Tan Dun | Tan Dun leads educational initiative with Hong Kong String Orchestra
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This March, Tan Dun leads an educational initiative with the Hong Kong String Orchestra, a professional ensemble in Hong Kong offering an international mentorship program to music graduates.

“We live in a very interesting, diverse time – our left leg might be standing on Bach and Beethoven, but our right is set on rock ‘n’ roll and jazz,” Tan Dun notes. “This is very exciting, but we need artist-educators who can focus on making the right leg and left leg work together.”

During his time in Hong Kong, Tan Dun works with young musicians from the Hong Kong String Orchestra. On March 9, he presents a lecture and masterclass on technology in music at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. March 11 sees Tan Dun lead the Hong Kong String Orchestra in a program titled “Music of the Future” at the Hong Kong Cultural Center.

“Young people are the driving force of the future,” says Tan Dun. “When we work with them in universities and educational institutions, we need to focus on the culture in our everyday lives. In Hong Kong, I will focus on the vision and life of young people, from cellphones and WeChat to YouTube and Beethoven. We’ll look at how creation and the concert experience might include influences of the visual, the Internet, social media, and mobile formats.”