Tan Dun | Concerto for Piano and Peking Opera Soprano “Farewell My Concubine”
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A tragic love story between man and woman, sky and earth, piano and Peking Opera

In Tan Dun’s symphonic poem, cultures converge in the virtuosity of the piano and the energetic beauty of Peking Opera. The composer explores the timeless story of Farewell My Concubine.

Mei School lyrical singing styles embody Consort Yu’s gentleness, beauty, and kindness and her love of family, country, and world. The piano boldly showcases Xiang Yu’s unparalleled hero’s valiance, his willingness to die rather than giving up his noble integrity.

The story of warrior Xiang Yu and Consort Yu unfolds in five continuous sections: Surrounded by the Enemies, A Clear Moon, A Drink While Consort Yu Sings, The Piano Sword Dance, and Farewell My Concubine

Tan Dun traverses the synergy between traditional Chinese art forms, from dance and music to the raw beauty of swordplay and martial arts as piano, Peking Opera Soprano, and orchestra come together to commemorate the 120-year anniversary of legendary Peking Opera artist Mei Lanfang