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Remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name.

2012.02.22 23:44 TheWox Mostly vintage photographs from around South Afrca


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Focused on modern management topics: lean thinking, Deming, innovation, customer focus, six sigma, continual improvement, agile software development and related topics focused on viewing the organization as a system, evidence based management and respect for people.

2023.06.04 08:53 mycousinswife Fucking my cousin's Wife

When I first met her 8 years ago I thought she was gorgeous and that my cousin really lucked out because she was witty, incredibly smart and personal, and super fun to be around too. The more I got to know her, the more I liked her. 7 years ago they got engaged and even though there had never been anything between her and I, my gut hurt like a heartbreak and I realized just how much my feelings for her had snowballed into more than I bargained for. I was insanely jealous and thought about sabotaging their relationship because I wanted a chance with her. I never did it, but the thought crossed my mind. 6 years ago, my cousin confided in me that he had been interested in the swinger lifestyle and was contemplating bringing it up with her. They weren't married yet. He didn't want to scare her away but he also was worried it would affect their engagement if he brought it up. I encouraged him to, and not for selfish reasons. I honestly thought that if she truly loved him then she would consider his kink interest in swinging. If she gave him a hard no, then would he really want to spend the rest of his life with someone who wouldn't at least compromise somehow? Idk. I thought it made sense.
Anyway. He proposed the lifestyle to her and learned that she was not only interested, she was polyamorous and had been too nervous to bring it up for fear it would affect their engagement. Great. Just my fucking luck. 2 months later they are visiting me for a long weekend when we all had a friday off work. We decided to re-live childhood fun by making a giant blanket fort to watch a movie in and order take out. So at this point my cousin and I were both 29, she was 28(just a few months younger than myself). My cousin insisted that we need popcorn so he was going to make a quick trip to the store for popcorn and snacks. As he left, he joked that he knew his fiancee thought I was hot, and that I'd better take "really good care of her" before he gets back and winked at me. I laughed thinking he was just trying to make a cheesy joke but then he pulled out his phone and set an alarm, showing me, and said that I only had about 1 hour so I'd better "make it worth it".
She was in the living room setting up while he said this to me at the front door. I thought it was a really bizarre way to joke because he wasn't normally like that. And the it clicked.... they must think I'm willing to get involved sexually with her. I walled the 19 feet to the living room and rounded the corner to find her half naked, jeans draped on the sofa, pulling her shirt up to expose her stomach. She said she knew I was attracted to her, and then told me she was interested in me too and that she knew this must be so out of the blue, but that she wanted me so badly. My cock had never been so hard so fast. All I though was No, this is not okay, this is not how I wanted to get her. She kept talking though, telling me that she knew this must be a bit odd but that they were opening up their relationship and she had permission to "fool around" with me.... if I was interested.
Now when I say her tongue was down my throat in an instant, that's an understatement. The speed at which I grabbed her to kiss and pull against me felt like I hadn't even let her finish what she was saying. I could not believe it. It was like a too-good-to-be-true porno. We were frantically undressing each other, grabbing, kissing, biting holy fuck I didn't know I was into being bit. I could feel how wet she was against my leg when she rubbed up on me and I had to taste her. As soon as I started eating her out she stopped me, repositioned herself so we could 69 and God fucking dammit I have never had such amazing head. Within 3 minutes we were fucking. Every surface in my living room that day was christened and she told me repeatedly how much she had lusted after me and was so scared to bring it up, and how she couldn't believe she had been "missing out on this" this whole time. I naively responded much to the same sentiment and we damn well made the absolute most of that hour.
Just revisiting that memory has me rock solid.
The 3 of us talked that night about their lifestyle and the agreements they had in place, and how they both trusted me etc.. basically their agreement with each other includes that any sexual partners one or the other has must be approved by each other, ahead of time, and never in secret.
My issue is that, they got married that year, but she was having doubts about getting married and was afraid to pull out of the wedding because of family pressure. Yet, her and I have continued to have sex every chance we can.... and my cousin doesn't know.
His wife is having an affair, with me. I don't know how to stop, I don't even want to stop. It's been 6 years now and the guilt is eating me alive. My cousin is one of my best friends, I truly don't want him to hurt, and here I'm the asshole that's fucking his wife. I want her to leave him, and she wants to, but they had a kid together unplanned(broken condom) and she feels obligated to stay. I feel like I'm in love with her. I feel more committed to her than I ever was to my last girlfriend of 7+ years. I just want to end the agony of keeping everything so fucking secret and dishonest to my family, but I don't know where to start. I cannot stop thinking about her, fantasizing, it's driving me insane.
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2023.06.04 08:53 lawfullytired I am autistic and I constantly feel that I am too weird and it puts people off. Am I just overreacting?

And please don’t say I’m not- I have always been weird and I know that, it’s just that there’s a “good weird” and a “bad weird” and it makes me feel like shit because no matter how hard I try it seems like there’s nothing I can do to fix it. This is both with friends AND potential romantic interests (which usually would start as friends lol). I won’t go into a whole spiel since that’s my issue, but my whole life I have had an issue of just saying everything that I feel- obviously this has made me come across as blunt and very honest, but I’ve gotten a lot of compliments from people that say they like it because they know I won’t BS them.
Unfortunately though, a lot of the time it also seems to put people off. I have autism and ADHD, and rejection sensitive issues have been something I’ve had issues with a lot so I genuinely might be overreacting about something small. I can’t tell, but sometimes I’ll say something as a joke and someone will be like “I think we should stop talking now” or “I’m just not gonna ask.” They usually say it while laughing but I don’t know if they mean I made them uncomfortable or not. Now, before anyone asks it’s not offensive weird or anything like that. I just will go off on weird tangents and infodump about things.
I will also say I know I am a very good communicator in person. People have told me they like that I seem very down to earth, but I’m very good at talking to people as well. Even though I have the trademark autistic issues with socializing, no one has ever said I talk over them or things like that. I just like opening up to people, and I show my full personality even if we aren’t super close. I feel like faking who I am would just be pointless, but it does make me sad because sometimes I really do feel like I’m just so weird it’s hard for people to like me. I have only a few friends, but I started talking to two girls recently because they are mutual friends. But I really feel like I come across as too weird.
I might be overreacting because I asked one to hang out once and she texted me saying she “100% considers me a friend” just days ago, but I keep second guessing myself. I try to tell myself that’s just their humor style (they’re very blunt and have sarcastic/fake mean humor so sometimes I perceive it as them not liking me when that may not be true). Even worse, I was planning on moving to a big city soon (I’m a college of 2k right now and may transfer to one with 60k) and if it becomes clear that I am objectively a bad weird, I really don’t know what I would do.
Am I just overreacting? Or should I stop talking to them/change how I act? I’d like to say since I have a decent amount of friends that means it can’t be ALL bad, but I really don’t know.
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2023.06.04 08:53 AutoModerator Fresh And Fit - DMS on Demand (with zoom calls)

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2023.06.04 08:53 Aggressive-Coffee855 Do this look like rot?

Do this look like rot?
This is my mammillario zeilmanniana which I’ve only had a couple of weeks. I purchased it from a cactus nursery but it seems to be slightly yellow around the middle and feels a little softer than I would expect (I obviously can’t touch it much). Even the top and pups are a little soft. I took it out of its plastic pot - it was rooting out of the bottom and distorting the pot shape so I checked the roots and they looked ok. It is now in a terracotta pot in specialist cactus soil to help me not overwater it. It is worth taking a pup off just in case?
Would be grateful for any advice, I am a beginner 😁
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2023.06.04 08:53 Consistent-Turn-1079 YA graphic novel series about a girl a floating alien thing she found in her basement..?

i read this book series around 2014/2015 when i was in middle school and i randomly just remembered those creepy floating alien slime blob things that were in the story..and now i cannot remember what that story was about/the title/authothe characters/literally anything more about the storyline!
i believe what happened was this girl and her mom moved into a new house and she went down to the basement and got spooked by one of those floating slime blob alien things with really creepy eyes. i also remember something about a necklace/amulet? that is it.
i am a college sophomore now and read this roughly when i was in 5th grade so about 2014. i remember it was a pretty popular book amongst my school and it was always checked out from the library so it could’ve been popular elsewhere, too. it is driving me mad because i cannot remember anymore details than what i’ve shared here! let me know what y’all think! i appreciate it! :)
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2023.06.04 08:53 Sjguy81 Investigating a psychopath

To start off its my gf’s father but im not personally attacking him. No bias involved. I have a lot of humint training and its how i got to this point. He had his daughter brainwashed by a constant flow of manipulation. I read through him rather quickly but kept it to myself. She wouldn’t have believed me anyway. He was an inmate in USP Atlanta in the early 80’s when it was a high security federal prison. His daughter and exwife had no clue of this. I kept my distance and just didnt allow any of his games to get to me. My gf and i moved in together and he wanted to move in also. No way. Thats when he went on the attack. Without her know he turned the neighborhood against us, lied to the police about me and even went as far as going to her therapist and tried getting her hospitalized. People eat up his act and he has it down perfectly. But now his daughter knows whos behind the mask. Im trying to figure out what put him in club fed. It happened as a minor and carried him till he was 21. So to go to a usp for a crime as a juvenile it had to be bad.
What i have so far is he told someone he lit a gas station on fire years ago. But thats not club fed worthy. Looking around his hometown history i found a post about a string of fires happened on the same road as the gas station and included an apartment building. I spoke to a friend at the bureau of prisons and in the system hes there but no info beyond high security inmate at usp Atlanta. We figured out that’s because he was a minor. Those fires he would have been 15. Old enough to charge. He lied about what school he went to also. Because i went back in archives and checked year books to see when he disappeared. He took his daughter to the school once to go fishing. The school was in Berlin nj. The school he said he went to was in pennsauken. There is a school in Berlin for kids with behavior issues and there is a lake on the campus. I showed her and that was it. Her mom is in denial or knows and is covering. Because she claims the federal bureau of prisons is wrong, its my fault. I must have put it there.
So im looking for info on charges for the fires in haddon heights NJ around 1978. They happened on station ave. I have his info but if i put it on here its searchable so pm me
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2023.06.04 08:52 Fit_Introduction2505 Intents

What u guys think about intents Saturday. I know there have been already some posts - but I’m particularly interested in the Music. I kind of had some times where I just didn’t know where to go because everything was not right. I do love uptempo - I even went there because the line up was promising. But even for me the ends where too hard and everything sounded the same. Just my opinion (maybe people who like uptempo should answer this question) Also I was really disappointed by the Rooler set - for me the worst so far? Also I was kind of sad that there was nearly no hardcore playing - but as it is intents that was predictable. I just wanna know if someone shares my opinion or not, maybe I‘m just getting too old..
Also I thought it was way to crowed, and at some points not really good organised. But that’s another topic.
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2023.06.04 08:52 playstationinsighter M 23 broke up with my girlfriend a few hours ago. I don’t know if it was the right decision to make or not.

I broke up with my gf (4 month relationship) because I didn’t see a future as our goals were different. She wanted to stay in the country while I mean to move out. But now she wants to compromise all her goals and dreams for me, and I just can’t let her do that as that could lead to massive regrets in the future. I want her to follow her passions and be her own person and not give up anything for me. I genuinely can’t figure out my feelings for her and I even took a month’s time to figure how I feel, and I did tell her about the same but she is hell bent on seeing things through. Did i take the right decision?? I am just so worried about her well being right now. I just hope she moves on soon and finds happiness within herself.
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2023.06.04 08:52 Sensitive_Put7999 I am marrying my cousin

I (18 f) got proposal from my father's brother to marry his son (22m) .It is now this relation has came up but before this i use to call him brother.ya i know it went awkward. But he is indeed man of responsibility and respect.we use to talk before and from that I can say we have a lot common thinking.he is really educated in his thoughts.from his behaviour earlier i thought he was interested in me . Now when our marriage is fixed .but after I get graduate we haven't talked a bit .when ever I see him i just change my path and same to him cause of family maybe . My parents don't show any restriction to talk to him but his mother might not like it i think . And being a girl i think I should not initiate cause it might cause problems. You might think why do u even want to talk so let me tell u i have a lot to discuss about my career and i think we should clear some things before marriage. He is showing cold sholder towards me and now I am having doubt if he even wants to marry me .....
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2023.06.04 08:52 erahenchanted I feel stuck

Hi, i just wanna vent out because i have been stressed out of my mind lately.
So i live in Al Ain. Ive been here for 6 years and have been working in the same company for that long as well. I started strong with my work and was looking forward to apply for a promotion how ever for the the next 3 years i had some medical condition that had stopped me to grow my career. Ive been blessed with a good company that supported me during those years with all the hospitalization and everything.
Now that im better, ive been back at doing better than before but i feel stuck. I know i shouldn't be jealous with other people's success and all but i just feel frustrated i guess that i have been in the same position for 6 years and I dont know if my current company sees me as capable of being promoted or something. I just wish they would give me chance to show them that Im capable of doing more work and responsibility than what im doing now.
I also need a higher salary cause of the medical condition that i have cause i need to buy medicines and have to go to a monthly check up also of course to help out my family back home.
Dont get me wrong, im very grateful of what i have now. I really am. I just feel stuck that i dont know if i should wait for them to promote me or move forward to a different company. Also its hard to look for a job right now. Hahaha.
Thanks for reading if anyone did. I just needed to vent. Peace ❤
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2023.06.04 08:52 GhillieInTheFallout What timing 😕

I was literally about to beat the final boss and it kicked me out and now it's giving a code 75. Talk about bs. Man I had no problem with being always online but damn. Forget this.
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2023.06.04 08:52 JP-saux Game idea: Bowling arquitect

Ok hear me out with this, you may like this idea. But a game where you build your own bowling alley. A combination of planet coaster stile and prison arquitect.
So you build your space with the available terrain, you purchase the decorations, the machines, everything. You build it like you want, but you need to make sure is a good place for the npc’s (like planet coaster), gain money and with time improve your bowling alley.
You manage the economy, administration, employees, etc… You are free to build it like you want.
The npc’s could walk around and use the spaces as you stablished (like prison arquitect). Play, pay, etc…
Hope my English didn’t ruin my idea lol. But what do you think? I’m not a programmer so I hope someone like’s this and keeps it in mind.
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2023.06.04 08:52 905colin My Game isnt letting me access my saved file?

I just reinstalled it to play with my boys, but now it’s telling me im missing a 500 tp medals and wanted me to buy it? So i did and it still is saying the same thing and it wants me to restart the entire game? Any thoughts?
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2023.06.04 08:52 WeebSlayer27 Is it just me or the game is actually garbage af?

Idk if the shaman in the frog village is the last boss, idk, I just want this to end.
Whoever thought it was a good idea to lock difficulty per playthrough deserves time in hell.
Bloody Whiskers is literally unbearable, this is unhealthy.
Bosses are just NOT fun at all, getting one-two shot isn't fun lol. And the speed buff of some enemies is just ridiculous, it's beyond non-reactable. Hulk Molgan is literally godspeed.
Couple that with controls with NO input buffer at all... like, what? Is this deliberate?
And what's up with combos? Enemies literally do a DMC combo to you, is this on purpose?
I might was well download so chinese extreme hardcore rythm game and start straining my fingers instead of beating my head to wall in each boss I encounter.
EACH boss takes me about an hour.
(Now, I'm not new in "difficult" games, I'm familiar with the souls series, Doom nightmare runs and some metroidvanias like Hollow Knight or Bloodstained).
Last time I saw this horrible implementation of high difficulty was in call of duty campaign.
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2023.06.04 08:52 Global-Preference-77 Am I being unreasonable for expecting my boyfriend to tell me the things I want to hear about my body?

My (24f) boyfriend (34m) and I have been together for a few months. We’re in a fairly new relationship. On our first date I expressed that I dislike when people stop caring for their appearance once they’re in a relationship and he strongly agreed with me. In my previous relationship I gained a ton of weight and stopped caring for my appearance because I was having issues with my now ex boyfriend. He was pretty abusive and would get mad when I got ready because “I was looking to get others’ attention”. I look back at those times with much regret in letting myself go.
Anyway, 5 years later, I’ve worked hard to lose all the weight I gained and more and now I’m the skinniest and fittest I’ve ever been but there are still some things I would like to improve. I find that my boyfriend is unwilling to tell me what I want to hear in the name of “honesty”. He’s told me before that I have no tits, which I thought was weird because no one has ever said that to me and I think they’re normal for my size (5’5, 145 lbs, 34B). On another occasion I was wearing a top that exposed my arms and he pointed out the stretch marks on the inside of my arms close to my arm pits. I’m very self conscious about my arms so I took this one heavily but he said it was a joke so I dropped it. He’s also made comments about my stomach when I was shopping for a dress to wear to his friend’s wedding and he told me I looked pregnant. We fought over that one for a few days. He apologized to me several times but I can’t get over it. Today, I was shopping for jeans and we were on the phone and we started talking about glute exercises and I asked him if I had a fat ass hoping that he’d say yes but he said I have a medium ass. I was extremely bothered by this and he responded by telling me he doesn’t lie to me. I brought up the times in the past when he’s told me he loves my ass and he reassured me that he loved my medium sized ass. I replied that he’s constantly humbling me and I didn’t expect my bf to be the one to humble me and he said maybe that’s why life brought us together. We ended the call because he said he didn’t want me to ruin his weekend.
Am I overreacting? Is it reasonable to expect my bf to tell me what I want to hear when it comes to my body? Thoughts?
TL;DR - my boyfriend won’t tell me what I want to hear about my body when I ask him about a specific feature. Am I being unreasonable by expecting him to tell me what I want to hear??
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2023.06.04 08:52 simpletruths2 Should I be unhappy

My spouse has a party for a worker and wanted me to go to it with him. We drove 200+ miles. He told me it would be in and out. I figured it might be a couple of hours. Turns out it was all night. I knew no one and felt awkward. I left and walked for nearly 3 hours. I got my exercise but felt bummed about it. Made my spouse mad at me for not being more supportive and continue making this a night for him. Should I be happy with him or am I being unfair by being bummed and bored?
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2023.06.04 08:51 daveey_g [H] United Airlines Gift card Voucher $1000 [W] Crypto 70%, Paypal G&S 76%

Hello my friends.
I have a $1000 United Airlines Giftcard that I want to part ways with for crypto at a rate of 75% and 82% for Paypal (Only accepting confirmed traders with 30+ trades for Paypal). Here are the details.
How I got the card. I'm an Australian that was living in the Carribean for 2 years and my return flight home led me to take a flight from Newark International to LAX. When I had already checked in and was waiting at the boarding gate for my flight an hour before the plane was to arrive, the United Airlines staff announced on the loudspeaker that they overbooked the flight and were looking for volunteers to give up their ticket for a later time in exchange for a $1000 giftcard. I was happy to accept.
Why do I want to sell the gift card? I accepted the gift card voucher because it was very valuable and it did not interfere with my connecting flight. But I am not from America and don't have any real plan to return. All my family are from Australia so they don't have use for it either. So I want to trade the voucher with someone that can use it.
Gift Card Voucher Details crossed out sensitive information obviously. But all the information is there. If you are interested and want further clarification about the gift card, I suggest calling up United Airlines to be certain. It's $1000 that will be added to your United Airlines account once its redeemed and will expire a year from now.
Accepted payment I accept any crypto at 70% and Paypal G&S at 76%. For your convenience I accept the following low cost transaction cryptos: -Busd bep20 -USDT trc20 -LTC
If you have any questions about the gift card or about crypto payments I am willing to accept, leave a comment below and send me a message and I also suggest calling United Airlinesto clarify information about the card. Likewise if you are interested in trading, please leave a comment below, then send a message. Please do not send a chat request. All chat requests will be ignored.Thank you.
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2023.06.04 08:51 queentofu gold in these comments. she will NEVER talk about what we wanna know.

gold in these comments. she will NEVER talk about what we wanna know.
okay guys. i’m done. i’ve snarked my ass off enough. i will still be reading and maybe will reply here or there if the mood strikes. but i’m done and i feel like i’m crossing over into a weird line here of snarking a bit too much to the point that it might be not the healthiest. i really just am someone who used to be a subscriber who thought she was genuine and authentic like she claimed to be. i guess i am just as flabbergasted and baffled as everyone else here. i guess i feel stupid and misled by someone i thought was a genuine person to look up to in a way as someone in recovery myself.
i just wanted to post these. i marked out people’s names but i color coded everyone with their own color. it’s wild to me the things she will like, the things she responds to, and the things she doesn’t.
does she not see that her silence says more than the fluff blabber she throws out there? does she not see that WE know she sees the stuff we are saying? we know she’s ignoring it. she deletes people’s comments off stuff and she picks the poorly worded comments to actually answer because they are easier for her to deflect on. if someone actually comes with a well worded - VALID form of the question - surprise! we don’t get answers. we won’t get accountability.
she thinks she’s really doing something by answering specific comments and then goes quiet when people get too specific for her to handle.
i included the one where she liked someone saying “the truth always comes out” just because i think it’s going to be GOLD when this all goes to shit and when she and J have a falling out and he turns on her. also when R can finally say his side. also when who knows what other shit is going to leak through the cracks.
before i make this my last post for a while - again, i just want to state that she needs to log off and take this dirty laundry toxic shit off the internet for the sake of herself - everyone involved and MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE: her children.
and to Jess (if you ever read this): anything i’ve posted - and i’ve been very careful with the way i’ve worded posts as well as comments - which you can see by viewing my profile… everything i’ve posted or said is what REAL “constructive criticism” actually looks like.
YOU made us feel like we deserve answers because you offered to come correct with proof about what we want to know in the first place. the drug tests for DSS/CPS…. the allegations of cheating on both sides with your ex. and then you back pedaled on it and now you have decided to completely gaslight ALL of us when YOU are the one who offered to speak on those things in the first place.
your manipulative and deflective trash might work with the majority of people in your life and online… but it doesn’t work for all of us. those of us with more than one brain cell and a clue.
the thing i really want you to take away from this is this: sure, you might upset a lot of people if you go dark on the internet. but it would be respectable at this point. healthy minded people see that’s not only the right thing for you to do - but the only way to ACTUALLY save your ass at this point.
not only that - but don’t EVER build a platform on being sober, being authentic, real, raw, honest, and “an open book” - promising us answers and saying you’re going to speak on things only to turn around and gaslight everyone by saying we are obsessed with your (sex) life and that we only get to know what you want to share and that we aren’t entitled to intimate details of your life. you have no problem sharing intimate details of your life as long as YOU don’t look like the bad guy. as long as YOU look like the victim. at the expense of everyone around you - and more than anyone else: your kids.
and yes - everyone has a right to change their minds… but just be honest about why you changed your mind. even if you said, “hey, you know what? i don’t want to speak about these things anymore because it doesn’t paint me in the best light and i’m scared of looking horrible for the things i’ve done.” even THAT would be more honorable and honest than what you’re doing.
just know - you have gaslit the people who got you that plaque. you have gaslit the ones who got you started on youtube in the first place. you said so yourself. we did that for you. the TRUE constructive criticism (not hate) is coming from those of us who are upset because we followed you and thought the world of you in the first place.
everyone fucks up. we are human. you acting like you are only ever a victim responding out of reactive abuse isn’t admitting your faults or fuck ups. you aren’t a victim 100% of the time. and you’d rather have us believe that lie than just being AN OPEN BOOK that you claim to be.
log off. take a break from online. work on healing for yourself and your children. use your degree you’re so proud of and get a real job that doesn’t involve monetarily gaining off ruining your ex online and blasting intimate details of your children’s lives.
go eat a sandwich and take a nap.
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2023.06.04 08:51 BulkySpace6541 This might be the best Foundation ever !!!No Primer used

This might be the best Foundation ever !!!No Primer used
It’s the Armani luminous silk foundation 😍😍 Concealer: Fit me 05 Blush: Kylie -Winter Kissed Bronzer: Catrice Summer Edition Lipliner: Essence Soft and Precise 202 Eyeliner:Essence Waterproof
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2023.06.04 08:51 stalagit68 Once again, x proves he's socially stunted

So ex remarried. (Good for him. Don't care.) Recently I found out that a young (teenage) family member was in a horrific car accident. They had been ejected from the car, airlifted to a trauma center. They are almost 3 hours from their own parents. 5+ hours from the extended family. Almost 20 hours from me. And They are still unconscious after 10+ days.
With summer soon arriving, and having arrangements for our kids, I contacted my ex. I told him about the accident, and I told him, '(name) had an accident. They were ejected from a car. They haven't regained consciousness. We are in a holding pattern right now. If we are summoned, we will be flying up to be with family'.
The purpose of me telling him about the situation was not about getting sympathy, it was to let him know that our parenting plan might need to be modified due to the circumstances.
Instead of showing any kind of compassion. What does this jerk say.....? "Oh. My wife had a car accident too. She backed into sign post". Yeah. No comparison asshole. Let me know when she gets ejected from a vehicle and slams her head into the pavement
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2023.06.04 08:51 mariedel123 What do I do in this situation?

My best friend (almost 19F) has been recently working with this guy at her job, and they’ve been getting along pretty well. He’s quite attractive and I sense that they’re both somewhat into each other, as from what she’s told me they’ve been a little flirty. He’s got some mutual ish friends with me, but no one I know is that close with him. Anyways, today I found out that he is the son of one of the world’s most famous criminals. I don’t know if I should tell my friend or not, because I don’t want to put her off him unnecessarily -apparently he’s really nice but his father has murdered multiple people and committed several crimes. So now I find myself sort of stuck. What should I do?
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2023.06.04 08:51 MarTheGhost 1 year, 3 months, 28 days.

My ragtag group of adventurers, brought to Barovia for one reason or another, has finally defeated the Curse of Strahd. This campaign taught me so many different things about not only D&D, but about my friends and the characters they played. This campaign was the reason my boyfriend became my boyfriend in the first place, the relationships I've built are truly one of a kind, and I genuinely am excited to see where the next one takes us.
Thank you, to my group, who allowed me to DM for them. It is something I will never forget. And to those out there just started this adventure or are somewhere in the middle or even near the end, give a round of cheers to you and your group next session for me.
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