Tan Dun | Martial Arts Trilogy
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The Martial Arts Trilogy was born out of the three greatest romantic martial arts films of our time, which were directed by three iconic directors.

Ang Lee


Zhang Yimou


Feng Xiaogang


The work consists of four concerti:

Crouching Tiger Concerto for Cello and Double Erhu

Hero Concerto for Violin and Guqin

Banquet Concerto for Piano and Chorus

The Triple Resurrection for Violin, Cello, Piano and Orchestra

The trilogy presents three different films as one opera or ballet in three acts

In Crouching Tiger, the character Jade sacrifices her life to her spiritual love of the wuxia dream.

In Hero, the character Snow sacrifices her life for the patriotic love of her country.

In The Banquet, as in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Empress Wan sacrifices her life and love for desire and revenge.

The Triple Resurrection, the fourth component to the Martial Arts Trilogy, brings together all three instruments–piano, violin, cello–in an homage to Wagner and his Ring Cycle.