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Subreddit dedicated to the FX television series, Sons of Anarchy.

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A place to gush about all those badboy bikers in FX's Sons of Anarchy.

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For discussion of all the good shows on right now. Parks & Rec. Game of Thrones. Community. Breaking Bad. Louie. Sherlock. Spartacus. Sons of Anarchy. Mad Men. Dexter. Sons of Anarchy. Curb Your Enthusiasm. You get the drift.

2023.03.25 09:03 CookieMunstir ASD level 1 and I'm so confused

My son was diagnosed in December with level 1 ASD and the diagnosis was a complete shock to us. His teachers told us his behaviors were of a typical 3 year old but there was just "a lot of them" requiring redirection.
"L" no running in the classroom. "Ok!" Stops running. Gets what he needs. Runs back to his seat. "L" we said no running. ... Kind of thing
I jumped on how can I help him and started getting evaluations for OT, SLP, ABA, music therapy, neurofeedback, anything that he might need. I felt like I didn't know my kid. But he doesn't need OT or SLP. Neurofeedback says he's ADHD. A BCBA works with him at his school environment but recently said she thinks he might also be ADHD. The psychologists tell me they won't evaluate for that until he's 5. I asked about second opinion (also have spoken with developmental pediatricians) and they said since he already has the autism diagnosis they would only evaluate for ADHD.
I'm in the process of getting him evaluated with the local public school for IEP/504. There was an OT, SLP, and school psychologist there. They told me they don't think he's autistic. That he's too social and outgoing. We go back for part 2 of the assessment in a few weeks.
Some things I've learned about my son: he's a ham, loves to make people laugh, will talk your ear off, he elopes, he'll look you in eyes all day long, gross and fine motor development are great, loves to be with people, struggles with mental inflexibility but getting better with functional communication, transitions can be HARD for him but where he used to tantrum for 30-45 minutes now it's 30 seconds to 5 min. Changes in routine don't bother him. He's capable of a lot but it takes foreverrrrrr to get anything done, that internal motivation for non-preferred activities is low. He can have physical aggression towards other children when they make him mad. But to be honest, I've seen a lot of these interactions and most of the time L uses his words, other kid doesn't respond or do something without asking, other kid gets physical, L gets physical back but is more forceful than the other kid. He's sensitive and likes rules but recently he's been telling other kids at school they don't have to listen to the teacher.
I feel so lost. It's he autistic? ADHD? Both? Neither and some other sensory problem? I love him and accept him for whatever he's going through I just want to help and I feel like nothing fits quite right. I know many in this community have such bigger struggles and I almost feel guilty for venting. But I just feel so confused and this community is incredibly supportive. If you've read this far, thanks for taking the time.
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2023.03.25 09:02 Viciousssylveon Is this a canine...canine? My son wanted me to make a necklace of it I'm quite proud of the results

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2023.03.25 09:02 TronCurtain Jean-Luc haunted by Lysian deaths?

Just an interesting nitpick. The conditions under which Picard oversees 11,000+ casualties as Locutus are essentially identical to the trick played on him (and the rest of the crew) in the season 5 episode "Conundrum." It's unclear how many Lysians are killed under Commander MacDuff's influence, but the Enterprise takes out a small fleet of their defensive ships before setting its sights on a station carrying 15,000 beings. This isn't something the writers dwelled upon obviously, since the Satarran-Lysian war is a self-contained plotline, but I'm wondering if this is the only other instance in which the captain is puppeted into killing a large group of people, and if it is, is it ever given similar recognition to the lives lost at Wolf 359?
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2023.03.25 09:02 1228Millo Thoughts on the Blindsight comic?

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2023.03.25 09:02 nocturnavi VCT 2023 — Pacific League / Week 1 Day 1 / Live Discussion Thread


VCT Pacific is one of three international leagues where teams play to qualify for Masters and Champions. It features partnered teams from Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.
Coverage: Liquipedia THESPIKE
Official Information: Website VCT 2023 VCT Pacific
General Resources: VCT Ruleset Global Contract Database subreddit guide to VALORANT Esports
Pacific League:


ZETA DIVISION vs DRX 6:00 PM 5:00 AM 10:00 AM 2:30 PM 5:00 PM 8:00 PM
T1 vs Global Esports 9:00 PM 8:00 AM 1:00 PM 5:30 PM 8:00 PM 11:00 PM


Broadcast Talent

Host Commentators & Analysts
Victoria "Chubbyninja" Cheng Seth "Achilios" King
Clinton "Paperthin" Bader
Nicolas "Tasteless" Plott
William "chobra" Cho
Brendan "valdes" Valdes
Kentrell "heyimquack" Kwek
See Liquipedia for talent from non-English streams


Team Record
DetonatioN FocusMe 0-0
DRX 0-0
Gen.G 0-0
Global Esports 0-0
Paper Rex 0-0
Rex Regum Qeon 0-0
T1 0-0
Talon Esports 0-0
Team Secret 0-0


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2023.03.25 09:02 NataliaCaptions Anyone else thinks Shaman king 2001 is just straight up better (manga included) ?

No, I'm not talking in terms of anime, but the STORY as a whole is just better in the 2001 anime ; or, at least, the execution is which is what's really matter in the end.
(The osorezan arc is good, the end too but those are the only thing)
Once the manga reaches the second round of the shaman fight, the story devolves into a meaningless... I don't even know how to describe it frankly. It's a collection of non-tournament fights over and over whose only purpose, beyond powering our heroes, is to preach mddle school-tier morals. Holy fuck do they talk to say nothing. Do they keep fighting until any semblance of danger Hao's group inspired disappear. Do they keep dying until death itself doesn't carry any weight. So, yes, ofc the ending is good but 50% of the manga is just so bland. Let's compare some things from the old anime, to the manga that will showcase what I mean by "execution" The X-lays and Lyserg In 2001 Lyserg, consumed by rage, becomes a jerk and join a literal cult. The X-laws finally try to defeat Hao with the gate of Babylon and get BTFO... then Meene, Kevin and Venstar try their last desperate attempt to kill Hao with the oxygen-consuming grenade... it fails and their story arc finally ends with Lyserg reuniting with Morphine and gathering the power of all the X-laws into an all-powerful angel oversoul. In the end, the x-laws were a threat, went out with a bang and made Lyserg grow as a person while showing how a vulnerable person can easily be led astray by cults. In the manga? It starts out the same theeeeen.... they do nothing except staying on their boat ; they try to get rid of Yoh by making him forfeit (instead of killing him to highlight how crusadey they really are), and it pitiful concludes by saying the x-laws were fake from the beggining, that they don't really have angels? Ok? What does it matter except preaching again (more on that latter). Lyserg too, stays the same, never face the darkness of his rage and just casually realize that revenge is wrong.
Speaking of execution, again, having the shaman fight takes place in a secret subterranean realm where the great spirit lies after journeying for 3 months across america is also better than a random island south of Japan, full of ruined houses and mediocre sceneries. I don't know what Takei was thinking about. The american desert adds to the "mystique" of shaman king.
So yeah, as a whole, I think Takei is an ambitious author without the talent to back it up. He tries to be like Togashi and his HunterXHunter with nuanced morals, a complex power system and a plot that doesn't follow regular shônen tropes but can't execute it. Instead of the creative abilities of Nen we then get a collection of "Your furyoku isn't high enough to beat me!!" over and over. And instead of showcasing his morals through ACTIONS, he preaches. The worst thing, again, is the X-laws. Wow, Takei, so you want to tell me that (monotheist) religion can turn people into fanatics and is build on lies. How about you do that like the 2001 anime did by effectively showing how a boy can fall down into a literal cult instead of having Lukist TALK about it? What truly exposed Takei's pretentiousness is Yoh's comment about how "God" is fake just like the angels were.... EXCUSE ME??? There IS a GOD in the shaman king universe, it's the GREAT SPIRIT. I thought it was agreed upon that all religions in that universe had a kenel of truth. Jesus being the "son of God" is because he got the Great spirit, right? Damn, so you just wanted to do the "hey, christianity bad" thingie like all those 90s JRPGs, didn't you Takei?
I'm sorry for wasting so much time on the X-laws, but people keep saying how Shaman king isn't about fights, it's about the *philosophy*, but the philosophy is nothing that a middleschooler couldn't come up with, at least in its execution. Despite this, I love Shaman king, but the reason it's so beloved worldwide, let's be real is because the anime adaptation managed to keep the feeling and the mystique of the first 15 volumes until the 64th episode. Now sure, the 2001 anime doesn't have a great story either, and it's full of useless fillers too (all those invented shaman teams), but at least the charms persist (on top of having a great OST). The manga can't do that except for small arcs (Osorezan and the end)
Let's end of a good note, the final scene of the x-laws arc in 2001 : (at 5mins for the best part)
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2023.03.25 09:01 King0ff Dew it again

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2023.03.25 09:01 eatmyownshit Not sure if ADHD related or not but ya'll should play with chatGPT if you haven't already

I have a hard time turning my thoughts into words, but also I don't, idk, it's frustrating, and I'm not sure how to explain how amazing it feels when I describe something to chatgpt in a very unorganized, repetitive, list-like fashion, and it can organize those thoughts and details into something that makes sense AND is well written! I just asked it to write a song about a father and son and described the details that came to mind about the relationship I had with my dad, who is now dead. The song it produced, I feel like wouldn't be especially praise worthy, but that feeling of having my thoughts turned into words that flow and make sense, and it truly amazes me how chatgpt will come up with ways to describe or find a better way to say what is going on in my head, and how "smart" it is... people aren't exaggerating when they talk about the future of this technology. I've cried multiple times just in the 2 days since I've started experimenting with this incredible tool. In a way, I also feel like it's helping me to become better at turning my thoughts in to words on my own.... and on that note, I truly see the potential of this technology when utilized as a tool, and not a "do this for me" type of thing, if you spend time curating it's responses, you can use it "think" for you in a way, but you're still making the decision on what's best and what the final product will be. Anyways, just check it out, I've been having fun, I think ya'll will too. Sorry if this is already well known or whatever
edit: that it makes a difference and is worth it to experiment with the new GPT4 vs. GPT3 especially when it comes to creative stuff, and chatgptplus is worth it in my opinion if you're considering it
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2023.03.25 09:01 shark899138 Running my First RED Game, tips?

Hi! I'm gonna be DMing a group of 6 later today I'm running an Alternate Timeline Arasaka where my group are the team. I've spent maybe 2 weeks so far going over RED with what used to be the groups forever DM (for 5e). Even with that though I still have a few questions: 1. Is there a Max Rank for solo's? I'm running the campaign with a lot of leeway so far (I've had my players give me light backstories and assigned points for Complete Packages off that, I also waived the 10 point limit.) And with how I didn't see a Max Rank for Solo I gave my Solo Player 15 Rank because as I understand that means he has 15 points to allocate in combat. 2. Is there anything in the RED book that wouldn't particularly Translate well to 2077 or Vice Versa? In my group myself and 3 others have actually played 77 but the Rulebook is set in the 2040's if I'm reading it correctly? So does anyone have any tips for conversions? 3. Linear Frame Omega and Dragoon armor. I scoured as much as I could for RED blocks of these and couldn't find anything. I have homebrewed for it (Along with an Adam Smasher Stat block as which is the reason I needed this) I just want to know if I wasted my time doing that as the wiki I assume gives me the 2020 Stat table and it doesn't really seem to translate well (Kind of Like Adam Smashers stat block) for me.
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2023.03.25 09:01 AutoModerator Daily thread for quick questions

This is your chance to ask a question, maybe not quite worthy of being a dedicated thread. It could be a technical issue with the game, clarification of the lore, etc.
You may also consider having a look through our FAQ.
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2023.03.25 09:00 55ttyr DigitalPlayground - of Anarchy - Episode 6 - A Hard Bargain

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2023.03.25 09:00 AutoModerator The Weekly r/multicopter Discussion Thread

Welcome to the weekly multicopter discussion thread. Feel free to ask your questions that are too trivial for their own thread, make a suggestion on what you'd like to see here, or just say hi and talk about what you've been doing in the world of multicopters recently.
Don't forget to read the wiki, where you'll find details of suppliers, guides and other useful links.
If you want to chat, then the Discord server is located here (an invite link is here if you haven't already joined)
Old question threads can be found by searching this link.
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2023.03.25 09:00 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Thread Mar 25, 2023 - Upcoming Event Schedule - New players start here!

Yahoooo! Welcome to the Daily Discussion Thread! Have a very cool day! Luigi numbah one!
Welcome to the Daily Discussion Thread. This is the place for asking noob questions, venting about netplay falcos, shitposting, self-promotion, and everything else that doesn't belong on the front page.

New Players:

If you're completely new to Melee and just looking to get started, welcome! We recommend you go to and follow the links there based on what you're trying to set up. Additionally, here are a few answers to common questions:
Can I play Melee online? Yes! Slippi is a branch of the Dolphin emulator that will allow you to play online, either with your friends or with matchmaking. Go to to get it.
Netplay is hard! Is there a place for me to find new players? Yes. Melee Newbie Netplay is a discord server specifically for new players. It also has tournaments based on how long you've been playing, free coaching, and other stuff. If you're a bit more experienced but still want a discord server for players around your level, we recommend the Melee Online discord.
How can I set up Unclepunch's Training Mode? First download it here. Then extract everything in the folder and follow the instructions in the README file. You'll need to bring a valid Melee ISO (NTSC 1.02)
I'm having issues with Slippi! Go to the The Slippi Discord to get help troubleshooting.
How does one learn Melee? There are tons of resources out there, so it can be overwhelming to start. First check out the SSBM Tutorials youtube channel. Then go to the Melee Library and search for whatever you're interested in.
But how do I get GOOD at Melee? Check out Llod's Guide to Improvement
Where can I get a nice custom controller?
I have another question that's not answered here... Check out our FAQs or post below and find help that way.

Upcoming Tournament Schedule:

Upcoming Melee Majors

Melee Online Event Calendar

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2023.03.25 09:00 NextGenBot r/tennis Discussion (Saturday, March 25, 2023)

Live discussion for ongoing professional tennis tournaments
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CHAT #reddit-tennis, /tennis Discord
SCORES Protennislive, Flashscore

Week of March 20
Miami Open (Miami, FL, USA, WTA/ATP 1000) Schedule Results MS MD WS WD
This is the mod account shared by the whole tennis mod team.
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2023.03.25 09:00 AutoModerator Watching Habits and Advice - March, 2023

Welcome to our quarterly discussion about our watching habits and advice for other users. This post is not meant to make anyone feel guilty for binge watching too much or not watching enough -- it is an exercise of self-reflection.
So feel free to ruminate about your recent watching habits such as how often you have been watching or which genres have you been exploring. Advice for other users are also very welcome, such as how to select shows and whether user ratings are worth paying attention to.
And just leaving our [Community Building Resources] Binge Watching & Healthy Habits here incase anyone needs it.
Here are some previous discussion posts on this topic in our community that you may find interesting/helpful to browse:
Your Veteran Addicts' Advice At What Point Do You Drop A Kdrama Kdrama Slumps/Fatigue - How Do You Cope Elements That Make You Excited About A Kdrama Should You Watch The Entire Drama Before Rating It
You might also find these insightful comments from your fellow watchers helpful on topics such as the value of ratings or picking dramas for yourself.
Just In Case Resources
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2023.03.25 09:00 AutoModerator LOSS Community Thread - Sat Mar 25

** This thread is for CONFIRMED losses only. If you suspect a loss and/or have not received confirmation from your RE, then you must post in the Weekly Results Thread until confirmed **
This thread is a dedicated space for members of infertility experiencing a confirmed loss – be it a blighted ovum/anembryonic pregnancy, chemical, ectopic, molar, miscarriage, stillbirth, TFMR, or infant death. This is the space to come together and find support as you grieve, away from the maelstrom of treatment. This is not to imply that these discussions are not allowed in the treatment thread, but is a focused effort to give an additional space to our members grieving a loss. We have many spaces you can discuss a confirmed loss, but we created this space so you don't have to post where it might be hard to.
Please use this space to vent, cry, talk about how you’re coping, share your loss experience, and ask specific questions pertaining to your loss (either resolved or ongoing). Our rules around mentions of pregnancy, children, and prior success still apply in this thread.
Above all - Science minded perspective and respect for others is important here. Please treat your fellow peers with compassion.
If you are looking for further specialized support, we recommend you explore the following communities (their wikis include helpful posts on resolving your loss via multiple methods, coping with your loss, ways for you to honor your grief, and much more):
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2023.03.25 09:00 mimitfs00cp Text me on Telegram @mimitfs00cp to get Teen/Deep fucking video's,mom and son,dad and daughter cp lesbian,Black cp,Cp rape 1000+videos and all different kinds of teen deep fuck videos also teen group chat Ask for price @mimitfs00cp

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2023.03.25 09:00 AutoModerator General Chat March 25

Anything, within the rules, goes.
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There's also the Weekly Introductions and Read Me Thread, which contains links to all sorts of handy bits of info, like popular wiki posts and acronyms.
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2023.03.25 09:00 iwaspoisoned-com McDonald's - مراكش, جهة مراكش آسفي - Mon fils de 7 ans a eu une intoxication sévère suite à une consommation à Macdonald route de casa marrakech vendredi soir On l à emmené aux urgences le samedi Et il a été hospitalisé aujourd'hui Très très en col... #mcdonalds #er

McDonald's - مراكش, جهة مراكش آسفي - Mon fils de 7 ans a eu une intoxication sévère suite à une consommation à Macdonald route de casa marrakech vendredi soir On l à emmené aux urgences le samedi Et il a été hospitalisé aujourd'hui Très très en col... #mcdonalds #er
My 7-year-old son had severe intoxication following a drink at Macdonald route de Casa Marrakech on Friday evening. He was taken to the emergency room on Saturday. And he was hospitalized today Very very angry
Read full report here
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2023.03.25 09:00 AutoModerator Quen Quick Questions

Quickly! Use the Quen sign to protect yourself from a barrage of quick questions!
Got a question or a silly comment that doesn’t warrant its own post? This is the right place for you!
Anything goes in this thread, don’t be shy!
You can also consult our wiki and its FAQ.
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2023.03.25 08:59 InfernumDevourer I'm craving greek god flesh

I just watched "Shazam: fury of the gods" with my son Weaver and now i want to eat atleast one dead daughter of Atlas. I wonder if Yharim has the brainpower to fetch me one
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2023.03.25 08:59 username262626 Does this sound right?

Father passed away in New brunswick a month ago. We had him write a holographic will with the intention of getting a lawyer done will a few days later, he passed before we were able to do so. Holographic will was very basic, saying he leaves everything to three sons and myself as executor.
Looking into his finances we come to find out he has nothing. No cash. No rrsp. No stocks. Only has his house with a mortgage and credit card debit.
It's possible the sale of the house will cover mortgage and all debit. It's also possible that the house won't sell at all. It's hard to say
We contacted a lawyer who advised since there are no assets other than house that it could be put into a trust to be sold if all three brothers sign off on it. There would be no probate and no need for executor.
It sounds weird to me as I've only ever heard of people doing the traditional executor probate route. I will say this lawyer has lots of experience and we totally trust him. We have not seen this trust documents yet.
Our worry that if the house doesn't sell and we are named in a trust that we would be responsible for the mortgage and possibly the credit card debit. Our lawyer says this is not the case.
I guess we just want some reassurance that this seems legit. What do you think reddit?
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