Motels in ogallala nebraska

If you were named NCAA commissioner, and now have the power to realign conferences, what schools would you move? Any new conference?

2023.05.29 01:04 PeterPlaysBasketball If you were named NCAA commissioner, and now have the power to realign conferences, what schools would you move? Any new conference?

Okay, yes I know schools or conferences would never relegate their power of realignment because of $$$. .
Don’t get me wrong SOME realignments make sense, (geographically) Cincy to BigXII, but I hate how USC and UCLA will be Big10 teams in a few years. So I just wanted to throw out this theoretical for kicks.
. Here’s what I would do with the Power-5 Conferences (+Big East) in case you’re interested: ———
Atlantic Coast Conference:
Big East
(Lmk if I should include my theoretical plans for Mid-Major conferences!)
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2023.05.29 00:55 k1ttyb1h planning vacay

hi everyone, my first time posting :) i figure other ppl from toronto have went to wasaga beach in the summer too. hope everyone’s doing well and can offer me some advice !
my bf and i r planning a weekend trip to wasaga beach. does anyone have any recommendations for motels/hotels on the main strip? thank u so much
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2023.05.28 23:47 usghosttowns Ghost Towns In Colorado - United States Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns In Colorado - United States Ghost Towns
Before Colorado became a state, it was included as part of the New Mexico, Utah, Nebraska, and Kansas territories. In 1859, a provisional government was…
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2023.05.28 23:17 divergence-aloft What bird is this? Northeast Nebraska in some trees by a pasture

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2023.05.28 22:58 Vegetable_Ad1732 US States Where a Woman Forcing Sex on a Man is NOT Rape

Just had a conversation where the issue came up of, in which jurisdictions is a woman forcing intercourse on a man considered to be rape? I assume most of you know that the CDC and FBI do not consider this to be rape, they define rape as penetrating someone without consent. The UK does this too. But in the US, it varies by state. So, which states use rape to mean penetrating someone without consent? The good news is it's less than half, 17 states use this def of rape. First, I want to emphasize please - let me know if you disagree with my findings. At the bottom of this post is the link I used, feel free to check out my results. (No, Nevada is not one of them, read the definition carefully). EDIT: One person has already disagreed with my findings. He said intercourse without consent is the same as penetration without consent, thus finding 39 states use the CDC definition. I disagree with that. I think intercourse without consent would include a woman forcing intercourse on a man. Again, let me know what you think).
OK, drumroll please, here's the 17 states that agree with the CDC
Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas.
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2023.05.28 22:56 kwridlen Need Help Car Broke down in rural area. Sheriff gave us a ride to nearest town.

Traveling in NE Colorado our car broke down. Sheriff gave us a ride to nearest town. Need money for a motel and maybe a tire. There are no repair places open on the holiday weekend. I need $80 for us to get a room. We have enough for food just not shelter. CashApp is $kwridlen any help would be appreciated.
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2023.05.28 22:41 SquirrelofLIL Logistics Of Traveling For Surgery

Hi folks I'm trying to figure out the logistics of traveling for plastic surgery. I heard Florida is the place to go for more affordable breast implants. I've also heard that flying too soon will cause my implants to explode.
As a result I'm interested in either taking MegaBus or Chinatown Bus, or driving. I'm still figuring out how to drive, so this plan is for many years in the future.
First of all what do recovery houses do. Do they keep an eye on you if you can't qualify for a home attendant because it's out of state.
Secondly is it possible to stay in a regular motel or is that not sterile enough. Also do I have to purchase traveler health insurance or not. These are some crazy questions I have. Thanks for your time.
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2023.05.28 22:39 cheerstonewdayz He put me in a dangerous situation, and I am still shaken up about it.

Back at the start of spring break, my then-boyfriend, Maverick (fake name, 22m) invited me (21f) to take a bus over to his college city to visit him for the weekend and then drive back home together that following Sunday since I work weekdays. I was hesitant about going mainly because the bus ticket was a little expensive. I explained this to Maverick, but he then offered to buy the bus ticket for me.
Fast forward to that Friday before spring break, I get on the bus. My hometown to his college city was roughly a 3-hour bus ride, and it was late at night. 30 minutes before I arrive, I let him know that I’m 30 minutes away and to get ready to pick me up and to let me know when he was here to which he texted back 15 minutes later saying “I will be near x street”. It was further down where I was dropped off, which I thought was weird but I walked over there anyway.
I couldn’t find his car and called to ask where he was. That’s when he said he hadn’t left his apartment yet. WHAT? I try to stay as calm as possible because I didn’t want to come off as nagging. There was also a spring break event going on in his city that I did not about until I got there. So he’s about to drive and asks where my drop-off spot was, even though it was emailed to him when he bought the bus ticket.
He calls back again and tell me he was just going to turn back and call an Uber for me because there were so many road closures due to the event. He only lives about 10-15 minutes away from my bus stop. He claimed the whole city was closed off as well. Maverick hates driving and gets anxious whenever he drives, which is why he tends to avoid it at all costs.
He gets to his apartment, and I text, “Next time, actually mean it or don’t say anything at all about being here when you were not”. He then texted back “I tried being there” “Can’t because of closures” and “Why are you abusing me?” He then told me to be grateful and acknowledge that he tried to pick me up and then went on to ask "How can you expect us to be in a relationship when this is how you are? Verbally abusive.”
We go back and forth arguing. I admit I was getting petty and asked if he was gonna block me again like a man-child and a baby and not face these things like adults. (He’s had a habit of blocking me mid-argument in the past). He texted back “You’re a fucking b*tch”, “verbal abuser”, and to “go to hell”. At that point, I didn’t want to stay in his apartment even though he had already sent an Uber for me. The Uber driver eventually canceled which made Maverick even angrier. He demanded I pay him back $45 for the bus ticket and $10-15 for the Uber.
It was 11 pm and all the passengers were gone. I at first managed to stay in the hotel lobby (since my bus dropped us off at a hotel) but was eventually kicked out. So I’m sitting on a bench outside, by myself, freezing while trying to find a hotel. In the end, I couldn’t find anywhere since the city is normally expensive so hotels/motels range anywhere from $150-$200 a night.
Maverick then told me he told his friend, Ramiro (early 20s m), and that even Ramiro said that I was a manipulative a**hole, who deserved to be called a b*tch and to be left out there. He’s not only allowing Ramiro to talk badly about me behind my back but to also harass me. He also said he was gonna tell our friend Edwin (22m) about this. I was so done. For a moment, I genuinely thought something was gonna happen to me. Homeless men were trying to talk to me, and I didn’t feel safe at all. Maverick did offer to get me another Uber, but I declined because I didn’t feel safe staying with him.
I then decided to call Edwin, only to ask if he knew anyone in the city I could stay with. It's past midnight. Edwin said he know no one asides from Maverick and asked what was going on. I didn’t want to pour everything out, so I gave him a short summary trying not to go into detail. Edwin then called Maverick demanding he picks me up. I told Edwin that I didn’t feel comfortable staying with Maverick, to which, Edwin explained that it was the best option since I was his responsibility the minute I got off the bus.
I felt bad because I did not intend of dragging Edwin into it. I was getting even colder, so in that moment staying with Maverick was my only choice. Maverick came to pick me up 10 minutes later. Because of how cold I was, I could barely walk properly. When I got in his car, I was shaking and didn't even look at him. We went straight to his apartment, and the only amount of energy I had left was to take my makeup off and pass out on his bed (as in sleep btw lol). I remember looking at the clock and it was almost 1 am.
The next day, we kinda talked things out, but there was no coming back from this. He pretended like nothing happened and took me out to a nice restaurant later that night and paid for both of our meals. I was still in disbelief. And the thing is, he still believed I was in the wrong and took it as if it was both of our faults due to a "miscommunication". Even when I tried talking about it, he would get angry and expect me to move past it.
I don't think I've ever been more shaken about a situation than the one he put me in. I am no longer with Maverick, and I also don't feel safe around him anymore. The fact that he still thinks I deserved what happened and that I was at fault is scary. I initially made an AITA post about this situation shortly after it happened and was voted NTA. I showed Maverick the post and even the comments calling him out on his behavior. All he said was and I quote "I feel like they're not getting the whole story". Then he went on to say that the AITA post ruined our relationship and demanded I made another one showing the chat logs instead. I genuinely feel like anything could've happened to me that night especially as a woman alone at night in a city.
I apologize for this post being a lot longer than intended. It was just a lot to unpack.
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2023.05.28 22:34 Optimal_Pepper132 Anthony Perkins in front of the "Psycho" house and motel that was used in Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1960 film, June 24, 1985

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2023.05.28 22:10 haaliien Ex refuses to give back my back

Located in MA, USA.
While I was with my ex I got a cat when we lived together in OK. I moved back to my home states, RI/MA, in July 2021. My ex is also from RI. He was visiting his family for Christmas in 2021 when I was in a situation where I couldn’t have my cat, so I asked if he could take care of him for a bit.
He’s now married and travels for work, and I don’t know where he currently resides, but likely somewhere in Nebraska. There’s been two or three times where he has come up to visit and hasn’t let me know (I found out through Facebook or through the grapevine) and didn’t bring the cat for me to retrieve.
At this point I’m tired it. I’ve been patient.
I understand that he technically doesn’t have to let me know when he visits, but I want my cat. I occasionally ask when they’re planning their next visit so I can get my cat and never get an answer.
I’m looking to seek legal recourse if possible to obtain my cat back.
Edit to add: I don’t have an address for him, but I do have a couple addresses for some relatives of his.
Currently the cat is alone in his camper without someone tending to the cat while he’s away.
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2023.05.28 22:04 Bombadeir Announcement for my Presidential campaign

My fellow countrymen. It is with great honor to announce that I have fortunately won the primaries for the Movement for Popular Democracy. With this great honor I come to you onto this stage. I see my fellow candidates do little as to state what exactly they will bring to the table. All that this two party system does is sling mud at the other side until one is a lesser evil. I’m tired of the god damned shit that our federal government keeps doing. Our bureaucrats are supposed to be at least politicians yet they act like animals, although I’d expect no less from the internal warfare of American elitist.
Anyhow I will not complain about our two party system dividing the proletariat and diminishing politics simply to insulting and attempting to combat the others never stated nor ever even thought out policies. Rather I will state now what I plan to do as president.
I will legalize marijuana and implement a 1-5% federal taxation rate on cannabis sales.
I will establish a committee in order to assess and assist in the proper management and maintenance of the Ogallala aquifer. Which for those unfamiliar is a massive aquifer in the great plains which irrigates much of our nations agriculture.
I will cut subsidies from arms and defense companies. I will also cut the military budget. Alongside this I will greatly limit the scale of corporate bailouts. Instead the corporate bailout system will be replaced with a slow-fall system in which businesses in need of bailouts will have taxation cut then slowly replaced in order to give time for their workers to find jobs elsewhere if the company sinks.
Using funds diverted and gathered I will bring greater investment into our agriculture and industry. With invest going especially into sustainable farming.
I will implement several America First policies. The first being production policy. Bringing a slow rise on tariffs for imported goods. As well as investment into re-industrialization of the Rust Belt. Putting America first I will see to that we receive from NATO, the UN, and our allies just as much as we invest. I will ensure that our foreign aid goes to proper help if I keep foreign aid at all. Of course also implementing tariffs on authoritarian nations such as China.
I plan to introduce a large package which will change the payment of public offices. Implement progressive income taxation. As well as Implementing limits on how much one man can own. But I don’t want to scare y’all away with my leftist ideas.
Finally I will implement higher taxation on the reaping of petroleum products. Alongside this I will lower the taxation rates on renewable energy resources in order to not only to move to renewable energy but also energy independence.
If so lucky as to receive a second term I will implement policies for the freedom of the American People. Those being, eliminating income tax from teen workers, giving the states more rights, streamlining the federal government in order to circumvent over-presence, establishing online privacy policy, breaking up the CIA into a thousand, burning it, and scattering it’s ashes to wind. I will create and efficient and free government for the people of America if re-elected.
Now that I have listed my plans I hope you may hear me through and see my points. If you don’t I would gladly be available for interviews, debates, or questions. I am here to be as inspiring as Kennedy, as transparent as Perot, and bring as much prosperity to America as Reagan.
I am here to stand for America. I am here to stand for our people. I am here to stand for what is right. For Liberty, Land, and Loyalty, elect me, Bombara A. Deirer president of these United States. Thank y’all. God bless America.
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2023.05.28 22:01 HeywoodDjiblomi Barcelona, such value

Had a recent trip to Barcelona, and was absolutely floored with the value compared to the US.
What I'm used to: Based in Miami, ATL. Got into hobby last year, started off by getting scammed big by 2 girls at Club E11ven. Transitioned to strip club circuit like Tootsies. My best exp there was a dayshift Cubana a 10/10 enhanced brunette for $500/30 min VIP, all covered action, no GFE or kissing. Focused more on ATL clubs, started getting 8-9/10 Latinas for $400/30 min. Learned more, now I'm consistently $270-$300/30 min with still hot girls, although just basic service. My absolute best was this Lana Rhoades look alike Italian American stripper, $300/30 min at her hotel. Kissing & BBBJ included (she's long since diseappeared). Eventually tried Amsterdam 2x and loved it. While I hear its lost its hey day, but for me I love the fast food McDonalds approach for Red Light District, 100-150E/30min with wiggle room, and the convenience to check out the goods right there in a fun safe city.
Onto Barcelona, 7 providers, all I finished with CF&S. Tools: Sexmercadobcn, independent providers post there and the forum links reviews for many providers. Blurred faces so I stuck with recent/highly reviewed girls. Tip: Schedule to be the girls' first session if possible. I find they're fresh as can be.
Ana & Ashley. I made 2 separate appointments in the morning. Both are mid/late 20's, blondes, enhanced pornstar bodies (big fake tits, BBL) but are very high quality and well done. Each with a unique and sexy face (Ana is Polish, Ashley is Canary Islands), absolute 10s to me. Both were responsive via Whatsapp and hosted in their clean apts in nice part of icy -Ana: was 150E for 60 min, Ashley 250E for 60 min. Both included much french kissing, BBBJ, and GFE despite some language barrier. I didn't push for CIM. Ashley was fantastic, but Ana was far more economical & as good. -Near half the price, 2x as long, and in the comfort of a safe, clean room with a bed and not some uncomfortable club, as well as extra. To me, its 4x the value
Mia: Used the Eden private brothel. Messaged them from their Sexmercado page. Very responsive, the rooms are ok but harsh from fluorescent lighting. Mia, a mid 20s Venezuelan. 9/10 in looks, youthful perky, stacked Latin body with tasteful fake tits. Performance was average. Submissive which I like, included BBBJ, but no GFE, kissing, and she rushed the session. Knowing Spanish would've helped. -120 Euro ($130) for 60 min. Still one of my local clubs girls will charge you that just for 6 air dances.
Denise/Sugar Girls: This is a private discrete brothel, but they have website. Lots of turnover of girls so availability is inconsistent and reviews arent deep. They were very responsive via Whatsapp, similar nice part of town. Rooms are nice, with shower. They do edit their photos, while my girl was still hot she's slightly better on the site. I advise a lineup every time, I'd get 8 or 10 girls and only want to pay for 2 or 3. Dennise is this all natural tattooed girl from Bilbao. Perky pierced B cups, thick fit trunk, built like a softball player with a face like Juelz Ventura. Lots of kissing, but CBJ this time. -150E/60 min. Great fun personality, felt like a party.
Alice/TeensBCN: Another popular private brothel. Same deal, whatsapp, responsive, nice part of town. Rooms were like a motel/dorm room. Alice is a Greek girl with great English, plain faced but feminine, large breasts with natural low hang on her mid 20s body. Like a smaller version of Gianna Michaels. Because of no language barrier, we clicked, she made it feel like a true fun flirty hookup as if I took her from the bar. Kissing, GFE, BBBJ included. -Around 120E for 60
Forgotten named Cuban & Lena/Maison Close: My first public brothel. Just walked in, a discrete initial door in a quiet, nice part of town but you see the branding once in. Nicest rooms of them all, spacious, nice shower. Cuban: Blonde slim Barbie bimbo, body a 9, face a 7.5. Good CBJ, deepthroated. No GFE, kissing. But still a good experience. Lena: My final girl the night before my flight home, wow addicted to her. An early 20s spinner Uruguayan, with big soft juicy fake tits, slender frame but still had curves to her ass. Because of our heights, leverages were great. Even after days of 2 sessions a day, and 1 that morning with other girls, I knew within 10 min this girl was electric. I will be requesting her specifically next visit.
Barcelona for me has been the perfect monger city. It's a great place to visit as is, food is great, not expensive if you travel smart. Most of year is decent weather. Then you have 20+ options from big public brothels to independent girls all with 15 min of you. If I lived in Europe I'd been in Barcelona & AMS every other weekend and still be less money than what I'd need to spend in the US. If they werent $1800+ flights through winter, I'd probably never use a US provider again.
Future targets, would stick to clubs as a first timer. Frankurt: Sharks Oase. Just learning about FKK clubs and seems like an easy 2-3 day bender. Vienna: Wellcum, technically 3 hr drive from Vienna. Would need 4-5 days but another well reviewed FKK where you can stay in their hotel included." Sao Paolo: Scandalo
Going to Colombia very soon and will post on that. Santa Fe and escorts. Feel free to DM if questions or to talk shop
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2023.05.28 21:50 the-boats What do you think about this 3 week trip from Florida next month?

Nightly goals:
1: near Chicago 2: Samuel McKelvie National Forest, Nebraska 3: Sylvan Lake Campground, Custer State Park, South Dakota 4: Yellowstone National Park 5: Around Stanley, Idaho in the Sawtooth Range 6: Around Portland, Oregon 7: Olympic National Park 8: Seattle 9: Flying to Alaska until day 13 13: Siuslaw National Forest, Oregon coast 14: Eureka, California 15: Plumas National Forest, California 16: Great Basin National Park, Nevada 17: Southeaster Utah BLM land 18: Rio Grande National Forest, Colorado 19: Black Kettle National Grasslands, Oklahoma 20: Near Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas 21: Montgomery, Alabama 22: Return home to Florida
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2023.05.28 21:25 Uhdog30 Just applied, what all should I know?

I’m in Nebraska. Specific questions, does the mouth swab drug test include a test for weed?
How good are the raises and when are they given out?
I see there’s some kind of tuition reimbursement, would that cover me going to trucking school for my CDL?
When do I start getting this highly coveted VTO?
Is there a Union?
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2023.05.28 21:18 enpowera Doing a rent to own contract, we need general advice and if we can add in a claus for if seller dies before it's done being paid (State: Nebraska)

My (step) Grandpa and his wife have a house (originally just step-grandma's until marriage) they were renting out, but after this last batch of tenents are going to sell the house. They are still in the process of getting the house resituated and the old tenents out so it will be a month or two before it goes for sell/they contact a realator. I was picking up my kids from their house when she mentioned they were going to sell their rental house while we were chit chatting. She knew my plans to purchase a house. I asked if she'd be willing to consider doing a rent-to-own to me. She's strongly concidering it as our town population is dropping so reasonably priced houses (under 150K) are sitting for a year before selling. We're both thinking it over for a week so we aren't rushing into things, but she's strongly leaning towards doing it.
I found a template to follow for it, but would love general advice on that and on adding in a claus for if they should pass before it is finished being purchased (should be under 6 years if I did the math right) that everything is still valid and that her semi-estranged son won't be able to swoop it out from underneath me. Knock on wood that they're both still around and kicking for many years to come. It's a definate fixer-upper (I would be repalcing the roof next year) but it's a small 3 bedroom with a big backyard so would be just right for me and be essentially what I will be looking for when buying a house (aside from needing a new roof.) I currently live with my (step) dad and my two children in a small 2 bedroom house, with my dad having his own room, the two kids sharing, and myself out in the living/dining room, and we just found out his house has a lot of lead, so I need to move out as soon as possible but it will be a year before I can buy a house the traditional way and there are no places in town to rent within my budget/big enough for us.
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2023.05.28 21:09 Tall-Document136 How to Form an LLC in Nebraska (Step by Step Guide) Nebraska LLC 2023 ...

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2023.05.28 20:49 Less-Ear-9288 Looking for some good kayaking rivers near omaha.

Am willing to drive out about 5 hours. I was considering the Niobrara but with how dry it's been I'm worried about the river level. Any other good rivers in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, etc.
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2023.05.28 20:28 kupanatwojadupa How did you begin your van life?

How did you begin your van life?
Just bought this old school 1979 Toyota Hiace with a rebuilt engine which I plan to turn into my living space for a while and drive it back up to the sunshine state, my natural habitat where it is warmmm!! 😍☀️🏝️
Does anyone have experience with older models? I’ve noticed an oil/gas type smell while driving which I know is common in any vans as I’ve smelled it while driving delivery vans in the past but previously I was driving a small car without any smell, is there a way to mask it especially if you’re living inside? It feels unhealthy to inhale. Do you need to take caution of anything if using it to drive long distances, or need to store anything for the van that may be needed along the way? Is it scary to sleep in the van at night in the outdoors, any security locking to add or measures to take when choosing sleeping locations? Easy to keep warm at night? Are showering, cooking, laundry and all those other basic necessities difficult to do? How about storing food, is it easy to use a small fridge? I’m in Australia and am 30F with my fiancé 30M & will be doing this together. Rent is increasing and it’s been very hard to find a new place, so financially this would be a great option and also a nice adventure that I’ve been longing for. Every time I’ve driven across the country it’s been in a small car, staying in motels or just resting in the car which was really uncomfortable.
Any advice on gradually transforming the van in the most economical way possible would be so appreciated. I want to make the interior nice, I’ve seen people install flooring with glossy wood-type finishes. I would love to have a bed inside and some room for clothes and things. Maybe a little desk for my laptop and mirror to get ready with daily, definitely charging ports, heating and lighting which I’ve heard can be achieved very effectively through solar panels. There’s a water pump that connects from the bottom which gives you the option to put in a whole sink in etc, but if parks and free camp sites mostly have those things I probably wouldn’t bother doing that stuff & leave space for the rest.
If anyone familiar with any of this could share their experiences plus costs and things, that would be amazing!! 😌🩵
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2023.05.28 20:21 Glittering-Try-9315 Do I need to report this?

I was let go from a job that I was still on orientation for. Nothing bad happened, but I talked to my boss and explained that I didn’t like the area of nursing it was in and I wasn’t happy. They decided since I was still on orientation it would be best to let me go rather than have me give notice. They explicitly told me that I wasn’t being fired, but that we were just parting ways because it wasn’t a good fit. Is something I have to report to the BON? I’m in Nebraska if it makes any difference.
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2023.05.28 19:33 SamueleDelPapa Questi migranti storici stavano parte dell'oro.... quindi dagli usurai ( sapete chi sono)

Molto decorati per il loro valore e spesso citati come parte dell'unità più decorata nella seconda guerra mondiale per le sue dimensioni e la durata del servizio, i giapponesi americani hanno prestato servizio nelle forze armate statunitensi in numero sproporzionato, nonostante la loro lealtà fosse stata messa in dubbio dopo l'attacco giapponese a Pearl Harbor. Sebbene abbiano prestato servizio principalmente nella 442nd Regimental Combat Team (/442nd_Regimental_Combat_Team/) e nel suo predecessore, il 100th Infantry Battalion (/100th_Infantry_Battalion/) , altri hanno prestato servizio come traduttori e interpreti nel Military Intelligence Service (/Military_Intelligence_Service/) . A causa del ruolo unico che hanno svolto durante e dopo la guerra, i veterani di guerra giapponesi americani continuano a svolgere un ruolo influente nella comunità. 1 Prima della guerra 2 Seconda guerra mondiale 3 Dopo 4 Per ulteriori informazioni 5 Note a piè di pagina Come nel caso di molti gruppi minoritari, i giapponesi americani vedevano il servizio militare come una via per la mobilità verso l'alto. Come scrive la storica Brenda Moore, "alle minoranze razziali ed etniche non erano concessi più diritti dei non cittadini; molti prestavano servizio nelle forze armate con l'aspettativa di ottenere i diritti di cittadinanza loro negati..." La migrazione giapponese su larga scala alle Hawaii iniziò nel 1885 e subito dopo negli Stati Uniti continentali. I migranti giapponesi si sono presto trovati nel mirino di un movimento anti-giapponese (/Anti- Japanese_movement/) che ha visto promulgare una serie di restrizioni legali contro di loro. Una delle più irritanti è stata la negazione dei diritti di naturalizzazione, eliminando una delle vie standard attraverso le quali gli immigrati avevano potuto proteggere i propri diritti. Già durante la guerra ispano-americana, alcuni immigrati giapponesi si offrirono volontari per il servizio militare come via per ottenere la cittadinanza. L'ingresso dell'America nella prima guerra mondiale vide il primo servizio militare su larga scala da parte di giapponesi americani. Costituendo ormai oltre un terzo della popolazione delle Hawaii, i giapponesi americani furono tra i primi ad arruolarsi. Circa 838 giapponesi residenti furono arruolati alle Hawaii, rendendo necessaria un'unità tutta giapponese, la Compagnia D della Guardia Nazionale. Molti Issei (/Issei/) si sono iscritti con la speranza che il loro servizio portasse alla concessione della cittadinanza statunitense, una speranza che sarebbe stata sostanzialmente delusa. Con le nuvole di guerra all'orizzonte e le tensioni con il Giappone in aumento, gli Stati Uniti ripristinarono la leva nel novembre del 1940 e riconobbero anche la necessità di iniziare la formazione degli americani nella lingua giapponese per servire come traduttori e interpreti in caso di guerra. Entrambi questi sviluppi hanno colpito i giapponesi americani. Nel 1940, molti Nisei (/Nisei/) erano maggiorenni e molti furono arruolati, con circa 5.000 che erano stati arruolati nell'esercito degli Stati Uniti al momento dell'attacco a Pearl Harbor. Molti di loro provenivano dalle Hawaii, dove Nisei costituiva una parte sostanziale del 298° e 299° reggimento della Guardia Nazionale delle Hawaii. Al momento dell'attacco a Pearl Harbor, circa 600 giapponesi americani si stavano addestrando a Schofield Barracks nel centro di O'ahu. Nel frattempo, la Military Intelligence Service Language School aprì a San Francisco nel novembre del 1941 con una classe di sessanta studenti, cinquantotto dei quali erano giapponesi americani, tenuti da quattro istruttori Nisei. Dopo l'attacco a Pearl Harbor il 7 dicembre 1941, due gruppi di giapponesi americani alle Hawaii hanno svolto un ruolo importante nei primi sforzi di difesa. I membri della Guardia Nazionale delle Hawaii furono chiamati a difendersi da una possibile invasione nemica nelle caotiche ore successive [1] [2] [3] Giapponesi americani in campo militare durante la seconda guerra mondiale Tane... 1 di 7 28/05/23, 19:27 ​l'attacco. Quando i timori di un attacco giapponese aumentarono nei primi mesi del 1942, il governatore militare delle Hawai'i Delos Emmons (/Delos_Emmons/) si preoccupò di cosa sarebbe potuto accadere se le truppe giapponesi avessero invaso indossando uniformi americane e decise di formare i membri Nisei della Guardia Nazionale delle Hawaii in un battaglione da inviare sulla terraferma. Il battaglione di fanteria provvisorio delle Hawaii fu formato quasi in segreto e 1.432 uomini partirono per San Francisco il 5 giugno mentre infuriava la battaglia di Midway. Dopo l'atterraggio a San Francisco, viaggiarono in treno fino a Camp McCoy, nel Wisconsin, dove si sarebbero addestrati per i successivi sei mesi, diventando i membri originali del 100° battaglione di fanteria. L'altro gruppo era la Guardia territoriale delle Hawaii, formata dal governatore poco dopo l'attacco a Pearl Harbor. Il nucleo di questo gruppo era costituito da membri delle unità ROTC, molti provenienti dall'Università delle Hawaii. La metà di loro erano giapponesi americani. Emessi fucili d'epoca della prima guerra mondiale, furono inviati a proteggere i punti chiave dell'isola. Ma dopo un mese di servizio, i membri Nisei del gruppo furono improvvisamente rilasciati dal servizio il 19 gennaio 1942, su ordine di Washington, DC. una petizione rivolta a Emmons che offre il proprio lavoro volontario per lo sforzo bellico. Il 23 febbraio 1942, Emmons diede la sua benedizione alla formazione dei Varsity Victory Volunteers (/Varsity_Victory_Volunteers/) , un battaglione di lavoro tutto Nisei. Per coloro che prestavano servizio sulla terraferma, i singoli comandanti avevano la possibilità di congedare i soldati giapponesi americani o di assegnarli a "incarichi innocui". Circa 600 Nisei ricevettero congedo onorevole e altri furono congedati meno che onorevoli, mentre la maggior parte dei soldati giapponesi americani già nell'esercito furono inviati a Camp Robinson in Arkansas, dove le loro armi furono portate via, e furono costretti a svolgere compiti umili come raccogliere rifiuti. Nel frattempo, il servizio selettivo smise di accettare Nisei all'inizio del 1942 sulla base del fatto che "non erano accettabili per le forze armate a causa della nazionalità o dell'ascendenza". Mentre il 100 ° battaglione di fanteria continuava ad addestrarsi a Camp McCoy, si stava svolgendo un dibattito sull'opportunità di consentire a Nisei di prestare servizio militare. Un gruppo chiamato Board of Military Utilization of US Citizens of Japanese Ancestry composto da cinque colonnelli e dal direttore della War Relocation Authority (/War_Relocation_Authority/) Dillon Myer (/Dillon_Mye) fu formato nel giugno del 1942 per esplorare tale questione, e tre mesi dopo, ha pubblicato un rapporto contro la formazione di un'unità giapponese americana "a causa della sfiducia universale in cui sono tenuti". Ma un mese dopo, Elmer Davis dell'Office of War Information (/Office_of_War_Information/) scrisse al presidente Franklin D. Roosevelt (/Franklin_D._Roosevelt/) chiedendo un'unità di combattimento Nisei come arma di propaganda per contrastare le affermazioni giapponesi sul razzismo americano. Anche l'Assistente Segretario alla Guerra John McCloy (/John_McCloy/) , uno degli architetti dell'incarcerazione di massa, sostenne l'idea, e il Dipartimento della Guerra venne a sostenere l'idea. Il 1 ° febbraio 1943, il presidente Roosevelt annunciò la formazione del 442nd Regimental Combat Team, un'unità americana tutta giapponese, sebbene con ufficiali bianchi. Mentre il 100° Battaglione continuava il suo addestramento a Camp Shelby nel Mississippi e la Military Intelligence Service Language School (/Military_Intelligence_Service_Language_School/) iniziava a inviare linguisti addestrati sui campi di battaglia del Pacifico, fu lanciata la chiamata per i volontari per il 442°. L'obiettivo iniziale era di 3.000 volontari dagli Stati Uniti continentali e 1.500 dalle Hawaii. Ben presto divenne evidente che quelle quote erano state ribaltate: amareggiati dalla loro reclusione nei campi di concentramento americani, appena 1.000 si offrirono volontari da dietro il filo spinato. Ma alle Hawaii, dove non c'era l'incarcerazione di massa, più di 10.000 Nisei si fecero avanti. Di questi, 2.686 sono stati accettati. Furono espulsi durante una memorabile cerimonia d'addio il 28 marzo 1943, a Palazzo Iolani, alla presenza di una folla di circa 15.000 persone. Le nuove reclute furono inviate a Camp Shelby, Mississippi per l'addestramento di base. A Camp Shelby, i kotonk della terraferma (/Kotonk/) e i Buddhahead nati alle Hawaii (/Buddhahead/) hanno combattuto per percezioni errate e incomprensioni, ma alla fine si sono uniti dopo un viaggio in uno dei vicini campi di detenzione in Arkansas. Nell'agosto 1943, il 100° salpò, sbarcando in Nord Africa e gettandosi in battaglia a Salerno, in Italia, dove furono subite le prime vittime. I 100 furono coinvolti nelle campagne a Cassino e nella campagna di Anzio che portarono alla cattura di Roma da parte degli alleati. Nel giugno del 1944, il 442° arrivò in Europa e il 100° testato in battaglia divenne il suo primo battaglione. Nonostante il record di guerra in sterline che il 100esimo e successivamente il 442esimo stavano compilando in Europa, la marina, il corpo dei marine e l'aeronautica si rifiutarono di prendere per la maggior parte i giapponesi americani, sebbene ci fossero alcune eccezioni individuali. Il più famoso di questi era Ben Kuroki (/Ben_Kuroki/) , un Nisei del Nebraska che divenne un celebre mitragliere di coda dell'Aeronautica Militare sia in Europa che nel Pacifico. Oltre agli exploit ben pubblicizzati di Kuroki e del 100° e 442°, ce ne furono altri. Nel Pacifico, i linguisti nisei del servizio di intelligence militare hanno affrontato grandi rischi, sia dal nemico che dal fuoco amico, per svolgere compiti vitali di traduzione e interpretazione. Sul fronte interno, gruppi come il 1399th Engineer Construction Battalion (/1399th_Engineer_Construction_Battalion/) hanno svolto compiti di costruzione fondamentali. Entro la metà del 1943, le donne Nisei sono state ritenute idonee per il Women's Army Corps (/Japanese_American_women_in_military/) , e le donne Nisei sono state inserite a partire da novembre. C'erano anche una manciata di Nisei nel Counter Intelligence Corps, il più famoso Richard Sakakida (/Richard_Sakakida/) . Un certo numero di reclutati prima della guerra - noti collettivamente come resistenti militari (/ Military_resisters /) - divennero frustrati dal trattamento discriminatorio che subirono nell'esercito mentre le loro famiglie venivano mandate nei campi di concentramento americani. Mentre la maggior parte degli arruolati prebellici alla fine si unirono al 442°, un numero significativo rifiutò l'addestramento al combattimento - con alcuni addirittura tentando di rinunciare alla cittadinanza statunitense - finendo come operai nel 1800th Engineer General Service Battalion (/1800th_Engineer_General_Service_Battalion/) o in prigione. [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] Giapponesi americani in campo militare durante la seconda guerra mondiale Tane... 2 di 7 28/05/23, 19:27 ​Il 442° prese parte alla Campagna Roma-Arno nel luglio 1944, all'azione a Bruyeres-Biffontaine e, cosa più famosa, al salvataggio del Battaglione Perduto (/Lost_Battalion/) nell'ottobre 1944. Nel marzo 1945, il 522° Battaglione Artiglieria da Campo (/522nd_Field_Artillery_Battalion/) fu distaccato dal 442esimo, diventando un battaglione itinerante. Nella primavera del 1945 il 522° prese parte alla liberazione di uno dei campi di lavoro forzato subordinato di Dachau, mentre il 442° era impegnato nella Linea Gotica e nella Campagna Padana. Al termine della guerra, Nisei nel MIS prese parte alla resa del Giappone e alla successiva occupazione. Alla fine della guerra, il 442esimo (compreso il 100esimo prima di entrare a far parte dell'it) ricevette circa 4.000 Purple Hearts, 8 Presidential Unit Citazioni, 559 Silver Stars e 52 Distinguished Service Cross tra molte altre decorazioni. Nell'immediato dopoguerra, solo un membro del 442esimo ricevette la Medal of Honor (/Congressional_Medal_of_Honor_recipients/) , la più alta onorificenza militare americana. Tuttavia, una revisione negli anni '90 ha portato all'assegnazione di 20 medaglie d'onore aggiuntive nel 2000. Tra le decorazioni ricevute dal MIS ci sono una citazione presidenziale per unità, 5 stelle d'argento e 1 croce per servizio distinto. Si stima che circa 33.000 giapponesi americani abbiano prestato servizio militare durante e immediatamente dopo la seconda guerra mondiale, circa 10.000 nella 442a e 4.000 come parte del MIS. Circa ottocento giapponesi americani morirono al servizio del loro paese durante la seconda guerra mondiale. Formate in parte per il loro valore propagandistico, le imprese del 442° e del 100° ricevettero grande pubblicità durante la guerra che continuò nel dopoguerra. Oltre ad essere oggetto di numerosi libri e articoli, la loro storia è stata raccontata nel lungometraggio del 1951, interpretato da Van Johnson con diversi veterani di Nisei che interpretano ruoli secondari. I veterani hanno approfittato del GI Bill per ottenere un'istruzione universitaria e molti hanno assunto ruoli di leadership nella comunità, contribuendo a respingere la legislazione discriminatoria negli Stati Uniti continentali e guidando una "rivoluzione" politica alle Hawaii, dove un gruppo di veterani Nisei tra cui Daniel Inouye (/Daniel_Inouye/) , Spark Matsunaga (/Spark_Matsunaga/) e George Ariyoshi hanno continuato a ricoprire le più alte cariche politiche nel nuovo stato negli anni '60 e '70. Come scrisse lo storico Franklin Odo a proposito dei membri dei Varsity Victory Volunteers—ma questo vale per i veterani di Nisei in generale—"La maggior parte degli altri se la cavò molto bene nel lavoro e nella vita. E mentre non cercavano attivamente di creare una minoranza modello (/Model_minority/)', i loro risultati, così come i ruoli loro assegnati nell'era del dopoguerra, divennero parte integrante di quella nuova costruzione razziale, prima alle Hawaii e poi nella nazione». I veterani di Nisei formarono una varietà di club e organizzazioni dopo la guerra che svolgevano funzioni sociali, di servizio alla comunità e politiche. Negli ultimi decenni, si sono formate anche organizzazioni di figli e figlie per continuare l'eredità dei veterani mentre il loro numero è diminuito. Centro di formazione per veterani del 100 ° battaglione di fanteria. ( . Americans of Japanese Ancestry World War II Memorial Alliance. ( . Asahina, Roberto. . ( New York: Gotham, 2006. Castelnuovo, Shirley. Westport, Connecticut: Praeger, 2008. Chang, Thelma. . ( Honolulu: Sigi Productions, Inc., 1992. Duus, Masayo. ( . Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1987. Go For Broke National Education Center. ( . Comitato editoriale della storia del Nikkei delle Hawaii. . Honolulu: Fondazione Tendai Educational, 1998. La storia delle Hawaii Nisei: americani di origine giapponese durante la seconda guerra mondiale . ( . Associazione giapponese dei veterani americani. htt
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2023.05.28 18:31 G0TH1C_IDIOT What do I(17F tomorrow) do about my lying, stealing little sister(11F) who can't take accountability?

Yes, I'm aware that nearly my entire family is toxic. So I apologize in advance for the length and melodramatics of this post. I'm fed up. With everything.
My half-sister constantly lies about EVERYTHING. Little stuff, big stuff, doesn't matter. If she can, she WILL. Sometimes it's lying to fit in to a conversation. Sometimes it's lying to impress me(like when she claimed that her so-called boyfriend snuck into her room while our dad and stepmom were asleep, even though I could obviously tell that was a lie) since we're close and she confides in me about a lot. Sometimes she even lies about bigger stuff to get herself out of trouble.
But the stealing is starting to become worrying. She'll steal from me, our stepmom(38F), our dad(38M), I bet even her friends. Some weeks ago, I was spending the night and went to sleep with my purse near me. The next day, I went to the bathroom and saw my purse on the bathroom counter, which I thought was weird since I knew I didn't put it there. I looked in there, and low and behold, the small amount of money I've been saving up is GONE. I confront my sister since I heard her sneaking around late last night, asking her if she stole from me. She said no, that she'd never steal from me. But why was my purse suddenly in her bathroom, completely void of my money? I talked to our dad about it, who then talked to my sister. She kept up the lie for ten minutes straight, saying she swore she didn't take it. She started crying, so by then I was starting to wonder if maybe I didn't bring any money with me when I went to visit(I live with my mom but visit my dad frequently).
Finally, she admitted to stealing from me because she wanted to buy a shirt. But the shirt she wanted was something our dad already told her he'd buy for her. After she admitted that, our dad told her he wouldn't buy her that shirt, grounded and punished her, then told her to give me my money back. She did, but I was still really hurt because even though it wasn't a whole lot of money, I've been trying to save up since my mom and I have been homeless for a few months. We've been living in a motel ever since a natural disaster destroyed our house, so every little amount matters while we're trying to move into our new house(which we'll be in by Tuesday, thank goodness). My sister knows this, because I was on the phone with her and our dad when the tornadic storm was destroying my house while I was in it.
Then, my sister has been seeing her bio mom and other half-sister(no relation to me) since earlier this year. Her other sister(14F) isn't a good influence. She vapes and is regularly supplied with a pen by their mom. Also, they're never supervised by adults when my sister visits, as their bio mom works all day. My sister told me recently that her other sister taught her how to shoplift. My sister stole a vape and hid it under her bed. Not only that, but her other sister got her addicted to energy drinks, so my sister started stealing them from our stepmom.
She's also stolen money from our dad's credit card to buy over $200 worth of stuff on Roblox. I'm close to both my dad and my sister, and I know that our dad is actively hurt by my sister's constant lies. He and stepmom have punished her. She's grounded every other month, it seems, for either lying or not listening. We've all actively sat her down and tried to talk to her. Still, LIES. She's even got a counselor. I don't know what she tells the counselor though. I'm just sick of her not owning up for what she does, willingly dragging things on and on to get what she wants. When she does something wrong, it's "Oh well you do the same thing, I don't know why I'm the one getting called out for it. I don't know why I have to stop."
Is there anything else I or our dad can do to stop this behavior? I think her bio mom is partially to blame because she wasn't there for my sister for a majority of her life, but surely that's not the only reason she's this way. We're close, and I don't want her to go down the wrong path in life.
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2023.05.28 18:30 Krixwell Alphabetical watch orders

So over here, u/Nine_Eye_Ron joked about watching Steven Universe in "alphabetical order", and it got me curious about just how ridiculous that order would get. A little listing and alphabetizing later, I'd like to share the two new ideal watch orders for the series.

Alphabetized by season

In this version, the seasons are in order, but the episodes within each season are alphabetized (counting 1A and 1B separately). It's a little less ridiculous than the alternative, so we'll save the really dumb one for last.

Season 1A

Season 1B

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

The Movie

SU: Future

Alphabetized all together

But who cares about seasons? Let's start the show off strong by watching A Single Pale Rose at the very beginning!
Truly the most logical way to watch this series.
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