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2023.06.03 17:17 inSaiyanne Pup Question

Pup Question
Hi everyone! I’ve had this little guy since early April, and I’m starting to notice some darkening and squishiness that I hadn’t before. I have a soil mix of perlite, coarse sand, akadama, pummice and a little over 10% foxfarm ocean forest with the sticks removed. So far I have done 2 waterings, first one was a month after potting and the second one was two days ago. The pup pictured on the first and third pictures seems to be more purple and squishy when compared to the others, and I’m starting to wonder if it could be rot, even with the well draining mix and infrequent waterings. This one is also the furthest from the window which may play a role but I feel like he might be a goner. Any advice is very much appreciated! Also, I bottom water by submerging most of the pot in a small bucket of water and letting it absorb for 10 minutes.
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2023.06.03 17:17 Free_Asparagus_7508 Blonde hair help 🙏🏻

Blonde hair help 🙏🏻
So, here’s 3 different pictures of my hair in different lighting so you can really see what I’m workin with here. There are a lot of parts of my hair that are more gold/orange. I want a very ash blonde, so I have wella t10 and 20 volume developer. I know that t10 is blue based so I was hoping it would help with the orange. But now I’m wondering if I should go through and bleach the orangey parts again before I tone my hair. Will the toner used with 20 volume lift the orange sections enough or do I bleach again?? I appreciate ur help sm 😬😬
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2023.06.03 17:16 Top-Interaction-7770 I have built the Fantasticar and the Fantastic four in Lego, what do you think

I'm sorry for the low quality of the pictures
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2023.06.03 17:15 PirateDaveZOMG Inkworks: The Phantom - Trading Cards 21 through 40

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2023.06.03 17:15 AutoModerator RepWeidianSneakers Member Guide and Rulebook: Read Upon Arrival and Before Posting!

Hello, and welcome to RepWeidianSneakers! Whether you’re a long-time member or someone new who just straggled in from one of the other replica subreddits, this recurring post will serve as an introduction to or reminder of the subreddit rules. This group runs in several key ways that may be different from other groups to ensure we maintain a high-quality group where well-informed replica buyers can engage in constructive conversation regarding the best batches for various shoes, batch flaws of popular and commonly purchased batches, and QC posts of new and old products alike.
Please do your best to stay up-to-date on the latest subreddit rules and cultural norms in order to make sure that your participation in the group is in accordance with how we run things here! All sub rules are visible along the side bar if on desktop, and under the "About" tab if on mobile. We appreciate your attention and diligence to subreddit policies, and hope you enjoy your time here!
The following rules will be outlined in the following ways:
  1. Most Important Rule of the Sub
  2. Post Formats (QC, Find, Help Me Find)
  3. General Subreddit/Reddit-Wide Rules
Rule #1: Sneakers from Weidian, TaoBao only
This one should be self-explanatory - QCs for shoes purchased from middlemen are not allowed on this sub. I understand that many users value the input from members in this subreddit specifically due to their reputation and credibility, but we want to keep this sub as pure to its purpose as possible. If there are specific people from whom you want input from, feel free to post in the other rep subs and tag them.
Additionally, when users ask for recommendations on where to purchase, make sure to provide links to Weidian or TaoBao stores, and not middlemen. Middlemen sell Weidian/TaoBao products at a markup for convenience - always focus on the actual product.
Rule #2: QC Post Title Guidelines: [QC] {Price in Yuan} {Batch} {Shoe Name} from {Seller Name}
When posting your QCs or Finds, use the following format: [QC] {Price in Yuan} {Batch} {Shoe Name} from {Seller Name}. Example: [QC] 400¥ FK Batch Travis Scott x Jordan 1 High OG Mocha from A GDJ Supplier
The Group Automod comments on every single post in this group with a reminder of this title format. If your title does not include each of the necessary components in the brackets above, please be proactive and repost with the correct format. If you don’t delete the post, a moderator will, and that or repeated infractions may result in a temporary ban from the group. This rule exists to ensure the group is easily searchable to help make researching batches on your own as streamlined as possible.
Rule #3: QC Posts need W2C Link:
If you are posting a QC, make sure to post the W2C link. If the listing link is dead, please post the link to the store where the shoe was purchased instead. No W2C link will result in the deletion of your post!
You are welcome to post Weidian links, TaoBao links, or links from any shipping agent except for PandaBuy, given that PandaBuy forces you to login to see the item, whereas the other agent links do not. Linking a PandaBuy link and not an alternative link will result in the deletion of your post.
Rule #4: Help Me Find Post Title Guidelines: [HELP ME FIND] {Shoe Name} + Picture of Shoe
If you are hunting for a certain pair, your post title must include the Full Shoe Name and Colorway as well as a picture of the shoe in question. If either is missing, your post will be deleted. This rule exists to reduce the number of repetitive “Help Me Find” posts, as a user will be able to search previously posted “Help Me Find” posts for the shoe they want.
Example: [HELP ME FIND] Jordan 1 High Chicago
Rule #5: Find Post Title Guidelines: [FIND] {Price in Yuan} {Batch} {Shoe Name} from {Seller Name}
Okay, so you’re on WeChat, and a seller has posted a new product. You want to be the first one to post about it on Reddit, so you rush over and make the post. Great, pat yourself on the back. Just kidding. Don’t just stop there - put some thought into the post. How does this new find compare to other products on the market? Do they have potential? You don’t have to be an expert QCer, but give your general thoughts. In short, were these worth finding? The hope is that with this general subreddit policy, it will encourage people to post high-quality finds and reduce clutter from low-tier finds that don’t add much to the group.
Rule #6: Be Respectful of One Another
Please be nice and courteous to one another. All rules of Reddiquette apply. Your membership in this subreddit is contingent upon your overall Reddit activity, not just limited to this subreddit. To put explicitly, this includes but is not limited to: harassing or disrespecting others in other subreddits, posting hate speech of any kind, or spreading misinformation. Any violation of this will result in the banning of your account and any alternate accounts you may be known to have!
Rule #7: No Cussing
In line with the previous rule, no cussing on the sub, please. Often, on the rep subs, the only time people are cussing is to insult one another, spread misinformation, or speak illy in general. For this reason, an AutoMod is in place that will regulate posts and comments on the sub. Your post/comment will be deleted and you will receive a message alerting you if this happens. Bonus: Mr. Frosty can't post or comment without some sort of explicit language, so this simple rule (and the accompanying AutoMod) keeps the sub safe
Rule #8: Support Your Statements with Evidence
Essentially, cite your source. Let's avoid being like other rep subs where people make up rumors or decide their opinions without any research or evidence.
If you comment saying a batch is the best or better than what has been posted, show us why. Link reference posts, rep vs retails, QCs, etc. Show, rather than tell, us why what you're saying is correct. If your statement is a good one, this shouldn't be difficult. As above, don't default to name calling if you can't support your statement. It is okay to have a well-informed opinion - it is not okay to have an uneducated opinion that you spread as fact.
If you run into issues with a member or members in the group that are not participating in this group norm, please tag a mod, and the situation will be handled accordingly.
Rule #9: No Seller Ads
Self-explanatory. This especially applies to lost middlemen posting their fake QCs to try to gain business. If you are a member and see this, please report the post. If a post receives enough reports, it is automatically removed and sent to the mod queue. This helps keep the group clean through community effort.
Rule #10: No WeChat Verification Posts
I understand that you may want your WeChat verified in order to communicate with sellers or see their WeChat Moments. There are other subs for WeChat Verifications though. Please do not make these posts here. Use the appropriate subs. Posts will be deleted.
Rule #11: No Memes
This group aims to be a research-focused subreddit. It prides itself on providing the most objective information possible. Please keep the memes or satire posts in other subs. This includes meme titles or captions such as "how fast do I need to walk" or "fire up the rep machines." These posts add little to no value and are often unoriginal anyway.
Any use of meme titles will result in a 14-day temp ban as previously announced, as will repeated infractions of posting other memes.
Lastly, this Group is Not Meant to Be a Direct Line to u/poncecatchemall
Please reference his guides and resources linked below for answers to most commonly asked questions. He does not read chats asking repetitive questions, and mod mail is not meant to be used to ask specifically him questions, so do not use it for that purpose.
- Poncecatchemall’s Recently Updated Beginner’s Batch Guide where I cover top batches for popular shoes.
- Poncecatchemall’s Select Weidian/TaoBao Finds: November 2022 Edition covering popular purchases with all W2C Links
- Never used an agent? Check out Poncecatchemall’s Updated Weidian, TaoBao, Agent: How-To Guide for a step-by-step guide on how to purchase reps using WeGoBuy
- How to Ask Poncecatchemall For a QC/LC please follow these instructions if you want a response.

Thank you in advance to everyone for following the sub rules and for keeping this sub a great, high-quality sub to be a part of. If there are any rule addition recommendations, we are always open to suggestions.
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2023.06.03 17:14 Queasy-Cold5474 Picture of the food from my uncles 21st birthday

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2023.06.03 17:13 Formerly_Jess How could I go about finding this suit but without Stitch?

How could I go about finding this suit but without Stitch?
Hopefully this is okay and I used the right flair. I'm going on vacation in about 2 weeks and I LOVE the design of this swimsuit but not a fan of the Stitch all over it (love the movie, but.. no). I tried looking around for two piece swim skirt and for some reason the results I'm getting are not hitting as well as this one does..
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2023.06.03 17:13 monnaamis Sick of spending so much on bikinis

I have spent probably over £1000 in my life on fucking bikinis that end up not fitting or being ugly after a few wears or a season. I am so sick of feeling self conscious and uncomfortable 😭😭😭😭 I have just got out my summer closet and tried on my old bikinis and none of them fit. I have probably worn them max 5 times each. I swear my boobs are on a never ending growth spurt. I have started lifting weights as I am hoping some of it is weight gain that just goes straight to my chest. It literally brought me to tears because I'm tired of feeling either frumpy, unsupported or sexualised. All at GREAT expense which I cannot afford. I am 30G. Just looking on Bravissimos website none of them are cute and they are expensive. I'm in my 20s. Has anyone had any luck with ASOS?
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2023.06.03 17:13 Throwaway_youkay About to recable my bike for the first time, unsure how to work around the internally routed section

My bike has a bit of cable integration: for both gear cables and the rear brake. I am about to fully re-cable it for the first time: inner & outer cables, gears & brakes. See the pictures here please. I have some questions about how to approach the pieces routed inside: - is there outer cable going inside the frame? - should I keep the same plastic inserts at these points? (and clean them fully ofc) - I need to first replace the outer cable, using the inner cable as a guide, and then replace the inner right? (I don't have routing magnets) - there is a cable liner for the front derailleur, should I keep even if its plastic looks quite old?
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2023.06.03 17:12 Last-Membership-9219 Picture of the food from my uncles 21st birthday

Picture of the food from my uncles 21st birthday submitted by Last-Membership-9219 to u/Last-Membership-9219 [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 17:12 RoleplayAddickt [Reddit] [Kik] [Discord] Anyone want to catfish me as one or multiple of these girls as siblings and/or parents? I'll show off if you feed. Start right away. Must have pictures. You must be submissive. Socials in bio

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2023.06.03 17:12 Evening-Strength-924 Picture of the food from my uncles 21st birthday

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2023.06.03 17:12 lawncare_throwaway Lawn from this morning.

Lawn from this morning.
About a year after putting sod in, picture from this morning.
We put about 40 extra yards of dirt back here — mostly to level out and regrade the ground. It seems like a lot, but you can barely tell. If you live in an area where new housing is going in (and they have basements), you can source excavation dirt for cheap. Just get pictures before hand so you know what you’re getting.
My wife and I did all the irrigation. It was very validating to see the coverage after all the trenching and piping. I don’t have a ton of water service, so there’s 4-5 zones just for grass, with 3-4 future zones planned for flower beds.
On sod day, we laid all the sod with some help from parents — about 4500sqft.
I’ve put down some grubex and will lay some fertilizer in the fall, but have otherwise not done too much. I got a much larger broadcast spreader to make the job a bit easier.
As you can see, I still have many projects to complete (see mounds, wall, shed, etc), but it’s coming along. I chose the center honey locust for the more diffuse shade it would cast on the lawn. Colorado has been getting lots of rain this year, which has been great for the lawn and new trees as well.
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2023.06.03 17:11 chickenflyguy Santa's Slay Reskin in Open Beta

Santa's Slay Reskin in Open Beta
On the MCCI website they have pictures of the server and one of the BB maps they show looks like a non-Christmas version of Santa's Slay. It's got the same spawn, capture point, water elevators on the side, and even the same kits. Not sure if anyone has noticed this
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2023.06.03 17:11 dertarif 26[M4A] Looking for new people to chat and get to know

Pictures are on my profile.
Hi, 26, bored and looking to get to know new people. I’m awful at these types of posts. I like read and workout. Like I said im awful at these posts. If you want to chat dm me .
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2023.06.03 17:11 yournailsupplier What Comes With a Pedicure?

What Comes With a Pedicure?
This post is for you if you're wondering what a pedicure includes! After reading more below, schedule a consultation with us right away.

Nailing Soak

We treat you to a sumptuous nail soak at Herbal Nail Bar to get things going. Because the warm, calming water ensures that all of your simple nail designs for short nails worries melt away from the time your session starts, it's the ideal way to settle into our salon and get comfortable.

Massage Therapy

Everyone enjoys a good massage, and great pedicures always include massage therapies that are not only beneficial to the skin but also aid in circulation and help you relax. At the conclusion of your visit, you will typically have a massage, which will leave you feeling good and with incredibly smooth skin.

Nail Care and Shaping

The most important aspect of any pedicure service is nail shape and upkeep. Your nails will be sculpted and cut to the desired length throughout this process. Your nail technician should be able to handle whether you wish to maintain your nails long or shorten them.

simple nail ideas

Polish if You So Choose

Do you prefer to try a new polish color? Would you prefer that we apply a clear polish instead? Whatever the situation, we are more than willing to help! After all, at Herbal Nail Bar, we work hard to ensure that every customer interaction is satisfying. Whatever color or style you decide on, you'll be happy with the finished product and the caliber of our work.

Services for Pedicures Are Safe and Fun

When was the last time you gave your feet a spa treatment? Herbal Nail Bar can take care of your pedicure needs with high-quality services cute easy nail designs that you will adore, whether it has been days, weeks, or years. Are you prepared to begin? Call or drop by now to make an appointment.
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2023.06.03 17:11 jackncoke3035 identify this watch

identify this watch
anybody tell me what watch this is?? sorry pictures are kind of blurry but pretty sure it is a rolex. thanks!
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2023.06.03 17:11 Sonic24680 Back to dating after 2 months off.

Started dating again after a 2 month break. M 30.
Background: Started dating last year and was in a 5 month relationship - ended and got to say I dodged a bullet. But she was the best person I dated out of the lot.
Then went on multiple dates where either the other person or myself was not interested. I met women via apps and through family and friends. Yet I am still single but I did do well with the women I meet through my family and friends. Apps are a waste of time (I get matches but just know we are not going to click). Eventually when we do meet I can talk, flirt ect but in my mind I am just practicing (If I am not attracted). If I am attracted then they say we have nothing in common or no romantic connection. I also met a woman who was married lol.
I changed my pictures, got a better bio and getting more women liking me but I just want to enjoy my life and not worry about finding a life partner. I think its my height that is the issue on dating apps ( I'm 5'5). I got a good social life, brilliant job and I go gym.
I was set up by my friend (exchanged numbers) but I couldn't be bothered to text as I usually do (funny, banter ect). This ended quickly but that is my fault as I wasn't interested.
Just think that I am going to be single forever tbh. I don't want to be in this position by the time I'm 32 but I can see that I should just prepare for this.
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2023.06.03 17:10 Low_Context_3734 For those stressing

Just a thought. I have been obsessing about my face and it’s degree of redness and uncomfortable flushing sensations on and off for about 20 years. I have been diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder and it’s mostly about the redness/rosacea. I think it’s easy to get triggered by rosacea because not only can we see it, but we can feel the flushing, which is also linked to the body’s natural physiological reaction to stress and embarrassment.
I am not minimizing anyone’s discomfort. But I see a lot of pictures on here of attractive people who are obviously sad and stressed about “defects” that the vast majority of the population would consider minor. We should continue to take care of our skin, but let’s please remember to take care of our mindset and happiness as well. One thing I have learned over 20 years is that people, especially those who love and want to spend time with us, don’t care about flushing or redness at all. I can PROMISE you that it is much worse in your own head than it appears to anyone else. But if we only look at our reflections and pictures as if we are looking for problems, we will find what we look for.
Remember to be kind to yourself, and take time each day to go over the aspects of yourself that you are proud of and appreciate. It is awkward at first, but over time it will make you feel better and more confident about yourself. Your body may seem like an enemy at times, but it is actually pretty smart, has your best interests at heart, and works miracles every day to keep you alive. Peace and love
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2023.06.03 17:10 andddiiii Black strips down side of photos?!

Black strips down side of photos?!
Any pictures I post on Instagram I have it set so they save to my gallery so I can use them elsewhere. This screenshot is my gallery on my phone.
The last few months they have been saving with this annoying black strip down one or both sides.
Does anyone know how to stop this from happening?
Unfortunately it's not a case of then just cropping the black out on my phone because it shifts the whole picture over therefore cropping a whole chunk off the other side to the black strip.
Heeellllppp? 😭
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2023.06.03 17:10 the_alpha_gray I don't fucking get you.

Ever had a guy who decided not to tell you the details of the girl he's flirting with/having sex with but he tells you almost everything?
Happened weeks ago and I suddenly remembered it and I still don't get why it had to be a problem.
So, there's this guy whom I usually talk to at night before (we stopped talking soon after I got pissed off).
He has a pretty busy schedule since he's sorta "famous". Known creative, and he's within my network of fellow creatives.
We used to talk right before he goes to sleep, and we did talk about the most random stuff. Including our likes and dislikes, our sex lives, how our days went, and everything else we could talk about.
After quite some time, we've had this understanding that we could never be more than friends. And that's completely fine with me because he's emotionally unavailable, and that I am not his type.
So, there are times we could get "flirty" but we know it's all for fun.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago, he recently informed me that it was his birthday. And he casually told me, "Sorry, I just had my birthday."
I was happy for him but I wondered why he wouldn't tell me. Knowing him, he'd say it's no big deal.
A few days after, he had the time to talk to me.
So, he was sharing what had happened the past few days and how busy he was. And I was just listening to his stories.
So, I asked him a question about my ex who had a girlfriend who left him with their two kids to pursue her "career".
I was simply asking for his opinion on the matter and then he said,
"I don't wanna say it, but baka may problema yung ex mo."
"And she would leave him their kids as a punishment? What kind of mom would do that?" I said.
"Alam mo, I honestly don't care about this. Bakit ka ba sakin nagtatanong n'yan e wala naman akong pake."
"I'm just trying to get a different perspective on the matter because my ex is threatening to kill himself and he's about to snap."
"Just don't ask me stuff about your ex or any of that kasi wala kang makukuhang matinong sagot sa'kin." I could hear him grinning on the phone.
"Okay. Fine."
That was such a pretty tense start.
I was holding my other phone while we were talking, and I scrolled through my stories just to check them and I didn't expect that it was quite loud.
"What's that sound? IG story ba yun?" he asked as if I was being disrespectful to him while he was talking.
I told him it was and I accidentally tapped on it, skipped, and it was loud.
"Ah okay. I thought you're watching stories.:
So he continued talking and then I asked him, like we normally would, "so, may nagregalo sa'yo ng birthday bleep? Hahaha."
"I won't answer that question." he answered it in a serious tone.
I was weirded out coz he usually shares those kinds of stuff because we're THAT comfortable with each other.
"Uh... okay?" as I replied, I got my phone and I started autoplaying stories on my Instagram and left it on my side as I talk to him.
"Manood ka na lang kaya ng stories mo?"
"I am not watching, I'm just letting them play."
"So, may nagregalo nga? LOL"
"Yes, meron." and then he goes on sharing what happened and all that.
"Nice. Bakit di mo sinabi kanina when I asked you meron pala?"
I was actually happy for him. He seemed happy.
But for some reason he didn't wanna tell me.
I got annoyed. I don't know why he thinks he's walking on eggshells about it. I felt bad. I was annoyed.
"Usap na lang tayo next time. Inantok na ko. Night." and I hung up.
I felt bad because I thought we were friends and having a "thing" was already behind us that's why we could get into details of the stuff we have.
But he chose to not tell me. And then he eventually did.
For what reason?
The delay was unnecessary and I took offense because it was as if he thinks I'd be jealous, well in fact, I was happy.
We even argued before about him being allergic to "I love you's".
Had to explain to him that it doesn't mean anything.
"Let's not make this complicated." he said.
Make WHAT COMPLICATED? We were just friends. Nothing more.
He apologized but that got me confused.
But this time, I didn't really feel that we were truly friends.
I felt betrayed. He didn't even bother to tell me his birthday. He just casually informed me that it was done.
To be blunt, kahit pa sobrang liit na bagay napaguusapan namin before.
So, I don't get the omissions.
I hurt me coz I thought we were friends. Heck, we were comfy enough we even do phonesex.
I dunno. Did I miss something? Did I not step back far enough to see the bigger picture?
We haven't talked for weeks. He was a good friend, for me.
But was I even a friend to him?
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2023.06.03 17:10 Z23kG3Cn7f Dogs without leashes at full kids' playgrounds. Thoughts?

Been at a few local parks and people with dogs tend not to leash them. I took the kids to the Star park and there was a Rottweiler without a leash and a packed park of kids. A parent asked the owner to leash to the dog, but the owner (and other parents) defended the practice because "it's just a cute dog". The owner began a verbal altercation with the parent over how the complaining parent is just a little bitch.
What are your thoughts on the practice.
Which parent is out of line? Have you experienced similar situations?
Just curious to some ideas.
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