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“I’m confident that Reddit could sway elections. We wouldn’t do it, of course. And I don’t know how many times we could get away with it. But, if we really wanted to, I’m sure Reddit could have swayed at least this election, this once.” - Reddit CEO

2023.06.03 00:32 How_Are_You_True_ I really do think that our Creator would inspire something like the Bible to be written.

And by "Creator" I mean the hypothetically plausible being who created our universe and all that we know.
Our universe is this giant thing filled with galaxies and stars and planets and satellites. And we understand so little about it.
This creator made our eyes. And our ears. Our brains. Dogs and cats. Flowers, trees, and whales in the oceans. Volcanoes. The sky.
This hypothetical creator thought to put us on a giant sphereoid planet so big that it would take you ages to walk the length of it all the way around.
The fact that the Earth is spinning. And gravity keeps us all down.
He thought of all this.
All these things were his idea.
I like to think he thought to himself:
"You know what? I'll have 40 different men, over the course of 1,500 years, write books and letters. But I don't want them to contradict each other. I want them to tell the story of human history, truthfully, and I want these stories to teach people important truths. And I want these stories to tell people who I am. Because I want them to know who I am. I want them to know why the world is the way it is. I want them to know that I am here though they can't see me. I care for them and I can hear every thing they're saying. So I want them to understand that if they talk to me, even silently, then I will hear them. I'm going to tell them to speak to me and throw their burdens on me and I will comfort them because I have that ability and I love these people. I'm also going to make it very clear to these individuals, I'm really going to stress the fact that if they do as I instruct them, then they can be saved from the terrible condition they live in. I'm going to give them a savior and it is by his actions I want them to live. It is his life course that they should imitate and he will be the ultimate exemplar for them. Because I care about them. And they have the right to know why evil currently exists. And how to escape it."
The Bible is exactly what our creator would give us in our condition.
It's a very difficult series of books to disprove. In fact, no one has proven the Bible is wrong. It holds up rather well under scrutiny.
It comforts people. It comforts weak-minded people too, but that's exactly what you would expect from a loving creator.
It has supposed prophecies. And I find them very convincing. I believe they are real prophecies. And that many of these prophecies were fullfilled.
The Bibles stories hit me harder than any other book, or series of books, I've ever read.
Ruth. David, Saul, Jonathan. Job. Peter. Jacob. Joseph. Paul. Stephen. Moses. Aaron. Hannah. Sarah. Eve. Abel. Elijah. Jesus. Joshua. Lot. Abraham. Issac. (Etc)
I take great interest in these stories. They're insanely fascinating.
So many times have I heard people say they aren't impressed by the Bible. That only a stupid or evil God would inspire something like it to be written.
I couldn't disagree more.
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2023.06.03 00:31 ConstantVA When does a Small Business need a Custom Software developed for them?

So, background on me. 10/12 years ago I was a php developer, got Hired by an Industrial plant. I build them a Custom Software to manage their ISO 9000 requeriments. Basically a documents management software with extra steps.
The Industrial Plant was about 100 engineers, different types of course, and about 100 technicians, and another set of external consultants/providers.
The software was used mainly by the engineers, but the thecnicians had access to it, to check documentations.
My boss was very happy, but I am in mexico, and was paying me 300USD/Month. Started working as a VA, and was making more in random gigs doing data-entry style work than my full-time job. So I resigned.
Couple of Months go by. Got asked back, get hired, and begin charging about 1500USD/month as a consultant. Life was good, but I was making more remotely too.. and decided to also resign.
Now, part of my issues at that gig, was that I didnt put prices for maintenance on the app, so even if I was not charging for it, I was expected to do. So, naive/young as I was. My only way out was resigning and moving on. If I had put a maintenance per month, I would have been able to hire help, and could probably kept the gig going forever. I was dumb.
I am still dumb.
So, a childhood friend of mine, is a Lawyer, and recently got promoted to some kind of supervisor of lawyers within his employeer.
They have some sort of software to keep track of their work. They are debt collectors. Now, there is lawyers and just layman dudes. The software mainly keeps track that layman dudes go to addresses, to collect cash or to inform people of stuff.
The lawyers need to put motions/filling stuff into the Goverment. This takes time from them. And the goverment likes to sit around. So, there is a bit of project management here, that No one tracks.
And my Friend has to track manually.
Laywers say that the goverment is taking too long. And my Friend has to trust them.
So, I could get in, make a small app, to have them follow a set of rules. Lets say:
You get the idea, keep the lawyers updating the software within acceptable time for my friend the supervisor to be aware of issues.
But here is the detail.
¿How much should I charge for such an app?
¿How much should I charge for mantenance?
And, is it even worth it for my friend to get this level of customization?
I think Asana/Trello, may help him a bit. Hell. Even an excel sheet, could improve his current situation.
Im not trying to take advantage of my friend. And I both see that there is no cash to pay for this app, and there is a slight need to have it done.
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2023.06.03 00:29 Ali_Perfectionist Questions From A Prospective Psych Grad Student

Hey guys! I’ve recently looked into Masters programs in Psychology.
I came across one with an online MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (course-based or Tempo competency-based options), and MS in Clinical Psychology, etc. options.
I really need advice on which one of these options to pursue. What are the career options associated with each? How hard is it to find a job after an MS in I/O Psych and what are the differences bw course-based and Tempo competency-based options.. Also, how hard is it to go into a PhD in the field subsequently?
Also, in terms of career options and salary and practice outlook straight out of MS, are Clinical or Developmental Psych better fields?
Please, I need a constant guide in this process. I am new to the Psych path and am really interested in this field and in getting a job in it (without PhD), and hopefully going on to earn a PhD/Doctorate.
If there is anyone who can guide me, please start. Or, contact me privately so we can start discussing and I can have more of my questions answered before I make decisions.
Thank you very much. Will be awaiting your replies.
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2023.06.03 00:28 Dardanos304 Dealing with intense bouts of loneliness and it seems impossible to get friends

I've spent the last hours once again as a complete mess unable to do anything, so I might as well ramble into the void to get my frustrations off my chest. Beware, here follows my life story so far.
So I'm getting increasingly frustrated with me getting overwhelmed by loneliness in awfully regular intervals. I'm already fucking 30 (and male) and feel like I'm not getting anywhere when it comes to figuring out how having a social life works. I never had friends. I grew up in a shitty village, had been bullied from Primary School to High School and ostracized by every villager because of it. I guess I started out having a couple classmates I considered friends, though it had always been rough with me disengaging from groups to avoid the violent psychos who'd attack me for shits and giggles and then rejoining again once those walked away. But it really started when a boy I considered my best friend all of a sudden decided to be a "cold-hearted ghetto gangster" from one day to the next. Consider that picture, a scrawny third-grader with glasses all of a sudden only wearing hoodies and kicking down onto the stutterer from the parallel class to improve his social standing! I pointed out the ridiculousness to him and hoped to make him stop bullying by pleading that he should be better than this, but he perceived that as moral grandstanding and that turned out friendship into utter hatred with him now making me his main target and obsessively spending every spare minute to make me miserable in the eyes of everyone. I was only known as "the victim" and under the constant barrage of harassment and physical attacks everyone else I considered non-hostile saw themself forced to turn against me and join in the bullying in order to avoid getting victims themselves. That had been so long ago, but it taught me a valuable lesson that people are only willing to put up with you as long as you don't become a burden and so I've been extremely guarded about all my issues ever since. It also made me extremely hesitant to use the word "friend" lightly.
At least if anything, I'm stubborn. My coping mechanism was to throw myself at studying and getting good grades to escape that hell hole. I decided that even though my life sucked so far, the least I could do is to dedicate my life to make things better for other kids, so I studied to become a teacher. Unfortunately that was when my home life also exploded. My parents were... not the best, but also not the worst either. My father considers himself a failed professional soccer player who lucked into a well paying job because his company needed a player for their soccer team. We were financially comparably well off thanks to that, even though he was very distant, always at work and when he was there he very harshly complained about me being a failure because of my lack of interest in sports. I should mention that I adored him as a little kid, but soured quite quickly because of that and have a very bad opinion of all things sports because of that. My mother in the meantime was rather doting, kept fighting for me in endless school conferences to make the bullying stop, all in vain (but also vetoing me asking to change schools because she feared the other high school in the next town over was on the brink of getting shut down).
Then... on the day before prom my mother found out that my father was cheating. After a confrontation he fled to his lover and pretended to be dead, making it impossible for her to pay the rent of their house on her own. Since I was in the process of moving out to attend university, she quickly followed me into my tiny two-room apartment. The years following that were... intense. They contained a horrific mud-slinging contest at court since my father refused to pay alimony, then proceeded to stalk us, following us home in his car hurling insults at us and waiting for me at train stations to tell me how much of a failure I am. My mother was turned into an emotional wreck, we kept fighting because she kept mistaking my stoic focus on my studies for indifference for her plight while she was crying day and night and sitting at my bed all night rambling about my father. Ever since her one guiding emotion has been fear. Fear about money, fear about me leaving her, fear about her future. It has become slightly better after they finally divorced after years of insanity, but when I tried to bring up that we should now split so that I can work on my independence, she exploded at me for wanting to abandon her to live on the street. I have come around by now that her plan for me to buy a house with an accessory apartment for her is the most prudent course of action, even though I can't quite disentangle it from a thorough sense of hopelessness about how many years I'm wasting until I've finally got space to live for myself.
In any case, all of this... naturally didn't do wonders for my mental health and social ineptitude. During my university time I found myself utterly unable to make lasting friendships. I felt like a social ghost, only existing to people as long as I was right in front of them, but afterwards immediately forgotten. Nobody ever messaged me back if I wasn't initiating conversations, during conversations I felt forced to avoid any and all subjects regarding my past and current home situation, nobody invited me to stuff, however when whole groups were invited that included me... an increasingly louder voice in my head yelled at me that I don't belong. I've developed something along the lines of social anxiety, though reading more into stuff, I never really had the physical symptoms attributed to it, with my behavior more being along the line of Avoidant Personality Disorder. In short, my flight reflexes started to go haywire, especially when I was already down about other things, and I fled what little opportunities for socializing I had.
And now I'm out of university and doing my job for four years. And I feel nothing has changed. Well... I'm trying to focus more on my mental health. I've tried practicing Mindfulness techniques, I'm trying to force myself to smile more even though I had abandoned the idea back in school when I was attacked for smiling and even some girls who weren't hostile to me told me I look like Mr. Bean whenever I did. I worked out more at home, went jogging and swimming. I've been trying to get out and go to conventions, making Cosplay, though it cost me a lot to overcome my mother's fears and nagging. I joined Discord groups for the cosplay thing and my writing hobby that I had before. But... it's all pretty much for naught, I still can only make very superficial acquaintances. I have had two online friends from a forum, but they have started dealing with severe lovesickness issues wrecking their lives for several years now, which makes me unable to further talk with them about my issues since I don't want to trigger them, but our conversations have either completely died down or thrown into an endless barrage of misery where I am completely out of my depth to help them.
This is especially bad because I, when I was 28, really started to panic about my age and about all the crucial life experiences other people had that I had been unable to make. Particularly when it comes to dating. I had one crush in high school, but I swallowed it down so hard I forgot it even happened for several years before I got reminded of it again. Since then I never felt any feelings for any other specific woman. It wasn't helping that all of my conversations with female university acquaintances inevitably touched the subject of their super awesome boyfriends, so I ended up with the rather irritated conclusion that there simply were no female singles around anyway. Well, now I thought I could at least try and signed up at a couple of online dating platforms, thinking that at least there there everyone signed up to search for love. Yeah... no. After half a year of near utter silence, instant unmatches after matching, or girls blowing up at me for messaging too much or too little and unmatching because of it and in the end my only 'date' being a city tour with a bored foreign student who then stood me up at a second meeting and ghosting me anyway, I gave up this dating bullshit as it was only a massive drain on my self-esteem and reminded me that even if I successfully hide my issues, I'm still unattractive as hell and can't possibly make any hearts flutter. Not to mention that I also endlessly worry that because of my issues I may be unable to give a partner the affection they'd deserve or throw myself into a codependent relationship and ending up resenting them even though I crave a relationship of equals where either part has a space to retreat to, but am too concerned about getting dumped if wasn't always giving 150% all the time.
And so I arrived at my 30th birthday with still no friends, never having had a relationship, nothing. And get increasingly irritated about these regular bouts every second week or so where I'm completely paralyzed by loneliness and dread as I feel just extremely socially starved and hopeless to be able to change that. There is a distinct disconnect with my coworkers, all their topics being about their families and children, about traveling and sports, all things I don't have and don't do because of my circumstances and anxieties.
Sorry. Just... felt the need to shout that out into the void. Damn... I really shouldn't be so hung up on the past and be just in the moment, but I cannot avoid the fear of getting judged for pretty much any step of this.
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2023.06.03 00:27 Ali_Perfectionist Questions From A Prospective Master’s Student

[USA] student looking for programs in [USA].
Hey guys! I’ve recently looked into Masters programs in Psychology.
I came across one with an online MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (course-based or Tempo competency-based options), and MS in Clinical Psychology, etc. options.
I really need advice on which one of these options to pursue. What are the career options associated with each? How hard is it to find a job after an MS in I/O Psych and what are the differences bw course-based and Tempo competency-based options.. Also, how hard is it to go into a PhD in the field subsequently?
Also, in terms of career options and salary and practice outlook straight out of MS, are Clinical or Developmental Psych better fields?
Please, I need a constant guide in this process. I am new to the Psych path and am really interested in this field and in getting a job in it (without PhD), and hopefully going on to earn a PhD/Doctorate.
If there is anyone who can guide me, please start. Or, contact me privately so we can start discussing and I can have more of my questions answered before I make decisions.
Thank you very much. Will be awaiting your replies.
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2023.06.03 00:26 SLeeCunningham [TOMT][VIDEO][MOVIE][2000s] Trying to recall the title of the movie described

It’s an indy film, but I don’t remember who produced it or any of the actors, who weren’t memorably famous to any degree, anyway. I’m not sure, but I think the title is also what characters in the movie call their version of the internet.
In the near-ish future, the internet has gone from devices to something like nanites-for-all, which also render everyone incapable of murder, because the AI behind the network can discern the intent to kill and stop the individual from actually doing it. However, someone committed a locked-room-mystery murder, and the movie starts with the arrival of two “investigators” (a man and a woman, I think), who are there to question the “only suspect,” at his residence. In the course of things, it’s revealed that they are all high-end programmers of the network and it’s AI, and that they all know each other, even intimately, including the victim and suspect.
The sets, devices, clothes and overall aesthetic resemble analog neo-retro-noir decor that pre-dates the digital revolution, yet belies the functions of various devices. They speak in slang and jargon that’s hard to follow at first, but grows on you. The suspect, who is restrained in a straight-jacket and chained to a table (although I’m only vaguely certain of this), denies killing the dead woman and argues that he’s as incapable of murder as everyone else, due to both his love for the victim and the networked nanites that everyone has and which are controlled by a benevolent, “un-hackable” AI. Interspersed throughout the movie at some of the scene transitions, I think there were geometric designs that resembled floating, pale-blue spheres connected in hexagonal rings by rods that reminded me of both network diagrams and models of molecules.
[Spoiler Alert] It’s later revealed that the murderer is one of the investigators, who has administrative access to the AI and who altered the record of what actually happened; thus, framing his compatriot while simultaneously overcoming the induced inhibition to murder. He acted out of jealousy and desire, if I recall correctly. The investigatomurderer flees the scene and interrogation room and seeks out the source of the AI / nanite control transmitter in what resembles (if I recall correctly) a cross between a fire watchtower and a lighthouse, where he agonizes over undoing what they created.
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2023.06.03 00:26 Internal_Prune_5108 contracting 101

Residential Contracting 101
With over 20 years of building experience, I would like to share with you my insights in navigating becoming a successful contractor. With many different avenues of the building world its key to understand what problems will arise on any given day. A man once told a saying that stuck-the 6 p’s in life- Piss Poor Preparation leads to Piss Poor Performance. Preparation builds everything in construction, without preparation the jobsite will not run correctly. The best advice I was ever given was to learn a little about every trade giving you the ability to understand trade lingo and secrets. An example would be painters use the terminology flash; this means when the sub structure bleads through the paint. Subcontractors will give the best pricing if they respect your knowledge of the industry. If the subcontractor feels they will have to hold your hand through the job they will charge an extra fee…i.e. I call it the aggravation fee. In this blog I will explain the key elements in finding success in all aspects of the industry. Contracting is a physically and emotionally demanding job which requires planning and foresight to complete projects on time within budget. Picking your customer is just as important as picking your employees or subcontractors. I have worked for some of the most demanding customers leading me to question at the end if the job was even worth it. Sleepless nights, constant changes, lack of payment, lawsuit threats, adding work that was in the contract are just a few things you could face with a tough customer. With so many moving parts at all times it is critical to be able to adapt to changes within a short time frame. Materials will come in damaged, subcontractors will be late, employees will get sick, but the deadline you set does not change. The stress can be overwhelming at times keeping your mind in a good place is key to navigating all that is thrown at you. Choosing your client picking the right jobs-Keep these questions in mind The first question to be asked is what the time frame is to start the job to see if it fits within the timeframe for your business. If the time frame doesn’t work then move on from the project or let them know when you would be available to start. If the client really wants to use, they will wait until you are available. Taking on too much work will only lead to problems. Construction is a serviced based business, staying on top of the project and client will eliminate an unhappy customer and construction issues that will be over seen. With online presence if details are missed and customer service lacks it will only be a matter of time the phone will not ring. The second question to be asked to the client is do they have a budget in mind for the project. If they answer yes this is good, follow through with what the budget is. If the budget seems low let them know, this will eliminate a tire kicker, educate them on what the price range could be. If the budget seems reasonable then continue the discussion to the next question. If they answer no let them know that you can give them an estimate to see if the project is feasible with their finical capabilities. Taking on a job that is not correctly budgeted will lead to an unsatisfied customer due to non-transparency of the construction cost. The third question to be asked is anyone else bidding on the job, if the answer is yes, understand you might just be number check for the contractor doing the job. Dig a little deeper and find out how many numbers they are getting and why. If your business model is to be competitive be completely transparent with customer, this will gain trust with them. Let them know you get what you pay for and if you they choose the lowest bid it could lead into lack of quality of work.
The fourth question I will ask is there any specific subcontractors they wanted to use. If the answer is yes then I would explain to them you only use the subcontractors you have a working relationship with. Otherwise, this could backfire as the subcontractor might not show, do subpar work, talk behind your back to the homeowner. In my experience I would stay away from using any homeowner to alleviate problems down the road. A quick conversation now can save headaches down the road. The fifth question I will ask are planning on getting the job permitted, this needs to be known it takes more time for the permitting process. Plans will have to drawn submitted and approved to the city before work can commence. The sixth question I will ask if a residential remodel is are you going to be living through the remodel if yes understand this will take more time to navigate the project due to answering questions and cleaning the house on a daily occurrence. I would recommend seeing if the customer would be willing to move into an Airbnb or friends for at least the demo portion of the project. If they do plan on living through the remodel add a couple hours a day to accommodate the extra time that will be required. The seventh question I would ask in a residential remodel is how old the house is to see if there is asbestos that would need to removed by a proper company. A home built before 1979 will most likely have some asbestos in the house, use a licensed company with proper insurance to dispose of the materials. If everything looks good to this point find out a little more about the client personality. If the client seems reasonable, I would bid the job. Unreasonable people can cause you more stress than its worth. These are some red flags I would look out for. Some jobs are not worth the money. Very demanding in the way you are going to perform your job- I.e., tell you how you are going to do your job- You’re the professional not them! Give you a hard time about your price- haggle with price you estimated- The price is the price! If they are a family with little money and you want to help them out is one thing, if they are trying to beat you down is another. Mention they have a lawyer-there is no need for them to bring up that they have a lawyer - Run for the hills as if the job goes south, you will be the one losing out! Tell you what the payment terms are. It’s your business you get paid how it works for your company. If you want to get paid every Friday, put it into your contract-If the clients do not agree move on it will save you frustrations If they talk bad about the last contractor, chances are they will talk bad about you. There is a reason why the contractor does not work for them anymore, unless he did subpar work this a red flag Clients are using an interior decorator that will purchasing all of the materials- The materials could be ordered incorrectly by the interior designer your company will not make the mark-up it deserves. Interior decorators usually add time to the job as well as act like your boss. Charging a little extra for the time and stress that it will entail is only fair. Clients want to purchase the materials- You are using your knowledge to buy the correct materials-The mark up on the materials keeps the doors open working for wages only pays the bills The husband and wife do not get along-You will become the mediator between the couple it will lead to taking sides a losing proposition- A drama free work place is always best! Dangling carrot-if you do this job the next one will be better-Only look at what there offering at the present moment, if its not a good fit do not take the job for a job down the road…Its not worth chasing a job that might not happen! The Art of the Sale First things first selling your company is all about presentation. In meeting your clients for the first time show up with a collared golf shirt tucked in, belt, nice jeans, and newer shoes. Have a truck that a clean, no dents scratches, preferably washed the day you are going into your meeting. Have a leather note pad that is clean no dirt or paint visible. Show up 5 minutes early, if you’re running a little late shoot them a text to let them know. Treat the situation as if were going on a first date, best foot forward. As you introduce yourself give them a warm greeting, letting them know you are very interested in the work. Find out a little about them, hobbies, where they lived, etc etc. You are going to be working with them on a daily basis its nice to know what makes them tick. Having a good working relationship from the start is key forming a solid relationship. As the conversation progresses find out who wears the pants in the family…ie who’s the final decision maker. If its fits the wife, chances it is…..then kindly let the husband know happy wife happy life when their in a stall mate on an issue. As your looking at the project throw in some suggestions of what you think would look good from past experiences, this will get their attention that you have knowledge and want what’s best for them. If you see ways to save them money in their project let them know, money is a large point of the sale keep that in mind. Mention that you’re not the least expensive contractor but you’re not the most expensive either. Your customer satisfaction is your number one goal which leads to more time spent on keeping them happy. One happy customer will lead to another, one unsatisfied customer leads to work in the future. Bring up the fact the finishing the job on time is key goal to your business, many contractors run several jobs at once causing the jobs to be finished way behind schedule. You must stand out as having integrity, good morals, and the ability to problem solve to get the job. The clients will be testing you to see if you’re a good fit as well. Keep in mind as you take your notes that you must not forget anything they mention as it will come back before the job is completed…i.e. we mentioned that to you before we started the job! Take pictures of the proposed area for work, that way you can use it to better right your estimate. Let them know you will give them a detailed outline of when the job will be completed letting them see how long each phase will take and correlate it with your payment schedule. Before you leave their house let them know when the estimate will be sent to them. MAKE SURE YOU HIT THAT DEADLINE! Once you sent the email over with estimate make sure you get confirmation that they received it. Wait at least 2 days before checking with them, hopefully they contact you first! If they want negotiate the price, let them know that it is the best price that you can manage, its not worth losing money before you start. I closed 80% of the work I estimated by being very transparent and friendly. If you come off with an attitude charge double what the going rates are you might only land 1 out of 10 jobs as well as getting the reputation of being expensive. Bidding the job Looking up industry standards on pricing is what I would go buy for pricing. If you google the coat of any installation there will be a cost range for everything. Looking at the cost ranging from high to low I would tend to be in the middle. Some items might be low on the internet if this is the case use your best judgment not to lose money. Closing sales is key to success and keep the doors open for business. Being in the middle on pricing is key as most customers shy away from contractors that are extremely low or high on the price range. I tend not bid out hourly as wages do not pay for retirement. Bidding is better as customers no the exact price of the cost of construction. It also keeps the job moving quicker as time and material contractors take longer to complete projects…Thus costing the client more money and valuable time they could spend in their house. Using a Contract Using a detailed estimate tied to a contract covers your butt in 99% of the time. Having a piece of mind that every aspect of the job is covered in the estimate and contract protects both your company and the client. Key terms to include in your estimate/contract are. Have a schedule on excel showing the start dates and dates of each trade this will show the customer you are organized with time lines. If not written in the detailed in the estimate the item is excluded- This ensures if its not written down its not included. TBD- To be Determined- A phrase on a line item that has yet to had final decision of products or service needed. -The pricing will follow the decisions to be finalized Give out what your written warranty will be for parts and labor this changes state to state. If the homeowner provides the product than no warranty will be given on that particular item. In the contract have a start date and end date with the verbiage subject to change due to weather, product delivery, change orders Have a progress payment schedule to ensure the client understands when funding will be expected-Including if not payment is rendered service to the project will stop. Have written terms of how change orders will be charged-cost plus 20% or a set fee Make sure in your contract that arbitration is required versus going to court- This will save lawyer fees and going to court Many contracts can be found online and each state requires different contracts
Finding leads Finding leads is easy with the right network of people. I personally do not find working for friends or family members a good fit. Relationships get strained when money is involved, causing undue stress for both parties. I have listed a couple of ways to build a network or find work using the internet. Get in contact with realtor’s- Realtors have a big client base of homeowners who need work done Contact local Architects to see if they are working with any general contractors Leave some business cards at your local materials suppliers-Doowindow/lumber-many times clients will ask salesman for a referral. Join a business networking group- BNI is one of many Join a internet website lead generation company- Houzz, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, thumbtack, Yelp run an ad on craigslist Use a marketing company to market your website-This could become costly with little results Create a Facebook business page Create a Yelp business page
Building your subcontractor base Having 2 subcontractors for every trade, gives you the flexibility of completing jobs on time if the one the subcontractors is too busy at the time you need their service. Your subcontractors are the face of your business, choose owner run companies that are professional. Check to make sure there license are up to workman’s comp, liability insurance, state license. Choosing subcontractors with lettered vans, logoed t-shirts is s key to looking professional in the clients’ eyes. In the past I have gotten a lot of subcontractors for material supply shops, stopping by jobsites, researching the internet using Yelp, Home Advisor, etc etc. Once you get one good subcontractor ask them if they know any other trades they would recommend. One good subcontractor leads to another in most cases. The key to having a good group of subcontractors is to let them know that you are there to get help them get the job done. They do work for you but without them you are nothing…keep that in mind! Make them aware a clean jobsite is required at the end of everyday to ensure the proper safety for all parties including theirs! Over the years I have referred a lot of companies work when there is only 1 trade needed. Referring work to subcontractors is a good way to get top priority when you have work that needs to be completed ASAP. Timing is everything in times of emergency having a good group of subcontractors will make your business run smoothly. Pay your subcontractors immediately after performing work, this will make them feel appreciated! A happy subcontractor is one that will gladly go the extra mile for you knowing that there not just a number to your business! Buying lunch once a week for the jobsite is always a good token of appreciation!
Supervising In supervising any jobsite its key to monitor everything from materials on hand, weather, vehicle parking (if applicable), jobsite safety, and subcontractors’ workmanship. If you hired a professional there should be little supervision in the work being performed, on rare occasions a new hire might need some mentoring to get the results completed correctly. If you see a problem with there work address it with the worker directly, no need to call his boss…. building repour with the worker letting him know you got his back goes miles down the road! Checking in on the job first in the morning to answer any questions or changes that need to be conveyed and once in the afternoon to make sure all work be completed is done per construction industry standards. A job that is run blindly will have many more issues than one that is watched over. I have seen many jobs with no site supervision, leading to subpar quality work as well as safety hazards. Its better to be like an eagle than cluck like a turkey!
Working with the City/Inspectors On permitted jobs the city and site inspector will be a large part of how smoothly the job runs. Each phase of construction has an inspection allowing for the project to continue. Make sure your subcontractors are aware that the project is inspected before starting the job. The best way to stay on his good side is to provide a clean jobsite and having the job built to the highest standards possible. When having the site inspected be courteous to the inspector asking any questions or concerns you have with the work during the job. Being completely transparent will save you aggravation of problems down the road. The more he trust you the better if you seem sneaky or rude he will make your life a living nightmare! Many inspectors will have an attitude towards you….I suggest keeping quiet and doing what ever he wants….he’s the boss no need to get in a pissing match you will not win at. How to deal with irate customer Stay calm during any argument with an irate customer. Never raise your voice or show that you are bothered by their disgruntled behavior. If the customer is trying to get more from you than agreed upon stand your ground. Worst case scenario is you walk from the job, which in the long run be more of a loss for the client. I have only run into a couple of these clients; they are unreasonable and not worth losing sleep over a few dollars. Its best to terminate the relationship as it would be my best guess that a referral from this customer would not be one you wanted anyway. If you feel it was just a miscommunication on your end, take reasonability and remedy the problem. Taking accountability for your mistake will go a far way in their eyes and on future issues that arise. Prepping the homeowner pre-construction Before starting the job, it very important to give the homeowners a warning of what will happen during the construction process.
  1. All furniture in the proposed working area must be moved- I would recommend having the clients take care of this to limit the risk of damage to their belongings.
  2. There will be dust that will be in the house up to 3 months after construction-I would recommend hiring a construction cleaning company at the end of the job even so after it is cleaned dust will be present months after words.
  3. There will be conflicts between you in the homeowner at some course of the job. - You will do your best to eliminate them as quickly as they arise-i.e. material damages, miscommunication, job delays
  4. All decisions on materials must be made before the start of the job- this will eliminate job stoppage due to materials not being on site.
  5. All materials will be on site before commencement of job-
  6. Payment structures must be made per contract otherwise job will stop until payment rendered
  7. Cars are to be moved out of the driveway- Ensures ease of loading and unloading of materials/tools
  8. Give the specific hours that workers will be present- i.e. 7-3:30
  9. Determine what areas are allowed to be used as staging for tools/materials
  10. If animals are present in the home that they put outside or in a room during the day
  11. All valuables in the house are locked in safe
  12. Ask if using client’s household bathroom is okay or to bring in Porter Potty
  13. Being transparent as possible is key to keeping a great relationship with your client!
During Construction During construction it is key to take detailed photos to eliminate any damages that were not caused by the construction process. I would also make a video to ensure all areas are included. All subcontractors should also take progress pictures to ensure if problems arise in the future, they will not be responsible for any work that they did not perform. Keep an on-going log of progress to the homeowners and share the pictures for there records. This will keep homeowners excited of the progress being made. When the house is gutted to the studs it is important to have construction photos showing where all utilities are run in the walls or sub floor. If there is a problem in the future there will photos showing all utility locations. Protect all flooring with plywood or floor protective. I also like to protect front door and tarp all areas where subcontractors are to be working. Make sure to cover any chandeliers/furniture/doorways with plastic to eliminate dust. Ask the homeowners if they have any concerns that they could think of. We’re all human and possibly a detail was missed! Post Construction Phase If the project went smoothly appreciation should be shown to the customer. Find out if the husband likes a particular type of liquor. Bring the wife a bouquet of flowers. Send a Christmas card to the family letting how much you appreciated the work. You know you have done a good job if they tell you they will refer you to their friends. The best compliment you could receive is a good referral. In Summary Try to find a knitch in the market, I found kitchens to be a great remodel projects. Bathrooms are tough as they are small, expensive with little profit margin with every trade involved. Windows/doors are also another great knitch as they can be installed quickly. There are so many different remodeling items that can be stream lined to make the selling installing process flawless. Once the core group subcontractors are in place the job almost runs itself. Every day is a learning experience with new materials or methods in construction. Keeping up with codes, materials, fluctuating labor and material cost is a job within itself. Anyone can be a contractor with the right mindset.
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2023.06.03 00:25 049at When did Dell quality go downhill?

I’ve worked with Dell many times in the past in previous jobs without issue. I actually always liked their support for the most part. Now at my new job we ordered new Dell laptops for all the higher ups, now nearly every one of them we upgraded is getting display/docking station issues when connected to the Dell docking stations. We replaced the brand new Dell docks with totally new ones, swapped to different models of Dell PCs, ruled out monitor issues (monitors work perfectly when connected directly to the hdmi port on the laptop). Dell has no solution yet. They have me installing OEM Windows onto one of the computers to see what happens. They already replaced the motherboard on one laptop and this is now happening across multiple models of new Dell laptops in the company with brand new Dell docking stations. I have a contact who’s an account manager who says this is now a common problem with Dell and that they have no real solution for it. He has an account that has this same problem across the organization. We are replacing the monitors next just for the heck of it, but how did it get this bad??
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2023.06.03 00:22 MouniaDeMa 24(f) broke up emotional abusive relationship, ADHD, low self worth; how did you find love for yourself even though you think less of yourself?

I am not a native english speaker, apologies in advance!
I am sorry i believe this communtiy is great!! always brings a smile on my face. This is an impulsive post haha i will probably delete it later. i typed this in one go, a bit impulsive and i am sorry if I come off wrong.
It is a really long text so I am already grateful for just posting it here. It is almost impossible to go through this illeterate english bible chapter haha so i understand.
Thanks again this forum is great! You guys are my inspiration; being proud of who you are, and seeing ADHD as something to embrace.
Well, The relationship lasted six years from ages 19 24. Despite his flaws, my partner was kind, patient, and loving when he didn't have anger issues.It was my first relationship, and I had never been in love or had sex before.
I always knew deep down that his actions were not okay, but he would confuse me with moments of kindness.
Now, in a moment of clarity, I realize how easily he made me feel like I was wrong and how it affected my self-esteem.I feel weak, embarrassed, and insecure after years of being with him. At the same time, I am really grateful for all the happy moments, and there is a part of me that feels like i am wrong for saying these things, as it is not "truly" him. I feel so weak, i tried therapy, but even my cogntive behavioral therapist literal words were "you have no identity" during hard topics you switch the subject, ask for validation. I spoke later with a counselor from school, who told me it is unproffesional and therapy can take a long time, so I should not be disencouraged.

However, I blocked out many negative moments because of the positive ones and realizing now so much more, such as these examples:

He had many good qualities and gestures, such as driving long distances to see me, planning romantic outings, being great with children and animals, and cooking for me every single day cause he liked to do so, plannign surprise birthdays for my mom, driving my mom to the hospital, he could be very positive overall and joyful; people, everyone around me loved him and would say; it is easy to love him
Now lisrening back to the voice messages i send (yes he gave me the world he did a lot what i am not mentioning here) but i notice once i brought up the fact that the arguments were not okay, he told me he doesnt deserve that, i should find somebody else, that i cannot reapeat this a thousand times it is not true. I supported him throughout the years, i told him that he doesnt deserve to feel this way in his anger and I am sorry for him and with help we can overcome this. He ironically joked"youre gonna pay for my sessions"?. He spends 400 euros in the month on weed (i am cool with smoking, i do it too sometimes, but than i am a bit sad that he does not want to (as he has the money) and never saw the point.
At the same time, he told me during the break up that i can call him, i should date other people (after one week), and he was serious since he wanted to build a future with me, house, baby and all. He even gave me a diamond ring, which could be symboliic seen he said as a step he said.
I dont think he has any idea......
I am angry at myself for tolerating this behavior and not recognizing the signs earlier.
I always felt guilty for small mistakes and felt like something was wrong with me.
The relationship had a negative impact on my mental health at the same time i never felt so happy in those good moments, so loved, , and I now question if he played a role in my increased sadness and depression.He made me feel like I was on top of the world while kicking me down, and I feel like a failure.
I have a study delay and an unfinished thesis. he graudated before me and found a job in the meantime, drove every weekend two hours to see me. he wanted to move abroad with me.
i was not feeling so great in my skin, and i expressed that i wanted to be more strong, independent, before moving together abroad; i always ignored that deep down I was afraid of not having enough backbone in arguments, and i was afraid abroad in case if i would be alone, plus somehow i still feel like i am not good enough. I am still not graduated (thesis in two weeks to deliver help and i am typing this impulsive text).

Despite his claims of putting more effort into the relationship I realize that I never felt safe enough and always wanted to proof myself. Hoenstly I still want to, for my fam, for him, myself. I just want to be worth.
I apologized repeatedly in voice messages, reminiscing about the good times and questioning what I could have done differently.

I tried to talk about with my mom before about this topic, we never talked about feelings growing up, she had her past too. But I see from her face that I upset her, I ask her for advice, she was watching a show she asked me to put if off cause and she was going upstairs. I apolgized a lot and said i was sorry again, that she could keep watching i ran upstairs and now I am here. it feels wrong to talk. And in an impulsive moment that I do open up, i always regret it.
Before bed she came to my room and wished me goodnight. both laying in bed in another room, i tild her i was sorry that i talked about it and i should have not done that, she had a nice glass of wine, watched a show, i was not considerate to talk about these things. she replied that she is the one that needs to apoligezed cause i havent talked about it with anyone and she is a bad mom. of course i said it is not the case, she is an amazing mom and i love her more than anything. Now i feel even worse, knowing that she feels bad. it reminds me again that talking does no good somehow, although i want to, doesnt mean other people want to talk about it or listen, it can make them upset. so here I am haha . i regret it deeply.

I don't know what to feel. I cannot name one single positive thing about myself. I feel like a failure really. When i look in the mirror i dont like what i see. throughout life i always stumbled, with no explaination why. i have alwats felt like i was not good enough, and probably because i think so, nobody will ever feel that.
I remember growing I up, i could not remember something someone said to me "i was a liar" or "i am not willing to listen" , I forgot my keys "You are stupid" , my dad throwing my clothes on the street in front of the whole neighbourhead because my room was a mess again, or got hit. these years, going though a divorce of my partents, living in an isolated trailer park for a bit with my mom and no drivers license made it hard to go out as there was nothing nearby, (my mom is amazing and worked her ass of to have a home now, i am super proud of her)i had no drivers license, heightened my loan and rented an appartment with my boyfriend together during covid (great times but lots of downs too), now i am failing myself, relationship, school, no job experience besides an internship. i am literally a failure

(this story is going to sound like bullshit maybe but i want to express confusion)
My sister and I also had a difficult time. The last argument i had with her is once she moved back after her studies failed (she is starting again she is really strong and resilient!) I visited new schools with her to check them out. while she stayed here, we argued about literally a pair of pants; i could borrow pants one day, the next morning i wore them too to go to visit the shop (she is really invested in clothes/ huge warderobe) and she got so angry, i apologized but she claimed i had no respect for her that she told me, things got heated, i cried and i walked to my room to sit on my bad, she stood in the doorway and told me "i should take more ADHD pill cause I am obviously crazy and she would rather live with my (ex-abusive) dad than with me". I yalled how can you say such thing, you dont mean it. she literally packed her suitcase and got out. My mom told me it was my fault because i wore this pants that morning.. my mom of course being sad, i tried to talk about it , i felt so alone.
I know it is wrong of me, the pants are her boundaries, she told me i could wear them the day before, without thinking i stood up the next morning, picked them up from my chair, and moved without thinking. i tried to bring up why it made me feel so sad and i believe the actions/words are maybe a bit drastic what she said: "please are you gonna use this against me for how long". I still feel upset about it till this day. After she moved, she would still come home to watch tv during the day and acted like nothing happened. of course we never talked, i stayed in my room, went to the library or took a walk.
My sister broke up with her boyfriend right now and therefore we of course immediately forgot about any past tensions. I also wanted to make it alright for my mom, always. i smile, but it never felt the same, i am still upset. Luckily now things are a bit better. i love her a lot, i just hope she is happy.

Espeically now with the study delay of two years, i feel like i am not going anywhere.
i was trying to be hopeful looking for jobs with no experience needed, to give myself some hope. i know it is stupid, i have to weeks to deliver my thesis and with everything going on i cannot seem to focus, i will try my best, My fam told me that "which job are you gonna do actually , is there something that you can do ". I laughed it away as a joke, i thought it was funny, but actually hurted me deeply because it wasnt a joke. They expressed it before.
Why does it always feel like i have to take ten extra steps to each a destination?
I recently reached out to my school counselor again: we used to talk more at school but i dissapeared for a year. i reached out, we talked for more than one hour on teams, crying my eyes and it was okay, she is amazing. she could remember what i said the first year of school walking through her doors. She told me that she never forgot about me especially since she opened up her personal life (we went through similar things in life) and she saw herself in me. Now she emails me with positive messages, always expressing that if i need to talk, even after i finish school she is there! I am really grateful for her in my life actually. I want to stay in touch i have to try my best. Even though it are small moments, they mean everything to me,This has really been a light point recently, it hit me when she told me that i need to stop thinking as she used to say to herself, that I don't matter, that there is no space for you, that i can say how i feel, i can say no, that i am worth to exist.
Anyways i dont want to self pitty myself, i am grateful to have a roof on top of my head, a family that loves me, food on the table, i am healthy, there are so many blessings.
I am sorry if i come off like i am not grateful. i am sorry if i come off unconsiderable.
I just dont know what to do, what to feel, what to think.

It feels like i am standing still for so long... It is my fault cause i allowed all these things.

I havent seen my friends for more than a year. One week ago a friend came for dinner , this already makes me happy that it is a step in the right direction !
I really dont like who i am. why cant i be more strong?
honestly it feels that i am doing something wrong, speaking so badly about him. I feel guilty and embarassed of myself. He was really kind and loving. I wonder if I would have been more strong, maybe he wouldnt disrespect me like that. Maybe I allowed him too, and I did. So it is my fault.
Still doesnt make it alright.
I hope one day to love myself. Especially before a raise a daughter of my own, Maybe if I ever did, this wouldnt have happened. I am so sad
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2023.06.03 00:18 SignificantAd2222 Conservative Christians….. as a long time Christian I need knowledge? Understanding? Biblical text?

I stated in the title biblical conservative because that is my target audience. All other opinions are welcome, but that’s who I’m looking for to answer, as I’ve generally been in that mold and need help with my faith.
I’m having a hard time believing in God. In the right frame of mind I can remember why I once believed but that’s rarer and rarer.
I know we are to go through suffering to bring us closer to god. That is what I remember of the Bible. Not that he would never give us more than we can handle. That’s a misconception.
But what is there is no power but your? I’ve seen things I’d have described as god influencing a situation, not luck or coincidence, the odds were so unlikely statistically of that result for any given even.
I expect to suffer and am fine with that. Quite simply that’s life and I always believed god would guide me through it.
But I’ve had an autoimmune disease for 10 years that has ruined my finances, education, social, and religious life.
I’ve struggled time and again to build myself out of the debt and medical decay of the body.
I’ve seen no god here. No strength but mine. Every time I’ve been close to homeless and busted my ass to work 20-40 straight shifts…. That’s my strength and the job market, not god. Those shifts would exist whether I was in this field or not. That’s market demand that simply is here and now.
I’ve exhausted every avenue of strength I have legal and illegal options to preserve myself.
I’ve begged and cried to god for help and it hurt my pride to the core. I value self reliance.
There was no help from that sector. I see no pity or compassion from the doctors. My peers think me a fool for wanting to preserve myself and be able to advance i life, and Christianity as I’ve seen it offers no word on this.
I’ve lost my insurance car and medical. Had my car repoed, am nearly homeless for the umpteenth time, having utilities shut off, having jobs fire me as they see me sick, having doctors tell me not my job can’t help you my liability I’m not comfortable, etc. the lawyers just say doctors can do whatever they want with your treatment even if it’s killing you.
I’m tired and want to die. I very much believe in heaven and hell and want neither. I want nonexistence. Another cruelty I see from god. I can’t ever just rest. Just not be. I’m either burning it in servitude for eternity. But I still want to die with dignity at 28 no matter the eternal outcome.
Where is gods path? Where is his kindness, grace, mercy, and compassion? I understand he has anger and he allows sin to happen. But honestly after how hard I’ve tried to just live, this feels like a personal attack.
1/16th of the time I remember why I used to believe. Every other time I look for gods strength and think it doesn’t exist. I laugh when other say I’ll pray for you it god is love.
But I can’t crush and bury that 1/16th for some reason.
Ideas? I need them. Hence why I asked for conservative Christian’s
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2023.06.03 00:18 Jessieleehaenel How can I find Copy Editing Jobs as a recent grad?

My closest city is Erie PA and there are no proofreading/ copy editing jobs near me. I have looked on Indeed and have been looking for Freelance opportunities on Upwork without luck. Any advice on where to look for remote job opportunities. I would love to move but cannot afford it at this time.
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2023.06.03 00:17 Previous_Dust8364 How fast did everyone start noticing improvement?

My normal 4 some group recently became a 5 some this year. The 5th guy has never swung a golf club until this year. The core 4 (myself included) expected some growing pains, but the 5th has surprised us. He went from hitting 149 to 119 on a par 72 course after only playing 81 holes. The only practice he claims to have done is hit 50 balls a week at the driving range.
Is that rate of improvement normal or do I just suck? I swear it took me almost a year to see an improvement of that magnitude.
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2023.06.03 00:16 Old_Consequence2203 My Ultimate Predictions For The Future! 🤖 (ALL the way up to the 2100s)

Hi everyone, I'm going to predict the future of everything from technology, trends, historical events, & generational teen culture for every future decade, ALL the way up to the 2100s! I'm interested to see what Y'ALL think, & if you agree. Let's get straight into the analysis!
Technology: So far, technology is surprisingly evolving quickly in this decade! Look at today's latest cars, smartphones, airpods, & AI! This decade is gonna be the beginning of futurism!
Historical Events: NASA visits the moon again for the first time, after several decades.
Zalphas: The main teen culture of the late 2020s. Transition from Gen Z to Gen Alpha teen culture.
Trends: Today's trends are gonna die out by then & new social media platforms & competition may happen & TikTok will loose popularity.
Technology: This is the decade when the most revolutionary technology is mainly focused on electric & autonomous machines, and NASA. A lot more of the population are gonna OFFICIALLY own electric & autonomous cars & other vehicles for the first time!
Historical Events: The first man or woman on Mars. The population of Earth officially hits 9 billion people.
Gen Alpha: The main teen culture of the 2030s.
Trends: The 2030s are gonna be a lot different from the 2020s. There is a pattern here! The '90s were so much more different from the '80s, yet pretty similar to the 2000s. & The 2010s were so much more different from the 2000s, yet pretty similar to the 2020s. This pattern is also gonna continue in future decades!
Technology: Not much has changed from the 2030s in this decade honestly... Pretty much the same as I already said for the revolutionary kinds of technology for the 2030s, only more advanced in technology of course.
Historical Events: First plants being planted/fertilization beginning on Mars! (The beginning of NASA's plan to teriform Mars)
Belphas: The main teen culture of the early 2040s. Transition from Gen Alpha to Gen Beta teen culture.
Gen Beta: The main teen culture only beginning from the mid-late 2040s.
Trends: Pretty similar to the 2030s, as I've already said how the pattern works for my explanation on the 2030s. The only main difference I see happening in this decade when comparing to the 2030s is fashion.
Technology: This decade is gonna be extremely revolutionary for technology as a whole! Transportation is mostly the #1 main focus. New faster public busses & trains are gonna be much faster, & autonomous. They will be traveling through new underground tunnels & air tunnel looking tubes through big cities. Nearly everyone WILL own electric & autonomous cars & other vehicles!
Historical Events: The beginning of humanity trying to start a civilization on Mars! More people are being sent to Mars. Population of Earth officially hits 10 billion people.
Gen Beta: The main teen culture only being from the early-mid 2050s.
Gatas: The main teen culture of the late 2050s. Transition from Gen Beta to Gen Gamma teen culture.
Trends: It's heavily gonna be different from the 2040s! At this point however, it's hard to tell how to predict trends this far into the future. I can only predict how different it might be from the last decade. Only time WILL TELL...
Technology: The 2050s were so revolutionary for technology, it completely overshadows how 2060s technology is even seen revolutionary at ALL. The only significantly big thing for technology in the 2060s, is new technology from NASA! They've made REALLY big progress in this decade.
Historical Events: Population of Earth decreases back to 9 billion people on Earth, due to more & more people moving to Mars.
Gen Gamma: The main teen culture of the 2060s.
Trends: Pretty similar to the 2050s, but this time, there are gonna be a little more noticeable differences.
Technology: It's gonna also be a pretty big decade for technology! Now in this decade, the world is significantly starting to looking like how we always imagined as "futuristic"!
Historical Events: More species of Earth mainly from tropical rainforests, & marine life are sadly going extinct. Population of Earth continues to decrease but not as quickly as in the previous decade. Roughly up to 8.5 billion people.
Demmas: The main teen culture of the early 2070s. Transition from Gen Gamma to Gen Delta teen culture.
Gen Delta: The main teen culture only beginning from the mid-late 2070s.
Trends: It's as different from the 2060s, as the 2060s was to the 2050s!
Technology: Not that different, but some pretty big differences as WELL, when comparing to the 2070s. From here, it's starting to become too far into the future for me to predict such technology.
Historical Events: Global warming has started to become a lot more of a noticable issue, as WELL as a shortage of food! New technology has now been created to at least reduce to continue more global warming, but new laws are now being made in order for everyone to fairly be able to have food.
Gen Delta: The main teen culture only being from the early-mid 2080s.
Epsiltas: The main teen culture of the late 2080s. Transition from Gen Delta to Gen Epsilon teen culture.
Trends: Very similar to the 2070s. For some reason, not much as even changed from the previous decade.
Technology: Technology has become so advanced & very futuristic looking to our eyes by this time period! We're now almost to the point of teleportation being invented if you can believe that. Technology is definitely pretty different when comparing to the 2080s.
Historical Events: Mars has now been a completely teriformed planet in our solar system! A large significant amount of the human population now lives on Mars, along with many other animals with their own habitats living on there.
Gen Epsilon: The main teen culture of the 2090s.
Trends: Pretty different from the 2080s.
Technology: Relatively similar to the 2090s.
Historical Events: Other plants are now in the works of being teriformed! Venus & the moon. The world population is now down to 6.5 billion people, but don't worry, this time, it's likely not gonna go anywhere below those numbers.
Epziletas: The main teen culture of the early 2100s. Transition from Gen Epsilon to Gen Zeta teen culture.
Gen Zeta: The main teen culture only beginning from the mid-late 2100s.
Trends: A little similar to the 2090s, but with someone noticable differences from the 2090s.
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2023.06.03 00:16 Senior-Initiative296 Any help?

Hello, I am a 20 yr old male and was diagnosed with anxiety a couple of months ago along with having been diagnosed with ADHD since I was a child.
I was diagnosed with anxiety after my last semester at university due to a rough time having to switch majors and going through a breakup. The toughest part about this all has been recognizing that the anxiety actually is affecting me. Not that it’s world shattering, but I have these new emotions and feelings that I never had access to before but they are sometimes crippling if I allow my thoughts to snowball. I have been trying to get a simple part time job and every step of such a simple process drains my brain. I have always been a pretty outgoing guy but since being more aware of my anxiety I have been having more trouble doing things like getting out and setting goals and achieving them. My ADHD of course doesn’t help so I was wondering if there’s any advice out there for just figuring this stuff out. I do not wish to spiral and allow myself to lose to my thoughts as I know I am not what my thoughts portray me as but my actions instead. I just need to get better and moving on these actions to improve.
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2023.06.03 00:13 hackinghippie The Premature Superiority Complex (Through the Lens of a Junior Developer): A Sociological Analysis

Dear board of education:
I've been working as a web developer for almost two years now. In this short amount of time, I've witnessed a "phenomenon" among my peers, as well as among friends who work in IT. So, as a certified self-taught junior developer who studied social sciences in college, I propose a sociological hypothesis:
Certain individuals or groups, when acquiring knowledge or skills in a specific domain, are more prone to rapidly develop overconfidence and exhibit niche superiority, subsequently forgetting the challenges and uncertainties they faced during their initial learning stages. This phenomenon is influenced by a combination of psychological factors, social dynamics, and cognitive biases.
When you're a junior at a new job, or maybe even a wholly new field, it does feel overwhelming at times. There is quite a steep learning curve, there's the doubt, there's new people, and most importantly for this essay, there is frustration. But not frustration with code which is a totally legit frustration btw, frustration with your tasks as an employee. And even more specifically, frustration with the wording, the concepts, the explanation given to you. To quote M. Foucault: "You don't understand shit and it's because knowledge is shaped by power relations"
There are a vast [] of possible reasons as to why certain individuals develop the overconfidence super early, and many can be attributed to social and individual factors. One factor, which is not as internal as many others, is a mentor.
On the importance of mentors: Shoutout to any mentors reading this, be easy on your juniors. Before diving into the exciting overview of mentorships as tools of corporate indoctrination on the following 35 pages, I shall again propose another sociologial hypothesis:
In the context of mentorship, the presence of bad mentors who teach juniors in an inefficient manner can lead to the reproduction of ineffective teaching practices among future mentors. This phenomenon is perpetuated through socialization processes, cognitive biases, and structural constraints, resulting in altogether ineffective mentorship.
If I had to describe the process to a programmer, it would look similar to this, whatever this is:
while(true) { receiveKnowledge() && receiveBehaviour() impartKnowledge() && impartBehaviour() } 
It's like a square. But without the edges.
Speaking of squares, this article written in Times Square, NY, illustrates the phenomenon perfectly:
“I wonder, in a city like New York, with its infinite possibilities, why are superiority complexes so common. Is self-reflection become too much to expect?”
Carrie Bradshaw wrote in her column for Kotaku
Bradshaw raised in interesting point, after analizing the internal organization of more than a thousand IT companies:
But here's the thing: we all start somewhere. Every seasoned professional was once a rookie, trying to make sense of convoluted code and battling error messages that seemed like a foreign language. However, not everyone retains that sense of humility. Some developers fall victim to what I like to call the "conceitedness syndrome" or the "premature superiority complex."
To take a break from the theory, and to better illustrate the points made thus far, I have conducted interviews with exactly n=420 people. Their stories are presented below, starting with Emma, 20:
When I joined this f *** ing REDACTED company as a backend developer, they paired me up with a useless motherf *** ing mentor who couldn't explain a damn thing in a way that made any f *** ing sense to me. It was frustrating as f ********** ck, like trying to decipher a f *** ing secret code while getting kicked in the v * g. Every time I asked for help, all I got was a bunch vague bulls ** t so I just stopped trying, you know? It actually made me question if the c *** sucker conducting this interview knows how to match their own f *** ing socks, let alone match mentors with juniors.
Not only is the frustration evident with Ms. Emma, who is still suffering under the same mentor, she's also very rude, thus no wonder that her coworker Natalie, who is still angry about not being invited to Emma's office barbecue, forced me to include her counter point:
Juniors, might I add, deserve their abuse at the hands of smarter, cooler mentors.
Natalie continued
I didn't even finish school, Emma. Working here has finally given me enough confidence to be proud of myself and my job. I'm obviously compensating through my ego and i admit it does feel good when...
Natalie was rudely cut
If I may speak... It's evident the ego strives to assert control over your self-esteem and establish a sense of personal worth. In this case, your exaggerated self-assurance may be an attempt to assert control in the face of societal expectations and norms.
Sigmund chimed in, but everyone quickly left the room, ending the interview.
For the purposes of this dissertation I had to shorten the Emma - Natalie drama to three pages, however the whole audio log will be available on Netflix this summer in the form of a reality show.
But where does this lead us? We have the bad mentors, who are not understood by the people they're mentoring. Not understanding everything is a normal part of learning a new craft. Not understanding explanations is a headache. The juniors internalize not just the sparse knowledge gained, but the behavioral elements as well. We have those juniors then reproducing the knowledge in the same way they received it.
But what of the premature superiority complex? How does it fit in? Well, here's a probable example of a discourse in action:
-Just add the absolute path to the xml with the IP of the third server behind the second Oak tree, obviously. -What do you mean obviously, which f *** ing forest are we talking about? -Check the docs, maybe?! -You didn't make any f **** ing docs, Natalie! -Well maybe I WOULD IF I FELT INCLUDED!
Which brings us to the conclusion: In order to liberate ourselves from the constraints of this rigid and unproductive dynamic, the perpetual cycleoh! of bad mentorship spawning new offspring with "premature superiority complexes", we need to challenge the structural factors that perpetuate such a stagnant mentorship arrangement. By interrogating the power dynamics, hierarchies, and systemic barriers within the organizational framework, we can begin to envision alternative models that foster genuine learning, effective communication, and mutual support.
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2023.06.03 00:13 ThrowRAPleaseHelp62 My (26M) girlfriend (26F) believes that I'm in love with my female best friend (25F)

Hello reddit (throwaway as I'm a longtime lurker)
Context: Been with GF for a year. We've been long distance on and off. Been friends with one of my best friends I will call Sarah since 10th grade of HS.
First off, I used to crush on Sarah back in HS. Turns out she did on me too but I found this out a little over a year ago (years after now) when she ended up suddenly single and decided to pursue things with me. Led to a long chat between us where I revealed I had had crush too. We decided to remain friends. She's a pretty woman and we have a lot in common but if things went wrong it would mean losing our friendship and a lot of others. She went on to find a great guy a month later anyway and they're still together.
Anyway, at that time I was in the talking phase with now GF. We would end up getting together over a week later after I asked GF out. Things have been overall great with some bumps because of the distance. Sarah and GF are also close friends and have become best friends themselves since we have been together too. Me and GF went long distance two months in after I had to relocate for a job assignment, but we have visited each other back and forth in the months since.
Two months ago, GF told me I had feelings for Sarah. Straight up told me that she knew I did the entire time. She knew about the conversation we had from Sarah and mentioned how I once said we would be together in another universe once when I told her about how our HS friends used to try to get us together. I denied her accusation. It was upsetting. It sounded like I was settling for her and waiting in the wings for a chance with Sarah like a hanger on guy. I am not that guy! Anyway, she said she accepted it, but flashforward to today.
We have plans to rent a place together in a new city. Keep in mind this was my idea, us living together because I want to spend the rest of my life with her. It happens that I picked this city both because it is a leader in my field, it is an amazing city, and of course because one of my best friends Sarah is there. I lucked out and am going to be working with Sarah too! I realize how lucky I am. I tell GF this today thinking she would be happy, and she tells me during the call, "I am preparing for when you fall back in love with her."
You can imagine I'm flabberghasted!!! I ask her what and she goes on to say she knows that us spending time together both at work and outside as friends one-on-one till she arrives will lead to my feelings being rekindled. I was too shocked to respond because I thought we had resolved this. She continued to lay out all of these reasons why she knew what would happen and how it was making her second guess relocating with me because she doesn't want to be my placeholder. I was too overwhelmed, so I was caught off guard when she said she didn't want to hear my response because either I would be lying to her or lying to myself and she hung up.
Reddit, I am confused! What do I do here? I have been nothing but honest with GF throughout the relationship even when it has been harsh. I have told her I am fully in love with her after some early doubts that she had too. Me and best friend do not do anything inappropriate either. Hell Sarah is in a relationship and I am happy for her to finally have a decent bf! GF says I'm lying to myself, but I do not think so. Am I missing some boundaries here?
TL;DR: Moving to new city with LDR GF, female best friend Sarah will be there and I will be working with her too. Because of past crush, GF convinced I will fall in love with Sarah and use her as a placeholder because Sarah is unavailable and I am scared to lose her in my life. But I do not want to be with Sarah!
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2023.06.03 00:11 No-Distribution6191 LAUNCHING BETA TOMORROW! Metro State RP DOJ vMenu (NEW) TONS of cars/eup/mlo's all optimized! Semi-Serious RP vMenu Server. Join a New and GROWING community that values you as a member and player!

LAUNCHING BETA TOMORROW! Metro State RP DOJ vMenu (NEW) TONS of cars/eup/mlo's all optimized! Semi-Serious RP vMenu Server. Join a New and GROWING community that values you as a member and player!
Metro State RP is a brand new DOJ based vMenu server. This server is currently wrapping up with the final touches on development. We are ready to launch right now. We just need more people. Currently sitting at 98 people, We are aiming for 100+ for launch.
We just need more people: -We currently have BCSO, LSPD, and SAST that are starting up and looking for officers. -BCSO has waived their applications and are allowing candidates to skip straight to training. -LSPD seemingly is having a slower start to things. Could use help with command related things I think and help setting up the department. -FD is starting up, but will be officially launched after launch the server. -If you are interested in starting a department or business. I am all for it. I currently do have a short pause on development of these departments just until PD and FD is 100% squared away and confirmed to be good to go/ bug-free and its operating relatively smoothly. I am still assigning “ownership” of these roles and helping everywhere else I can. -Not currently looking for anymore police department or Fire Department heads. -Everything else is open.
-Regular civs, you are the life-blood of the server. I listen to regular players just as much as admins. -Accepting whitelist gang apps very quickly. -Could use more staff as well, but they should also be involved elsewhere in the servecommunity. -EUP Devs would be a god-send. Ideally if you know how to optimize or if you create. We should talk:) -I am looking for help with vehicles. I don’t mind teaching people the ropes, but extra brownie points if you know how to make good handling files or optimize, as it takes me a very long time to do… In the rare occurrence you are a vehicle modeler. We should talk 📷
The server is in a good state already. Optimized, mostly done with development just doing final touches. We have tons of MLO’s, including hidden ones, over 750 custom cars, EUP… and the best part, all optimized. ( I still have like 38 cars to go through and optimize.) However, I still need to balance all of them.
TONS of awesome and paid cars!
-We have also added a lot of scripts and features that add to rp, simple things like /carry, /th, /piggyback, etc. -A ton of emotes, including props. -Other things like hiding in trunks, being able to push vehicles, attach them to tow trucks, GSR tests, etc. -Lots of small little rp focused scripts that I'm sure I'm forgetting. -We have activities that you can actually go do with friends, like mini-golf. Or hit up Dave and Busters and play some arcade games like Pac-Man, Tetris, or more modern game options. -All of these things are going to continue to grow as I add more in. -Sonoran CAD -VStancer -Working Doorlocks for businesses, PD, etc.
This isn't going to be an overnight thing. It will take some time and effort. I have yet to find a community centered vMenu server that values and listens to their community beyond the paying members and admin friend groups.
Again, I want to emphasize that the server, development wise is pretty much complete. … but, aside from that its just polishing.
This will NOT be another fly-by-night vMenu server. Come see for yourself!
Come check us out! See why we have 10+ people playing on the server creating RP before we have even launched. These guys are so anxious to play, we just have to wait one more day! Please don't hesitate to DM me if you have ANY questions or need ANY help at all. Uncle Larry#5696

Several Nightclubs available to host parties in
Currently Building the SAFD Fleet and adding in assets for them.
Grove Street Customs MLO + Repair Shop
Playable Mini-Golf
Host Fight clubs, fight night, tournaments, or just settle personal disputes in the octagon!
SAFD Brush Truck w/ Working Water Cannon
Paleto SAST Building
BCSO Sheriff Building
TONS of hidden MLO's, Hideouts, Bunkers, Etc.
ALL department cop cars have customizable unit numbers on the roof, new liveries coming over time.
Playable arcade games at Dave & Busters!
Another Hidden Bunker MLO
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2023.06.03 00:10 fur_fox_sake_ AITA for not going to my friends’ kid’s sporting events?

My husband (35M) and I (35F) are good friends with a couple who we’ll call Justin (40M) and Maddie (40F). We once worked at the same company as Justin and over the course of 10 years became close with them. They have 3 children: 11F, 9M and 7M. They own a boat on a lake and they like to invite us over to hang out on the lake, have game nights and dinner. This does mean that their kids are usually around when we are together and we’re happy to entertain and play with them. It’s very rare that they get a sitter to go out on double dates or go out on dates themselves. I think that over the years, Justin and Maddie have become comfortable with having us over and seeing us with their children and their children enjoy seeing us as well. My husband and I currently do not have kids of our own.
Maddie is a stay at home super mom. She’s a planner and is very involved in her children’s lives. She ensures that they have a full agenda of activities and are involved in sports and she loves it and I love that for her. She is also involved in her local PTA and has a solid group of mom friends that she’s met through PTA and community events.
I personally feel that Justin could really help her out more. There have been times when we have been over where my husband and I are helping Maddie get the children to bed and Justin isn’t engaged. He travels often for work, works late or is out golfing with colleagues. Due to this lack of support, I am one of the people she reaches out to for favors (I assume she asks others but I am not sure). My husband and I both work and are in high level leadership roles at our respective companies so we recognize the work commitments Justin faces.
I’ve driven one of her sons to his baseball games when her other son was playing on a different field. I’ve even helped watch her kids when Justin had surgery and she would visit him during recovery. One favor I declined to do was to be at Maddie’s home when the kids got off the bus at 3pm because her FIL was getting discharged after having heart surgery and Justin was at work and had a meeting. I too had a meeting at 3pm that day and was in the office an hour away. I couldn’t understand why Justin couldn’t take time off for a family medical emergency. At this point, I was beginning to question all these favors we were being asked when it came to child care. I was annoyed that they were asked with no regard to our job schedules and with little to no explanation as to why Justin wasn’t around to help. Messages to me would also imply that since I could sometimes work from home or didn’t have kids, I should be around /free to help.
One day, I was asked day of, if I could take her daughter to gymnastics and again was annoyed because she had to be there by 4pm. I still had more work to do. I was venting to my husband and he reminded me that they were great friends who always welcomed us into their home and that acts of kindness like this is a small way to show up for our friends. So he picked up her daughter at their home and dropped her off at gymnastics and brought her back when practice was over. He ran errands in between. Months later we are at a Christmas party with friends and a different friend was talking about her own daughter’s gymnastic competitions. Out of nowhere Maddie makes a comment/joke that my husband likes watching girls’ gymnastic practices. The table got quiet and my husband was shocked, upset and uncomfortable. He only dropped her off that one time and did not observe the practice as Maddie was claiming. I too was upset because of what it implied and already felt very taken advantage of. Luckily the comment wasn’t acknowledged since it really had nothing to do with the conversation and our other friends didn’t bothered to entertain it. We both were so upset and but chose not to say anything at the party.
We did decide to re-evaluate the amount of support we would be giving to Justin and Maddie. Our thoughts were that we didn’t want to loose the friendship but we could set better boundaries on what we were able to do. Perhaps we should have recognized earlier that it was strange we were the ones to be called when they had other parents in their community they could rely on. I remember getting dropped off at soccer by my teammates parents when mine couldn’t. We also decided that it wasn’t worth confronting Maddie because she wouldn’t take the feedback well or maturely. I also feared that the discussion could dive into Justin’s lack of support when it came to raising their children and that is not our place to comment. I also had heard from a mutual friend that some of the mom’s in the mom group were beginning exit the mom group because Maddie was overbearing. Maddie is also very insecure and is in denial about other issues she and and her family has so it didn’t seem right to pile our disappointment on top of that when we could simply change how we interacted with them.
For months, Maddie and Justin would invite us to watch their boys’ soccer and baseball games on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. We declined to attend, we never attended games before and we also don’t do this for our other friend’s. Also, watching children’s sports is the last thing we want to do on Friday nights/Saturday mornings. Maddie mentioned that she would like to see me come to one of the games and that it was so much fun as her and her mom friends fill their yeti’s with cocktails and have a blast. I assume to entice me into thinking it was as cool as going out to a bar. I said that it sounded like a fun time for them especially since they needed to be there but I had other commitments during those times (watching Succession obviously). She didn’t understand and she continues to ask me to show up to her kids’ events. The most recent ask was to run a motheguardian-daughter 5K with her daughter because she couldn’t run. I’m a runner and this is something I would love to do but I also don’t want this to spark a debate about showing up for one kid and not the others. I feel bad that I haven’t been fully honest about my reasons but I just think that there’s so much to unpack with their family dynamic that I’m respectfully choosing to stay out of it and continue to politely decline. Am I the asshole?
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2023.06.03 00:10 Whole_Fold_7589 F36 Looking for a companion [relationship]

My name is Lina and I have just taken a break from my career. Ended a 5 year relationship. I have started to focus on my career and this has caused me to seriously neglect my relationship issues. I hope it's not too late to find this out.
I live in Manchester. I have been single for 2 years after ending an unfaithful marriage. I own my own business. I enjoy healthy cooking, playing golf, yoga, shopping etc...
For 2 years my job kept me busy and I was not interested in relationships, but with the arrival of COVID-19 I have been able to relax from my real life. I am now starting to plan my relationship and I would like to have a partner who is 30+ years old and fun, we can build a relationship to vent, help each other and do something meaningful together.
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