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2023.06.01 03:11 Common_Ferret_9074 Hm

I really cant tell if I’m getting better or worse. There will be days where at school I’m laughing and having a good time but if my friend says a certain thing my complete mood will change and I won’t feel that same happy as I did before for the rest of the day. If not that then the opposite. Recently my emotions have been stronger. If I feel happy I’ll be laughing a lot and smiling but if I’m sad I’ll also be sad mad confused and depressed. Two weeks ago was extremely hard for me, I had the worst breakdown I’ve ever had in the shower. I think I was crying in there for maybe an hour. But then when I got out I was watching a show then I was fine and acting normal. I keep worrying about so many thinking and overthinking alot idek what to do about it. I keep thinking about things that hurt me in the past or things I really regret. At this point I’m only still trying because of one person. I am so thankful for him, he helps me and is there for me whenever I need it. Deep down I know I won’t do anything to myself because I can’t cause him that type of pain I just won’t do that to him. But recently it just keeps getting harder but at the same time easier. Like my supposedly best friend is being different to me and is always choosing guys over me and she didn’t even invite me to her quince but she invited our other mutual friends. As of rn we aren’t as close as we used to be but me and her still talk every single day and sometimes stay after school together. I’m so stressed out with school. Like I feel like I physically can’t do my work. I’m always zoning out in class and if not then even if I’m listening to my teacher I don’t know what we are doing in class. There’s only two people who I actually talk about my feelings too. One of them is my bf I love him sm but I’m not able to see him that often so I’m always missing him and wishing I could see him. The other is my dad who is always working and if not then he just tired from working sm. Idk what else I can do to help myself. But I am still trying but I’m really scared of what will happen.
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2023.06.01 02:53 Alockworkhorse AITA for not watching my friend’s zoom wedding because he hired a ”little Elvis” to officiate it?

My (30M) friend (31M) is overseas in Las Vegas and decided to marry his girlfriend there in a quickie wedding, at one of those elvis-themed wedding chapels.
He invited me and a few others to watch the wedding over a livestream or Zoom link; it wasn’t a big ceremony or anything, just ten minutes of them getting “married” by the Elvis impersonator before they move on to the next couple.
Problem is, he laughingly told me that he’d paid extra for the Elvis impersonator to be a little person (he used the term “midget Elvis” which is gross) to officiate it
I didn’t want to support the e exploitation of disabled people (people with dwarfism) so I didn’t watch the livestream of the wedding without telling him. A few days later he called me to catch up and asked me what I thought of the “wedding” and I told him the truth about why I didn’t watch it. I wasn’t critical of him or his wife and I said I’m so happy they’re married now, I just ethically couldn’t support the ceremony
He basically got off the phone as quick as possible and later messaged me how disappointed he is that I couldn’t even be bothered to watch a ten minute livestream of him getting married, the “most important day of his life.” (If it’s so important than don’t hire a little person as a joke or get an Elvis impersonator do it, my first thought)
AITA? He won’t talk to me now
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2023.06.01 02:51 HistoricalAd8790 Does anyone remember the joke from the live “From Scratch” tour about being invited to drink wine with the Queen?

It wasn’t in the special, but the bit was hilarious when I heard it live, and I’m super fuzzy on the details. I’m wondering if anyone remembers more of it than me.
Something about how his parents would let him drink some wine as a child, almost seeming like they thought he should be used to the taste, in preparation for some big event. Like, the Queen of England would invite 10 year old John Mulaney to some formal party. And he’d be a sent a letter from the Queen, that would include something like: “there will be alcohol at this party, and you must not make a face or say “bleh”.
It’s so unfunny when I tell it because I’m leaving out so much but I’m wondering if anyone remembers more. Or if anyone remembers it all! And I didn’t hallucinate this joke lol.
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2023.06.01 02:48 Creepy_Instruction82 Got an invited to a wedding for someone I haven’t seen in 3+ years, and I don’t know what to do.

Hey there, strangers. Im at a really big crossroads and I don’t know how to handle it. I’ve asked before about how I should handle someone who doesn’t put effort into a friendship, and the response I got was rightfully “don’t bother”. Some context, I used to be religious and go to an evangelical church. In fact, the church was my life outside of school and home. I graduated and still went, church eventually being my main socialization outside family. So when I started to question a lot internally, I eventually couldn’t let myself go to church anymore. I didn’t believe and I couldn’t lie about it. I also noticed the less I went, the less I would get messaged or called by people in the church. Of course there’s a lot more to the story, but bottom line is me and this person haven’t spoke in years. I have had very spurratic contact with her mom, who I was also pretty close to when I still attended church. Her mom just invited me to her bridal shower. I don’t know if I can go. I’ve spent a lot of time being upset at that specific church as a whole because of the way I was just let go, but I also now realize how much of it wasn’t exactly authentic. I’m trying really hard not to come across as just an angry athiest, because it really has nothing to do with it, but I also have heard the ways they talk about people like me. Not only do I no longer believe, I’ve realized I’m lesbian. Im super worried they’ll think I had a thing for this old friend. I never did, she was more of a sibling. She helped me through a lot, whether it was real or not. I have severe anxiety and depression, been to the hospital before for suicidal thoughts. I struggle a lot with my self worth and thoughts, so I don’t really trust the things I want to do. Cuz I do kind of want to go, but I also hate that I want to. I know that relationships get mended in these situations sometimes, but I also don’t want to be a sucker again and fall for a fake friendship. I don’t know if I can stand up for myself if I do, or if I’ll just fall back into my submissive self. Is it a bad idea? Sorry if it’s a mess, I’m on a phone and I’m really bad a structure.
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2023.06.01 02:36 normvnzs why Portals is my fav album :)

why Portals is my fav album :)
I wanna start off by saying that if you don’t like portals, that’s totally okay this is just personally why I love the album and how it spoke to me
I’ll go through the album song by song
  1. Death.
Now this song is undoubtably a banger, but the lyrics are also so profound, so uplifting and otherworldly. You really feel like you’re experiencing a connection to the other world. Also, a trans man, this song has dual meanings for me. One about life and rebirth and one about me finally becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be
  1. Void.
If you’ve never been in the ‘void’, you prolly won’t be able to relate to this song. I personally have experienced depression but in a different sort of way. Being trans and feeling trapped in my own body is a nightmare so i really felt a lot of the lines, especially ‘tangled in my own intestines’. There are obviously problems with the song tho. The beat is repetitive and very simplistic and honestly I think it could’ve done with an instrumental like the contortionist where is varies
  1. Tunnel vision.
Just a really solid song with a solid message. Also when I listen to it, I always feel like I’m moving through one of those moving tunnels you find at the amusement parks/fun fairs so that’s cool
  1. Faeries soirée.
The demo was better. But still a really solid song with an ‘escapism’ vibe. Makes me wanna dance honestly and forget my worries.
  1. Light shower.
I don’t usually like ballads but boy is this song great. The sound effects are ethereal and immersive, the lyrics are divinely written, the melody is just so pretty and relaxing and it really fits in with the albums themes. Finding someone who you can trust and loves you for you is so important and im glad she wrote it
  1. Spider web.
Over hated song. This song is amazing idc what anyone says. The bouncy chorus is so energetic and lively while the lyrics convey a strong message about internet addiction. Also the line ‘they’re just who the spider will eat’ slaps and gives me chills.
  1. Leeches.
Another overhated song. Which is a shame bc it’s my no.4 spot currently. It’s actually so hauntingly beautiful and i can totally relate to it. I’ve had ppl in my life who take and take ans ‘leech’ off of me until i’ve served their purpose before discarding me. The lyrics are also just so well written cmon guys
  1. Battle of the larynx
HOW STUPID SELFISH BABY. This song is the bomb. People say she sounds pretentious but that’s just not it. This is a song about not resorting to anger, to being the bigger person, to battle with words instead of violence. Honestly i love it. And i love how u can interpret it in any way u want.
— The contortionist.
This song is peak melanie. this song speaks to me in a way i didn’t think it could. This song is about pushing past people’s expectations, not letting people put u into a box, not letting people telling u what to do and shaping u the way they want u to be. It’s fierce and powerful and i love it. And, again, relatable to me as i pushed past people’s expectations and allowed myself to live my truth. also this song reminds of a book i recently read called ‘iron widow’. Zetian could totally sing this song
— Moon cycle
Not a song i can relate to but i still love to sing along to it. while i’m here i also wanna ask ppl why they think this album is generic. i mean, i cant imagine T swifty singing about periods can you? And melanie’s whole sound is just different as a whole.
— Nymphology
a song that was my no.3 spot for weeks and now is no.10 dgmw, it’s a good song. it’s catchy and powerful and the vocals are great. but holy shit the lyrics just aren’t as well written as they could’ve been. and no i’m not talking about the penis line. i just means some of the verse lines in general and how they’re delivered. at times they’re really jarring.
— Evil
my no.2 spot for good reason. it’s an impeccable song. call it generic but imo it’s amazing. the lyrics are chefs kiss and really demonstrate melanie’s anger at those who have wronged her and it’s also catchy af.
— Womb
UNDERRATED MASTERPIECE ALERT. the guitar made me cry. the lyrics as well are so good?? 42643X better than nymphologys lyrics. Just the whole concept about entering a new life and learning from your past and growing is just HEGJEYNFHEGH really good. beautiful. amazing. 100000/10
— Powder
so this is my no.1 spot. i don’t know how to describe it, but this song is like the oscar award of songs. it made me FEEL things. the tone and lyrics are perfect and the voice effect is genius to show the effects of substance abuse. especially as i used to know someone with an addiction to drugs and i saw everyday how that slowly whittled him down to this, dare i say, walking corpse. and his friends would beg for him to get help and it took him multiple hospital visits before he finally woke up and realised he was harming himself. but regardless, this song is beautifully tragic and that flute. THAT FLUTE. it’s amazing okay?
— Pluto
another banger. a song about growing and evolving and i dig it. ‘pluto’ being the roman god of the underworld was really fitting. it made me think of being reborn and starting fresh. which, again, i relate to. also that power ballad/rock segment at the end was incredible. top notch
— Milk of the siren
i love this song but it’s not as good as i remember it being. like the lyrics are good and the message about female empowerment is also great but the song is wayyyy too long. it felt like it dragged so much at the end the song sounds better slowed down tho
anyway thank you for coming to my ted talk. i really really love this album and can’t wait for music videos to be released. tho melanie u need to stop riding Void’s dick. i know u produced it, but it’s really not as strong as many of the other songs yet u keep tryna push that one the most. STOP. amp up the contortionist instead or leeches or womb or powder. PLS.
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2023.06.01 02:36 j6ce3Hfe6L I Am SOLO S14E08 - Ep. 99 2023-05-31

Reality Dating Show

In search of a marriage partner, hyperrealistic dating begins where singles gather and struggle to find love.


[From KOCOWA description]
Six men and six women, who desire to get married, are invited to Solo World, which is arranged on an enormous scale. The singles of "I am Solo," who are no celebrities, show off their charms to find their partner and date on this real dating program. An all-time romantic yet shocking love story, way more heart-fluttering than a melodrama that will provoke everyone's passion for love, will be revealed.
SBS Plus 나는 SOLO
Producer: Nam Gyu Hong (남규홍 PD)


Cast of Season 14


Name Age Notes
Young Soo 43 ('81) Finance. Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. Majored in Education (Korea Univ.). Hobbies: Kendo.
Young Ho 43 ('81) Civil Servant for Seoul Gov't. Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul. Hobbies: Snoring like an F-111 with full afterburners, Horangnabi 호랑나비 cover dance enthusiast. hyunwook21
Young Sik 41 ('83) Manufacturing (Father's company). Guwol-dong, Incheon. Hobbies: Soccer, Scuba. qotnsqh
Young Chul 40 ('84) Hotel owner & Opera singer. Born Tongyeong, Gyeongnam. Residence: Geoje. Studied in Milan, Italy. Returned Korea in his mid-30s. marco_k1811
Kwang Soo 42 ('82) Certified Labor Attorney (8 years). Ex-Police (5 years), Ex-Navy officer (Lt.), Ex-ROTC. Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. mangdo___
Sang Chul 40 ('84) Hyundai Motors (Sales) @ Gangam, Seoul. English Academy (investor). House: Seongsu-dong, Seoul. Hobbies: Basketball. hohoojh1
Kyung Soo 43 ('81) Retired Baseball Pitcher (LG Twins). Baseball training center (CEO). Sadang-dong, Seoul. Talent Show result: S14 Villain. minkyungsoo


Name Age Notes
Young Sook 41 ('83) Sales (American IT company). Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. MBA(?). Hobbies: Exercise (Golf, Weights, Water Skiing). nanazip_
Jung Sook 44 ('80) Test Prep Teacher (TOEFL) since 2002 (Jongno, Seoul). Residence: Gimpo. Hobbies: Car racing, Exercise (Weights). katri_na1102
Sun Ja 40 ('84) CEO Biotech & Cosmetics company, Business Consultant. Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. jyp0224
Young Ja 40 ('84) Secretary(?), Hyundai Heavy Industries. Ulsan. Hobbies: Baking (certificate), 9 peaks of Yeongamn Alps. graceimsu
Ok Soon 38 ('86) Student (pursuing Masters in Korean Language Education @ Ewah Women's Univ. Graduate School of Education). Former Airline Cabin Attendant (Qatar Airways). Returned Korea 2021. Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. Hobbies: Golf, Weights, Pole Dancing, Bicycling.
Hyun Sook 41 ('83) Sales (German pharmaceutical company). Hometown: Gwangju. Former Miss Korea participant (2007). 2 dogs. Hobbies: Travel. bongbong_611



Info Link Notes
Stream Kocowa Subs +24h from broadcast

Previous S14 Discussion Posts


NOTE: This discussion post may (and probably will) contain spoilers

To promote free and flowing discussion, spoiler tagging is not required in this discussion post.
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2023.06.01 02:09 frugalnotes My only child is 110% convinced that his dad and I totally forgot it's his 11th bday tmrw. And we said we sure af aren't going to town this late today to rectify things. Truth tho? We've got a homemade piñata and cupcakes, a themed party planned, gifts wrapped, and his friends invited.

I'm actually really excited about his bday tomorrow. It's one of my fav days to plan. I've baked him lemon cupcakes that he specifically requested, managed to score a free family size bag of his fav chips (which is an extremely rare treat for him), bought him an item that doesn't seem much on the surface but will actually come with three months of unlimited pool time that just so happens to coincide with the start day of the exact day of his bday, my hubby spent hours making a homemade piñata in the shape of his fav gaming character, I bought him cupcake toppers/bday decorations revolving around this same character, we've invited his friends over and their parents have confirmed they'll be there, and we're going to buy our kid the two games he was really really hoping to get (which is another rare occurrence since he never ever gets two at a time or even more than one every three months or so).
It's going to be a GREAT day. I am so excited!!
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2023.06.01 02:01 ogreatgames Naughty Bear: Revenge And Mischief - PS3 Game

![video](zgrzbql21zz81 " Control a aggressive character and complete hot-blooded missions. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation3 #action #revenge --
Naughty Bear for Sony PlayStation 3. Take the role of a seriously extreme character. Seek revenge on other teddy bears who didn't invite you for a birthday celebration. Earn high Naughty Points by killing the bears with a baseball bat, shotgun, or wine bottle. Naughty Bear can also scare the enemies through his unique facial expressions. If you don't know where to begin in thrilling revenge video games, for the Sony PlayStation 3, this one should definitely be interesting to try. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.01 01:56 AslandusTheLaster Foul-mouthed Spellcrafting

Original Prompt: [WP] Wizards get to name their spells if they create new ones. The Council isn’t too happy about you naming your spells stuff like “No U”, “F-Off”, & “Die Beach”! Your spells are magnificent, but your language is ‘foul’ in their eyes (link)
I stood in my finest robe, before the Grand Council of Magical Spellcraft. One of their members had retired recently, and they'd been looking for a new member, so being here filled me with feelings of both nervousness and excitement.
"Miss Lynx, as one of the most prolific spellcrafters of our age, you seem like you would be a natural fit for our ranks. However, we have... concerns over your recent conduct," Grand Magi Maria the Gray said. She also happened to be the only member of the council who was actually able to communicate with me. Three of the members were absent, one of the seats was unoccupied, and the two non-Maria members who were there were Cassiopeia, who was mute, and Torvald, who was asleep.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"You have proven to be far and above one of the most prolific spellcasters of your generation, and ordinarily this would make the decision of whether to invite you into our circle an easy one..." Maria said.
"Thank you, ma'am," I said, excitedly shifting my posture on the balls of my feet.
"But! Your nomenclature leaves something to be desired," she said, finishing her previous statement.
"What? What's wrong with the names I come up with?" I asked.
"Well, let's start with your first published spell in this year, which you have decided to call 'No, you!'" she said. "Despite the name, it does not appear to involve any sort of reflection properties, magical or otherwise."
"Oh, that's because it's not 'No, you!', it's 'No U', as in 'no utility'," I said. "The effects of the spell are strange and unreliable, so I wanted to name it accordingly."
"So you decided to publish a spell that had no use? If I didn't know better, I'd suspect you'd done it just to run up your numbers," Maria said.
"Hey! There's a very interesting string of arcana in that spell that I think is worth documenting and exploring in more detail! Just because this one spell might not be totally helpful right off the bat doesn't mean I'm being dishonest!" I said, the offense audible in my voice.
"Indeed, we are hardly planning to call you a fraud, Miss Lynx. However, it does bring us to the wider issue. Can you tell us about your spell 'F-Off'?" she asked.
"You mean the actual defense spell? It repels projectiles and fire-based magic, so I called it 'Fire-Off', or 'F-off' for short," I said. I didn't mention the amusing feature of causing the deflected objects to go flipping in different directions, or the fact that my nickname for the spell was "Flip off", because I thought it might be in bad taste.
"And I assume you saw no problem with that, much like your spell 'Die, Beach!'," she said.
"Look, I don't know what sort of name you were expecting from a spell that raises water levels. Telling the beach that it's going to die just seems like the natural place to go," I said.
"You could easily have just named it 'Elevate water table', it doesn't exactly sound like a spell that will need to be cast often. But let's presume that it was necessary, what sort of fanciful madness compelled you to name your newest creation 'Burn this Mother F-er down'?" Maria asked.
"I mean, sometimes you've just got to burn a mother f-er down, you know? Fire from the heavens and all that," I said.
Maria didn't respond, she just pinched the bridge of her nose. In hindsight, "Fire from the heavens" probably would've been a more pragmatic name for that spell.
"Miss Lynx, I think we've heard enough. You will not be taking a seat on the council this day," Maria said.
"What? But I've created over twenty new spells this year alone! A few bad names can't possibly be that big a problem compared to the good all this new magic could bring-" I said, hurriedly attempting to make a last-ditch argument.
As it happened, Maria wasn't finished talking. She continued, "...However, I am aware that Torvald was planning to retire in a few months, so if you clean up your act before then, I'm sure you'll be a shoo-in when that selection comes around. It was a stiff competition this time around, but there likely won't be enough time for anyone to get close to your level before then. Provided, of course, that you are... sensible."
"...Okay," I said.
"You're dismissed, Miss Lynx," Maria said.
I turned to leave, and quietly pulled out my notebook. My next project was a spell that caused a peculiar golden ichor to rain from the sky, one that could be used as fertilizer to improve crop productivity. With a stroke of my pen, I struck out the words "Golden shower" from the top of the page, and jotted down my new working title of "summon weird gold goo".
I could already tell this was going to be annoying, but getting the opportunity to write the rules of magic myself would make it all worthwhile.
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2023.06.01 01:48 xtremexavier15 TSWT 24 (pt 1)

Girls: Izzy
Boys: Ezekiel, Mal
Episode 24: Hawaiian Style
A riff from an electric guitar opened the episode, the scene fading into a close-up of a spinning blue globe. As the camera moved up across Africa and Europe, the words 'TOTAL' and 'DRAMA' appeared in white block letters with a flash, moving up at an angle to make room for 'WORLD TOUR' in two additional rows of larger letters. One final word, 'AFTERMATH', appeared below it in a shower of stars, and as the theme music reached a tentative low the gleam from the words took over the whole screen.
Izzy, Sadie, Noah, and Mal grabbed a swan boat, and moments later, the boats splashed down into a river running through a hilly forest.
The music entered a low point as the title screen was shown again, the words flaring up once more to transition to the next clip.
Ezekiel Clone sniffed the air. He perked up and the camera cut briefly to the still berry-covered Owen washing up then back to him. The clone took the opportunity and launched himself at the fun guy and attacked him.
A few laughs were heard and the Aftermath theme renewed itself, the title screen flaring up for a third time.
Mal, Topher, and Sadie raced down the Wall as the camera panned down to show them moving faster. Sadie unknowingly skated towards the mine, causing her to be blown off the wall with a yell.
The title screen showed up for the final time.
Topher slipped on the puddle of oil, forcing him to land on his back while the cake splattered on the floor candle first.
The camera quickly panned rightward to the door at the side of the plane; it slammed open and countless animals ran out – a sasquatch, a bear, a horse, a seal, a duck, a bunch of rats and chipmunks, and Ezekiel Clone at the front of it.
The resulting explosion was shown from about a mile away, and the light completely enveloped the once-peaceful nighttime scene.
The Aftermath's title sequence played once more, earning another round of applause from the unseen audience as the episode began.
"Hello, everyone!" the voice of Josh spoke out, walking in to a close-up shot of what looked like the host's couch in an outdoor set. "Welcome, to Total Drama Aftermath! We are coming to you guys live from the beautiful tropical shores of Hawaii!" The camera zoomed out. As he'd said the main parts of the Aftermath set had been transplanted to a beautiful white-sand beach, a smoking volcano off in the background. Two-tiered couches had been set up on either side like usual, but unlike usual, both held members of the Peanut Gallery: the left had Brick, Courtney, Cody, and Heather on the top row, Lightning, Jo, Amy, and Rodney on the bottom; the right-hand couches had Lindsay, Sky, and Shawn on the top, Beth, Harold, Duncan, and Ella on the bottom. Luna and Ron were also seated next to Ella.
"After traveling all around the world this season," Josh continued, "we had to wrap it up with a big shot of paradise. And I'm not relaxing on this beach by myself. Let's give a big welcome to our Peanut Gallery!" The audience cheered, the camera cutting from one half of the gallery to the other as the former contestants there smiled and waved to varying degrees.
"We've two episodes left before we declare this season's million dollar winner!" Josh said enthusiastically. "And it's going to happen right here."
He paused for a few seconds for the applause to die down, then continued. "First things first, we have to say hello to a few people who were boot off the show. Please welcome," he motioned to the side, "Noah, Sadie, Owen, and Eva!"
The crowd cheered again as the four were shoved into view by an unseen intern. "Why are we all being introduced at the same time?" Sadie asked.
"We're doing things differently today," Josh answered.
"Tell me we don't have to sing," Eva said. "I'm tired of raising my voice."
"We'll get to that soon enough," Josh told him. "But first, I want to ask you guys something." He cleared his throat. "Are any of you wondering why I'm here today instead of Blaineley as usual?"
"To be honest, yes," Shawn answered. "You haven't been in the past aftermath episodes."
"Did Blaineley get her job back or what?" Duncan asked impatiently.
"She definitely did, but that's not why she's absent today," Josh said. "She's out sick today, so I'm here to fill in for her."
"I do hope she gets better soon," Ella said with sympathy as she nurtured Ron and Luna.
"So do I," Sadie agreed as she sat down next to Ella, who frowned harder at her. "Are you not going to talk to me?"
"We'll talk after this episode is done. As for now, don't bother me," Ella said sternly.
Sadie sighed miserably, and even when Luna and Ron glared at her, her expression didn't change.
"I deserved that," she mumbled to herself.
"Hey Josh, don't forget to talk about Dawn and how she's stuck in Siberia," Harold reminded the man.
"I was getting to that," Josh continued. "Last episode, Dawn was nursing a wounded bear in Siberia. Thankfully, the bear's all better now!" he said brightly before frowning. "Sadly, the airport officials wouldn't let her fly home since she only had Blaineley's passport."
"Me and Shawn rented a helicopter to locate and find Dawn," Jo told the host.
"Thanks for that," Josh said as a quick aside. "The wait is over!" he said brightly, pointing dramatically off into the distance.
The crowd cheered as a green helicopter was shown approaching high over the set. Dawn leaned out the side door and waved at the camera, then called out "Hello! I'm so happy to see all of you!"
The bear from Siberia poked its head out as well, and the crowd gasped. "Behind you!" Harold cried in warning.
Dawn looked at the bear, then back at the crowd. "Don't worry about Bruno!" She and the bear quickly ducked back into the helicopter as it descended. A ladder was thrown out, and Dawn used it to climb down and land on the sand.
"Are you ready to return to co-hosting?" Josh asked Dawn. "Blaineley's sick in bed, so I'm taking over for her."
"Okay," Dawn agreed and was going to shake hands with Josh, only for heavy plodding footsteps to herald a strong right hook at Josh from the bear, who had apparently landed on the beach without issue.
The audience and gallery gasped and shrieked in shock. "Bad Bruno!" Dawn scolded the bear. "We don't hurt people, remember?" The bear hung his head in shame.
"He's gotten possessive of me ever since I fixed his paw," Dawn explained as Josh rubbed his face. "But he's really sweet and protective... as long as no one gets within three feet of me."
"How are we supposed to host if that bear is in our way?" Josh asked.
"We'll figure something out, don't worry," Dawn told him. "But right now, let's get back to hosting."
"The Peanut Gallery will soon have a say in who's gonna get the million bucks," Josh said as the crowd clapped.
"That's good," Eva spoke up, the shot cut to the left half of the gallery and revealed that she was in the top row while Owen was at the top. "I have some things I'd like to say about the Final Three."
"Mal can't win the finale," Owen added. "He's the only evil player left!"
"That's if they can live long enough to compete," Shawn said with Noah in the top row. "How are they going to get out of Drumheller?"
"The number one cause of death in Drumheller is being stranded there!" Duncan claimed.
"Are we sure they'll be here for the finale?" Dawn asked her cohost.
"These guys are survivors," Josh said. "Look at Izzy. She's like a Total Drama cockroach."
"I thought that was Mal," Jo remarked.
"Maybe Izzy is Total Drama lichen," Shawn theorized. "The stuff that survives forever."
"My point is," Josh went on, "they'll find a way here one way or another, and it'll be exciting however it goes down!"
"So who does the Peanut Gallery think will win?" Dawn jovially asked the camera.
[A stereotypically Hawaiian tune began to play as the camera zoomed in on the monitor set up over the hosts' couch, which was now showing an image of peanuts dancing on two sets of tiered couches with a question mark between them. The question mark enlarged as the lyrics began, transitioning the screen to something else.]
"Who you gonna root for? Who's it gonna be?"
[Dawn sang over an image of three slot machine windows amongst a field of question marks. The windows started on question marks as well, before they started spinning rapidly.]
"Is it Mal, Ezekiel, or will you pick Izzy?"
[As Dawn sang, the reels stopped from left to right as each contestant was called in turn, showing stock images of Mike, Ezekiel, and Izzy all smiling.]
"There's Izzy, she's the new girl, and she's been playing hard!"
[Dawn sang, appearing on screen and doing a hula dance wearing a grass skirt, a lei around her waist, and flowers in her hair. Behind her, the scene changed to black-and-white clips of Izzy, showing her diving into the water to swim to the flag in Sweden, then her talking to a lobster in Newfoundland.]
"But she is too bizarre! She'd have! To pay! A bodyguard!"
[Dawn added. The clips continued behind her, showing Izzy jumping from ice floe to ice floe in the Yukon, then finding her barrel of oil in Drumheller.]
"Who you gonna root for? Who's it gonna be?"
[Dawn dropped back out of the scene as another few short clips played: Mal fulling exposing himself in China, Ezekiel being knocked to the floor in Greece, and Izzy talking about game shows in Japan.]
"Is it Mal, Ezekiel, or will you pick Izzy?"
[Another trio of clips accompanied the next line, this time showing Mal smirking down while climbing the Statue of Liberty in New York, Ezekiel singing in the cargo hold in Egypt, and Izzy being stretched in London before the beat dropped.]
"Ricki-tick-ity, you're gonna hear it from me!"
[Harold popped up on the screen wearing a dark baggy sweatshirt and beanie over his normal attire, and a gold chain and sunglasses. The music became a smooth hip-hop beat as he rapped. The black-and-white montage naturally became Ezekiel specific: him watching his clone be created in Area 51, then him being thrown off the plane by Chris.]
"The only one winning this is our man, Zeke!"
[Both he and the montage continued: showing Ezekiel playing his harmonica in Australia, then climbing up to the condor in Rapa Nui.]
"Pimpin' like a king, sippin' lemonade in the shade!"
[The montage continued: showing him crossing the finish line with Ace in China, being stuck in quicksand in Africa, and pulling out the pieces of his gold bling in Germany.]
"Kickin' it Hawaiian style! Gonna take home the cheddar!"
[Harold stuck a flower in his hair as Ezekiel was shown almost admitting that he likes Sadie to Jo in Paris, then taping up the broken pieces of his bling in the Amazon.]
"We're gonna be all smiles!"
[He rapped over a clip of Sadie carrying Ezekiel across the tightrope in Niagara Falls.]
[Harold said to the camera as the next clip consisted of Ezekiel and Sadie kissing.]
"Why does he get to sing?"
"He doesn't. Harold!"
[Ella, then Dawn were heard saying over a clip of Ezekiel thanking Ella for helping him in the Yukon.]
"Ricki-ticki-ticki-todelle, give it up for Ezekiel!"
[Harold rapped over clips of Ezekiel panicking over the plane turbulence in Jamaica and he and Sadie getting captured by the Ripper in London.]
"Harold's in the house spittin' rhymes that are viral, a-viral!"
[He rapped over a clip of Ezekiel holding on to the camel's butt in Egypt.]
"Give me the microphone! The song is over!"
[Dawn said as she snatched the microphone from the dweeb's hands, the montage was frozen on the camel scene.]
"Your rapping is good, but you can't hijack a song like that," Dawn scolded as the music ended and the shot cut back to the host couch, Harold walking back to his seat.
"Your singing voice is nice to hear though," Josh complimented.
"My father did say I have a gift!" Dawn said sweetly and shook his hand.
Bruno rose up from behind the couch, swiped down with his paw to separate the two, then smacked Josh all the way into the ocean.
The audience and gallery gasped in shock, and Dawn cried out "Josh!" in fear. She quickly turned a glare towards the bear, saying "Bruno! I told you, don't hurt innocent people!"
Bruno hung his head in shame under her glare, and he trudged over to the right half of the gallery. Most of the contestants that had been sitting there screamed and ran away, leaving only Beth paralyzed in fear in the bottom-left corner. Bruno took the seat behind her, and leaned over to sniff her.
"Maybe we can calm the bear down with something?" Sadie asked
"We can use kava tea," Shawn suggested as Bruno began to lick Beth's head. "Kava is a root the native Polynesians used to calm minds."
"Is it also an appetite suppressant?" Beth asked in terror as the bear continued to lick her.
"Before the Peanut Gallery hold up their flags to show who they're supporting," Dawn said as she resumed hosting and Josh rejoined her dripping wet, "let's see how our finalists stack up!"
She motioned back up to the widescreen as trading-card-like pictures of Mal, Ezekiel, and Izzy appeared on screen against a yellow starburst pattern, then rapidly spun around in a circle.
"Who has the best chance of taking home the cash?" Josh asked, smirking in anticipation before he and Dawn looked back at the camera. "Let's see who earned it the hard way, with some...!"
A bout of static cut the scene to an image of a white man in a full-body cast lying on a stretcher with his left arm in a sling. He was suddenly sent flying as an ambulance crashed into him, a deep voice announcing "Total Trauma!" over the blare of the siren, the shot pulling back to show Chef sitting on top of the ambulance in a male nurse's outfit.
"Ezekiel took a bit of a beating this season," Dawn began over a montage of clips showing Ezekiel getting knocked off the condor's nest by the mother condor then sucking his finger after touching an artificial in Area 51. "Most of it physical."
"He formed a relationship with Sadie and overcame most of his insensitivity," Josh continued over a clip of Sadie hugging Ezekiel in Paris. "But with Sadie out of the game," Sadie was shown catching her own parachute and Ezekiel was shown digging holes with Topher in Drumheller, "Ezekiel had to work with Topher."
"Ezekiel also has skills to fall back on," Dawn said, the montage cutting away briefly to show the moonchild nodding. The widescreen showed a stock photo of the young man. "Although he's the physically weakest of the finalists," the montage continued, showing Ezekiel getting covered in bandages in Egypt, "and ignorant about some things," the next clip was of Ezekiel believing Mal's lie in Jamaica, "he's easily the smartest of the Final Three," Dawn finished over a clip of him figuring out his team's saying in Newfoundland.
"All and all," Josh said as the camera cut back to the hosts, "I'd say he's got a chance. And he's definitely saner than our next competitor."
"Izzy also managed to avoid serious injury all season," Dawn said as the stock image of the psycho was shown. "What can we say? She's unstable," clips were shown of her falling into pudding in Niagara Falls, then hitting a pole and sliding down in New York.
The camera briefly returned to Josh as he said "Despite being new to the game, Izzy made a name for herself with his high IQ, friendships, and happiness." Halfway through the sentence the clips resumed, showing her taking charge in Sweden, forming Team E-Scope with Noah and Eva in London, and being dressed like a mummy in Egypt.
"Despite all we've mentioned, she isn't without her flaws," Dawn said. "Her attitude has gotten people annoyed with her on more than a few occasions," a clip was shown of her pressing buttons while Chef tried to stop her, "and she took this year's biggest makeover in Area 51." The clip reel changed to a long-distance shot of Area 51, and Dawn asked "Could we see that clip again?"
The feed cut to static, and Izzy was shown stepping out the chamber with her face looking like a clown.
"I remember that moment!" Cody said. "It took her all night to wash the makeup off."
"Even with her clown appearance, she's still more rational than Mal could ever be," Jo replied.
"Speaking of Mal," Dawn said, looking back up at the widescreen as it cut to another round of clips.
"No one really knew much about Mal when he first showed up," Josh continued as the clip of Mal's first appearance in the Yukon was shown, "but he quickly established himself as a ruthless competitor willing to do anything to make people suffer. Whether it's by throwing someone out of a plane," he was shown letting Owen fall from the plane, "throwing animals at someone," Mal was shown hurling a dingo at Cody, "or just being intimidating in general," he was shown threatening Ezekiel to be in first class, "Mal has been the vilest villain this whole game," the clips finished with Mal shoving Lindsay into a pole.
"Also," Dawn added as the shot cut back to the hosts, "raise your hand if he's the reason you're here now!" The camera cut around the Peanut Gallery, showing Duncan, Ella, Lindsay, Sadie, and Sky raising their hands on the right couch and Cody and Owen raising their hands on the left one.
"He's got all of the abilities of Mike's other personalities," Josh added over clips of Mal finding easter eggs in Rapa Nui, "and has avoided a few eliminations of his own," he finished over a clip of him surviving being eliminated in Africa.
"He's in the Final Three because of luck," Duncan scoffed.
"And if Topher didn't blow up the plane and get disqualified, he wouldn't even be there," Shawn added.
"Nothing seems to stop him," Josh claimed as the widescreen was shown in static, "even if he did get a swollen eye or get hoofed in the nuts." Clips of those instances happening in Rapa Nui and Greece played.
"But anyone can still win. It's too close to call," Dawn chimed. "Let's take a look at what could stop our finalists in their tracks." She motioned back up to the widescreen, which cut to another series of clips.
"Izzy's biggest weakness, aside from his insanity getting in the way, is her style of thinking," Josh said over a clip of Izzy going through the lasers in Paris.
"If she doesn't become fully aware of herself," Dawn added as clips of Izzy glowing from being inside a radioactive box in the Yukon were presented, "then she could wind up losing her pride and effectiveness."
"As for Mal," Dawn said as the clip montage moved to Mal talking to Topher in the Amazon and him giving away chowder in Newfoundland, "he is one of Mike's personalities, not the main one."
"If the final challenge triggers any of Mike's other alters," Josh added over Mal eating cake in China, "that could spell the end for Mal."
"And Ezekiel?" Dawn continued as the recap footage shifted to Ezekiel running with a panda in Japan. "I'd say his biggest weakness is his emotions."
"Agreed," Josh chimed in. "He's been working on his social skills," the montage continued on to show Ezekiel checking up on a tarred Topher in Drumheller. "But if he lets Sadie being eliminated get to him, he could very well do something drastic towards Mal," he finished over Ezekiel being faux complimented by Mal in Sweden.
"And here's where it gets interesting," Dawn continued as the static cut away back to her. "It's time for the Peanut Gallery to vote for their favorite finalists!"
The footage flashed ahead to a close-up of small flags bearing Izzy's face, the camera zooming out as the audience applauded to reveal them to be in the hands of Amy, Duncan, Eva, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, and Sky; they were now the only ex-contestants sitting on the left-side couches.
Cutting to the right-side couches revealed most of the rest of the cast sitting there holding Ezekiel flags: Beth, Brick, Cody, Courtney, Ella, Harold, Heather, Jo, Lightning, Luna, Rodney, Ron, Sadie, and Shawn.
"Figures nobody's a Mal fan," Duncan smiled, hurling all the Mal flags away.
"I don't see how Ezekiel can beat Izzy," Eva admitted. "He'd lose immediately in a fight against me while Izzy can fend me off for thirty seconds."
"But Ezekiel's the only finalist that hasn't gotten arrested or did something questionable," Shawn replied. "That has to count for something!"
The camera cut to Bruno as he walked up towards a nervous Beth with a red checkered bib around his neck. "Uh, is the tea ready yet?" she asked before Bruno roared.
The black male intern promptly arrived with a tea kettle and cup on a tray. "I'll take care of it," Shawn volunteered, grabbing the kettle off the tray. "I have some experience dealing with bears last season, especially hungry ones." He cleared his throat, then turned to face Bruno.
The bear roared again, but rather than flee, Shawn just shoved the kettle into his mouth, which immediately closed around the spout. Bruno blinked in confusion, then began to drink; he finished after a few seconds, took the kettle out of his mouth, and yawned contentedly.
"I still don't know how blessed I am to have you as my boyfriend," Jo said.
"After 44 days of traveling, Bruno can use some rest," Dawn talked to Josh.
"And he got it," Josh said, only to be interrupted by a roaring Bruno once again. The bear promptly fell asleep and dropped over onto Josh, pinning him to the ground as the audience gasped.
"Josh!" Dawn shrieked before noticing the camera still on her. "Err, coming up next, a few lucky members of the Peanut Gallery will face-off in an exciting surf challenge," she said quickly, "for a chance to win an advantage for their favorite finalist!" She nervously looked down at Josh.
"All that and more," Josh said, muffled by Bruno's sleeping head, "when we return on Total! Drama! Aftermath!"
"Can someone assist me here?!" Dawn asked as she tried to push Bruno off Josh herself and the audience applauded.
The show's title screen was shown again, the flaring letters leading in to the break.
(Commercial Break)
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2023.06.01 01:24 The2ndThrow No one wanted to have a dance with me

I had seen a similar post a few days ago which made me remember my embarrassing situation and I thought I will share it here.
So in Hungary we have these events called "dance houses", where people go, dress up, drink, and dance to traditional folk music. They are very popular and even my college made such an event, so I thought "what the hell" and showed up.
First there were the group dances, where we stand in a circle and dance. I was able to participate in those, because you just find a random spot between two people. But as soon as partner dances came (dances where only 2 people dance with each other), I was left alone. I had two girls by my side and instead of any of them partnering with me, they danced with each other instead.
After that, I went and talked to my (good looking, muscular) friend. Then two girls started to approach us. I thought that they wanted to dance with us. No. They grabbed only my friend like I was not there, and the three of them danged. So, I repeat, two girls approached us, two guys, and decided to only grab one of us, shamelessly, completely ignoring the other guy, me. I stood there like a complete idiot, biggest loser on Earth.
Then I somehow summoned all my courage and asked I girl who I saw standing alone for a dance. She look at me, made a weird face, than she realized that maybe she shouldn't have done that, so he tried to be as polite as possible and said that she would rather not.
So, once again, I was one my own, next to the table where drinks were, and I, well, drinked (at least I had that).
Than I saw a girl who just got there and looked for a partner. One of the professor assistant who was there showed her that there was I, a guy without a partner, across the room, she should approach me if she want to dance. She made a disgusted face and she shook her head, than decided not to dance and sat down.
As you imagine that was the last straw. I mean I know I'm not attractive, but come on, that's absurd. It's not just that no one wanted to dance with me, no one even come over to me to at least chat or to speak a few words to me (my friend was nowhere to be found since that incident). I decided to go home but I went to the toilet first. When I got back to the room (to take my coat), I saw that the girl (from across the room) who didn't wanted to dance was dancing with an other guy (of course attractive and popular).
So I left early (very early) and went home. I took a shower, opened a bottle of wine and in huge shame and self loathing I started to binge watch Netflix in the dark of my room, alone, on a Friday night, while I still heard the noises of everyone dancing and having fun (I live very close to the building where the party took place). I fucking hate myself and how pathetic I am, and that was certainly one of the most humiliating and demoralizing experiences I had, where even my tiny confidence left had completely disappeared. Yeah, so much about putting yourself out there, it was very helpful.
PS: Sorry for my bad English
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2023.06.01 01:19 TheLobsterCopter5000 Why Banana Blitz HD is a bad remake (in my opinion)

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz was the first Super Monkey Ball game I ever played, and it holds a special place in my heart. Many consider Banana Blitz HD to be the better version of the game, due to it axing the motion controls, but I believe that Banana Blitz HD is inferior to the original for a few reasons, which I will explain below:

The physics

The updated controls are generally touted as the main improvement made by Banana Blitz HD, however a lot of people don't realize that this came at a cost. The physics in Banana Blitz worked really well with the level designs, however in HD, there are numerous gameplay issues. The physics are generally much more bumpy and bouncy than they were in the original. The monkey will often bounce off the ground going over tiny cracks and bumps that were mostly absorbed in the original game. Platforms that move up and down, such as the segmented ring platforms in Jumble Jungle 8, which are extremely frustrating to navigate in HD due to the bouncier physics. The points where the rotating tiles meet in Cobalt Caverns 4 are another example of the bouncy physics messing up the gameplay, but there are many other instances of this happening.
In addition to the generally increased bounciness of HD, the physics also feel a lot less tight. It feels like you have a less precision in narrow sections than you did in the Wii version, and the controls feel kind of loose in general. Thankfully Banana Mania is a significant improvement over Banana Blitz HD in this regard. Another dumb change to the physics was the addition of a hard-coded speed cap. While it doesn't come up super often, it really shouldn't be there at all, and the original game got on just fine without it. This problem is also removed in Banana Mania. One last problem is that characters generally seem lighter than they were in the Wii version, getting knocked around by enemies, bumpers and bosses a lot more than they used to, but more on that later.

The visuals

The best way to test whether a HD remake of a Wii game does a good job at remastering it is to compare it against running the Wii game on Dolphin with the resolution upscaled. BBHD fails this test. A lot of the textures and colour palettes feel a lot more oversaturated and contrasted than they were in the Wii version, and in my opinion they are generally worse overall.
Additionally, some of the world designs look worse as well. Smooth Sherbet's skies are less varied in colour compared to the colourful auroras of the Wii version, and lacks the purplish hue it had in the original. Detritus Desert now lacks the dustiness that the original version had. Pirates Ocean is now bathed in a bright and warm yellow light, making the stage feel much more inviting, which flies in the face of what Pirates Ocean is supposed to be. Cobalt Caverns' colour palette is less varied, now being mostly blue instead of a mix of blue and purple, and the water is now dark and opaque, instead of the more aesthetically pleasing translucent appearance it has in the Wii version. Ultra Heaven's lighting is much worse, having less of a twilight feel to it and being more evenly lit instead of the varied lighting it had before, and the clouds also look worse now.
On the bright side, Sinking Swamp definitely looks better, no longer having that sickly green colour to it that it had in the original, and I also prefer Space Case without the purple hue that the Wii version had, but on the whole, I prefer the way the original looked. Another visual change I don't like is the coloured side of the balls being slightly more opaque. Finally, I generally prefer the original UI design of the Wii version, than the generic modern design.

The level design

Banana Mania was not the first remake to change the design of levels, but while Banana Mania generally tried to make excessively difficult levels easier, Banana Blitz HD tries to make levels harder. The problem is it did this in a stupid way. They made a blanket change to all levels that use parallel rails. Parallel rails were a recurring stage element in Banana Blitz, that you could ride along. They were pretty interesting and generally a fun mechanic. In HD, they are all replaced with generic balancing beams. Not only does this generally make the game less interesting and unique, but also while this certainly makes the affected levels more difficult, the other levels were mostly untouched, and this results in HD having noticeable difficulty spikes and drops within worlds. I think the worst offender for this is Cobalt Caverns 5, which is quite a bit more difficult than the other levels in that world. This maybe wouldn't be so bad were it not for the aforementioned different physics, which make balancing sections generally more difficult.
One other notable level that was made more difficult is Volcanic Pools 5, which is a really weird stage to single out to make more difficult, as it was actually already one of the most difficult stages in that world. To make it even more difficult, the width of the non-rotating tiles was almost halved. This results in this level being a very noticeable difficulty spike for no real reason.
Overall I think the original designs were not only more interesting, but made the game's difficulty more balanced overall.

The bosses

The bosses were the worst part of the original game, so it would be pretty difficult to make them any worse in this game, but they found a way. In this version of the game, bosses now do significantly more knockback to the player through attacks, missiles, and contact with the player in general. This makes the bosses more obnoxious to fight, making this already bad aspect of the game even worse. In addition to this, some bosses also got specific changes. You can no longer skip the boring and tedious whack-a-mole and cannon sections of the world 4 boss, as the energy barrier now appears on the outer edge instead of the inner edge. In addition, the missiles fired in this boss now move much faster and turn in much tighter arcs with generally more aggressive targeting. This makes them way harder to avoid and makes the last section of the boss more frustrating. The world 6 boss now spawns far more falling meteors, making the fight more RNG dependant. You also can no longer run between the legs of the world 8 boss with smaller characters, forcing you to have to go around him.
One other change to the bosses which doesn't affect gameplay is that the world 7 boss is now less expressive during the opening cutscene to that boss for some reason. Kinda lame imo.

The music

You knew this one was coming! Apparently due to licensing issues, most of the music from the original game was replaced in this game. Some of the new songs were original compositions, but most were recycled from older games, Super Monkey Ball Adventure style. The new compositions are ok. World 1 and 8 are decent and world 4 is pretty good, though I generally prefer the originals, and world 9 and 10's new music is not very good. The rest of the worlds, and most of the boss themes were given recycled music, with the sole exception being world 3, which thankfully got to keep its funky music. The original music in Banana Blitz was really good, some of the best in the entire series. Most of them, except again world 3, were remixes of the already great songs from Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll, and they were given a ton of love by the composers for Banana Blitz, re-imagining them into amazing compositions that were super catchy and fit their respective worlds well.
The recycled songs aren't bad, per se, but they generally don't fit the worlds they were put in as well as the originals did, which is not surprising seeing as how those songs were specifically designed for their respective worlds. The biggest downgrade is Cobalt Caverns, which went from having an amazing theme and complete re-imagining of Studio One's theme to using a boring song from Monkey Boat.
But the biggest crime was the changing of the boss music. The originals all had a really unique feel to them, while their replacements were...subpar. Their process for selecting which songs to recycle seemed almost random for the bosses, like world 1's boss getting the credits theme as its music for some bizarre reason. The replacement music doesn't even come close to matching the energy and uniqueness of the boss music from the original game, with the exception of world 5's boss, the only one to receive an original composition which is actually pretty damn good.
The party game music is also recycled, and generally not as good in my opinion.

The lives exploit

With the changes to the design of some levels, you might expect Banana Blitz HD to be more difficult than its predecessor, but on that you would be dead wrong. Banana Blitz HD is actually much, much easier to beat without continues now than it was on the Wii, because of 2 unusual changes made to the game which allow for a ridiculous exploit that lets you attempt harder worlds like Sinking Swamp and Ultra Heaven with a huge stockpile of lives. In the original game, whenever you started a new world, you would be set to 3 lives, and would have those 3 lives, and any additional lives you could pick up within the world, to beat that world's 9 challenge stages without using a continue. However, in BBHD, this is no longer the case. Now, when entering a new world, you get to KEEP all of the lives you have already accumulated in that play session. This means if you start at world 1, and keep gaining lives overall during your playthrough, by the time you reach world 9, you will most likely have a pretty large stockpile of lives. Alternatively, you can keep replaying the early worlds over and over again, and build up as many lives as you want (the in-stage counter caps at 99, but the game actually lets you store over 1000 lives). Yes, that's right, if you want to, and have enough patience, you can enter world 10 Ultra Heaven with hundreds, or even thousands of lives, and completely obliterate it. As long as you don't restart a world or exit the game, you will keep your lives.
This gets even more ridiculous with the new ability to instantly re-play levels you have already beaten in a world without having to restart that world. This was most likely implemented to compensate for the removed practice mode (more on that later), but it allows you to pick one level, play it over and over and over again, and grind for more and more lives, as the bananas respawn every time you beat the level.
Now for the exploit: struggling with world 10? Do the following steps:
  1. Restart world 10
  2. Immediately exit the world
  3. Go to Jumble Jungle
  4. Pick stage 5
  5. Repeatedly go down the narrow path with the 6 banana bunches, and then jump into the goal
  6. This will net you 3 lives. Now simply hit "retry" on the level clear menu
  7. Repeat until you have as many lives as you desire
  8. Destroy Ultra Heaven!
Beating Ultra Heaven without continues in the Wii version, where you had to start the world with 3 lives, was a real accomplishment. In this game, it's a complete joke, thanks to this ridiculous exploit.

The missing content and lack of new content

Generally, when you remake a game, you want to add more features that weren't in the original game, to make the re-release worth getting. Banana Blitz HD does the OPPOSITE and removes several features from the original, while only really adding a time trial mode and a crappy mini game rush mode.
The first missing feature is a practice mode. The practice mode has been a staple in the Super Monkey Ball series since the first game on the Gamecube. It lets you pick any level you have unlocked, and play it over and over again with infinite lives to practice it to your heart's content. Banana Blitz was no exception to this, allowing you to practice levels on the level select screen by holding B, which would even let you practice bonus stages and bosses. You simply can't do this in Banana Blitz HD, for reasons I do not understand. This means you can only replay levels with lives enabled, and it also means there is no way to practice the bonus stages, as you only get 1 attempt at them after beating 4 levels upon restarting a world. Since some of the later bonus stages can be quite difficult to get a perfect on if you're not familiar with them, it really sucks that you can't practice them at all. Practice mode is such a basic feature of Super Monkey Ball that it is honestly kind of absurd that this game does not have one.
Another missing feature is the banana count. Banana Blitz introduced a banana count on the level select menu, telling you how many of the bananas in the level you have collected at least once throughout your playthroughs of it. Additionally, collecting all of the bananas, AND all of the hidden bananas in a level got you a complete message on the level select. This added a ton of replayability to Banana Blitz, and it is completely absent in Banana Blitz HD for some reason.
Replays are also missing. Another staple of the Super Monkey Ball series, the ability to save replays is completely absent from Banana Blitz HD, despite being present in the original. Not only that, but the instant replay has also been removed, which really sucks.
The total number of mini games has been reduced from 50 to 10, a massive reduction. I wasn't expecting all 50 to return, and frankly not all 50 of them should return, but now the game has fewer mini games than Super Monkey Ball 2. And they made some terrible decisions about which mini games to keep and which to remove.
Masao Shirosaki basically admitted that Banana Blitz was chosen to be remade as it was the most realistic for their limited budget and time, and this attitude definitely shows with regards to the content present in the final product. There is also version exclusive content, such as achievements that aren't present in the Nintendo Switch version, and the ability to play in different shaped balls being exclusive to the Steam version, and needless to say this is a really crappy practice that needs to die, especially since all the games share the same price tag.

The minigame selection and minigame changes

Since they were only going to put 10 mini games into Banana Blitz HD, you would think they would pick only the best mini games to bring back. Unfortunately they did not. A bunch of great games got cut, including Asteroid Crash, Disk Golf and Monkey Golf, Monkey Bowling, Monkey Race, Monkey Squash, Spaceship Landing, Treasure Submarine, and the best mini game from Banana Blitz: Monkey Wars. Meanwhile, they decided to keep several crappy mini games, like Hovercraft Race, Seesaw Ball, Slingshot and Whack-a-mole, as well as mediocre ones like Hurdle Race and Banana Blitz's rendition of Monkey Target.
In addition to this, several of the returning mini games are now noticeably worse than they were in the original. Dangerous Route's controls are now much worse, as you now no longer control the monkey directly, but control its acceleration in a frictionless environment, making precision movement extremely difficult. They also made it so that you have to be constantly collecting bananas to stand a chance at beating the levels. Hammer Throw and Hurdle Race are both victims of the game no longer supporting motion controls, as Hammer Throw is now controlled by twirling the control stick, which is a surefire way to wear down the notches on your controller if you use a notched controller like I do, and Hurdle Race is now an awkward button masher, which not only again damages your controller, but is also more awkward to play, as you have to mash buttons to move forward, and press a different button to jump, as opposed to there only being one button you use. In Monkey Snowboard, your monkey now takes FOREVER to get back up after falling down, and your hitbox in general seems to be a lot larger, making it harder to not hit obstacles or crash into other players. Though I do appreciate the fact that jumping off the ends of ramps now gives you a speed boost, as it is no longer better to just bypass the ramps entirely, which ruined the fun of the ramps in the original.

And that about covers it. There other minor nitpicks I could make about the game, but overall I think these are the important points about why I think it is a bad remake, and why I prefer the original game over it, despite the motion controls.
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2023.06.01 01:19 MentalAmphibian [5E] [PBP] [Discord][Fun Community] Macguffins, Ltd is a PbP Westmarch server based in the eccentric lands of the fey

Salutations friends! Platform: D&D 5e, Avrae Format: Play by post (text only, no voice chat) A lone, moss covered stone about the size of your palm has suddenly appeared beside you. A low humming sound and an electrical sensation builds as you move your hand closer to it. Steeling your nerves, you would grip the stone and with a whir of arcane energy you would find yourself outside the gates to a city built inside of an impossibly large tree that soars through the clouds. Laughter would echo out from within and sweet scents would waft through the wind, there are many curious and exciting new friends to meet inside of Luna Pines. Click the invite link below to explore our fey/forest themed discord server - Macguffins, Ltd. This server is a living West Marches Post by Post community that is primarily based on RAW 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons with a few tweaks to properly cater to the player base. Features of Macguffins, Ltd:
Our server is welcoming to all levels of experience. Whether you are a hardcore veteran or wanting to dip your toes in for the first time, our group of moderators, helpers and DMs are here to help you seamlessly transition from introductions to dungeon delving and role playing in no time. Come, stay a while as while being able to give meaning to your characters story and make many fun and exciting friends a long the way!
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2023.06.01 01:02 hycronh HAVOC ZERO - DEER ISLE🌿PVE PVP ZONES ☠️ - PC - US - Friendly, Chill and Balanced :)

Third Person PVE ⛺ / 1st Person PVP Zones ☠️ / Friendly, Social, Balance Gameplay / No Raid / DayZ Dog / Helis & Boats
Map: Deer Isle
Name: Havoc Zero DeerIsle PVE 1PP PVP Zones Helis Boats +
US Central Hosted/EU Playable - 120ms Ping for Western Europe, perfectly good ping for everyone! :) Hosted on a beefy, dedicated machine colocated at a datacenter with 10Gbps networking.
Havoc Zero - Deer Isle is a new and already populated server, offering a PVE experience, with PVP zones for those wanting to choose when they risk it all. Chill out with us, meet some new people, explore the amazing Deer Isle map full of adventures and mysteries, build a base and grind through our cars, helis and now boats! We have custom trader locations, do our best to use stable mods, and look after the community.
Current population is mostly US and around 25 people at any given time. Really nice folks looking to grind out gear and vehicles, and do a bit of PVP when they feel like it :)
* Friendly players, really great helpful community and admins
* Balanced grind, a lot of loot-only necessary items - Enjoy success at any play rate and style!
* Advanced Clan System - Build your group, promote, control base permissions, shared bank
* Cars - custom and carefully selected, themed appropriately to the apocalypse. No silly supercars.
* DayZ Dog - Have a loyal companion alongside your travels, or to help with hunting.
* Boats and Helis - Explore Deer Isle's vast disconnected lands and mysteries in various ways
* Mighty's Military Gear - Armoured vests and helmets
* Tactical Flava - Variety of guns with attachment systems, more gear
* SCWS Weapons Pack - High quality, high calibre, rare and fun.
* MuchStuffPack and BaseBuildingPlus to expand on base, item and storage
* No drugs on our servers - Make money by looting gear, finding collectables, and hunting dangerous animals
* Beekeeping, Hunting, Collectables, Gun Running - Varied money making methods.
* More Stamina - No unlimited stamina silliness, but still much more than vanilla.
* Varied Zombies, mostly vanilla, military zombies are tougher!
* Custom Trader Locations
* Incredibly helpful, mature and chill community.
Join us on discord - Come hang out, or check out some more information!
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2023.06.01 00:46 Ok_Respect_5547 Pokémon Emerald: The Second Chapter

Pokémon Emerald: The Second Chapter

Game start screen

The game takes place in the Hoenn region, where a new aspiring trainer sets out on a journey to become a Pokémon master. The protagonist starts in their hometown of Littleroot Town, where they receive their first Pokémon and a Pokédex from Professor Birch. As they explore the region, they encounter a new evil team called Team Nexus, who aim to use the power of a mysterious crystal to take over the region. The team's leader is a cunning woman named Nova, who is determined to become the strongest trainer in Hoenn. The protagonist must travel across different cities and towns, collecting badges from Hoenn's Gym Leaders, and capturing new and powerful Pokémon to defeat the powerful trainers of Team Nexus. As they progress through the game, they learn more about the crystal and its ancient powers. The player eventually discovers that the crystal has ties to the legendary Pokémon Rayquaza, who is the protector of Hoenn. The player character must team up with other trainers and legendary Pokémon of the region to put a stop to Team Nexus and Nova's sinister plans. As they progress, they realize that Team Nexus' ultimate goal is to awaken Rayquaza and harness its power to conquer Hoenn. In the ultimate battle, the protagonist must face off against Nova and her team of powerful trainers. In the end, they must also face the mighty Rayquaza and prove themselves worthy to it by capturing it. As the player battles their way through Hoenn, they also learn valuable lessons about teamwork, trust, and perseverance, which help in their journey to become the best Pokémon trainer in the region. 4 years after Pokémon Emerald 1

In the Pokémon Emerald Version sequel, players will have a chance to obtain Jirachi, the Mythical Steel/Psychic-type Pokémon. Here's how:

  1. After completing the main story of the game, the player will receive a call on their PokéNav from Professor Birch, who will inform them that a rare celestial event is happening tonight.
  2. Professor Birch will recommend that the player travels to the Mossdeep City Observatory to witness the event firsthand.
  3. Once the player reaches the Observatory, they will meet with Professor Cozmo, who will invite them to join his research team on an expedition to investigate the event.
  4. The player will be required to navigate through a series of puzzles and battles to reach the destination. Upon reaching the spot, the player will discover that the mysterious event is, in fact, a meteor shower.
  5. As the meteor shower reaches its peak, one meteorite will fall close to the player's location, and Professor Cozmo will rush to investigate it, revealing that it contains a Jirachi.
  6. The player will have to help Professor Cozmo contain the Jirachi before it escapes, and a battle will ensue.
  7. Once the battle is won, Professor Cozmo will thank the player for their help and allow them to capture the Jirachi.
  8. The player will receive the Jirachi, a certificate of appreciation, and a TM move as a reward for their assistance.
  9. The certificate of appreciation can be shown to a sailor in Slateport City, who will offer the player a boat ride to Mirage Island.
  10. On Mirage Island, the player can meet with a Pokémon expert who will give them valuable information about Jirachi and also teach them a rare move.

Note: This process can be done only once per save file. Additionally, the player must have completed the main storyline and be at a high level to battle and catch Jirachi successfully. Mirage Island is in between Route 130 and 131.
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2023.06.01 00:45 Princescka AITA for asking my husband to buy wine for people he invited over?

Backstory - my (27,F) husband (29,M) informed me at 230 today that he invited a couple over for after work. I have met the guy 2 or 3 times but have never met his wife. They have also never been over to our house.
On to the issue- I am still working at about 4 pm (I work from home) and my husband informs me that the couple said they would bring over food. This was perfect for me as I was still working and would honestly scramble a bit to clean and put together dinner by 6. He asks what they should bring and I was half distracted and after he asked a few times I said “how about something easy like pizza…. We can do pizza and wine”
I get off work at about 4:15 and my husband starts by saying “you don’t need to clean for friends to just casually hang out” I explain that I would like to run some bleach in the toilets and a mop on the floor as I don’t know these people and they have never been to our house before. That it would be different if a friend I am close with who comes over all the time came over. He stated “fine, but I am going to sit on the couch and do nothing” I then walked over to our wine rack and noticed we only had 3 bottles of sickly sweet wine - nothing dry or even semi-dry. So I asked him if he could go to buy some wine while I clean up.
He blew up on me about how “we don’t need to spend $100 everytime we have people over or make our house into a showroom” and he was going to stop inviting people over if it was going to make me like this. I honestly love having people over but not last minute on a work day.
So Reddit, AITA for asking my husband to buy wine when he invited people over? In my book, if you are hosting and the people coming over are providing food, you should at the very least provide drinks.
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2023.06.01 00:17 Twayneeded Nov 2021

I worked from home today because the kids' school was having a teacher work day. It was a decent day. When I am alone with the kids they don't really argue too much and even if they do I am there to help them. It seems like I have a better relationship with my kids and my children don't misbehave as badly when it is just me taking care of them. They really ratchet things up when their mother is home. Wife came home and she is nearing the end of her academic degree plan. Had to have an HVAC repairman come try and fix our heater. He shocked himself 3 times. Wife has had problems with her Dr office adding stress to her day meaning that she was in a bad mood and let me know it. She spent all afternoon in the bedroom while I dealt with the kids, cooked supper, did the dishes, washed clothes, and did the laundry. We took the kids for a short walk after supper without the dogs because it was already getting dark. I gave the kids baths and they went to bed on time. Wife stayed up late working on schoolwork and I went to sleep alone.
Woke up with ychild in bed. Wife was already up and griping about something. Getting gripped out 1st thing in the morning always starts off the day in a bad mood. Work was uneventful but productive. Got home and cleaned off the kitchen table (of course there wasn't a single square inch of available space on it for the past 1 1/2 weeks) none of the mess was mine it was all wifes/kids projects.I cleaned it so that she would have a space to make cookies with the kids like she promised. Trying to make her day a little easier knowing that had she gone in there with the table like that it would have been bad and also knowing that there were things on the table so I knew that I would get blamed for any misplaced objects. My prediction came through when she came into the kitchen and thanked me for cleaning the table but immediately started griping about missing items and how she had wished she had cleaned it to show she would know where they are. This always happens and is one of the main reasons I cannot declutter our house. It just leads to more gripping. If I clean or don't clean I'm gonna get bitched out. Wife had to head to town quickly to pick up an Rx so we went with her. I had not yet started supper so I put everything up so we could have it the next day and we all went into town together and ate supper in the van. She also got some negative comments on some of her schoolwork so she was in a bad mood x2 because of an incident with her dr's nurse. Wife stayed in the bedroom working on schoolwork while I got the kids dressed in their PJ's and put them to bed about 15 min late. I walked into the bedroom and she was searching for socks for the kids in the laundry hamper. When she was done I took the hamper into the living room and matched them all then put them up. I then played on my computer. Wife went into the kitchen at about 9:45. I went in there about 10 min later and asked her if there was anything I could do for her. She said no then asked me if I saw her come into the kitcher. I said yes and she started gripping that I should have come in there sooner to help her cause she was now almost done. She started complaining that the only time she gets to relax is when she is laying down on her phone in bed (nevermind the number of times i come into the bedroom to find her watching TV or on facebook on her computer.)
I was only on my computer for about 30 min. Its not like I spend all day doing nothing but she makes me feel like I do nothing at all. A common mantra in this house is the wife saying "I never get any help" and "I cannot keep this house clean by myself" when she literally hasn't done any cleaning since her parents visited last month and I still did most of the cleaning. The only time she cleans is when someone is coming over. Needless to say I am feeling very resentful and unloved. We haven't shown any affection to each other since a month ago. Some Days when things are decent (not good just not bad) I wonder if it's a mistake to be considering divorce but days like today are more common and remind me of why I want one. I couldn't sleep due to drinking some tea at supper so I got out of bed and sat on the couch until 1am.
Woke up this morning very tired and sleepy with ychild in bed with me. Wife was already in a mood and I was gripped out for "not listening" she then proceeding to account for 3-4 times recently that I have asked her a question that she had already told me an answer in a previous conversation. So once again I get to start the day in a bad mood. I feel compelled to kiss her and tell her I love her now or she will get upset. I did that then came back inside for something and she got upset when I didn't go back and give another hug/kiss. No way am I gonna do that while being bitched out so I just walked out the door. Great start to the day. Got the kids from school and came home. Cooked supper and took out the trash. Got the kids into bed but ychild talked herself into falling asleep in our bed. Wife said she would move her but of course didn't and ychild slept in our bed all night long.
Woke up with ychild in bed with me. kissed and told her i loved her before work. Had a decent day at work and left to pick up the kids. This was my last day picking the kids up from school and we stopped for ice cream on the way home. We were supposed to walk the dogs before I started supper. I told my wife this but she was on the phone with her mother about her job offer. 25 min later and it was getting close to supper time and she was still on the phone.I decided it was too close to supper to walk and then cook. Wife came out and I told her that. she got upset and we ended up having a small walk. I got back and cooked supper and we all ate at the kitchen table. Wife disappeared back into the bedroom to work on schoolwork. I put the kids to bed on time and then got on my computer. Wife started working on the kids lunches and I asked if there was anything i could do. She said no. Then the bedtime ritual started. This all happened within 20min. I came to bed and turned the lights out. When my wife came back she bitched at me cause she had left one of the lights on on purpose. Then she zinged me for not paying attention when she told me about her medication a few days ago. Then she complained that I had missed a bag of trash in the bedroom. Then she accidentally slammed the bathroom door and got mad when I asked if she did that on purpose. Then she cussed at me when she complained about the bed hurting her back and I suggested a sleep study. Despite all of this I really felt the need to try and cuddle with her. I rolled over and she immediately asked if she needed to turn off her phone. I told her no but she could if she wanted to, then she complained that this is the only time she gets to relax and then immediately jumped up cursing because she forgot to put the clothes from the washer into the dryer. I rolled over and put my mask on to fall asleep. I knew I would get hurt but I couldn't help myself. It took me a while to go to sleep because of the pain in my heart and the lack of love.
I worked from home today so i did not have to wake up as early. Wife woke up and got the kids ready. Wife had a full one sided conversation with ychild in our bed while i was trying to sleep. I feel like she was resentful for me being able to sleep in and her having to get up so she did it as a way to wake me up and keep me from being able to sleep. The kids yelled goodbye and the wife left without so much as a word or touch. I had a decent day at work. The HVAC repair man showed up early.I was going to go and pick up the kids at 11:00 but we decided to just get powerhouse(aftercare) at the school instead also for monday. I could have gone and picked up the kids but didn't because they were already scheduled and I thought we had already paid. Wife got mad at me for that. She was really late because it was her last day of DT and she had people say goodbye to her then went to pick up the kids. We decided to eat at the new seafood place then went and picked up groceries. We got home and put the groceries away and watched some shows on the couch. She got upset because I was on my phone (so was she) and said she watched more of the tv than I did. I tried to get the kids in bed but she overruled me because it was the weekend. The kids stayed up and eventually convinced her to go to bed with her. I slept alone but honestly I think I prefer that now.
Woke up alone. Had a decent day and went to Ychilds 1st birthday invite party. Wife made appointments for both kids to get the flu and covid vaccine. We had a great time at the party and socialized for the 1st time in a long time. We had to leave early to get to the pharmacy for the vaccines. When we got there the pharmacist told us we were scheduled for the flu only. It greatly upset the wife and she flew into a rage. Canceled both appointments. We got back to the car and she was yelling, screaming, and violently hitting her phone on the steering wheel. I told her to be an example to kids and she told me to "kiss her ass." She is angry the whole ride home. She started getting loud with me multiple times and I asked her not to talk to me like that. Apparently, asking her to speak to me politely instead of raising her voice at me is not giving her grace. Saying that I never give her grace when she talks nasty to me. saying that I do it all the time to her and she never says a word. I told her to speak up next time and she says she does and just gets bitched out. I am at my wits end. She is being very nasty to me and then puts the blame on me instead of realizing how she is treating me and accepting blame. A really nice day totally
ruined by her temper. We ended up having cereal for supper and going for custard afterwards. We stayed up late and the kids convinced my wife to go sleep with them.
Woke up by myself again. After wife got up we ended up going to the new donut store for breakfast and we stopped off at walmart on the way home. When we got home I noticed my radiator was leaking.I went to oriellys to buy some stop leak. We got back and I put on jumanji and then beethoven. Ochild really loved jumani. We were having a decent time. Today I did 4 loads of laundry, bathed the dog, cleaned the aquarium, cooked supper, and cleaned the guest bathroom. Of course wife got onto me when I did the kids laundry because i missed 1 shirt and 4 socks out of ychilds room. After supper we played a board game. Then the kids had a bath and I was chastised when I went in there to talk to the kids after my wife was yelling at them. I am not supposed to step in except when I am supposed to of course I have no idea when that is supposed to be. Kids went to bed a little late. I slept by myself.
Woke up by myself. Got up early even though I am working from home to help my wife with kids and take the dog to the vet. Wife started gripping about me not doing anything to help with the kids. I don't understand because she gets them ready at the last minute. That's usually when I am getting together also. She doesn't tell me or let me ask what she needs help with. Just grips after the fact. Dropped the dog off and returned to work. Picked the dog back up and returned to work again. Wife got home late due to her new job onboarding and flu vaccine. We had mcdonalds for supper and the kids went to bed really late. ychild spent the evening with wife because she wasn't feeling well. Since both the kids were up past their bedtime wife went to sleep with them.
Woke up early because I am still stuck on the old schedule. Wife came in and got herself ready for her 1st day. I got up, helped with the kids and got the dogs ready (surgery) then went to work. work was ok. Came home and cooked supper. The evening was uneventful.
Ychild got sick so I worked from home. We were both asleep when wife came into the room. She then had a loud conversation/argument with ochild in the room. waking up ychild and me. If I were to wake them up when they were sleeping in I would get bitched up one side and down the other. Seems like she does it all the time. Took Ychild to the dr and she was covid negative thankfully. Wife came home and the day went ok. She was tired so we watched netflix. I cooked supper and did the dishes. We got the kids in bed a little late. Wife went to bed a little early. I went into the bathroom to get some medicine shortly after. Wife was visibly upset when I came in. I really don't understand why and she wouldn't tell me. Eventually she said that she didn't expect me there. It made me feel really hurt. I felt like she not only didn't want me there but actually got mad that I showed my face. Maybe she thought I was going to lay down with her
but if that was so it would be no reason to get mad, I know she plays on her phone in bed and that's her relaxation time. Either way it was totally uncalled for and if that's how she is going to make me feel I don't see a point in staying together. storm came rolling in and ychild woke up so she had to go sleep with them.
Holiday today so I stayed home. I could hear the wife yelling at the kids trying to get ready. So I got up to help.
Skipped some days because nothing happened. Nothing good or bad. At bedtime my wife was getting lunch ready. She has been a little stressed lately due to her computer HD failing and EDTPA coming back for revisions. Her professor didn't come to her appointment to help. I helped make the kids lunches. The kids' clothes were still sitting in the chair (apparently it's my job.) I offered to help get the kids clothes together. She very sarcastically said she would welcome the help if I could turn on a light so she could see. I know it doesn't sound bad on paper but she was very hateful and hurtful. When I asked her not to talk to me like that she responded that she didn't need a lecture right now. I just want to be spoken to with respect and love not hate and vitriol.
Not journaling everyday because things aren't as bad everyday. Yesterday I did the laundry for the entire house. This morning I got up. my wife had already left for the grocery store to pick up groceries. I got up with Ychild. She got home and we unloaded the groceries. I relaxed in the living room. and she started cleaning the kitchen. I always hate days like this because anytime she cleans I get to hear her bitch and moan and the state of things. I am the only one to clean the house/kitchen for the last 6 months, actually even longer,for as long as she has been in college or working. It is not messy, it's just not up to her standards. Plus most of the mess is hers. She does projects and things but doesn't clean up afterward. When I get in to clean, if I move things around or put up her things I get yelled at. It feels like a handicap because the only one that can truly clean is her and when she doesn clean I feel like crap because she spends the whole time
mouthing and bitching about me because it isn't clean enough to suit her. And if I try to go in and help or clean another part of the house I get bitched at again because "i'm only cleaning because she is upset" she doesn't seem to notice the hours of cleaning I do when she is not around or is concentrating on other things.
We left on the 23rd (my birthday) to go down to Carthage for the weekend. The holiday went well with minimal fussing. Friday the 26 came and my wife surprised me with a weekend getaway sans kids. her family pissed her off right when we left. we get to our BnD and then leave to do some shopping. We went way too long, ate supper,and drove to longview. She had thought that we would just spend the weekend together. I wanted to get physical. I take her to a sex shop and she gets embarrased and refuses to look at anything or consider any toys. Our sexlife is laughable and practically non-existant. You would figure if someone was trying to save their marriage they would at least attempt to spice things up. I got upset and we went back to our cabin. I am tired and we just go to sleep. Wife makes us take a bath in the morning. We wash each other, then when we get out she changes into a negligee. She tells me I am not allowed to do any oral on her and that it will be the last time I see her in a G string. Totally sexy right? I had put some nice smelling lotion on my privates and she made a comment about how that would taste ( thinking I might get some oral) but instead she just led me to the bed and got on top. She has sex with me and I find it difficult to finish becuase she is clearly not enjoying it and refused to do any foreplay. We leave for the day and walk around Jefferson. Get back and start drinking wine and painting. She gets drunk enough to make a move and changes into another negligee. I feel like I almost forced her to let me eat her out after I gave her oral. She says I am not allowed to kiss her. we eventually start having some decent sex but she cannot stand much of the physical aspect and eventually it just shift to the standard missionary. I cannot finish and she gets up. I tell her i'll finish myself off if she will help. She starts cleaning and doesn't care when I get upset. We eventually have a small heart to heart where she tells me she is resentful
for the way my parents treated her and I was very pacifist instead of confrontational with my parents. She tells me she watches squirting videos and masturbates in the bath (lied to me when she says she doesnt masterbate.) She clearly has very strong issues with sexual intimacy and refused to do anything I wanted. She thought it was a successful weekend and I'm thinking it just shows how far apart we are and how little in common we have. multiple times just both of us on our phones because we have nothing to talk about. We go back and pick up the kids and it takes forever to get home. When we do I find the dog with something sticking out of her chest.
I am trying to work on her when my daughter comes out there and the dog jumps up and runs to her. She starts freaking out and i try and get ychild to come to me, unfortunately i did yell because i was scared of her getting stabbed by the dog. Of course she freezes up screaming as the dog is trying to get to her. I end up having to go to her and pick her up. As I am trying to take her to the garage I fall and bust my knee. This starts a big fight because I am now hurt, angry, and yelling while also trying to find out what's wrong with the dog. Eventually I discovered that the dog had forced herself inside the metal loop of a small childs butterfly net. I end up cutting it off her with some wire cutters. My knee is now busted and my wife and I have been fighting because she feels like when I am angry and hurt is the best time to keep getting in my face and talking shit about me. Just makes me want to seek a divorce all the more. She thinks this weekend was a success and all I can see is the end. I was angry when I went back out to her van and hit the open door button too hard and dented it. No real excuse but I wish she didn't pile on my problems by yelling at me in front of the kids while I'm trying to discipline them. I wasn't abusing them or being physical in any way but my wife will not allow for any dissent from the way she wants to raise the kids. I feel like I am not a father. I am allowed no say in raising them. The kids can just yell/scream/cry and my wife will come to the rescue, preventing me from actually doing any good or teaching them to understand right/wrong. It's her way or the highway.
Dec 2021
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2023.06.01 00:12 Ok-Koala8787 Soyyoelmalo por no nadrle regalos a mi madre en sus días especiales?

Primero que nada quiero aclarar que el no regalarle nada a mi madre empezó desde que tuve a mi bebé,antes de tenerlo si le regalaba sin problema,todo esto empezó desde mi embarazo ya que ella siempre fue de asistir a los cumpleaños de sus amigas e incluso a las revelaciones de los nietos de ellas y aún que yo no quise baby shower por cuestión económica,mi cuñada y mi suegra me hicieron uno sorpresa,a mi pareja se le informo de eso una noche antes solo para asegurarse evidentemente que fuera,como vivo en un puerto el me dijo que iríamos a la playa y al llegar a la casa de mi cuñada ví a los invitados y los arreglos,me felicitaron y me sentí muy bien pero a la ves mal ya que no ví a nadie de mi familia,solo de ellos,no hice preguntas,asta que mi suegra me pregunta por mi madre y hermanos,yo les pregunté que si la invitaron y me dijeron que si,que se suponía que mi madre invitaría a mis familiares también y no asistió ella ni nadie de mi familia,la verdad si me sentí muy mal porque es su primer nieto,llegamos a la casa ya que vivimos donde mismo y después de llegar,la vimos que ella llego ebria,le dije que se dónde venía y resulta que era el cumpleaños de una amiga de ella,no le dije nada ya que yo en el embarazo pensaba que una discusión era una perdida de tiempo y que no cambiaría lo que hizo,solo llore en mi cama mientras mi pareja me consolaba,lo segundo fue cuando le hice su primer año a mi bebé y yo misma la invite,fue en casa de mis suegros ya que la casa estaba lejos para la mayoría de familia,no fue,solo mando a mi hermana con ceviche para la fiesta y ella se quedó con su novio viendo películas y tomando,con eso se me hizo suficiente para ya no insistir y simplemente optar por no tomarme sus días especiales,como especiales para mí ya que ella siguió y sigue asistiendo a cumple años y eventos de sus amigas,ahora me toman a mal que a mí suegra y a mi cuñada les regale cosas en sus días especiales y a ella no,así que soy la mala?
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2023.05.31 23:58 Ambitious_End5038 Taking Food from the Fey

I finally got a digital copy of the books and I've been searching out phrases to support many of my theories. My most recent find is as follows.
I find it suspicious that Pat points out several times that people had food whose origin is hard to explain. It's a recurring theme. The following passages make me think more than one person is getting food from the Fey.
NOTW Ch 13:
...He rose smoothly from the table and began to make his way through the maze of empty tables toward the empty bar. “I can offer you almost anything, dark ale, pale wine, spiced cider, chocolate, coffee. . ..”
Chronicler raised an eyebrow. “Chocolate would be wonderful, if you have it. I wouldn’t expect to find that sort of thing this far from . . .” He cleared his throat politely. “Well, anywhere.”
“We have everything here at the Waystone,” Kvothe said, making an offhand gesture to the empty room. “Excepting any customers, of course.”
NOTW Ch 51:
...But when I reached out to steady myself, my hand didn’t come to rest on leaves and dirt. It touched something round and hard and smooth: a green apple.
I emerged from the hedge and made my way to the northwest corner where the apple tree stood. No apples were on the ground. It was too early in the year for that. What’s more, the iron grate was on the opposite side of the small courtyard. It couldn’t have rolled that far. It must have been carried.
TWMF Ch 4 (meal with Auri):
Using my sackcloth as a table, we sat on the ground and shared our dinner. The bun was a little stale, but it had nuts and cinnamon in it. The head of lettuce was surprisingly fresh, and I wondered where she had found it.
TWMF Ch 30:
Denna wasn’t at any of the inns where she occasionally stayed. She wasn’t listening to music at the Taps or Goat in the Door. Neither Deoch nor Stanchion had seen her. I worried she might have left town entirely while I was occupied. She could be gone for months. She could be gone forever.
Then I turned a corner and saw her sitting in a small public garden under a tree. She had a letter in one hand and a half-eaten pear in the other. Where had she come by a pear so late in the season?
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2023.05.31 23:46 jolene_anne AITA for not wanting my FIL to meet my baby until I’m ready?

I’m posting this here instead of the AITA sub because they go for the throat. Anyways- My(f24) husband(M24) and I have been together for 10 years. His dad and mine have been friends since before we were born and I had a lot of interactions with his family as a child. When my husband and I started dating, his dad and step mom became very negative towards me. His dad would never acknowledge me, wouldn’t say my name, wouldn’t talk directly to me. There were times when they’d read mine and my husbands text messages and notes to each other and then would use the information they found against us. Fast forward to when we got engaged, our wedding was a party for them. They invited random people we didn’t know, they refused to help on anything that didn’t benefit them, his step mom was asked to help for my bridal shower and all she provided was a case of water and two cases of Coke. They didn’t even get us a wedding gift. Not that money is relevant, but his dad makes a very large salary and refused to help with much. Now I’m 28 weeks pregnant, we told them we were expecting at 8 weeks. They have not reached out once since we told them, haven’t asked how I’m doing, haven’t even attempted to see us. Our baby shower is in 2 weeks(we asked for their help in planning months ago and got no reply) and we realized no one from his side of the family or friends RSVPd… he never provided them the invitations that we asked him to months ago. I’m to the point where I don’t want to let him meet my baby until I’m ready. So to my husband that means that my family will meet it first and he will be the last one. My parents and sister live directly next door to us and my brother will be staying with them a week after baby is born, so it’s not like I can avoid them. I know I won’t be ready within a week to introduce baby to FIL. My husband is aware of the way I feel about how is dad has treated me, but because it’s his dad he said it doesn’t matter and he should be one of the first people to meet our baby.
TLDR: My FIL has treated me poorly throughout mine and my husbands 10 year relationship. Since finding out we’re expecting (5 months ago) he has not reached out once. AITA for not wanting him to meet my baby until I’m ready?
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2023.05.31 23:32 xCanont70x Epitome of a budget keeb. CIY68, Akko White Wine, Basic Japanese themed keycaps from Amazon. A dream to type on.

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2023.05.31 23:14 SMCalan 1:500 Towny Geopol (unreleased)

Earth Geopol server (join my town)
This server is unreleased but is a re-creation of a past server named "Terra MC". They have an excellent player base and fantastic admins that actually care about the community and dont actively try to kill off the server. The nation is located in Vietnam but we do not care about the theme of the towns. If you want to join message me on reddit or join the discord invite of my town and we will take it from there! (Extra details will be discussed)
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