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Cat Training: Tricks and Treats

2013.01.22 06:44 llieaay Cat Training: Tricks and Treats

Cat behaviour, cat tricks, cat training. Cats!

2023.05.30 06:01 Java_Fern 25 [M4R] #Chicago/Anywhere Anyone else have the Monday scaries?

The long weekend was nice but it could be a little bit longer! My to-do list is also still a mile long so naturally I'm procrastinating on reddit. Maybe making some new friends counts as productive!
I'm newish to the city and have been traveling a ton for work so I haven't gotten out to explore nearly enough. I'm a bit of an introvert but I open up pretty fast. I love trying new restaurants and long walks along the lake. I'm also big into fantasy and sci-fi. I finished House of Dragon recently and damn I've got some opinions! No spoilers though! I don't play too many video games but I'm down to pick up some new ones. I mainly like strategy games and city builders.
My main hobbies are aquariums and houseplants! I have a bunch of house plants and 2 fully planted aquariums. I love talking about and showing photos of my tanks! I've got a gorgeous silver Betta Imbellis and 3 very cool gold spotted ottocinclus.
Feel free to shoot me a message if you think we'd get along or if you need a friend to try out a new coffee shop with!
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2023.05.30 06:01 reverehealth Obstetrics and Gynaecology Near Me Revere Health

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Near Me Revere Health
An obstetrician-gynecologist, or OB-GYN, has expertise in female reproductive health, pregnancy, and childbirth. Some OB-GYNs offer a wide range of general health services similar to your primary care doctor. Others focus on the medical care of the female reproductive system. Revere Health Obstetrics and Gynaecology Near Me provides a full range of healthcare services, including primary care examinations, baby delivery, postpartum care, and gynecologic surgery. For more information, contact us at (801)429-8000.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology
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2023.05.30 06:00 MoreThan4Fairy [F4M] Metal Gear-esque RP!

To start:
I don’t really like giving out info about myself, but here we are. I’m above an 21 female, and i’m on nearly every day. If i ever feel like I won’t be active for the day, i’ll shoot you a message beforehand. I’d ask that my partner sends at least above 2 paragraphs per reply, but different scenes call for different things. Moving on,
As of recent, ive been really big on cheesy, overly-exaggerated political thrillers. MGS, Killer7, you name it. Obviously, this is what this post is gonna be about. Give it a read and lemme know if you’re interested!
The First Chechen War.
In a war-torn, post-Soviet Russia, the nations captured by the motherland began to push for independence. Chechnya was one of the first areas to materialize that push, sending fear to the top brass in the mainland. In order to prevent a potential domino-effect of succession, Russia sent their military forces stop their independence movement.
Vastly outnumbered and outclassed, Chechnya turned to private military companies, militias ready to fight for the right price.
Enter: Our characters.
Sent in as covert arms dealers, our characters goal will be to supply the independence movement with arms, slowly uncovering a deeper plot within the war-torn nation.

This plot is still very barebones, but I prefer to work the story around our characters. Obviously, there’ll be a political thriller edge, along with the usual nonsense that comes along with plots like this.
Let me know if you’re interested!
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2023.05.30 06:00 MoreThan4Fairy [F4M] Metal Gear-esque RP!

To start:
I don’t really like giving out info about myself, but here we are. I’m above an 21 female, and i’m on nearly every day. If i ever feel like I won’t be active for the day, i’ll shoot you a message beforehand. I’d ask that my partner sends at least above 2 paragraphs per reply, but different scenes call for different things. Moving on,
As of recent, ive been really big on cheesy, overly-exaggerated political thrillers. MGS, Killer7, you name it. Obviously, this is what this post is gonna be about. Give it a read and lemme know if you’re interested!
The First Chechen War.
In a war-torn, post-Soviet Russia, the nations captured by the motherland began to push for independence. Chechnya was one of the first areas to materialize that push, sending fear to the top brass in the mainland. In order to prevent a potential domino-effect of succession, Russia sent their military forces stop their independence movement.
Vastly outnumbered and outclassed, Chechnya turned to private military companies, militias ready to fight for the right price.
Enter: Our characters.
Sent in as covert arms dealers, our characters goal will be to supply the independence movement with arms, slowly uncovering a deeper plot within the war-torn nation.

This plot is still very barebones, but I prefer to work the story around our characters. Obviously, there’ll be a political thriller edge, along with the usual nonsense that comes along with plots like this.
Let me know if you’re interested!
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2023.05.30 06:00 Amaryllis118 Speaker claimed that it's always God's will to heal.

I have been attending a non-denominational church for nearly a year because it has more people my age (young adults). I had been going to church with my family all my life up until that point, so this changing of churches was also supposed to help me find my independence.
And so far, I've absolutely loved this church because it's similar enough to my parent's church in style and beliefs, and the pastors were phenominal. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, the lead pastor had to resign a few months ago, which left the second pastor pretty much on his own. So to give him breaks, there has been more speaking from this one other pastor or elder or I honestly don't know what he is. He has been speaking at this church for years, but it has never been very frequent.
Anyway, this particular speakepastor has always given me bad vibes. Everyone else in the church is fine and the messages from everyone else clearly allign with the Bible, but this particular speaker reminds me a bit of a cült leader. His messages are usually the same, with him listing story upon story about how he has sensed demons and sent them away, how he has watched demons get released from people, etc. He is constantly bringing up his dead wife that died 8 years ago and saying how strong he is because he overcame it. And while up front, he will sometimes randomly tells people things that God said will happen in their future.
Do not misunderstand: I definitely believe that God can do these amazing acts and that he can place messages in people's hearts to spread. I do not doubt that. However, it is the way this speaker goes about it that gives me a bad vibe.
That being said, these things weren't enough to convince me of him being "off." It was actually what happened this past Sunday that really has me wondering if I need to leave this Church.
Basically, this past Sunday my entire family decided to come visit my Church for the first time and unfortunately this speaker happened to be preaching that day. The speaker went on a long tangent about how it is always God's will to heal people and that it is a "Church philosophy" to pray while thinking that God might not heal that person. He claimed that the "Christian philosophy" is to pray KNOWING that God will heal that person and that the only reason people wouldn't get healed is because of a lack of faith. He actually claimed that all of this was Biblical (though he did not cite it). My mom also commented that the speaker spoke as though he thought he knew better than anyone else, that he was the only one that knew the truth.
The whole sermon was a complete mess, and my mom knew that there was no way this was a normal day or else I wouldn't still be going there (she is very right). My mom actually helped me text the regular pastor about this afterward, and we found out that the regular pastor also disagreed with what the speaker had said. He had no prior knowledge what the speaker would discuss and claimed that the Church definitely does not believe that God will heal everyone.
While this makes me feel better and I am planning to discuss this further with the regular pastor, I am extremely concerned. I have a hard time believing that this speaker has been with this church for so long yet these un-Biblical beliefs have never appeared before. It is making me seriously question if there are any other skewed beliefs of this Church that I have ignored thus far. Although I really think it's only been that guy so far.
Should I be running from this church? Should that speaker be removed? Could a faithful Christian just have a misguided belief such as this and otherwise be fine and trustworthy??
TL;DR I've been going to a new church for a year, and an infrequent speaker claimed that we can all heal through the power of prayer, because it is always God's will to heal.
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2023.05.30 05:59 Ok-Climate553 Dear John Lennon

I know I don’t know a lot about you or nearly as much as I’d like
And I haven’t been a diehard fan for years or anything
But I do know something about your music - and you specifically- saved me. It made me feel less alone, understood and like I mattered even when I was delusional. I found solace in your words.
And I will never forget the vision I had of you. The name that came.
I don’t understand how or why - but whatever it was that caused that, it was beautiful. And it’s changed me for the better
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2023.05.30 05:59 echotheloco0 So unbelievably hyped!!

So unbelievably hyped!!
This is my first ever rockhounding find—not counting quartz, because I was searching near my great grandmother’s old farm and that place is so full of quartz (see the second image)
I just cannot believe my luck in finding this. I’m floored, this is the coolest thing to me.
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2023.05.30 05:58 torrent46 META: Why are posts not required to post the source links?

META: Why are posts not required to post the source links?
On every single post, there is someone asking for the source.
Many of us are here as a medium to find interesting pornography. Many of us are here as a medium to get horny, which we then desire pornography to help with. Many of us would like to see the comment in question and look at similar comments or content.
All of these are possibilities, and none of this changes the fact that every single post asks for the source.
I have attached a picture of a stolen bicycle as the community requires me to add an attachment. The source is my own phone camera, the picture was taken at a bike rack on my university campus near me.
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2023.05.30 05:58 Intelligent_Yellow I feel AGP slipping out of my life

I read a lot here and felt the urge to share a personal update/growth.
Since I was young I had a near-obsession with body swapping, always MTF, which of course later in life I realized was my way of AGP. I’ve crossdressed at home on occasion, but it was never a huge turn on for me.
Over a year ago, I went cold turkey on indulging my fetish/AGP. It was hard at first, and I have slipped up a many times, but all this time later I rarely find myself fantasizing about being a woman or body swapping while going about my day like I used to. I still picture myself as the girl with porn at times, but even that isn’t as strong as it used to be. When I do feel urges, they are minuscule compared to what it used to be.
I’m noticing I’m doing better talking with girls IRL, and have actually been out on a few dates with girls I’d consider “out of my league,” which has been a great confidence booster, too. None have worked out long term, but a little progress is still progress.
I’m not writing this to discourage anyone with their journey, I just felt led to share my story. At one time, I assumed I’d spend my life alone due to this obsession, but now, I feel it having less and less power over me especially as I exercise, focus on other things, and try to meet and date girls in real life.
My top tips: 1.) cut back on the porn. I know it’s hard, and I still backslide, but less consumption has done good for me. 2.) if you’re straight, try dating IRL. It can be hard to approach a girl, but doing so helped me feel brave and like I really have something to offer a woman as a man. 3.) exercise! I’m in no shape to call myself a body builder or anything, but the endorphins from exercising help me feel more “at home” in my body (that’s my theory, anyway) 4.) picture your life 10 years from now. Would you be happy if nothing changed? I realized I’d be miserable if my AGP dominated me to the point that I couldn’t be with a woman IRL, so I used that fear as a challenge to see if I could make a difference, and so far, it’s working!
Please don’t berate me for sharing, I’m only posting this in hopes that someone else struggling might see that there could be hope to “beat” this. I never would’ve thought I could, but I’m sitting here in awe of my progress and feeling confident I can continue on :)
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2023.05.30 05:57 Copperhead_Annie Where to move?

I’m nearing 18, living in a horrible state in the U.S.A, and have more than a few issues with the « family » I have. I want to get out ASAP, but I don’t know where to yet.
I have a college fund, but I’m not going and don’t know how much it’s worth. I’m looking for somewhere that’s progressive, LGBT+ friendly, not hostile towards non-christians, not hostile towards minorities in general. I also need it to be well within affordable prices for housing, I hate apartments and I hate the idea of paying off a mortgage for my whole life. I’d also prefer not being somewhere that requires cars for even small distances, more walkable is what I need. I’m not afraid of or opposed to the idea of moving to a completely different country if that’s what it takes. I just wanna live, mostly unbothered, and not feel stuck and scared of being who I actually am for the fear that some jackasses are gonna harass or kill me for being different or try forcing their extremist christian bullshit on my future kids. I’d also prefer somewhere where I could do decent-sized garden and fishing/hunting and such. I’d like to be able to provide for myself as much as possible rather than relying on mass-produced store bought suff for many reasons. There are a few other things that I have preferences for like weed and homebrew legality, etc. But not nearly as important as me being legally and socially allowed to be myself. (I know jerks exist everywhere, but at least a few places are wayyyyy more tolerant to people like me.)
Could anyone give some sort of advice? Tell me where the best place might be? Thank any who may answer in advance, and have a wonderful day/night!
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2023.05.30 05:57 Oonoroi A comprehensive guide to the Occult

Hello, I've been working on revising an old magic system to fit with a new story, and I wanted to get some feedback on if my system works well or not. It's a long one, but feel free to hit me with any questions/comments/criticisms about it! Please excuse the inconstent capitalization though, I'm working on it.

An Occultists’ Guide to Boundaries
All of reality is built on boundaries. A boundary is a metaphysical container for both the physical matter and the concepts defining an object. For example, imagine for a moment a ball sitting on a table. Now imagine an invisible skin, wrapped tightly around the entire surface area of the ball, encapsulating all the information and properties of the ball. Now imagine that invisible skin suddenly disappeared, leading the concepts that once filled it to just drift away. They might be infused into the table, making it ‘bright red’, or ‘round’. They could get into the air making it ‘bouncy’ or ‘safe for children ages 2+’. The stuff that makes the ball would still be around, but the ball itself wouldn't. For an object to exist, it must be distinct from the things around it. Without boundaries separating ‘thing’ from ‘thing’, the whole universe would be just one big ‘thing’.
This is the basis of Occult practices. Being an occultist starts with the manipulation of boundaries, as the space within them is where magic is performed. That is why, when an occultist begins their studies, the first power they gain is usually simple telekinesis, as manipulating the position of a boundary is good practice. We tend to call those who never move past that stage ‘espers’ or ‘psychics’ or something of the same effect, and even though they are just scratching the surface of what the occult can do, they can get to be fairly powerful.
A basic, widespread (but not universally applicable) law of boundaries is that they have a natural resistance to being manipulated, which is in most cases tied to the surface area of the object. An interesting application of this is that there is functionally no difference in trying to telekinetically move a cardboard box and a solid steel cube of the same size. However, when it comes to destroying a boundary, the difficulty of doing so is all in the ‘complexity’ (this is hard to define, but it will make more sense later) of the object. Stronger occultists will be able to destroy or create more complex phenomena at larger scales.
Since the creation, destruction, and manipulation of boundaries is a fundamental skill for occultists, many different exercises have been devised to help expand a beginning practitioner's skill in doing so. One popular one is trying to destroy the boundaries of small objects, such as playing cards or snack foods, and quickly capturing all the escaped concepts by creating a spherical boundary around them. This can lead to some delightfully non-euclidean objects, especially when you destroy and re-capture the concepts of two different objects into one boundary, but it is a very dangerous way to practice. One could end up not capturing the concepts in time and end up turning themselves ‘easily tearable’ or ‘appetizing to ants’ without the knowledge of how to reverse that.
The analogy of a weightlifter in training may be the most appropriate since an occultist’s ability will grow like a muscle over time, only one that doesn’t plateau in strength. But like any muscle, they will get tired if they go on too long, which will greatly increase their chances of causing an accident.

Reality and You
Reality is everything that is real. Every object, entity, or phenomenon that exists and is not fictional is a part of reality. If you can measure it, it's real. There aren’t very many other ways to describe this, but humans generally have a solid grasp of what is real and what is not due to being real themselves. However, not all parts of reality are equal.
All magic happens inside a boundary wherein reality is measurably degraded. There is a special, magical, and incredibly complex machine that can measure the ‘level’ of reality within a boundary. The baseline level, the level wherein everything that isn't the occult takes place, was set to be 10 on the Non-Reality Scale (the NRS for short), and anything below that is magic.
But why would one want to degrade reality? Hypothetically, when someone is pouring themselves a cup of water, they would prefer a fresh, clean glass, to one that hasn’t been washed in years. This is because they want to avoid contamination. Spellwork has the same idea, where to pour what they want into a boundary, the occultist first has to ‘wash’ everything they don’t want out.
That is not to say that less reality is always better. A reality that is too low level can mess with spellwork, or cause a dangerous accident if the boundary is flawed. This is because to complete the final step of the casting, one must reintegrate their degraded reality back to the baseline (that is, if they want anything more than an intangible illusion). The extent to which one would want to degrade reality fully depends on what they want to do with the boundary they are creating. For example, one did not want to use it for drinking, but it would be perfectly fine to use it to water a houseplant. And most people would not be bleaching out a clean cup before drinking from it, even if it has a bit of dust in it. In the same way, in most cases, an occultist does not need to purge absolutely everything from their boundary, and will instead want to selectively degrade reality to a certain level.

Mana, the Soul, and Concepts
A Concept is the abstract idea of the matter within a boundary. For example, the boundary of the ball I described earlier contains the physical matter of the ball, but it also contains the Concept of the ball. The Concept can be imagined as an index of every piece of information about the ball, with each piece being called an Attribute. Attributes of the ball’s Concept could include its weight, size, bounciness, flammability, or any other property that one could measure from the ball. Being a Concept and being an Attribute are not mutually exclusive, and it is relative to what the caster is referring to at the moment. Technically, all Concepts are Attributes of the Universe, which contains everything, so it's best to think of each Concept as a part of a greater whole, which is in turn made of smaller parts. With this comes the idea that a concept cannot be created or destroyed (of course, there are those annoying exceptions), only constructed and deconstructed.
The basis of spellwork is simple. Create a boundary, degrade its reality, fill it with a bunch of Attributes to form the Concept of the phenomena you want to create, reintegrate reality, and presto, you have a spell. This process is fundamentally the same for most spellcraft, making a well-practiced occultist very versatile. However, it is the complexity within each of these steps that requires research to understand, skill to navigate, and training to pull off.
Every living thing has a boundary, and every living thing has a Concept. Except for living things, we tend to call the Concept a ‘soul’. There is no real difference, and there is a constant debate over what has a soul. Bacteria are generally deemed soulless, robots and magically animated constructs have been rhetorically argued to have souls, and there is debate around what stage of birth or death does the soul of a corpse become just a Concept. But it is generally agreed that living humans have a soul, and within the soul, there is an Attribute called mana. Mana is the fuel that is required to perform anything to do with the occult. Manipulating boundaries, degrading and reintegrating reality, and working with concepts all require mana.
Almost everyone starts with a very low amount of mana. Most humans only have enough to perform small miracles in moments of great stress, such as a parent being able to lift a car to save their child or a firefighter obtaining enhanced perception in a burning building. Mana, however, can be grown over time like a muscle. After continuous depletion of one's mana reserves, the maximum amount that can be ‘refilled’ during rest increases.
There is a widespread standard for measuring how much mana one has. It requires a half-inch diameter, clear glass marble enchanted with a Concept that causes it to output light in a manner directly proportional to the amount of mana poured into it. An occultist can push as much mana as they can into it and measure the irradiance of the light produced by the marble with a photometer to find their maximum output.
Besides mana, the soul also contains Attributes for one's familiarity with other Concepts. Concept familiarity determines how well an occultist can summon, read, or build a concept. Familiarity is gained in several different ways. For example, an occultist skilled in the art of pyromancy may be a grad student who’s spent many sleepless nights studying thermodynamics and exothermic reactions, a person from an icy village who spent a lot of time near the fireplace as a child, or a serial arsonist who thinks fire is incredibly beautiful. All of these people would be familiar with the Concept of fire. In other words, research, experience, and passion are all equally valid ways to gain familiarity with a concept.
There are three ways to get a concept into a boundary. The first way is to summon it, using one's will to draw in a concept and use it directly during spellwork. This is generally considered the best method for any occult performance for various reasons, as its only real downside is that it requires a very high level of familiarity with the Concept one is trying to summon. However, it requires no material components to pull off and does not produce any backlash (an important idea that will be explained later). This is why most mages choose to spend their life within one field of similar Concepts, increasing their familiarity with a small group of Concepts, trading some versatility to be able to pull off Concept summoning efficiently.
On a side note, there is the popular idea of the ‘four elements’ system of magic. While the idea of earth, air, fire, and water being base elements of the universe has no real truth to it, the fact that they are things one commonly interacts with and are fairly visual makes them perfect for summoning.
The next way to obtain a Concept is through reading. This method takes an object that has a desired Concept or Attributes, destroys its boundary, and adds said Concept or Attributes into the spell. Reading allows an occultist to work with a Concept that they aren’t familiar with, although they should have some level of familiarity if they want to work with it safely. Unfortunately, reading requires you to destroy a material component and leads to backlash. The result is that spellwork done with Concept reading needs more preparation than summoning, and may require rare or expensive materials. The amount of material destroyed, however, does not matter when trying to read a Concept, so long as it is enough that the occultist can reasonably focus on it. For example, if one was trying to read the Concept of gold, the casting will be the same with a few specks of the stuff as with an entire bar.
The final method, Concept building, is the least. Building requires a mage to take several different Concepts and use them as Attributes to construct an entirely new Concept. For example, the Concept of ‘the superpower of human flight’, which doesn’t exist naturally, could be built using the Concepts of ‘weightlessness’ and ‘propulsion’ and ‘human will’. Building has all the drawbacks of reading compounded, so it is very rarely used and requires great skill. But the power to make fiction reality, even more so than any other type of magic, is incredibly appealing, and many occultists spend their entire life trying to bring a permanent concept into the world.
Concepts are not completely objective. For example, a modern person likely associates the color black with things like death, darkness, or despair. In ancient Egypt, however, the color had a more positive connotation, being associated with fertility and festival, since black soil, not white, is where one could grow the crops. Concepts work similarly, and different ones can have different meanings to different people from different cultures and backgrounds. It is completely unknown how modern magic continues to work with so many different ways of looking at the same Concept.

And Now for the Bad: Backlash
Once again, imagine a ball sitting on a table. Remember how I said destroying its boundary could lead to the table and air around it lead to the table and air around it obtaining some of its properties, or as we now know to call them, Attributes? This is also how I described some of the side effects of improperly doing the ill-advised boundary exercise from the boundary section.
Both of those are simplified examples of backlash.
When an occultist performs a Concept reading, they are picking out the Attributes they want and exposing the rest to outside reality. If left uncontained, the rest of the Attributes will diffuse into other nearby boundaries, giving the caster’s surroundings (and likely the caster themself) properties that they likely do not want. This is a backlash. Worse, as the free Attributes look for a new boundary, they randomly and chaotically deconstruct themselves into simpler Attributes (for example, the attribute ‘fire’ may deconstruct into ‘heat’ and ‘light’), multiplying the number of Concepts diffusing over time, increasing the scale and chaos of the event.
The resistance of an object's boundary to being destroyed scales somewhat on the complexity of the Concept it contains, and therefore, more complex objects that would cause bigger backlashes are naturally harder (as in they require more mana) to destroy. This acts as a sort of natural safeguard for the occult, stopping just any aspiring wizard from accidentally rending cities uninhabitable or wiping large swaths of land off the map.
Be they geometric shapes or runes in an unknown language, the main purpose of a magic circle (or any shape for that matter) is to contain and safely dispose of backlash. Over time, occultists have found ways to take common aspects and successfully break them down into their most harmless components, allowing them to be dissipated safely, and history has provided a good base for the backlash of just about any spell to be properly contained, with a bit of research. A very skilled occultist will be able to properly command backlash to harness it and enhance their spells, controlling the decay of Concepts to find simpler Attributes needed for the main spell or to set off smaller secondary spells to support the original.
Another way of dissipating backlash is with somatic action, or using one’s body in the same fashion as a magic circle. The danger of this should be clear, but it allows the caster to dissipate backlash without having to prepare a magic circle.

Reintegration and Types
The last part of any occult spellwork is normally the easiest. You just have to stop trying. For sorceries and rituals, firing off a spell is just like firing a bow. If creating a spell boundary is notching the arrow, and gathering Concepts is pulling back and aiming, then the final casting is simply letting the arrow fly as it will. There is some skill involved with the speed and grace of an occultist's mental disengagement, but for the most part, reality itself will do most of the job as it brings one's Concepts back to a level 10 NRS and makes the phenomenon ‘real’. This means that after one creates their fireball, all they have to do is bring it into existence and define its parameters, and throwing it costs no extra mana on your part. That also means that a fireball, once thrown, cannot be altered or taken back unless one creates a completely new boundary to counter it.
I mentioned sorceries and rituals. Those are two of the three ‘types’ (not to be confused with ‘schools’) of the occult.
The first is sorcery, the stereotypical form of magic. Sorceries use summoned Concepts and don't require materials or magic circles or somatic actions. If you see a wizard concentrate for a moment, and something weird happens afterward, you saw a sorcery.
Next are rituals. Magic circles, material components, somatic gestures, and multiple casters are all hallmarks of this type, and it includes anything that creates a new boundary but isn't sorcery.
Lastly, there is enchantment. Enchantment either creates an instant phenomenon on another material, or a permanent artifact meant to be used repeatedly. The idea is, that the spellwork one does is not within a completely new boundary, but is done by adding or removing Concepts from a pre-existing boundary. For example, an occultist could permanently add an ‘unbearably cold’ concept to the blade of a sword, or instantly change the enemy's skeletal system to be ‘highly combustible when submerged in blood’.

Schools and Applications
There are quite a few ‘schools’ of the occult, general categories occultists put spellwork into. Schools can include things like ‘divination’, ‘necromancy’, or ‘war artifice’.
An example of a specific school of magic is called ‘name sympathy’. Almost all human souls have a ‘name’ Attribute, as it is standard practice to name your children in modern times. One’s name generally is one of their most prominent Attributes, so it is not a difficult task to target a person by using just their name. This is where the school of name sympathy shines, using traces of one’s person to find out their name and affect their soul directly. Sometimes this is used for good and is especially effective when used in conjunction with the ‘healing’ school of magic. Most times, though, it's used for magical murder.
Immortality is not a school of magic per se, since it is just one Concept, but that concept is so hard to build that it takes as much research and effort as any real school. The thing about immortality is that it is very hard to balance. The human body is made up of millions of small parts, all of them living and reproducing and dying constantly. Sure, one could just enchant themselves with the Concept of ‘life’ and apply their mana, but that would immediately give them cancer in every organ. And since there are no real immortal creatures to read the Concept from, in practice, an occultist seeking immortality has to build the Concept from the ground up, and doing so has taken so long and has been failed by so many that most believe that it's completely impossible.
An occultist may completely copy a concept into another boundary. That is called conjuration, one of the other greatly researched struggles of the occult. In most spells, the physical material attached to the Concept within the boundary is left out. When an occultist tries to completely recreate an object with mass or energy, (for example, if you were trying to use gold to make more gold), they are trying to add more matter to the universe than there originally was. And they will accomplish this, thoroughly breaking the law of conservation of mass. However, reality hates when its laws are broken, and it will attack the conjured object, destroying it completely within moments. The whole problem with conjuration is trying to make it work long enough to be applicable for anything more than its primary use for split seconds of attack or defense in the middle of battle, especially given how mana intensive it is. A promising line of study has involved trying to create an equal amount of ‘dark matter’ at the same time as the actual conjuration, balancing out reality.

All About Artifice
Artificing is another application of the occult, but it is an expansive field that warrants a section of its own. It is generally defined as using enchantment to permanently imbue an item with a Concept.
Artifacts are the most accessible way to use magic. Unlike sorceries and rituals, which require magical knowledge and practice to use, the only real requirement for activating an artifact is to push mana into it yourself. And since everyone with a soul has at least a small amount of mana, anyone can pick up an artifact and use it with minimal training. A good example of this was the ancient Greek phalanx, which was not only the name of the military formation, but also what they called the combined magical gear used by the people in it, comprised of animated spears that automatically targeted vital points, shields that inflicted magical fear, and helmets that stopped arrows in their tracks.
Potions are another example of artifice, though technically they belong to its subschool, alchemy. A potion is any ingestible, magical liquid that gives a beneficial effect to the drinker when they apply mana to the unmetabolized quantity of it within their bloodstream. Solids versions of this concept are called boluses, and gasses are generally deemed too hard to work with. Potions can only be activated by the drinker, meaning there are not many ways to create alchemical poison without convincing one's victim to course mana through their own bloodstream.
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2023.05.30 05:57 michaelwoff214 Seeking Paypal/CashApp/Zelle donations for legal aid expense (Retainer)

Well this was suggested for me to do considering the desperate circumstances I find myself in. I'm looking for Paypal or CashApp or Zelle donations to use for a $5,000 retainer to hire legal counsel! And here's why...
I will be brutally honest even though the truth may turn people from wanting to help due to the stigma and stereotypical mind sets people seem to carry towards those that suffer from drug addiction and mental health issues. I suffer from a mental health diagnosis called shizo-effective depressive type. I also had a heroin addiction for many many years. In 2017 I had been on methodone for several years at a 50mg daily dose at your local friendly methodone clinic. I also drank daily, Id buy a fifth of Captain Morgan on my way home from work everyday. Id drink about 3/4 of this fifth daily after work. For years this went on all the while I worked doing basement waterproofing 6 days a week, running a jack hammer daily or digging huge deep holes around the outside perimeter of homes. I rented a small apartment a mile away from the beach, had a live in girlfriend, paid all my bills with simply one paycheck out of the monthly 4 pay cycles. Life was seemingly perfect! Compared to my earlier years of homelessness and heroin addiction. Slept in abandoned houses on the east side of Detroit, drug houses, homeless shelters and warming centers in the winter months. I committed retail frauds daily to support my drug habit, to eat, to support every financial need I had. Inevitably I did alot of time in county jails. Visited over 12 county jails and was a repeat customer at several of the jails. I spent approximately 5-6 years incarcerated in county jails. Then despite my crimes being non-violent, petty in nature, low class misdemeanors and felonies... The judges grew tired of my revolving door antics seemingly serving 90 days in jail out for 90 back in for 90 for over 5 years this went on. With quite a few 6 month sentences and a couple 1 year sentences. After being viewed as a career criminal with no regard for the law I was sent to prison, twice actually! I served almost 6 years total with the M.D.O.C. AKA Michigan prisons. For a grand tally of almost 11 years of incarceration on the installment plan, in pieces not straight 11 years. Moving forward I got out in 2012 and turned over a new leaf after serving 3 years for stealing 10 cans of baby formula from the local Kroger market. I went on what they call M.A.T. (medicated assisted treatment) methodone. This is viewed as a "harm reduction" module, basically for the severely addicted that have a very difficult time accumulating any clean time what so ever! Methodone gave me what I imagine people would refer to as a normal life. I worked, I rented a place, I paid bills, I was a productive member of society for the first time in my life at age 30. I landed a job with the local 687 carpenters union out of Detroit worked as an apprentice on commercial cooling towers. I attended apprenticeship school, or trade school once a week for 8 hrs and collected $19 an hr to sit in class. I had a pension, an annuity, top class health insurance with an Express Scripts debit card that collected $120 a month to use toward prescriptions, doctor appts, copays etc. Life was grand I was finally proving myself to be more than the stereotyped street addict career criminal. Moving forward the carpenters union didn't pan out and unfortunately wasn't vested enough to collect any of my pension I paid into, my employer paid into for over a year. I then got into Basement Waterproofing and stuck with this trade from there on out. Well in the year 2017, 5 years out of prison now and heroin free I became ... What's the perfect adjective to use here... Complacent I suppose. Life was good had all I wanted, never went w/o. Even had the live in girlfriend situation going. Learning to step outside of my own selfish self-centered geared mentality. Into a loving compassionate individual that did my best to provide, support, love another human being. This was foreign territory for me absolutely! As before the world evolved around me me me. Safe to say I was growing and learning to live "normal" (despise that reference but seemingly fits here). I in fact was doing so well I decided I no longer needed to be on methodone and if I'm gonna stop that I may as well not drink either! I cold turkey approached a 50mg daily 5 year dose of methodone and quit drinking almost the daily fifth of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. Now here in lies the confliction and perhaps even someone could view as controversial because I claimed to be growing and living my best life yet I was taking a strong narcotic medication and drinking daily on it! However I view this in a relative standpoint, in comparison to the way I lived prior ... Street junky retail fraud extradenair in and out of incarceration, not to mention around 20 inpatient substance abuse rehabilitation centers. So in comparison to that lifestyle I did view myself as experiencing "my best years." In fact I would still argue that logic, despite my own mother not seeing it in that perspective. Which brings me into mental health and my schizo-effective major depressive and substance abuse severe diagnosis. The classic coined term Dual Diagnosis, suffering from drug addiction and mental health issues. So to back it up briefly and quickly move forward with this because I'm honestly not wanting this to be long in the sense of people dont even contemplate reading it. But yes my decision to quit drinking and abruptly quit methodone against doctors advice to gradually wean down to a near 0mg dosage . I had made up my mind and couldn't of been more ready to see this thing thru! Well I'd say it was 10 days into my detox (methodone is a long drawn out detox due to a "half-life" term that basically means the medication builds up in your system and takes forever to not only complete a detox, but to simply feel like your self again) it gets in your bone marrow and does NOT see itself out as normally as say other drugs would! In fact I would argue that after being on methodone long term that you never fully recover from that. Simply put you never quite feel the same again, that the daily "norm feeling" is far from normal anymore. It is common knowledge that fatigue, depression, and for me, being in a never-ending state of not ever again experiencing pleasure in mundane things that (here we go again) normal people find joy in. There is no drive to do anything, to go anywhere, or simply go out and enjoy the company of socializing and interacting with other people, even loved ones. Simply put it is very difficult to find pleasure in anything, with no high or low emotions rather like being stuck at a constant medium. Combine that with chronic fatigue and a general baseline of feeling depressed. That is what it is like to come off a synthetic opiate that you took daily for 5 years or better! But I haven't even started on the mental health aspects of my experience. Back to the point of being about 10 days into my detox... I experienced what they call a drug induced psychosis. Which was basically like being schizophrenic but times 10. I was in such a state that when I watched T. V. I was being sent subliminal messages from corporate America trying to indirectly turn me on to something that was extremely important but yet no matter how hard I tried I couldn't understand "what the TV was truly trying to tell me." When I put music on I was convinced that the artists I was listening to had a direct feed into my personal life and were rapping about me, again sending me messages. When I walked down the street the traffic in the road was deliberately trying to lead me somewhere that I needed to follow or sometimes avoid. I mean it is very difficult for me to put in words what I experienced because it's like trying to write something that makes absolutely no sense, but then try to make the reader understand what I was experiencing and trying to explain. Another thing I recall was people around me in stores or wherever they would be on there cell phones talking but they weren't actually talking to anyone on their phones they were indirectly talking to me. Ill stop there with the attempted explanation of what a psychosis was like, I'm sure the reader can see it's basically going from never having any psychological issues to becoming absolutely crazy! It's like the most intense self-centered experience one could ever go thru. As everything, the traffic, people, music, television literally everything surrounding you is directed at you! As if the entire world is circulating around you because everything that happens has to do with someone or something directing a message or a signal to you. Basically I lost my fuckin mind ok. I went from never having any mental health issues perhaps a little situational depression due to my life choices, my addiction, being incarcerated etc. But nothing worthy of note nothing pre-existing here that got triggered in my detox. It wasn't like that, I wasn't previously even slightly off my rocker then thru detox it enhanced it. No it was more like being completely normal experiencing what I was considering my best life to being completely utterly insane! So naturally 3 weeks into this I had lost my job, my car broke down, and I wasn't leaving my apartment at all. It progressed and got worse for a period of, no exaggeration here, almost 3 years. I moved back in with my mother and step father in 2017. Having lost everything I worked for and accumulated, even my pets! My family thought I was gone beyond repair that I would never be myself again. I went to the psychiatric hospital a few times and they couldnt even explain what had happened or the why I ended up in such a long state of insanity. Id say it was about 2020 at which point community mental health workers had been coming to my mom's place 3 times a week to check in on me. I had been taking a medication called Abilify for quite some time at this point. And I don't know hard to elaborate on but I just kinda started to snap out of it. Then eventually I did completely snap out of it and I was wonderfully sane and capable of sitting down and having a rational conversation again. The catch was severe depression lingered, a depression that was more intense than the horrible adjustment phase of not having methodone to jump start brain synapses, and working with a completely deleted amount of dopamine and serotonin levels. It became my personality a general baseline of depressed. Sane again yes but depressed to the extreme of finding little to no pleasure in doing things. Sleeping 12 hours a day, chronic fatigue... Basically discontented at all times. At this point of my life I had been out of prison for 11 years, had 0 police contact, no problems with drug abuse at least not on the level of being anything remotely close to a street junky.
So this turned out to be way longer and more detailed then I had originally intended this to go. I'm writing this for a purpose because I am currently in trouble and I honestly do need financial assistance to acquire legal representation. A situation I never ever thought I would be in again. As I had over 10 + years outside of living in such a miserable existence of constantly worrying about being incarcerated or worrying about my next fix. So anyway I'm sharing my story here to first of all present an honest persective into my life. Yes I struggled for many years but I never once went into the how i got into heroin at age 17. I didn't play the point my finger at the adult game that turned me and my best friend onto the drug telling us it was only ketamine that is essentially non addictive. That I used heroin for the duration of a year before I new it was heroin. Finding out too late because I was already in a state of being chemically dependent. That it was in fact my best friend thru middle and high school, his older brother that turned us onto becoming junkies and mislead the whole way into thinking we were doing a drug that doesn't have serious addictive properties. I mean there are so many blame games I coulda orchestrated in this writing, perhaps sharing my own father being a crack addict that routinely embarrassed me in high school by going on crack binges then coming over to like my girlfriends house and trying to manipulate money outta them. Or having me in the car with him as a kid while he smoked crack telling me to turn my head while he blasted away 50 dollar rocks filling the entire car with crack smoke. My point is yes there was learned behaviors I picked up at an early age that perhaps made me more susceptible to turning out the way I did. Or the trauma I experienced as a child that had me running to drugs to get high at 13 years old. There were so many contributing factors but the simple truth is despite all that stuff, the trauma and learned behaviors all the things the licensed therapists will play on and then tell u it's not your fault. Well I kinda disagree with all that because no one forced me to do the things I did, I made a conscious decision every day in doing the things I did until it completely spiraled outta control and my life became completely unmanageable. Textbook powerlessness over the ability to simply say no and to just stop using. I couldn't do that, I still can't do that I have to be on medication to balance myself out if I'm not using. Because I dont feel normal or happy when I'm not on my medicine in fact I'm out right miserable. Which brings me to the current perdictment I'm in, with the legal issues. To get to the point of summing this up after 12 years of no legal trouble I did end up being charged with a felony. I had given an old friend a ride and he stashed a meth pipe in my truck, that had been there for over 6 months without my knowledge until the day came where I was pulled over. And with my history when I get pulled over they search my vehicle every time! And yes this happened and they find this meth pipe and apparently meth is like the worse drug in the world to be charged with. Over having a meth pipe in my truck I was charged with felony possession of methinphetamines. I go to court and because of my past the charges from over 12 years ago, it enhanced my sentencing guidelines. I was told I was going to do anywhere from 5 months to 41 months, for this pipe found that wasn't even mine. And it mattered not that all this time had went by where I didn't get in trouble and did well for myself. So with looking at prison again, and having mental health problems now being a bit older and settled down... I completely panicked over the ideal of long term incarceration again. So I signed up for the mental health court program which is basically the same thing as drug court for those that are familiar. And I did 18 months on this program of seeing the judge every single week to check in with status reports. Going to take drug tests 3 times a week. Doing mandatory counseling 5 days a week at community mental health on top of seeing my recovery coach once a week and my therapist once a week. To top it off with 5 NA/AA meetings a week. I did all this for 18 months only had 6 months of this intense probation left to go. Then my uncle died of lung cancer and the man was like a father figure to me. I relapsed and I can't really explain the why, it was like I was in a state of just not caring being so lost with grief is a overbearing thing idk but yes I relapsed. I immediately told on myself, told my therapist told the judge told everyone on the mental health team. And the judge was not happy I told her I had a rehab set up and I could get in that very next day. I went on to tell her that there was a 90 day program they offered at this facility and I was aiming to get into that. She then completely cut me off said I was to go there I was to do not a day less than 90 and if I deveaated in any way she would take me off this jail diversion mental health program that I would be resentenced on original charge and basically it wouldn't be good! And I do know from experience in my dealings with the judicial system and being around other inmates hearing there stories, that when put into one of these jail diversion/ sentence diversion programs like mental health court or drug court.. that if you sign up for it then end up messing it up not completing for whatever reason that they go to the very high end of your sentencing guidelines and give you every bit of time they are permitted to according to your scoring sheet.
Coming to conclusion here I went to this program and IMMEDIATELY found out that the 90 day program they offered was merely for a select few individuals that there was never bed space to get into it and unfortunately you had to of been from that same county receiving funding from that particular county in order to get accepted into it! So I was a far ways off from even being remotely close to being eligible for this 90 day program that my judge demanded me to do. Then I find out my program is only a 2 week program which is a far ways off from 90. And I knew my judge wasn't gonna wanna hear any kinda excuses or reasons. So what I did was I did 2 weeks then I applied for 2 week extensions at the end of my 2 week funding period. Long story short here I got 7 weeks in and then my funding source decided that was sufficient and I wasn't getting anymore funding for additional time there in the program. So I panicked and I ended up calling medicaid switching my address to a local address then I called the local funding source for inpatient rehabs and I gave them this new local address. Well they issued me more funding to stay and I thought I was good, no worries. Few days later I'm being told that I have to zoom in for mental health court that day which was not routine at all as I had been there 8 weeks almost at that point and never had to zoom in because the judge new I was in rehab. So I zoom in to court the judge tells me that I'm to leave the rehab and report immediately the following Tuesday to court for resentencing that I was being kicked of the program because I was no longer a resident of Lapeer county. I tried to explain and I was shunned wasnt allowed to explain then I got hung up on whole on the zoom app. I immediately call my therapist because she's part of the mental health court team. She tells me that in changing my address and using it to fasely acquire funding for medical services in a fraudant way was in fact a felony. Then she said that she was sorry but there was nothing she could do for me that the judge was gonna resentence me. So my life flipped upside down immediately here I am in rehab going on almost 8 weeks doing great participating the best I could attempting to get the most I could outta the experience so I could get out stay clean and move forward with my life and be off the court probation thing it under 6 months. To my reality becoming I'm not going to do 41 months in prison over a meth pipe which is technically a paraphernalia ticket but they trumped it up to a felony and now I have to go back after 12 years of being out. I stressed and stressed and stressed then I ran. I didn't go to court because honestly I'm scared to death over the idea of going back to prison. I struggle with mental health problem now, I'm older and simply just not the young healthy person l was when I had to go in last time! I convinced myself that I wouldn't mentally be capable of enduring that again in the current state of my well-being. And I left the trailer I own because staying there woulda been me being arrested with in a week. So now here I am staying with a friend no money no job no where to go family mad at me and im looking at 41 months :( .
I need help I'm trying to raise 5 grand to retain this lawyer that already knows the ins and outs of my whole case. And believe he can get me a deal to no prison time! Which is a miracle because as of now I'm looking at 41 months! So we're talking roughly 30 months being shaved off for an expense of 5 grand! That is worth the money it's worth me doing something like this that I would under normal circumstances not even think about writing my personal life to be painted on the internet for the world to see. And maybe just maybe a few individuals out there that have the means to help people financially will read this and decide I've suffered enough in my life time already and won't wanna see me go do 41 months in prison!
That's all I got, if your in a position where u can donate to my freedom clause GREAT, it's more than appreciated! If ya can't help well I hope you enjoyed the short version of my life story.
OR ZELLE DONATIIONS USING THE EMAIL [email protected]. (lowercase letters in email)
FINALLY PAYPAL DONATIONS USING EMAIL [email protected] ( use lowercase letters)
God bless and thank you for your time and consideration if nothing else!
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2023.05.30 05:57 Dame_Marjorie Does it get better?

Hi, all. I am a newbie to the show. I'd been putting off watching it because I was really excited about it. I am now three episodes in and so far it's not nearly as good as I had hoped. It feels very CW, and like it's trying too hard. Is it a spoof, or is it really supposed to be creepy? I'm debating if I should keep watching, cause it just feels slow and overtold, not nearly what I had anticipated. Please tell me if it gets better or just continues in the same vein. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 05:57 happyipadmonkey2 I’d like to know where I stand as a future applicant for top 10 schools - end of 9th grade

I attend a private day school where all classes are taught at an honors level.
Interests: Psychology and CS
4.0 unweighted GPA. I have nearly 100% in every class - my school does not offer AP classes but I am in the only honors program that is offered which is for math courses. This means that any math course I take would be honors.
I am the founder and president of my school’s poetry club. Next year, I am founding another club for students interested in psychology.
There are not very many active clubs at my school but I am a casual member of both the creative writing and the film clubs.
I founded a local non-profit organization which educates in regard to behavioral science.
I am in the process of founding another non-profit organization which will host poetry contests and award scholarships.
I am on the board of directors for two other non-profit organizations. One of which provides opportunities to international high schools to have students participate in high school debate. The other is centered around rare disease research.
I write articles for another local non-profit in regard to social justice.
I am currently co-founding another non-profit with some friends to provide career opportunities and insight in STEM fields to interested youth.
I am a member of a small local jazz band which is not affiliated with my school. We travel around my state and make some trips around the country.
I am a member of my school’s varsity debate team.
I have secured an internship at lab in a local university within the psychology department. I have yet to start as the professor has not told me what days to come in and help his team.
I am actively pursuing an internship/assisting position at a Canadian private tech and design company.
I am in the process of writing a book of poetry which I plan to self publish.
Accepted into a pretty selective program at a feeder school for Harvard college.
I am first generation American so I have no legacy connections at American schools.
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2023.05.30 05:57 nofriends_nohappines kind of a dark thought but.. i wonder how many people have unalive'd themselves over dogs

i've lived through hell. i've been abused, ptsd, unfathomable sadness a literal hell.
but dogs barking really put a number on me maybe worse than anything. just thought of living near a dog sends me into a panic and borderline breakdown there is literally not one thing in this world worse than dogs.
i am 100% convinced dogs are beasts from hell. angry killing machines for crazy sadistic people and to torture everyone else.
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2023.05.30 05:57 Jannerone The psychiatric inquisition is a continuation of the thousand year Elven holocaust

I finally decided to share my personal story of my experience with psychiatry.
I have confession to make : I am not fully human a part of my genome descends from the Anunnaki which devolves back to the Royal Scythian houses roughly 80 generations ago. I am member of the ancient Elven, Dragon race. Ancient Dragons used to dwell in the forests of France and Britain and we practiced a form of Royal Communism as part of our Grail code. In the earlier days of the Anunnaki it was possible to freely practice the Grail Code via an empathetic consciousness which was particularly strong enough for the foundation of the Grail Code within the family of the Gods. The peoples' selfish , individualistic motivations stood in direct opposition to the Grail Code of Royal Communism and community service. The motivation of Elves was driven my our transcendent consciousness , which can only operate in an environment of truth and empathy. If one desires only truth and empathy and gives instinctively for the common good, one becomes a target for deceivers and opportunists.
Faced with the violence of and hostility of a group of myopic animals hell bent on pursuing their own selfish interests and unable to see the larger pictures the Elves had no chance of survival , whatever other states of affairs might have transpired. This is how the mayors of the Palace took over and deposed of the Elven/Dragon Royal Merovingians. They exploited the innate trust and complacency etc.. of the Merovingian Kings.
Dragon culture was scientific and we can perform magic inter alia so we attracted the hostility of the Catholic church. The Catholic Church forged a Document known as the donation of Constatine which replaced the Merovingians with the Carolingian dynasty (if I remember correctly) then the Catholic church waged a thousand year Elven holocaust chasing the French Dragons and Pendragons deep into the forests of France and Britain. For over a thousand years the Church initiated a consistent policy of genocide that is still unrivaled in human history in terms of relentless violence and hatred.
This genocide continues under psychiatry but Draco Sentiens are by no means their only target because Dragon's were once part of a genetically clear sighted Elder race that looked over and protected the peasants from such abuses as we see in current day psychiatry.
Zoom in to modern times :
So one day I was a happy Pendragon frolicking in my native habitat of Cornwall/Devonshire. Then a black cloud appeared on the horizon and three banshees descended upon me. Who were the banshees ? The three horseman of the Pendragon apocalypse : the tyrannical sadomasochistic automaton genetic turnip peasants Emil Kraepelin, Freud, and Wilhelm Wundt. Freud came with his pet frog Charcot and they all stood behind the fascist kraut Kraepelin who uttered that I had the pseudo-scientific nonsensical diffuse label of schizophrenia. His German arrogance blinded him from the fact that genetic turnip peasants are not qualified to pontificate on a Draco Sentien's (Pendragon's) state of mind since I enter transcendental perception via unity of the godhead through an elaborate royal rite with my red headed virgin grail maidens called the Derkesthai perception. The peasants proceeded to poison their way to the top so I could not guide humanity via my superior Derkesthai perception. Now all of humanity is suffering as a result but ironically the peasants are hardest hit by this tragedy of epic proportions.
Being a Draco Sentien I have a different number of the correct axon membranes in the right type of synaptic receptors and an increased number of dendrites connecting the appropriate brain cells across both hemispheres. In layman’s terms Dragon princesses have round pegs and Dragon Kings had lots of round holes, in stark contrast to non-dragons, who seem to have different shape pegs and holes , and less of either. The Church and modern day psychiatry do not respect this neurodiversity and they hate the fact that they can't use “Dragon magic” so they attempted to destroy it so no one else can use it either. They hope to level the playing field so the stupidity of their own political ruling clients won’t be noticed in comparison to the hopefully exterminated and unobservable wisdom of the true Pendragon kings.
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2023.05.30 05:56 thelastthrowwawa3929 37 and something in me gave up

I've been stuck for a while, a few years now, and need to get it back into gear. I don't know if work i really my problem or this is genuinely just early midlife crisis, but after spending the last couple of years just trying to hack it without my friends being near by, it has been rough.
I have BA in Sociology and also Pre-med a few credits short of a Chem BA, and so far have done jobs requiring scripting, light reporting, data cleaning on one side as well as assistant photography, and photography sales. Data jobs didn't go anywhere as were mostly contracts and well yeah, I suppose I'm not the friendliest person at work. The photo sales job was okay, I just hated control of having to stand on my feet for 10 hour days with timed breaks so basically, figured out although I need structure, I need some flexibility. Not really sure where to start, the quarantine and friends moving on had me in an existential funk for a while, pretty bad anxiety as first, and then just flatness, feeling apathetic and numb, spending hours on end in my room staring at the wall/reading. I don't think there is anything wrong with me, I think it's just boredom. My main issue is my location which has too many memories, and an elderly parent who I would like to support, but who has been rather controlling and enabling, leaving me with not too many skills. I've only lived independently for a year before quarantine, after going through a few jobs, and ended up in outpatient therapy for depression, possible bipolar 2 and all sorts of labels for, hey you've had it moderately rough growing up, we can see why you're a fit hyper-vigilant and fucked up, but you've managed to do re seasonably okay so let is not treat you like complete trash, although this isn't a private program. At the end of the day it didn't really work out, and I've had my breakdown anyway. I think the moderate isolation has had some impact on my memory, and cognition, but I'm trying to bounce back.
Anyway, I guess to narrow it down, I need to get out of my head, and I'm having a hard time to let go of the identity of being a "gifted kid", and try to make up for the years where I didn't invest in creating routines, etc. It seems like I can do things in linear sequence, but can't multi-task well, and have multiple priorities, or maybe this is just anomie and alienation making me depressed. Some friends are stable now, others are doing hardcore drugs, I'm a semi-neet who is too numb to give a shit. Is this it? My family was offering to help me with graduate school financially, but it looks like they have other problems so that's no longer on the table. Curious if anyone with similar work history and mildly irritable temperament and or poor coping skills has managed to turn it around. I don't lash out at people really, I just internalize my frustration until I quit or get fired.
Where does someone even start. I feel so de-realized that it's like I don't exist.
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2023.05.30 05:56 TrtnLB Looking for a help with Witchdoctor pet.

Looking for someone willing to morph pet with me. I'm playing pure staffy weapon, and need readied spell and mojo rising the most. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 05:56 purplegreendave New Volume Shift: Dancehaul, K2 PP... Warca?

It's sale season and I'm looking to pick up a new board for 23/24 season. At the end of 2019 season I demoed a Salomon First Call 151 and instantly fell in love. I've never grabbed another piece of gear that instantly felt so right. Ran out and immediately bought one for 19/20. It's been my every day board since, for ice, groomers, pow, slush, tight trees, open bowls... I don't ride park and very rarely ride switch but like throwing grabs off natural hits or 3's off cat tracks.
She's got a couple hundred days on her now and getting pretty noodley so I'm looking to replace it. I want something that's very similar; short & wide (would like to hit that 151-152ish length @175lbs), camber dominant (would lean towards set back a little with a bit of a nose for float in pow), med/med-stiff flex.
Being a bit of a Salomon fan (several pairs of Malamutes/Synapse boots, Highlander Bindings, Man's Board, Taka Split and the First Call) the Dancehaul seemed like the logical choice and I took one for a quick demo at the end of last season. It just didn't quite feel right. Now it wasn't the best conditions and I didn't have long to dial in the demo bindings. I also read some of the specs online beforehand and maybe that was subconsciously influencing me but I felt with the smaller radius my hand-draggy carves turned too fast and I was pointing back uphill rather than using the whole width of the groomer.
It's still a contender and I would probably get used to it but I'm looking at other options:
I know boards like the Rome Stalefish (or Service Dog), Bataleon Party Wave, GNU Gremlin come up in threads like these but the Stalefish would put me on a 157cm at 175lbs, Gremlin I can't figure out the sizing and the PW I'm hesitant about the 3BT having never tried it.
Has anyone ridden multiple boards out of this range that could directly compare them?
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2023.05.30 05:56 myconfessions0219 Am I the bad guy?

I have been talking to this guy(lets call him john) for going on 3 years. Him and I dated for a while but things got rocky so he broke up with me. Four months later he reached out and we became friends again. Now it’s been a year and we have been acting like a couple but not telling anyone about it. None of our friends are aware that we are together and he doesn’t plan on changing it. Due to the fact we are long distance it’s easy to keep our “fling” on the low. Recently i’ve been talking to this guy who is in my town and he seems to be really interested in me. We both are the same age and plan on going to colleges near each other. Sexual talk has come out a lot in our conversations and I’m not completely against it. I’ve told the guy (lets call him Ryan) that i’m not ready to do anything like that yet because we barely know each other. The real reason I don’t want to engage in any activity with Ryan is because I still have strong feelings for John and I really want to be in a relationship with him. I am scared to move on with Ryan even though I find him very attractive because John has been showing more signs that he wants to be in a relationship with me. I’m not completely sure what to do and I have plans to hang out with Ryan this Saturday….
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2023.05.30 05:55 xiaomaomiiiiiiiiiiii Want to find parking near Tate over the Summer

Hi, I am a former student at UGA visiting Athens over the summer. I want to go to MLC regularly over my stay and I am wondering what are options for me to find parking near MLC. I know Tate has the Tate Deck but 10 dollars every day is just expensive. Can a former student pay for a short-term parking permit? Does anyone have some insight into what I can do?
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2023.05.30 05:54 roaminpizza1 Brisbane Food Trucks For Sale Join the Hot New Food Trend

Roam’In Pizza started as a wood-fired pizza takeaway shop in Brisbane’s Redland Bay. We broke our teeth on perfecting the best wood-fired pizza. But we still operate a very busy business today from our original takeaway outlet. Now we’ve translated our takeaway skills to the mobile pizza catering business. And we offering the pizza trailer as a franchise opportunity. With all our years of pizza making and catering experience behind it.
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