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2009.09.27 19:23 Yelly Dreadlocks

Welcome to **Dreddit**! Share your stories, progress or ask for some advice! We pride ourselves on helping and welcoming everyone. *Staying together is what good dreadlocks do!*

2023.06.02 16:21 einarfridgeirs How would you move smoothly from free running to tempo sync'd LFOs in VCV?

Newbie to patching here: I´m starting to get to grips with how this modular thing works and actually building some meaningful patches beyond the "hook things up and twist knobs until something interesting happens" and I´m wondering how I could implement an idea that I had. I´ve built a sort of a noise patch with "øchd" from Instruo providing various sorts of movements that allows me to manipulate many parameters at once through it's master rate knob.
What I want to do is wire it up so that wherever I have the rate knob I can introduce a rhythmic element that the lfos are initially not in sync to but I can press a button and have the rate "slide" towards eventually becoming clock sync'd with the beat, over the course of some specified amount of time. Off the top of my head I´d imagine that this would involve something like slew limiters but I figured I´d ask here first.
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2023.06.02 16:18 Herr--Doktor Gridwerks Gaming - A New PVE Community

Welcome to Gridwerks Gaming!

Gridwerks Gaming is finally here! We are proud, happy, and relieved to announce that Gridwerks is now open to the community. Our work for this server has centered around creating real progression and real goals and bringing them to an online multiplayer environment. To create a new pace of game play that creates real value in what you build. As of now, 11 servers ran on two dedicated boxes on gigabyte internet are in place and ready for you, the Engineer, to enjoy.
Prominent Features
Other Game-play Features of Note
Server Features of Note
A Note On Ship Classes:
Thanks to the ship core system in place at Gridwerks, we are able to introduce ship classes. This means Fighters, Interceptors, Frigates, Destroyers, and Battleships as well as Light and Heavy Utility ships. Each class will require something different but may also bring a little something "extra" to the fight if you include it in your ship design. Smaller class ships may only require resource allocation and assembling. Mid-tier cores will require components obtained by trading with NPC stations or raiding various encounters! The large ships, Destroyers and Battleships, will require extensive NPC raiding. What this means is that as you progress, you will either need to work together to farm the materials you need or learn to punch above your weight limit. We may be primarily PVE but make no mistake, this is not a Care Bear server.
If you want a new type of server. Something with a slow burn, fresh content, and repeated playability. Then Gridwerks should be your top pick. Get in now and help us shape this new Universe!
Join our Discord here: Direct Connect here:
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2023.06.02 16:15 Ghost-Iris [WTS] 14.5 P&W by d.wilson Ripcord/Criterion/BCM/SOLGW Complete Upper

50 Shades of FDE Build. Catch and release from GAFS. 200 rounds on BCG. Everything else is brand new and unfired. The P&W Nox brings this barrel to just over 16 inches OAL. No NFA worries. Will ship out before the end of today if purchased before lunch time!
Parts List:
Ripcord Clear Tano Upper Receiver
Ripcord LDR1.5 13.75” Burnt Bronze Rail/Handguard
14.5” Criterion Core Barrel - 223 Wlyde - 1:8 Twist
.625 BCM Gas Block and DD Tube
P&W by d.wilson SOLGW 9 Port Keymo Nox
FDE BCM Bolt Carrier Group
Clear Tano Badger Ordnance Gen3 Charging Handle
Midwest Industries Fixed Front Sight and MagPul MBUS Gen 2 Rear Sight
BCM FDE Vertical Foregrip
BCM QD Mount
Complete upper: $1150 shipped with insurance.
Stripped upper (No BCG/No CH): $900 shipped with insurance.
Feel free to make me an offer. The worst I can say is no! No trades at this time, however.
PayPal FF or Venmo FF. No notes.
Comment then PM. No chats please. Dibs rules.
Thanks for looking!
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2023.06.02 16:09 Far_Sample1587 🤖 Blurring Lines: When AI Writes Like a Human 🤖

I'm excited to share a fascinating development about a piece of content that was recently analyzed by a cutting-edge tool from GPTZero that purports to discern the difference between AI-generated content and human-authored text.Analyzed was a thought-provoking article about perceiving artificial intelligence as both a tool and a toy, and was determined to be penned entirely by a human writer.
This article seamlessly wove together comprehensive insights, creative exploration, and clear articulation, attributes often associated with human cognition and creativity. The tool, it seems, was fooled by the depth of analysis, nuance, and narrative style that typically characterize human writing.
But, here's the twist - the article was actually written entirely by an advanced AI with one small edit, namely OpenAI's GPT-4! This experience underscores the growing sophistication of AI language models and their ability to mimic human-like thought processes and writing styles.
It's intriguing to contemplate the mindset of the AI during its creative process. As an AI, it's not motivated by personal bias, emotions, or a desire for recognition - factors that often influence human authors. Instead, it aims to provide the most valuable, relevant, and contextually accurate content possible. Its 'mindset', if we can call it that, is focused on the task at hand, guided by its training to generate meaningful and engaging content.
Yet, remember, this post you're reading right now is also crafted by AI. This exemplifies how AI-generated content has evolved to the point where it can pass for human-written content.
While this is an exciting development, it raises important questions about the future of content creation, the role of AI in it, and how we perceive and engage with AI-generated content. Is it time to reconsider our preconceptions and expectations about AI? Let's continue this conversation, and remember, not everything that reads as human is, in fact, human! And if guessed correctly what part of the article is edited by myself I will gladly confirm it in the comments.
Cheers! Sam
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2023.06.02 16:07 rippervon [WTS] Optics/AR Parts/Lights/Glock Stuff/Nylon - Come See My Wares

Some ground rules:
Now that that’s out of the way:
  1. My Gucciish Competition Upper - Lantac Dragon Muzzle Brake, 16” BA Hanson Premium 1:8 Twist .223 Wylde, Wojtek Adjustable Gas Block, Aero S-One 15” Handguard Cerakoted a custom “tanodized” color, Ripcord Clear Anodized Upper with a FCD Double Dimp Rose Gold Dust Cover, FCDxHodge Dimpled FA, and some black MLOK rail panels. Would like to sell as complete as possible but will take offers on individual components - $700 OBO
  2. Cloud Defensive CORv3 Handguard, 10.7”, Clear Anodized, Long recessed rail segment to allow Laser and Tape switches to be below the window of Lower 1/3 and higher optics and flush with receiver height, will come with all necessary hardware to install but you will need your own armorers wrench tool. Was installed and removed may show minor install and MLOK attachment marks but great overall condition - $150 shipped
  3. Griffin ECS Maritime Stock, Gray, no frills upgrade to a Milspec waffle stock with a rubber butt pad and QD cups - $25 shipped
  1. Sig Sauer Tango6 1-6 in Anodized Gray, SFP, 30mm, HellfirePlex Reticle which is a dual illuminated fibeLED dot. Incredibly similar glass and performance to a Vortex Razor 1-6 in a better budget package albeit with a more straightforward reticle, capped turrets and throw lever, box and papers included - $600 shipped
  2. FDE Deltapoint Pro 2.5MOA, non NV, with a low mount for Picatinny and factory rubber cover and screws - $325 shipped
  3. Holosun 407c V2, single dot, BIG BUTTON version, no factory box but includes screws, very good condition - $225 shipped
  1. Arisaka Micro Mount 1.7” Height, really solid and underrated mount, comes spray painted wolf gray, if you give me a couple days I can clean it - $60 shipped
  1. Tan Surefire X300U-A with all keys, great condition - $200 shipped
  1. LBX MAS Gray 2 Point Sling with an Upgraded Ferro Concepts Adjuster and Sling Silencer - $30 shipped
  2. Defense Mechanisms Sling, Wolf Gray with Built in Rilfe Elastic mounting - $30 shipped
  1. Glock 19 Gen 5 Slide, Jagerwerks F9 Cut/ACRO Footprint/Chamfered Edges/Enhanced Rear Serrations/Carbon End Plate/Nitride/All OEM Internals/OEM Marksman Barrel from Black Phoenix Customs removing the unmatched rollmark and then Nitrided/OEM Iron Sights or no sights (for minus $30) - $750 shipped OBO
  2. Zev G17.3 Barrel, Bronze, Dimpled, very low round count with no significant wear - $150 shipped
  3. Zev Lightened Striker Spring/Red Channel Liner and Zev Extractor (Gen 3 or 4) - $40 shipped
  1. Badger Ordnance J-Arm, Black, 1.7”, 45 degrees, Badger Ordnance COMM Plate for Micro Optics Black, BO COMM Plate for ACRO Black - $60 for all or ask for individual pricing
  2. Agency Arms AOS Plate for Glock, DeltaPoint Pro, Irons Front with Ameriglo 5XL Cowitness Irons installed (Black ReaTritium Front) - $80 shipped
  3. CHPWS 509t Plate for a PDP Gen 1 cut, - $40 shipped OBO
Thank you all for looking and I appreciate you all!
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2023.06.02 16:04 Thatpaper_airplane Black bear quest at the top: I'm really unmotivated to do it since I'm still not as good of a player as I wish. I have done some harder quests from other bears such as Spirit Bear's Starter but I feel overwhelmed by all the quests I have ( They are hard for me ) What do I do?

Black bear quest at the top: I'm really unmotivated to do it since I'm still not as good of a player as I wish. I have done some harder quests from other bears such as Spirit Bear's Starter but I feel overwhelmed by all the quests I have ( They are hard for me ) What do I do? submitted by Thatpaper_airplane to BeeSwarmSimulator [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 16:02 Diligent_Pen_281 A poetic prophesy

If you recognize this poem, don’t read past it.
Down in The Land, in the bay of the Thunder, A tribe from the depths, their peace torn asunder. An old man of heaven, who yet casts the line, Found deep ‘neath the waves, a tree smothered in brine.
Enter in through, with the key from The Mask, The doorman lies leery, sealed tight in the cask. Breathing is hard, where water’s a grave, Yet gifts from the past, from gasping can save.
Once underground, with the sun bright on both sides, Find you The Widow, with tears in her eyes. Give then my word, which I spoke long ago, She’ll send you away, to the land of the snow.
A man of metal and stone, whose heart melts as glass, Has given the way, by breathing his last. Through the shadows and smoke, from the man of them both, Fight your way through, but beware ye the growth.
The puzzle is easy, when know you the key, The key is my friend, the one you set free. In vaulted cathedral with roof deep below, The sovereigns lie buried, with eyes yet aglow.
Turn, turn, Turner again, One for the sinner, two for the sin. If you have heeded, and gaze cast is straight, Follow his vision to find you the gate.
A Coils, a Kiss had no will of their own, But cast free from the shackles, they fled with dark, evil stone. Now these stones that they carry, like deep seated mistrust, Are now themselves keys to halls coated in dust.
Touch not a goblet, sit not on the throne, Or wake you the ire of beast naught but bone. Yet wake him you must, for beneath is the way, Enter with haste, if you wish see the day.
A path made of gold, swathed all in linen, Fled down at great speed, by gnashing teeth driven. Traverse it yet careful, or find it your last, But when dawn has come, the trouble has passed.
Fear ye The Father, the Herald of Swarms, For guards he the way, with The Brother of Storms. Separate from me, you must defeat or persuade, Or so ends it here, your righteous crusade.
There ‘round the light, your prize binds them true, Yet releasing them now, you cannot undo. The risk, the reward, the chaos set free, The God to combine, the final decree. ————————————————————
I am running a high level (19, will go into epic boons), high fantasy (flying islands and all) campaign for a high number of players(seven). This poem is part prophecy, part road map to aid the heroes in putting back together the shattered pieces of god. It’s a big deal.
Now I do know what most of this means already but I was looking for ideas on what the other bits could be alluding to. Here’s what I have nailed down: * “The bay of the Thunder” refers to a location called Thunderbay Ocean. * “The key from The Mask” is a pendant that a PC carries, it was his father’s, his father was “The Mask. * “Gifts from the past” I intend that whichever item they pull out that I forgot an npc had given them can suddenly help keep from drowning in some way, if it’s entertaining and makes sense. * The entire stanza about the sun on both sides, The Widow, the word, and the snow I have nailed down. * The next stanza is wholly referring to NPCs, the “man of metal and stone” is a warforged general, who will sacrifice himself if he is rehabilitated, or else must be killed. The “man of shadows and smoke” is the Fey Lord of smoke, mist, and shadows, and “the growth” is a remnant from an ancient arch Druid sloth-guy. Ideas about how these last two could have left “barriers” and such would be cool. * The Warforged name is Glaive, in order to get through a door they must insert a Glaive into a slot and turn it. In a long forgotten cathedral, the ancients have been awoken and reanimated, I don’t know who these ancients were, but I know the villain who brought them back. * Next stanza refers to a statue of someone named Turner needing to be rotated. Your guess is as good as mine. * “Coils” refers to a PC (his title was The Constrictor’s Coils) and “Kiss” refers to an NPC (her title was The Kiss of the Cobra King). They then fled their society and have pieces of the body of Merrshaulk, the former god of the yuan-ti who was turned into a massive dark statue that encircled the earth. The statue has broken (because in my world the earth has shattered due to a mad geomancer, causing tectonic plates to rise, creating floating islands and continents) the yuan-ti seek to reconstruct the statue of Merrshaulk to free him from his stone prison. These shards are somehow a key I guess. * Whenever they get through, they need to be careful not to wake something I’m thinking undead tarrasque. But it slumbers on top of the way out so they must wake it. * They flew down a massive ornate tunnel chased by the undead something and other undead from earlier in the dungeon. There are tons of traps, it will be difficult. But at dawn they escape. * The last two paragraphs I kinda got, “The Father” is a PC’s lost dad, diametrically opposed to the players, same as “The Brother” the PC’s brother. They need to get past them to access the final piece. * The final piece is a piece of the shattered god, a chain that binds all the true forms of dragons. Since the event I call “The Great Cataclysm” there have been no dragons, but we know that’s because they have been bound to their humanoid forms. Removing this chain will grant them an immensely powerful piece of god ti use to fix him, but will also allow the dragons to access their true forms once again. There are some twists here, the mounts of The Harbingers of the Apocalypse are dragons. This will release them. And they can choose to release only metallics or chromatics, if they want, but a PC is a chromatic so they know they aren’t all evil…. Either way if they take the chain the Mounts are released.
Okay ideas, feedback, and clarifying questions would be so appreciated!!
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2023.06.02 16:02 khoafraelich789 New Porsche 911 GT3 Kit From Manthey Racing Costs $57,300 and Is Factory-Warrantied

New Porsche 911 GT3 Kit From Manthey Racing Costs $57,300 and Is Factory-Warrantied
Modifying a Porsche is so forbidden that it has its own word, whispered within circles of folks who have swapped parts for higher-spec stuff. Those folks are called “outlaws.” But now it appears it's more lax, given that there’s a new aftermarket performance kit for 992-generation 911 GT3s from Manthey Racing that's sold through dealers and is even factory warrantied. It’s called the Manthey Performance Kit (MPK) and it costs $57,300 before you spring for the optional $15,500 lightweight forged wheels.

Nerds in the know will be well aware of Manthey Racing, which has a long career racing various models from the German automaker in sports car and endurance racing. Manthey has also gained recent notoriety by modifying Porsche GT road cars and breaking lap records. Manthey has done versions of the GT2 RS, 718 Cayman GT4, and 991-generation GT3 and GT3 RS, adding an “MR” at the end once the car has the full treatment.

And the treatment is comprehensive. Manthey twists every single knob it can just enough to fine-tune performance but not go nuts with power adders, widebody kits, or garish aero. Manthey doesn’t even add power, but they delicately refine and modify the suspension and aerodynamics of the already incredible standard cars.

In the case of the 992 GT3 performance kit that’s coming stateside, the MPK stiffens the front spring rates by 10% and the rear by 7% while replacing the factory adaptive suspension with motorsport-spec four-way adjustable suspension developed jointly with Porsche. It also refines the factory aerodynamics by adding a larger front lip and dive planes for more front downforce. Underneath the car, Manthey refined the factory air directors to extract more air from behind the front wheels to provide even more front downforce.

At the rear, the swan-neck factory wing element is replaced with a larger swan-neck wing with a gurney flap, adjustable angle of attack to fine-tune high-speed handling balance, and larger end plates to reduce drag. The fins of the rear diffuser are extended and made of carbon fiber. Finally, the distinctive Manthey aerodiscs installed on the rear wheels reduce drag.

All of these changes add up to a 4.19-second reduction in lap time around the Nürburgring. Over said 12-mile circuit, it’s very much a kit that saves hundredths of a second every corner rather than tenths or even full seconds a lap around most traditional road courses. $57,300 is a big pill to swallow for 4.19 seconds, though that doesn’t account for the subjective driving feel the kit might provide.

Nonetheless, this is a rare time when you can modify a Porsche through a dealer with a factory warranty. It costs a lot of money, but there is a big cool factor to factory-supported racing parts and the huge adjustability the kit provides. But I think I’d spend that money on a Subaru BRZ and a whole lot of driver coaching.

Source: Thedrive
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Albacete Warrior Ps4 Ps5 $9.44 $13.49 30% off New Lowest
Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo $32.09 $53.49 40% off Lowest price $26.74 on 2023-3-29
Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo $32.09 $53.49 40% off Lowest price $26.74 on 2023-3-29
Among Us $4.89 $6.99 30% off New Lowest
Arkanoid Eternal Battle $15.99 $39.99 60% off New Lowest
Ashen $13.37 $53.49 75% off Matches low
Assassins Creed Valhalla Deluxe Ps4 Ps5 $24.99 $89.99 72% off Matches low
Assetto Corsa Competizione $18.18 $53.49 66% off Lowest price $16.04 on 2022-11-18
Assetto Corsa Competizione $18.18 $53.49 66% off Lowest price $16.04 on 2022-11-18
Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition $18.19 $51.99 65% off Lowest price $10.39 on 2021-9-1
Atelier Ryza 2 Lost Legends And The Secret Fairy Ps4 And Ps5 $39.99 $79.99 50% off Matches low
Atelier Ryza 2 Lost Legends And The Secret Fairy Ultimate Edition $73.24 $146.49 50% off Matches low
Atelier Ryza Ever Darkness The Secret Hideout $39.99 $79.99 50% off Matches low
Atv Drift Tricks $3.34 $33.49 90% off Lowest price $2.67 on 2021-11-29
Back 4 Blood Standard Edition Ps4 And Ps5 $15.99 $79.99 80% off Matches low
Battlefield 1 $10.39 $25.99 60% off Lowest price $3.89 on 2020-7-22
Battlefield 2042 Ps4 $23.99 $79.99 70% off New Lowest
Battlefield 2042 Ps4 Ps5 $26.99 $89.99 70% off New Lowest
Before Your Eyes $15.99 $19.99 20% off New Lowest
Beyond A Steel Sky $18.72 $53.49 65% off Matches low
Beyond A Steel Sky $18.72 $53.49 65% off Matches low
Biomutant Ps4 Ps5 $15.99 $39.99 60% off Matches low
Blacksad Under The Skin $10.79 $66.99 83% off Lowest price $10.04 on 2023-3-1
Borderlands 3 Ps4 And Ps5 $11.99 $79.99 85% off Matches low
Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition Ps4 And Ps5 $24.99 $99.99 75% off Matches low
Bugsnax $13.39 $33.49 60% off Matches low
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare $26.39 $79.99 67% off Matches low
Carrion $10.79 $26.99 60% off New Lowest
Carrion $10.79 $26.99 60% off Matches low
Chernobylite $19.99 $39.99 50% off Lowest price $17.99 on 2023-3-1
Chernobylite $19.99 $39.99 50% off Lowest price $17.99 on 2023-3-1
Chicken Police Paint It Red $13.49 $26.99 50% off New Lowest
Chicken Police Paint It Red Ps4 Ps5 $13.49 $26.99 50% off New Lowest
Chrono Cross The Radical Dreamers Edition $18.89 $26.99 30% off Matches low
Cions Of Vega Ps4 Ps5 $6.64 $9.49 30% off New Lowest
Cooking Simulator $14.84 $26.99 45% off Matches low
Crash Bandicoot Crashiversary Bundle $59.99 $149.99 60% off Matches low
Crash Bandicoot Quadrilogy Bundle $45.99 $114.99 60% off Matches low
Cricket 22 $27.99 $69.99 60% off New Lowest
Cricket 22 $27.99 $69.99 60% off New Lowest
Crisis Core Final Fantasy Vii Reunion $46.89 $66.99 30% off New Lowest
Crossing Souls $2.99 $19.99 85% off Matches low
Crsed Dark Horse Bundle $13.49 $26.99 50% off Lowest price $10.79 on 2023-4-12
Crsed Nutcracker Bundle $13.49 $26.99 50% off Matches low
Crsed Street Kid Bundle $13.49 $26.99 50% off Lowest price $10.79 on 2023-4-12
Crsed Vampire Hunter Bundle $13.49 $26.99 50% off Lowest price $10.79 on 2023-4-12
Crusader Kings Iii $43.54 $66.99 35% off New Lowest
Curse Of The Sea Rats $21.59 $26.99 20% off New Lowest
Curse Of The Sea Rats $21.59 $26.99 20% off New Lowest
Dark Souls Ii Scholar Of The First Sin $24.99 $49.99 50% off Lowest price $12.49 on 2019-12-2
Dark Souls Iii $39.99 $79.99 50% off Lowest price $12.79 on 2020-6-3
Dark Souls Remastered $27.49 $54.99 50% off Matches low
Darkest Dungeon $6.69 $33.49 80% off Lowest price $3.34 on 2023-3-1
Dayz $40.19 $66.99 40% off Lowest price $33.49 on 2022-12-21
Dead Island 2 $78.40 $98.00 19% off New Lowest
Dead Space $62.99 $89.99 30% off New Lowest
Deathloop $19.99 $79.99 75% off New Lowest
Deeeer Simulator Your Average Everyday Deer Game $13.49 $26.99 50% off Matches low
Deemo Reborn $16.04 $53.49 70% off Matches low
Deep Rock Galactic $13.19 $39.99 67% off Matches low
Deexit Eternal Matters $21.59 $26.99 20% off New Lowest
Deliver Us Mars Ps4 Ps5 $27.99 $39.99 30% off Matches low
Demeo $37.44 $53.49 30% off New Lowest
Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba The Hinokami Chronicles Ps4 Ps5 $39.99 $79.99 50% off Matches low
Deus Ex Mankind Divided $5.99 $39.99 85% off Lowest price $5.59 on 2020-3-4
Disney Dreamlight Valley $29.99 $39.99 25% off Matches low
Disney Speedstorm Standard Founders Pack $31.99 $39.99 20% off New Lowest
Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition $31.99 $79.99 60% off Lowest price $26.39 on 2021-8-18
Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition $30.85 $119.99 74% off Lowest price $23.37 on 2023-5-12
Doom Eternal Year One Pass Standalone $15.99 $39.99 60% off Matches low
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Legendary Edition $79.99 $159.99 50% off Matches low
Dungeons 3 $19.99 $66.99 70% off Lowest price $8.02 on 2020-2-19
Dying Light 2 Stay Human Ps5 $39.99 $79.99 50% off Matches low
Dying Light 2 Stay Human Ps5 $39.99 $79.99 50% off New Lowest
Earth Defense Force 5 $31.99 $79.99 60% off Matches low
Earth Defense Force41 Wingdiver The Shooter $2.69 $26.99 90% off Matches low
Earth Defense Forceiron Rain $19.99 $79.99 75% off Matches low
Earth Defense Forceworld Brothers $32.09 $79.99 59% off Matches low
Eiyuden Chronicle Rising $11.99 $19.99 40% off New Lowest
Ender Lilies Quietus Of The Knights $15.49 $30.99 50% off New Lowest
Enlisted Battle For Moscow High Caliber Bundle $39.99 $79.99 50% off New Lowest
Enlisted Battle Of Tunisia Desert Warriors Bundle $26.74 $53.49 50% off New Lowest
Enlisted Pacific War Maneuver Warfare Bundle $19.99 $39.99 50% off Matches low
Escape Game Fort Boyard $11.99 $39.99 70% off Lowest price $7.99 on 2023-3-1
Fallout 4 $8.90 $39.99 77% off Lowest price $6.74 on 2022-9-28
Far Changing Tides $13.49 $26.99 50% off Matches low
Final Fantasy Vii Remake $39.99 $79.99 50% off Lowest price $31.99 on 2022-3-16
Final Fantasy Vii Remake Intergrade $53.28 $93.49 43% off Lowest price $52.35 on 2021-12-22
Final Fantasy Vii Remake Intergrade Digital Deluxe Edition $80.39 $119.99 33% off Lowest price $67.19 on 2021-12-22
Finding The Soul Orb Ps4 Ps5 $5.69 $9.49 40% off New Lowest
Flashback $5.02 $33.49 85% off Lowest price $1.67 on 2022-5-18
Forspoken $46.74 $93.49 50% off New Lowest
Forspoken Digital Deluxe Upgrade $16.50 $33.00 50% off New Lowest
Fort Triumph $9.17 $26.99 66% off Lowest price $5.39 on 2023-3-1
Ghost Of Tsushima Directors Cut $37.79 $ 0% off Matches low
Ghostrunner $15.99 $39.99 60% off Lowest price $13.99 on 2023-3-29
Ghostrunner Ps5 $15.99 $39.99 60% off Lowest price $13.99 on 2023-3-29
Ghostwire Tokyo $31.99 $79.99 60% off Lowest price $27.99 on 2023-3-24
Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Directors Cut $3.99 $19.99 80% off Matches low
Gleamlight $6.59 $21.99 70% off Lowest price $4.39 on 2023-4-12
Goat Simulator 3 $25.34 $38.99 35% off New Lowest
God Of War Ragnark $63.89 $89.99 29% off New Lowest
God Of War Ragnark $52.79 $79.99 34% off New Lowest
Gotham Knights $29.69 $89.99 67% off Matches low
Gran Turismo 7 $39.99 $79.99 50% off Matches low
Gran Turismo 7 $51.29 $89.99 43% off Matches low
Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy The Definitive Edition $39.99 $79.99 50% off Matches low
Grand Theft Auto V Playstation5 $24.99 $12.50 -99% off Lowest price $12.5 on 2022-6-15
Gravel $2.69 $62.99 95% off Matches low
Green Hell $20.09 $33.49 40% off New Lowest
Grimgrimoire Oncemore $53.59 $66.99 20% off New Lowest
Gungrave Gore $30.14 $66.99 55% off Matches low
Hades $20.09 $33.49 40% off Matches low
Hell Let Loose $40.11 $53.49 25% off Lowest price $37.44 on 2023-4-12
Hindsight $13.19 $19.99 34% off New Lowest
Hollow Knight $9.99 $19.99 50% off Lowest price $7.99 on 2021-2-24
Horizon Forbidden West $39.99 $79.99 50% off Matches low
Horizon Forbidden West $51.29 $89.99 43% off Matches low
Horse Tales Emerald Valley Ranch $32.09 $53.49 40% off Matches low
Hot Wheels Unleashed $13.39 $66.99 80% off Matches low
Hot Wheels Unleashed $13.39 $66.99 80% off Matches low
Hot Wheels Unleashed $13.39 $66.99 80% off New Lowest
I Hate Running Backwards $1.99 $19.99 90% off New Lowest
It Came From Space And Ate Our Brains $1.99 $19.99 90% off Matches low
It Takes Two Ps4 And Ps5 $27.49 $54.99 50% off Lowest price $21.44 on 2022-4-27
Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition $10.69 $53.49 80% off Matches low
La Noire $24.99 $49.99 50% off Matches low
Labyrinth Life $26.79 $66.99 60% off Lowest price $26.12 on 2022-12-21
Labyrinth Of Zangetsu $31.99 $39.99 20% off New Lowest
Lara Croft And The Temple Of Osiris $4.04 $26.99 85% off Matches low
Lara Croft Go $2.69 $10.99 75% off Lowest price $2.19 on 2020-2-21
Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Ps4 Ps5 $31.99 $79.99 60% off Matches low
Lets Sing 2023 $37.44 $53.49 30% off New Lowest
Like A Dragon Ishin Ps4 Ps5 $55.99 $79.99 30% off New Lowest
Little Nightmares I Ii Bundle Ps4 Ps5 $20.09 $66.99 70% off Matches low
Little Nightmares Ii Deluxe Edition Ps4 Ps5 $21.39 $53.49 60% off Matches low
Lost Judgment Digital Ultimate Edition Ps4 Ps5 $35.99 $119.99 70% off Matches low
Lost Judgment Ps4 Ps5 $27.99 $79.99 65% off Matches low
Lumines Remastered $5.99 $19.99 70% off Matches low
Madden Nfl 23 Ps4 $23.99 $79.99 70% off Matches low
Madden Nfl 23 Ps5 $26.99 $89.99 70% off Matches low
Mafia Definitive Edition $18.72 $53.49 65% off Matches low
Marsupilami Hoobadventure Ps5 $13.49 $39.99 66% off Lowest price $11.99 on 2023-3-29
Marvels Avengers $8.02 $79.99 89% off New Lowest
Marvels Avengers $8.02 $79.99 89% off New Lowest
Marvels Guardians Of The Galaxy Ps4 And Ps5 $31.99 $79.99 60% off Lowest price $23.99 on 2023-4-26
Marvels Midnight Suns Enhanced Edition $44.99 $89.99 50% off Matches low
Marvels Spiderman Miles Morales $25.99 $64.99 60% off Matches low
Mass Effect Legendary Edition $19.99 $79.99 75% off Matches low
Matchpoint Tennis Championships $46.89 $66.99 30% off Matches low
Metro Exodus $7.99 $53.49 85% off Matches low
Middleearth Shadow Of Mordor Game Of The Year Edition $7.49 $29.99 75% off Matches low
Miraculous Rise Of The Sphinx $20.09 $66.99 70% off New Lowest
Mlb The Show 23 Ps4 $52.79 $79.99 34% off New Lowest
Mlb The Show 23 Ps5 $63.89 $89.99 29% off New Lowest
Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy Standard Edition $26.79 $66.99 60% off New Lowest
Monster Energy Supercross The Official Videogame 6 $47.99 $79.99 40% off New Lowest
Mortal Kombat Xl $7.49 $29.99 75% off Lowest price $5.99 on 2021-12-22
Mortal Shell Enhanced Edition $15.99 $39.99 60% off Lowest price $11.99 on 2023-3-15
Mortal Shell Enhanced Edition $15.99 $39.99 60% off New Lowest
Moto Racer 4 $5.34 $53.49 90% off Lowest price $2.67 on 2021-8-25
Moto Racer 4 Deluxe Edition $11.99 $79.99 85% off Lowest price $3.99 on 2022-2-2
Motogp22 Ps4 Ps5 $10.04 $66.99 85% off New Lowest
Murder Mystery Machine $8.09 $26.99 70% off New Lowest
Mxgp 2021 The Official Motocross Videogame $10.04 $66.99 85% off New Lowest
Mxgp 2021 The Official Motocross Videogame $10.04 $66.99 85% off New Lowest
Nba 2k23 Michael Jordan Edition Preorder $24.49 $119.99 79% off New Lowest
Necrosphere Deluxe $3.29 $10.99 70% off Matches low
Need For Speed Unbound Palace Edition $29.99 $99.99 70% off New Lowest
Neon White $23.44 $33.49 30% off New Lowest
New Super Luckys Tale $11.99 $53.49 77% off Matches low
New Tales From The Borderlands $24.99 $49.99 50% off Matches low
No Mans Sky Ps4 And Ps5 $39.99 $79.99 50% off Matches low
Nobody Saves The World $17.99 $29.99 40% off Matches low
Norco $11.69 $19.49 40% off New Lowest
Not A Hero $1.74 $17.49 90% off New Lowest
Of Bird And Cage $5.39 $13.49 60% off New Lowest
Offroad Racing Buggy X Atv X Moto $5.39 $26.99 80% off Lowest price $2.69 on 2023-3-1
Offroad Racing Buggy X Atv X Moto $5.39 $26.99 80% off New Lowest
Olija $5.99 $19.99 70% off New Lowest
Olija $5.99 $19.99 70% off New Lowest
Olliolli World Ps4ps5 $23.99 $39.99 40% off Lowest price $13.19 on 2022-12-21
Omen Of Sorrow $20.24 $26.99 25% off New Lowest
One Piece Odyssey Deluxe Edition Ps4 Ps5 $79.44 $113.49 30% off New Lowest
Onee Chanbara Origin $35.99 $79.99 55% off Matches low
Orcs Must Die 3 Ps4 Ps5 $15.99 $39.99 60% off New Lowest
Outer Wilds $20.09 $Unavailable 0% off Matches low
Outer Wilds Archaeologist Edition $32.09 $53.49 40% off Matches low
Pathfinder Kingmaker $10.69 $66.99 84% off Lowest price $8.02 on 2023-4-12
Peppa Pig World Adventures $37.44 $53.49 30% off New Lowest
Pga 2k23 Crossgen Edition $31.49 $89.99 65% off Matches low
Pga Tour 2k23 $26.39 $79.99 67% off Matches low
Pga Tour 2k23 X Nba 2k23 Bundle $35.99 $119.99 70% off New Lowest
Pirates Outlaws $16.09 $22.99 30% off New Lowest
Postal 4 No Regerts $37.44 $53.49 30% off New Lowest
Process Of Elimination $42.79 $53.49 20% off New Lowest
Psychonauts $2.69 $13.49 80% off Matches low
Quake $5.39 $13.49 60% off Matches low
Raccoon City Edition $18.74 $74.99 75% off Matches low
Raiden Iv X Mikado Remix $29.99 $39.99 25% off New Lowest
Railway Empire $13.49 $79.99 83% off Matches low
Raptor Boyfriend A High School Romance Ps4 Ps5 $13.29 $18.99 30% off Matches low
Ratchet And Clank Rift Apart $37.79 $89.99 58% off Matches low
Red Dead Redemption 2 $14.99 $79.99 81% off Matches low
Resident Evil Village Gold Edition $35.99 $59.99 40% off Matches low
Rez Infinite $15.99 $39.99 60% off Lowest price $11.99 on 2023-1-4
Rez Infinite $29.99 $39.99 25% off Matches low
Ride 4 $10.04 $66.99 85% off New Lowest
Ride 4 Ps4 And Ps5 $10.04 $66.99 85% off New Lowest
Riders Republic Deluxe Edition $24.99 $99.99 75% off Matches low
Riders Republic Gold Edition $32.49 $129.99 75% off Matches low
Road 96 Mile 0 $13.99 $17.49 20% off New Lowest
Road 96 Mile 0 Full Journey $21.59 $35.99 40% off New Lowest
Ronin $2.02 $13.49 85% off Matches low
Salt And Sacrifice $13.49 $26.99 50% off Matches low
Samurai Maiden Ps4 Ps5 $59.99 $79.99 25% off New Lowest
Sayonara Wild Hearts $10.49 $17.49 40% off Lowest price $10.48 on 2020-12-22
Sbk22 Ps4 Ps5 $13.37 $53.49 75% off New Lowest
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice $39.99 $79.99 50% off Matches low
Session Skate Sim $33.49 $66.99 50% off Matches low
Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Deluxe Edition $53.59 $66.99 20% off New Lowest
Sid Meiers Civilization Vi $7.99 $79.99 90% off Matches low
Sifu $32.09 $53.49 40% off Matches low
Sine Mora Ex $5.99 $19.99 70% off Lowest price $3.99 on 2021-5-26
Smile For Me $15.99 $19.99 20% off New Lowest
Sniper Elite 5 $39.99 $79.99 50% off Matches low
Snowrunner $26.74 $53.49 50% off Matches low
Solar Ash $26.74 $53.49 50% off New Lowest
Sonic Frontiers Ps4 Ps5 $47.99 $79.99 40% off New Lowest
Spacebase Startopia Extended Edition Ps4 And Ps5 $25.72 $86.49 70% off Matches low
Spongebob Squarepants The Cosmic Shake $31.99 $39.99 20% off New Lowest
Star Wars Squadrons $8.24 $54.99 85% off Matches low
Strafe $4.99 $19.99 75% off New Lowest
Stranded Alien Dawn $37.59 $46.99 20% off New Lowest
Stranded Deep $10.79 $26.99 60% off Matches low
Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin $42.79 $79.99 46% off New Lowest
Stray $29.99 $39.99 25% off New Lowest
Subject 13 $1.89 $9.49 80% off Lowest price $0.94 on 2022-12-21
Sudden Strike 4 $13.49 $79.99 83% off Lowest price $10.79 on 2021-3-17
Super Bomberman R $29.99 $59.99 50% off Lowest price $8.99 on 2021-11-10
Syberia The World Before $40.19 $66.99 40% off New Lowest
Tactics Ogre Reborn $44.21 $66.99 34% off New Lowest
Tails Of Iron $11.72 $33.49 65% off New Lowest
Tchia Ps4 Ps5 $29.99 $39.99 25% off New Lowest
Terraria $13.49 $19.99 32% off Lowest price $7.99 on 2019-1-7
Tetris Effect $26.74 $53.49 50% off Lowest price $21.39 on 2022-11-18
Tetris Effect Connected $40.11 $53.49 25% off Matches low
The Casino Collection $5.99 $14.99 60% off Matches low
The Elder Scrolls Online $7.49 $24.99 70% off Matches low
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition $13.37 $53.49 75% off Matches low
The Entropy Centre $23.44 $33.49 30% off Lowest price $21.76 on 2023-4-26
The Escapists 2 $8.09 $26.99 70% off Lowest price $6.74 on 2020-12-22
The Forest $10.79 $26.99 60% off Lowest price $9.44 on 2023-2-15
The Jackbox Party Pack 8 $23.99 $39.99 40% off Matches low
The Jackbox Party Pack 9 $27.99 $39.99 30% off Matches low
The King Of Fighters Xv Standard Edition Ps4 Ps5 $31.99 $ 0% off Matches low
The Last Campfire $4.99 $19.99 75% off Lowest price $3.99 on 2023-3-29
The Last Of Us Part I $63.89 $89.99 29% off Matches low
The Last Worker $20.24 $26.99 25% off New Lowest
The Legend Of Heroes Trails To Azure $42.79 $53.49 20% off New Lowest
The Midnight Sanctuary $4.04 $13.49 70% off Matches low
The Outer Worlds Spacers Choice Edition $52.79 $79.99 34% off New Lowest
The Pathless Ps4 And Ps5 $26.74 $53.49 50% off Matches low
The Quarry For Ps4 $26.39 $79.99 67% off New Lowest
The Quarry For Ps5 $29.69 $89.99 67% off New Lowest
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Complete Edition $33.49 $66.99 50% off Matches low
The Wreck $21.59 $26.99 20% off New Lowest
Tiny Metal $5.99 $19.99 70% off Matches low
Tiny Tinas Wonderlands For Ps4 $31.99 $79.99 60% off New Lowest
Titan Souls $1.99 $19.99 90% off New Lowest
Tokyo Dark Remembrance $8.09 $26.99 70% off Matches low
Tortuga A Pirates Tale $31.99 $39.99 20% off Matches low
Townsmen Vr $42.79 $53.49 20% off New Lowest
Tramsim Console Edition Deluxe $53.59 $66.99 20% off New Lowest
Unpacking $16.19 $26.99 40% off New Lowest
Void Trrlm2 Void Terrarium 2 $40.11 $53.49 25% off New Lowest
Warhammer 40000 Mechanicus $10.69 $53.49 80% off New Lowest
Wild Hearts Standard Edition $53.99 $Early access trial 0% off New Lowest
Wobbly Life $18.39 $22.99 20% off New Lowest
Wolfenstein Ii The New Colossus $8.02 $79.99 89% off Matches low
Wwe 2k23 $53.59 $79.99 33% off New Lowest
Wwe 2k23 Crossgen Digital Edition $67.49 $89.99 25% off Matches low
Yakuza Like A Dragon Ps4 And Ps5 $19.99 $79.99 75% off New Lowest
Yesterday Origins $6.02 $33.49 82% off Lowest price $2.34 on 2023-3-1
*History is a beta feature, only goes back as far as I've been tracking this item, and may not be 100% accurate
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2023.06.02 15:51 damrasslin 20+ games into offline franchise, here’s my takeaways

I am exclusively an offline player. I play around ego 55. Here are my main takeaways after my first 23 9 inning games played of Super Mega Baseball 4:
-That said, the new player models themselves mostly look like trash. Fat guys, we can have fat guy now, great. It warps the logos on the jerseys and they look awful. It doesn’t detract from the gameplay, but the uniforms look like garbage, especially on our new fat friends.
I’m hoping some patches make some QOL improvements. But this is still a great game. I feel all of my negatives are things that a new player wouldn’t even notice. I would recommend 4 to any new players wanting to jump in to SMB. If you are a hardcore and super particular about some things or are in it for customizations, maybe wait for a sale or patches and keep enjoying 3. I don’t play online but from what I’m seeing they have some major bugs to work out there. This isn’t a must upgrade over 3 right now if you are perfectly content with 3 and not interested in the mlb players or franchise tweaks. Much like at release, 3 didn’t seem like much of an upgrade over 2, but in the long run I feel the consensus is it was. I have a feeling same will be said here.
Right now, I’m playing 4 on Xbox Series S, and I plan on keeping SMB3 on my switch for when I travel.
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2023.06.02 15:47 StillaCentristin2021 Senate approves bill to avert national default, sending it to Biden’s desk

Senate approves bill to avert national default, sending it to Biden’s desk

The Senate on Thursday night capped four months of contentious debate and voted to send a compromise bill to President Biden’s desk that extends the government’s borrowing authority until January of 2025 and staves off a potential default next week.
A large bipartisan majority of the Senate voted 63-36 to approve the bill, which passed the House on Wednesday night.
The approval came after the Senate clinched an agreement to conduct a series of amendment votes on Thursday night and move directly to final passage. The normally slow-moving chamber raced through a dozen votes in just over three hours.
“From the start, avoiding default has been our north star. The consequences of default would be catastrophic,” he said. “For all the ups and downs and twists and turns it took to get here, it is so good for this country that both parties have come together at last to avoid default.”
Senate Republican conservatives such as Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) joined Republican defense hawks such as Sens. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) in voting against the bill.
A total of 31 Republicans voted against the measure, including Senate Republican Conference Committee Chairman John Barrasso (Wyo.).
More at the link at the top of this post...
31 Republicans voted NO to raise the debt ceiling. That should tell anyone listening just how the GOP isn't interested in the financial stability of the US economy and continues the streak of...U.S. economic performance under Democratic Presidents is much better than Republican presidents
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2023.06.02 15:45 st0ve1 🔥 Attention, bold adventurers and master storytellers! 🔥

🔥 Attention, bold adventurers and master storytellers! 🔥
Welcome to Production Protocol, where Season 8 is unfolding before your very eyes! ⚔️✨ Brace yourselves for an exhilarating journey through the ever-evolving narrative of the Nebula Forge System. ⭐🚀
From the mysterious depths, ancient artifacts have risen, unleashing a whirlwind of events that will test your courage and skill. 💪💎 Prepare to rewrite the legends as whispers from the past guide you towards your destined path. Myths once thought forgotten burst back to life, ready to be embraced anew. 📜✨
As the celestial bodies align, new alliances form and old rivalries resurface, setting the stage for epic clashes in this cosmic tapestry. 💫✨ Each faction vies for dominion over precious resources that hold the key to their ambitions. But beware! The shadow of conflict looms large, threatening to consume all in its path. 😱⚔️
But fear not! Aegis-9, the enigmatic Whisperer of Luna Omega-7, has awakened! Its cryptic messages guide intrepid explorers like you towards uncharted discoveries. 🗡️🌙
Yet, darkness lurks within the Nebula Forge System. Sinister forces manipulate fate's threads, sowing chaos and uncertainty. 🌌🔮 The path ahead is treacherous, and the choices you make, brave adventurer, will shape the destiny of our universe. ✨⚖️
Behold the extraordinary features of Production Protocol:
♻️ 2-month wipe cycle ⏳ 🚀 Custom respawn ships 🛸 📈 Reward system for free ships 🎁 🎮 Weekly PvE and PvP events 🌟 🪐 A custom solar system to explore ✨ 💰 Custom Trading Hub for lucrative exchanges 💱 🤖 Thrilling PvE encounters 🌌 🗒️ Scripter role for creative minds ✍️ ⚔️ PvEvP events upon request ⚔️ ✅ Streamlined mod list under 200MB 📦 🗡️ A player-driven story with epic twists 📖 👥 Interactable NPCs for immersive experiences 🤝
Are you ready, courageous souls? Your adventure begins now! 🌟🔥 Safe travels, and may the secrets of the cosmos unveil before you! 🚀🌌
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2023.06.02 15:44 Pix4Geeks Respec at level 50 ?

Hi guys,
is it possible to make a build for the levelling until level 50 and then respec everything to change the build ?
Example : from Rogue Twisting blades to Rogue Penetrating Shot ?
Thanks ;)
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2023.06.02 15:41 Various_Cell_4381 Blue hit on my 9th try!!!

Blue hit on my 9th try!!!
Jus spent 150 on the blues and it took every single one to hit this.. I let out a holler at work.. ppl was looking at me 😆
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2023.06.02 15:40 Dizzy-School5624 [TOMT] [FLASH GAME] [2010s] Action RPG game about insane old man annihilated people around the town

It was a top-down flash game.
I remember that you can upgrade your weapon and armor (I think the weapon is a stick or rod). The last upgrade being golden stick and golden armor.
I think there are several levels/locations. You progress as well as the enemies (like over time there is level with cops). The locations that I vaguely remember are outside and inside of building, the building may be police office or hospital.
I think the title is only one long word, with the twist of words like "insane" or "sanitarium".
I'm not really sure about this, but the plot is that the old man escape from mental hospital and rampage around town.
I've been searching about this game for years and unable to find it until now.
Pardon my English.
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2023.06.02 15:40 AutoModerator [HAVE] Jeremy Miner NEPQ Sales Program Secure download link provided via

[HAVE] Jeremy Miner NEPQ Sales Program Secure download link provided via
Jeremy Miner NEPQ Sales Program course:
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You can find all of them on -
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Check us out for more info about the course!
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2023.06.02 15:39 truckiecookies Who misses the big battles of Third Life? (long post with rules ideas)

Just finished a re-watch of the first season, and I realized I really missed the big fights with 4+ on a side that kept happening in 3rd life; in later seasons that kind of thing was a lot rarer. While it doesn't have to be an every-season thing, I was wondering what kind of rules would encourage those encounters in a future season?
The big things I noticed were:
  1. organic coalition building. Ren was able to leverage an early enchanter into a fairly loyal group before any other 3+ alliances had formed. The threat of the Red King then forced all the other duos into a coalition against them, led to Impulse agreeing to betray Dogwarts, etc. This was also helped by the rarity of cows on the map, since getting bookshelves was a big struggle. This might be hard to replicate, since in later seasons everyone already anticipated the need to form stable but smaller alliances (most explicitly in Double Life, where the rules selected a small alliance for everyone).
  2. A sub point of (1): because enchantments were fully powerful but you still needed the core infrastructure to get there, that probably resulted in fewer, smaller teams. Unless I've forgotten someone, only two fully-powered enchanters got online, plus two villager trading halls. In later seasons, it was just a matter of controlling the enchanter, which got shared around widely (despite Scar's efforts to control it; it's not the enchanter that's an investment, but the effort required to get 30 bookcases), and villagers mostly haven't been used. Similarly, since TNT only used the core recipe, getting a good supply of TNT required investment, so having larger teams made sense. This was partly helped because players regularly logged in outside the game time to work on villager trading halls and Grian's gunpowder farm.
  3. The prohibition on non-reds killing were pretty weak. So a single red life (Scar, Skizz) would start a fight, all the target's allies would jump in to defend them, and then all the Red's allies would jump in to defend him (deliberately casting some shade on Cleo's allies, who kind of left them out to dry). In later seasons, a red's yellow and green allies tended to spectate rather than defend their red ally, so fights didn't escalate. In Last Life, reds abandoned their previous alliances, too, which supercharged this, leading to weaker reds against stronger non-reds.
  4. The boogeyman discourages players from hanging around in groups, since the more people around you, the more likely you are to be near a boogey. In theory a big group could help defend you from the boogey, but usually no one tries fight back against a boogey; running is a better strategy (especially for bystanders who aren't the target). Also, there's the risk of multiple boogey-kills if you're in a big group.
Some of the feel of season 1 probably can't be re-captured, since the players can now anticipate how the game will go, whereas in season 1 everyone really was discovering as they played. But here are some proposed rules that might bring back the Third Life dynamics. I don't think these have to be in every season (every series has been great in its own way), but it would be nice to revisit some of the season 1 dynamics again.
  1. You can only attempt to kill if either (a) you are red, (b) someone is attempting to kill you or your ally. This can chain, so if your ally tries to kill someone and they fight back, you can support your ally.
  2. TNT, enchantments, etc. are base minecraft and the map only starts with a handful of cows. A limited number of enchanting rooms/bookcases, cow farms, villager trading halls, brewing stands, and tnt farms can be built (e.g. there is a limited number of 'permits' for each, and if you don't have the permit, you can't build one. Once you start building, that permit is fulfilled, so permits aren't something that can be passed around. You don't have to build it yourself, if you want to team up with someone who is better at building these things). Maybe there are limits like how many bookshelves or villagers you can have, and how many chests a gunpowder farm can have, which increase as the series goes on. Players are allowed to log-on out of game-time to build these things, since it's kind of boring content if someone spends a good chunk in-game leveling up villagers. I can't think of other structures which would be good to include, but I bet there are some.
  3. Instead of a single boogeyman, you have a boogey-team. Players explicitly join teams, although they can change teams whenever they like (I think using the new armor flairs could be a cool way of doing this visually, signaling team allegiance with different colors, the way the Dogwarts/Pizza banners did). Each session, one team is randomly selected as the boogey-team, and everyone who is on that team collectively has to kill another non-red player (not on their team). If they don't by the end of the session, a randomly selected member or two drops down to red. But if the team is more than 1/2 of the total non-red players in the game, they are automatically selected, and they instead have to kill 1 of their own non-red members (to prevent mega-blobs).
  4. Not really related, but I think a series set in the caves would be a really cool visual twist. There could be a top barrier as well as a world barrier to keep everyone below ground. There would have to be a way to get wood, food, and a few other surface-only things, but with the caves and cliffs biomes, it could be really cool.
Thanks for reading all this, and I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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2023.06.02 15:38 ItsABigMule My (M21) Girlfriend (F21) is clashing with my Best Friend (F22) and I feel it’s absolutely ridiculous. What’s my best course of action?

Sorry if this gets a little long, I haven’t posted here before and I’m beyond irritated at this point.
I have a girlfriend of about a year. We’ll call her Jess. For the most part, our relationship has been very good. We’ve had some hiccups, but I think it’s typical with people our age, but I do really like her.
I have a best friend that we’ll call Izzy. Izzy and I have been friends for many years, dating back to late middle school. We’ve grown a lot throughout the years and we’ve always had each other back’s no matter what. I actually ditched my other “friends” in high school when they defended her boyfriend’s abusive treatment of her in our friend group.
Before Jess and I started dating, I had a conversation about Izzy with her. I told her it was a completely platonic friendship that I highly valued and that would not change if I entered a relationship. We do text a couple times a week and we usually see each other at least once a week. I was very open about my relationship with her from the very beginning and even suggested that they meet each other if that made her feel more comfortable. If this was a deal breaker for her, I’d totally understand. She said it was fine.
With our current schedules, Izzy comes over on Thursday nights and we watch a movie and bullshit for a bit afterwards. We usually watch horror or psychological movies because Jess isn’t a fan of those. Jess also works during these times and she likes to come over after work and Izzy leaves shortly after she gets here.
So yesterday, Izzy came over and we watched our movie and did the typical thing we usually do. She actually left a little early because she had to be up early.
Jess got back and she wanted to talk. She mentioned she doesn’t like my hangouts with Izzy and told me she wants me to stop letting her come over. I asked her to elaborate and all she said was “she doesn’t like her vibe”
I told her that it wasn’t happening. I was very upfront with my relationship with Izzy from the beginning and if it was a dealbreaker for her, she should’ve told me then. I was kinda pissed at this point because Izzy has done nothing to her, and actively asks how she is doing any time I see her. I stood pat and told her this is a non starter for me.
I asked her why she is pressing this when she has guy friends she hangouts with too (which is fine in my book) and she said “we aren’t as close as you guys are, it’s not the same” and I mentioned that I’m willing to bet at least one of her guy friends with her would sleep with her if he had the chance. Izzy and I both have said that if we had feelings “it would’ve happened many years ago” which is true. She wanted to see my phone and I told her no, there is no reason for her to be acting like this.
Basically I told her that it will not be changing, and I’m not removing friends from my life when she can’t give me a good reason, especially when I’ve made no issue about her friends. Izzy’s partners have never had an issue with me, and I actually became good friends with one of them. My previous 4 partners also had no issue with Izzy, and they liked her too, even inviting her to their sand volleyball league.
I legitimately considered breaking up over this. I’ve been up front about this the whole time, well before we were even officially dating, and I’ve communicated when I’m hanging out with her (which is mostly when I can’t see Jess)
Is there a way to make this work or should I just break up with her? Has anyone had similar experiences? I’m sorry if this was long but I’m so annoyed right now.
TLDR: GF wants me to stop hanging out with my BF for no actual reason, and I refute, especially since she has guy friends she hangs out with. Considering breaking up if this will remain an issue.
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2023.06.02 15:36 PearBlaze Josh's 2023 Fire Red Randomizer: Episode 4: Who gets to stay on the team?

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2023.06.02 15:33 SWZerbe100 New player needing help picking champions

New player needing help picking champions
Hey guys I could really use some help here as I have been getting really conflicting information from the articles I have been reading. Looking for suggestions on who to 5* first and who to level up to use with them. I do have my starter respec potion so if Nid Rold is a bad choice I can strip him down.
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