“No… You cannot be serious…” Tor said, his voice shaking somewhat as he stared down at the crystal in disbelief.
“I am completely serious, King of the Dawn,” the Lady Siv said as she rose from her chair, stretched out her wings, and cast her gaze straight towards the heavens. “His fate is now in your hands. I pray for his sake and for ours that you will continue to be the wise king you have proven yourself to be.”
With those final words, the Lady Siv disappeared in a flash of fire, leaving behind a whiff of smoke, and a single, green feather.
Tor reached out and caught the feather in his magic before it had touched the ground, his eyes narrowed as he stared at the memento left behind. “Easy for you to say, old friend. You’re not the one who’s going to have to explain this to Ja’vail…” * * * Sir Viar looked up at the sound of flapping wings, his crest perking up ever so slightly as he recognized Tilvan and Mor. “Ho, what are you two doing back here?”
Tilvan, the superior of the two, cut a quick salute the moment he landed. “New orders, sir. We’re to reinforce you and protect the creature with our lives.”
Viar looked at the two, somewhat troubled. “Then shouldn’t you two have stayed with it? We only stayed here because The Lady wished it!”
“We did stay with it, sir,” Mor said, pointing to a particular patch of forest. A few seconds after he spoke, the bushes shook and parted to reveal the monster. It immediately spotted the group of dakri knights at the top of the cliff and gave them a short wave before approaching the ladder to its lair. “It seems to have incredibly accurate senses, and even slowed down for us once it knew that we were following it.”
Viar let out a sigh of relief before fixing the two with a searching stare. “Did either of you happen to hear Lady Siv’s vision?”
Both of them shook their heads, their crests lowering ever so slightly. “No sir. Whatever it was was pretty bad, though,” Tilvan said, watching carefully as the creature climbed its ladder to enter its cave. “I’m not an expert on the mood of The Lady, but I’d say that whatever she saw frightened her.”
Viar folded his wings as he thought about that. It wasn’t a good sign, and it made him wonder just what sort of doom was about to befall their planet. As he pondered the future, one of his drakes, Sir Isal, looked over the edge at the ladder below. “Anybody else wonder why this thing is completely okay with the fact that it’s basically under armed guard? I mean, we tried to stay hidden at first, and you remember how quickly it spotted us.”
“I do,” Viar said with a nod, but seemed to be completely unconcerned about this. “I also know that this thing is extremely intelligent, and we left plenty of clues that we were the ones that pulled it out of the river, including a note.”
Isal looked a little confused. “But if this thing isn’t even from this planet, how would it read it? I don’t think it speaks Midlander.”
Viar shook his head. “No, it doesn’t. Which was why the note was only pictures, not Midlander, Sunrise, or Nightmare. We’re trying to talk with it, not confuse it.”
“But how can we be certain that it understands pictures the same way we do? How can you be sure that it can even see in the same spectrum of light?” Isal asked, his skepticism clear on his face. “For all we know, this thing can’t see the charcoal marks on the paper, or even at all. I mean, it doesn’t exactly have irises.”
Mor looked a little confused. “If it can’t see, then how is it able to navigate so easily? I mean, it never got hit once by the undergrowth of the forest.”
“I’m thinking it probably uses echolocation, like how the Nightmare tribe would conduct their ceremonial hunts!” Isal said, his crest rising with excitement. “I’ve been reading up on them, and apparently-”
Before the excited knight could build up any steam, however, Viar cut him off with a single, light thwap to the back of Isal’s head. “Stow it, Isal. It can see, the queen was quite certain of that. In fact, from what I’ve heard from Her Majesty, it’s actually quite remarkable how similar we are on the inside.”
Isal and the other drakes that had been sent to relieve Dorn and his team all perked up at this. “The queen told you that?” they asked in unison.
“Of course she told him that,” Tilvan said, folding his wings. “She also told Dorn the same thing. We’re supposed to be guarding this thing, and how can we do that without a basic knowledge of how its mind works?”
Viar nodded in agreement. “That’s the first thing you need to know when guarding someone. The next one is their habits, but since this thing is still pretty new to all of us, we’re kind of in the dark on that one.”
The other knights all looked to him, as if expecting him to go on, though Viar didn’t look like he wanted to continue this conversation at all. He instead chose to walk back to the fire pit to inspect his gear. Finally, after a few moments of Sir Viar being completely closed-beaked, Isal’s curiosity got the better of him. “Well? How is it like us?”
Viar looked surprised at that. “It what?”
“The creature! We were just talking about it, and you suddenly started doing your best Solar Slave impression!” Isal snapped at him.
Viar shook his head before he drew his sword and began to carefully inspect the edge for any nicks. “It’s not my place to gossip,” he said, as if that ended that.
It didn’t, naturally. If anything, it made the other drakes all the more curious. “You can’t honestly just leave it at that,” Isal said, tapping his claw on the ground.
Viar took a look around at the assembled drakes, before he sighed in defeat. With one quick motion, he sheathed his blade, then reached into his belt pouch and pulled out a folded square of paper. The others all moved behind the senior knight and watched him unfold it to reveal an old-fashioned, black and white photo of a group of dakri, all gathered around the carcass of a dead boar. Isal quickly recognized a much younger Viar in the photo, and by extension, guessed at who the others were. “Your family, I gather? Was that taken during your first boar hunt?”
Viar just looked at it for a while before he folded it and took out his blade and whetstone again. “Yeah, but that’s not important. What’s important is that this thing had its own family and its own life. The queen made it clear that she didn’t understand half of what she saw in the creature’s head, but she did gather this much: It’s incredibly homesick.” The others were quiet as Viar slowly began running the whetstone over the edge of his blade, his hands as steady as a mountain, even as his voice began to crack. “She didn’t tell me much, but from what I’ve heard, I can easily guess why it doesn’t care that it’s under armed guard. It most likely only cares about one thing at this point, seeing as how everything it loves and cares about is forever out of reach.”
Sir Mor looked towards the cliff’s edge, before giving his superior officer a questioning look. “And what’s that, Sir?”
Viar looked up, before he looked back down at his blade, his stare boring into his reflection as he thought about what he had guessed. “It’s an alien, so it’s entirely possible it thinks in a completely different way than us, but I know what I would want, if our places were reversed,” he said, his eyes finally leaving his reflection as he went back to sharpening. “If I were the creature, I would want revenge.”
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What I've Become
Nightmare of the Past
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today i’ve officially been royally pissed off by a customer. everything started off smoothly. it’s sunday and our hours are 10-6. the day went by ok and me, the only technician, and the pharmacist were working together pretty well and getting stuff done and filling for PLENTY of waiters
the time is now 5:55 and we’re both ready to go home. i’m off for monday and tuesday so it’s like my own little weekend. the pharmacist and i had both been working for about a week straight. lady pulls up in the drive thru, we have one script ready for her. she says there’s supposed to be 4 new scripts the doc sent in. the doc only sent one in, and i tell her this. so she tells me to use some refills on year old scripts and i say ok.
i sent through her scripts to be filled another day. i tell her we don’t have enough time to fill 3 scripts in 3 minutes (it’s now 5:57). she said “well i’m here now so”. i said ok well we close in 3 minutes and i have 3 other people to take care of. again, she she says “ok well i’m here now”. at this point i’m already fed up and just hang up the phone and tell the pharmacist to handle it because i have other things to do before we go. i hear him tell her the same thing, we don’t have enough time. then i hear him get repeatedly interrupted when he goes to speak. then i hear him say “you know what, i tried to be nice. we’re not filling the scripts. have a good day”. he then tells her his name and the number for corporate and hangs up
i finished ringing up a customer and she is still sitting there on the phone with corporate. there’s someone literally sitting behind her. i tell her she needs to get out the line. she immediately starts yelling and i have to tell her not nicely she needs to get out or i’m calling the cops. she just keeps arguing. i’m pissed so i just march out the pharmacy and get shift lead. by the time we get back the dude from drive thru had just come in, thankfully. shift lead essentially told her the same thing. we ain’t filling it. 6:00 rolled by and i shut the window in her face. took the trash out and we went home. now i’ll enjoy my personal weekend
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Hi there I'm Skyler. 23 years old for now but when I look back in time I see some red flags or maybe "pink flags" that I was meant for a life of just a bit effeminacy.
Many people called my personality effeminate/feminine even before I knew those scholastic words. They knew I was gay before I knew. Also of course most of my friends were girls.
Some people have asked if I was trans but I have no burning desire to be a lady so I guess I'm not.
I enjoy things like being told what to eat at a restaurant, to always be near so a hand can easily and quickly be on my waist, would even change my hair color an take his last name.
Enjoy chastity would rather my dick be as small as possible as all times. I consider it simply decoration on me.
For past 8 years cum from anal only tried topping ended up only feeling it in my ass. Never was pulled to touch my genitals never thought of even measuring it until I was like 19 and someone asked 5-6 inches but wouldn't mind if it was microscopic honestly.
If I pee I avoid holding it I'm not a chaotic sprayer. If my partner wanted me to top Id do it out of my love for him but I myself am cool dying never topping again.
Love self improvement in all areas of life. So far trained myself to keep my legs behind my head for 2 minutes and splits. I want to be as good of a bitch for my sweetie man as much as possible.
Body have work hard to remain slim it has been hard no lie on my own but want to be as petite as possible. I'm 5'7" 130ish pounds Can't shave due to living with family.
Kinks: size difference, size comparison, age gaps, body worship, rimming (especially receiving), chastity, feminization, rough sex, dirty talk, sloppy oral, spit, musk, sweat, scent, abuse, non-con, discipline, power gaps, choking, manhandling, breeding, spanking, slapping, hair-pulling, romance, kissing, cuddling and more.
Personal interests: science, history, yoga philosophy, classical to trance music, video games whether fighting/racing or mmorpgs like world of warcraft/guild wars 2 prefer multiplayer. Ice skating, volleyball, laser tag, and tennis an much more.
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