Tan Dun | Hero Concerto
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Inspired by Tan Dun’s original soundtrack of Zhang YiMou’s highly acclaimed martial arts film ‘Hero’.




30 Minutes

Solo: violin
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World Premiere

May 2010
Krakow, Poland
International Film Music Festival in Krakow
Tan Dun, conductor
Other Major Performances

February 23, 2013
Sydney, Australia
Sydney Opera House
Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Ryu Goto, violin
Tan Wei, erhu
Yingdi Sun, piano
Tan Dun, conductor

September 22, 23, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
Tan Dun, conductor

August 11, 2012
Neumünster, Germany
Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival
Tan Dun, conductor

January 27, 28 2012
Huayi Festival
Singapore Festival Orchestra
Tan Dun, conductor

December 18, 2011
Shanghai, China
Shanghai Grand Theatre
Tan Dun, conductor

August 12, 2011
New York, NY
Lincoln Center Out of Doors
Metropolis Ensemble
Ryu Goto, violin
Dane Johansen, cello
Jiayi Sun, piano
Tan Dun, conductor

August 5, 2011
Vienna, Virginia
National Symphony Orchestra
Tan Dun, conductor

November 20, 2011
Tokyo, Japan
Suntory Hall Festival
Suntory Hall
Ryu Goto, violin
Amedeo Cicchese, cello
Yundi Li, piano
Tan Dun, conductor

July 21, 2011
San Diego, California
San Diego Symphony
Tan Dun, conductor
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