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last month on accutane but still having acne

2023.03.25 08:24 Ok-Number-2981 last month on accutane but still having acne

So i have been on accutane for 6 months now and have seen some improvements but there has not been a single day when i have had not a new acne popping up. Accutane was my last hope but the way it's going i don't think it'll work for me. I had so much acne in the last 6 mo ths that i have blackish pigmentation all around my chin and nose. The funny thing is i have never had a pimples near my cheeks my entire life. Only around my nose and chin and some on forehead every once in a while. So do any of you have any thoughts? On the same boat as me?? Wanna just die?
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2023.03.25 08:11 kirkrove Memory storage within the unit?

Hello, I am planning to sell my S7 MaxV. Curious if the unit itself has any flash drive / storage that stores videos / pictures. Just paranoid of technology these days. Also want to check and make sure a factory reset is sufficient.
Asking because I have “reset” a flash drive within Tesla before and I still have access to vehicle videos after the reset. 😅
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2023.03.25 08:02 MarsupialSuper4508 Genuinely considering "downgrading" to a nokia brick or the like

I know the majority (hyperbole) of people hate social media and hate phones and hate how much it's rotten everyones brains and probably affected their mental, if not also physical, health. I'm 10000% in that boat. I despise how addictive reddit and instagram is. I'm lucky enough to have never been addicted to tik tok but I was born in 2002 so I'm part of the generation thats been online pretty much my entire life and I'm so sick and tired of it.
That brings me to my point. I think I'm self aware enough to realize I have this problem but that hasnt been enough to change what I'm doing. I've taken small steps such as removing instagram/snapchat/reddit for short periods of time but after a few weeks I get back into it and just cycle through. So I'm 100% considering "downgrading" to an early-2000s type phone. For my sanity.
I've been long-distance with my boyfriend for 3 out of the 5 years we've been together so all I need is enough minutes to call him maybe once a day (and talk to family etc. of course), a clock so i can check the time, and maybe a snake game or sudoku (I'm a HUGE fan of sudoku) and i’ll probably be healthier than ever.
What are the best phones to do that in this day and age? Thats genuinely all I want. No more instant communication and constant bombarding of news and everyones thoughts for me.
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2023.03.25 07:43 gaynhatvietnam Computer freezes while gaming

Hi all, so I recently bought a new laptop and decided to give Linux a try. The game runs smoothly. Since the first day, my laptop has been hanging while playing game. I can play the game for about 20 to 30 mins and then the computer freezes completely. I thought the problem was i didn't have enough storage for that game so i decided to upgrade it from 8gb to 16gb and it still freezes. It also sometimes freezes when using other software but it usually unfreezes a few seconds after that. Are there anything i can do to stop it? Thank you in advance.
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2023.03.25 07:42 Unknown_Player0069 Where is he ???, I'm wearing the watch ⌚ how is it work ???

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2023.03.25 07:35 awakeningoffaith Live Zoom talks on Dogen Zenji's Shobogenzo Zenki ("The Whole Works"), with Kokyo Henkel, as part of one-day zazenkai at Valley Streams Zen Sangha, Saturday April 1. Talks are 10:20-11:20am and 2:30-3:30pm Pacific Time (no cost).

Live Zoom talks on Dogen Zenji's Shobogenzo Zenki (
Live Zoom talks on Dogen Zenji's Shobogenzo Zenki ("The Whole Works"), as part of one-day zazenkai at Valley Streams Zen Sangha, Saturday April 1. Talks are 10:20-11:20am and 2:30-3:30pm Pacific Time (no cost). For zoom link, or to register for in-person day sitting, see event at https://kokyohenkel.weebly.com/events-new-posts.html As Dogen says: "Life is like riding in a boat - though in this boat one works the sail, the rudder, and the pole, the boat carries one, and one is nothing without the boat. Riding in the boat, one causes the boat to be a boat. One should meditate on this precise point."
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Assisting our corporate and private clients relocate to GCC and the UAE as well helping them to find homes for purchase. One of the premier relocation companies for moves to Dubai and the UAE, Master Movers over the years have built a reputation for providing clients with a friendly professional approach and excellent support from the very beginning of their move to their move-in day and beyond. We have often been involved as global relocation experts. Master Movers also provides premium brand concierge services with exclusive lifestyle packages, Sea Export, Sea Import, Air Export, Air Import, Domestic Move, and Storage Solutions. Check out our exclusive and competitive premium services.

Master Movers is the one stop solution for all your moving and storage requirements
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2023.03.25 07:30 AdOne8250 Fairy Tail : Blind Natsu X Edolas Wendy

Natsu Dragneel was floating in the water, his body battered and bruised after the brutal attack from Acnologia. He had managed to survive the attack, miraculously, but his eyes had been seriously damaged, leaving him blind. He could hear the sound of water lapping against the shore, and the distant voices of people talking. He didn't know where he was, or what had happened to him, but he knew that he was in trouble.
The Rune Knights had spotted Natsu floating in the water and quickly brought him back to Fairy Tail. When he arrived, he was in a terrible state, barely conscious and completely blind. The guild members were shocked to see him in this condition and immediately rushed to his side to help.
The first year without those who disappeared on Tenrou was a difficult time for everyone in Fairy Tail, but it was especially hard for Natsu. He was depressed, feeling lost without his sight and the companionship of his friends. He didn't know how to cope with the loss and the physical limitations he was now facing.
One day, Edolas Wendy, the older version of their Wendy, who had been helping their Wendy during their time in Edolas, noticed Natsu's struggles and decided to help him. She had a smidge of a crush on her world's Natsu, which transferred to this one, and she couldn't bear to see him suffer.
Edolas Wendy was working in the guild as a waitress and had been watching Natsu in concern, unsure of how to approach him. But eventually, she found the courage to reach out to him and offer him her support. Natsu was initially hesitant, not wanting to burden anyone with his problems, but he soon realized that Edolas Wendy's kindness was genuine.
Over time, the two of them grew closer, without even realizing it. Edolas Wendy's gentle nature and kind words pulled Natsu from the brink of despair, giving him hope for the future. She became his guide, helping him navigate the world without his sight, and showing him that he was still capable of greatness.
Together, Natsu and Edolas Wendy faced many challenges, but they never gave up. They supported each other through thick and thin, and their friendship blossomed into something more. Natsu knew that he would never have to face his struggles alone, as long as he had Edolas Wendy by his side.
In the two years that followed, Fairy Tail had seen its fair share of changes. While Natsu and Edolas Wendy's relationship had blossomed, so had the relationships of many other guild members. In the first year, Bisca and Alzack had tied the knot, and not long after, their daughter Asuka Conell was born. The guild celebrated the new addition to their family, and Natsu was excited to be an uncle.
A year later, the guild was once again shocked when Natsu proposed to Edolas Wendy. While everyone knew that the two had gotten close, it was still a surprise to see them take the next step. The guild members were overjoyed for the couple, and they quickly began planning the wedding. Soon enough, they were married, and the guild celebrated once again.
Nine months later, the couple welcomed their own daughter, whom they named Ignia Marvell Dragneel. The name was an homage to Earthland's Wendy, whom Natsu saw as a little sister. At first, this made things slightly awkward for the guild, but they quickly got past it and accepted the new addition to the family.
What really shocked the guild, however, was Natsu's decision to retire from being an active mage. He had always been one of the guild's strongest members, and his absence from battles would be sorely felt. However, Natsu explained that he wanted to focus on his family and helping around Magnolia. He felt that he had done his part as a mage and wanted to spend more time with his wife and daughter.
The guild was initially taken aback by Natsu's decision, but they soon realized that he had always been driven by his loyalty and love for his family and friends. They respected his decision and continued to support him in any way they could. And while Natsu may have retired from being an active mage, his legacy lived on, inspiring a new generation of Fairy Tail members to be brave, loyal, and true to themselves.
Seven years had passed since the disappearance of Tenrou Island and its members. The guild had changed in many ways, but nothing could have prepared them for the return of their missing members. The island had reappeared out of nowhere, along with the members who had disappeared, leaving everyone in shock.
As the members stepped off the boat and onto the mainland, they were greeted by a world that had changed dramatically. They were amazed by everything that had happened in their absence, but nothing shocked them more than the fact that Natsu and Edolas Wendy were married. Even Earthland Wendy was taken aback by this news, as she had always seen Natsu as a big brother figure.
After learning about how Edolas Wendy had helped Natsu through his darkest times, Earthland Wendy was especially grateful to her counterpart. She couldn't help but feel touched when she learned that their daughter, Ignia, was partly named after her. It was strange to think that the Edolas version of herself was married to Natsu, but she was happy for them nonetheless.
The guild members were also surprised to learn that Natsu was no longer an active mage. It was a shock to everyone, as Natsu had always been one of the guild's strongest members. However, they soon realized that Natsu had found a new purpose in life and that his decision to retire was a personal one.
Despite all the changes, the guild members were thrilled to be reunited with their missing friends. They celebrated their return and caught up on lost time. And while the world may have changed, their bond as a family remained as strong as ever.
As the members who disappeared on Tenrou Island settled back into life in Fairy Tail, they couldn't help but feel grateful for Edolas Wendy's presence in Natsu's life. They learned about how difficult the first year was for Natsu, especially after losing his sight in the battle with Acnologia. It was a tough time for everyone, but it was even harder for Natsu, who was struggling to come to terms with his new reality.
The returning members had no idea how hard it was for Natsu, until they heard about his struggles from the rest of the guild. They realized that being blind made everything much harder for him, and they felt grateful that Edolas Wendy had reached out to him when he needed it the most. They knew from experience how tough it was to be away from the guild, and they couldn't imagine what it must have been like for Natsu to go through such a difficult time without them.
It was a bittersweet realization for the returning members, knowing that they had missed out on supporting their friend during his darkest times. However, they were grateful that he had found a source of strength in Edolas Wendy, who had helped him through his struggles and brought him back from the brink of despair. They were happy to see that Natsu had found happiness and purpose in his life, even if it meant retiring from being an active mage.
As the guild members caught up on lost time, they couldn't help but feel grateful for the bond they shared. They had been through so much together, and their love for each other had never wavered. They knew that they would always be there for each other, no matter what challenges lay ahead. And as they looked to the future, they knew that they would face it together, as a family.
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2023.03.25 07:03 loveaintgaloree 18M, let’s be friends? I’ve forgotten how to be “social” to be honest

Hello you, whoever comes across this post! I am an 18 year old, chubby, 6’3 dude from north america, and frankly I have forgotten how to make friends and meet new people. I’ve pondered about this very subject for a long time, however, I feel that now I want to get myself out there and try this whole “friend subreddit” thing out!
As an introduction to yours truly, I am a pretty big music lover, to the point where I pretty much spend every waking possible moment of my life with my airpods in, and Spotify is THE APP that occupies the most space on my ENTIRE phone storage. I can talk about music for DAYS, if we happen to share that we’ll be CLOSE CLOSE lmao. I also spend a lot of time playing those awful video games that take up so much of our youth’s free time lol, my main games are destiny, fallout, and the tomb raider series!
I guess I could also add that I am a big bookworm, and have been since the tender age of 11! My current read is Lord of the Flies, though I’m always looking for recommendations to check out
That’s pretty much it! Despite me having written an introduction on my likes and hobbies, I assure you I can talk about anything and everything, just as long as you’re passionate about it, even NSFW is something that doesn’t scare me as long as it’s respectful and consensual.
If I sounded like your kind of guy and like we could develop and blossom a long, genuine and sincere relationship do not hesitate and hit me up! We can also connect on Discord or Snapchat in case Reddit chat is as awful as I’ve heard it is lol. (And as a quick disclaimer, don’t let the low karma scare you! I promise I am a real person lmao, this is just a throwaway)
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2023.03.25 06:50 nicolette331 As requested-How I spent my 500k (so far)

As requested-How I spent my 500k (so far)
I'm honestly hesitant to post about anything I do with my money now because of all the hate and backlash and unsolicited advice I receive, but honestly, whatever. It's only money, it's there to spend and enjoy and you can't take it with you. So, to name just a few-I paid off my current car at the time, bought a new 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe that is perfect for my business with all of its cool storage features, got it wrapped in a gorgeous color I've dreamed of having my whole life (pics attached), bought my boyfriend a truck (it's a '98, no one got anything new except me and even that was with an employee discount through my dad), bought my oldest son a cheap used car and paid 6 months of rent for him to help him move out of his exes/ baby mamas house, paid off a few debts I had, officially registered and launched my business on multiple platforms and with the gov/irs, started realty school and working towards getting my realtors license here very soon, 4 trips to Vegas down and 4 coming up over the next couple months, lots of shopping..... I am still working, self employed currently and have been since May of last year, although not nearly as much of course now that it's not a necessity. Buying a house later this year as well. Plus all the money I've loaned or given to family and friends, and my big 40th bday is coming up next Friday so I have rented a huge cabin for my friends and family back home in TN that sleeps 40 people for a long 4 day weekend. Visited Philadelphia for a weekend because my middle son is starting at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall. I am also investing in a franchise, so i will have more than one method of continuing to make money from this opportunity. Making lots of priceless memories during this once in a lifetime, unforgettable, whirlwind of a year!
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2023.03.25 06:49 undercoverturtle0000 Seller Intimidation - Under Contract

This is long I’m sorry.
Long story short: Seller’s agent emailed ours saying they are offended we did our own personal inspection before the real inspection after our contract was signed. Our agent says it’s seller intimidation.
Hi! Earlier this week we finally got an FHA offer accepted on a home we love. A couple weeks ago we went under contract with a home that was flipped and the inspection was horrible. We backed out and tried again. My dad noticed many things wrong with the first home just with pictures, but we had already signed a contract. Bad decision on our part so lesson learned.
The home we are currently under contract with looks to be very well taken care of and loved. We were able to snag it before they put pictures online and didn’t have too many showings yet. The sellers also have not moved yet and we are doing a 45 day closing since we are able to be flexible. My dad was unable to come with us for the initial showing but from the pictures I took he had a good feeling unlike the other. Note that the sellers have cameras all over the home and didn’t have an issue with us taking pictures before.
A couple of days after our offer was accepted and contract signed the seller agreed for us to view the home again and this time my dad came along.
My fiancé and I wanted to take some more pictures but tried to be as respectful as possible. I wanted to know what kind if storage I was working with and did quickly take some pictures of inside of cabinets but wasn’t snooping.
My dad did the normal dad thing and checked the brick, ac unit, etc.. there might an issue with a little bit of piling in the bricks and he asked our real estate agent if there was a pier put in. She reaches out to the seller’s agent and she says no. My dad then noticed a broken window (I’m like 80% sure I checked this exact window a couple days ago during the initial viewing and it was fine) but the sellers have covered the window with bubble wrap. There seems to be some wood rot on the window ledge. I’m not sure if this just happened or not. We did have some awful storms & flooding in the last few days. Our realtor calls the seller’s agent again and asks about the window. The seller’s agent gets irritated and says they were going to fix it (didn’t say if it just recently happened) and that it was in the disclosure. This was not in the disclosure before but the seller’s agent added after we asked about it. Our realtor then looks inside of a floor vent and notices rot in the metal near this broken window. We check 3 other floor vents around the house. Two are perfectly fine while another seems to have had the same issue in the past but they patched it with plaster. Our realtor suggests we add a vent inspection (not sure what its called) to check to make sure that it’s not rotted or anything below. We agree in which our agent lets the seller agent know that inspections might take a little longer next week as we added this. Before leaving I point out some cracks and stuff to my dad just asking his thoughts. He told me they weren’t a cause for concern. He did want to look at the hot water tank and stuff in the garage but there were things in-front of it. Our realtor did let the seller’s agent know that those items must be moved before the inspection so the inspector can look at it. My dad showed my fiancé and I a few things we should do like replacing the older windows over time, added gutter pieces that have gone missing, trimming shrubs/plants back from the house, etc.. he still had a good feeling about the home and thought it was well taken care of regardless.
We leave happy and within a few hours, our agent receives an email from the seller’s agent basically saying “The sellers have cameras and watched us and were offended by us doing a personal inspection of the home.” and asked if basically we were going to be those type of buyers and that they weren’t going to fix every little thing essentially. (not sure if the cameras had sound)
Our agent was taken aback and couldn’t believe the email. She talked to us about how this seems like seller intimidation. She emailed her back saying “are you really saying this in writing” essentially because I guess there could be recourse of some kind I’m not sure. We as the buyers didn’t respond.
The thing is I was only pointing small things out so my dad could inform me if it was a cause of concern, how to fix it, etc.. nothing was said as in oh the seller has to fix this crack in the tile for the deal to go through. The only concerns we have, since we are FHA, is the window, a little brick piling and the floor vent. We haven’t even demanded anything to be done as we haven’t even gotten our inspection done yet.
I’m not sure what to think. The seller’s think we were in the wrong and I do feel bad but also we were burned on the last home and wanted some peace of mind especially before we pay for another inspection.
My Questions: Do you think the sellers were trying to intimidate us? hide something? Are we in the wrong for looking into the home more extensively than the first time? Going forward, will these sellers be hard to work with you think? Is the seller’s agent in the wrong for even emailing our agent?
I feel bad as I know they are still living there and this is their home. They put a lot of work and love into it, but we are under contract now and we are the ones buying it.
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2023.03.25 06:44 tagtrackingca Tracking System Ontario

Here at Tag Tracking, our trained technicians install multiple, difficult to locate tracking devices throughout a vehicle. We'll protect your car, RV, boat and heavy machinery from theft. Visit: https://www.facebook.com/tagtracking
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2023.03.25 06:38 74710001 Should I let my sister move in with my partner and I for "7 Months" ?

I moved out of home when I was 19 with my mother to get away from my father and sister, as they are toxic and hard to live with. After living with my mum for about 2 years I then moved in with my partner who lives by herself in her house.
My sister who is 25 continues to live with my father at his apartment, and she is being kicked out because she struggles to bring herself to work and do chores around the house and it irritates my father.
Yesterday she messaged my partner and I asking if she could move in with us, for 7 months until her partner breaks his current lease and moves out. My partner and I are on the fence about this for quite a few reasons.
The house isn't equipped to support 3 people, we do have a spare room, but it is being used as a storage room. We have no room for any of her stuff, which is a fair bit. The room is also being used as a safe space for a new kitten as sometimes he needs to be separated from our other cat and to eat separate.
Personally, I just don't get along that well with my sister, I find her very manipulative and toxic sometimes and I heavily appreciate my space from her. As someone with autism I appreciate my own space, somewhere I can exist without being in a constant state of anxiety.
On the other hand, she is my sister at the end of the day, and I know she would let me move in if it was the other way around. I just worry it is going to put a strain on my partner and I's relationship and daily life as she can be quite inconsiderate, we work full time and she has kept us up before making lots of noise.
I also worry that if I don't let her move in, it will pretty much ruin our relationship as she will probably hate me forever.
My sister has also gotten between my partner and I almost convincing me to break up with her just so she could have someone to move out with. There is a good chance my sister and her partner may break up and the 7 months will turn into forever as they have broken up before.
We also can't afford to house another person who can't really contribute as bills and mortgage rise it is hard enough as is. There is also a risk of her partner staying over a lot which brings the headcount to 4.
I am not sure what to do, I love my sister but I don't know if I want to sacrifice my mental health and romantic relationship. I made a big effort to get away once and I don't want to be back to that mental state. I have messaged my father about it and he completely ignored me, I called my mother and she doesn't want anything to do with it.
Would I be the asshole for not letting her move in?
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2023.03.25 06:28 tagtrackingca Tracking System Ontario

Here at Tag Tracking, our trained technicians install multiple, difficult to locate tracking devices throughout a vehicle. We'll protect your car, RV, boat and heavy machinery from theft. Visit: https://www.tagtracking.ca/
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2023.03.25 06:24 raytaylor Issues in upgrading

Random things I find for the first few days of using a new phone. Others may want to go through this list when setting up a new phone rather than finding things missing when you need them.
Previous Phone Galaxy Note 10+ Updated smartsync on old phone before transfer.
Good things - Camera zoom looks good - Phone is thicker than the note 10, feels much nicer to hold in the hand, edges are not so sharp - Screen curves round the borders much less with solid plastic? sides to the phone mean accidental touching of the left/right edge of the screen by the ball of the palm or finger tips dont happen.
List of issues found, and things that need to be manually re-set back up....
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2023.03.25 06:23 aen0vni Vial racks (or other storage options for specimens in vials)?

For my fellow entomologists who work with insects/arachnids that are preserved in ethanol... how you store your vials of specimens? I used to purchase these acrylic vial racks from BioQuip:
...but as we all know, BioQuip is no more. And so now I'm looking for another place to buy vial racks for my specimens. So far I haven't had any luck... has anyone found another vendor who sells a similar product?
I like the acrylic racks because they allow me to see all of my specimens at a quick glance. But I would also be open to other suggestions for vial storage. So... what are you all using these days?
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2023.03.25 06:22 barkitty74 Storytime #2: Moon, will you replace my dear yuliya?

This story is about a person that deserves a better life and me trying to convince her ways of doing so. It was one day on starvation gulch, a week after my drunk self found out that Tierra has been possesed by yuliya when Tierra accepted my apology of being rude to her at boat launch. I of course was hanging out with high schoolers because I didn't know of the consequences of being in an area of where your past can't be ignored. After starvation gulch I planned on having a sleepover with the warboys, but Weed Jesus was too high to pick me up from the university so I hung out with Cameron, he was too drunk to drive too so he contacted Tierra to pick him up. Tierra of course was tied of his shit, knowing that Cameron was just simping for her, I know this because he always asks me ways to hit on Tierra, what a silly guy! He needs to learn to eat more and to learn from me as well, as I have contact with the greater spirits. Tierra was nice enough to pull up with her friends and she immediatly asked me how I was doing and I explained what happened, Tierra then gave me a ride to boat launch and I was dropped off. I then was going around with a friend to talk to people and one girl pushed me near the fire and said "i'm not interested!" I was dazzled by her rudeness and said "I didn't even talk to you!" Moon was next to her and said "Ето самий красивой еврей которай я видело!" Moon of course didn't speak any russian though I did think she was a Nenetsian from Russia. I then approched her, said "thank you" and she then asked for my age and Snapchat. I then asked if she spoke russian and she then said that she was an Alaska Native. Well, I was close enough, russians mixed with alot of natives since Alaska was a russian colony. I only never talked to her for a while because she was holding a bottle of tito's vodka, which is a common sight to see and means that you will have an interesting time. I then noticed a goebbels like military man that she was with which made me slightly frustrasted for a bit which is one of the other reasons I didn't talk to her for a while. One day, me and AJ were at a party my parents were at, I was kinda tipsy and my mother was piss drunk saying that she has the hottest son in Alaska. My mother's friend then gave me her daughter's OnlyFans account and my mother's other friends asked about AJ's family history, which AJ was uncomfortable with since he was my roommate due to his home situation. Then, right when I was about to say a terroristic threat, Moon FaceTime'd me and we talked, I was then invited to the place she was staying at, not far from my place. I told my mother that I was going to hangout with Moon and she said "a native girl? be careful, she's going to cut your balls off with an ulu knife!" with the rest of the crowd laughing. I then flipped them off and my father, who was the designated driver drove AJ home and dropped me off. I then went in, met her aunt, who I got along with very quickly and Moon and I then smoked a joint. She then asked if I was comfortable with natives, which is a dumb question because i'm comfortable around all peoples. I first thought that she was a loser that drank herself away, but I was so wrong, when we talked she explained her life events. I then realized that she is a person with many talents and skills and that the systemic patriarchy bogged her down and stopped her from further expressing herself, likely from traumatic experiences. I only didn't explain my emotions because she was explaining so much and the information was flowing through. I got to meet her "sister" krys who I then realized was her cousin, she was passed out most of the time. This maybe a bit of an over the top assumption but I do believe that Moon thought that I was only interested in sexually objectifying her, which I would never do. When I mentioned that my mother is a professor in Medieval Theology, she frowned a little, which I think meant that she thinks that i'm wasting my time with her. The next time we met was also a bit strange because she had alot of anxiety that day and was drinking alot, I was a bit hyper myself and went on communist rants when having one too many trulys. Then I had to go because she was feeling sick after drinking too much. Moon was then drinking more and more to the point she was arrested by State Troopers and being back in contact with the fascist military fellow. I then was getting frustrated of why she was drinking herself away and why she wanted my friends over the next time we hungout. I was getting more suspicious so I took matters into my own hands and went STASI mode, what was really going on? I went through everything and realized she was arrested for a warrant, specifically for not showing up for the charge of 4th degree assault, which is a light charge and can be fixed but because she stopped caring about herself she says that the court will decide to jail her on the 20th of April. The only reason she even had a warrant was because she didn't appear in court, twice! This can be easily stopped because it can be paid off, she doesn't have to go to jail! I need to tell her father or something, I will find a way. She is such a good person and all I can do is run away. I can't move on from yuliya, I need to run from my past but I can't because my parents make sure that I don't leave without their permission because I need to be "safe" and all I could do was revert to my old ways and reactivate this sub, even with Moon. Poor little pretty Moon doesn't deserve this, poor little Moon. I'm sorry I broke down when making this, poor little Moon
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2023.03.25 06:14 FireKingExtreme1337 relationships don't work in modern society and are fundamentally flawed.

people thing its a pretty messed up thing to say, but i think dying alone is more favorable now a days, i have legit have no doubt that regardless of how hard is, relationships are nothing but a waste of money, time and emotional investment, i used to believe in love until my happy family became distant and began to hate each other, i swear to god its like my parents would have been happier if they never meet.
the issue with relationships is that humans where never meant to live this long or even have a long lasting relationship, humans for nearly all history that does not include the modern age has had a lifespan of 30 years top, we where supposed to fuck and create offspring and die off young.
now the average lifespan is now 70 to 80 and its only rising, if my parents had a lifespan like that of the old days they would have most likely died together raising me but that is no longer the case.
people change, simple as that, and the longer you live the more changes will arise, period.
and marriage is no fucking joke, men who have been divorced (and those who also are paying child support) are some of the most cynical fucks i have ever seen in my life, and I'm already cynical enough and I'm 22, I'm not taking any damn chances.
divorce rates, nuf said.
chance of being in an abusive relationship.
oh and best of all, the relationship can fail to no fault of your own.
and what about formed comradery, this has also been lost to time because well simply put it "modern society is safe" we aren't starving together, patching one another up and trying to survive with what little we have, hard times form the strongest of bonds, this is no longer the case, at most its financial, not a life or death situation.
old relationships where about survival and working as a team, modern relationships are nothing but a twisted and perverted business where people care more about what they can get out of someone and then jumping boat with the next person after they cant get that certain thing out of that person anymore.
to much pain for the chance, ya you heard me, the chance at finding someone who will actually stick with you till the end, ill pass on this garbage its beneath me.
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2023.03.25 06:13 Ralfop Reusable Seal Silicone Food Fresh Bag The days of plastic bags are officially numbered! The perfect solution to reusable food storage and snack packing is here. In four adorable colors, you get a temperature resistant silicone bag that’s easy to clean, easy to pack, and completely sealable!

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2023.03.25 06:02 ThimoteeArrola Overheating and coolant leak.

2 days ago I went to pick up my 1999 328i Convertible from storage and I could see coolant under it, it sat there for around 5 months. I filled it up and tried to make home with no luck it started overheating so I stopped at the side of the road waited for it to cool down and filled it back up, did it again but I got home.
What’s the first steps I should take? I can see it’s leaking slowly since I see a little puddle on the left side (standing and looking at the front of the vehicle) but I can’t identify where it’s coming from.
Doing some research some people said to fill it up and do a pressure test but if I fill it up with water it’s still around -5°C where I live and even colder at night so it will feeeze. And if I do it with coolant I’ll end up wasting a lot of it trying to find the leak and then having to flush it to fix the leak. Also I’ve never done anything like that before so any tips would be appreciated.
I’m also scared I might have destroyed my engine, some people said overheating can warp the engine which I don’t really understand… how can I check for that?
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2023.03.25 05:55 Puzzleheaded_Ad_3681 i relapsed

hello everyone i was 35 days sober from FF and then i took one about 2 hours ago but i noticed that now i regret doing it and idk why i did this stupid shit but now i’m back on the sober boat and won’t touch this shit again and just calling out to you guys knowing that you all have been through the same thing, im disappointed within myself because i feel like i was doing so good and then i just fucked it all up again i’m currently going through a breakup and i felt like it was the fix i needed but it winded up making me more depressed and pissed off hoping you guys could help me out with some tips on starting over, Thank you
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2023.03.25 05:53 PlasticEnvironment99 7 Best Microsoft Azure Security Practices in 2022

One of the best and most well-known cloud computing service providers is Azure. Networks, databases, storage, and many other services all work together in Azure. A company stores and utilizes private information every day. There is no way for someone to break into a company's systems, take control of all the controls, and divulge sensitive information. You may improve and secure your network with the help of a wide range of services provided by Azure. Although there are various actions you can take to ensure double security with Azure, it will quickly inform you if there is a severe concern.
Click below for more information :
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