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2018.10.14 08:51 Vicky_Rogers <<..^^[**{(Watch)}**]^^..>> NFL Games Online for Free Today: Live In Full HD (2018).

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2023.06.04 18:36 Quirky_Hat1646 If your map spawns in castle or Dead end I'm going to find you early.

I've played like 20 games today and mostly big map and Kandar. On the big map the first or second peice of the map almost always spawned at the Dead End. Even when it didn't my traps would still catch looty surviors at the start. I can't believe how many DCs when they get found. Of course Kandar is like 90% castle especially if their fear is down. If the fear is up they are almost always in Palace Ruins. Saber really should add more spawn locations. They are kinda predictable after awhile of playing.
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2023.06.04 18:36 Hercules1579 Single Game Selections 6/4

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2023.06.04 18:35 wallie8865 Guys, I did it!

Guys, I did it!
I mean, I usually do- also with onioinions too- but made it to the game today.
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2023.06.04 18:34 russbird Atomic Wallet user, status: Not Hacked

Hey gang, about 2 years in the crypto game here, and have been using Atomic Wallet since essentially day 1. Just to provide a counterpoint to all the posts about being hacked, I just logged in today (I’m generally an offline/DCA investor) and found no unauthorised transactions in my account. As a precaution, I did transfer out my largest holding (BTC) to a different location, but the minimal balances I have in other coins will stay. FYI I’m running the latest desktop version of AW (2.70.12, I think?) on a somewhat older version of Mac OS. I’m careful with my transactions and never interact with any unexpected “airdrops” that show up in AW occasionally. Anyway, I tagged this as “anecdotal” because obviously I’m a sample size of one, but I do want state that the latest hack is not affecting 100% of AW accounts, and I hope they’re able to identify the issue and resolve it. It’s been a good wallet for me so far, with decent features and regular updates. My two cents!
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2023.06.04 18:31 WarriorsDev Hello, I’m a solo developer. Today my favourite game that I made so far has been approved for pre-order on the App Store. If you love Casual games like I do I hope you will like it. This has been my favourite game to work on and I am looking forward for you to try it out and work on new updates.

Hello, I’m a solo developer. Today my favourite game that I made so far has been approved for pre-order on the App Store. If you love Casual games like I do I hope you will like it. This has been my favourite game to work on and I am looking forward for you to try it out and work on new updates.
The game is free has no ads. The game is currently available as a preorder and will be available as soon as I add some final touches to the game.
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2023.06.04 18:31 Chris8563 Collection achievement conjuration still at 139/140. Any ideas?

Hello everyone,
I have waited through 2 major patches to see if any potential glitched chest would fix itself. Today, on 6/4/2022, there was a patch that specifically addressed it. Yet still according to the map I have all the chests in ALL regions, I have checked ALL Vivarium chests as well. I have checked ALL tombs. I will probably go through the butterfly chests for a 6th time and see but I doubt that will work as the last patch for the butterfly chests did nothing to solve my problem. Is there anything anyone can think of that I may be missing? Does a butterfly cluster appear without actually showing up on the revlio scan? Is there a location that may say I have all the chests but really I don’t? Any suggestions will appreciated. If I can’t find this last conjuration, I will just delete the game and try again when I play through the game to prepare for whatever sequel they may have in store but nonetheless I am quite frustrated. Thanks.
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2023.06.04 18:31 ShadesOfSlay Functional Post Game Ending

Just been musing today about how wonderful this mod is. It truly lets me carry on in the world and see the effects of my actions in a playthrough. In fact I’d go as far as to say I could never go back and play the game without it. Wondering if you folks have played with this mod?
I find it to be utterly essential.
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2023.06.04 18:29 RhynoD Convinced my buddy to read the series. *Sniff* I'm so proud.

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2023.06.04 18:28 PlagiarusPraepotens Predator: The Original Years Omnibus Vol. 2

Predator: The Original Years Omnibus Vol. 2
Courtesy of Near Mint Condition on YouTube and his Marvel Comics sponsored video, Predator: The Original Years Omnibus Volume 2 has been announced for March 2024.
Volume 2 will feature the following comics:
  • Predator: Hell & Hot Water (1997)
  • Predator Primal (1997)
  • Predator: Nemesis (1997)
  • Predator: Hell Come A-Walkin' (1998)
  • Predator: Captive (1998)
  • Predator: Homeworld (1999)
  • Predator: Xenogenesis (1999)
  • Predator (2009)
  • Predators (2010)
  • Predators: Beating the Bullet (2010)
  • Predators: Preserve the Game (2010)
  • Predator: Hunters (2017)
  • Predator: Hunters II (2018)
  • Predator: Hunters III (2020)
  • Material from Dark Horse Presents (1986)
  • Free Comic Book Day 2009: Predator
Direct Market Cover by Bob Eggleton

Standard Edition Cover by Inhyuk Lee
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2023.06.04 18:28 fecalmist69 Got tickets to give away for todays game

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2023.06.04 18:28 sandman730 Rules & Schedule

Welcome to all GMs and AGMs to this years' edition of the /hockey annual offseason sim!


I will be personally editing all the spreadsheets, keeping them updated throughout the sim and they can all be found on the sidebar as well as in the chat channel.
Please message sandman730 if anything is incorrect or you wish to make changes on your roster sheet.

Tentative Sim Schedule

Mon. June 12th - Sim Discord Invites
Thu. June 15th - Sim Begins and Rosters Frozen (2pm ET)
Sun. June 18th - Deadline for GMs to Submit Plans (2pm ET)
Mon. June 19th - Trade Period Begins (2pm ET) (Provided GMs have an Approved Plan)
Mon. June 19th - Buyout Period Begins (2pm ET)
Thu. June 22nd - Deadline to Submit Trades Involving Players/Prospects for the NHL Draft (8pm ET)
Fri. June 23rd - NHL Draft Rounds 1-3 (8pm ET)
Sat. June 24th - NHL Draft Rounds 4-7 (2pm ET) (No Trades Allowed)
Sat. June 24th - Last Chance to Place Players on Waivers for a Buyout (2pm ET)
Sun. June 25th - Deadline for Qualifying Offers (5pm ET)
Sun. June 25th - Buyout Period Ends (5pm ET)
Sun. June 25th - Last Chance for Clubs to Sign UFAs to an 8 Year SPC (11:59pm ET)
Mon. June 26th - Free Agency Roster Freeze (12pm ET) (Discussion allowed, but no moves finalized)
Thu. June 29th - Free Agency Begins (12pm ET)
Wed. July 12th - Qualifying Offers Expire (5pm ET)
Thu. August 3rd - Waiver Window Opens (2pm ET)
Fri. August 11th - Last Chance to Place Players on Waivers (2pm ET)
Sat. August 12th - Rosters Due (5pm ET)
Sun. August 13th - End of Sim (Reviewing Rosters/Making Recaps/Etc.)
Google Calendar


For information about the cap and CBA, read this post and feel free to ask sandman730 any questions.

IRL Moves

Since we are in sim-mode, IRL moves do not apply to the sim, except for five key exceptions:
  1. Players retiring (if they retire IRL, they're out of the sim and cannot be signed),
  2. Player suspensions (ex: Slava Voynov),
  3. Transactions involving a foreign professional entering NHL,
  4. An NHL player signing in another league (ex: Liiga),
  5. Players being placed on long-term injured reserve.
Regarding the 3rd point, if the player announces he is officially returning to the NHL or he signs IRL with an NHL team, then he is available to sign. Until then, he cannot be signed.
Coach hirings/firings, AHL contracts, relocation, etc. are not part of this sim.

Keep it Realistic

You can't be perfect since plenty of teams could go many ways. If your team is clearly rebuilding, you should continue to rebuild and help the process.
Try not to acquire guys just for the purpose of flipping them later. We're not outright banning it since it happens IRL sometimes, but it's super uncommon, especially for bigger names. Rebuilding teams rarely take cap dumps to help out other teams in exchange for late round picks. If it is a fair trade, it can still be accepted. There will need to be incentive for teams to acquire cap dumps. Don't include unnecessary pieces or trade picks too far out (trading picks after 2024 will require a compelling reason). Don't trade the rights to retired players.
We are asking each GM for an initial offseason plan. This plan includes basic things like which direction the team is headed this summer, but with slightly more detail such as whether they will hope to pursue more options via trades or free agency, how they will deal with their cap space (or lack thereof), etc. You will not be able to sign or trade anyone until your plans are submitted and approved. If you wish to amend your plan, submit it via mod mail, including your reasoning for the amendment.
[GM Plan Form]()
Throughout free agency, the mod team will reach out to GMs to see if they are changing their plans due to transactions that have taken place in the sim (i.e. missing out on free agents, changes in the trade market, etc.).


We realize GMs want to be more active than their real-life counterparts but we will be pretty strict on allowing trades in the sim. When you submit a trade or signing, both parties must send the trade in to the office of the commissioner (via mod mail). You also must include a justification as to why the trade makes sense for your party including how it will affect the cap, lineup and future roster decisions. Please use the below template. All players, picks, additional terms, rights to players, and salary retention amounts must be specified and identical in both parties' submissions.
Before making a trade, we encourage you to find multiple comparable trades which will convince us that the trade is realistic. Please do not compare each trade to the Matt Duchene to Ottawa trade and say "Well, it's more realistic than that one".
We will do our best to announce the trades right away as they come in. Do not post pending trades in other threads until they are posted. Please allow us at least 24 hours to approve trades and for graphics to be prepared.
Try not to blow your load, especially on the first day. Be patient, especially with trades. Just try. You'll thank us later. Those who follow this advice usually will find incredible bargains and can take advantage of other GM's mistakes.

Trade Submission Template

We would like teams to use the following template when submitting trades to ensure all relevant information is included.
Team A receives:
Team B receives:
Corresponding moves: (players sent down, called up, or put on waivers; answer "none" if not applicable)
Cap/salary implications:
Other options pursued:
Long-term implications:
I certify that I own the assets I am trading away; my team remains roster & cap compliant; I have complied with any no-trade lists; etc.


NYR receives: Tyler Motte
WPG receives: 2023 4th Round Pick (WPG)
Corresponding moves: None
Cap/salary implications: The Rangers can take the remainder of Motte's $1,225,000 cap hit.
Goal: The Rangers are looking to add depth for a playoff push. The Canucks are looking to acquire future assets for a player on an expiring contract.
Justification: The Rangers are solidly in a playoff position and are looking to buy at the deadline. Motte can fill a 4th line role.
Comparables: SEA traded Mason Appleton to WPG for a 2023 4th before the 2022 TDL. MTL traded Nick Cousins to VGK for a 2021 4th before the 2020 TDL.
Other options pursued: The Rangers also tried to acquire Derick Brassard and Vladislav Namestnikov, but were unable to make a deal work.
Long-term implications: The Rangers are willing to give up a mid-round pick to add depth now.
I certify that I own the assets I am trading away; my team remains roster & cap compliant; I have complied with any no-trade lists; etc.

No-Trade/No-Movement Clauses

These will be handled by TBD. If you wish to trade a player with a No-Trade or No-Movement Clause, you must message them, requesting a list of teams a player can or cannot be traded to, or if a player would be willing to waive his No-Movement Clause. Please give them at least 24 hours to fulfill such requests.

Trading UFA Rights

We have tried this in the past and some agents felt obligated to have the UFA sign in the city that acquired the players' rights. We feel it would be best if every team gets a fair chance so this year we will NOT be allowing trading for UFA rights. This will also hopefully lead to fewer trades and more UFA signings.
Additionally, we will not allow you to sign and trade UFAs or pending UFAs.

Conditional Picks

You cannot trade picks with conditions, with some exceptions:
  • Lottery protection
  • Higheloweetc. of multiple picks in a given round
  • Settling scenarios based on previous trade conditions
We realize it happens in real life, but it is hard to track from experience and hopefully it will cut down on the amount of unnecessary trade conditions.

Unfair Value

To avoid exploitation and chaos in the trade market, we sometimes need to step in to preserve the sim's integrity. This may be somewhat subjective, so the trade committee will discuss and vote on most trades. Your trade will go through more smoothly if you provide ample justification and can offer comparable trades. Some common issues include:
  • Undervaluing cap space or salary - Since there is no real money involved in this simulation and no accountability to owners or future cap issues, people can undervalue these assets. Please provide examples of comparable trades.
  • Undervaluing future draft picks - Similarly, since there is no accountability within the sim for these assets, unnecessarily adding late draft picks or too high draft picks can be problematic. Again, provide examples of comparable trades.
  • Differing opinions on the value of players or prospects - These usually will go through, but may require further explanation.


sandman730, meatb4ll, and TBD are gonna be the “veto panel” and we are gonna take it very seriously. If the vote is unanimous 3-0 either way, then we will accept/reject the trade or signing. If it is 2-1 either way, then we will ask TBD for their opinions and votes. We will then come to a decision with the majority winning. There are a number of reasons why a trade or signing may be vetoed by the trade committee:
  • Violates the CBA (ex: puts a team over the contract limit)
  • Involves NTCs (i.e., the player would block the trade)
  • Puts a team over the cap or roster limit (or under the floor), without them having a clear plan for how to get back under (or over)
  • Violates other house rules (ex: trading UFAs)
  • Unrealistic (see above)
  • Unfair value (see above)
  • Goes against their plan (or goes too far all-in on either the present or future)
meatb4ll will communicate veto decisions and discussions.

Entry Draft

Rounds 1-3 of the draft will take place on the chat channel on Fri. June 23rd at 8pm ET. We kindly ask that everyone attends this in the chat since it will go a lot smoother not having to wait for GMs and it is one of the most exciting parts of the sim in terms of trades and activity. This is the one day we hope to have all GMs and AGMs alike participate since we require your cooperation. Draft day trades involving players/prospects must be submitted 24 hours before the start of the draft (Thu. June 22nd at 8pm ET). Trades made during the draft (involving draft picks) must be submitted via DM to the commissioners.
On Sat. June 24th at 2pm ET, we will host Rounds 4-7 for those who would like to participate. It is not mandatory, you will just be auto-picked if you don’t show up. There will not be any trading allowed for this portion of the draft.
If a GM cannot make it either night, you are welcome to appoint an AGM to draft for the team, submit a custom auto-draft list, or respect our auto-draft list (Bob McKenzie, then Future Considerations). Please confirm this via mod mail or (if mid-draft) via DM to the commissioners.
Please make your selections as promptly as possible to ensure the draft runs smoothly for everyone. Do not delay your selection to make a meme/image (you are welcome to post them afterwards). We will allow 2 min per selection for Rounds 1-3 and 1 min for Rounds 4-7. Each team will be allowed a 2 min timeout (one per team). We also will take a brief intermission (~10 min) between rounds.
If you wish to draft players not listed on the Elite Prospects Draft Board, you must petition the commissioners via mod mail before the start of the draft.

Qualifying Offers

GMs will need to submit a list of who they are sending Qualifying Offers to, among RFAs, and who they are letting test free agency (becoming UFAs). We will have a thread for this and they will be due by Sun. June 25th at 5pm ET (don’t pull a Dale Tallon). If you have further questions about this process, read about it in the CBA post and message a commissioner or leave a comment if you have further questions.

Free Agency

We will have 3 RFA agents and 4 UFA agents who have chosen the clients they will represent. Not every RFA/UFA will need an agent and you can find the lists on the spreadsheet, but generally, if the player played 15+ NHL games last season, he will require an agent. For the rest of the RFAs (those marked "Commissioners"), if they were qualified both in the sim and IRL, we will wait until they get an IRL contract and match it in the sim; if they were only qualified in the sim, they will be signed for their qualifying offers. For the rest of the UFAs, message the commissioners (via mod mail) with a contract offer. Please include a justification as to why the signing makes sense for your party including, for GMs, how it will affect the cap, lineup and future roster decisions. Please use the below template.
When both a GM and agent have come to a finalized deal, both sides need to submit the contract offer to the mods (via mod mail).
This contract offer must include the cap hit, term, any no-trade clauses, and any performance bonuses. Please keep it realistic as it could cause a domino effect when using comparables.
There will be the possibility for offer sheets, however, right now we are not sure the best way to determine who the player would actually pick. Ideas are encouraged. That being said, it’s more likely a player would choose a contender, hometown, long contract, good place in the lineup, or high salary rather than just picking at random. We also want to mention how rare offer sheets are in real life.
Agents have been sworn under the Oath of Bettman that they will be honest, realistic, and of course fun.
NHL CBA contract rules apply (more information here). Signing a player in free agency and then trading the player is prohibited.

Signing Submission Template

We would like teams to use the following template when submitting signing to ensure all relevant information is included.
Other clauses: (NTC/NMC, performance bonuses, etc.; answer "none" if not applicable)
Corresponding moves: (players sent down, called up, or put on waivers; answer "none" if not applicable)
Cap/salary implications:
Other options pursued:
Long-term implications:
I certify that my team remains roster & cap compliant.


Team: Columbus Blue Jackets
Player: Jack Roslovic
Year(s): 2
AAV: $4,000,000
Other clauses: None
Corresponding moves: None
Cap/salary implications: The Blue Jackets still have ~$22.8M in cap space for 2022-23, which should be sufficient for our needs.
Goal: The Blue Jackets are looking to keep a local player who has played well for the team.
Justification: While Roslovic had an excellent 2020-21 season, he regressed in 2021-22. A short term deal allows him to demonstrate that he can continue to be a valuable player without hamstringing us with a burdensome contract should he underperform.
Comparables: Ryan Spooner signed with NYR for 2yr x $4M in the 2018 offseason. Chris Tierney signed with OTT for 2yr x $3.5M in the 2020 offseason. Ryan Strome signed with NYR for 2yr x $4.5M in the 2020 offseason.
Other options pursued: None, Roslovic was a RFA that we wished to keep.
Long-term implications: While this contract will walk Roslovic to UFA status, we hope that he continues to perform well and we are able to sign a more long-term extension with him once Voracek's contract is off our books.
I certify that my team remains roster & cap compliant.


Players with one year remaining on a multi-year contract are also eligible for extensions. We are allowing each team to extend one such player, provided the AAV is over $6M. Message the Commissioners (via mod mail) with a competitive offer, and an explanation for why you want to extend the player.

GM vs Assistant GM

The GM is the one who makes the final decisions and who other GMs should message. You are encouraged to speak to anyone including Assistants, but for trades and updates on where they stand, please contact the GMs. The assistants are here to serve as a second opinion, fill in on things the GM might have made unclear, and ultimately serve as backups in case the GM needs to be replaced, for example on draft day.


PLAY NICE. If people act like dicks in trade/FA negotiations, particularly in agreeing to something and then going back on their word, PM the admins and we'll take care of it. Repeat offenders will get removed from the sim. Racism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry will not be tolerated. No politics.
If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or DM any commissioner. If we need to clarify some things, we will do so.
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2023.06.04 18:26 amgau Small form factor NAS / Homeserver

>**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
* Building a small formfactor NAS / Homeserver for running Jellyfin, Homeassistant, PiHole, a couple of light docker containers, Sonarr, Radarr, etc.
>**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
* $600~ CAD
>**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
* I'm planning to order parts this week.
>**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
* Small form factor case with the ability to hold at least 4 hard drives, power supply, itx motherboard, CPU cooler.
>**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
* Canada, no Microcenter.
>**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
* Ryzen 5 5600g, 16gb DDR4, 4X WD Red 4tb drives.
>**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
* No
>**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
* Ability to house 4 3.5" HDD's.
>**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
* ITX build with no lightning.
>**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
* No
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2023.06.04 18:26 DerVaultMeister LC: The Back Branch, Post 3: Session 2, Training Team Termina

LC: The Back Branch, Post 3: Session 2, Training Team Termina
Sorry for taking so long- it's been a long 2 weeks and I'm currently sick.
Hell of a time!
Regardless, I'm back, and I'll keep it nice and short! Let's get to work!
The session started as any of the work days do- an announcement of a new abnormality!
O-04-A1, Age's Expressions
The players' first Aboration, as it was stated by the Announcement, was this being above- later named, Age's Expressions (from Today's Expressions), is the manifestation of 4 different age groups- Infancy, Adolescence, Adulthood, and Elder. Each of them speak differently, matching said age group and focusing on things that someone matching that expression would- like the Baby wanting Milk, the Teen wanting Freedom, the Adult wanting relaxation, and the Elder... not wanting anything in particular.
For the most part, Tune Steel (played by Xavier) was the one to make the first interactions with him- sparring and even meditating with the large abnormality that didn't show outward hostility towards anyone- to the point filling up the energy and quota was child's play for him.
So... despite the fact that they seemed safe, Age's had also shown they had a bit of strength in them- making them a Teth.
Age's for the most part, even till today, keeps calm and gives advice from time to time- but, if they Players so desire, also use him to spar and give themselves some extra combat exp.
But, for the most part, he's become a regular abno to be worked on...
similar to the next one...
It should be mentioned that when it came to LCBB, it's mostly been chillax- players having interactions with themselves, splitting up within the facility, getting small things from the nest, and mostly thinking about what they COULD figure out about each abno every day, so the days went by quickly.
But, for this big boy- he's got a Player that specifically goes out of their way to interact with him-
F-05-05, Prince of the Flies
The Lantern that stands at around 11 Feet tall, is constantly emitting their blue glow, and paced around the first day they were in containment is a silent boy. He cannot speak, and can only express certain emotions via the color of their glow- or with their hands, and this attracted the attention of Hart Kord (Player Last).
She was able to make him open up- mostly due to the fact that it seemed as tho Prince, as he was later referred to as, has a crush on her. Overtime, the two of them have done a lot of activities- from playing ball, hanging out, and the Player even buying him a gaming system later on with games like Mario Party, Mario Kart, Street Fighter, etc., as, she was able to tell by the way he acted that he was more of an adolescents than an adult...
and if it had ANYTHING to do with Lord of the Flies- he was pretty young.
This, however, has allowed Hart, and even Cornelius (Player Grog) to connect pretty well with him, as it's much easier to speak to the younger one when involving games, relaxation, and even playing to his jealous nature. Cornelius even bought him a large red couch from a furniture store in the nest to be nice!
With these 2 Abnos- that filled up the Training Team floor- Frigg had her work cut out for her...
So, Aesir, regretfully, decided to bring in one of the other Supervisors he had on call...
Loki, Information Team Supervisor
Loki, someone that Frigg vouched for and knows her and Aesir VERY well, entered the fray, being the youngest Supervisor at 27 years old.
And she was a handful.
For the most part, Loki is a prankster, using a bunch of tactics to throw people off- even using her looks and "charms" to throw people off, like walking around the facility shirtless, telling the Players that she's the Head of the City, and even using her Maracas, which are identical, but 1 Heals, whilst the other does Damage- and only she knows which does which. (just wanna point out that when I'd made her around a year and a half ago- had no idea Sinclair from Limbus Company was gonna get em' too)
She's also not above teasing and just being outright strange.
For example, she's actively teased Hart that she's possibly going to get with Prince of the Flies, and that, for science, whatever happened in the future was going to be for the sake of research- but, as seen by the Clerks (I'll reveal the art work for them later, no worries. I like Clerks, too), she's actively gone into corners of her floor and spoken to her plants.
The session, for the most part, had a lot more investigating and discovery rather than action since the previous session was action packed- and, as I'd warned my players ahead of time that week- the following one was gonna have a bit of DRAMA added to it.
After all- we need more employees to manage the new floors!

Annnnnnnnnnnnd that was the session. I know it wasn't as entertaining, but, for the most part, even nowadays, LCBB is on the calmer side of things. I've already made it clear to my players I'm not out to kill them (but fuck around on purpose and teet on the edge of the cliff, ehhhhhhhhh- whatever happens happens), and, honestly, I enjoy watching the players discover and mess around with stuff like the abnos I've made for them.
Regardless of that, next Post, I'm most likely going to continue with Session 3, or it might by an Abno in-depth. Not sure yet.
Thank you for reading! Feel free to ask any questions!
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2023.06.04 18:25 Matth3w_95 Philosophical question: am I a noob?

Today I played Fortnite for the first time in weeks (it's also the first time I post something here). I re-discovered chess and I paused my PlayStation for a while. I've never been really good at Fortnite, I kinda panic when someone attacks me as I can't craft fast enough to shield me. Also, I'm more used to the first-person perspective in shooting games. What I like the most about Fortnite is exploring the map and discovering new places, I like that we often have new things added to look at. So my strategy in battle royale is staying far from battles and looking for cool landscapes, new buildings and features of the map. Does that make me a coward or an explorer? I have fun playing that way, but sometimes I think I may be missing the point of the game.
Am I the only one that doesn't care about kills and just wanders around?
Thank you for reading, have a nice day!
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2023.06.04 18:25 Hopeful_Cut_3316 Galactus everywhere now…

Ever since the devs announced galactus hit the threshold for usage to be nerfed, I’m seeing even more. Play ten games today in rank 70s. Eight of the ten were galactus (Psylocke doc ock or wave galactus).
It’s so boring.
These devs need to understand how to communicate changes to the player base that don’t create MORE issues prior to them fixing it.
Doing it in this manner - has since I’ve started playing, led to the OP cards getting even MORE abused directly before nerf. Was like this with ss… shuri/red skull, and now galactus.
It leads to boring play. These developers need to design these cards better than “whelp hope this works”, because a lot of the issues seem manifest even before they start being played. Galactus, was called out for ruining the game since his launch. Primarily because his move doesn’t even make sense to his character & is simply not fun for the majority to make the game board completely unplayable.
To take this long to get a fix, and then only have SD make the problem immediately worse is a riot.
Do Better devs.
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2023.06.04 18:25 soundsexpensive GAME NOT ON FUBO??

From Canada and game isn't being showed on todays schedule? Anyone know why?
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2023.06.04 18:21 matthewjjuk M17UK, feeling ill today

Hey, sup, im matthew, im 17 and im from the uk, feeling a bit ill today so im stuck in bed bored af, some things about myself! I'm currently at college/working part time, im free quite a lot during the mid day/evening/night, I enjoy gaming, walking a lot, occasionally I'll do some weights,
I'm looking for a friends that I can chill with, maybe watch a movie and talk about it after? Gaming together or drawing together, anything really, Feel free to message me, any age/gender is fine
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2023.06.04 18:20 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - NBA Finals live updates: What to know about Game 2 as Heat aim to even series with Nuggets USA Today

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2023.06.04 18:18 JetPilot0721 Error code Centipede followed by Plum

I have been playing the game again for a couple weeks pretty much daily to some extent. Yesterday I did not play as I was out all day but today when I try to login it just gives me the error code "centipede". After a few moments of sitting there staring on awe it gives me error code "plum"
I looked up both of these codes Centipede : general networking error Plum : BattleEye error that something on my PC isn't allowed.
I have restarted my PC as well as router and modem with no change. I cannot see what my NAT type is but I haven't had an issue with this game or any other until today.
As for the BattleEye issue, no idea what it could be as I have not changed anything nor am I running any cheat or malicious software that might be incompatible.
Any help is much appreciated as I would like to keep enjoying this game.
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2023.06.04 18:17 Gunnage01 2 Tickets for Today’s Game

Anyone need tickets? These were donated and given to me, so I need to ensure they aren’t sold, but I’d hate for them to be wasted. Send me a DM.
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2023.06.04 18:16 LiamsBiggestFan Grim up North series 8 ep 2

Just rewatched this episode today. I was honestly doubled over laughing. I just love still game. It picks me up when I’m down it’s so homely 😂😂
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2023.06.04 18:15 snowboardnirvana A Major Tectonic Shift away from Arm to RISC-V may be in the works for Qualcomm, Samsung, Google, Nvidia and Apple
In September 2021, Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple is Reportedly Designing Various Embedded Subsystems across all Operating Systems using RISC-V." The report noted that "With Apple designing their own mobile and PC processors, the company is now exploring and developing various embedded subsystems across all Operating Systems using RISC-V. The emerging Open Source RISC-V architecture is now being used by companies like Nvidia, Google, Oculus, Qualcomm, Rambus and others for IoT devices to supercomputers, smartwatches and autonomous vehicles. Amazon and Alibaba are currently designing their own cloud and data center chips. Recently Apple was shown to be recruiting RISC-V "high-performance programmers."
While most techies are aware of RISC-V, a video below provides an overview of RISC-V for those unfamiliar with this open standard instruction set architecture.
A group of big tech companies are known to now be working against Softbank's Arm, that is used by Apple and others for advanced mobile processors. Today we're learning that Samsung, Google, Intel, Qualcomm and "others" are promoting the use of RISC-V.
Yesterday, Samsung announced that it would serve as a steering board member of the RISC-V Software Ecosystem (RISE), an open source software development project launched by the nonprofit Linux Foundation. RISE is an organization launched to develop software using RISC-V. Participants include global IT and semiconductor giants such as Samsung Electronics, Google, Intel, Nvidia, and Qualcomm.
RISC-V has been evaluated as the best alternative for companies looking to leave ARM. Founded in 2010 by researchers at UC Berkeley, RISC-V is able to produce semiconductors with similar performances to those of ARM chips. But it can decrease chip areas by about 50 percent and chip power consumption by 60 percent. Best of all, because RISC-V is open source, no one company can own semiconductor design assets like ARM does. Therefore, it requires no licensing fees. For these reasons, IT and semiconductor companies have been promoting RISC-V as an alternative.
RISC-V is yielding positive tangible results. Qualcomm began loading its Snapdragon 865 with a RISC-V microcontroller in 2019. So far, it has shipped about 650 million RISC-V cores for mobile devices, automobiles, and IoT applications. Google expressed its hope that RISC-V will become an Android tier 1 platform like ARM.
The rise in use of RISC-V could dramatically increase over the next two years. Softbank's ARM is about to go public in an effort to boost its profitability. The company is reportedly considering charging a license fee per device instead of per chip. Devices are more expensive than chips, so applying the same percentage to devices for license fees will be able to generate much more revenue for ARM than applying it to chips.
More importantly, ARM also plans to force companies to use only ARM designs starting from 2024. For example, Samsung uses an ARM design and AMD’s graphics core to make Exynos chips for smartphones but will not be able to do so in the future. This was known during ARM’s lawsuit against Qualcomm.
The Korean article leaves us hanging. Will Samsung Electronics, Google, Intel, Nvidia, and Qualcomm announce a new consortium promoting RISC-V? We began our report pointing to Apple working on RISC-V systems as well. Will Apple work independently on RISV-C based processors? Will they silently join this possible new consortium? Or will they work out a better deal with ARM considering that other big tech companies will be curbing and eventually stopping their use of Arm architectures in the future.
This is another mega trend to stay on top of. Will Qualcomm's next-gen Oryon chip designed to take on Apple's M and A Series processors use RISC-V to decrease chip areas by about 50 percent and reduce chip power consumption by 60 percent? Was the delay of the Qualcomm chip from their NUVIA team due to their ongoing court battle with Softbank's Arm? And more importantly, did this nasty court battle push Qualcomm to switch to RISC-V for their Oryon processor?
With Apple, Samsung Electronics, Google, Intel, Nvidia and Qualcomm known to be working on RISC-V systems, we could see a major tectonic shift away from Arm in the not too distant future if Arm executes on the policies that they've laid out.
We may learn more about Qualcomm's Oryon architecture later this year or at CES 2024. At that point we'll know if Qualcomm made the shift to RISC-V or not. If they have made the shift, then it's likely to set off a major industry wide ripple effect.
Apple's past major shifts occurred when they shifted away from the Motorola-IBM PowerPC to Intel's x86 architecture and then from x86 architecture to their own M-Series processors to power Macs and iPads. Apple has used Arm-based processor from the start for the iPhone. A shift to RISC-V would be a major undertaking and it's unknown at this time if Apple could make this kind of shift to RISC-V for the iPhone. Unlike Qualcomm's Oryon that's a new chip architecture from scratch, it could be a much harder shift for Apple that has a massive device base. Then again, never underestimate what Apple is capable of.
In the end, the Korea article seemed to be a sort of alarm bell signifying that a major tectonic shift was in-the-making. We'll know soon enough it actually materializes.
Related Past Report May 2022: Apple is Suing Rivos, a RISC V startup, for Violation of the Trade Secrets Act due to Former Engineers Stealing Sensitive Chip Technology+
H/T to u/TechSMR2018
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