Tan Dun | In Shanghai: Tan Dun, Tan Weiwei & Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra mix old with new
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Tan Dun leads the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra in a sold-out concert on May 13, exploring how ancient and modern can mix to create something new.


“By using old instruments, re-interpreting ancient scores with a modern orchestra, we are creating a sound map – connecting the old with the new,” says Tan Dun.

Tan Dun joins superstar Tan Weiwei for the China premiere of “The Song Lines of China,” and also leads the orchestra in ancient music from Dunhuang and his Four Secret Roads of Marco Polo.


“Tan Weiwei is a rockstar. She just returned from Tibet, and brought me a Tibetan drum as a gift! We played in the parking lot in Shanghai after our rehearsal. We are so excited for this performance together.”