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2023.06.04 08:25 Upset-Mulberry-3758 sudden drop in neutrophils?

15F, 5'6, 108 pounds, East Asian 3.1 WBC, 1.2 Monocytes, 0.7 Neutrophil, everything else in bloodwork within normal range.
I took a previous CBC 6 weeks ago and had normal everything, which means my neutrophil count is less than half of what it was in a short span. I've been on accutane for the past 5 months (40mg/day) but my dermatologist says the medication doesn't affect WBC.
I'm confused because I don't have any major symptoms other than an extremely annoying runny nose, mild fatigue, and some joint/muscle pain (which can be explained by accutane). Google is telling me I have cancer as usual.
If I don't have any symptoms or pain how seriously should I take this?
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2023.06.04 08:25 AutoModerator [Download Course] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022 (

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2023.06.04 08:25 miningisfunforme UA negative for Dilaudid

I have a very complex case of gastroparesis where meds that should speed my gut motility actually slow the motility and things like opioids speed up my motility. I couldn't believe how much better my stomach felt after being on opioids pre and post op for a different condition so I got a retest and improved my score by like 75% when on opioids?
Anyways, this is completely against conventional knowledge and even with the paperwork no GI doc would even entertain giving me opioids for gastroparesis, but my PCP isn't so freakin scared of the DEA that he just asked how much I needed (I used to work in pharmacy so I made sure the was in the clear) so I would get just 12 4mg tabs/week.
Fastforward, my PCP was telling me he was starting to get nervous because of the number he's written without going to a pain specialist which I also went to one but she said no too. So I went to one he runs in social circles and the doc literally just asked me what mg and how many pills I wanted? This is with a large practice and the furthest I bet they go now is with buperenorphine which trashes my endocrine system so I was surprised how easy it was.
However technically he gave me a UA expecting my previous doc's Dilaudid to be in my urine but it's not showing? All the other meds are popping this a cutoff type urine or do you think he'll just give me another?
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2023.06.04 08:24 ArrivalUpset6475 Health bio

There aren’t many people on here so I thought I’d post my health bio in case anyone is looking for answers and finds my info helpful.
2003 age 22: flew to Madagascar, which was nearly 24 hours of airplanes and then we also did several boat rides, of at least an hour each. I was on an anti-malarial medication. I noticed that when I walked, it felt like the jungle was whizzing by me. I felt very weird, a bit dizzy and like my brain wasn’t keeping up with everything around me. The episode lasted about 4 weeks, and I assumed it was the anti-malarials that were doing it to me.
2008: flew to Belize. Again was taking anti-malarial medication. Again we had a lot of boat rides, including a full day of snorkeling off a small boat. I felt like I was still on the boat after I got off. That feeling lasted about 6 weeks. I saw an ENT who said maybe it could be a reaction to the anti-malarials, gave me an 8” thick medical textbook and suggested I sit in his office and look it up myself. I decided to go home and try google instead (which wasn’t nearly as robust as google today is). I felt like I was walking on a trampoline, and even when I wasn’t moving, I was still rocking.
2009: I flew to see my dad and was fine in the way there. A couple days after returning home, I felt the rocking feeling start, faintly at first and then getting stronger. It felt like I was on a boat being tossed by the sea. The feeling got stronger and stronger and I went to see a different ENT. He ordered an MRI and I had a complete sinus blockage, but he still didn’t think that explained everything. He sent me to a neurologist who laughed at me and said “well it’s not MS. I don’t know why you’re here.” For about a month, I couldn’t get out of bed; I was so exhausted and weak, and the vertigo was so strong. I had a weird g-force feeling like I was being physically pushed to one side or another. After about 8 or 9 weeks, the episode faded away. I did have a sinus surgery but only after I was better. At this point, I knew something was up. I found info about mal de Debarquement online but it was limited. It also sounded like it was something people got and had forever, not episodic like mine.
2011: triggered again but this time by a car ride. All my family lived out of town so I had to travel if I wanted to see them. Suspecting that planes were a trigger, we decided to drive from Arizona to Oregon. I got triggered and again the episode lasted 2 months. I again felt weak along with bouncing, rocking vertigo and disorientation. We decided to move to be closer to my mom and sister since traveling was clearly a trigger for me.
I went on to be triggered in 2012 by stress after a surgery (endometriosis) and in 2014 by a 1 hour ferry ride. Both times my symptoms were rocking vertigo as if I were on a boat, plus exhaustion, migraines, exercise intolerance. My labs and other tests all came back basically normal. I started seeing Dr Jeff Brown, who co-wrote the first article about MdDS, and he diagnosed me with M de Debarquement but said he was mystified by my episodes, but thought we could try Xanax and prednisone before travel next time I fly. In 2015 I got to test it out, and I flew and didn’t get triggered! I would have been thrilled except I felt there was no way to know if the preventative measures worked or if I just wouldn’t have been triggered.
In 2017 I was triggered due to a lot of stress, plus a 20 minute light rail ride downtown. I had a small lesion on my face and was diagnosed with shingles on the vestibular nerve. The episode was so intense, it felt like two layers of vertigo at once. I could feel like MdDS rocking but also a slow rotational spinning. It was completely debilitating. It lasted 2 months. I had vestibular testing done and it came back that I have endolymphatic hydrops, so Dr Brown added “atypical Ménière’s disease” to my Mal de Debarquement diagnosis.
2018: i tried the Xanax before flying again but I took too little and was triggered.
2019: flew to Panama and did not get triggered! Used about 2.5 mg Xanax for the first flight and a top off of another 1.0-1.5 mg on the second leg. Success!
2021: I got triggered on a 45 minute kayak trip. The episode lasted a year, and about 4 months in, I had the “2 layers” of vertigo again plus one 24/7 migraine for two months. I was out of work for 2.5 months. I was so weak I couldn’t walk around the block. I used to walk 5 miles for fun, and I couldn’t even walk 3 houses up the street and back.
2023: I was triggered playing a VR game (only 6 months after the previous episode faded away). So far this episode has lasted 4.5 months. I keep narrowing my life little by little. No flying? Let’s drive. No long car trips? Let’s try short trips. No short trips? Let’s try VR.
I don’t go many places anymore and I just go to work and go back home. I garden, I paint, I play with my cat. I used to not get dizzy/vertigo in the car, but now I do. I have trouble looking at screens and reading. I listen to audio books. I still have no real answers and no treatment plan. It’s been really hard.
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2023.06.04 08:24 lobstermoon How to share personal life strategically at work?

I used to be a naive over sharer at work, and at my first workplace, things I thought was told in confidence to a coworker was spread around within a week to other coworkers. I've since learned my lesson and greatly filter what I share at new workplaces. Mostly, this has worked out fine, except during check-ins with my boss in my current workplace where I often have nothing to share about my personal life when asked, and it feels like it is impeding our working relationship. He focuses a lot on building relationships with other colleagues and has a busy personal life, and I have a feeling that my distance is odd or even offensive to him. Me being more private wasn't really a big deal with previous bosses so this is new to me.
Another key reason why I have had nothing much to share so far is that I have been working through grief and other mental health challenges (including work anxiety!) in my free time that I don't feel comfortable sharing, and especially not to my boss. Also, when I am asked questions like "how is your weekend?" I struggle to find something interesting to say because after going through stressful events, a peaceful boring weekend doing nothing of note brings me so much joy (those who have went through something similar will understand!). But how do I articulate that without also divulging my prior mental health issues? What are some safe topics that you talk about and how do you suggest I build rapport in an authentic way without having to sacrifice my privacy? TIA.
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2023.06.04 08:24 AdAsleep2244 Do I have OCD or ADHD or it's just something that happens to people?

Ok, so maybe I'm overthinking it but I don't know what to do. I know that I shouldn't self-diagnose but at this point my brain is a mix of everything.
It's been a year since I think I have ADHD. I always used to joke about it but idk anymore. My doubts started because my sister saw a video about a woman who had ADHD and told me that I could have it. I saw the video and felt so relatable of what she was saying. All of my life I've been portrayed as the distracted one as the funny one because of how forgetfull she was, but the symptoms were beyond that. I hyperfixate on things on a large period of time, I try to know everything there is about it and I put that on top of everything, I cannot watch anything that doesn't have to do with it, when I wake up that is the first thing that comes to my mind (it can be a tv show, a book or like right now manhwas) and I just spend the whole day thinking about it and feeling the anxiety until I can finally be able to get to do that thing I'm obssessed with. I also can't focus on more than one thing at a time. My attention span is a joke sometimes if I'm not interested or don't put effort on it. I procrastinate until the deadline is close or until I feel extremely guilty (I have more symptoms but I don't really remember right now).
Those are some of the things that happen to me, and its been getting worse in the past 8 months. However, all of the people I had the trust to talk to about my doubts told me things like "it happens to everyone" or "even if you do have it what is the point of getting diagnosed?" I also talked to a psychologist and she told me that since I was good at school it meant that I couldn't have it because I should have presented obstacles. So I had that obsession since I started thinking about it. I saw videos, tik toks, EVERYTHING and sometimes thought I definitely have it, and others like I don't have it because it isn't exactly like this. It's frustrating because I also started thinking that I was making it up just to be interesting, to be different than other people, which I then got mad because I know it's something that affects peoples lives and is not what I should be thinking and it goes on loop.
I recently tried to let it go, because it affected me and made me think everything that I was doing like "am I doing it just for show?" "do I do this usually or just because I think it is ADHD" "I'm pathetic because I wanted to believe I had it just to get the attention of others" So I slowly stopped thinking about it so often. However, here comes another problem.
I read about OCD and Pure O. I never considered this because they always show it as being organised and clean or do things more than once, etc. But after researching I started question if I have it, more specifically Pure O. Maybe I just had a lot of obsessive thoughts, idk. But after I read about it I wondered if I had it.
To summarise there are different types of OCD, some are contamination, intrusive thoughts, rummination, checking, etc. The one I was related to was intrusive thoughts. Now, I know everyone has intrusive thoughts sometimes. But they specifically talked about SO-OCD (sexual orientation OCD) which is when something triggers a thought about you being gay when you always thought you where straight. It's not being gay what makes you freak out, but thinking something that might change your life and how that could affect how you always thought you were, also to not bee 100% sure about it. The thing is, that happened to me. Since I was like 13 years old I spent years, still do, questioning myself about being bi. I wouldn't mind if I were, but what always bothers me and makes me fall on a loop is that I think like okay, I am, but then I think about being with a woman and it doesn't feel right, like I can't see them as more than friends, so I say maybe I'm not. But then, I'm with a girl friend and suddenly think "what if I want to kiss her" or "what if I am in love with her" and makes me feel uncomfortable at the moment, and makes me think maybe I do but then it happens with another girl friend or even with a guy friend and makes all of my interactions with them uncomfortable if I don't find a way to actually know that I don't like them like that. It is something that happens often, is just that right now is not as uncomfortable and doesnt make me panic as much as before, so I can deal with it after a time.
Another thought that made me feel misserable was TOCD (Transgender OCD) It is when you start thinking that you are trans because of a triggering thought or when you are trans you thing you might be cis. It started because I love books that have bls or manhwas that have bls, and out of nowhere a thought came "i would like to be a man" I almost spirall at that, but let it pass. Then I saw in tik tok a comment like that and in response to a tik tok someone said something like "i thought that and then I became trans" just like that I started thinking "what if I am?" "What would I do?" "but I like to wear femenine clothes"(I know that doesnt have anything to do with it but that was an argument to try to tell myself I wasnt) I cried horribly, because it was in my mind for weeks, when I forgot about it, it suddenly came all over again, I tried to think if I actually like my body, if I had body dysmorphia or not, if I felt like a man or a woman. Again, I wouldn't mind if I were, it would obviously change my life but at least it would make me feel like myself. In the end it doesnt bother me now as much, I surely doubt if I am or not, but I can always try to let it pass or try to do something to distract me. I also have more that Ive thought about and make me uncomfortable to the point of disgust and make me panic but Im just naming some to hopefully dont make this longer.
Idk what I have, because I don't know if I have Pure O or Im just psyching myself into it. My brain makes me feel like I am. And what makes me doubt is that idk if it happens to people that dont have OCD but they just dont talk about it. Because, until a few hours I thought it was normal, and because it was related with my sexuality and gender, I never opened up about it.
Sorry if it was too much. Its my first time in reddit. I just needed to vent and maybe know if its normal or if I have to talk a psychologist about it.
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2023.06.04 08:23 Renterupstairs Violation over dog noise but no dog

I live in a large condo community in Arizona, maybe 80 units. I recently got a violation letter in the mail for noise disturbance due to a dog. However, I don't have a dog. If there was a dog in the area making noise I wouldn't know because I was gone for about a week when that supposedly occured. I have asked to fight my case with the association and am waiting to hear back.
My question is - I am unfamiliar with this process - how does this usually go? How does one prove they don't have a dog? Surely if someone did they could just hide it.
I really don't want to have to pay a fine for a dog I don't even own and also this violates my lease (having a pet) so I may have my lease terminated and I can't afford to move elsewhere. I am also going to be charged by my property association for the letter received on top of this.
The only thing I have going for me is a plumber had to come last week for an emergency visit due to my downstairs neighbors thinking a leak was coming from my unit. So the man was inside and evidentially no dog. But it was 2 hours before he came out after the property contacted me so maybe they'll say I hid it.
Also, I think my downstairs neighbor may have a small dog - but I've never heard it bark. So maybe it did that day and there was confusion? I don't want to throw them under the bus. I checked my ring outdoor cam that day and no one came up to my door to listen for a dog or try to pinpoint it. (Unless the camera missed it)
Any advice? Also, I'm awkward and speaking in front of people gives me nearly a panic attack so I'm going to have that working against me.
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2023.06.04 08:23 DivaCupVampire Idiot passes me on a curve and double yellow and nearly collides with oncoming traffic

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2023.06.04 08:23 CarpenterNecessary14 My Fivebelow finds/hunt

My Fivebelow finds/hunt
I was looking for a smaller Paden and I couldn't find any squish in my local shops but I found a fivebelow near me just opened. I went and They're were heavily stocked with squish!!
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2023.06.04 08:23 Over-Calendar7342 Looking for career opportunities

Hello ! I am a 22 yo looking to get into a career in a trade (plumbing, electrician, welding, carpenter, home inspector) instead of just having shitty food service jobs but i am hesitant on paying lots of money to learn something i may potentially hate. I would love to shadow someone at work to see what an actual day in the life is but if not possible, maybe sit chat over lunch where i can damn near interrogate you. PM me please !! I could use all the help and guidance i can get right now. Thanks for reading :)
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2023.06.04 08:22 DaddyGrease Mecha Anime Suggestions (And one I hope you all can help me find that I can't remember?)

Hey all! You might know me as that annoying Youtube guy who keeps posting his mecha game reviews here. But, uh, this time I'm just asking for some help in tracking down a bunch of Mecha anime I can review (that is NOT Evangelion). I'm going to be doing Episode by Episode reviews starting this week, just ordered some but I'm interested in what else is out there I could cover.
Here is what I know of:
Mecha Anime I'm looking for that I can't remember:
There is also one I'm looking for that I'm hoping you can help me with? It is older, it had giant mecha that were controlled by a bunch of people being connected to it - and it was their brain power or something that allowed the mecha to move? It was about a guy and a girl; I don't remember fully what they looked like. There was an emperoking or something in control of this massive mecha fortress thing that was insanely huge. It was on DVD back in the early 2000s.
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2023.06.04 08:22 AppleiOS1234 The gameplay and UI feels very clunky and unsmooth?

is it just me or is nearly all the gameplay and UI very clunky?
Like everything feels so slow, clunky and unsmooth.
For example, - you mount up on your horse and horse walks clunky and then using movement speed buff sometimes isn't working or you get perma slowed by some mobs that you can barely see.
There is just no movement or quick action involved in the gameplay. And it's sad.
And the game feels very dead without a global chat or group finder in 2023. Why am I forced to use the games discord server, instead of a multiplayer games ingame chat?
I could control my mouse with my eyes, with my PCs Accessibility feature and use a foot pedal to use the two skills I need. And I still would be as fast and good as I'm now.
Why is that?
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2023.06.04 08:22 lemonrockee Afraid of being blocked

I met a guy on Grindr. We liked each other at the beginning , we somehow date, getting to know, eat outside, share some funny stuff and i really love his company.
We built friendship but I also thinking of having relationship with him. He said that he still can't move on from his past but he aslo said that i might have a chance when hes fully over so I took the risk
I thought that everything seems fine , few weeks after we had intimate, i noticed that he became lazy to reply unlike before when we were like dating. I used to talk to him everyday on chat when hes always online.
One day i message him in the morning and it was left hanging, so i followed up him a message in the afternoon and telling him that I miss him. I was surprised when he replied a long message and telling me his situation. Though i fully understand that he still cant move on from his ex however he was also thinking of having a relationship with another guy. This guy is a seaman so they don't see each other much. I was really hurt and feel so dumped.
He told me that he likes to keep the friendship so I accepted it because its hard for me to let go of him. He told me that he never abadoned friendship and can't move forward when the friendship is getting over.
He even told me that even as friends we can continue hanging out or friendly date and suggested visiting my place..
The time i got hurt, my obsessions and possesions started.
Our friendly date keep on being delayed. The first delay was due to his mom was in the hospital. I understand the situation but i think it was also my fault because I told him that he wont be there for so long and I will adjust the time of our meet up so he still have time to rest.. I keep on adjusting my time but he is firm of his decision that he can't go because he will be tired. I was very possesive and very demanding.
The second delay is because of his volleyball training. I let it pass and reschedule the date.
Before the date, we also had misunderstanding. I was keep on chatiing him but he answered so late. .it seems like the date will be delayed again. He told me that i was acting like his bf and very childish seeking for attention. I was hurt of what he said because it is maybe true. That time. I would like to talk to him because I got scammed. I told him that I was not able to work because of what happened. The next day he told me sorry for what he told me and whatever happens we will continue the date on saturday.
Our date happened and it went well. I asked many questions about many things and i would like to make things clear . I know this is the hardest part hearing from him personally that I would never have a chance but he sees me only as friend.
After the date, i came to realize that I have to forget my feelings for him. I have his consent to block him temporarily and he agreed of my decision because it is valid. I blocked him in Messenger and IG for a week. However I nevee thought that he will block me back. i was really so worried that he maybe get angry of me. My obsessions became intense to the point of confronting him in google chat . Our conversations didnt went well and he blocked me immediately on Google chat.
It was an intense day. and i cant even accept of what happened so I visited him in his office telling sorry for everything I said. He told me that he blocked me because moving on is a long process and might think that i might going to unblock him any time and this time he is asking for his space. I feel like it was unfair so I begged him to unblock me . In my mind it was telling different things, he blocked me back because he doesnt want me to be his friends anymore and doesnt want to deal with our problems. My thoughts were irrational. I told him that the more you avoid me the more i would like to see you. I know that this is very hard as my obsessions so triggered.
I had a lot of mistakes when i blocked him. I went to Grindr and dindt realize that I will chat him again anonymously. I asked questions before revealing myself but he told many lies as to why i was not able to reveal myself. In the end after he blocked me from google chat . I revealed myself. I never thought of becoming a poser.
In the end he unnblocked me only on his facebook. I keep messaging him but he never replied. I noticed that were messages sent so I askedhim if you restricted me He said yes and he restricted me. I was sad hearing thiose words to him because he doesnt want to deal with me anymore.
One time I stalked who is his ex. I found the ex and made a joke. I told him that your ex is also better with me. It was a mean joke trying to seek for his attentions but he permanently blocked me.
I called him but he refused that morning and sent him a very long message instead to say sorry that it was only a joke and maybe that would be the last message saying goodbye to him . I was still begging for friendship.
Few days after . I saw that he is using telegram. I send a message there and telling him how are you. But he blocked me immediately.
Since i have no more access to message him the only way is to find where does he live and go there during his off. I used explore and gmaps to find the address he gave to me before. I became very determine to see him personally instead.
When i reached the place. I open my Grindr and login with new acct. I noticed that there is 1 foot nearby. I Chat him anonymously and thinking it was him. I was right that it was him. I became a poser and stalker which i nver been proud of. He then asked me if we can meet. And yes we can. We were able to meet and he still talk to me. I am not sure if he is telling right but he said that he is never angry of me. He told me that he is bothered of me because our friendship still not healthy anymore. I am sad because i feel like he will never unblock me anymore. He told me that when everything is okay. The question is how long he will be okay? 🥲🥹
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2023.06.04 08:22 Buffering90 Late flight into Kansai Airport - Best accommodation tips?

Hey everyone,
My Cathay Pacfic flight is scheduled to get to Kansai Airport at 9:30pm September 15th. So I didn't think at all when booking this when the train lines from the airport (or throughout Osaka) wrap up for the night as I was more concerned with getting my travel done in a single day.
While Ill be joining my sister, neice and nephew in Osaka from the 16th and we will be staying together over the next 2 weeks in Japan, this inital night is stressing me out.
The plan was to be based in Namba so we are near Dotonbori for a few nights and then stay at USJ as thats a major highlight of our trip.
While I have a Suica card already, I forgot about customs as im a novice traveller and would also need to sort out Wi-Fi, get my checked luggage and put money on said Suica card in a reasonable time as the last rapid train is 11pm and last trains in general at midnight.
Would it be best to stay overnight at the Kansai airport and would they have food options at that time? Or try and find a place in Namba and see if I can walk there from Namba station?
We will be staying the night of the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th in Osaka then off to Kyoto early the 19th. Any accomodation recommendations? Travelling party of 4 but would split into two twin bed rooms preferable to save some cash.
Outside of USJ we are super excited to eplore Dotembori and will go to Shinsekai, Osaka Castle and the Umeda Sky Buidling so a good base for a few days post my inital stay potentially at the airport and before the Park Hotel at USJ is what we are after, any recommendations or help is much appreciated.
Matt :)
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2023.06.04 08:22 Aravyr I quit Petco, and begin my new job on Monday!

Entertainingly, when I messaged my boss about the fact I was leaving a few days in advance, I received no reply or calls at all. Today my workday and dayforce have been disabled so I guess it's official now lol! Starting pay is leagues better and raises are so much better and more frequent too.
Since I did not receive any correspondence from him, I will ask y'all here - in regards to accrued PTO that was scheduled/approved to be taken in a month from now, will that be paid out to me? I had 30-some hours saved up.
Separately, if any of you guys were hedging on if you should stay or go, snag a job elsewhere, then free yourself from the petco chains - the literal ones, because even if the environment is good at your store it is a dead end job that will suffocate you, unless you don't need extra cash and enjoy the work, then by all means! My store was okay, some unpleasant coworkers, but I also had coworkers I really liked. No one really enjoys working there anymore unless it's interacting with animals - VCP harassment, bag fee harassment, disgusting owners who don't clean up after their animals, screaming children SQUEAKING TOYS constantly and smacking aquariums, people trying to put animals in tiny enclosures and refusing to listen to any reasonable advice. There's the reverse where people are really excited to own a new animal *and* give it a good life, but between the heat rocks and the 1.2gs and ~specially ordered~ $1000+ reptiles and TEGUS that don't sell for half a year, stuck in a tiny terrarium, inappropriate substrate and inappropriate handling? Infuriating.
You guys wouldn't believe how many complaints I made in my time working here only for almost none of it to be addressed. Yes, let's have the person with the least exotic animal experience become the CAL and not give her any training! Dropping chameleons? No biggie. Carry a skink or said tegu on your head? That's totally fine. Have an unrestrained flighted conure sit on your shoulder for an entire shift while you handle and feed snakes and other animals? Totally acceptable. I couldn't possibly forget the amount of bird shit at the register and around the store that was left uncleaned for weeks, and likely is still there now. I'm just frustrated at the fact she has hurt and put so many animals at risk and it's like no one gives a shit. I tell the GM and he's just like well what can you do, or an "I'll talk to her." and it's all so fake because nothing actually gets changed. I alert about illness in animals and I see that animal for sale for another week until it gets *really* sick or stays the same and either deteriorates and dies or it gets sold sick, or spreads the illness to all the other animals in the cage for the nth time. It's disgusting. It's just frustrating working somewhere that supposedly values animal welfare but even when customers complain about it, nothing changes. The 'funniest' encounter I had was when I saw that same CAL have a juvie blue-tongue skink just... clinging to her shoulder, trying not to slide off while she walked around without holding on to him. I told her she needs to hold on to him and not leave him dangling because they can't climb well and he could die from a drop like that, at the minimum get seriously injured. Like the poor thing was literally about to tumble. But I just got an, "I do this all the time and he's always been fine." and a "We aren't going to see eye to eye on this." Just because he has managed to HANG ON before doesn't mean he will always be able to cling to a vertical, moving surface 6 feet off the ground. Like are you kidding me. I could go on for a hot minute about this CAL honestly lmao. She got in trouble for carrying around the bird all day, so the verdict was just to continue wearing the bird like an accessory, except when the DGM comes by, then oh wow, where's the bird? In it's cage? How convenient. I literally watched this happen each time. She KNOWS she is doing wrong and is trying not to get caught and the GM is LETTING IT HAPPEN. But it makes sense, because VCP is what really matters, right? /s
So, the TLDR here is just find somewhere else before it gets worse. It will get worse. I have never had a job more frustrating than this one and it wasn't even about the workload for me lol. So off I go, to a much healthier and less frustrating environment where I can actually do my work in peace and not be a witness to animal abuse I can do next to nothing about. My only regret is that I didn't leave sooner.
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2023.06.04 08:22 takashi-kovak Should you withdraw Dividend Distributions or reinvest? A deep dive analysis

Should you withdraw Dividend Distributions or reinvest? A deep dive analysis
Many have asked a question "should you reinvest dividend distribution (DD) or use it as a cashflow" to pay bills, augment your lifestyle or plan to retire, and so on? Most of the feedback was to reinvest DD, with some suggesting withdrawing % of DD or withdrawing all of it. But, I have yet to see any detailed analysis like backtesting returns for Reinvestment (i.e. reinvest DD @ DRIP event) or DD Cashflow strategy (and use the income to buy something else) & tax implications on both those strategies. My goal is to share the analysis so you can make informed decisions.
I am using QYLD as it is similar covered call strategy like JEPI/JPEQ and has 10yrs of data for backtesting purposes. Note that the comparison mainly highlights returns and taxes' impact on Reinvestment vs. distribution strategies and is less about the underlying assets and their performance. Please share if there is a better comparison for JEPI with the same underlying assets as JEPI and uses covered call strategy.


  1. JEPI is showing resilience in gross returns (7%) when applying Dividend Distribution (DD) Cashflow strategy, in contrast to QYLD negative return (-25%) with the same strategy. However, it is only 3yr old, so I would wait until another 3-5 years to see if the trend continues. Until then, I recommend reinvest dividends.
  2. Taxes and Inflation erode nominal returns and, in some cases, turn negative, as JEPI's income is considered ordinary income (usually taxed @ 33% compared). JEPI's net-return per year (1.9% in 2022) has been lower than CD APY (~5%), though I would still invest in JEPI over the long term as I prefer equity market exposure.
  3. Yearly tax implication is enormous for both DD Reinvestment and Cashflow strategies. The reinvestment strategy is especially tricky as DD is immediately reinvested @ DRIP. Additionally, the problem is exacerbated as YoY taxes are growing @ double digit for the Reinvestment strategy. You would have to either sell % of the ETF, allocate only % of DD for DRIP, or use alternative income sources to pay taxes. To mitigate the burden, I recommend having a hybrid strategy of withdrawing % of DD to pay for taxes OR using ROTH IRA (though contribution limits apply).
  4. The total gross returns (Principal + DD) delta between the DD Cashflow VS. Reinvestment strategy was lower than I anticipated. I expected the delta would have been >50% due to the compounding effect.
  5. If you're in <60yrs or do not plan to retire, consider a Reinvestment strategy with a plan to set aside % of your income or DD Cashflow for taxes every year. If you're above >60yrs or plan to retire, consider moving to ETFs/Stocks that pay qualified dividends to lower your tax burden.


I will break down the analysis by principal return, distribution returns, and net returns after tax and inflation adjustment and compare that to benchmarks like SPX, and Nasdaq.
Principal Return
  1. JEPI with $1,000,000 over the past 3yrs showed a gross +40% increase (+$400K) return with DD reinvestment but was resilient with DD Cashflow showing a gross +7% increase (+$75K). Both strategies are lower than SPX return over the same period (~100%).
  2. Compared to another covered call ETF, QYLD performed poorly with a negative return of -25% (-$260K) with DD Cashflow. On the contrary, DD reinvestment showed outsized gains of +80% returns (+$800K), showing the power of compounding. However, it still underperformed than Nasdaq (+166%).
  3. Takeaway:
    1. JEPI was still positive with DD Cashflow, and my hypothesis is that JEPI is a well managed ETF & the fund is actively balancing to preserve principal while still paying out good dividends. However, I would wait a few more years before starting to use JEPI DD as a cashflow.
    2. Generally, high-yield stocks/ETF returns have a lower returns than indices. But, the fund should trend in the same direction as the indices. If they are not, the fund is not worth the investment, and you should look elsewhere.
JEPI Principal return with DD Reinvestment vs Cashflow
JEPI Returns with Reinvestment vs Cashflow compared to SPX
QYLD Principal Return with DD Reinvestment vs Cashflow
QYLD Returns compared to Cashflow
Dividend Payouts
  1. JEPI's total dividend payout over 3yrs (as of May 2023) was $350K with reinvestment vs $305K with DD Cashflow (delta: -$50K). I expected the delta would have been much higher, but compounding usually grows exponentially (see QYLD below) after 5-6 years of reinvestment, so I would wait and continue DD reinvestments.
  2. On the contrary, QYLD Dividend paid out $1.2M with Reinvestment over ~8yrs vs. $811K with Cashflow (approx half), indicating DD Reinvestment compounding resulted in higher payouts over a more extended period.
JEPI Dividend Payouts

QYLD Dividend Payouts
Yield Growth
  1. JEPI YoY gross yield is trending upwards though it needs to stay substantially higher than inflation to make returns net positive. See the net returns section below that shows net returns after tax and inflation adjustments. It is not pretty!
  2. Compared to QYLD, YOY gross yield stays much higher than inflation, providing net positive inflation-adjusted returns.
JEPI Dividend Yield vs Inflation
QYLD Yield vs Inflation rate
Tax Implication
  1. Both JEPI DD Reinvestment and Cashflow produce a huge tax burden for investors (calculated at 33% tax bracket). As seen below, the taxes trend line for JEPI Reinvestments is diverging & trending upwards from the Cashflow strategy. You can expect the divergence to grow exponentially due to the compounding effect, as validated by QYLD Reinvestment taxes owed are 2x of Cashflow.
  2. Taxes owed reduces net dividend yield over time, indicating that "tax drag" becomes significant over time. As expected, the tax implication with DD Cashflow is lower than DD Reinvestment due to the compounding effect of the latter.
  3. In numbers, you would owe ~$50K (@ 33% tax-brac) in taxes on dividends earned in 2022 with the Reinvestment strategy vs $41K with the Cashflow strategy. To see this over a 10yr period, QYLD Cashflow strategy shows near-flat trend line for taxes owed, whereas Reinvestment shows double-digit growth YoY in taxes owed.
  4. Unless you can come up with a lump sum of $40K-$50K (in 2022) for JEPI, I recommend setting aside 33% of DD for taxes. Even better, use ROTH IRA tax-advantaged investment, though you may be limited in how much you can contribute in a year ($6,000 max < 50yr).
JEPI Taxes owed YoY - Reinvestment vs Cashflow
QYLD Taxes owed YOY - Reinvestment vs Cashflow
Net Returns
  1. After paying taxes & adjusting for inflation, your returns are less than 5% (CD APY benchmark), and in some cases, negative. For e.g., JEPI Cashflow strategy post-tax and inflation adj. barely gave a 2% return in 2022, and the returns were negative in 2021. The Reinvestment strategy showed a slightly better return of 3.37% in 2022 but was negative (-0.89%) in 2021.
  2. Similarly, the QYLD Cashflow strategy shows negative returns in 2021 and 2022, but the Reinvestment strategy did far better (>5% return), again showing the Reinvestment strategy plays out well over the long term.
  3. Key takeaway is to track JEPI's net returns over time and rebalance if you the net returns are below 5%.
JEPI Gross vs Net Returns for Reinvestment strategy
JEPI Gross vs Net Returns for Cashflow Strategy
QYLD Gross vs Net Returns for Reinvestment strategy
QYLD Gross vs Net Returns for Cashflow Strategy
Disclaimer: I am sharing my personal take on JEPI. I am not a financial advisor, so please do your own research and consult FA. My goal is to share my research learnings while building my portfolio. This is my way of sharing back to the community, as I have learned so much from this community.
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2023.06.04 08:22 Roseae my (18f) boyfriend (18m) went on dating apps for the last few weeks and ended up talking to a girl. what do i do?

for context, my bf and i have been dating for seven months. when this conversation between him and the girl on the dating app happened, i was on vacation visiting my aunt and uncle for a week. my bf and i have had a wonderful relationship where i really felt like we loved and cared for one another and he never manipulated me, he always took my complaints to heart and was overall a nice, loving guy. that’s why i almost believed he didn’t do this.
so yesterday (saturday) evening, i discovered that my bf of seven months has been on dating apps and talked to a girl, who he then gave his insta to and she saw my initial in his bio, found me, and told me what happened while providing screenshots and video proof of their convo on plenty of fish. at first my bf denied it no matter how much i asked him about it, he claimed someone had set him up and i almost believed him. but eventually, he told the truth that it really was him.
he was so apologetic and said he was horrible and that i should make the best decision about our relationship. i said i wanted to see him in person to discuss what happened and see if maybe we could come to a solution. i suggested that since he was on dating apps for a few weeks, i should be on them too for a few weeks as well and talk to guys while we try to see if our relationship will still work. he seemed to accept that that was a possible route for us to take.
however as i’m laying awake tonight and thinking, i don’t know if i can look past this. he said he didn’t know what drove him to go on the dating apps and that he loved only me and that it was a stupid mistake, considering he has my initial in his bio and i also have his location. but i still can’t believe he would do this when our relationship was going so well.
anyway, i guess i’m just confused as to what to do because technically, he didn’t cheat on me, just talked to one girl (that i know of), and it wasn’t sexual at all. what should i do? if anyone has any advice i would really appreciate it, i feel so depressed because i really love this man.
tl;dr: my bf of 7 months went on dating apps for the past few weeks without my knowledge and i just found out today when a girl he ended up talking to texted me. should i try to talk things out with him in person?
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2023.06.04 08:22 seymour-stein 36 [M4F] LF someone to have a serious connection with

Slowmo Sunday. Just chilling at home, preparing myself for the next work week. It’s already half of the year so I am hoping to find someone who’ll make the 2nd half more interesting. I’m already 36 and I am looking for someone to have a serious connection with. I’m too old for situationships and tiring convos that lead to nowhere.
Something about me: I have a wide range of interest. I can talk pretty much about anything and have opinion about things. I work in Engineering field am I am interested in both science and arts. I consume different shows in Netflix during breaks from work but I really want to grab a book and read if I can find time. A graduate of Big 3 if this matters. On the chubby side and with eyeglasses.
About you: For familiarity, it would be nice if you are also from Big 3 and you’re pretty/cute. About my age or younger. I value someone who is also opinionated and can talk anything under the sun. Auto pass to DDS and apologist.
If you’ve reached this part and find me interesting, hit me up with a brief intro about you and let’s go from there.
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2023.06.04 08:21 throwawayanxietylas hi! Im sadly late on a bill and its stressing me out so if anyone ever felt like they wanted to tip/donate/support now would be the best of times <3 Might stream later today and next week I have both streams and videos for youtube ready to go! Also I just uploaded my 50'th vlog on patreon! <3

hi! Im sadly late on a bill and its stressing me out so if anyone ever felt like they wanted to tip/donate/support now would be the best of times <3 Might stream later today and next week I have both streams and videos for youtube ready to go! Also I just uploaded my 50'th vlog on patreon! <3 submitted by throwawayanxietylas to u/throwawayanxietylas [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 08:21 Significant-Notice- Where the AI extinction warning goes wrong

There is so much to say about this one, in my view it has been counterproductive for all those worried about AI safety. Here is one excerpt from my latest Bloomberg column:
Sometimes publicity stunts backfire. A case in point may be the one-sentence warning issued this week by the Center for AI Safety: “Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.”
…The first problem is the word “extinction.” Whether or not you think the current trajectory of AI systems poses an extinction risk — and I do not — the more you use that term, the more likely the matter will fall under the purview of the national security establishment. And its priority is to defeat foreign adversaries. The bureaucrats who staff the more mundane regulatory agencies will be shoved aside.
US national security experts are properly skeptical about the idea of an international agreement to limit AI systems, as they doubt anyone would be monitoring and sanctioning China, Russia or other states (even the UAE has a potentially powerful system on the way). So the more people say that AI systems can be super-powerful, the more national-security advisers will insist that US technology must always be superior. I happen to agree about the need for US dominance — but realize that this is an argument for accelerating AI research, not slowing it down.
A second problem with the statement is that many of the signers are important players in AI developments. So a common-sense objection might go like this: If you’re so concerned, why don’t you just stop working on AI? There is a perfectly legitimate response — you want to stay involved because you fear that if you leave, someone less responsible will be put in charge — but I am under no illusions that this argument would carry the day. As they say in politics, if you are explaining, you are losing.
The geographic distribution of the signatories will also create problems. Many of the best-known signers are on the West Coast, especially California and Seattle. There is a cluster from Toronto and a few from the UK, but the US Midwest and South are hardly represented. If I were a chief of staff to a member of Congress or political lobbyist, I would be wondering: Where are the community bankers? Where are the owners of auto dealerships? Why are so few states and House districts represented on the list?
I do not myself see the AI safety movement as a left-wing political project. But if all you knew about it was this document, you might conclude that it is. In short, the petition may be doing more to signal the weakness and narrowness of the movement than its strength.
Then there is the brevity of the statement itself. Perhaps this is a bold move, and it will help stimulate debate and generate ideas. But an alternative view is that the group could not agree on anything more. There is no accompanying white paper or set of policy recommendations. I praise the signers’ humility, but not their political instincts.
Again, consider the public as well as the political perception. If some well-known and very smart players in a given area think the world might end but make no recommendations about what to do about it, might you decide just to ignore them altogether? (“Get back to me when you’ve figured it out!”) What if a group of scientists announced that a large asteroid was headed toward Earth. I suspect they would have some very specific recommendations, on such issues as how to deflect the asteroid and prepare defenses.
Do read the whole thing. You will note that my arguments do not require any particular view of AGI risk, one way or the other. I view this statement as a mistake from all points of view, except perhaps for the accelerationists.
The post Where the AI extinction warning goes wrong appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

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2023.06.04 08:21 kozyguns Rival-S Out Of Battery

Rival-S Out Of Battery
Hey guys my Rival-S has been having issues with feeding - the ammo gets stuck on the feed ramp. And my local gunsmith noticed that the gun is always slightly out of battery. It seems like the barrel is getting stuck on the take down lever assembly. Maybe the spring is too stiff or maybe it’s machined out of tolerance. I’ve included a pic of my Rival-S takedown lever assembly (left) next to a standard Rival one (right) - my takedown assembly has marring on it as well, not sure if it’s more than what’s to be expected or not though.
I’m going to email Canik (Century Arms) to see if I can get a replacement sent to me since they just had my gun for a few weeks trying to resolve this issue but couldn’t. But just in case, does anyone have a link for the proper takedown lever assembly for the Rival-S? I found links for the Mete & Rival ( SKU PACN0129 ) but as you can see from my comparison pic, the Rival-S assembly is very different from the Rival.
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2023.06.04 08:20 ilovefubbles I'm not attracted to their lips?

I love a good make out sesh when it's done right, but this one persons lips are no where near proportioned to mine and it feels uncomfortable and I don't enjoy it. not only that, just their lips in general are not attractive to me (shape and size) so I feel no urge to kiss them, is this normal? they are a nice person but damn I love kissing and I don't feel drawn to it straight away with them. should I break it off?
if I tell them then there's nothing they can do about it... would probably make them feel bad about themselves even. but what if I break it off and it could potentially be something I grew into if I stayed? I need to know some of your thoughts on this
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