Tan Dun | Grammy Award For Best Soundtrack
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The recording industry’s most prestigious award, the Grammy, is presented annually by The Recording Academy. A Grammy is awarded by The Recording Academy’s voting membership to honor excellence in the recording arts and sciences. It is truly a peer honor.

The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack includes Asian-American pop star CoCo Lee singing the end-title song “A Love Before Time,” with music by Tan Dun and Jorge Calandrelli, and cello solos by Yo-Yo Ma. The score reunites Tan Dun and Yo-Yo Ma, who collaborated previously on Tan Dun’s Heaven Earth Mankind (Symphony 1997), written to commemorate the return of Hong Kong to China.

To create the score for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Tan Dun blended the rich sounds of a western orchestra with the distinctive textures of traditional Eastern instruments such as the rawap, tar drums, and Chinese erhu. Director Ang Lee and Tan Dun worked closely to create a score for the film that would capture its traditional 19th century Chinese setting and heighten its impact for audiences around the world. Ang Lee has said that he conceived the film’s elaborate martial arts sequences in the manner of a film musical, making Tan Dun’s score an even more vital element in the film. With cellist Yo-Yo Ma as soloist, the music has the sweep of a romantic film score while reflecting the action and atmosphere of the film through the mesmerizing, often delicate sounds of traditional Chinese music.