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A subreddit for City Pop, a Japanese style of popular music originating in the 1980s.

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2023.05.29 00:49 rollyvortex Do I have a grand water trine? Does it mean anything in particular in context of my chart?

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2023.05.29 00:48 No_Practice4962 Gettin clean

Wassup y’all. Making this post because im on vacation out of the country which is great but fuck i feel like i am withdrawling from oxy. Its only day 2 of withdrawal and day 2 of my 10 day stay but so far its just cold like symptoms. I was taking about 60-80 mg of oxy daily for the past 2 months. I’m trying to score because i heard on another post that someone was able to score codeine in the country im in without a prescription so im trying the pharmacy out here for oxys. Dont get me wrong im having fun, but in a place likes this i would enjoy it more with some nice 30s. Been just drinking and smoking weed in the meanwhile. On the other hand i’m also thinking maybe this trip is a chance for me to go through the wd’s and just get off the opiates for good or at least give it a chance and stay clean for a while since im obviously abusing oxy. I don’t know. Taking it just one day at a time for now. Thanks for reading my post if you made it this far.
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2023.05.29 00:48 PecesRaros_xInterpol Hermanos latinoamericanos: si les gusta la poesía y tienen un rato libre. (text in English and French bellow)

Voy a mandar un poemario pequeño (30 cuartillas) a un concurso local. Ya le di las últimas (penúltimas, siempre le voy a dar otras dos tres checadas antes de mandarlo en la semana que viene) y estaría chido oír algo de retroalimentación buena, mala, lo que sea, antes de mandarlo. El premio está jugoso, entonces me lo estoy tomando lo más en serio posible que pueda. Y por razones de la vida, ya no tengo contacto con los colectivos de poetas locales aquí con los que me juntaba antes. Entonces, ando solapas ahorita
_English: I'm about to send a small poem anthology (30 pages) to a state sponsored competition. I have already given the last (before to last, probably will double check it again before sending it within the week) and it would be awesome to hear back some feedback, good bad or whatever. The price is good money so I'm taking it as serius as possible. Due to life limitations, I no longer hang out with the collective of young poets in my area, so I'm flying solo here.
_Français pour les québécois ici!
Je suis proche d'envoyer une anthologie petite des poèmes (30 pages) à une compétition d'état. J'ai déjà vérifié une dernière fois (mais, probablement, je vais faire un autre double check après l'envoyer pendant la prochaine semaine) et j'aimerais d'écouter vos rétroaction, bonne mouvaise ou quelque chose. Le pris est un bon quantité d'argent et je suis en train de le prendre le plus sérieux possible. À cause de la vie, j'ai perdu contact avec le collectif de mecs poets de ma comunité avec qui j'ai passé du temps, donc je suis seule maintenant.
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2023.05.29 00:46 Difficult_Chicken_78 I hurt my shoulder and don't know what the injury is nor whether I should go to the doc or if it will heal on its own.

Im a 21 y/o female. I have kind of a weird shoulder injury and have no idea what it could be because its not something super obvious like a dislocation, but I dont want to go to the doctor if it's something that will just heal fine on its own since my family has a high deductible so we'd be paying out of pocket.
For some back story, for the longest time Ive always had a thing with just this shoulder (my left one) where it'll do that like once every 2 weeks or so and all i have to do is sit on a chair reach below the seat and pull up on it with that arm and then my shoulder would do a deep "thunk" type of crack and instantly feel much better.
So that same tightness/need to crack feeling happened when i was at work (a desk job) so i go to crack it and it just wont crack, and im like weird ill try again later. I try again later that night, and nothing.
A few hours later im laying in bed to go to sleep, and im a side and back sleeper so i go to roll over onto my left side and all of a sudden have a sharp pain in that shoulder that shot down into my hand as well. I rolled back onto my back, and within a few minutes the pain was gone.
This was about a week ago. Ever since then, i have no pain or stiffness when i just go through my range of motion (move my arm in a big circle and forward and back across my chest) but periodic pain similar to what happened while lying in bed with very specific movements.
Some of those movements are twisting on and off the lid of a jar, lifting something (like a grocery bag) off the floor without tensing the muscle prior to lifting, and most recently, a very sharp stab of pain that made my bicep and my hand go cold when i was laying on my stomach on my bed with my elbows basically positioned as if i were doing a plank but with my stomach on the bed, and i leaned over to grab my phone charger, leaving my elbow planted but pushing outward into my shoulder. Instant pain but subsided fairly quickly.
Long story, but any ideas what this could be and whether it'll heal on its own or if I should get it checked out?
P.S. I used to be a gymnast but have no prior shoulder injury history, however my family has a history of non-traumatic shoulder issues (grandma had rotator cuff problems, my dad had to get an injection to reduce inflammation, my brothers dislocates when lifting objects at a certain angle, etc.)
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2023.05.29 00:46 imo_rem Doubts about absorption!

I heard some things and I wanted to know if they are true here they are:
First I heard that there is a limited nutrient absorption so per example, eating more than x grams of protein will not be absorved because in y hours the intestines can only absorb z grams of protein
Second is that I heard eating a lot of something can diminish the absorption of other things example, eating a lot of iron diminishes zinc absorption
. Are these two things true? If true are their effects big enough that there will be diminished nutrient intake? Or is it true but the effect is so small that it is irrelevant?
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2023.05.29 00:46 Swimming_Tea_5204 *there is full approval and permission for posting from the owner of the natal*

*there is full approval and permission for posting from the owner of the natal*
When should this person expect something better in the career, new offer or changing the enviornment? (To say that last 8/9 months were terrible according to career and also family life(problems with the brother)
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2023.05.29 00:36 Expensive-Meet-4899 MaDe AbSoLuTeLy NeW eNtItY

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2023.05.29 00:35 Expensive_Ad_3222 Someone in my life 20M came out as trans and I 20M feel hurt. What do I do?

Hey y’all. I need advice. I’m 20M and I just came out of an event that a friend/classmate 20M held for our department. He held a small performance (we are performance majors) where he came out as trans and told us that he wanted this to document his voice before it changed over the summer (he’s starting HRT). At the announcement I felt relieved and happy for him because at first he made the announcement sound pretty life or death so we were all worried that he wouldn’t be able to perform anymore. Afterwards I felt very mixed emotions and I don’t understand why.
For context, I’m trans and I’m only out to very select people. I don’t really present as a man for the most part and most people only know me by my closet name. I secretly own a binder and wear it on and off for various reasons. The only way you might clock something is if you happen to see my binder in my room or you see me perform as a male character (which doesn’t give you much to go on tbh) and maybe seeing me enjoy it a bit too much.
For whatever reason I felt like a jerk because I clocked his trans-ness the second I met him over the summer. Now, he completely presents as a dude, sounds like a dude, and looks like a dude. Maybe he has a bit of a baby face, but honestly most people would just leave it at that. The thing is— I know what a binder looks like under a t-shirt. I clocked the subtle ways he’d hide himself and some of his tendencies because I’ve lived it. I think I even caught a glance at his deadname on one of his med bottles months later (by happenstance— he just took it out to take some of his meds real quick). Honestly it made me excited because I saw someone like me! I never brought it up to him over the year in the event that I was wrong and honestly even if I wasn’t, it wouldn’t be my place to say anything to begin with. But still, in that moment I just sat there and felt like an asshole for whatever reason.
Once the event was over I come to find out that he had already come out to one of our other friends before and didn’t tell me until this open invite performance. At that point I felt really hurt and like even more of an asshole. I know it’s completely irrational for me to feel this way because I’m not entitled to this private information and he should only come out to the people he feels safe and secure enough to come out to. hell! I’m still hella in the closet myself so I completely understand this perfectly. But the fact that I wasn’t one of those people who he felt like he could trust to tell one on one hurts me so deeply and makes me really sad for no reason. I’m scared that he doesn’t trust me or that I did or said something to put him off. I feel like an asshole because I’m scared my own fears are making this moment all about myself than supporting him through this important and exciting step in his life. Granted I never voiced any of this out loud and I just sat there and gave him a big hug afterwards.
What do I do? I’m confused and I want to sort out my emotions. Part of me feels excluded and I feel like not presenting as a guy or being “trans enough” (whatever that means) is what put me in this situation, which is so nonsensical. I almost feel betrayed even though I never even told him that I was trans so, like, how was he supposed to know? It’s not like I ever came out to him and it’s not like he owes me coming out either so like? What’s the deal? Why is my brain making me feel this way? I’m so lost. I also don’t even wanna come out right after in fear that I’ll take away from his moment and in fear that I’ll just be attention seeking. Help!!!
TLDR— I’m trans but my friend(also trans) doesn’t know and didn’t come out to me until a public announcement that I happened to be at and I feel hurt and excluded for some reason help!!! What do I do?
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2023.05.29 00:33 scoutjanelee Currently going through my Saturn return... any suggestions/insight based off of my chart?

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2023.05.29 00:30 SmurfyX LIVE AEW Double or Nothing 2023 Discussion

Double or Nothing 2023

Venue/Ticket Info:

Tonight's Matches

Zero HouPre Show (Free)
The Hardys / Hook Vs. Ethan Page / The Gunns
Double or Nothing 2023
World Championship: MJF Vs. Jungle Boy Vs. Darby Allin Vs. Sammy Guevara
Women's World Championship: Jamie Hayter Vs. Toni Storm
International Championship: Blackjack Battle Royale: Orange Cassidy Vs. Blade, Butcher, Bandido, Komander, Lee Moriarty, Big Bill Morrissey, Ari Daivari, Tony Nese, Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta, Kip Sabian, Fenix, Pentagon, Swerve Strickland, Brian Cage, Ricky Starks, “Switchblade” Jay White, Juice Robinson, Keith Lee, Dustin Rhodes.
Tag Team Championship: FTR Vs. Jay Lethal / Jeff Jarrett
Trios Championship: House of Black Open Challenge
Anarchy In The Arena: The Elite Vs. BCC
TNT Championship: Ladder Match: Wardlow Vs. Christian
TBS Championship: Jade Cargill Vs. Taya Valkyrie
Unsanctioned: Chris Jericho Vs. Adam Cole W/ Sabu
Other Notes:
  • No other segments or stipulations announced.

How to Watch

Pre-Show: 7:00PM ET / 4:00PM PT / 12:00AM BST: Free on Youtube or Bleacher Report
Double or Nothing 2023: 8:00PM ET / 5:00PM PT / 1:00AM BST: US & Canada - Bleacher Report or International on FITE TV. CA, MX, DE, IT, FR, UK, KR: YouTube
Join the /SC Discord here
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2023.05.29 00:30 yeet6skeet9repeat Psychiatry cured me and here’s my story.

They cured me, of every last bit of anything good that I had left in my life.
This is how my they helped me personally:
It hopefully ends here. I realized that it doesn’t matter how bad I'm doing mentally, every chance I give psychiatry, they only make it worse. I’m almost thirty, they cured nothing, only made me worse, traumatized me further and made me develop new chronic disorders that cause me physical pain, as if the psychological BPD pain wasn’t enough. Not only my youth is gone but the future too as I am unable to get any sort of positive feeling out of anything, I don’t know if it was the ECT that fried my brain or the shitloads of APs that caused me to have this anhedonia but I can’t feel anything. My whole life is just me trying to cope with the BPD pain as it is the only thing I can feel. I don’t know where else to go and I feel like the brain damage is irreversible while the psychiatrists are living their best lives, enjoying the money and the status of god. I’ve been used and the big pharma is hundreds of thousands of dollars richer thanks to me, which they will either pocket or use to make new poisons that will kill or destroy lives of even more people. I don’t know how long I will last but I wish I killed myself in 2016 so that I wouldn’t have to go through all this shit only to come out even more damaged.
Rule #5 says no medical advice and I'm not looking for one, but someone please tell me what to fucking do after all this brain damage has been done or what to do with the BPD, where do I go when things get bad? I'm all alone and I'm scared I will be dumb enough to ask psychiatry for help again, the story proves I'm dumb enough to go back again and never learn.
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2023.05.29 00:25 itskatieplaysrblx alright it’s my turn to expose now, this whole drama started because of me anyways💀💀

alright it’s my turn to expose now, this whole drama started because of me anyways💀💀
u/Big_Trusted_trader is a scammer, bitch thought i wouldn’t expose him😭🙏
mb for starting all this drama y’all, can’t help it
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2023.05.29 00:20 Gullible-Agent2258 thoughts on doubts before starting T?

hey guys! So: I'm 18, and have been out as transmasc (or demiboy, if you wanna get a little more specific with the labels, which I've never been super specific about) since I was in middle school. Going on T has always been a pretty big goal of mine for years; a lot of my dysphoria is focused around my voice, inability to grow facial hair, stuff like that.
Here's the thing — I just got the go-ahead and am starting T in a week-ish! (The gel stuff because I'm scared of needles lol) When my pharmacy called me, I was first really excited, and then I got this vague feeling of anxiety/dread. It was weird. I think a lot of my reservations about going on T are linked to social interactions (having to use the men's restroom freaks me out, because obviously I can't use the urinal and get worried that the other guys in there will clock me as trans), but it's still really shaking me up. I want to go on T really bad. I have for years, and at this point I had been getting monthly breakdowns from voice dysphoria and misgendering to the point where I didn't want to leave the house because of how people would perceive me. It's just that now that I know I'm going on T, I'm getting freaked out about regretting it, about health issues, all that stuff. I also feel guilty because I feel like I shouldn't be dreading this (like, I know this is a huge goal for other people so the fact that it's making me feel bad and anxious makes me feel like I don't deserve it, if that makes sense lol). Did anyone else feel doubts right before starting T, or is it just me?
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2023.05.29 00:20 Jebamiahh Besoin d’un nouveau fauteuil

Bonjour à tous ! J’ai cassé il y a pas longtemps ma chaise que j’utilisais devant ma tv (chaise de jardin, me demandait pas pourquoi j’utilisais ça lol) et donc je cherche un vrai fauteuil maintenant.
Existe-il des fauteuils pas trop chers ? Quelle marque ou quel grand magasin à conseiller ? (Type but, IKEA, conforama etc …)
Dans l’idéal j’aimerais un fauteuil « basique » avec des accoudoirs mais de façon à être bien calé et confortable (aucune idée de comment s’appelle ce type de fauteuil : fauteuil de salon normal?)
Merci à vous si vous m’aidez 😊
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2023.05.29 00:16 Swimming_Tea_5204 *This composite has a permission of both partners to be shared*

*This composite has a permission of both partners to be shared*
What is the thing with Uranus Neptune conjuction in the 7th house? Is this relationship gonna work, considering the fact that both partners want a baby and a marriage?
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2023.05.29 00:15 ValleyAndFriends Anyone else just…

I’m going to make a big assumption and say that the majority of people here love and read episodes, a lot. Some of you, myself included, have stories that we are itching to see. Maybe it’s something rarely written about or something that is never represented correctly. Regardless, sometimes that prompt or idea can’t be found.
For me, it’s superhero books. I know of two and both of them have been discounted (haven’t updated in a long while). Since I believe that you should be (or create) the change you want to see, I started on a book myself (this happened way before I made my post looking for super hero books). At first, it was fun but now I’m just staring at the story with defeat.
Anyone just feel like that, you write a story and at first, you think it’s good but now you stare defeated? I just feel like it’s shit now, but I at least can’t say I didn’t try to make a story. Wattpad is more of my thing so coding definitely threw me off, but I kinda overcame that mostly. I just feel like something is missing or something isn’t right or it’s not good y’know?
My respect is high for authors, cause it’s tough as I can see and experienced. I think that I’ll just stay a reader on this app, anyone got any good action stories? I think I need a break.
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2023.05.29 00:14 Swimming_Tea_5204 *this composite has a permission of both partners to be shared*

*this composite has a permission of both partners to be shared*
What is the thing behind the Uranus and Neptune conjuction in 7th house? Is this relationship gonna work, since both partners are striving to marriage?
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2023.05.29 00:12 No_Repeat_2595 Only £2.50

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2023.05.29 00:11 CaptainChristopher02 My Floridian Arxur Daughter (Part 15)

My Floridian Arxur Daughter (Part 15)

Art by u/HaajaHenrik
Content Warning: Mentions of Pancakes between two consenting adults'.
It's really nothing but I'll put it in case someone prefers a warning. Love you guys.
Memory Transcript Subject: Chalta Rodriguez, Adopted Arxur Youth
Date [Standardized Human Time]: November 24, 2136
Finn is a good friend. We would walk around the park with our families, and he would tell me about all the fish in the ocean.
“Okay so like- there’s this fish. It looks like it’s melted but it really isn’t because it lives in really deep water. And you know when like- you like- have someone hug you really tight you go squish!” fin said.
“Yea! Mommy and daddy give the best hugs!” I thought of last night, when I showed all my weakness and was given a big warm hug from my family.
“Well, what if you were always hugged so hard… that when everyone let go you’re body went mushy! Because those hugs were the thing that was- um, keeping your bones tight together! That’s what a blob fish is.”
“If we went to water that deep, would we squish?”
“Yup! It’s also really dark down there too! You wouldn’t be able to see your hand in front of your face!”
I checked to see if I could already see my hand in front of my face. Yup, that would be dark.
“Wow,” I said softly.
“Hey Chalta, can I see your claws?”
“Sure.” I gave Finn my hand and he started looking and playing with my claws. They weren’t very long, only about half the length of his fingers, but Fin didn’t mind. He gently rubbed them and pressed his finger against the pointy end.
“They’re very shiny and pointy,” Finn said with an exited smile on his face.
“Thank you! Mom helped me clean them this morning. They’re so pretty now. Hey Finn, can I see your claws now?”
“They aren’t as nice as yours but sure.”
I played with Finns claws. They were short like daddies. Cut really close to the end. I wonder why humans didn’t keep them long. How would a human hunt? I also noticed that his hands are also warm and very soft. Even softer than mommies! Arxur have much rougher skin to protect us. How did humans protect themselves?
“Finn,” I asked. “How did humans hunt without claws?”
“We threw rocks.”
Throwing rocks, that was their weapon of choice? “Why rocks?”
“We could throw hard and accurately so we could hunt from a safe distance, or if food was running too fast.”
“How did you know that would work?”
“Well… there’s a lot of rocks everywhere, and the deer over their looks like they could use one. I guess we threw one too hard one day and some cave man went ‘hey I got an idea’.”
“What’s a deer?”
“An animal we used to eat a lot. I think we still do.”
“Are they tasty?”
“I dunno, maybe.”
“If you threw a rock at a deer, could I eat it later?”
“Sure, I don’t need a rock.”
I like talking with him, he makes me feel happy.
We kept walking until Finn stopped in front of a sign that said, The Kraken.
“Oh cool, a roller coaster! Mommy can I ride it with Chalta!”
“R-r-roller c-coaster?” I asked, remembering the screaming humans. I looked up and saw the deathtrap he was talking about. Why would I ride this? Why would anyone ride this?!
But what if he thinks you’re weak?
We tell him he’s stupid!
But I wanna show him we’re brave, also that’s mean!
Fine! Be my guest, but when you’re falling to your death it will be your fault.
“S-sure they can’t be that bad r-right?” I said, knowing it can be that bad.
“Chalta sweety, I don’t even go one those, and I know you don’t want to either!” Mommy said, remembering how I reacted earlier today.
Finn’s mother overheard and realized why I wanted to suddenly go. “Listen to your mother, don’t try impressing Finn if you don’t want to.”
Carlos and Salisek looked at each other.
“Carlos no!”
“You were going to go on that death trap!”
“Finn, wanna ride with me?”
Big brother was so brave! I wish I was brave enough to- Wait, if he can do it maybe I can too!
“Okay Carlos!” Finn said, “You and me! Bros!”
“Count us in too!” Daddy said with his arm around a proud looking Tarvik.
Mommy realized she had lost her husband to the coaster crossed her arms in frustration, “Okay than, Chalta you can wait with us girls.”
“A-actually mommy… can I go?”
Mommy gave a big sigh. “Yes bebé, but if you’re feeling uncomfortable come back. Even if it’s a little bit m, okay?”
“Yes mommy.”
I walked with the boys up the very, very long line. Every time I thought we were close there was just more line! I looked at a photo of the ride we passed to see how high we were going and… oh. Oh, that’s high.
I turned to Finn, “Um… is this safe?”
“Yea! They strap you in real tight!”
“Why are all the humans screaming?”
“They’re screams of fun!”
Daddy snickered. “Kinda reminds me of my honeymoon.” I didn’t know what a honeymoon was, but it sounded like a pretty scary roller coaster.
Big brother’s eye’s shot wide open. “There are two kids here!”
Honeymoon must be an adult secret.
“What? We went to Disney! We got fast passes and where riding Space Mountain and Tron all day!”
“That’s not what is sounded like!” Big brother is so silly. He makes me smile. Finn was laughing too.
After what felt like days, Daddy said it was only 30 minutes, we finally made it to the end. Four seats per row. Me and Finn sat next to each other with Big brother and Tarvik next to us. Dad sat with some strangers in the back, but I wish he was next to me. I was really scared.
After checking the uniformed humans checked the restraints, the ride was ready to start, and I could feel my heart beating faster than it ever has.
Finn grabbed my hand. His grip helped me feel safer. “It’s okay Chalta, I used to be scared of these but now I’m not! You’re safe with me, I’ll protect you!” Finn said proudly and I wrapped my tail around his leg and tightened my hands grip.
“Y-you better not let go!”
It’s starting! Oh no! I want mommy!
3… 2… 1…
The ride started… slowly? This isn’t so bad. Wow, we’re going high now. Really high. Wait how are we getting down. Oh, oh no. We’re dropping at speeds I didn’t know I could survive! Are we going upside down? Again! How are we moving like this? This… feels… AWESOME! It feels like I’m flying! I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS!
When we got off the ride I was filled with a sense of relief after finally returning to the ground. Tarvik also looked relived and proud of himself.
“Did you see that! I conquered the beast didn’t I. Ha, only humans could come up with something so dangerously fun!”
The boys giggled with each other while Finn and I raced back to our Mommies resting spot so we can tell them how brave we are.
A ran as fast as I could and gave mommy a big hug.
“Mommy, mommy! Did you see me? I was so brave wasn’t I! It wasn’t so bad; I’m not scared anymore!”
Mommy held me close and smiled. “Yes sweety, you were very brave! I’m so proud of you! You and Tarvik.”
“Hey what’s that supposed to mean,” Tarvik said sounding a little angry.
Big brother gave him a back pat. “Tarvik, I don’t think you realize that you’re probably the first Venlil to ever ride a rollercoaster. And you did it of your own free will. That’s almost unbelievable, yet here I am, standing in front of the living legend!”
We all giggled, but now I was feeling hungry.
“Mommy, daddy. Can we go eat something?”
“Sure,” mommy said. “These lady’s drank most of the water and ate almost all the sandwiches anyways. And I know the boys want their fill.”
Big sister looked embarrassed. “H-hey! It’s hot out here. My fur and size and all the walking aren’t helping either.”
Speaking of water, I was getting thirsty.
“Water sweety?” Mommy said before I could ask her myself.
“How did you know I was thirsty?”
“My mother senses where tingling.”
I took a sip of the water and noticed my legs were aching. We were close to a restaurant with all sorts of fish to eat.
So… close… can’t walk…
Finn noticed my struggle.
“Chalta are you okay? Do you need a break? Wait… are you hibernating?! It’s winter so I understand.”
“What’s hyper mating?”
“No silly, hibernating!” Finn said with a giggle. “Some animals do it when it gets cold. They sleep for a really long time.”
“Oh, okay. No, I’m not hibernating. My legs are tired. I didn’t know humans could walk so much!”
Finns’ mommy spoke up. “Darling, if you want, I could rent some strollers. We could also take a break.”
I suddenly felt like I was about to trip over my own weight when Finn caught me.
“Chalta if you can’t walk, I can carry you.”
“You can do that?”
Mommy looked worried. “I… I don’t think that’s such a good-”
Finn didn’t hesitate when he picked me up like a princess and carried me to the restaurant. The whole family looked surprised. I was too, how was he able to pick me up? Was I that light? I could tell he was struggling a little bit, but he kept going, determined to make sure I enjoyed a nice meal.
“Wow you’re really strong!” I said to Finn.
“Thanks, it’s from helping mom with all the groceries!”
“And those weights dad has that I keep telling you not to play with!” Finn’s mom said.
“If you don’t want me to pick up the weights than why do they have a handle?”
“Because you can hurt yourself!”
My mom spoke up, “Why don’t you just lock up the equipment?”
“I do! But somehow this little gremlin keeps getting past everything. Locked doors? No. Locked windows? No. Hide them? Always finds it! Punish him? He considers it a challenge. The closest I got was putting a piece of broccoli on all the equipment because he hates it. Wanna guess the day he started liking broccoli? It was the day he decided to force the stuff down his throat so he could use the weights. At this point I might as well hire a personal trainer, so he gets proper gym lessons and maybe just gets bored.”
“You still love me though, right mommy?”
“Of course! You little muscle baby!”
Big brother gave Finn a head pat while he carried me. “You know Marleen, I know a thing or two about fitness. I could teach him some things if you’re okay with it.”
“That would be wonderful. At lease he would have someone watching him and maybe learn not to hurt himself.”
Finn was still carrying me, and I could feel the warmth from his body. It was wonderful! It reminded me almost of how daddy carried me on the day we first met, but this was different. Dad’s felt like a comfort, but Finn’s felt like… a protector?
“Come on Chalta let’s go on an adventure!” Finn’s pace picked up and finally put me down once we got in line. I felt much better with some water and rest. Once we ordered and got our food we finally got to eat. I took one bite of the food called sushi. It had raw fish, with tons of vegetables that mom said should be fine in small amounts and pick off if I wanted.
*munch* “Mmm, so good!” I said aloud trying to contain my excitement.
After the sushi I had fish sticks. They were amazing, almost as good as chicken tendies! The French fries where good too, even if they were vegetables. I was fine at first, but then my stomach started telling me to stop eating plants for the day, so I had more fish sticks.
“Aw, I ran out,” I said, disappointed that I couldn’t enjoy any more fish sticks. I gave my fries to the table to share, but Finn still had some fish sticks.
Maybe I can ask? No that would be rude. He should enjoy fish sticks too!
“Hey Chalta! Have the rest of my fish sticks, I know you need them more than me,” Finn said as he placed the tasty fish on my basket.
*gasp* “Yay! I love you, Finn!” I said hugging him close while Dad spat out his drink. “You’re my best friend!”
Daddy calmed down. “Oh, thank god!”
Silly daddy. I love him too.
I felt bad about leaving but it was getting late. I said goodbye to Finn with a nice hug. Our moms told us that we could talk to each other again anytime we wanted and could even set up play dates! I was so happy!
The ride back home was smooth, and everyone headed to their rooms. Mommy pulled me aside and asked me if I wanted to sleep with her and Daddy since everyone needs a bed.
Big brother came and gave me uppies. “She can stay with me and Salisek, we talked about it. Go and enjoy some alone time with dad.”
“Thank you sweety.”
Mom went up to her room while Big brother and sister took me to theirs. After we got ready, they laid me between them for the night. I nuzzled up against brother’s soft and warm arms, and sister’s fluffy body. It was so cozy, but before I drifted off, I asked Big brother to sing me a lullaby.
Big sister gave an excited smile and wrapped us all around her tail. “I’ve never heard you sing! Please sing to us.”
Brother giggled and sang in a soft, surprisingly beautiful voice, "The song is called Send Me a Peach,"
“I never dreamed that there'd come a day
When I'd find myself far from your arms
Now that I am, I can hardly stand
Not to be near your sweet southern charms
Send me a peach from ol' Georgia
Down where the Savannah flows
If I could have one bite of Georgia
I would feel right here at home
I miss the shady old lanes there
Walkin' with you by my side
Just send me one peach from Georgia
Just so I know you'll be mine
I hope that you won't forget me
Before my road leads back to you
Though the winter may bring the whole world to its knees
The spring shall return with its fruit
The wind here is ready for winter
It seems to turn everything blue
So just send me (Send me) send me one little peach
Just a sweet, sunny piece of you”
Big sister whispered, “I love you.” As we all dozed into a peaceful sleep.
Memory Transcript Subject: Elena, School Teacher, Loving Wife and Mother
Date [Standardized Human Time]: November 24, 2136
For the first time in almost a couple weeks I was finally alone with my husband. He was reading in bed when I did my little ‘routine’. I jumped in and peppered him with kisses while he giggled profusely. I missed that wonderful laugh.
“My love,” my darling dearest said. “I know you’ve missed me, but our house is full. Are you sur-”
I put my finger over his lips and got into the ‘paint me like one of your French girls’ position. I know he loves that. “I have been without your presence for far too long, never mind your touch. Your wife has needs. Your wife wants to feel you all around, and for you to feel her all around. Are you gonna keep her waiting any more… mi amor?”
My husband sighed and pulled me right next to him. He gave me a wonderful, passionate kiss. “Okay my love, let’s just be quiet. We have guests AND a new daughter, okay?” I nodded excitedly. “I love you so much.”
We looked into each other’s eyes for the first time in a while. With him leaving and the new baby alone time was sparce. But moments like these… they were priceless. We gave each other another passionate kiss before we started making love.
I love my husband.
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2023.05.29 00:11 42OccamsBlazer OSRS player here, sell me on Dofus, tell me why you love it

I've been very interested to play it long term since turn based RPGs are a big interest of mine.
I played Wakfu for around 4 hours and found it to be kind of a cluttered mess. I also don't enjoy "Kill X Y" quests, I would actually totally skip slayer in osrs if the money wasn't good.
So yeah, I'd love to hear what you love about the game.
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2023.05.29 00:06 sflesch Help tweaking file names, questions as well.

I think I have my file name preferences mostly sorted out. I have a few questions, mostly about redundancies and pros/cons of similar info.
And the big question. I read about groups, but not even sure how to grab unknown groups. I read this, but I'm not sure how to "translate" the code. It looks like most of the groups are either in '[]'s or follow '-'s, but there may be other '-'s in the file names. There are also a few that don't have either.
Is there a way to just carry over unknown information in the filename?
For file name: Alive 2020 1080p NF WEB-DL DDP5 1 Atmos H 264-pawel2006.mkv Sample code so far: {n} ({y}) {edition} {vf} {vs} {hd} {hdr}{'SDR'} {bitdepth}bit {ac} {channels} {acf} {vc} {vcf} {'-'+group} {audioLanguages} Gives me something like: #Alive (2020) 1080p WEB-DL FHD SDR 8bit EAC3 5.1 DDPDA5.1 x264 AVC [kor] 
TYIA, especially for your patience.
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2023.05.29 00:04 Huge_Chocolate3465 Should I get a PoliSci PhD if I want to end up in industry?

Hi folks, I would really love to know your thoughts on getting a PhD and the career aspects beyond academia. My situation is a bit tricky and I am not sure if I should go back to my PhD program. Long story short, I got into a top 3 program this cycle and the funding is great. It is my dream program and dream school. However, a few things happened in the last couple of months after my application and changed my mind about doing a PhD and staying in academia. I already have a MA and I therefore decided to defer a year and look for some internship/jobs from now.
I am thinking of consulting and data/research scientists in tech companies as two career alternatives. Also, I am not a big fan of policy analysis and think tanks. Some people suggest that I should enter the industry immediately because the marketability of a PoliSci PhD with no professional experience at age 30 is very low. However, I also find many positions (especially research scientists) require a PhD degree. I still like doing research or research-related stuff but I just don't like the publishing process as well as teaching.
What is the career prospect of a PhD compared to a MA in PoliSci? Should I go back to my PhD program next year?
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