Tan Dun | Atonal Rock n’ Roll
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Dialogues with Tan Dun

“A person is considered to have reached adolescence at the age 15, it’s a time of dreams, passions, revolutions and innovations. I use rock ‘n’ roll to portray dreams and passion. Atonality, which was first devised in the 20th century, pays homage to revolution and innovation.”

–Tan Dun

“Eccentric composer Tan Dun pays musical homage to his equally unorthodox late mentor John Cage…It’s absolutely the one night in this year’s BMF that is not to be missed — the coolest American musician and most controversial Chinese composer, plus an all-premiere program in China.”

–Chen Jie, China Daily, October 18, 2012



12 minutes

World Premiere

October 21, 2012
Beijing, China
Beijing Music Festival
China Philharmonic Orchestra
Other Performances

December 13, 2012
Lübeck, Germany
NDR Sinfonieorchester
Tan Dun, conductor
Martin Grubinger, percussion

More Info
For booking inquiries please contact info@tandunoffice.com