Tan Dun | Tan Dun Presented with the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the 2017 Venice Biennale
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This year the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement goes to Tan Dun, a charismatic multitalented figure in the music of our time, and one of the composers most representative of the creativity born and bred in the orient that has so intensely engaged with and indeed bonded with the west. Tan Dun’s compositions, such as the three symphonic scores that he himself will conduct in their Italian premiere performances in the concert with the Orchestra Sinfonica della Rai, Concerto for Orchestra (from Marco Polo), The Tears of Nature and Secret of Wind and Birds, paradigmatically express his ideal of organic music in symbiosis with the environment (an ideal that originates in the chinese shamanic tradition), in which natural elements such as water, stones, paper and ceramic objects interact with the traditional instruments of the orchestra. A unique figure in contemporary music, Tan Dun is one of the few contemporary composers who has become a popular phenomenon, with over 15 million viewers on YouTube for his Internet Symphony.” Statement by Ivan Fedele, Director of the Music Department at Venice Biennale.

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The award ceremony and concert took place on September 30th, 2017 at the Teatro alle Tese where Tan Dun conducted the Orchestra Sinfonica della Rai in the Italian premiere performances of three compositions by Tan Dun — Concerto for Orchestra (from Marco Polo), Percussion Concerto “The Tears of Nature” and Passacaglia: Secrets of Wind and Birds.