Tan Dun | Tan Dun conducts Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra in Martial Arts Trilogy
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“The Martial Arts Trilogy features three different films as one opera or ballet in three acts,” says Tan Dun. “It centers on the love and sacrifice of three women for three very different reasons. Each of the film’s leading female characters sacrifices her life for love. In Crouching Tiger the character Jade sacrifices her life for her spiritual love of the wuxia dream. In Hero, the character Snow sacrifices her life for the patriotic love of her country. In The Banquet, Empress Wan sacrifices her life and love for desire and revenge. In the original film soundtracks, the three characters are represented by three musical instruments: cello, piano and violin.”

On November 4 & 5, Tan Dun conducts the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra in the Korea premiere of his Martial Arts Trilogy, part of the inaugural season of Seoul, South Korea’s Lotte Hall. The piece draws on music from Tan Dun’s scores to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero and The Banquet, and features visual accompaniments from the films.

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