Tan Dun | Acclaim
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Critical Acclaim

[Tan Dun’s] language, a mix of Hollywood grandeur and primal, percussive vitality, was consistent throughout the evening, yet each segment had its own distinct sound.

- Sydney Morning Herald, 2013

[Tan Dun’s] music — which at one moment is as tonal as Beethoven and as melodic as Gershwin and the next delves into sounds that, before Cage, were considered mere noise — reveals a remarkable range of influences, from Chinese folk song to the Internet.

- UT San Diego, 2012

Plenty of composers have written paeans to nature, but few have brought the natural world into contemporary music quite so enthusiastically as Tan Dun.

- The San Diego Union-Tribune, 2003

Tan composes with a warm heart, questing mind and a knack for striking sonorities.

- Times Online, 2008

[Tan Dun] long ago broke through the limitations of any genre to fashion his own style.

- Toronto Star, 2009

Everything he does is exciting and fresh, characteristically, he explores ways in which the primitive, the ritualistic and the natural can combine with a sophisticated Western orchestra and he does this to magical effect.

- Noteworthy RTHK Radio 4, 2004