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2018.01.08 04:20 deskweasel Fortnite Competitive

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2017.09.13 06:14 Dream_Paragon Fortnite: Battle Royale

The developer supported, community run subreddit dedicated to the Fortnite: Battle Royale game mode by Epic Games.

2023.05.27 20:03 benzdorp NA Tournament timezone

Anyone know what time zone the tournaments are shown in NA? Since the tourneys are all in NAC, does that mean the time is in Central time? Or does the game show my local time (US Pacific)?
Eg, the ZB Trios Cash Cup shows 2-4pm tomorrow, but is that Central time or Pacific?
It doesn’t show anywhere in game or on fortnitetracker.
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2023.05.23 16:42 DeadlyVibzz Long queue times (EXPLAINED)

Long queue times (EXPLAINED)
The majority of players are in silver 3 to plat 1, which means more people to queue with, unlike a decent amount of people in Plat 2 through unreal, (im d2) we get very bad queue times because there is not many people, and not everyone is playing at once. Which is normal in games when you reach higher ranked because your better than the average player. Expect to have bad queue times when you are a higher rank unless you are playing at high traffic hours.
This screenshot was taken on the day this is posted.
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2023.05.17 07:23 F1shyCun7 Twitch Fortnite Tracking Extensions not working

well as the title says, I was trying to incorporate one of those Fortnite Stats Extensions on Twitch, but none of them (Fortnite Stats -2 different ones and Fortnite-Scout Stats Panel) seem to work, apparently the player can not be found, which is odd since doesn't seem to have any troubles with that...
and yes I am aware of the Gameplay privacy settings on Fortnite, there is only one setting now "Public Game Stats" which has always been turned on
any ideas anyone? maybe this thread is better placed on a twitch community...
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2023.05.14 17:21 Francois645148 nápad pro mitha na content

Ahoj keří komunito! Napadlo mě, jestli by Mith podle stránky nemohl udělat video o tom jak hraje komba pomocí toho (pokud ten skin má)
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2023.05.14 13:43 _Miniszter_ State of the game.

Playerbase is dying again in the last 30 days.
In solo BR only top 13 players win most of the time. Getting 3rd partied and lose is not fun.
Fortnite is better for good solo players compared to bloodhunt according to winrates so it must be the best BR game currently for solo players.
Game was more fun when the majority didn't sweat/camp, didn't focus on avoiding duels and didn't focus on 3rd partying others. If u win enough by playing casually for fun over time u will reach a point when u will end up in lobbies full of sweats and there are not enough players in this game to make the skill based matchmaking work properly. Lower lvl new players are also mixed with lvl 100-200+ vets and there are still bots in matches on the EU server.
I wonder which server is more populated. On the EU server I even meet streamers regularly who no life the game. Cheaters are also common and they are obvious when spectating them 'cos of their perfect aim like aimbotting even with bad accuracy weapons + they always win. Can remember names when playing against the same players in multiple matches.
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2023.05.14 03:41 TobyWanShinobi2 Ranked Zero Build drops on Tuesday the 16th!!

Crazy that they are introducing ranked at the end of the season. I'm pretty excited about this! Maybe this is a good way not get bot lobbies. Get ready to SWEAT! Read more about it here:
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2023.05.12 17:52 that-merlin-guy Chapter 4 Season 2: FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals

Hey, FortniteCompetitive!
Please use this pinned thread to discuss FNCS Grand Finals!



Scoring system

Reason Points
Victory Royale 65 Points
2nd 56 Points
3rd 52 Points
4th 48 Points
5th 44 Points
6th 40 Points
7th 38 Points
8th 36 Points
9th 34 Points
10th 32 Points
11th 30 Points
12th 28 Points
13th 26 Points
14th 24 Points
15th 22 Points
16th 20 Points
17th 18 Points
18th 16 Points
19th 14 Points
20th 12 Points
21st 10 Points
22nd 8 Points
23rd 6 Points
24th 4 Points
25th 2 Points
Each Elimination 4 Points

FNCS Global Championship Advancements

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2023.05.10 05:53 jackhoff2647 Stats Question

In past games I have played before switching to NHL there were online websites that would track a players' statistics so that you could see your stats from every mode and every game (fortnitetrackecodtracker kind of websites). Is there any equivalent to that in NHL?
I play threes with a couple buddies and one of them isn't the most gifted at scoring to put it lightly. He has 2 own goals and 3 goals in 65 games of playing. I'm trying to prove to him that me and buddy 3 are our best chance at forwards in nhl threes to win games and score but he claims he has the most goals out of all of us which just isn't true. I checked on xbox to see and it shows the amount of online goals but does that include online shootout etc? Is there a way to see how many each of us have scored with both of the other two on our team?
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2023.05.03 05:55 Sythalin Yep, SBMM is still fucking PERFECT

Sure "skill based" matchmaking, we're clearly similar skill levels.
And yes, obviously the spammed both "Take the L" and "Laugh It Up" after they killed me because, ya know, it was really hard for a higher skilled player to kill a trash player in a lobby they shouldn't have been put into in the first place.
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2023.05.02 16:32 Linnieshutter Eight weeks into the season and I haven't been given a single new augment by the game

Am I doing something wrong? According to Fortnitetracker I have more than ten hours in-game (EDIT: that's in battle royale in the matches, not counting time spent in Creative, StW or menus), as in in the matches, and I haven't unlocked any augments beyond the starting twelve this season. On multiple occasions I've rerolled 50 times with my capped gold, and still nothing. I usually just play Zero Build but I've done a few matches of build mode and rumble just to be safe, didn't get anything with those either. What am I missing?
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2023.04.27 18:12 bbpsword C4S2 FNCS Week 3: Discussion Megathread

Hey, FortniteCompetitive!
Please use this thread to discuss FNCS Week 3 games!
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2023.04.22 02:07 that-merlin-guy Chapter 4 Season 2: FNCS Week 2

Hey, FortniteCompetitive!
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2023.04.14 06:14 KCT1222 How am I supposed to break this skill plateau

Hi, I'm currently in a place where I haven't improved in a month and I don't know what I need to do to get better. I feel like Im too good for any type of public matchmaking (pvp, realistics, pg) and its so tedious to find good players on discord in lfp. Some days arena feels too easy other days I'm struggling. I've heard advice to vod review all your deaths but what if I don't know what I did wrong. I'm not saying that in a egotistical way either I'm saying that in a way where I'm just lost in games. Currently I feel like a burden to my duo because Ik if I were better we would qual in tournaments easily but I just fold in high ranked lobbies. When I watch pros they make it look so easy and replicable but when I try to do it I fail. Lastly, this is my tracker. All of the bad placements are mostly cause I'm dying off spawn or cant hang (not really doing damage or just getting outplayed ) in mid-game fights which is why we dont make it to end game often. I also struggle in solos too. I could have the perfect scenario in solo cc finals and still lose.
TLDR: Im at the point where Im a lot better than average but not good enough to place top 100/200 in tourneys because of fighting skill and end game skill. the creative matchmaking is too easy (32 player zone wars is still hard for me but everything else is easy). How do I improve
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2023.04.11 02:46 DudeThatsMilkNoSperm According to Fortnite tracker, Ceedays only played 19 minutes of chapter 4 and got 2 kills out of it (at least C4S1)

According to Fortnite tracker, Ceedays only played 19 minutes of chapter 4 and got 2 kills out of it (at least C4S1) submitted by DudeThatsMilkNoSperm to ceeday [link] [comments]

2023.04.06 18:19 blazedragon666 What’s the “average” k/d in Fortnite?

So we just learn’d days ago that there’s a fortnitetracker and it’s pretty cool! But as the title says, what’s the average k/d?
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2023.04.01 22:18 SadieAndFinnie Well this was a fun game

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2023.03.30 17:19 Lifelegdy SBMM is real or myth

Im playing ony zero building mode. I have 10 wins and 4 crowns. My K/D score is 3.54 I used to get like 5 or even more kill in every game My max killcount is 16 in the match. Now I only get a way less more often. Just recently leveled to 60 level Are fortnite placing me with similar skill people or is it just a bad luck dying early or not getting kills not so much I used to harvest a while ago? Also very often often Im getting shot from behind (back) Because it's annoying I just wanna enjoy a game but not doing so much lately So is this game based on myth?
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2023.03.30 04:21 Flynn58 Why is there no Arena playlist for Zero Build?

I started playing the game back last year in Chapter 3 Season 3 because Zero Build came out; I love Zero Build and probably wouldn't play Fortnite at all if Zero Build hadn't been introduced.
Fortnite clearly isn't lacking when it comes to the size of the player pool, even on the competitive lists, as the new player stats released show.
So why can't I have a competitive Zero Build playlist? I'm bad at Build but I'm good at Solo Zero Build; good enough at least where I want a playlist where I can sweat.
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2023.03.18 18:22 Trapped_In_Utah What is actually going on with the Skill Based Matchmaking this season? It has never been this bad

First, we'll talk solos. I decided to go for my zero build solos win of the season yesterday and literally in my first game on I get one kill and then get absolutely ERASED by someone. I'm talking dead before I can even react almost. I think "OK, maybe I just suck or something" and spectate the player to see how other people fair vs him. He then proceeds to utterly wipe the whole lobby and win with 17 kills, with almost nobody being able to even put up a fight. He has the aim of an actual god and he's lasering people out of the air for 150+ damage and such. He's instantly diving on everyone and wiping them out in less than a second, hitting almost every single shot. For fun, I looked up the stats of some of the guys he was eliminating, as well as the guy himself. What I found SHOCKED ME
Why are the following two players being put together in a lobby? You have one guy who hasn't got a single solo win in 25 games getting paired with an absolute monster of a player who is close to top 500.(basically pro level) "oh, give the sbmm some time to sort things out" BS, these players have played enough games to determine their rough skill level. You have an average player vs a very good player. These guys DO NOT belong in the same lobby.
Comrade8121's Fortnite Stats - Fortnite Tracker
TTV_Ivansober's Fortnite Stats - Fortnite Tracker
Try as I might to understand it, I simply cannot. Last season it seemed like SBMM was 'kinda' there in the sense that I'd sometimes get a really bad lobby full of bots and mediocre players if I died with no kills 2-3 games in a row. It also seemed like I'd be somewhat protected from the biggest sweats until I got a win or two in a certain gamemode. IE in solos until I got a win I'd usually be in lobbies with similar players who had no wins, or who had a really bad winrate in the 1-5% range. After getting some wins it seemed like things got dramatically harder, but it made it tolerable to play solos somewhat casually for a win or two every season.(usually I'd get one build and one zero build win)
Outside of solos, my build duo games this season have been absolutely horrendously sweaty, to the point where it's basically not even fun sometimes. It's like EVERY SINGLE GUY is somewhat decent and knows the basics of how to box fight, protect themselves, play angles, edit, etc. It also seems like there are hardly any players sometimes, we'll go the whole game not seeing a soul other than a bot or two, and then lategame die to someone whose play resembles Mr. Savage half the time. The games we actually win are usually won by playing like rats and hiding all game then coming in to third party the final duos. We used to be able to actually Wkey somewhat and have fun running around the map getting kills, but it's too hard to do that when almost everyone we encounter is somewhat decent. It's like, oh nice, another guy building 10-20+ boxes and editing around through them all trying to shotgun me if I make one slight error. Very fun, I might as well play creative box fights all day.
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2023.03.10 11:36 Interesting_Golf_387 v sesonulě jedná kapitoli 4 jsem nahrál 234 hodin můj fn Nick je maple67hh můžete to skontrolovat sami

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2023.03.09 02:26 SadieAndFinnie So Epic. This seems like a fair matchmaking to you?

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2023.03.05 06:51 SuperSovereignty SO MANY CHEATERS! EPIC HELP

I know not many people care about Zero Builds, but you should still care about cheaters in the same game using clear aimbot and wall hacks.
NAW was overran with cheaters today, most I've ever seen. Played one almost every game of the 10 in the cup.
Tracker NAW ZB leaderboard
Go look at the leader board and look how many alt accounts with crazy kill games there are. Not only are they placing top 10 today, but many top 10s in the past without bans.
I could do VOD reviews of them all and waste my time but it doesn't seem to make any difference when they just go make a new account to do it again the next week.
Can anyone from Epic reach out on this? Comment or DM please. Need more help banning?
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