Tan Dun | The Map: Concerto for Cello, Video & Orchestra
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In 1981 Hunan, Tan Dun met a famous ‘stone man’ who practiced ancient stone drumming. He played according to the I Ching and with shamanistic vocalizations – he talked to the wind, clouds, leaves.

Almost 20 years later Tan Dun went back, searching for the stone man. The Tujia villagers welcomed him with a warm tea ceremony and told him “one has left, tea is cold.” The man had died, gone with the old music that no one knew anymore. Tan Dun left the village with emptiness.

He wanted to find a way to search for the stone man, to follow him, to bring him back. How do we follow what vanishes? How do we keep things from disappearing?

The Map seeks to answer these questions, using documentary footage to drive its musical material. “I began reaching inside my heart,” says Tan Dun, “drawing the map I could use to find him again.”

Technology melds with tradition in nine movements. The Map offers unique perspectives of different cultures and personal roots, creating a new kind of orchestra.

“People always say that human life is finite,” observes Tan Dun. “But we forget that renewing cultures and re-inventing traditions can extend human life infinitely.”