Tan Dun | Paper ConcertoFor Paper Percussion and Orchestra
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Paper is the most effective and portable means where ideas and images are captured and communicated afar.

For a long time, I have been developing the idea of organic music, which embodies the sounds of nature, water, ceramics, paper, and the mind.

We are surrounded by paper in our lives.

Paper not only communicates, but can transmit creativity in an acoustic way by blowing, rubbing, cracking, shaking, crumbling, tearing, popping, puckering, fingering, hitting, waving, slapping, plucking, whistling, swinging and singing through the paper.

You must imagine a piece of paper is also a forest, a tempest, it can whistle and tear and shake, you can see light and shadows through it; this very small piece of paper is universal. And afterwards of course, hand this to audience, to share with the audience.

The first movement is more like a ritual; the second is more like a scherzo. The third movement is like an adagio, with a dark side — violent contrasts, like a thunderstorm. The fourth movement is like a festival. In this movement, all of the violins surround the audience in the rear, bringing the audience into the musical experience.