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This subreddit is for metaphysical shops to be able to promote their businesses and gain new customers! ‼️‼️Buyer beware!!‼️‼️ if you buy from someone and it’s not up to your standards please DM the seller directly! Any bashing will be deleted and you will be ban! If you are a tarot reader, please message mods about verification BEFORE posting! If you don’t we will message you and delete post

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A place for beautiful images of rocks and minerals

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Sparkles for All!

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We sell crystals, altar supplies, all things tarot!
use this code to get 15% off!:
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2023.05.28 06:59 fig_art i want to make an artistically engraved piece, just on a flat slab of wood about the size of a desk top. example image of desired results enclosed

i want to make an artistically engraved piece, just on a flat slab of wood about the size of a desk top. example image of desired results enclosed

i want to do this sort of thing myself on a wide, long, flat piece of wood. one day maybe make it the top of a desk. i'd like to know how to do designs with the level of geometric precision as this (i admit i may not be skilled enough for the execution but that's my skill issue to deal with) as well as even straight linear grooves. i do geometric art on paper and digitally, but haven't worked often with wood. this is a piece i'm willing to put a lot of effort, money, and time into, i'd only like to use power tools if it's a necessity but i'm very inexperienced so im open to it.
here are questions:
  • how would i go about preparing the wood to be engraved. like, would it be optimal to draw on it in pencil or such before making the grooves?
  • what type of wood to use - pretty enough but easy to carve?
  • tools to use in general, as well as any for precise fixing of small imperfections?
  • how to preserve the finished work - some kind of finish and varnish?
  • how to smoothen the grooves if necessary?
  • would it be wise to sand the wood for the smoothest look? should i do that before or after the engraving?
  • i'll cross this bridge when i get there but i would like to embed the grooves with some material, idk fake gold or crushed stone or something, anything i should do differently if i decide to do that?
  • any additional thoughts, comments, etc?
input is much appreciated ♥
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2023.05.25 17:31 SirMademoiselle Newcomer, woke up obsessed?!

Newcomer, woke up obsessed?!
Hey y’all! I’m looking for advice and maybe some commiseration in my experience because I’m kinda surprised and curious. To cut to the chase, about two weeks ago I woke up and became obsessed with crystals.
I was out on a walk on a beautiful day and went to a little African shop to buy some Black Soap, but it also had lots of jewelry and I ended up buying an orgone pendant with clear quartz in it on a whim. It was cool to look at but I really had no idea about it. The next day I couldn’t stop thinking of needing protection, and I started looking up things for that and I found a shungite pendant on Etsy and bought it immediately. It arrived very quickly because the supplier was in my city so I think I got it the next day. I’ve been wearing it everyday since along with the orgone pendant and have been constantly thinking about crystals since! And I mean constantly. I’ve been carrying them in my pockets and wearing as much of them as I can. I’ve always been into the metaphysical and have collected some crystals over the years (mostly from friends and happenstance) but I never really gave them a second thought. I didn’t really get why people were into them besides thinking they were fun to look at. But now it’s like they’re talking to me. I definitely feel the energy of them and have been doing a ton of research on all of them and have a couple more orders of bracelets and things on the way. (I got a selenite tower yesterday after feeling compelled to do so for dayssss).
Has anyone else has had a similar experience? It’s really taken me by storm and I’m just so surprised.
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2023.05.25 00:02 theorginalangel26 My boyfriend is coming around

I know I had a post a while ago about my boyfriend being atheist (which I should of corrected and said he’s more of a non witchcraft believer and does believe in some higher power concepts but not exactly Christian so I apologize because that’s opposite of an atheist ) deep breath anyways …. Today he took me to one of my favorite metaphysical shops and bought me a peacock feather and a moonstone raven to add to my Lilith altar. I just wanted to share because it’s nice to have support even though we have different belief systems he hasn’t made too many comments either he’s just kind of like okay well I know you like this . So anyways that was my share 🥹🫠 sorry for the ramble ramble
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2023.05.24 15:26 AnxiousCryptid 3 Foot Tall Brass Giraffe

3 Foot Tall Brass Giraffe
Found 2nd hand at a metaphysical shop
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2023.05.22 23:23 hhhej Help type my friend based upon this questionnaire

  1. How do you work? Why do people go to work? Are there any parameters that determine whether you can do work or not? What are they?
I can be very lazy and cut corners at times. At work I often prefer to take a lax approach. I don’t . If I’m extremely motivated to do something, either out of social pressure or social reward, or the opportunities it will open up, then I can work hard. I also have ADHD, which influences my work ethic and motivation, but I’ve noticed that the veil of limitations has lifted recently.
  1. How do you determine the quality of work? How do you determine the quality of a purchase? Do you pay any attention to it?
Quality of work depends on the end product. I think there’s a clear correlation between the amount of time you spend on something and how it turns out at the end. The process is important, especially in the scenario that you’re being supervised, but what really matters is the tangible output at the end.
  1. There is a professional next to you. How do you know they are a professional? How do you evaluate their skill?
The first indication that someone is a professional is if other people around them regard them as a professional, which also depends on how reliable those people’s opinions are. If I hear what they say, and it seems both reasonable, insightful, and something that hasn’t been regurgitated a million times, then I respect that person and trust their skills.
  1. If you struggle to do something, how do you fix that? Do you know if your performance is better or worse than others? I am typically aware of other people’s performance relative to my performance, and it’s something I use to calculate benchmarks. If I’m lagging behind, I often lose confidence. If I’m leagues ahead, I tend to get a big head. Oftentimes, if I can tell that I’m going to struggle, I won’t touch on it if I don’t need to. I’m a chronic procrastinator. If I’m struggling to do something, I tend to start at the beginning and work through it as I can. When I come upon something I don’t know, and it seems tackle-able, I tend to look up information that is as close and accurate to my specific problem as possible. If it seems too much, I skip it and come back to it later.
  2. How do you measure the success of a job? What standard do you use? Do you pay attention to it? When should you deviate from this standard? It depends on the area. If I don’t like it (which is often), then it is not good, regardless of whatever anyone else says. Artistically, I’m always open to well-thought out criticism. If I think something is good, then I’m incredibly sensitive to other people’s opinions. I think my most ‘authentic’ measurement of success is definitely connected to how I feel about it. Meta-analysis: Something I say a lot is if it works, it works. If something is right, then it’s right. It’s not that hard.
Section 2 1. What is a whole? Can you identify its parts? Are the parts equivalent to the whole?
I’m currently reading and taking notes on a book from the 80s about systems analysis and design, which covers primarily computer systems but also goes over corporations and biological systems. (It is very rare for me to have this sort of diligence, also related to the ADHD thing.) What the book says, and what I agree with, is that you can zoom in and out on any system and find partitions of subsystems within it, or see how that system is just part of a larger system.
I don’t really tend to think about this stuff consciously nor do I telegraph it. I trust my ability to see how something falls apart and works together as it comes up, and I don’t really feel sensitive about my ability to do that. Obviously, the parts aren’t equivalent to the whole.
  1. What does "logical" mean? What is your understanding? Do you think that it correlates with the common view? How do you know you are being logical?
I don’t think about logic in this way. If it’s right, it’s right. “Right” in this scenario includes both the conclusion itself, the implications it has on other pieces of information, and its own validity and consistency. I thin
I’m usually a contrarian, or at least the person most willing to question the common view. I tend to ask a lot more questions that I answer, usually just internally. If I think it’s really important, I can bring it up to others. I tend to think about a topic for a long time, gathering different perspectives and information, whether logical, sociological, ethical, emotional, blah blah, and use it to craft what I believe to be the most ‘logical’ thing.
I think a good way to think about logic for me is that it just needs to be reasonable and applicable to how we make decisions in the future. Your perspective should ONLY be based upon true things and it should exclude false things. I think a lot about Type I and Type II errors in statistics regarding this.
  1. What is hierarchy? Give examples of hierarchies. Do you need to follow it? Why or why not? Explain how hierarchy is used in a system you are familiar with. A hierarchy is some sort of vertical organization of objects that have different roles and a flow of ‘something.’ The objects can be people or ideas or things, and the flow of something can be energy, tasks, information, or whatever. The organization doesn’t need to be well-defined or consciously decided. Hierarchy is important for getting stuff done. If I can see the necessity of the hierarchy and I like how it’s organized, I have no qualms following it (or if I’m afraid of punishment). I tend to do things my own way and what I think is most reasonable if I think it doesn’t matter that much. Social hierarchies are very clear to see. In bigger groups, there’s always going to be someone who talks more, whose opinions and actions influence people more, and so on. Then there are the people close to them that ‘they choose,’ and then people that are well liked, and then, if the situation permits, people that are not liked.
  2. What is classification? How does classification work? Why is it needed and where is it applied? Give examples. Classification is putting stuff into groups depending on whatever you choose as the trait of classifying stuff. This is related to hierarchies too. Classifying, for me, is first dependent on what you’re classifying and why. Then, from that, you can determine the important traits from the objects you’re looking at. There are always hiccups, and you have to use your own discernment to decide how to organize things. Again, the why matters here, because certain organizations may be more important for a scenario than others.
Classification is a way to more easily navigate information and to detect if there are other similarities between objects in the same groups, or groups between each other. One recent example of this was an abstract algebra class I took. A big part of it is classifying groups and their properties.
  1. Are your ideas consistent? How do you know they are consistent? How do you spot inconsistency in others' ideas?
I don’t think I’m very consistent when it comes to ideas. I sometimes contradict myself, and I recognize that I contradict myself, but I usually don’t admit it. I think this is mostly because I tackle issues as they come up, applying my abstract internal judgment system to whatever the situation is, which lends its hand to inconsistency.
I tend to not focus on other people’s consistencies, but I notice them from time to time. I think acting on them usually leads down a rabbit hole. If I participate in an argument or a discussion, my goal usually is to convince the other person that I’m right. If someone has a supreme insight, though, I can be completely convinced of their perspective.
Meta-analysis: This type of information is definitely an internal thing for me. I don’t like meshing with other people’s ideas for systems and it’s really hard for me to get on board with a system I think is poorly designed. I think many people would see my way of organization as inefficient, but these people usually lack some characteristic of insight and perception to see that things aren’t so clearly delineated. I might just be blabbing here, though.
Section 3 1. Can you press people? What methods do you use? How does it happen? I could press people. It depends on how close you are with someone or not. For example, I smoke weed a lot. But I’m underage! Gasp! So, obviously I need to get on the good side of people and warm up to them before I can ask them to buy me that mary jane. Part of this is being present, being willing to do favors for them, and being amicable and friendly. I don’t really like pressuring people, though, but I’ll do it if I really want something.
  1. How do you get what you want? What do you do if you have to work to get what you want? It’s a combination of long-term telegraphing and looking at the opportunities I can go after immediately. The in-between isn’t really something I’m good at. Everything is dependent on the opinions of other people. Usually, my thought process for this stuff has always been that I need to have ‘tangible evidence’ that I’m worthy or valuable enough to be taken on for a position. For theater stuff, this means being in productions, writing stuff, directing, doing lights/sound. I wanted to be a director for a long time, which I’m reconsidering, so this stuff has always been sensitive. I tend to focus on the meaning of a job or role and how it can apply to my future as opposed to actually doing it. I often “do stuff to have done it, rather than to do it.”
  2. How do you deal with opposition? What methods do you use to defend your interests? I tend to measure up my worth and how people think of me as opposed to whoever my opposition is. If I can sense that it’s extremely unlikely I’ll come out on top, I usually concede. I also tend to be democratic if it seems right. This doesn’t mean I WANT to concede, though. I usually hold onto my opinions and placate my frustrations depending on how much ‘power’ I have and how it will be responded to. I don’t really have a consistent or reliable approach to this sort of stuff.
  3. When do you think it's ok to occupy someone's space? Do you recognize it?
I feel like it’s easy to tell when someone is encroaching on my space or on someone else’s space, and it’s something I notice really easily. I don’t think it’s the end of the world, but it’s something to be mindful of when it comes to politeness. Sometimes it’s necessary to get people moving or to change their demeanor to be appropriate to the situation. It’s good to be mindful of it.
  1. Do others think you are a strong-willed person? Do you think you have a strong will? I think I swallow a lot. I complain here and there, usually not seriously, but that’s it. I think I can crumple easily if I don’t have support from people around me. Not emotionally, but tangible support. I have a lot of bright ideas, and I feel like when I finally latch onto something that inspires motivation and energizes me, I’ll have a lot of will to complete it. It also depends on who’s around me.
Meta-analysis: I think my will really depends on my mood and the current situation I’m in. Having financial, emotional, social etc. support really changes how comfortable I feel doing something.
Section 4 1. How do you satisfy your physical senses? What examples can you give? What physical experiences are you drawn to?
I think the three big things when it comes to those internal sensations are music, food, and weed. I really enjoy high-energy songs with clear emotions and feelings that you can really ride behind. Those songs I feel in my gut. Food is food. Everyone likes food. I’m not very good at cooking, but I like the feeling of being full. Weed is also weed. I like to smoke, I like that it makes me feel lighter internally and less stressed out. It also gives you brain fog and a loss of memory, but everything is a trade off.
Recently I’ve been very focused on satisfying the comfort of my body. I scrub hard in the shower, I wash my face and hair and hate the feeling of being greasy. I lotion my entire body almost every time after I shower, as well as my face. I have a peppermint foot lotion I literally depend on.
I think I tend to go towards lower energy when it comes to purely physical things, like food and rest and weed. I like being chilled out. I also like feeling those intense internal emotions from art.
  1. How do you find harmony with your environment? How do you build a harmonious environment? What happens if this harmony is disturbed? I like having a clean, organized space. Which is rare. I like walking into other people’s houses and rooms and seeing how they decorated it. I hate open-space plans. I need dorms and rooms and coziness. I need people to not be able to see me from wherever they are in the house. If harmony is disturbed, I think I just deal with it and change it only if I have the energy to.
  2. What does comfort mean to you? How do you create it? When stuff just feels good. I like feeling moisturized and clean. I like it when things are just comfortable and easy without trying. I usually tend to go to organized, clean spaces for comfort.
  3. How do you express yourself in your hobbies? How do you engage yourself with those things? I do theater, overall. I have done small-scale directing, writing, and set/lighting design. I really like telling a ‘story’ with whatever medium it is. For a set, the colors, positioning, lights, shapes, etc. all have a role to play in the natural sensation the audience gets from the performance subconsciously. It’s the same for lighting and design. For directing, I do the same sort of thing with blocking and context. So much of a performance really is the little things. For me, expressing myself is much less about ‘me’ in these scenarios and instead about what I create. If someone can look at something I’ve made and see it as valuable and intriguing, then that reflects on me as being valuable and intriguing. I really love acting and performance, and that’s really when I ‘let loose.’ It’s hard for me to do that if everyone is on equal playing ground. I need to be actually really performing where I’m the center of attention. I usually like 2000s pop songs for this, like Britney or Katy Perry, with those clear emotions.
  4. Tell us how you'd design any room, house or an office. Do you do it yourself, or trust someone else to do it? Why? I tend to start off with blank slate stuff. If I see something I like when I’m out and about, then I pick it up. If it’s purely ‘my space,’ I would prefer that other people don’t really incorporate much into it. I like it when the blank canvas is something that already has a sort of image, though. In a relationship or living with someone I like, I think collaborating would be fun. Meta-analysis: I have pretty low needs and standards when it comes to living. I like having nice things, but I’m pretty careless with them, so my instinct is always to buy something secondhand.
Section 5 1. Is it acceptable to express emotions in public? Give examples of inappropriate expression of emotions. This ties back to the thing about taking over someone’s space. It is what it is. It all depends on the scenario. If something seems inappropriate I usually try to sway someone back to the realm of what is appropriate. I think there are times when it’s difficult for me to gauge what is and what isn’t appropriate when other people are the leading people in an interaction. This ties back to Type I and Type II errors. There are times when someone does something I thought was inappropriate but is well-received. I feel like when I do the same sort of thing, it’s not received as well. Of course, there are times when I tend to be inappropriately loud or excited or take up too much space, but this isn’t super common for me. 2. How do you express your emotions? Can you tell how your expressions affect others in a positive or negative way? I tend to really only come out with positive emotions when I’m participating in a sort of general, democratic, easy scenario. If I’m with closer friends, I can be more dramatic. I like to push people’s buttons and to engage in their psychology if it’s a good time. Like when I’m drunk. I might say something that I kinda know is going to not get a good response but I try it out anyway. It’s easy for me to tell if something was received well or not. People will hesitate or they’ll be forward about how they feel. I love being the center of attention, though! 3. Are you able to change your demeanor in order to interact with your environment in a more or less suitable way? How do you determine what is suitable? My natural state with this type of situation is aloofness. This can be very off-putting to some people, who feel like they can’t ‘read me.’ I’ve had someone say that I am a very coy and private person, but that I also have a lot of intrigue. In certain scenarios, when there are clearly defined ‘rules’ for interaction, then it’s much easier for me to modify my demeanor to what’s expected. If I’m expecting these rules, and someone else breaks them, then I try to figure out how I can best deal with the situation. 4. In what situations do you feel others' feelings? Can you give examples of when you wanted to improve the mood of others? I really only notice other people’s feelings when I’m empathetic. Everyone occupies the entire range of human emotions at some point in their lives. I don’t get upset at people for having a different emotion than mine at the time (usually, though there are times where it’s inappropriate) but it’s hard for me to connect then. I like improving people’s moods if I notice that I’m the one who has the upper hand, and that people will follow more easily. Usually when I’m drunk. I’m very happy if I can make someone feel comfortable successfully. I usually connect to people emotionally when it comes to philosophy or something like that, or if something is going wrong with their lives. I’ve had experience with stuff, so my advice is usually going to be more practical, in the sense that emotional trials and tribulations depend on your circumstances and perspective, and that it’s all a journey. 5. How do others' emotions affect you? How does your internal emotional state correlate or contrast with what you express? People’s emotions can affect me if I’m really connected to the person, but otherwise no. I can feign excitement or concern if necessary, even if that’s not what I feel inside. Oftentimes my social battery is too depleted for that. Meta-analysis: I feel like this ignores the internal feeling of emotional state and thus removes half of the conversation about this element.
Section 6 1. How can you tell how much emotional space there is between yourself and others? How can you affect this space? I can just tell. I know what’s appropriate and I can usually predict how someone will respond to a request, either from myself or from others. I can usually tell who likes who and who doesn’t like who. I’m not necessarily good at predicting how two people will interact, really only if I know that they won’t get along. So I usually need evidence from someone to see in terms of this person “showing their colors.” 2. How do you determine how much you like or dislike someone else? How does this affect your relationships? I usually jump to these conclusions somewhat easily. I can tell if someone is trustworthy or not in a very vague sense. If I dislike someone, there are definitely times where I am extremely critical and compound transgression upon transgression upon them. There are also times when I learn something about someone that makes me realize that they’re really not that bad, and I feel a little weakening in my heart. I think I’m overall just hesitant to really give myself to other people if I haven’t determined that they really have my best intentions. There are definitely people that think we’re much closer than we actually are. 3. How do you move from a distant relationship to a close one? What are the distinguishing characteristics of a close relationship? I find opportunities to get closer to someone and reach out. I usually wait for other people to express some sort of interest, and the way I persuade them to express interest is by being interesting and intriguing. Then I can reciprocate interest, if I’m interested in the other person. For me, my friendships have typically been more focused around fun and doing stuff together. I’ve never been very interested in group therapy or expressing my deeper feelings. I think this is something I would do more likely with a romantic partner. I usually don’t say I have ‘close friends.’ I think the distinguishing factor is if I feel close or not. I am a huge flirt. When I’m in close range with someone and I’m confident of their interest in me, I have no issue really exploring that area of feeling and seeing how they respond. I like the tension and electricity that comes with flirting. 4. How do you know that you are a moral person? Where do you draw your morality from? Do you believe others should share your beliefs on what's moral? Why? I have my own rules for ethics and morals that again, aren’t super totally consistent. My morality comes from whatever I think people should or shouldn’t do. I tend to focus a lot on intention rather than the effect, mostly because people are obsessed with talking about how the effect is more important than the intention. I think this is a very loserish cop-out from people thinking deeply about situations and other people, and instead focusing on their own pain. I think people should be more selfless and open to the world. People that use the phrases ‘bad people’ and ‘good people’ are stupid and worthy (dramatic, I know) to hear my opinions about morality, because their line of thinking is so simple and locally/personally focused as opposed to globally. It’s focused on their feelings. I think focusing on your feelings in that scenario is something to look down on. I don’t share my beliefs because they tend to be more contentious. I’m also morally inconsistent. Sometimes I care, sometimes I don’t. I still think those people are stupid though. 5. Someone you care about is acting distant to you. How do you know when this attitude is a reflection of your relationship? I usually assume it’s something related to me. Or, at the very least, it’s something I don’t want to deal with. If I’m annoyed or think this person is being over-the-top, I’ll prod at them until they blow up so that we can have an honest conversation instead of beating around the bush. That being said, I usually am the person to distance myself and beat around the bush. I used to have a lot of social anxiety and really focused on how other people would receive my stuff, but I’ve started to care less now. My answer is that I don’t really care if this reflects on our relationship, because whatever needs to happen probably will. Meta-analysis: I normally feel a gut/heart/stomach sensation thinking about this type of information. If there’s tension, I can really feel it.
Section 7 1. How can you tell someone has the potential to be a successful person? What qualities make a successful person and why? Successful people are those who work hard consistently and are aware of their role in the community around them. They need to be useful at the bare minimum - whatever the definition of useful is in that scenario. Being well-liked can be helpful but it’s not necessary for all scenarios. ‘Success’ I think is very much connected to the realm of other people. I feel like, a lot of the time, you can only be successful if you are deemed successful by a certain group of people. I think a component of seeing someone successful is that sense of ‘awe’ you feel when you look at them. 2. Where would you start when looking for a new hobby? How do you find new opportunities and how do you choose which would be best? I rarely actively look for new hobbies. I already have a lot of them on my plate: performing, writing, typology, math, and surely some other things. I’m a hungry monster for knowledge. I only really come across a new hobby if it crosses my path and I see that I like it. The only time I suppose I go ‘searching for hobbies’ is when I go thrift shopping for books, unsure of what I’ll come across. Seeking out opportunities is just looking on job boards or on other things you know and seeing what’s out there. Is it realistic? Do you have the skills to do them? Would you enjoy the job/people? 3. How do you interpret the following statement: "Ideas don't need to be feasible in order to be worthwhile." Do you agree or disagree, and why? I think perspective is a very important tool. I think ideas need to be useful in some facet. I think an idea for the sake of an idea is silly if it has no purpose. I enjoy new, creative ideas that show some new way of imagining the world, and I enjoy ideas that have practical benefits and improve the lives of people. Some ideas aren’t immediately useful but have potential, or at least show that inkling of having a new take on an old topic. 4. Describe your thought process when relating the following ideas: swimming, chicken, sciences. Do you think that others would draw the same or different connections? The idea clearly is to conduct some study about chickens swimming. My thought process was to read the words and then come up with the idea. Swimming and chickens, and then seeing the word science made it clear. Chickens swim. Science + chicken swimming. I’m sure anyone would say the same. This is so silly. 5. How would you summarize the qualities that are essential to who you are? What kind of potential in you has yet to be actualized and why? I think I have a wide variety of characteristics and traits I exhibit depending on the environment and the people around me. I can imagine that twenty different people would have vastly different ideas of who I am, and would like/dislike me at a variety of intensities. Some see me as very reserved, others as brash and reactive. Some as studious and some as careless. I often define myself through the ideas that other people have of me. One thing that I think is unifying is my search for knowledge and better understanding. I like being smart and knowing things. I like being able to discuss stuff and construct my own perspective that I can share with other people. I’m a very cerebral and mental person, and I spend a lot of time thinking about everything. I feel like what needs to be actualized is my presence and personality with others. I always imagine myself on a talk show, being vocal and expressive and revealing my inner, exciting world. That’s partially why I want to become famous. So people can listen to me talk and say what I want to say. I’d like to do this either as a celebrity or an artist or a professor presenting at a conference. Another thing has to do with my work ethic and diligence. I can feel myself becoming more responsible as life goes on, so I’m seeing that that will lead somewhere. Meta-analysis: Some of these questions are silly and seem to be very shallow interpretations of this IME.
Section 8 1. How do people change? Can you describe how various events change people? Can others see those changes? Interacting with the world inspires change. The thing about life is that it isn’t an experiment and it can never be made an experiment. An experiment requires a controlled environment with testing for isolated variables. We obviously can’t do that. Every single moment of time is different, with different events in different contexts with different people happening all the time. You can never do something the same way twice. Point is, people are impressionable. Our subconscious minds are extremely powerful and influence us in ways that we don’t ever think of. Something happens to someone, it causes a certain emotion (sometimes the emotion can be related to receiving factual information), and then they accept it into themselves. Other people obviously see the changes, duh. Not everyone notices it consciously, but changes are noticeable, yes, obviously. 2. How do you feel and experience time? Can time be wasted? How? The ‘instantaneous moment’ isn’t real. Your brain needs time to process what is happening in the present. The world you taste and touch and smell isn’t real either. Information isn’t real. Information exists in our brains because we have sense organs that interpret the world around us. Your apple isn’t red. In fact, your apple isn’t even a color. We just made that up to name the wavelengths of light that we can perceive.
I think you could consider your brain an organ that senses time. I’m not even sure what this stupid question is asking. Time is happening all the time and it’s impossible to imagine a universe where time isn’t happening. This is actually the world of photons. Because they occupy the maximum speed limit of the universe, everything relative to them is frozen. Every single frame of their lives are happening at the same time. Fascinating, huh?
I lose track of time just like everyone else, maybe even more often. Time can be wasted in the same sense that food can be wasted. The energy is still there and it’s being consumed by something, even if it wasn’t the purpose you wanted to use it for. Everything is all about how people interpret it. You don’t need to “do” anything in the world. You don’t need to brush your teeth. But you need to do something to achieve a purpose. You need to brush your teeth if you want to have them when you’re 70 years old.
  1. Is there anything that cannot be described with words? What is it? If so, how can we understand what it is if language does not work?
Words are only vessels to communicate ideas. Language is nothing but a man-made tool. I think it’s fascinating that practically every language on Earth is communicated using the mouth. There are certain ideas whose intricacies and nuances can’t be properly explained by words. By extension, I think it’s appropriate to say that there are certain types of ideas or relationships between ideas that some people will always be unable to detect because they aren’t predisposed to detecting that type of abstract, psychic information.
In fact, language itself requires an innate intuition. Just like moving your body parts. How do you know what the word ‘is’ means? How do you teach someone to move their arms? No one has your brain or your senses, so it’s impossible to really know if they’re feeling exactly what you are. You can explain these sorts of internal cognitive sensations, and the idea can only be properly communicated if the other person knows what you’re talking about and can meet you halfway.
I often use metaphors to explain what I’m thinking. A lot of the time, the purpose of the metaphor is to describe the ‘sensation of emotion’ I’m feeling. A lot of this has to do with that feeling of momentum or acceleration. The words you choose are important: there’s no such thing as a perfect synonym. Everything impacts the sensation that someone else feels.
  1. How do you anticipate events unfolding? How can you observe such unfoldments in your environment? I don’t like to say that I predict the future or anything because I don’t think that’s totally accurate. In the past, when I was fretted with social anxiety and spent my social time trying to predict what would happen, I would agree with that. But now that I’m not focused on that sort of stuff, it is what it is. Here’s what I’ll say: if I can feel that something is going to affect the future, I know basically exactly what impact it will have. The premise is a necessary condition for the consequent.
  2. In what situations is timing important? How do you know the time is right to act? How do you feel about waiting for the right moment? Like I said before, life isn’t an experiment, and every single moment is different. Timing is important when it affects the outcome to a degree that you care about. A lot of the time this is related to business or people, things that are actively moving and changing. People are fickle, and the marketplace is extremely fickle. The right time to act is the time that feels right. I usually have a few different things floating in the back of my head when I make a decision, and I think it’s more common for me to glob them all up into a feeling instead of thinking about them individually. I have always hated waiting in the past for the right moment, mostly because I felt like I was never going to get to a place where I felt competent enough or had the resources to take what I want. I hated having limitations, like not being really free until you become an adult and can get a fulltime job.
Meta-analysis: I’m someone who thinks a lot about this bridging of the physical world and the metaphysical world. I do it more on a novice level just because I’m not willing to read books on the material or discuss with scholars about it. My interpretation is the one I like.
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2023.05.22 20:15 SabrinaTheMedium Experience working in a metaphysical shop?

Hi everyone! Could anyone share their experiences as working at a metaphysical shop as a medium? I have an opportunity to work in a shop but I am curious about other people's experiences and feelings towards working in one.
Thank you so much ☺️
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2023.05.21 18:03 swingerlover MAGICKAL INFLUENCES AND PRINCIPLES OF HERMETICISM #Astrology #HermeticMagick #HermeticQabalah #Kabbalah #Qabalah

MAGICKAL INFLUENCES AND PRINCIPLES OF HERMETICISM #Astrology #HermeticMagick #HermeticQabalah #Kabbalah #Qabalah
Hermeticism means religious and spiritual movement that took place after the Greek victory of Egypt lead by Alexander the Great in 332 BCE. Hermeticism is a term that frequents historical, occult and scholarly texts of all sorts.
In a nutshell, the Hermetic movement was a culturally mixed rejoinder to the syncretism of spiritual practices of the day, particularly the ancient Greco-Roman as well as the Egyptian religious systems. Cosmologies, philosophies and magickal practices from the mentioned systems and other blended and mingled, finally forming a unique drift of thought and practice. Actually, Hermeticism is not a “religion” by general definition but is better known as a spiritual and philosophical movement.
It is improbable to study the development of mysticism and magic in the Western world without some knowledge of Hermeticism. That is exactly why Pagans, Witches, magicians and occultists can hugely benefit from understanding a bit of the history. Ultimately, it is part of our own holy lineage!
The hermetic element includes astrology, alchemy, astronomy, spellcraft, natural magick, mystical philosophy, planetary magick, elemental magick as well as the metaphysical correspondences of incenses, herbs, gemstones, animals, days of the week, and body parts. Many occult and religious movements came up and kept growing, from Hermetic soil and practically all magickal ways have been affected to some extent by Hermeticism.
The Hermetic Threads

  • The Cosmic Egg
There are various curious odd crossovers and relationships between Greco-Roman culture, the traditional Jewish Kabbalah and the ancient Egyptian culture. For beginners, the symbolism of the Cosmic Egg exists in Greek mythology just like the Orphic Egg. The Greek myth is that the entire universe was birthed just from a silver egg. The egg is always portrayed with a serpent well coiled around it. Due to Egypt’s enormous impact on the Western world, it is quite probable that the Greeks borrowed this symbolism from the Egyptian story of creation.
In case the yolk of the Cosmic Egg is completely Positive (evident) Presence, its white or albumen, is similar to the Areas of negative being in the Kabbalistic sense.
The Tarot
Most occultists hold that the tarot has made its route to Europe from India as they came from Egypt. The studious consent is that the tarot was founded in Italy early 15th Century by the secretary to Filippo Maria Visconti (Marziano da Tortona). Nevertheless, a likely early Egyptian model for the cards, or at least some of their thoughts, has been proposed.
The Caduceus
Both Hermes and the Hermes Trismegistus are described as having the caduceus wand. Basically, the caduceus is a symbol that was used in ancient Greco-Roman advancement. It is described as a wand bearing a Ketheric light, wings at its top, as well as two snakes, are well curled around the rod. This snake imagery is comparable to the Vedic idea of the kundalini, which is a force of the human energy system expressed as serpents rising around the spine right from the base chakra and to the crown chakra. It is known that the esoteric education of kundalini is most widespread in Shakta Tantric schools of Hinduism.
Seven Principles of Hermeticism.
The seven principles of Hermeticism as known in new Hermetic thought are of critical concern to the spiritual practitioner due to their weight on the mind, body and spirit relationship.
Readers used to the contemporary witchcraft and other magickal practices are likely to appreciate esoteric crossovers in their own philosophical structure. The principles discussed, are quite fit for magickal lives and anyone adopting an emotionally inspired spiritual system.
1. The Principle of Mentalism
All things in actuality and physical being originate from the mental plane. Usually, the mind of humans is a representation of the supreme mind and is the root of all psychic and rational power. The only important thing, in actuality, is the mind- from which everything in existence derives.
With time, try actively changing your state of mind to understand how much your personal experience improves. This existential practice needs a lot of perseverance and a lot of practice; however, it can surely help us appreciate the power of thought.
2. The Principle of Correspondence
The principle states that as above, so below; as below, so above. This implies that existence is sustained through similar forces, being the source of spiritual mystery. The principles of one thing match with the principles of a different thing meaning that reality works just like a mirror.
How should you put this into practice?
Get to YouTube and try to watch some videos regarding the cosmos. Have a great time examining the universe, leaving to instill that natural sense of surprise we usually feel like kids. Later, study videos regarding quantum and atoms mechanics. Take into account how the Great above compares with the Great Below. With this, the incredible accomplishments might amaze you!
3. The Principle of Vibration
In reality, nothing is physically constant. Everything is vibrating or is a pattern of energy. Since nothing is fixed or static, the only constant changes. Everything is a sign of the Great Mind and the vibration is the basis that anything can live as its “own” separate thing (a river, a book, a thought, etc.) rather than remaining one.
To actualize this, get an old chipped cup, vase or plate that is no longer used. With the use of paint or a permanent marker, take the object and outline some of the magickal figures listed here. When you are set, go somewhere that you can release the object, enabling it to shatter. Once it is shattered, do some divination by checking the pieces to find out whether they form any symbol that is psychologically significant to you individually. In addition, think of the reality of transformation as the only constant in existence.
4. The Principle of Polarity
In this context, it is known that reality is duality. Just like the principle yin and yang (Taoist principle), this states that everything has its corresponding opposite though is a section of the same unity. Due to the fact that all of existence is polarized, both antithesis and thesis (one thing and its absolute opposite) are concurrently true and untrue— this is a global paradox that levels thoughts of absolutes in any sphere of life.
To put this into practice, you should study with a local college or school concerning public debates you may be capable of attending. Contrarily, check some debates online that you may personally feel an unbiased emotional response. Regardless of the type of debate, try to understand each party’s conflicting viewpoints. Is it likely that each party can be both wrong and right concurrently?
5. The Principle of Rhythm
Some occurrences like action and reaction, the ascent and descent of the tide of the sea as well as the life cycle of birth and the ultimate death account for the principle of rhythm. It insists that nothing ever lives as one of its polarities though it is always varying. Understanding this, an individual can consciously decide not to fall to one ultimate or another in any field of life.
To put this into practice, you need to test the elements. The responsive souls incarnated in a humans frame, we are just at the grace of the elements surrounding us. We need to always be balanced to keep a footing in life. Think of what it would seem or feel to run your finger fast through a candle flame for the sake of finding a threshold for some amount of pain. Also, imagine the methods we human beings harness electricity and fire to improve our lives, and how we need to keep a balance before it turns out as a force that can catch us. Be creative by rehearsing with your thresholds encompassing the components water, air, and earth—simply be careful!
6. The Principle of Cause and Effect
The principle states that nothing happens by chance; everything takes place because of something else. You can either decide to act as a social chess piece for others’ desires, whims, conditionings and norms or one can decide to both take power over and individualize their own thoughts, bodies, emotions, actions and experiences.
Here, you need to strategically rest in a sacred place and imagine about various seasons in your life where you may have “committed” some energy and could still be connected by an astral string that cuts through space and time. With the use of any suitable magickal tools, sever any hurtful energetic cordages from your body. Imagine them reverting to their individual space-time with a prominent blast of light and supply your body with this universal light as you deal with each connection. Go easy on yourself and remember that healing is a lifetime path.
7. The Principle of Gender
In reality, everything is a combination of feminine and masculine. The two forces occur separately or as an absolute. Everyone or everything is a blend of feminine and masculine energies instead of being one or the other, and its exhibition on the natural plane is individual’s biological sex- which can always be male, female or something in between.
Put this into practice by researching about typical gender expressions. Examine how various cultures throughout time have recognized non-cis-gendered groups, in both old and recent times. You can even choose to experiment with some cross-dressing to find out how it influences you spiritually and psychologically.
Want Izabael To Cast a Spell For You?
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Magic Spells by Izabael DaJinn The World’s Premiere Spell-casting Genie
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2023.05.21 15:27 swingerlover Gnosticism and Healing #mysticism #newage #occult

Gnosticism and Healing #mysticism #newage #occult
From the orthodox or conventional forms of Christianity, we understand that the Messiah who is the son of God came purposely to forgive us our “sin”, the dismissing of negative karma- he will come to sacrifice himself for the sake of remission of sin, the opposite of karma that connects souls, so as whosoever has faith in him as the Messiah may be pardoned and set free consequently receiving eternal life.
For sure, there is some sense of truth in this. Still, from a Gnostic point of view, there is something quite important in the Devine Incarnation- the said Messiah is not just the Savior who delivers souls from sin or negative karma. It is also the Gnostic Revealer and the teacher of self-realization and wisdom.
According to orthodox or major forms of Christianity, the Messiah is indeed the son of God who appears to deliver us from sin and the miracles he does are to prove that he is, really, the Son of God. Gnostic Christianity nevertheless takes a bit different view. In both Christian Kabbalah and Christian Gnosticism, the power and presence of the Divine embraced in Yeshua Messiah is inside us all, therefore, observing the living power and presence included in him, the Messiah, our actual nature and essence our actual being, is unveiled to us- he appears to exhibit our true being because we are in God. Similarly, teaching and performing miracles, he reveals our hereditary unity with the origin of our being, God, and he shows the real nature of the truth of our experience.
In a way of speaking, from a Gnostic perspective, Yeshua can be compared to a lucid dreamer who gets into the common dream we term like “reality” and the “world” for the sake of awakening us so that we could become lucid in the dream as well. Actually, in the action of radical wonderworking he does, he shows that we are quite interconnected with the presence of our existence and its source. Also, he reveals that the truth of our existence is “dream-like,” this is simply to state that it is a magical or radiant display of our individual mind, soul or consciousness.
Gnostic Healing.
Usually, the state of conflict between material and energetic being and inside our energetic being is what gives our experiences of grief and suffering, sickness, disease and adverse fortune in life- it all originates from a psychic and spiritual level, an energetic level, inside our soul, which then happens on a material and physical level. This recognition of us as material and energetic beings, and the cause of disease, illness, and adverse fortune on a befalling on an energetic level is the source of spiritual healing (Gnostic Healing)
Typically, the method of Gnostic healing is the revival of the initial state of our being as young kids, a reconstruction to the state of the primary blessing in which we are all conceived, yet that as an awakened and mature individual we are further conscious of ourselves as a co-creator joined to the universal and the origin of our being, God, the who is the True Light. In other words, it is a process of reintegration. This is the reintegration of our material and energetic being, our body and soul, and also the reintegration of our energetic being beside its source, which is the Holy One of Being.
As a matter of fact, Gnostic experience is at the right heart of the healing way, and it is an event that is threefold:

  • It is an experience of more expanded or higher states of consciousness;
  • It is a chance of an opening of awareness to different dimensions—metaphysical or inner dimensions, the visionary or energetic dimension;
  • It is the knowledge of God gained through immediate mystical and spiritual existence of God, the success of which is a conscious sense of unification with God—our complete reintegration with the Light Continuum, which is the source of all being.
Really, in this, we may appreciate and agree that Gnostic healing is not only the relief of our suffering and pain, or the restoration of wholeness and wellness of our being in this world, but it is likewise a method upon the way to enlightenment; its main aim is the enlightenment and deliverance of our life, a healing in the body and past the body.
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2023.05.19 05:21 OwlRough4197 Rose of Sharon perfume oils haul

Rose of Sharon perfume oils haul
this small company hits home for me, when i was a child i would always run down the road to her shop to smell all of her fragrance oils/candles. i had been unable to find her for YEARS because she had shut down years ago to run her business out of her home. i finally found her a few months back and have been going crazy ordering from her! (and they're so cheap??) a good amount of her fragrance oils are single notes. decent wear time depending on what fragrance.
my personal favorites (so far) are:
Strawberry: smells JUST like those strawberry hard candies in the strawberry shaped wrapper, absolutely delectable
Vampires Kiss: the sexiest mix of dragons blood and maybe pachouli? smells like your favorite metaphysical shop
Gypsy Magic: a perfect dupe for Florida water without the alcohol, main accords are citrus, warm spicy, white floral
Honeysuckle: smells EXACTLY like honeysuckles, reminds me of being a kid and eating the honey out of them.
Purchase experience: amazing, my first order she gave me a shawl she made by hand <3 always ships to me before i pay! such a loving and personal experience. wait times vary per order because its ran by a lil ol hippy lady and her husband. this company got me into the love of fragrance oils.
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2023.05.18 01:24 Alarming_Brick9045 🌀 *Embarking on a Psychedelic Odyssey? Dripped Out Art is Your Portal.*

Howdy, wild ones of Reddit,

Well, the cosmic winds have finally tossed me into this strange frontier, Reddit. All in the name of my unhinged creation, *Dripped Out Art*. As a seeker of the unusual, a juggler of colors, and a conductor of chaos, I've been crafting psychedelic realms on canvases and fabric alike.

*Dripped Out Art* ain't your garden-variety brand; it's a swirling kaleidoscope of hand-crafted designs dipped in pure, unadulterated lunacy. From softstyle T-shirts that would make even a peacock blush, to intricate accessories that would send the Mad Hatter on a shopping spree, every piece tells a tale of its own.

Each creation is the lovechild of a moonstruck mind, brimming with cosmic colors, wild patterns, and an extra sprinkle of the unexpected. Every item is a ticket aboard the psychedelic express, with our noble goose leading the way.

Are you tickled by the odd? Ready to strut your feathers in a parade of the peculiar? If so, I extend an invitation to check out our psychedelic wonderland: [Dripped Out Art](

Whether you're an aficionado of the abstract or just a curious cat on the prowl, we've got a little somethin' for ya. And if you're itching to rap about art, design, or the profound metaphysical significance of geese, I'm all ears!

I'm eager to dive headfirst into this whirlpool of wisdom and weirdness that is Reddit. I look forward to sharing more about our journey and, of course, our art. Thanks for tuning in, and remember to keep it drippy, compadres! 🌈

P.S: To welcome any Reddit fresh faces to Dripped Out Art, use the code "REDDIT20" at checkout for a cheeky 20% off on your first purchase. See ya on the other side!
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2023.05.18 00:47 frankenpig Metaphysical shop owners

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2023.05.15 21:55 plumsftw Remember to support local metaphysical and spiritual shops, pop-ups, and vendors

I'm so sad right now. I became a witch this year and my local witchy shop was instrumental in that. I met some amazing staff and practitioners, all of whom were inclusive and knowledgable of several topics and came from a variety of cultures. Well I found out today that it's closing permanently. I feel bad for not supporting them more often, but the reality is that local rent is insane and property owners don't give a f*** about small businesses. There are 2 other metaphysical shops in my area, both of which are harder for me to get to.
I'm just at a loss. For those of you fortunate enough to have metaphysical shops in your area, please show them the support they deserve. <3 Thanks for reading and sorry for the vent.
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2023.05.14 18:50 BigMore2245 Paris metaphysical tarot shops request.

Anyone from Paris who knows Paris well that could recommend some good metaphysical tarot shops in the City?
Thank you
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2023.05.14 07:43 pslail The Day Hope won

There is something no one tells you when you are a kid. Time is the ultimate monster; it eats the moments of your life. It steals away the memories of happy times. It degrades your body with no way to stop it. Yes, time is a monster, and you should know this as a child so that you can be prepared for all that time throws at you.
Grace, my wife, and I were not kids when we got married. Granted, we were barely adults when we met; we hadn't lived long enough to realize that time was not our friend. The first time we met was on a blind date. I was at a restaurant with a friend and his wife. They had talked me into coming with them to meet a friend of hers.
I sat there nervous, not knowing what my friends had got me into. After we arrived, I saw the most incredible woman I'd ever seen walking up to us. Shiny raven black hair framed sparkling hazel eyes set in a face only a classic Greek sculptor could have created. It was like watching a ballet when she moved. I felt unworthy as I walked up to her and predictably stumbled over my words.
"My, you are so pretty... I mean, hi, you must be Grace. I Jack." She laughed a little and smiled back at me.
"Hello Jack, just swing in from the jungle?" She had made a Tarzan reference, and I was done for.
We sat side by side, her presence distracting me from the meal. Each time she caught me stealing a glance, her eyes would light up, and my heart fluttered. Later we sat outside near her car and looked at the stars.
"It certainly is a wonderful night, isn't it?" I sucked at small talk, but I gave it my best shot.
"It is even better with you." Her face was shrouded by the night, but I could feel the love pouring from her towards me.
I felt the same, and I hoped she felt my love too.
Hours went by as we talked about anything and everything. Finally, the night had to end. Our friends had long ago left us, so she gave me a ride to their house, where I was spending the night.
"Jack?" She looked at me for a second.
"Yes, Grace?" Every time I looked at her, my heart would skip like it was doing jumping jacks in my chest.
"How do you feel about marriage?" Was she reading my mind now? I was sitting here in her car thinking how nice it would be to do this forever.
"I feel that with the right person, it would be the most wonderful adventure we could have." Oh damn, I let that slip. Maybe she wouldn’t notice I said we.
"I think it would be the most wonderful adventure for us to have." Was I dreaming? Did she just say us?
"I know this will probably sound like I am crazy, but how would you feel if I asked you to marry me on our first date?" She nearly wrecked the car as she stopped breathing for a second.
She let out the breath she was holding and kept the car straight. "I would think, why did you wait so long to ask me? I was ready hours ago."
"So was I," she pulled off the road, and we kissed and stared into each other's eyes for a very long time.
As I write this, we have now been together for over thirty years. Love has seen us through all those years. You see, Love is the hunter of Time; it helps you wrest your moments back from that voracious monster.
Our story started with Grace’s medical issues. She always took care of herself way more than I ever did, even so, she suffered medical problems that defied explanation when you considered her dedication to her health.
"Hey Honey, how did the doctor's visit go?" I had called her to find out what the doctor said about her toes that had suddenly gotten hot and very swollen.
"I don't know how to tell you this, Jack, but he is talking about taking them." I could hear the fear in her voice.
My mind stalled, I couldn't think of anything inspiring to tell her, so I told her the only truth I had to give.
"I love you, and no matter what, we will get through this together." I heard Grace take a shuddering breath on the other end.
"I know. You are my rock. Without you, I couldn't make it day by day." To hear the fear in her voice brought tears to my eyes. Whenever she was hurting or afraid of the next thing thrown at her with no rhyme or reason, I felt her pain deeply.
"I'll be home soon and will cook us a nice dinner. A little feel-good food will help your mood." I’m a good cook, so it was an easy way to make her feel loved when she was down.
"I thought it was my turn to cook?" Her voice was cracking, and I could see her in my mind's eye. She was sitting on the edge of our bed, trying to keep from bawling her eyes out.
"You have had a rough day, and I know the doctor probably told you to stay off your feet, right?"
"Yes, he did." she sighed. Lately, she had to spend more time in bed than not, and I know it was wearing on her nerves.
I smiled a little, knowing she was probably smiling now and rolling her eyes at me for being a know-it-all. "OK, I will be home in a bit. See you soon, my love."
This moment in time was a little more than a year ago. After everything modern medical science could throw at it, Grace lost her battle against a little monster called MRSA. It led to them removing four toes from her left foot. A month later, we were once again fighting against time.
"How can you look at me now?" She was having a bad day emotionally. I was determined to remind her that it didn't matter; we were in this together. I was dressing her wound, which was still not healing.
“I didn’t marry you for your feet, my dear; I married you because your soul is just a piece of mine.” she hugged me and cried for a while that day. Little did we know what would happen next. We were so hopeful, but time once again attacked us. A month later, they found MRSA in her foot, even though they couldn’t find it after the original surgery.
“Jack, I can’t do this anymore. How can God let me suffer like this? I pray every day for everyone else to be ok, but does he help me? I know I will lose my foot. How can I ever get out of this wheelchair if I don’t have a foot?” She was the daughter of a preacher and always believed in the Love of God. Even so, she was having issues with her faith in the face of the horror of losing another body part.
"God's plan is never our plan; time will tell what he has in store for us." Even as I said it, I knew I didn’t believe it myself.
"It is becoming harder to believe, Jack. If it weren’t for you, I don't know if I could hold on to my faith." I grimace inside, knowing that my words were as hollow as my own faith. It was crashing and burning far faster than hers.
“As long as we are alive, our love will protect and guide us through these terrible moments.” In this, I was certain, and it was easier telling her this truth as I believed it with all my being.
Lately, I had been pushing her to try more natural or homeopathic cures for what was causing the MRSA to rage in her body. I had pretty much given up on medical science, but I would never let her know that.
"Try this." I handed her water. I had added some herbs and medicinal plants to it.
I had read on the internet that this combination was supposed to help her infection.” You might find it a bit funky, but what have you got to lose? If it helps, I'll keep making it for you”.
Surprisingly, for a little while, it looked like it was working. The infection slowed and started to retreat, and we started getting our life back. We had a month of peace. Life seemed to return to something that wasn’t a constant drain to live. But like everything else, eventually, the potion or whatever you want to call it started to fail, and the MRSA returned with a vengeance. And Time ate another moment of our lives.
“Jack, the doctor says my foot is toast! It can't be saved, and we have to remove it immediately to prevent the spread of infection.” I held her tight for what seemed like hours as she cried as I had never heard her before. It was as if her very soul was crying out for relief from this misery.
After the partial success of the homeopathic medicine, I decided there were other paths that I should explore. I investigated white magic. If I proceeded down this path, I would be going completely against my upbringing, but I was desperate. I visited places claiming to be powerful magic houses, but I found little to no power within. I became aware that I was being watched, perhaps even followed. A man named Richard seemed to be everywhere I went. Meanwhile, time continued to devour our moments.
The week before Valentine’s and another doctor visit with more bad news.
"Honey, why? Why are we being tortured like this? I am so sorry; you should never have married me." We’d just got the news that unless they can stop the MRSA, they would have to take the whole leg. They felt that if they took it before it got all the way up, it would finally stop the ravages of the relentless disease.
“Grace, honey, you know there is and always will be only you and me.” I hugged her for all I was worth. “No one could ever make me any happier than being with you. Do I have to keep reminding you that we aren’t just married? We are two beings with a single soul; nothing can separate us.
After her disastrous doctor visit, I plunged headlong into everything I could find related to healing. I tried spells, potions, anything that looked like it might work. It was while I was experimenting with these magical arts that I ran into Richard again.
“Ah, Hello Jack, still trying to find a cure for what ails you?” Something about him always had my nerves on edge, but I tried to be friendly and not let it show.
“I am trying to find something to fix my wife’s illness, not me.” He looked thoughtful for a moment and looked around the little metaphysical supply shop. I had found this gem of new and old knowledge of the arcane, tucked between tattoo parlors and metal roof suppliers in an old, dilapidated strip mall.
“I know, but sometimes to fix that which ails another, we first must fix what ails us.” He smiled at this little nugget of wisdom. “What you seek cannot be found here, I am afraid. While this shop certainly houses wonders forgotten by mortals, what you seek is something older and more powerful than mere herbs and supposed magic words.”
I stared at him in confusion. What was he going on about? What old power had I missed in all my research?
“And what are you peddling, Richard, some crystal that vibrates at the frequency of the universe that will reset my wife’s harmonic balance?” This was something another shop owner had sworn would help Grace’s condition. Like everything else I'd tried, it was a waste of time.
“My dear sir, I would never espouse human remedies to you! I have watched you. I know you have tried all the old human cures. I know you even delved into magic and alchemy in your desperate quest to rid your wife of her curse… I mean medical condition.” A small book emerged from a pocket inside the oversized coat he wore whenever I saw him. “Here, I believe you have need of this. In it is power not utilized on this plane of existence for a very long time. This book will meet your needs, I am confident.
He handed me the book and walked out the door of the little shop of magic. I opened the book and felt something akin to the pinpricks you get when a numb body part starts to wake up. On the first page, there was something in Latin. I had, in my studies, started learning this dead language. This dialect gave a perception of power that allowed charlatans, and good recipes, to hide behind.
Most of the time, the choice to use this dead language was just because someone had taken a correspondence class in old languages and wanted to impress the naive. The following few pages depicted how to set up a ritual to summon great power for healing and other things. I was skeptical that it would work, but at this point, I had no choice but to try anything to help my wife. It was now Valentine's Day, and what would be a better gift than a cure for my wife? I raced home as fast as possible and began preparing the ritual in our guest bedroom that I had converted to my laboratory of failed cures.
With chalk, I drew a summoning circle as described in the book. In comparison with others I had drawn, this one was simple, and I finished it in a few minutes. I lit five black candles as specified in the pages. Had I been in my right mind, that detail alone would have alerted me to the real source of the power I was about to draw to me. Unlike the movies, powerful magic usually doesn’t require killing virgins or massive amounts of blood to perform.
A drop here or there of human blood will usually suffice to finish the vilest of arcane spells. I already knew all of this from my research, but desperation drove me forward, and soon the preparations were complete. With a pinprick of my skin, I began the ritual to summon a healing force that would help my love to be well again. Again, the movies don’t really get it right. There was no swirling wind or thundering lightning strikes as I repeated the old spell. I did feel uneasy and a bit nauseous, but to someone from outside the circle, you would have noticed nothing strange at first.
Suddenly, Richard was standing in the circle with me. He smiled a toothless grin and changed in front of me. It was not into a monster or some eldritch horror. No, he became young and beautiful. He appeared as the most gorgeous specimen of male that ever was. It was this that finally made me realize just what I had done. I had summoned Lucifer, the Angel of light or, should I say, the fallen angel of light.
Before me stood not a horned and tailed monstrosity, but a GQ model. His eyes glowed with faint flickers of the hellfire he lorded over, but apart from that, he would have easily been at home on a runway in Paris.
“Ah, Jack, I see you took me up on that offer.” My heart stopped. The Lord of Hell stood in front of me, smiling and being friendly. What had I done?
“I… I didn’t realize what I was doing!” Terror welled up, and I felt sick to my stomach.
I was not expecting this outcome. I had attempted many so-called spells and never had anything happen. To be honest, by the time Richard handed me that book, I was skeptical of any cure that would be magic-based. Now I had summoned the only being in all of creation you would never want to do business with.
“I want nothing you have, Satan” As handsome as he was, you could feel the evil and the disdain he has for humanity. I wanted to run and hide, but I knew I wouldn’t.
“I hear you, Jack, but I don’t believe you. I know you are ready to do whatever it takes to fix your wife, so why don’t you just quit with the self-righteous act and let us get down to business, shall we?” As if to punctuate his words, a clap of thunder rolled over the house.
“What are you offering, Lucifer? My soul for my wife’s health?” As terrified as I was if I was damned, I was going to hell defiant. “Isn’t that how this works?”
“Jack, my boy, what use do I have of your soul?” He chuckles. “Your soul isn’t even worthy enough to get the old man to answer your prayers. No, I will need more for my offer.”
“What exactly is your offer?” I love my wife, and if this devil could heal her, nothing else mattered, not even my eternal soul. “And what of mine do you want if not my soul?”
“Of course, I want your soul; that is just the cost of business with me. But there must be more than that you can give, for I am offering more than just stopping what ails your whore. I offer to put her back together to remain whole and disease-free till the end of her days.”
I bristled at him calling Grace a whore. I was going to retort, but if he really could make her like she was, I would give anything, even my pride. I would do anything to make her right.
“And what would the Lord of Lies want from me that is more important than my soul?” He smiled at me, and shivers ran down my back.
“And now we get to the meat of it all. There is one thing you have that is worth more than your soul. I want the love that you have for Grace, of course.”
“My love for Grace? Are you insane?” I couldn’t breathe. Without my love for my wife, how could I go on? But if I didn’t give him what he wanted, there would be nothing left of my wife, and what good would my love be then? I had to save her at all costs. I hoped she would understand.
“I am many things and occasionally even insane, but, in this instance, I am not. Your love is the only purchase power you have to seal this deal.” He reached into his coat and pulled out a tablet. Not a stone tablet, but a computer tablet. “To finish this deal, place your thumb on the circle here, and the deal will be done. I'll take your soul and your love, and your wife will be cured.”
“What, no scroll to be signed in blood?” He chuckled again, and more shivers ran down my spine.
Oh, there will be blood, but everyone has to get with the times. The scrolls were old-fashioned. I only used them because until now, you humans didn’t know what a computer was.” He handed me the tablet. “This will record your DNA from a blood sample you will give by touching your thumb to that circle. Once that is done, the contract will be forever binding.”
I agonized for minutes with him staring at me intently. I could feel him looking into my very soul. Yet, he stayed silent while I was pulled back and forth by my mind and emotions. Finally, I plunged my thumb down on the circle. For a moment, I felt regret and a sharp pain in my thumb, as if someone had shoved a spike through it. The tablet beeped, and Lucifer smiled, and his eyes blazed.
“Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention now that I have your soul and your love, you will become one of my demons.” Again, he laughed, this time very loudly.
Pain like fire raged through my body, and my vision grew dim and tinged with red. Unnatural thoughts started flowing like water through my mind, and I could feel my grip on reality and my sanity slipping away.
“What is going on in here?” Grace stood at the door of the room. She stood at the door. This thought ran through my head twice before I grasped onto it and understood what I was seeing. I tried warning her, but all I could muster was a low growl like a beast of the field.
Through the red haze, I saw her look at me. For a moment, she didn’t understand what her eyes were telling her, but as she took in the whole scene, she understood what I had done.
“OH no, Jack, this wasn’t the way; I never wanted this.” Tears poured from her eyes. She stared a hole into Lucifer as if her look alone could bring the Prince of darkness to his knees. “What did you ask for, Lucifer? What was the price of my restoration?”
I watched his wicked smile spread over his face as he contemplated taking both of our souls this day. “I merely proposed an equitable solution for your problem, and he took it.”
Grace walked closer to us, and I tried again to warn her away, but again all I could do was growl. I looked at my hands, and they were slowly changing to hideous claws. I could feel my back bending as I hunched over involuntarily. Thoughts of every sin imaginable were bombarding my mind, and I could barely keep up with what they were saying. I watched Satan hand over the tablet I had used to sign away my life to Grace.
“So, you convinced him to give you his love for me, did you?” She laughed; it confused him and me. “You made a bad deal, Lucifer.”
“What would you know, you filthy slut.”? The fire in his eyes grew brighter.
Grace stepped up to me and placed her hand on my face. I felt a tingle there, like power waiting to be unleashed.
“My father was a preacher, and one thing he taught me was how to deal with you, Lord Of filth.” My mind was getting clearer; it was like the curse was being reversed. “You can’t bargain for something someone doesn’t own.”
“Please, bitch, don’t tell me that tired old line about how his soul is that Carpenter’s. The soul is my province when you sign it away freely.”
“I know that, Devil” She points to something on the tablet. “But he can’t give his love to you; it wasn’t his alone to give.”
“What do you mean, woman?” Lucifer was smoking. Literally, smoke and the smell of sulfur was coming from his pores. He seemed to be distressed.
Grace grabbed my shoulders and straightened me up. “Jack, my dear, you always said that our souls were one and our love was unbreakable. It is time to put that to the test.”
She turned toward Lucifer, who glowed like a dying ember.
“The love he gave wasn't just his, it was mine as well. Our love is a singular thing, there is no beginning and there is no end.” She hugged me tightly. “I would give up my life to make sure he is safe, as he tried to do for me. We reject you, Satan, and your phony contracts.”
“You will pay for this, you hairless apes.” Fire engulfed him and the tablet, as I held on to Grace with all my might, and she did the same to me.
“Lucifer, you never understood love, not even the love your own father has for humanity.” I felt our love banish all the hate and sin that he had poured into me.
As Lucifer started to dissolve, Grace screamed in pain as the contract was undone. Her toes disappeared, as did her foot. Then the infection in her leg returned. She held on to me and love flowed from her and me. Its power obliterated everything He had tried to do.
As we both collapsed on the floor, a final whiff of sulfur filled the room. We laid there crying. I cried for her, and she cried from the pain and because she had me back. Suddenly, a new brighter glow filled the room and a figure clothed in light stepped forward from a gateway of marble.
“Your love has reached even unto Heaven. Your battle with Lucifer, my brother, has moved the Father. He has granted you one boon.” A gong sounded from far away and Grace stopped crying.
I felt her moving beside me and turned to see why she was squirming. The first thing I saw was her eyes, and fresh tears streamed from them. A smile grew across her face and I looked down to see what she was looking at. There, like nothing had happened, was her leg and her foot and finally, her toes, just as they should have been all along.
“His will has been fulfilled.” The being of light stepped back into the marble gateway as it and he disappeared.
“Was that Michael?” I was crying probably as hard as she was, and she just looked at me and nodded.
Writing these moments down and sharing them with you was a painful thing to do, but I hope it helps you find the love in your life. May our story help with your fight against time. After all the pain we went through, ultimately Love changed Time from the monster we feared to a friend. A friend who gave us new moments to cherish till the day our lives ended naturally on this earth.
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2023.05.14 06:21 Shyriss89 Metaphysical Shop Recommendations

Looking for a good, comfortable feeling metaphysical/spiritual shop or group in the area.
I used to be far more into natural spiritualism when I was young, and kind of lost touch with that part of myself over the years. I'm going through a big life transition at the moment, and am feeling the draw towards that sort of grounding and re-centering myself.
Looking if anyone has any recommendations on a place to get back into practice, that doesn't feel gate-keepy or ingenuine.
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2023.05.13 23:33 DarkPurrs 🔮🧿🍄 metaphysical shop Lexington, KY 🍄🧿🍄

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2023.05.13 23:31 DarkPurrs 🔮🧿🍄 metaphysical shop Lexington, KY 🍄🧿🍄

🔮🧿🍄 metaphysical shop Lexington, KY 🍄🧿🍄
If you are local to the are of Lexington, Kentucky be sure to check out Creatures of Whim 🧿🔮✌🏼🖤🍄
They have an incredible selection of crystals, herbs, occult items, oddities and homemade teas!
I firmly believe in supporting small business and this place was the bees knees! 🖤🖤
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2023.05.13 19:46 slightlyassholic [Tales From the Terran Republic] Stankworld 5, The World According to Raiders

We are still deep in the stink. For Alan and Grace it's literal.
Still having too much fun with this to stop just yet.
Grace gives a rather... unique version of the Sol Wars.
The rest of the series can be found here.
The shuttle bug happily floated through space in a high orbit around the Freekegg homeworld.
It felt the signals from the navigation satellites, and its exterior marker lights blinked cheerfully. It was pretty much exactly where it wanted to be.
It cocked one of its bulbous eyes, focusing its powerful long-range vision on the planet’s surface below, looking for one of its favorite landmarks, The Great Ancestor, a mountain covered with the corpse of one of the great old ones.
Back in the day, huge signal ancestors like it communicated across vast distances using the planet’s natural atmospheric currents. That method had been obsolete for hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps millions. Now, the Same used electromagnetic communications using satellites or even by bouncing signals off the planet’s atmosphere.
Even the ancestors, notorious for their hidebound nature, agreed that this was an improvement. They weren’t so sure about gravitic communications, though. They claimed that it made them itch, which was quite impossible, but you know ancestors.
It didn’t really matter. Electromagnetic communications worked just fine. The bug just thought gravitic technology was nifty and wanted an excuse to have some.
The bug took a moment to ponder all of this. Space must have been very quiet and lonely back then. It loved all the noise and static coming from home, especially the music and entertainment channels. VxxLuuG and Veen in the morning were always a delight. They were so funny, and they played good music. It just loved all the fanciful characters that graced that radio show. They never failed to delight. It especially liked the deranged shuttle bug. Then again, it would.
The Great Ancestor swung into view. Hmm. Despite the satellites claiming otherwise, it seemed to be slightly off course. It wasn’t enough to really matter, but it was an excuse to throw some flame. It liked throwing flame.
Using its small spicule jets, it rotated slightly and then fired its main thrusters for roughly a second.
There. Now everything was perfect.
It took a moment to send a brief message to the surface.
This is BugKCA0A23407. The navigation beacons are a little bit off. I am submitting my observations for your review.
A few moments later, it received a reply.
This is Navigation Control. Of course, of course, YOU would notice. Thanks for the incredibly minor correction. We apologize for the infinitesimal inconvenience. :D
This is BugKCA0A23407. You SHOULD be sorry! :p
This is Navigation Control. We’ve tweaked the timing. How are things now?
This is BugKCA0A23407. That’s perfect! Thx! :*
This is Navigation Control. Hey, are you the one carrying those weird xenos?
This is BugKCA0A23407. You mean those odorless abominations? Yes! They seem nice. One of them even removed their respirator just to see if it was as bad as GuruG claimed.
This is Navigation Control. And how did that work out for them?
This is BugKCA0A23407. About how you would expect. XD Did you know their gut juice is REALLY acidic? The abomination just sprayed my tender little chamber with HCL. LOL
This is BugKCA0A23216. Really? That is so cool!
This is BugKCA0A23407. You aren’t the one with alien gut juice nibbling at your colon!
This is BugKCA0A23216. LOL! Is it bad?
This BugKCA0A23407. Nah. It just tickles a little. It was nice to get a decent whiff out of one. They gas so little it’s like I’m transporting corpses.
This is Navigation Control. Oh no! It’s an Alien Zombie Invasion! Alert the ancestors! XD
This is BugKCA0A23216. So, the zombie dumped its guts? The static is that they are xenophages. Any sameflesh in there? LOL
This is BugKCA0A23407. Worse. :D There was something that looked a LOT like parts of little bug babies, antennae and all.
This is BugKCA0A23216. Coooooool! Do they have ships like us?
This is BugKCA0A23407. I don’t think so. I think we are too advanced for them. They don’t even have rockets.
This is Navigation Control. No rockets? How the hell do they travel?
This is BugKCA0A23407. They use rock thrusters for everything.
This is BugKCA0A23216. What? That’s just stupid.
This is BugKCA0A23407. Well, they ARE others, after all. Have you seen their ships? None of them make any sense at all. At least these others are cool. Ooo! The one who just spewed is talking about their history!
This is Navigation Control. Neat! Put that on blast!
This is BugKCA0A23407. Will do!
This is BugKCA0A23216. Nice! I’ll set up a relay!
“It isn’t bad at all!” Grace exclaimed cheerfully as she hurriedly wiped her face with her stained tunic before quickly putting her respirator back on. “Try it!”
Both Grace and GuruG looked at Alan expectantly.
“Unless you want to admit that I am tougher…” Grace said nonchalantly.
“Fine,” Alan replied grimly and removed his respirator, and inhaled.
Gagging, coughing, and spluttering, Alan replaced his respirator.
“If you will note,” he said cooly, “I didn’t toss my cookies.”
“That proves nothing,” Grace said as she crossed her arms. “I just like puking, that’s all.”
“Sure, you do,” Alan smirked.
“Want to take the respirators off again?”
“Do you?”
Grace smiled wickedly and reached for her respirator.
Smirking, Alan did the same.
“I would prefer to deliver you both alive and conscious,” GuruG said. “I also want to hear about your history, something I likely will not be able to do if you persist in your delightful foolishness.”
“Oh, yeah,” Grace said, “I was about to do that, wasn’t I?”
She took a deep and mercifully filtered breath.
“Alright,” she said, “We originally come from a system named Sol. We never got contacted by the greater galaxy, mainly because of our location. We were too close to the Empire for anyone to come sniffing and too remote and uninteresting for the Empire. They have too many habitable worlds as it is.”
“Empire?” GuruG asked, “Which one?”
“The Juon Empire?” Grace replied. “You are familiar with them, right?”
“Only what we get from the othernet. They sound like hole nibbles.”
“They’re okay,” Alan replied, “A lot of humans are subjects of theirs. They have a pretty good deal, actually.”
“Yeah,” Grace said, “That’s where we should have gone.”
“Your gift of hindsight is truly remarkable,” Alan snarked, “Too bad you were not nearly so insistent when we stole one of my uncle’s ships.”
“You stole a starship?” GuruG laughed.
“Just a little one,” Grace replied.
“By the dusty old bones,” GuruG chortled, “Most limit their piracy to data. I see there are no half-measures among your kind.”
“All sins are equal in the eyes of the Lord,” Alan smirked, “Therefore, there is no difference between saying ‘goddammit’ and piracy…”
“…or murder,” Grace added cheerfully. “Besides, we worship…”
“What?!?” GuruG spluttered, “You guys murder each other?”
“We only do it occasionally,” Grace shrugged. “And only when they have it coming…”
“Or get in the way of our interests,” Alan added, “Or just annoys the wrong person… Like my beautiful wife, for example.”
“Oh, like you are any better,” Grace snerked. “I wasn’t the one who was ‘made’ at ten.”
“I never said that I was, dear.”
“Um…” GuruG said, not laughing this time, “Our definition of murder is when one kills one of the Same. It’s never done… well… almost never, only when something is very, very wrong with someone. Do… Do humans actually kill each other?”
“All the fucking time,” Grace replied. “In fact, we kill more of our species than anyone else ever has. In the Sol Wars alone…”
“It’s a rather complex issue,” Alan said, cutting Grace off with a sharp look. “We are others, not the same, and do not share the same connection your species do. Instead, we form organizations of individuals, either bound by a common genetic line, a family, or by location, what we refer to as nationality, or by a common interest or goal, such as the respective ‘businesses’ from which Grace and I come. To us, our ‘same’ is members of that subgroup and that subgroup alone. Other groups of humans can be treated as ‘others’ by even our own species. You will find this common among ‘other’ species.”
“And in our defense,” Grace said, “We’ve killed a lot more xenos than we have our own species.”
“Well,” GuruG said, “that’s… reassuring… I guess…”
“Neither of us is particularly murderous without cause,” Alan replied, “The vast majority of our kills have been in self-defense against those who sought to do the same to us…”
“Or were at least trying to rob us… or rip us off… or…”
“Thank you, Grace,” Alan interjected with another look. “To those who deal with us in peace and good faith, we are peaceful, kind, and honest.”
“Goddamit, Grace.”
“Honest?” Grace laughed, “Dude. Give GuruG here at least a little credit.”
“I said to those who deal with us in good faith, Grace. The honest have nothing to worry about, especially when we are representing the Hunzk.”
He looked over at the increasingly dubious GuruG.
“We aren’t idiots,” he said, “and we do not jeopardize good business relationships with such nonsense… Although,” he added with a smile, “the dishonest can…”
“Expect dishonesty in return,” GuruG said, “That is our way as well. Honesty gets honesty. Peace gets peace in return. Foolishness…”
GuruG released a cloud of amusement that neither Alan nor Grace could smell.
“…well… I suspect that we are much alike in what happens next.”
“You catch them on fire?” Grace grinned.
“We tend to use enzymes,” GuruG replied, “But the effect is much the same.”
“Actually, the reaction is quite exothermic.”
“I love you guys!” Grace exclaimed.
“So, you humans do kill each other and with distressing regularity,” GuruG said, “but you don’t kill members of your Same?”
“Correct,” Alan replied, “Doing so is as unacceptable to us as it is to you. It is probably a little more likely to happen, but is it considered one of the worst things we can do. You don’t betray your own…”
“Not if you want to keep breathing,” Grace added.
GuruG dipped his protuberances in a nod and visibly relaxed.
“I apologize for making you discuss such uncomfortable concepts,” he said. “I also wish to clarify that we only consider the killing of the Same as ‘murder’. The killing of others is simply killing, not that we are planning on doing either of you a mischief. As you said, we only kill those who pose a threat… or really anger us, of course,” he added with a laugh.
“It’s not uncomfortable for us,” Grace said, “Trust me. It’s actually a good thing we covered this before I got into my little history lesson. Humans killing humans is a big part of it. We nearly extinctified ourselves.”
“You killed each other to the point that the survival of your species was in question?”
“Yeah,” Grace shrugged, “Shit happens. So, anyway, the Sol Wars…”
She stretched, adjusting her position in the sticky softness of the shuttle bug’s colon.
“Hmm…” she mused, looking upward at the glowing photophores overhead. “Where to start… Before the Yellowstone disaster…”
“That was a supervolcano that wiped out all agriculture for two years as well as causing a massive ecological disaster,” Alan added.
“Yeah, that,” Grace nodded.
“A mere supervolcanic eruption nearly eliminated your species?” GuruG asked. “Could you not simply prevent it or, at the very least, properly prepare? That should have only been an inconvenience at worst.”
“Coulda, woulda, shoulda,” Grace shrugged. “It was a lot more economical to keep most food production on Earth. Space on stations is expensive. Besides, what are the odds, right?”
“But surely you detected the event well in advance,” GuruG said, his protuberances wiggling in shocked confusion.
“Yeah,” Grace snickered, “About that. The powers that be suppressed the information and allowed the vast majority of us to be caught completely off guard. Oh, they prepared, but they left everyone else to starve.”
“They were assholes.”
“Again,” Alan said, “it was a bit more complicated than them just being assholes. Look at it from their point of view. They believed, and quite rightly so, that there was no way for the entire populace to prepare. There was quite simply not enough to go around. They believed, correctly, I might add, that their civilization was at an end. The only thing that information would have brought was panic and anarchy, preventing anyone from being prepared. They made the quite reasonable decision to gather a genetically viable population and the means to sustain them as well as securing key technology and supplies that were intended to rebuild civilization, and the human race, once the ash settled.”
He looked at GuruG.
“Your history is a long one,” he said, “have your people never encountered such a disaster, one that caused a massive depopulation event? We call these ‘bottlenecks’.”
“Several,” GuruG said. “In each case, what little resources that remained were carefully managed in order to ensure the survival of the Same with as few losses as possible.”
“Mmm, Hmm,” Grace said with a raised eyebrow, “And those ‘losses’? They were okay with it?”
“Why wouldn’t they be?” GuruG replied, mystified, “The survival of the Same as a whole was at stake. Their sacrifices were for the most noble, most honorable, of causes, the survival of the Same. Each time, there were more volunteers than there was a need for sacrifices.”
GuruG emitted a little spurt of ironic dark mirth.
“Of course, the fact their names were entered in the skeins of honor, their place among the most honored of the ancestors assured, and their spores given precedence over all others had absolutely nothing to do with it. Since we are all part of the Same, such ambition is unknown to us,” he snickered.
“Well, we don’t have ancestors and no ‘spores’ after ‘death’,” Grace smirked, “For us, dead is dead, and the dead quite often go unremembered.”
“Unverifiable metaphysics notwithstanding,” Alan said, “You just fade to black, and that’s it.”
“Well, that’s just downright unpleasant,” GuruG replied with another spurt of black humor.
“Right?” Grace laughed, “And our people were supposed to be the first of those ‘noble sacrifices’.”
“Those of us living in space, except for Jupiter, were fucked,” Alan added, “And by ‘fucked’, I mean doomed, yet another definition of that wonderfully versatile word.”
“Earth turned its back on us,” Grace smirked, “Mars did the same, even though a lot of us were Martian citizens. Luna? They only had enough for themselves, or so they thought, poor bastards. They retreated deep under the surface, sealing themselves in what was eventually called the Belly of the Shark. There, factions fought and died in the darkness over what turned out to definitely not be enough. It got nasty, even by our relaxed standards.”
She unstuck her arm where it had adhered to the bug butt with a sticky Velcro sound.
“There were the Kuipers, who were self-sufficient,” Grace continued, “They had enough, but only for themselves and weren’t about to go hungry over a bunch of ‘inners’ what they call people from the inner solar system, or what most people call the solar system. Those crazy bastards live in the comet and asteroid clouds at the edge of the system. They are about as crazy as you would think they are and twice as tough. Even we didn’t fuck with them. Hell, we couldn’t even reach most of them. No FTL, remember.”
“There was quite literally nowhere to go,” Alan replied, “so, it was either adapt or die for us.”
“And we ‘adapted’,” Grace laughed. “They didn’t care if we lived or died? Fine. That’s cool. That’s how you want to play this? We can do that.”
“As Captain Aaron Abebe, the leader of my organization, said during those days,” Alan smiled, “Someone is going to starve today, and it won’t be us. We did what we had to and only what we had to in order to ensure our survival… unlike other groups I could name,” he added as Grace stuck out her tongue at him.
“So did we… kinda,” Grace replied with a shrug. “You know what they say, more is more… ANYway,” she said, “My people were originally Martian, one of the inhabited worlds in our system, even if it isn’t exactly habitable. They had plenty of food, but they turned their backs on us, said it was ‘for the greater good’…”
She smirked.
“Funny how that ‘greater good’ had us left to die while they stuffed their faces.”
“And Earth was no better,” Alan replied. “We initially wanted to return, try to survive somehow, but anyone who tried that route didn’t fare too well at all. Your ship would be ‘commandeered’ by someone claiming to represent some government or another. No ship meant no reactor, and, of course, they would take every single thing you had. It was a death sentence.”
“Yeah,” Grace said. “At the very start of the disaster, they had the guns, and we didn’t…”
She grinned maliciously.
“That changed pretty quick. We might not have had a goddamn thing out there in the dark, but every ship, or at least every single ship that survived, had a repair shop or at least a robo-fac sitting in a corner somewhere and people who knew how to use it.”
“There isn’t a whole lot of difference between a solenoid and a coil gun,” Alan said, “or a plasma cutter and a blaster.”
“Spacesuit oxygen tanks work great in pneumatic rifles, too,” Grace said, “annnd, my people might have had… um… completely innocent and perfectly legal chemical laboratories that made… candy.”
“I assume you are not talking about confections?” GuruG asked with a humorous wiggle of his fleshy bits.
“We also might have had a few weapons already,” Grace grinned, “but it was all homebrew stuff. Getting real arms was not easy pre-Yellowstone. However, a hotwired solenoid threw a spike just fine, and a plasma thrower wasn’t that hard to build. It’s how we got our name! We’re the Dragons!”
She sighed.
“Or I was a Dragon,” she said quietly.
She fell silent.
“As Grace said,” Alan continued as he squeezed Grace’s hand, “We had a population of highly skilled people, and we had much more production capacity per capita than the livestock…”
“Sorry,” Alan replied, “The other humans, the ones all too willing to sacrifice us for that common good that Grace was talking about.”
“Even if a group didn’t initially have the knowledge necessary to make arms,” Alan said, “Most ships had metal stock and at least a grinder. Anyone serving on a ship can grind an edge on some flat stock. We also had mobility. We could choose our targets, strike, and withdraw very quickly, faster than any government, or remanent of a government could react.”
“Yeah, we had to be careful at first,” Grace said back to her irrepressible self, “We would pick someplace remote and hit it hard, hopefully wiping them out before they could call for help. That was only at first, though. The governments didn’t last very long at all.”
She chuckled darkly.
“It turns out that even dirties aren’t cool about dying for that greater good while those at the top have full bellies. There were riots, looting… anarchy. And all of that was good for business.”
“Indeed,” Alan nodded as GuruG listened in silent horror. “And with everything falling apart, we were able to obtain a lot more than a few cans of Pasta-O’s. We were able to seize materials, parts, even capital equipment.”
“And guns!” Grace exclaimed.
“Yes,” Alan smiled. “and guns. As the governments fractured, smaller and smaller ‘governments’ took their place. At first, it was regional governments that tried to hold things together. When they couldn’t, it fractured into smaller and smaller groups. Perhaps a city or a town would try to protect its borders and pool resources. Maybe a group of people who were once police or military decided to become little dictators…”
“And with every split, they became weaker and weaker,” Grace grinned, “And we were getting hungrier and hungrier. It didn’t take long before one of us decided to try to take one of them down.”
“One ship might not be able to pull it off,” Alan said, “but two ships, four ships… a dozen? Now you have scores of increasingly experienced fighters who may very well outnumber a local strongman and his cronies three to one or more.”
“And each time you did it, you got their real guns!” Grace exclaimed. “More guns, better raiders, better raids… more guns… even better raiders… You see how this goes, right?”
“There was also wholesale piracy in space as well,” Alan said, “You either joined a faction, or you fell prey to one. Very few ships were able to go it alone, and most of them were ‘comets’.”
“Yeah,” Grace said, “We didn’t have FTL, so if you accelerated fast enough, long enough, it was really hard to catch you. Some people did a long burn, built up some serious speed, and shot themselves on a long ‘cometary’ orbit where they swung way out into Kuiper space and then returned years later. Sometimes they survived. Sometimes they didn’t. There were no good options back then. It was place your bets and take your chances. Some of those comet people went really weird, though. But that’s a whole other story.”
She smiled.
“As things got worse for the dirties, it got better for us, but we were still just a bunch of thugs who fought and killed each other way more often than we took it to the ‘cattle’.”
She nudged Alan.
“And some families still hate each other to this day over it.”
“That they do,” Alan said fondly.
“What really changed things for us was the arrival of the most evil woman to have ever drawn a breath, the one, the only, bitch queen of the porkies, Jessica motherfucking Morgan!” Grace exclaimed happily. “That monster actually had the strength, and the guns, to take a bunch of murderous cannibals…”
“Not all of us were cannibals,” Alan interjected.
“Whatever,” Grace said dismissively, “She took a bunch of mostly cannibals… happy now, nerd?”
“Anyway, she took a pack of what we were and created The Confederacy of Sol, and the party really got started!”
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2023.05.13 14:46 DarkCinderellAhhh Any have experience with Square POS/Online for their services?

I’ve just deployed a website migration for a local shop who has been using Square since 2022.
We opted to use Square/Weebly for their new website since the owners seem to operate best when things are all in one place.
Here is the conundrum: I’ve just come across information regarding Square’s TOS on Occult Related material.
The site is currently branded around their services and classes, which are 10/10 metaphysical and can be viewed as occult-related by nature.
Just wondering if there is anyone out there that uses/have used Square as the POS/payment gateway and if you have ever run into any issues surrounding the matter.
Thank you!
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2023.05.11 16:33 LeadingEN Thirteen Elements of the world: how it all works (Maelinhon)

Peace. It is the first article of The Marginal Metaphysics project, that has in all senses been gently causing a butthurt for esoteric nutjobs (and even quite civils) since 2011, but only in the beginning of 2018 it was widely spread. So it goes. We have plentiful articles and books, so as the audience, but we lacked structure until now, so we’ll begin to organize knowledge in our heads with this article number zero. And we’ll describe the world beyond religious, historical, scientific, or any other familiar concepts.
Everything is much simpler. And more interesting.
The first question that any conscious being is interested in is “how does the world around me work? And the most unfortunate thing is that trying to find the answer often reminds me of choosing the grail in an Indiana Jones movie: there is no shortage of answers, there is even an overabundance. And that is the problem – how do you find the real information among this garbage? Where to start? I’m telling you: the elements. And not with the neutered “European” version, not with the dense “Indian” or “Chinese” version, but directly with the full, metaphysical and non-human version.
The elements are what literally build the universe. All of its objects, living and nonliving, are either composed of particles of the elements, or controlled by them, or both. That is, the elements can be seen as bricks, they can be seen as the order in which these bricks are stacked, or they can be seen as the vibration that makes them move. Atoms and vibrations, if you like. So there is no object or process that is outside this system: whatever we are dealing with, whatever process is going on, it will be the elements and the processes in them.
There are 5 dense elements – Metal (Venus), Wood (Jupiter), Water (Mercury), Fire (Mars) and Earth (Saturn). You can touch a wooden table or water in a lake with your hands – it’s Wood and Water, the crystallized flows of the Jupiter and Mercury elements. But how do you touch your ego? Feel the memory with your hands? Is it possible to taste fear? Impossible! So it’s worth assuming that there are also elements that can be described as light, ephemeral, and subtle. However, they exist – fear is as real to us as a table. For some level, the demon is as real as the water in the lake – at the material (dense) level.
Therefore, we can and should divide the world into material (dense) and subtle ones at once, and not try to apply the methods of one to the other, for example, to look with MATERIAL eyes at a SUBTLE object (and vice versa). You won’t see anything, much to the delight of materialists, but if you could just shift your semantic focus a little bit, everything would fall into place. The key to understanding how the world works lies exactly there – in the right question.
There are 13 elements in the world, each one forming either the fabric and matter of this world (everything, including you and the chair you are sitting in), or influencing as a flow and wave of transformation for objects already created. Broadly speaking, each planet forms a flow of particles and vibrations that create, like pieces of a puzzle, everything you see around you, including yourself. The dense world is static and crystallized energy flows, which is why Taoists describe the dense and etheric bodies of human beings as the same substance, but of different densities. To simplify it, your gallbladder is particles of the element of Wood, your kidneys are particles of Water, your heart is made of Fire, and each type of element, process and tissue is governed by some planet. And in terms of metaphysics, your buds and the water in the lake are one and the same, one slice of space. Due to which diversity and connections in space are created. That is, when the Moon (for example) clashes with something around you, your brain gets all sloppy, your kidneys hurt and you have nightmares. And if there is a clash of some frequencies and planets, there is disease or some other problems that are subject to the conflicting layers.
And who am I?
The planets in the natal chart are not just randomly arranged. Every human and non-human is a combination of all 13 elements, and everyone has leading elements in the body. On this basis we have such a concept as species at all. As a result, each being or object is a marker for you of the particular planet – they have their set of elements, you have yours. Accessibly speaking, in shopping malls you fall into the sphere of the elements of Metal, in parks you dive into Water, and all the bosses carry Fire for you. There’s a chemical reaction of what’s inside you with what came from the outside. This set will be different for each type of leading element, and as you interact with each being, you come into contact with that particular element. Moreover, each day and each hour carries its own element, resulting in bad and good days, black and white streaks, and prognostics in general.
This is roughly how reasonable astrology and a large segment of Oriental medicine works: we look at the changes of the entire elemental slice and where it short-circuits specifically in your case. There we also treat the root causes of soreness, failure, and lack\presence of anything in life. Because of this diversity you like or dislike different things, people, activities, etc. Something with your elemental synthroid is in harmony and something is in conflict. For example, if you meet a person who has not yet opened his mouth, but already pisses you off, it is a violent chemical reaction to his “filler”. Like love, creativity, professions, money, or anything else.
The same in chakras that only the laziest person in pop so-called esoteric has ever kicked are nothing but the control panels for the elemental slices of your body. To put it simply, Manipura (solar plexus) is the center point of the Fire element slice in the body, and Anahata (heart), for example, is the slice of emotions and feelings, which are ruled by Venus. Each chakra (there are over 300 of which in the body, in fact) is responsible for the processes of its own layer, both in the psyche and in physiology at all levels. And since the slice is the same for everything, so love, lungs, feelings of sadness and the metal mug in your hand are one and the same. Each slice provides thousands and thousands of objects and processes simultaneously.
And all the butterflies in the stomach and heaviness in the heart are more a chakra sensation than a physiological one, although both the thin and the dense sections of the body are closely connected and work consistently. The dense and thin in the body are interlocked due to biochemistry and hormones, in the Jyotish system of Indian astrology there is even a complete correspondence between the planets, their slices and the brain and endocrine departments. To put it simply: emotion pings the elemental slice – the slice pings the chakra – that sends chemical signals to the physical layer and the brain – the physical body also starts doing something, muscle contraction, fluttering, etc. All these signals go through meridians and biologically active points.
This is the basis of Oriental medicine. The rest, as they say, are details.
All slices of planetary particles work simultaneously and all these beautiful pictures on the request of “sacred geometry” are just schemes of their movement in space. The planets are moving according to their schemes, generating elemental “webs” that also start moving according to the schemes, which generates all these blooms and geometric dances. That’s all the metaphysics.
13 elements of the world
1.Darkness. The element from which everything came and which is the basis of matter. This element has many conductors in different slices, the closest to us is the planet Venus, but the Darkness also has many conductors outside the planets. Darkness actually creates the filling of the smallest “cells” of any object, and somewhere it already begins to connect with quantum physics.
This element was the first and for a long time the only element in the Universe, once everything was composed of it. Then, through both evolution and the work of enthusiasts, subsidiary elements emerged, which over many millions of years built up what we now see around us.
2.Void. An element that has no filling, but creates and holds the form of objects. The Void Element is the thin form of anything, which seems to sprout into reality as long as something fills it. Dreams, illusions, dreams, memory, art, and its characters are all it. That which is not formally there, but it is there in a thin form. The Void is the underside of the world, its 3D model, which later manifests itself by the appearance of people, objects, events, and other things. For the Void, it doesn’t matter if the object itself exists, just that it exists in one’s head. We all know very well that the characters in a book or a movie did not exist in reality as described, that they only exist in the imagination, and that in the movies they are portrayed by a stranger for money. But it doesn’t stop us from having feelings for those who don’t exist. We love and hate the characters, we miss our dead, we are nostalgic for places that no longer exist. This is the Void.
Clearly: the Void is a shell, the Darkness is a sausage in it.
3.Chaos. The element that draws the lines of probability. Simply, it arranges objects created by the Void and the Darkness on time lines and realizes them in space. You are in some room right now, you have a name, body parameters, genetics, some country, city, house around you… For you to be sitting in your chair at this point in space and time at this moment, THAT THING has been happening for thousands and tens of thousands of years before that. Someone built this city, this house, invented the language you’re reading this article in, dozens of your ancestors mixed their genetics to make you… This is all the work of the Chaos element. It builds space by operating with the elements of Time and all the others at once. Chaos is more about space and time at once, so metaphysics doesn’t operate on the concept of “when,” it says “where”. You are now in such and such a point of space, such and such coordinates, such and such highways and lines. This is the element with which mantics works, i.e. mantic systems view lines drawn by the Chaos and hypothetical events in them.
4.Nothing is the element of what is outside the world we know. The antipode of the Void element. If the Void takes the form of something that does not exist but does for you (e.g., dreams), then the Nothing is objects that actually exist but not in your reality. The people who lived in some house in 14th century Italy are Nothing to you and me. The house is gone, the people are gone, we don’t know their names, we don’t even guess who they were, so this phenomenon does not exist in our universe. Navajo language cases are in Nothing, everything I don’t know is there, too.
And all objects in the world endlessly roll from Being to Nonexistence, from Void to Nothing and back again.
A woman has become pregnant – in her mind there is already an image of the future man, her child. No one has seen him yet, no one knows what he is like, but the mother is already dreaming of his life. He appeared in the slice of the Void. He was born being manifested into reality. He lived some life, achieved something, then died. Let’s say he died in the 16th century somewhere, drowned in a swamp. After 100 years, no one remembers him – there’s no grave, he left no heirs, his soul went into reincarnation, and that person’s cast of personality completely dissolved and became Nothing. He is not remembered by anyone living, there is no information or records of him. He disappeared, unsupported by the energy of the living beings. He went into Nothing. The cycle closed.
5.Time. The Element of Time is originally a subcircuit of the Chaos element, which creates and maintains the transformation of objects and the temporal cross-section of space. It is supported by the Moon, Ketu and Rahu, as well as Saturn, astrologically speaking. Time is a kind of transformer-oxidizer: put an apple on the window and in a couple of months Time will spoil and rot it. Give birth to a child and Time will do the same to it. This element pulls up the factors that transform objects on the lines in a natural way: change comes, objects change, transform, change levels, disappear and appear.
6.Death. The Element of Death is also a sub element of the Chaos, which is ruled by the planet Pluto and partly by Saturn. In a broad sense, it is the element of transformation and evolution, not of dying or disappearing. In this sense people’s understanding of the death process is very poor. Death is closely related to the element of Time, that is, it literally creates the processes that Time initiates. Think of yourself 15-20 years ago, read your old dialogues, listen to the music of that time, a strange feeling, right? As if it’s not you, but some other person was, you feel different. This is because we go through 4 global stages of the element of Death (called the 4 pillars in Ba-Tzu), and many smaller ones. We participate in events, get new experiences, new knowledge, and all this makes us “die a little bit”, that is to transform and become a little different. To discard the unnecessary, to accept the new, to rethink things. This is death, but not dying.
Although even the medical death of a human body is also a transformation, after which the soul goes to a new body or to a new level, but it does not disappear at all. For the entities, Death is the same transformation, also moving through planetary cycles, with the only difference that they do not die after the 4th cycle, but live as long as they can. But everyone goes through the transformation – humans, non-humans, countries, continents, and everything around them.
The element is thin, but as it enters the material (dense) world, its currents form radiation. All kinds of radiation are a slice of Pluto and its elements. This is why it is associated with wars, dictatorships, and other blackness that leads to the transformation of entire nations. Pluto also affects the process of decay and purification of anything.
7. Shadow. It’s well described by Casteneda in the chapter where Carlos mistook a branch in the wind for a dying animal. Look at the jacket hanging on the chair in the semi-darkness. Here you seem to know it’s a jacket or a pile of clothes, but in the thick shadows it gets uncomfortable, because the longer you look, the more the shape blurs. And it seems like it’s not a jacket, but something else, something frightening. Shadow is the element that blurs shapes. The primary element, which is generated by Jupiter and brings chaos in the sense that people usually understand it. That is, tearing the hell out of all inherent order, including even cellular order. The shadow removes the form that is laid down by the Void and sweeps away all tangible frames, blurring objects and being a part of both transformation and movement of objects on the subtle plane. This element is used to move entities and is considered the most toxic and dangerous to contact.
7.1. Wood. The element, which the Greeks somehow unimaginably managed to miss, although all the ancient systems have it. Its absence (at least in sources) has badly popped western astrology, up to its complete nonworking: it’s like taking the addition out of mathematics and trying to count somehow without it. You get all kinds of crap that sometimes adds up to something. The Wood element is the native element of Jupiter, on the slice of which our body’s eyes and vision, tendons, immune system, liver and gallbladder, and many other things work. It is essentially the element of Shadow, whose currents have entered the dense world and formed something new in form. Therefore, Shadow and Wood are the same element, but at different levels of matter density. In Ba-Tzu it corresponds to the Yang and Yin Wood, depending on the qualities of the element.
8.The Element of Light. And there is a great deal of confusion with it. Initially, Light is the very spark of life that activates a living body. It is extremely rare and tends to flow from one to another rather than accumulate somewhere, but it is through it that life exists. Not to be confused with the element of Life. Demons are alive, but there is no Life in them. But! What people mean by the element of Light and what is described in god-awful monotheistic books is a sub element of Fire, not Light. Let’s call it Light2 or even the Element of Illumination. Look at the light bulb – that’s it.
9.Fire. The most massive element in the world, because it actually provides the energetic “gasoline” on which most processes, including those of the body and psyche, move. It is conducted simultaneously by the Sun, Mars, Pluto, and Uranus.
The Sun and its slice builds our ego, psyche, and self-esteem. It corresponds to the Yang Fire in Ba-Tzu.
Mars provides the resource of the body and psyche for life. Also through its element the brain, the cardiovascular and circulatory systems, the acidity of the stomach and other GI organs, the small intestine, and the entire spectrum of aggressive and joyful emotions work. It is also the Yin Fire.
Uranus works as an engine for change on a particularly large scale, such as when a certain singer “lights up” the entire world, literally billions of people, with his hit. It also ignites revolutions, introduces fashions, etc. (Also Yang Fire).
Pluto. Like radiation, it burns and rots what must die out and go into oblivion. Transformation cleanses the unnecessary, recycling it into universal fuel. Read: when something unnecessary decays, it transfers all of its energy straight into the element of Fire.
10.Earth. Saturn’s element, literally earth – stones, clay, soil, sand, etc. Karma and karmic mechanics work “on it” on the subtle side, on the dense side it gives the base of cells and tissues of the dense body, builds muscles, stomach and bones, allows taste. There is confusion with this element in Russian because earth is both a planet and soil. But the element of the planet Earth is the element of Life, and the earth as an element is Saturn. In Ba-Tzu and related systems – it is Yin and Yang Earth, depending on the qualities.
11.Water. The Water element is a very important slice of space for all levels because an incredible number of objects, especially living ones, are built on it. It is conducted by Mercury, Neptune, and partially by the Moon. In the body, water runs the actual water-salt metabolism, bones, kidneys and bladder, ears and hearing. Also, pregnancy and child-bearing are entirely of this element, so if there is a lack of it in the body and chart, this process is impossible a priori. The very cases when the pair can’t have a child without any clear medical reasons: for something to grow, even if it’s a burdock or embryo, you have to water it. It is also, like Shadow, a transport.
12.Metal \ Air. The elements of the planet Venus, which line up a million of objects and are responsible for literally all chemical reactions between elements, substances, Elements and anything else. The Venus slice gives the principle of mixing one thing with another, the appearance of something new: two met, love happened = a child appeared, mixed notes = new music appeared, mixed foods = a dish came out, etc., etc. In the body, the Metal element lines up the large intestine, lungs, bronchi, smell perception, sexual organs, etc. It corresponds to Metal in the Ba-Tzu.
13.Life. Element of the Earth planet. Aka Chi energy in Chinese medicine, aka (divided into polarities) – the same Yin and Yang. Cyclic element, which appeared as a result of experiments with the element of Wood and its derivatives. This element is essentially a fodder element and is characterized by cyclical existence: sowed, sprouted, grew, matured, withered, disappeared, giving birth to a new life. It is well depicted in Chinese metaphysics in the form of the system of 12 phases of Chi energy.
Technically each slice can still be broken down into Zodiac signs, polarities and a bunch of tables, but why… Basically this small text replaces about three sections of a library with waste paper on astrology, medical practices, magic, the unknown, self-discovery and other obscurantism. Everything is physics. It’s just that the physics is a little more complicated than the school textbook.
Written by Mylene Maelinhon (c) Archaic Heart portal
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2023.05.11 03:30 has-some-questions Can I get your input?

So I frequent a crystal/metaphysical shop, and the owner said people SHOULD NOT wear moldavite in public. That it could effect people near you. Like if someone was on the edge, they could unalive themselves, or lesser, get headaches from the energy. He also said that it would bring bad karma to someone for putting out so much chaotic energy out onto people without their consent.
He says he's very sensitive to moldavite, and when he got it out of its herbed up box for me, he said he started feeling its energy. (Even though I had been wearing mine the entire time we talked together......)
I see so many different opinions on moldavite and if it actually brings harm to people or not. I personally am fine with having a non vibrational meteorite glass. But I would like to hear some more thoughts on this. I see a lot of you wear yours. Have others told you not to? Have you experienced negativity from people that know you wear it?
Cool thanks bye! ☄️
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