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Hi CakeTutorials community !!! I am a Scientist, with immense passion for cake decorating. My cakes have won awards at the SanDiego cake show, 2015. Since then, I have been teaching cake decorating via my Blog ( i am converting blog content to my vlog channel, "Thula's Cake Lab" in YouTube. My tutorials cater to Novice Bakers looking for the right starting platform, as well as to cake enthusiasts of other skill levels. Enjoy learning ! Best Thula's Cake lab

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2023.06.02 16:18 Hazelrte The Sandbox's success is well-earned

Players are given the resources they need to develop cutting-edge gaming ideas and implement them on privately owned land parcels in the vast and immersive virtual environment.
Since I began playing games that are connected to the Metaverse, such as MagicCraft, My Neighbor Alice, Illuvium, etc., I have grown to enjoy the Metaverse.
Do you recall the Sandbox during its formative years? Who would have predicted that it would become as popular as it is today for a mobile game?
The Sandbox has been a leader in the development of virtual worlds and the metaverse since the early 2000s. It made its debut in 2010 as a mobile game, allowing users the means to engage in nonlinear gameplay, sometimes known as "sandbox mode" gaming, by enabling them to create their own virtual worlds full of characters, items, and other elements.
So you might say that when it comes to the Metaverse, The Sandbox is unquestionably my favorite. Despite fierce competition from Decentraland, Roblox, and Bloktopia, I firmly feel that The Sandbox's success is well-earned.
Which do you prefer, and why?
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2023.06.02 15:56 Sublimejunkie4 I slashed the tires of a person that shot at me and he's roaming free. My fault.

We were in the middle of the woods and happened upon our destination, a really strange person and a large group of super off put people to the distance and couldn't figure out why they kept their distance until this weirdo shot at me and my ex three times for playing music from a speaker. He never asked to turn it down he just started telling me my music was trash. I said good for you man and ignored it and he didn't like that and shot at us. No one is hurt. Anyways my ex insisted that we call the cops. One little thing though, when we got to the parking lot everyone else had driven off after hearing the shots. We deduced that his car was the only car in the parking lot as he was still out there a mile or two into the trail. We popped all of his tires. There's no cell service for miles so we got on the highway and once we got service my ex called the cops. The cops got there and the slashed tires gave this creep the ultimate excuse; "oh man the same guy who shot at them must have slashed my tires" it was satisfying to slash them and inconvenience him but at the same time I guess we couldn't have the cake and eat it too because the investigation is taking forever and he never went to jail because he never admitted anything and played victim. I didn't want to call the cops although a good idea. I just wanted to strand him in the middle of the woods because he wanted to shoot at someone bc he didn't like their music and had no intention of communicating.
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2023.06.02 15:44 yellowspaces What are some of your favorite quotes?

One thing Zombies excels at is funny, well written dialogue and quotes from various characters. What are some of your favorite quotes or bits of dialogue, and what map do they come from? Here’s a couple of mine:
”Brain buddy, you uh, got any idea what this key goes to? Hm… hard to tell Sammy. Maybe because of the *fucking** ice it’s encased in?” - Stuhlinger talking to Richtofen, after picking up the icicle: *Tag der Toten
”Judging by the smell of cordite, stale hot dogs, and mom’s apple cake, I think this might be America: U.S. of states.” - Ultimis Nikolai at the beginning of round 2: Alpha Omega
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2023.06.02 15:07 BigBaraLover Arches: Backhanded Compliments

So, after making the Blog about the VN Arches, I did feel like I forgot to mention the positives it has in the writing, even if they are very few and far far FAR between. I was unfair so I’ll take the time to correct that.
Actually, the idea behind Arches is quite interesting, a couple formed by a bear who relies a lot on number for his understanding of the world and coyote with a past of trauma caused by a mix of drugs, mental illness and supernatural events is interesting.
Echo is a place that “swallows all the good”, so it’s a good location to put the bond between them to a test, along with giving some room for character drama.
Yeah, the concept was poorly executed and mostly misused, but it was a nice idea.
Now, Devon’s fake death at the beginning of the VN is pretty cheap, there is no way around that. However, the conversation that fake Devon has with Cameron is quite good for giving introspection about the coyote, his motivation and explaining some of his actions.
Yeah, these motivations are left behind and we don’t get a real conversation between the real Devon and Cameron about what was in the phone call, or maybe talk about Cameron’s sense of uselessness. But, again, it’s mostly pushed aside because Devon is given little to no agency in this story.
However, this had a lot of potential and shows that was a lot of thought put behind our main couple.
Now, the scene where Cameron is developing his powers, he starts getting visions of the past victims of Brian. Now, being trapped and helpless, he is put in a situation where he gets to know all the ways the serial killer tracks his victims, how he traps them, how he tortures them, how much he gets off with the pain of others and how they souls couldn’t rest because they were killed in Echo.
Now, let’s imagine for a moment this is not Arches where no one dies, and this is not Brian who never kills anyone. This is a great scene to build up tension on Cameron’s part about what could happen to him and his lover.
Now, the epilogue of Arches is a very cheap emotional trip, yes, I know. But, let’s good at it in isolation or in a better context.
So, the Kitchen scene can be quite powerful, it really does show some of the struggles couples deal when going through mental issues. Really interesting, and it shows the potential of a VN centered around it.
Yeah, they also dealt with that before the VN, and yeah it would have been great to see that instead of being info dumped about it…
And then we have the Winter scene, which can be a great conclusion about a story centered about mental illness. Yeah, all the work in the middle was skipped but work with me. This scene shows there is hope and that thing can get better, that even if you can’t go back to be your previous self, you can still be happy.
Yeah, this should have been its own VN, but that’s beside the point, ok? I’m trying.
So, you may already guess it, I don’t particularly like Howly’s writing. Now, this doesn’t mean he is a terrible writer, he can come up with interesting ideas and he can create some hard hitting emotional scenes, but his clear low point is the in-between. He fails at building scenes, building upon and even making character reach those emotional scenes in a natural way. I think this is a problem of lacking guidance and patience.
And maybe he has the wrong target, like I said before, Echo and Adastra are pretty teenagy in the writing. Arches has some of that too, explaining most of the plot and how to interpret it through narration. I think he could make pretty good stories targeted at teenagers, just get rid of the more not-friendly themes and you are good to go.
So, Arches has some good in all the wrong, I still wouldn’t recommend this VN, there are better options out there. And, again, if you enjoyed this VN, all the better for you. There is a lot room to improve.
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2023.06.02 14:50 Sendbestgiftonline Doll Cake Design Ideas for Baby Girl’s Birthday

Doll Cake Design Ideas for Baby Girl’s Birthday
A doll cake is a delightful and whimsical confection that is shaped and decorated to resemble a doll. The cake typically consists of a base layer or layers that form the doll’s skirt or dress, while the upper portion features a doll inserted into the cake to represent the doll’s body and head. The cake can be covered in fondant or buttercream icing, which can be intricately designed and decorated to match the doll’s attire or to suit the theme of the occasion. Doll cakes are often popular choices for birthday parties, especially for young girls who dream of being princesses or having a special doll-themed celebration. When it comes to doll cake design ideas for a baby girl’s birthday, there are plenty of adorable options to choose from. Here are a few design ideas to consider: Read more
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2023.06.02 14:50 unremarkablepoop I Don't Have My Own Personality

I (F24) am trying to get back I to work after completing a psychology degree a few years ago but then struggling with my mental health, especially social anxiety. I have bee struggling to find a job that has minimal social interaction that I was qualified for or that is entry level. In this time I met my boyfriend (M28) who works in accounts, he also has recently started a photography hobby and he is learning to edit his own pictures. I end up feeling jealous that he's so good at his job, he's good at maths and using Excel and he's also learned how to use his camera really quickly and use light room. I end up helping him with his hobby as a subject or answering his queries on if an image looks OK.
I've lost interest in my baking hobby as I don't even like to eat my own cakes, I was just making then for other people and I had expectations for what I wanted to achieve visually that I didnt meet and hit a brick wall because I realised I wasn't going to be able to make a living selling the creative cakes I wanted to make (the market is oversaturated).
Overall, I feel like I just end up seeking reassurance from everyone around me, especially my boyfriend, for what job I should pursue or what hobbies I should try and maybe use as extra money. My dad is very career advancement focused and I feel this pressure to do something "worth while". But at the same time I'm terrified of working in a role that requires a lot of social interaction, I have a constant innner monologue of I'm not good enough and being around people generally, for long periods of time, means I get chronic tension headaches tha can last for weeks.
I wish I had a stronger sense of self to be like this is what I enjoy, this is what I want to do and I have a plan. But I literally have no idea where to start. Right now I just want someone to tell me what I'm good at and mentor me, I know this is not realistic but it's a comforting idea right now as my mood gets worse and worse.
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2023.06.02 11:36 Full-Mulberry5018 Father's Day Cake Idea: Blue, White And Grey Buttercream Drop Cake

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2023.06.02 11:35 Full-Mulberry5018 Father's Day Cake Idea: Shades Of Blue Buttercream Rosettes Cake

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2023.06.02 11:34 Full-Mulberry5018 Father's Day Cake Idea: Shades Of Blue And White Buttercream Cake

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2023.06.02 10:29 nun_atoll Peregrination

Since Mandy still had not turned up and most everyone else in the house had things to do, Paul decided little Dan could spend the rest of the morning, at least, with him. He got himself and the child properly dressed, then opted to tuck the lad into his own oversized coat as they stepped out into the blustery air.
"You can't walk much yet, eh?" Paul said.
"Haaa," Danny intimated.
"Well, I can haul you about. 'Sides, even if you could walk, you've no shoes."
They set off down the street, Paul humming to himself as he usually did. The baby's downy hair tickled under the shelf of his chin, and it almost made him laugh.
This was going to be an odd day.
At the corner, Betty and Joey from down the street were about to cross. Betty had her big shopping basket; they had paused so she could redo the buttons on Joey's jacket.
"Pree baby," Joey slurred as Paul stopped beside them, and his free hand fluttered upward for a moment before he looked worriedly to Betty.
"C'n I? C'n?"
"He's wondering if he could pat Danny's hair," Betty translated.
"Oh," Paul nodded. "Sure, I guess."
Joey's fingers gently played with the faint strands for a moment, and then Joey grinned.
"M'pal," he said, and pointed to Danny.
"You got duty today, hmm?" Betty murmured, trying to strike up conversation.
Paul nodded again.
"Yup. Mandy wasn't back yet, and everyone was busy, so..."
"Got a day off or that?"
"Sure," Paul said, and laughed weakly.
Betty and Joey headed on then, and Paul waved to them, then checked that he had Danny securely settled.
It was a little embarrassing to know he was one of the few on the street that had no proper job or other productive way to pass time. Mostly he walked around the city, window shopping and reading newspapers or magazines. Sometimes he went to a library and read up on things needed around the squat, like repairs. At least then he felt he was doing something.
Today, he figured, would be mostly a going-inside-places day. Probably he could have just stayed in the house, but that always made him feel half-mad. Still, with the baby along, it would make sense not to stay out in the cold too much. Poor little guy might freeze.
Still, they walked a long way before Paul decided to stop in at that silly little music shop, Muztara. That place was always a little too warm, but there were spots to sit, and the owners always had free tea and cake for customers.
The door of the shop had a whole little rig of tiny brass bells that it rang when opened; Danny seemed to like that. At least he laughed and made a repetitive little "Shhhiii, shiiii" noise for a bit after. The slouchy guy behind the till looked up and waved.
"Hey, Paul."
As Paul was moving toward the tea urn, the guy moved generally that direction as well, slotting some LPs into a bin.
"You got a kid now?" he asked.
"Uhm," Paul said, filling a styrene cup and settling himself on a bench.
"We got milk, if ya want. For the kid."
"Ah? Tha'd be great. Ta."
Unfastening his coat, Paul eased Danny out and plumped the kid down on the bench at his side.
"How old's he?" the slouchy guy asked, reappearing from some back room with the milk.
"Uh, just a year."
"Cool. 'S'name?"
"Daniel. Danny, mostly."
"Nice. Here ya go then, Danny."
The guy had poured some milk into a funny little plastic teacup, and he handed it carefully to the baby, who very seriously accepted it and then stared at it, confused. Shaking his head and smiling, Paul set his tea aside for a moment to help the little lad drink.
"He's not s' good with cups just yet."
"Ah. Figures, as he's s' young."
There were a lot of biscuits and cakes laid out near the tea urn in boxes, and now Danny was craning his head around to look at them.
"Bikit?" he asked.
"Okay, little guy. One biscuit."
Paul chose soft rather than something crunchy, figuring that was best for little teeth. Danny seemed happy either way, shoving his milk cup into Paul's hands so he could concentrate on the sweet.
They sat a long time there. Now and then other people entered the shop. A few commented on Danny, mostly saying he was real cute. Paul felt proud whenever they did, since they also mostly seemed to think he was the baby's dad. It was flattering, sort of.
Eventually, Danny got fussy, rubbing his eyes and leaning against Paul's arm, whining. Probably he was tired. Paul stood slowly, stretching, then picked Danny up and tucked him back into the coat, fastening it carefully.
"Headed back out?" the slouchy guy yawned.
"Have a good day."
Danny seemed happier once they were back on the street, burrowing his head against Paul's jumper and ceasing his whining. Paul decided a library might be all right next. It would be nice and quiet. Little guy might sleep a bit.
Sure enough, by the time they reached the intended destination, Danny was well asleep, drooling just slightly. No big deal.
For the hour and a half that Danny slept, Paul read mostly about gardening. At the squats, everyone sort of worked together to grow a bit of food in the back gardens to save money, and he had some ideas for new vegetable beds they could try in a few months. Nothing in the books seemed to indicate his ideas were insane; very good.
Once Danny was waking up, a little blinky and confused, Paul reshelved his books and they took off again.
"Wanna go to the park, Dan?" Paul asked.
"Parg? Parg."
So to a park they went. Danny toddled about in the grass, stopping here and there to sit or crouch and stare at some fascinating pebble or such. Paul followed him, making sure he did not swallow rocks or something. Presently, the kid stopped and, looking focused, stood very still a while, grunting. Then he looked up to Paul.
"Help," he said.
"What, little guy? What help?"
Kneeling, Paul instantly caught a whiff of what needed help.
"Ah, no. Jeez. Come on, Dan. We oughta head home."
Previous Chapter Table of Contents
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2023.06.02 07:07 Witty_Cardiologist42 "Unique Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids: Creative and Fun Designs to Make Their Celebration Unforgettable"

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2023.06.02 06:17 Common-Lobster-1939 My 7 month journey from hell. F gastritis.

So I was diagnosed back in January of this year, however, I’ve been having the symptoms since early December. I’m 19, a female, and WAS a college student & worked full time. This diagnosis has/had completely turned my life upside down. Nausea was my #1 symptom, and was absolutely debilitating. I was on the bathroom floor every single day & night dry heaving and crying. Not to mention I have a phobia of throwing up. In this season, (December), I had no idea what was wrong. I made sure I wasn’t pregnant, etc. The night I got my first onset of symptoms I was drinking wine. That night, all hell broke loose. It was immediate. The nausea hasn’t ceased since.
Moving on to January. I had been to the hospital twice before my third visit, and all they did was prescribe me protonix, (pantoprazole), and nausea meds. The nausea meds did nothing… except cause a blockage (sever constipation… I don’t even want to talk ab it lol). & the protonix made my heart have sever palpitations, and gave me the worst side effects. My third visit landed me in there for a week, on Christmas. They only admitted me because my heart rate was resting at 150. It was the nausea and pain keeping it there, but they wouldn’t listen. They thought it was anxiety.. anyway, I had to beg them to do an endoscopy. I’ve had stomach issues my whole life, and knew it was something on the inside. Finally the results came back. They said it was mild gastritis, and consistent with “peptic duodenitis”. (Also it was H pylori neg). That’s what it said on my chart. They said my esophagus was also red and irritated, but it was from throwing up. Despite me telling the doctor I hadn’t thrown up… they wouldn’t do anything. I hadn’t eaten in over 8 days when I was there, yet they sent me home and said it had to heal on its own. (I had an actual GI doctor there btw). When I cried about not wanting to be discharged yet because I still felt like I was dying, the doctor called a psychiatrist to my room and prescribed me lexapro… let me just tell you, this journey has been a mess and mentally draining. No one would listen to my symptoms and how TERRIBLE I felt.
When I left the hospital, I began trying to eat. Mostly so I literally wouldn’t die. I stuck to saltines, and boost drinks. By the end of January, I decided enough was enough. The protonix was making me feel absolutely awful, and none of the PPI’s were helping. I did a bunch of research, went on the gastritis sub here, and got to work. I ordered zinc carnosine, slippery elm, and aloe Vera capsules. I began taking the slippery elm before every meal and bed. The zinc I took as soon as I woke up on an empty stomach like the bottle says.
Flash forward to now, I’m eating every day… which I never thought would happen. I’m still no where near healed… but we’re getting there. I had to drop out of college, and have been unable to work. I have POTS on top of this, and the gastritis has made it seem a million times worse. I passed out cold talking to my lawn guy outside last week… not my best moment, I must say. However, I’m not on the bathroom floor every night, I’m not being starved for 8 days due to nausea, and I’m in a better mindset. The toll this diagnosis takes on someone isn’t talked about enough. I’m lucky to have an amazing husband I just got married to. He’s my rock and my support system. He has taken care of me, along with taken on all the bills while I’m healing.
Friends, this is something that takes time. I’m turning 20 this month, and I have to face the fact that I won’t be able to leave the house, eat a cake, or regular food for that manner. It’ll be my banana and me. However, it could be worse. I could be where I was in January. Just know, progress will come. Even if you’re in my shoes and it comes SUPER slow. When I have really bad days, I look back to where I was 5 months ago and smile. I’m somewhere I wasn’t back then.
If you have any questions, please let me know. I didn’t go super into detail on a lot of things to save some words & reading time. - I’ve always read in this sub, but I’ve never participated. It’s hard. But it’s comforting knowing that we aren’t alone in this journey. <3
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2023.06.02 06:14 ClownToy_Twiset Mane 6 as Advance Wars CO's

As an idea inspired by Advance Wars and after the remake Advance Wars 1 + 2 Reboot Camp has come for the Nintendo Switch, I had weird ideas about what would happen if the Mane 6 were CO's from the game.

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2023.06.02 05:57 Diligent-Living882 What’s it about Medieval eating/chewing that is so characteristic?

I’d ask the same thing about the show Vikings. There’s a way the actors eat that is very specific. It’s not the over-chewing/“talking with food in the mouth for a minute,” that you see in most shows, it’s simply the way they go at their food and chew.
To give people an idea, I’m in s4. the way allister is talking to jon and eating the chicken when jon looks for volunteers to go to crasters sticks out. and the way sansa eats the lemon cake 1-2 episodes later. i
does anyone have any idea what i’m saying cause i feel like this might be an obscure opinion.
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2023.06.02 05:52 dah_Deadly_Ace 2 roblox games that could make good jumpchains [my opinion]

imma just cut to the case cause i have to idea how to Segway lol
theres 2 roblox games [besides deepwoken i do not play deep woken] that i believe can be made into jump chains, those being arcane odyssey [and by extension the entire arcane roblox game serries] and decaying winter.
idk how to segway out
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2023.06.02 04:43 MyFeetStankk Please explain how to beat this?

Please explain how to beat this?
I’m on the rice cake level and I have no idea how I’m supposed to beat this. None of my units one shot any of the slimes except archon but he dies after like 2 hits. The moment I get closed to the boss he spawns green and blue slimes that guard him from damage and heal all other slimes.
I feel like this is supposed to be simple considering your goal is “Baking a rice cake” but I have no idea what to do.
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2023.06.02 03:39 David_Zemon I'm putting my life in your hands, Reddit

My birthday is in two weeks, and I need chocolate cake.
I'm kinda a health nut, so chocolate cake is a rare delicacy that deserves the utmost respect. No Duncan Hines, no Dierbergs, not even Costco four layer will do. I want something better. Money no issue. Needs to feed 10 people.
100% function over form. This ain't a wedding - just a hungry guy with a hankering for rich, moist, chocolate cake. A little peanut butter stripe isn't a bad idea, but certainly not required.
So that's the task. Where should I get my birthday cake?
PS, I live in St. Peters, but have no qualms driving around to get the right stuff
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2023.06.02 03:18 Historical_Can_2179 Help with not growing jack frosts.

Help with not growing jack frosts.
For context, the first picture was the first flush. The cake was dunked and I made sure it was in a humid environment, but only one mushroom grew. The second picture is how the cake has been for about a week and a half after i harvested that one mushroom. Any ideas why it’s not growing any fruit?
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2023.06.02 03:12 trisha1939 It's time to jump ship

This is mostly just a big rant about how I've done everything I could at my new job still not enough my penny has come into question and I doubt that I will see the pay that I was promised due to the owners and ability to entertain or recognize all the work that has been done. Feel free to read all this if you like. I wrote it with text to speech because it was too much to write out so I apologize in advance for grammar
I took this job about 8 or 9 months ago. As a service manager of a used car dealership. Service manager being a pretty big step up in my career. It's a bit of a drive in the mornings it's about an hour to an hour 15 to get to work and then in the afternoon has been consistently an hour and a half to get home. And the pay was a little bit less than what I would really like but I mostly wanted the job for the experience on a resume. That was the main reason for taking this job. I got it in writing that at the 9 months to one year mark we would be looking at a salary of a the most I've ever made but definitely on the low end of this position. Given that I didn't have any real formal experience and they were going to be training me up to the position I thought that this was okay.
So here is where the problems begin. I have to work very closely with the lead technician who flat out will not speak to me some days. At best on his good days it's just horrible communication and information or a passing comment as he walks by to tell me what's going on with the car he worked on but no information as to which car. More or less just useless if I ask him for more information you get angry and just won't talk to me. The two technicians underneath them our reasonable people and it I asked them to do something or ask my question I get used to information. However the lead technician will yell at them and am at they talk to me. So they are reluctant to have anything to do with me for fear of being yelled at by the lead technician
Another problem that I have been having is my promise of salary was based off my ability to reach goals that have been set out by the owner. No problem that makes sense sounds fair one of the goals was to categorize all of the cars. I spent hours and hours going through all 450 cars that we have in our inventory and checking each one of them individually and I mean physically looking at each one to determine where it's at and it's process. I then took that information is spent hours and hours entering all that data and information into our shop management system. After I did that I created categories and put all the cars into the categories that they needed to be. They're the owner then asked me to organize the cars in the lot in a fashion that would represent their position in the process for example car has been inspected car needs more work and car is ready for detail. No problem so I spend an entire two days organizing all of the cars on the lot. I let the technicians know how the cars are organized and how they should be parked here so the technician refuses to follow the new organization and deliberately parks cars in the wrong spots period I end up reorganizing the lot two or three times. A co-worker goes out and organizes a lot an additional three or four times after me in an attempt to get the lot in a semi organized fashion. There's multiple problems with trying to organize the lot and keep it organized they are just one being fully technician is just refusing to listen. Another is the process is so fluid and we have so many cars move from one section to the next section so quickly the sections overflow and get mixed in with each other. They're just simply isn't enough space for the cars to be organized in this fashion
Another goal was try and organize some sort of Parts system. There was no parts department at all so I cleared out a whole bunch of space got rid of some junk and found areas to store parts. I organized the parts in the best way that I could without spending a lot of capital on shelving to organize them in a more traditional fashion for a parts department. I also set up a return shelf so that way our vendors can just grab their returns off of their shelf and take them back and our technicians just have to put their parts on the return shelf. No surprise to the technician does not follow the new return shelf process and it ends up just being another task but I have to do going around collecting the parts and putting them on the return Shelf I want to go through and categorize all the parts enter them into the computer and or categorize them put them into a pool container and sell them to a company who is more equipped to deal with a large inventory parts as trying to manage a parts department in an infantry besides that we have would require an additional person to run that department.
That's just to the goals that were set out for me and that I can explain relatively easily. There are several other goals which I can get into but the intricacies of it are too complicated to explain in a Reddit post.
Now all of this attempts at progress and changes to the system to try and make it better was all okay with me I had no problem trying to work out all these cakes and try to figure out how to work with this difficult lead technician. However recently when I have been pressing more and more how we need to tell the least technician that he needs to play ball or find a new job this idea was met with resistance. I was told that I could not blame all of my problems on the lead technician. And although I understand that there are some areas that I could do better in I'm not infallible but when the lead technician will not even speak with me and I have to work with him rather directly to get anything done and he has to be willing to help and work with the rest of the team to try and make these new systems work in order to help make his job easier there is nothing more that I can do. I was told that I need to then write up this technician. And that would be all fine and dandy if at the end of three write-ups there was some sort of threat that I would actually mean something like he loses his job or he's going to be sent home and docked pay. But I know that there is no threat at the end of this because the owner has specifically said he would not enforce that sort of punishment. So what is a write-up then a piece of paper that I tell him I'm doing he refuses to look at or sign and then nothing happens? It's a totally empty threat.
In an effort to hire a new technician because we need more manpower I mentioned how I found somebody and how I thought that they sounded knowledgeable we should give them a chance. When discussing their pay and how much they were looking to get my boss unintentionally explained at me how he views salary employees and their value and how he thinks that he can get them at a discounted hourly rate by making them work more than 40 hours. Or only guaranteeing their paid if they work over 40 hours otherwise it comes out at a discounted rate far below what is discussed. Considering that my position would be salary here soon if I met these goals it really put a bad taste in my mouth. At that point I was feeling pretty done with the job in general and was thinking of finding a new one. I cooled off a little bit and decided that I shouldn't just leave the job because he said something about paying someone else who isn't me and just try to keep working. Only a few days later did I then have a discussion with the owner in regards to which goals I have accomplished as we are coming up on my one year and I am looking forward to my salary that also has bonuses involved based off of my accomplishment of new goals after I make it to salary. Considering that after all of the work I have put into categorizing the cars and getting them organized and reorganizing the lot several times to try and represent that organization that I have spent trying to implement a new parts system to try and help parks that are not being sent back that we end up stuck with checking in new parts as they come in rather successfully by myself despite it needing to be its own Department among other small things that I have done and implement ed I figured for sure that I would be getting my salary to help enforce these other ideas and plans to go further down the line with the lead technician and get more organized that and the very minimum I would have the salary and I'd still be getting the experience. After talking with him he told me how he does not believe that I have made any of the goals and laid out for me. I explained to him how I have done all of these different things and I have made things much better than they were that despite the immense amount of racist from the lead technician this is the best that can be accomplished unless that technician wants to play the game and be a part of the team to do his part helping this be more organized and stay more organized then this is the most that I can do. He proceeded to tell me how because the cars are not staying organized in the parking lot that have not accomplished the goal and that all of the work that I did categorizing it them in the computer means nothing. And the parts system that I have implemented is also worth nothing because we have batteries parts that are not being sent back despite me having offered civil solutions to resolve this issue none of which the owner has has approved of purely because the lead technician says they will not order from any of these other vendors and they will only order from this one vendor who is incredibly difficult to do returns
So after all of this is comments about the technician and how you use their salary and their worth followed up by him saying I have not accomplished any of the goals and that the work that I have done is meaningless I have decided that it is time to leave. There is nothing more that I can do here without delete ignition cooperating with me or without the owner being able to understand that what I have done with a lot of meaning and has made things a lot easier. If these things can have you realize or recognize I cannot change their opinion I will not bet my entire salary and my work financially to the company by being paid less to continue to do a job that I am currently underpaid for and over stressed for that apparently it's not appreciate
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2023.06.02 02:26 CoreyNK What's Up At Ninja Kiwi - 2nd June 2023

What's Up At Ninja Kiwi - 2nd June 2023

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week's blog with the NK team!

What’s been going on this week?

BTD6 Update 37.0 is right around the corner! To get a sneak peek of what is coming, check out the links below!
Check out the preview notes here!
Watch this awesome video to get all the info!
Have a look at this magical paragon here! Big thanks to u/TimHaywoodProductions for adding in some epic Tower Keepers music!
Battles 2 Update 1.10.4 is live, bringing some bug fixes and changes!
Read the notes here!
Tread Carefully Race results: 1st: Near - 1 minute 37.86 seconds 2nd: ozen - 1 minute 38.71 seconds 3rd: bruhbruhiscute - 1 minute 38.86 seconds 4th: Vcoach - 1 minute 39.26 seconds 5th: Eins-Bohr - 1 minute 39.40 seconds

This weekend's focus:

- BTD6 - Pile O' Monkey Money and T3 Insta Monkeys on sale. Ongoing "Military Exercise" Odyssey, ending Wednesday. "Central Establishment" Race this weekend. Lych will be appearing on Quarry this weekend, starting Saturday and ending Thursday. Ongoing Contested Territory, ending Tuesday.
- Battles 2 - Ongoing Season 12 ending June 21st. Biker Bones showcase, ending Thursday 8th.
Ongoing No Pain No Gain, ending Saturday. Bananza starting after.
- Bloons Pop - Friday: Yellow Bloon Popper Saturday: Level Smasher Sunday: Black Bloon Popper Party Goal: Lead Bloon Popper Vault of Monkey Money, 3rd Canister and Great Bundle on sale. Ongoing Party Crashers, ending Wednesday Triple Rewards starting Friday, ending Monday.
- BTD Battles - Professor Evil appearing this weekend. With a second tougher one starting Tuesday and ending Thursday. Friday: MOAB - BFB Cards, BFB Boosts Only Saturday: MOAB Cards, MOAB Club - BFB, BFB Cards Sunday: MOAB, MOAB R3 Speed - BFB, BFB Card Club, BFB Boosts Only Monday: MOAB 2x Medallions with Club Access on sale.
- BATTD - Ongoing Martian games: More Ghosts, More Camo, More Zombies. Magic Man, No Powers, More Regrow starting on Sunday. Tuxedo Jake, Hunter Marceline and Character Bundle pack on sale.
- SAS4 Mobile - VS on Friday, APOC on Saturday and LMS with Black Box as rewards on Sunday. Sales on nantos, NV vet pack, Epic pack and 2nd premium gun set: Donderbus, RIA 15SE and Torment
- BTD5 - Ongoing Bloon Hunt, ending Friday. Preferred Monkey rotating every 3 hours, starting after. Heli Pilot Skin on sale.

Questions from the comments:

What happened to all the Mini MOABs and other special MOAB-class bloons in BSM2? Super Monkey appears to have held them off… for now. But yes, we do think about them, too!
Where can I buy a cape like Adora's? Your local Renaissance faire is likely to have some excellent options!
Have crosspathing benefits been considered for the Beast Handlers (beyond just having that extra T2 beast)? As it stands, it's the one tower where crosspathing is usually not worth the cost. The benefit to cross-pathing Beast Handlers is being able to merge those cross-paths into other Handlers to juice them up or to just hang out with more than one Beast at a time!
What do the monkeys do with the real-world money spent in-game? Do they convert it or use it on human things? We suspect it was confusing to them at first, but they seem to have adapted and use it like we might. Mostly they go to the movies or the arcade, maybe some bowling too. And banana cake, sales are through the roof!
How do the bloons react when they find out that a new monkey has ascended to paragon status? (how will they react when the wizard paragon comes) Hopefully, by being terrified of the power that is to be unleashed upon them. But it is a fair question if there is any information that leaks back, if there are no witnesses…bwaahahahaha!
Has the engineer monkey or other monkeys ever convinced Etienne to have other weapons on his drones? Etienne is very protective of his drones, he has crafted them for excellent balance and control. As much as the engineer's ideas sound fun and amazing, he doesn’t want to mess with his perfection!
Do the monkeys celebrate birthdays? You bet they do! Keep an eye on our socials in the coming weeks to see what they are up to!
How do the heroes react when they see a spider in the house? Most of them are pretty calm and let it go about its business. Obyns always wondering if that was Steve or Tom?!?!
Bloons Pop told us that Striker Jones likes to bake so I'd like to ask what his favorite pastries to bake are! Pain au chocolat or a classic apple pie!
Are there other monkey clerics out there besides Adora? If so, are they all devoted to the sun god or are there other deities they align with? We’re pretty sure Ezili is not a sun god acolyte. Is scary-dark-cosmos a deity?
How does Gwen feel about hockey? She hasn’t played it herself but she really enjoys full contact sport! Watch out for her on the roller-derby track.
What is the recipe for the post-battle banana cake and who cooks it? Every monkey has their own tweaks and secrets they like to add! Here is one of our favourties!
What happens to the super monkey after he transforms into the tech terror? does he lose his personality or mind? It does look like a complete transformation after Robo Monkey but we’re not entirely sure. It could still be a suit or fancy adaptive metal, or it could just be a full suit as that would be needed to withstand the power that comes from the Annihilation. Either way we think they retain control of their faculties as they are still able to target effectively and work so well with their Monkey friends.
what is blons about? is it simply an obscure map that monkeys made soley for testing or is it something more?
Have a great weekend and happy gaming! -Ninja Kiwi Team
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2023.06.02 02:16 Boelthor "Even the greatest justice must start from somewhere small." (Penance Guide)

Penance is a 6* DPS Defender, and on top of that she's the 6* equivalent of one of my longtime favorite operators so I'm contractually obligated to write a guide for her. And she's also an operator who demands that you use her in a certain way; while doing so isn't difficult it can trip you up if you aren't conscious of this, so a guide will hopefully make it easy to avoid those pitfalls.

Basic Information

Penance is a 6* Juggernaut Defender, but the operator she's most similar to is Estelle--both of them are self-sufficient operators that actively profit from having more enemies. In fact, Penance's signature Barrier mechanic provides so much self-sustain that she can often go through an entire stage without losing even a single HP. As for her offense, she's the first operator to make good general use of recoil damage, and her direct damage output is nothing to scoff at either.

Offensive Stats

Penance has high Attack, a 1.6 second attack interval, okay dps, and a standard 1x2 range. Most of Penance's offense comes from her talents and skills, but high Attack means her basic attacks don't have many problems with armor.

Defensive Stats

Penance has extremely high HP, high Defense, 10 Res, and 3 block. When she was released Penance had the highest base HP of any operator, and her overall bulk is among the highest in the game.

Cost and Trust

Penance costs a massive 36 DP, making her the most expensive operator in the game alongside Mudrock. Her trust bonus is more offensive compared to her predecessor, giving her 600 HP and 40 Attack.

Trait: Cannot be healed by allies

Penance cannot be directly healed by anyone except for herself. Regen-based healing still works.
Penance, unlike Mudrock, has no self-healing in her kit; if she loses HP she's only getting it back via regen or redeployment. Ideally her Barrier will prevent her from losing HP in the first place so this isn't much of a downside, and she has plenty of HP to spare, but it can occasionally causes problems.

First talent: Guardian of the Law

After deployment, immediately gains a Barrier equal to 50% Max HP; When defeating an enemy, gains a Barrier equal to 10% Max HP (Cannot exceed 300% Max HP)
Effectively, Barrier is bonus HP that does not count towards the normal maximum HP, is lost before "real" HP, and can only be restored by effects that explicitly grant Barrier. It's represented graphically as a lighter blue section on the HP bar, placed between the normal blue of current HP and the empty black of missing HP.
The key to Penance's survivability, Barrier scales off of her enormous max HP to turn her into a enormous HP sponge, capping out at 13,965 Barrier for 18,620 effective HP. Generating Barrier on kills has its pros and cons; on one hand cannon fodder will only improve her bulk, on the other hand she has to worry about kill-stealing and doesn't do as well if 1v1ing elites. That said, if there's so little cannon fodder in a lane you should probably be using a Musha or some other kind of duelist, so it doesn't interfere too much with Penance's intended usage. Kill-stealing also isn't a huge issue, as Penance is built to solo lanes anyway.

Second talent: Wreathed in Thorns

Each time this unit is attacked while under the effect of her own Barrier, deals 50% Attack as Arts damage to the attacker
Previous operators with recoil damage had various shortcomings that left it as a situational thing, be it low recoil damage (that if physical struggled with Defense due to low dph), no damage outside of recoil, or low uptime. Penance, however, has none of these problems: her recoil damage is strong (and as Arts won't care about Defense), her basic attacks still do appreciable damage (and she has her skills on top of them), and her recoil damage is almost always active (denoted by the conspicuous golen aura). Since recoil activates per enemy it's effectively AoE, making handling hordes of cannon fodder and accumulating Barrier that much easier, and letting Penance focus her own attacks on bigger threats. Another advantage is that recoil damage will apply to drones as well, giving Penance potential antiair capabilities. Plus recoil has no range limitation and bypasses Invisibility, making Penance a counter to a variety of annoying enemies.

First skill: Last Word

At m3{m0} Last Word has 0 initial SP, costs 3{4} SP, recovers SP over time, can be Charged, lasts for a single attack, and is automatically activated. It causes the affected attack to deal an additional hit of Arts damage equal to 200%{180%} of Penance's Attack. Charged: The affected attack deals 200%{180%} damage (only applies to the base physical damage) and Stuns the target for 5{3} seconds.
Charged: Can continue recovering SP after reaching the maximum. When SP reaches double the maximum, enter Charged state. Skills have additional effects when activated in Charged state (All SP is consumed whenever skill is activated)
UnCharged, s1 is a simple afk skill that doesn't have much use. The Charged version, on the other hand, is a top-tier crowd control skill--if you can get Penance to cast it. The catch is that due to being auto activation, as long as an eligible target is in range while Penance has filled her first SP bar but not her second she'll cast the much weaker unCharged version. Because of this, the Charged version is normally relegated to opening engagements. The real value of the skill is in its ability to combo with skills that inflict Sleep or Levitate, which render the target invalid and lets Penance Charge her s1 for a potential infinite cc lock. But there aren't many situations where this is both feasible and useful, so s1 is just a footnote to her kit.

Second skill: Stoic Atonement

At m3{m0} Stoic Atonement has 20{14} initial SP, costs 30{34} SP, recovers SP over time, lasts 20 seconds, and is manually activated. Penance stops attacking enemies, gains 60%{50%} Sanctuary, increases Barrier gain from talent 1 by 100%{80%}, and deals 140%{110%} Arts damage to all ground enemies within a 3x3 square centered on her every second (unaffected by ASPD).
Sanctuary: Reduce Physical and Arts damage taken by the stated percentage (Does not stack, strongest effect takes precedence).
The high Sanctuary s2 provides makes Penance ludicrously bulky, acting as a x2.5 multiplier to her effective HP, and helping preserve the extra Barrier she generates during this skill. To illustrate, every kill while this skill active is worth 2,328 eHP, and if she manages to cap her Barrier she'll have a staggering 46,550 eHP! On the offensive side, the effective attack interval reduction and true AoE give it good dps for a melee Arts skill, and her recoil damage is still in effect as well. The 50s rotation is good as well, though having only 40% uptime is mildly disappointing.

Third skill: Trial of Thorns

At m3{m0} Trial of Thorns has 0 initial SP, costs 20{24} SP, recovers SP by getting hit, lasts 30 seconds, and is manually activated. Upon casting the skill Penance instantly gains Barrier equal to 130%{100%} of her max HP (caps at 300% max HP), and for the duration of the skill she gains +400%{+320%} Attack, +0.9s attack interval (giving her a 2.5s interval), and increased Taunt.
The first thing that jumps out in s3's description is the gargantuan +400% Attack, taking a max level Penance to 4,580 Attack. Even with the increased attack interval to reign in her dps somewhat, she still hits like a cannonball, tearing through armor like it's soggy tissue paper and ending the lives of weaker enemies with a single blow. But remember, her recoil damage scales off of her Attack, so with s3 up enemies attacking her are in for 2,290 Arts damage--and thanks to the Taunt, enemies will be attacking her if they have the opportunity. Trash mobs will vaporize on contact with her, and even most elites and bosses aren't getting away unscathed. S3 also generates a hefty chunk of Barrier, 6,052 HP worth at max level, offering great survivability as well.
S3's rotation deserves special attention; while I'm aware that defensive recovery is often seen as a drawback compared to auto recovery, HG seems to share that view and balances accordingly. Defrec skills typically have low SP costs compared to their power, and Penance's s3 is no exception--20 SP cost for 30s duration is amazing for average skills, let alone one this strong. But I think defrec is often an advantage, at least for block 3 units like Penance; defrec charges per enemy, and can even charge >1 SP/sec if there are enough enemies. Furthermore, defrec ties into Penance's overall kit: cannon fodders' attacks barely scratch her high Defense while giving her SP, and when they kill themselves via her recoil damage she gains more Barrier than she lost in the first place, making them pure profit.

Penance, Mudrock, and the Missing 6*

How Penance compares to Mudrock is a common question, and while I don't plan to go into much depth on the topic, I will give some info. The biggest difference, imo, is that Mudrock is more defensive while Penance is more offensive. Mudrock's damage output is mostly propped up by her AoE and her bulk allowing her to stall many enemies indefinitely; if you ever have Mudrock 1v1ing a bulky enemy you'll be waiting a long time. Penance, on the other hand, can use s3 to demolish a single enemy, but her Barrier doesn't naturally regenerate like Mudrock's Shields, and she doesn't fare nearly as well against slow but hard hits. Mudrock being easier to use is a point that gets brought up, but imo most of that is simply the difference between Mudrock s2's autoactivation and Penance s2/s3's manual activation. You do have to pay more attention when positioning Penance so she gets enough fodder and doesn't have to worry about kill-stealing, but with a 36 DP cost she's typically not getting deployed until you've gotten a general idea of what lanes will have fodder, and in exchange for not being as much of a team player Penance has a higher ceiling on her solo performance. In conclusion, the answer is simply that they're different, and both are strong enough to be worthwhile. That said, I do think that comparing Penance to Mudrock just because they're both 6* Juggernauts is approaching Penance from the wrong angle.
Let's change the subject, and talk about Arts Protectors. The first Arts Protector, Dur-nar, released ~3.5 years ago at the time this guide was written, and to my great sorrow there's still no 6\ Arts Protector (only Sentinel Protectors have gone longer with no 6*). Penance may be a Juggernaut but both s2 and her recoil provide a substantial Arts damage output, while s3's sheer dph lets her tear through Defense similar to Arts. Thus, Penance is the closest thing there is to the long awaited 6* Arts Protector. Most melee units with substantial Arts damage either only block 1 (like Arts Guards) or are squishy (like Broca); apart from Arts Protectors and Penance the only units who don't compromise on at least one of those are Lappland, the upcoming Qiubai, Ling's s3 dragons, and if we count true damage s3 Mon3tr. Even among Arts Protectors, Dur-nar is held back by 4* stats, Asbestos is an attempted jack-of-all-trades who fails at almost all of them (especially damage output), Shalem is powerful but his s2's self-damage compromises his bulk, and Czerny is a weird recoil-centric unit who seems to have forgotten that most enemies who deal Arts damage also have high Res. There's simply very little competition for Penance's role, and what competitors she does have are either clearly inferior, not tanks even if they're not squishy, or cost multiple deploy slots (and have to deal with some drawbacks due to being summons). This gives Penance a lot of value simply because there are so few viable alternatives for her role, let alone good ones.
Now, how well this section ages will been seen if and when an actual 6* Arts Protector gets released; it's entirely likely that they'd have much more dps than Penance. That said, such an event is still 7+ months away even if said 6* Arts Protector would be announced tomorrow, so Penance still has plenty of time to enjoy her near monopoly. But even when that time comes, it'll only bring her one real competitor who probably won't have as much survivability as Penance. And on top of that, Penance is still one of the few operators fulfilling an even less populated role: melee Arts dps with self-sustain. Indra and Sideroca are the only other units to completely fit the bill, though if you're willing to bend and stretch the description you could also include s2 Utage (Arts is only via her on-deploy s2), Ling's s3 dragons (can't be healed but Ling can resummon them), s3 Mon3tr (true damage), X3 Specter2 (doll has good Arts dps provided Spec2 is dying enough), and s3 X3 Gladiia (s3 has good arts dps on light enemies). And don't forget, Penance is also the premier user of recoil damage, giving her another useful role where none of her few competitors even come close to her.
In short, while Penance is a Juggernaut and a solo laneholder, don't only look at her fromt hat perspective--think of her as an Arts dps as well.

Mastery Choices

Penance masteries are pretty simple, though m3, m6, and m9 are all valid.
S3 is the easy first pick; it's her primary skill and the reduced SP cost, +80% Attack, and extra Barrier are all important.
S1 is a simple choice to make: ignore it unless you have an interest in doing infinite cc locks with it, in which case m3 is mandatory.
S2 is where things are less clear-cut. While it does overlap with s3, the two skills have their own pros and cons, and s2's masteries are important if you plan on using it.
As for my personal opinion, I think s2 is worth mastering; while I'm a major advocate for defensive recovery, s2 can be a substantial improvement to Penance's versatility. And as mentioned above, Penance is filling a surprisingly unique role; it's hard to find a substitute for her s2 on other operators, so mastering it gives you options you otherwise wouldn't have. But there's no need to rush to decide, so take your time and see how much you like using her.


I've often seen Penance regarded as hard to use, but I do not believe this to be the case. Rather, what's going on is that Penance is an operator with very pronounced strengths and weaknesses, so if used properly she'll excel, but if you try to fit a square peg into a round hole then she'll faily miserably. Her actual role is very straightforward: she's a living roadblock, capable of locking down entire lanes.

Trash Flow

The key to using Penance is simply understanding where trash mobs are going; Penance will rarely be overwhelmed by sheer numbers, so you typically just place her at the best chokepoint available. If a lane doesn't have many or any trash mobs then you simply don't use Penance and take an operator focused more on 1v1 instead, or take advantage of one of the synergies listed later to circumvent her weaknesses. Thankfully it's easy to recognize where the cannon fodder will go, since they typically are the first things to start spawning in a map. Don't be afraid to delay Penance's placement until you're sure where you should put her, as there are many other reasons to do so: at 36 DP she costs a lot to begin with, s2 has high initial SP, s3 can't precharge anyway, and having higher aggro lets her activate her recoil damage more often and get more SP for s3.

Boss Killer?

One common misuse of Penance is using her to fight bosses; while she has impressive damage and bulk, s3's total damage isn't quite enough for her to reliably 1v1 bosses, bosses tend to burn Barrier quickly, and bosses usually have multiple phases to stall out s3's duration and attack slowly so s3 will recharge slowly. While there are some exceptions like phase 2 Patriot whose DoT aura continually procs Penance's recoil damage letting her melt him easily, bosses in general play to her weaknesses. Rather, Penance's forte is in using her fast rotations to deal with elites while letting her recoil clean up trash mobs, allowing your other units to focus their attention on other matters such as the boss.

Barrier Maintenance

Another important thing to learn is how to keep Penance's Barrier up, given how key it is to her kit. You should pick this up fairly quickly if you start using here, but here are some specific pointers:


SSS is a gamemode almost tailor-made for Penance, offering lots of trash mobs that typicially funnel into 1-2 chokepoints. And with her s3 already having such high dph she doesn't need to stack Attack just to overcome Defense, giving her a lot of freedom in which buffs you stack. For example, the classic Vanguard A lets her charge even during downtime, Defender A's +1 block lets her stack up even more mobs, and Guard B provides the overall highest dps increase. Or if you want to try something silly, a full Vanguard stack will let Penance always Charge her s1 for chain Stuns and a high damage too.


While Penance would rather other operators stay in their own lanes for the most part she does still have some synergies, and most of them are strong ones at that. If you have any of the operators listed below it's well worth considering if there's some way for you to fit them into your team when using Penance (or vice-versa).

SP Batteries

Penance's s3 has a low SP cost and high power but defensive recovery can lead to difficulty charging it, making her a great candidate for use with SP batteries. While many SP batteries don't work well with her if at all, being defensive recovery does unlcok three great ones that auto recovery can't use, and there's another great one that has special synergy with her.


Blemishine's talent causes defrec skills to recover 1 SP when attacking; with Penance's 1.6s interval that's an average 0.625 SP/sec, charging s3 in 32s on its own. And that's not counting the base defensive recovery SP gain, which will charge s3 even faster in practice. This is especially useful for improving s3's performance against slow-attacking but hard-hitting elites, which normally give it trouble. The drawback is that this still requires that Penance have enemies to fight, so during breaks between waves Penance is still stuck at 0 SP/sec. Even so, Blemi has a transformative effect on Penance, and Penance may well be the operator who benefits most from Blemi. And given that Blemi's plenty good on her own merits, using her to charge Penance doesn't require much sacrifice.


Stainless s3 provides deployable turrets that can be attacked, thereby triggering Blemishine's SP battery, ensuring that Penance s3 will always have a 32s cooldown at worst. Stainless can also directly act as an SP battery with s2, but in that capacity he's not as good as Penance's other options.


Ch'en1 with her X2+ module causes offrec and defrec skills to recover 1 SP every 3 seconds, an average 0.33 SP/sec, charging s3 in 60s on its own. While Ch'en1's SP battery is only around half the strength of Blemi's, it has the advantage of working regardless of whether there are enemies available, letting Penance keep charging during breaks between waves. While this isn't quite as impactful as Blemi's it's still very noticeable, and if you wanted you could always use both, as Blemi also benefits from Ch'en1's SP battery. With X3 Ch'en1 is a much more capable operator than she once was, and Il Siracusano finally allows you to use her without having to kick Ch'en2 out of the squad.


Aak s3 attacks an operator 15 times for 500 physical damage, and if the target survives both they and Aak will be buffed. Penance's Defense means Aak only does 375 total damage, and all those attacks do count towards Defensive recovery, granting Penance 15 SP near instantly (Aak is not affected by Penance's recoil damage). The buff from s3 is +50% Attack and +50 ASPD; while the former is heavily diluted by Penance s3's +400% Attack, the latter is not and provides a good damage boost, though it only lasts for two-thirds of Penance s3's duration. Aak's rotation also lines up fairly well with Penance s3, at 55s--assuming you can get the 5 extra SP from something, Penance s3 will have a consistent 25s cooldown.


Due to her talent, Saga is incapable of landing the killing blow on an enemy (except via her s2), instead putting them into the Critically Wounded state where they'll die in a single hit, granting 2 SP to whoever finished them off. This is perfect for feeding Penance Barrier, plus Saga's s3 can fund Penance's DP cost and has range extension so Saga can hide behind Penance and continue providing assitance.


Regen is the only way to heal Penance so it gets a mention here, though more so as a warning. While it may seem like regen would be extremely helpful, the reality is if Penance is taking so much damage that she'd die without regen then she's spending a long time with no Barrier and her combat performance will suffer due to her second talent being inactive. Thus, regen is a lot less useful than you may think at first glance. It's not entirely useless as it might well be what she needs to wait out s3's cooldown for the renewed Barrier, but it's rarely worth going out of your way for.

Damage Mitigation

Rather, if you want to keep Penance alive focus on preventing/reducing damage she takes, which will let her Barrier last longer and thus indirectly buff her offense along with her defense.


Rosa is one of many operators who are less likely to steal Penance's kills, but I decided to give her some special attention due to how well her mechanics work with Penance. As a Besieger she naturally prioritizes the heaviest enemy in range, which normally means she prioritizes the enemies that are a net Barrier loss over the ones that are a net Barrier profit. Furthermore, she ignores 60% of the Defense of weight 3+ enemies and her upcoming module will ~double her dps against them; this makes her very good at taking down those elites, but even when she runs out her dps against the trash mobs will be lackluster, giving Penance the chance to kill them herself.


While I haven't tested this combo personally, much like Rosa Ebenholz is geared to fight elite enemies, and thus tends to leave mobs for Penance. The catch is that his "filter" is reliant on skill uptime, and when he does attack trash mobs he tends to ohko them, making him very map-reliant to pair with Penance.


As mentioned earlier, combining Penance with operators that inflict these status effects can result in an infinite cc lock on an enemy, but this generally requires 3+ operators total. The most notable combo is with Erato s1 and a source of SP such as Ptilopsis's talent, which will produce an afk cc lock. This is a very low investment combo as well: Erato only needs s1r7 which can be achieved at e1 1, and Ptilopsis's e1 talent is sufficient SP generation, so only Penance needs e2 and mastery.

Base Skills

At e0 Penance's base skill is Law and Order, a Office skill. Law and Order provides +50% HR contacting speed but increases morale consumed per hour by 0.5.
At e2 Penance gains a second base skill, Fellow Travelers, a Dorm skill. Fellow Travelers restores 0.15 morale per hour to all Operators in that Dorm, and an additional 0.05 morale per hour for every recruitment slot beyond the original two. (Only the strongest stacked effect of this type takes place)
Penance has strongest Office skill even from e0, but with the drawback that she can only work a single 12 hour shift. Her e2 skill is a standard morale recovery skill, but it's a freebie on an operator who'll be spending a lot of time in the Dorms anyway. As a reminder, you shouldn't upgrade the Office so this skill should only provide 0.15 morale/hour rather than 0.25.


This guide ended up being shorter than I expected, since at the end of the day using Penance isn't all that complex if you acknowledge her limitations. Even so, if you have any questions ask away as I may have left something out unintentionally. Next up I plan to do a guide for Reed2 sometime during her banner, and maybe a miniguide/PSA on post-module Rosa since she hasn't been getting nearly enough hype. As always, here's a link to the Operator Guide Repository maintained by u/LastChancellor, also available in the subreddit's sidebar.
In case you'd like to see Penance in action for yourself, here are some videos (possible spoilers ahead). These are generally showing her performance in extreme scenarios and at max level, but they should give you an idea of what her upper limit is like.
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2023.06.02 02:08 Delicious_Attorney_5 Being conventionally attractive and having late- diagnosed and low support autism is hell

I don’t care if no one reads this. It’s long as hell. May or may not be controversial and my perception may be extremely skewed but i needed to get this off my chest.
I’m only surrounded by neurotypical people who I constantly have to mask for but would never consider accommodating me.
I’m 22(f) and got diagnosed when I was 20 and along with getting an adhd diagnosis. So basically I went my whole life being so clueless about why everyone was acting like “that” and I couldn’t get on board. I wasn’t even aware that that was happening. I was super depressed, I isolated myself and I was always getting in trouble in school and friendships without understanding why. I got called lazy or dumb my whole life and believed it, only to finally get diagnosed and medicated at 20 and realizing I’m really smart, creative, driven and capable.
I would consider myself conventionally attractive. Never had a problem picking up guys and usually I get along better with them since my tism doesn’t allow me to understand womens complex social dynamics. Guys are just a lot more simple (no offense), a lot easier to understand and interact with. Usually they’re more detached and require a lot less, if not any emotional connection which can be very hard for me to outwardly express. They have less expectations than women and it doesn’t take a lot for them to accept you as a friend. Anyways picking up guys was easy, getting them not to run away because they found out I’m weird was not. I literally could not understand why guys would hit on me, talk to me for a week then go ghost.
As with most autistic people, especially women I believe, after facing all this rejection I realized I could just put on a mask. I could see what mannerisms invoked positive reactions in others and adopt them for myself. It was exhausting and I had no sense of self or identity but it worked and it made everything more tolerable. Everything was based on survival and approval and even then i was fucking bad at getting that.
My tism went completely under the raider because I was conventionally attractive girl who learned to mask to survive. I don’t even think a majority of doctors or psychiatrist ever think to consider it because they can only spot it when it’s blatantly obvious. (Sorry if that’s offensive not trying to be)
Almost 3 years now of having my diagnosis and learning more about autism, seeing how it’s impacted me and connecting the dots and it still feels like shit.
This sounds so cringy and I’m not hear to boast about my “pretty privilege”, I am speaking about this more objectively. Pretty privilege is absolutely real and I believe people are kinder to me because of how I look. I’ve used this to my advantage and used it as a commodity. Always made sure I looked good. I wanted the social approval and it felt nice to get approval for a part of you that’s authentic, even if it’s your body/vessel, rather than the mask you put on daily.
Now, if I started telling people I’m autistic, they’d flip a switch. I work with 2 kids who have more high support autism. I see my coworkers infantilize them, giggle and laugh at them, they have no patience for them and often dismiss them, constantly talk about how annoying they are and they most definitely believe they’re naive and easy to control. Not that they would take advantage, they’d feel bad to do that and all my coworkers have good intentions. I don’t think they’re trying to do anything harmful. It does seem almost as they view them as unimportant. They’re living in their own world and everyone else is living in there’s. They don’t think they have anything important to say because they can’t understand the things that are important to them. Having Autism is so fucking isolating and it sucks.
On top of having the issues from the disability itself, the stigma, lack of awareness and lack of compassion many neurotypicalls have towards autistic people is the icing on the cake. I’m scared people might find out I’m autistic and start treating me like they treat my coworkers. I want to tell everyone I’m autistic so I can explain to them that I’m not questioning their authority when I ask why something is the way it is, I just want to understand, even if I have every intention on completing the task. Or maybe I’m not angry or upset and I actually feel good, but I don’t have the mental capacity to fake an expression of enthusiasm because my piers don’t understand my facial expressions. Or maybe that just because I have a monotone voice and I don’t display a lot of emotion doesn’t mean I think I’m better than anyone or that I don’t enjoy social interactions. I feel like everyone else is the autistic ones.
If i dissociate during a confrontation or a situation that triggers uncomfortable emotions, I’m not trying to be rude or challenging. I simply cannot get back inside my body and you’re making it worse by reprimanding me for it.
If the clicking noise from the machine or the way the fan taps against the unleveled floor when it’s on is making me want to peel my skin off to the point where I need to cover ears, become agitated or step out, everyone doesn’t go “what?? Seriously? That doesn’t bother me”
So I just have to keep apologizing for accidentally letting who I actually am slip through. I have to allow people to categorize things that I’m challenged with as “quirky”. I have to hide who I am so other people will interact with me and I like who I am. I have to tiptoe around and prepare myself for every potential interaction and then revise those interaction over and over again to make sure I didn’t say or do anything that can warrant social rejection. Either that or I tell people. I can tell people and they will project their own ideas of what autism should look like on to me. They’ll observe me and try to pinpoint the ways I’m not autistic enough or what behaviors of mine are likely to be because of the autism. When you try to explain the literal reason you do certain things is because of autism, they’ll tell you it’s an excuse and double down on unrealistic expectations. They’ll put you in a box and think they understand you. If you ask for understanding or accommodations they’ll equate that as you incapable and knock you down when you try to show you are. They’ll assume that just because you want to be somewhere less noisy or that you have trouble dealing with confrontation, you can’t do anything else. If a nuerotypical can easily handle these things how do they expect that an autistic person can handle anything more. Pfft autistic people aren’t capable, they’re helpless clueless people who are a liability to neurotypicalls. They’re only nice to them because through their lens of judgment, they pitty them. They’re simply cast aside and tolerated.
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