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2023.05.29 00:34 Exact_Dance_6087 Ranking League of Legends Champions Based on Their Engaging Stories!

Hey, fellow Summoners! As a huge fan of League of Legends lore, I thought it would be exciting to embark on a journey to rank the champions based on the depth and richness of their stories. So, without further ado, here's my personal ranking of League of Legends champions, taking their captivating narratives into account:
  1. Jhin: This meticulous and twisted marksman takes the top spot on my list. Jhin's story is a dark and haunting masterpiece, filled with mystery, obsession, and an unyielding pursuit of perfection. His lore gives us chills and paints him as one of the most memorable characters in the League universe.
  2. Thresh: Known as the Chain Warden, Thresh is a character whose origin and nature are shrouded in dark lore. His thirst for torment and sadistic pleasures make his story truly intriguing. His lore offers a glimpse into the horrors that lie beyond the Black Mist, making him a standout champion in terms of storytelling.
  3. Sylas: Sylas, the Unshackled, embodies rebellion and vengeance. His tale of fighting against a ruthless empire, mastering forbidden magic, and rallying the oppressed strikes a chord with many players. The emotional depth and determination woven into Sylas' narrative make him a memorable champion.
  4. Taliyah: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver, brings a refreshing story of self-discovery and finding one's place in the world. Her journey from a young girl connected to the earth to a powerful mage in control of immense elemental forces captivates our imagination and inspires us to embrace our own inner strength.
  5. Yasuo: Yasuo's tale of betrayal, redemption, and self-reflection captures the essence of a true hero's journey. Branded as a traitor, he embarks on a quest to clear his name, uncovering the truth along the way. Yasuo's story demonstrates the power of redemption and showcases his undying spirit.
  6. Camille: Camille's lore drips with elegance, secrecy, and a fierce dedication to her family's legacy. Her intriguing background as the head of the Ferros clan and her cold, calculated demeanor make her a captivating champion. Camille's story adds depth to her character and makes her a force to be reckoned with.
  7. Ekko: Ekko's tale of a brilliant inventor from the mean streets of Zaun, who uses his invention to manipulate time, is both heartwarming and adventurous. His struggle against an oppressive system and the way he fights for a better future for his city resonates with players on a deeper level.
  8. Jinx: Jinx, the manic and explosive marksman, embodies chaos and anarchy. Her story reflects a carefree spirit, unleashed destruction, and a touch of madness. Jinx's lore paints a vivid picture of her unpredictable nature and rebellious attitude, making her a fan favorite.
  9. Zed: Zed's journey from a disciplined warrior to a master of the shadows is captivating. His internal conflict, thirst for power, and descent into darkness create a compelling story. Zed's lore explores the complex dynamics between light and darkness, showcasing the price one must pay to wield forbidden powers.
  10. Braum: Finally, we have Braum, the Heart of the Freljord. Braum's lore tells a heartwarming story of heroism, kindness, and unwavering support for his fellow warriors. His tales of valor and his role as a protector make him a beloved champion with a truly noble narrative.
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2023.05.29 00:30 SmurfyX LIVE AEW Double or Nothing 2023 Discussion

Double or Nothing 2023

Venue/Ticket Info:

Tonight's Matches

Zero HouPre Show (Free)
The Hardys / Hook Vs. Ethan Page / The Gunns
Double or Nothing 2023
World Championship: MJF Vs. Jungle Boy Vs. Darby Allin Vs. Sammy Guevara
Women's World Championship: Jamie Hayter Vs. Toni Storm
International Championship: Blackjack Battle Royale: Orange Cassidy Vs. Blade, Butcher, Bandido, Komander, Lee Moriarty, Big Bill Morrissey, Ari Daivari, Tony Nese, Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta, Kip Sabian, Fenix, Pentagon, Swerve Strickland, Brian Cage, Ricky Starks, “Switchblade” Jay White, Juice Robinson, Keith Lee, Dustin Rhodes.
Tag Team Championship: FTR Vs. Jay Lethal / Jeff Jarrett
Trios Championship: House of Black Open Challenge
Anarchy In The Arena: The Elite Vs. BCC
TNT Championship: Ladder Match: Wardlow Vs. Christian
TBS Championship: Jade Cargill Vs. Taya Valkyrie
Unsanctioned: Chris Jericho Vs. Adam Cole W/ Sabu
Other Notes:
  • No other segments or stipulations announced.

How to Watch

Pre-Show: 7:00PM ET / 4:00PM PT / 12:00AM BST: Free on Youtube or Bleacher Report
Double or Nothing 2023: 8:00PM ET / 5:00PM PT / 1:00AM BST: US & Canada - Bleacher Report or International on FITE TV
Join the /SC Discord here
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2023.05.29 00:26 LostshardRPG Lostshard RPG [Factions] {Spells} {Skills} {Clans} {1.16.5}

Lostshard, a Minecraft RPG server and revival of the original Lostshard.
Lostshard has completely custom PvP skill, magic, plot, clan and economy systems. No mods required but completely reinvents how Minecraft can be played. Give the server a try, and join our active community. You won't find another server like this.
Discord: Click here to join!


MC Version: 1.16.5 (pre cave-update)

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2023.05.29 00:25 LostshardRPG Lostshard RPG [Factions] {Spells} {Skills} {Clans} {1.16.5}

Lostshard, a Minecraft RPG server and revival of the original Lostshard.
Lostshard has completely custom PvP skill, magic, plot, clan and economy systems. No mods required but completely reinvents how Minecraft can be played. Give the server a try, and join our active community. You won't find another server like this.
Discord: Click here to join!


MC Version: 1.16.5 (pre cave-update)

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2023.05.29 00:17 Hour_Squirrel_4914 Any way to hammer home the fact that a book is 'clean' to avoid bad ARC reviews?

I've recently gotten an influx of one and two star reviews from Booksprout on a pre-release with the reason given that the reader didn't realize the book was a 'clean' romance. They did say they enjoyed the storyline and found the characters likeable. Still, this is probably going to hit my sales pretty hard on release day.
Here are the ways I tagged it:
  1. I described it as a 'sweet romance' in the blurb. I didn't use the word 'clean' because I know some readers find it judgemental and others wouldn't think it fit the definition (there are a couple of curse words, a discussion of drugs, and some violence).
  2. In my author blurb, I said I write "sweet, closed door romances". This resulted in one message asking me what 'closed door' meant and when I responded 'no on page sex' she returned her copy and told me I should've been more "transparent".
  3. I tried tagging it as a "fade to black" romance in the 'author's notes', but that resulted in questions too.
  4. On the Booksprout content warning, I tagged it as 'Tame' (which according to their guidelines means no on-page sex, minimal swearing, and no gory violence).
  5. I don't have bare chests, entwined bodies, or anything of that nature on the cover.
I'm not really sure how to make it clearer, but launching a book that is potentially going to average three stars from ARC reviews over a misunderstanding is going to be a waste of my time and money.
I haven't had this problem with any of my other releases which I promoted the same way. I thought the terms "sweet", "closed door", and "fade to black" were agreed upon and understood by romance readers.
Any advice?
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2023.05.29 00:11 thePEguidedotcom Ultimate Workout Stack: Your Comprehensive Solution for Enhanced Training Performance ENHANCED LABS PROMO CODE code CHEMHQ
Hello, fellow fitness enthusiasts of EnhancedLabs! Today, I'd like to introduce you to a product that's designed to take your training to the next level - the Ultimate Workout Stack.
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  2. Carb-Tech: This is your ultimate workout supplement designed to fuel your performance, speed up recovery, increase muscle building, and reduce soreness. Carb-Tech helps you achieve more reps, better workouts, and faster recovery.
  3. Preworkout: Rage 2.0 is a pre-workout supplement that delivers powerful doses of ingredients scientifically proven to increase energy, support strength, and provide insane focus and pumps for each of your workouts.
How to Use the Ultimate Workout Stack?
  1. Pre-Training: Mix 1 serving of Preworkout in 6-8 fluid ounces of water before a workout.
  2. Intra Workout: Mix 1 serving of Carb-Tech in 6-8 fluid ounces of water during your workout.
  3. Post Workout: Take 1 serving of EAA+ right after every workout.
The Ultimate Workout Stack is a comprehensive solution for those looking to maximize their performance and supercharge their training. As always, remember to use these supplements responsibly and listen to your body's signals.
This post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new health-related regimen.
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2023.05.29 00:09 Xynovitch Vent: Living in Korea as a half-Korean is hard

I'm a 21 year old half-Korean who "came back" to Korea about eight years ago. I came here not knowing Korean and had to figure my way through the language and even after eight years I'm not perfect. And the story beneath is just a compilation of my struggles trying to live here.
You know the whole story about the Korean husband bringing his wife to Korea and the domestic struggles that ensue, often leading to marital dispute and divorces? Yeah, that's me. I come home one day from middle school, having learned nothing cause I was still trying to figure out the language, to find that my mother was gone. Fast forward a week and now my father flew to where my mother was to follow her and got himself arrested there (home life back in the country I was born in had been the same and a lot of legal troubles happened). So now I had no mother or father with me and had to live with my grandparents - great, but I didn't live with them and I lived in my family's apartment still. While that happened, my grades were still at rock bottom, and I just lost all hope in life to be honest. I mean, I had basically no family, no friends, and I couldn't speak the language.
But my brother (same father, different mother) had gotten it into his head to enroll in a 외고, and my grandparents basically forced me to enroll in one too. By this point, our relationship was nonexistent and I hated them, but my grandparents told my then middle school homeroom teacher to convince me to apply and I did, eventually, after a month. But I only half-assed it and was hoping to get rejected out of principle because clearly I wasn't the type to go to a school like that, with my grades.
Now, I don't know what voodoo magic my grandparents did, but somehow, even with my half-assed application, I got into the interview screenings. By this point, I realized that there's a high chance I might get in, and so I botched the interviews as well. Come December and I somehow got accepted.
외고 was hell.
Wake up at 6 am; exercise, eat, study until 10:30 pm, stay awake until 2am because your psychopathic roommates have this consumnate need to study for that long. Those three years were hell, I had no idea what I was doing most of the time. Exams, 모의고사, TEPS, 수행평가 all just blended in like some demented smoothie that'll taste as horrible as it would feel inside your stomach. We had to write our 세특 and until my third year came I hadn't even known it was going to be used for our college applications. I thought it was just something you do cause the teacher wasn't bothered to write about you.
College application period and 수능 happens. I pick like 6 random colleges in the big city near me (I don't really wanna give away where I live), and I had a vague idea that my first choice was the highest overall in some rankings. I put them in the 다문화 category because that's what my homeroom teacher said, explaining to me that with that category I didn't really have to do 최저 or whatever that was (I still don't understand what that was.) and the interviews (I knew I'd bomb them if those were a thing in my category.) I applied to every college as an English major and just waited to get accepted or rejected.
I got accepted.
College was easier now. English Literature being my major meant that I could actually understand what was going on - or at least, I could just tune the professor out and read the textbook. I got my first A+ in 6 years. I was so happy.
But I still had a poor grasp of Korean and that was gonna bite me in the behind sooner or later.
And it did.
I was living in a dorm in the university campus, and I thought I was doing fine just hanging out and not breaking any rules. Turns out I was. It took me a month to figure out that not checking your body temperature was worth -3 demerits, and -15 demerits meant that I was going to get kicked out and I could never apply to any dormitory inside campus ever again.( this was during covid, just before the current president was elected.)
And so I got kicked out, after a year. It took me a long time to ask how to remove the demerits because I still have crippling anxiety about speaking in Korean and at that point it was too late.
Now I live in a 고시텔, and sure it's cheap, but it's also bad. And it isn't covered by my scholarship grant. So I'm trying to find an 알바 to help cover the costs but my poor Korean language skills and my non-Korean face probably don't help with that cause even after half a year no one was hiring me for regular hours. Every other week I go to Coupang for the box moving gig and while it pays okay, it also hurts a lot to do and highly irregular. It's on a first come, first serve basis and is extremely far away from the city center.
All in all, I just want to leave.
It's extremely grueling living here as a half-Korean who doesn't know the language all too well and who is mostly self-taught.
And while I do want to leave - where would I even go? I have military obligations. My citizenship was changed to Korean. I'm also a broke college student, so I can't really run away either.
(I probably have a lot of resentment built up, so take this with a grain of salt, but with foreigners, at least they have an excuse "that being that they're foreign." I just fit into that uncanny valley of looking Korean enough and not enough, with my terrible mix of a foreign accent and the gyeongsang dialect to boot.)
I'm sorry if my story doesn't sound terribly realistic, but I don't want to give off too much on the internet.
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2023.05.29 00:08 1nickfish Had a chance to meet some heavy hitters today

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2023.05.29 00:05 DrBlackJack21 Of Men and Dragons, Book 3, Chapter 44

Other stories of mine can be found in my
For those who want to go back to the beginning, here's a link to book 1 chapter 1.
An image of Lon'thul
Of Men and Dragons, Book 3, Chapter 44
As B'arthon cleared the tree line, the only surprise was that no surprise awaited him. His force was lined up and ready for battle, and standing opposite of them was the enemy army, as though this was just another battle before two villages, albeit villages whose warrior populations exceeded the total population of even the largest villages he was aware of. But still, where was the misdirection? Where was the impossible choice between chasing two prey to split his army? Where were Jack and S'haar?
As he looked over the front lines of his enemy, B'arthon had expected to see Jack and S'haar front and center. That was where the fighting would be most fierce, and it was the most critical part of any battle line, so he'd expected only their best to try and punch through his line in an attempt to compensate for their lesser numbers. But while some of the warriors at the front seemed to be wearing some sort of odd armor, there was no sign of S'haar, Jack, the wolgen, or Jack's sister Angela.
B'arthon furrowed his brows in thought. Could they have set this whole thing up as a distraction, only to turn tail and run? It would be wise. Of course, as a small group with that kind of power, they could easily punch through his rearguard holding the end of the valley and disappear into the wilderness, but that just didn't fit with anything he knew about that group. That just meant a surprise was still coming, and he had a few suspicions about where it might come from...
Ultimately, it didn't matter at the moment. The noble could spend several days trying to work out what impossible idea they had here now, but all that would accomplish is to give them more time to think up more convoluted plans. It was better to break the backbone of their resistance here and now. He had the advantage in numbers and quality of fighters. Wasting time and resources trying to outthink that insane human would only give Jack more power than he already possessed.
But first, he had one other obligation. In any battle where one side had clear superiority over the other, it is considered proper for the stronger side to offer surrender to the weaker. While he suspected the difference in power wasn't quite as stark as it appeared, he had to do this right, to keep up appearances in front of his own people as much as anything honor demanded. With that in mind, B'arthon stepped forward with an honor guard at his side. Then, walking nearly to the center between the battle lines, he waited. Finally, after a few moments, a delegation from the opposition approached. It seemed to be made up of mostly hill people, with only one familiar face in the lot, To'brel.
To'brel was nervous. He was definitely the youngest argu'n in this group. Even though his title of Lord technically made him equal with everyone present, he felt he didn't belong. These were all experienced leaders representing their tribes and villages. He'd never ruled a single day as Lord, and moreover, if any of his "subjects" were on this battlefield at all, they were fighting for the opposition. But despite that, both S'haar and Jack had insisted that he take up this role, representing the interests of the Dragon's Outpost in their absence. As if he was somehow qualified to do so!
Finally, their delegation reached a position reasonably close to B'arthon's and stopped. They were well within talking range, so long as both sides spoke loudly. To'brel had no idea what to say or do, but evidently, B'arthon didn't feel the same. The older noble raised his voice and issued his demands clearly and simply. "Surrender now, and everyone present shall be given a home and a job within the new A'ngles Empire! There is no need to waste blood or iron on this battlefield!"
There was some mumbling from the various chiefs before one of them shouted back. "If you don't want to waste blood or iron, return to your valley and leave us in peace!"
This was going about like To'brel had expected. Pretty soon, they'd return to their sides without the young noble having said a word. He really served no purpose here, after all...
For his part, B'arthon seemed to consider the chief's words before answering. "I'm willing to take my army and return to our valley, so long as you surrender the members of the Dragon's Outpost to us first! Of course, Jack and S'haar must be included!" That was unexpected...
The chiefs immediately looked at To'brel, who shrunk in on himself before they began speaking among each other in hushed tones. While To'brel couldn't make out everything they were saying, it was clear what the general consensus was now that they'd seen the army opposing them. This was too good an opportunity to pass up. Looking at it from their side, To'brel couldn't fault their logic either. This fight really did look hopeless.
Now To'brel's mind was racing. This is why he was here, to represent the interests of the Dragon's outpost. If he didn't speak up now, they'd be thrown to the enemy with no chance of any of Jack's magics or schemes to save the day. But what could he say? Could he appeal to the other chiefs' sense of honor? Sure, they might feel shame at abandoning their allies here and now, but they had the survival of their very people to think of. How many villages would be slaughtered to extinction today if they didn't betray this small group of outsiders who'd wandered into their midst and demanded this alliance? No, if he was going to close this fissure between everyone and convince them all to stand and fight, he had to do so in a way that appealed to their self-interests as individuals and as chiefs.
Looking back to B'arthon, To'brel remembered the last time he'd stood close to the noble with two armies on either side of them and the words he'd shared then. "Hope you learn fast, kid. You won't get a second chance." It was as accurate today as it had been then. B'arthon had a way with words. In fact, he was often very precise about how he chose his words. Maybe that was what the younger noble had to focus on. What exactly did he say, and what didn't he say... He said he'd take his army and leave...but then what?
Taking a deep breath, To'brel spoke up for the first time, speaking to B'arthon but more aware of the impact his words might have on the chiefs at his side. "That is quite the generous offer, my Lord. We of the Dragon's Outpost want to avoid the waste of blood most of all and will accept your terms, so long as both Lord A'ngles and yourself swear a blood oath today, here in front of both armies, that you will leave peacefully, and never return to the mountains to kill or subject these people while either of you lives!"
There was a moment of silence as everyone processed what he just said and what B'arthon hadn't said. B'arthon had offered to withdraw his army, but for how long? They could come back in a year or two, and now the tribes would be in the same situation, but without the aid of the Dragon's Outpost and all their weapons, warriors, and plans. They'd be on their own, and as bad as their odds are right now, the odds would be considerably worse in the future. The tribes wouldn't be saving themselves. They'd only be delaying the inevitable. Their only possible salvation lay in this battle, here and now. But of course, B'arthon could completely unravel To'brel's hasty little plan by agreeing to his terms... The field became silent as everyone waited for B'arthon's answer.
After several moments, during which To'brel had plenty of time to have second, third, fourth, and fifth thoughts on his choice of words, B'arthon finally answered, his voice conveying annoyance, exhaustion, and something else the younger male couldn't quite place. "You've grown, Lord To'brel. Those were wise words you just chose. But, unfortunately, I must refuse. All I am offering is to leave the hills for now. We cannot swear an oath that we'll never return because we cannot know what the future holds or if the hill people won't take advantage of such a pledge. So I make my offer again, give us the survivors of Dragon's Outpost, and we'll leave. Any other offer short of that will be met with war!"
The chiefs had stopped speaking amongst each other. The first who had spoken looked at the rest, then To'brel, before stepping forward and speaking. "Then you leave us no other option. Bring your armies! You will not find us lacking teeth or claws to answer!"
With that, their delegation broke away, returning to their lines, leaving To'brel wondering if any of that really just happened or if he'd simply dreamt it all...
As Jack sat there waiting, he couldn't help but wonder what was happening. It irked him not to be present to hear what was being said, even though it would have completely given away the position of his flanking force when he ran to the forest instead of joining the front line.
Of course, Lon'thul was all grins. "I can't wait to charge out there and catch them in the backsides! Lord A'ngles will never know what hit him!"
Jack frowned. "I doubt it'll go that smoothly. They may not have my historical knowledge, but it hardly takes a genius to suspect a flanking maneuver, and he's already going to be suspicious when there's no sign of S'haar or myself on the front line."
Lon'thul shrugged. "Yeah, but you've got me, the hunter extraordinaire, Grim and his pack, led by yourself and Em'brel," The hunter nodded to the aforementioned female, who was more focused on double-checking her gear than the hunter's blathering. "your sister, the "metal goddess," not to mention seventy-five of the best hunters every tribe had to offer! We'll move faster and hit harder than anything they can bring to bear!"
Jack's frown deepened as he looked at the all-too-eager hunter. "Don't go believing your own stories about yourself. Overconfidence kills more soldiers than enemy spears. And yeah, we'll hit hard, but we also can't afford to get bogged down. In a war of attrition, they win on numbers and manpower alone. So our plan has to go off nearly perfectly, and my people have a saying about the best-laid plans of mice and men."
Lon'thul grinned again. "Well, the good news is if I'm right, I get to hold it over you as long as we live! If you're right, well, I suppose you'll also get to hold it over me as long as we live, but in your case, you'll have to make it quick!"
Jack couldn't help himself. That last line was so absurd that he couldn't help but close his eyes and chuckle. But closing his eyes was a mistake. He was suddenly taken by a vision of the young argu'n whose death he'd caused so very long ago. What had happened to that Jack? The one who convulsed and vomited after the first time he'd killed someone in self-defense. The one who obsessed about every life he took? Now he was leading armies into battle, and thousands would likely be dead at the end of the day.
Looking back, it was hard to say if he should have done anything differently. It all seemed so necessary, even now. And yet, despite the necessity of it all, he wondered if maybe surrendering to A'ngles wouldn't have been better. Maybe the necessary thing and the right thing weren't the same. Did he really have any right to put the lives and happiness of his family and friends over the safety of the thousands waiting for battle?
The only thing Jack knew for sure was that kid wasn't the only one who'd died back then. The part of Jack that had been more innocent and hopeful also died. He'd been a better man. He wondered if S'haar mourned that Jack as well. Of course, it was just his imagination, but for the briefest moments, he thought he heard her whisper. "It's too late for regrets. You knew this was where it might lead." The feeling was so strong. It felt like she had ahold of his arm...
That was when an actual grip on his arm snapped Jack back to the present. Standing next to him, looking up with evident concern, was Em'brel. She didn't say anything but smiled sadly and squeezed his arm again. Jack smiled back in a way he hoped alleviated her concern, but he suspected did little more than show his own anxiety as he patted her hand. Though he couldn't help but marvel at how fierce the claws on that hand had become. When had the little girl he'd saved from the raiders become such a strong woman? What kind of a guardian was he that he'd allowed her to be exposed to so much trauma? She was even about to fight in a massive battle to determine this world's future!
That was when Anglea spoke up out of nowhere. "YEAH! WAY TO GO TO'BREL!"
That snapped Jack out of his musings as he and everyone else turned to Angela. Then, finally, Jack asked the question on all their minds. "What in the world..?"
Anglea's smirk came across in her voice. "Our boy went and grew up on us when no one was looking! He just saved the day... Or maybe doomed us all. I suppose it depends on how things turn out."
That only confused Jack more, and he opened his mouth to ask more questions when Em'brel squeezed his arm again. "He's fighting this battle in his way. It's about time for us to start fighting it in ours."
Looking around at the hunters looking at the group of them, he nodded, turning to Lon'thul. "Let's get into position. As soon as the front lines clash, we need to move fast!"
As B'arthon returned to his lines, his father was there to meet him. "No sudden bouts of sanity on their part?"
The younger noble didn't even bother to acknowledge the attempted joke as he turned to survey the battle lines. He squinted, trying to discern any hidden pitfalls or ambushes one last time but still coming up blank. They didn't actually think a few ranged weapons would be enough to turn the tide of battle, did they?
Lord A'ngles seemed to be analyzing the enemy as well. "Apparently, they're holding the middle of their battle line with workers, not warriors or guards. They have those ranged weapons, but according to what we've seen, they won't be able to get off more than two shots before we reach their lines. With your new invention, they'll be lucky to get one hundred casualties at worst. But what of that charred-looking land behind them? What purpose does that serve?"
B'arthon looked at the spot his father was talking about and frowned. "That's obviously the trees they burned to draw us here. If it was in front of their battle line, I'd suspect it was filled with traps of some sort, but it's to their back. Perhaps, they were just trying to clear space for the fight? Maybe they think the uncertain footing will make their people less likely to retreat through it? Either way, with it behind them, I don't see it playing a significant role in the battle unless things go very badly for them, and I don't see Jack as the kind who would sacrifice that many lives just for a simple pit trap..."
A'ngless looked around. "Speaking of Jack and that terrifying mate of his, and the metal goddess for that matter, I don't see them anywhere. Any thoughts?"
B'arthon frowned as he looked off into the trees behind the enemy. "My guess is they are waiting in the forest to loop around once the battle begins to try and flank our army or maybe come for you and me specifically. Based on the number of people in the battle line and our intel on the number of capable people they had, I doubt the flanking force could number much more than fifty, maybe a hundred if they have some children actually filling out the ranks to make it look like so many aren't missing."
Looking at his own army, B'arthon continued. "I'll take two hundred of our own men to counter them. That'll leave you with an honor guard of over a hundred should they sneak past me, in which case you'd just have to hold them long enough for me to flank their flank. If you're not too afraid of taking that kind of risk, old man."
A'ngles made a face and leaned on his cane. "I'll let that one slide because of everything going on, but please, not in front of the guards, my son. And yes, that'll be fine. You've proven your intuition multiple times already. So I'll trust in it today."
B'arthon returned his attention to the battle lines. "Still, it would make sense for Jack and even his sister to flank us, but I would expect S'haar to be leading front and center. It bothers me that she's nowhere to be seen. I feel like they still have another hidden ambush on this hunt..."
A'ngles raised an eye ridge. "Should we delay the attack then?"
B'arthon shook his head. "No. Give them too much time, and they'll only strike when our men need rest or food. Our best bet is not to overthink this and simply hit the vulnerability they've shown. Put our best warriors front and center and try to break their lines in two. Once that happens, no flanking maneuver they might try and pull off will have any effect on the outcome of the battle."
The older noble nodded. "Very well. And you're confident you should go with the counter flank and not remain in charge of the main battle line?"
B'arthon shook his head once again. "No. I'm convinced Jack will be on the flank. The speed of his mount makes him optimal for that, and he'll probably have a bodyguard of hunters and others who can move quickly through the trees with him. If there's going to be any trickery, it'll come from that human, and I want to be on hand to deal with it! Don't worry. I won't be fighting front and center. I've got trained warriors for that. I just want to keep my eyes on the human, is all."
A'ngles nodded. "Very well. It seems you've thought this through. I support your plan. Fight well, my son!"
As he looked back at his aging adoptive father, B'arthon felt a pang of concern for the older male's well-being for the first time since the beginning of their partnership. Usually, he just saw him as a useful ally and hadn't ever really considered him as family, despite the terms they used for each other in public. However, something felt different this time, leaving the younger noble disquieted. "You too...father."

In case you missed it and are interested,
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2023.05.28 23:49 JohnSPeterson Custom Adreno driver

In skyline I got used to using different drivers when things go wrong. I'm pulling my hair over vulkan errors over years of dolphin versions at least two years back as far as I tried. Anyway did anyone port the skyline driver selection to any other emus yet? My phone can't really run switch and btw Nintendo pre <2017 is still great... If it works. I really want a smooth rendering and can't stand Eve thinking about open graphics language. Should just be forgotten
Anyway so I never even knew how to change my driver in the phone. Skyline magically use a completely different driver. Amazing. Anyway I m getting this tired old vulkan draw command failure message it used to be only wind waker but now it's mario galaxy also. So all the flagship are broken in vulkan
Since I already exploded my brain over testing ten different APK running back years. The master branch at ten points even before the Adreno reset change whatever that is. We are all trying right. Everything is half broken all the time
So is anything interested. And btw some fork probably ported the GPU driver setting. Impossible to get any idea what's hiding in all the dolphin forks. Gold mine probably. ..
Problems solving should include testing ten different emu versions AND ten different driver version. Now I'm only using my system driver in dolphin while I have ten drivers in skyline
My Adreno is 600 something 620 or 612 can never remember. 695. I used to have 520 in 660 I think
TLDR half the games all Nintendo games give vulkan draw command failed and no graphics at all. Tried thousands versions since the first by Henrik 2003 just kidding
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2023.05.28 23:36 RangerFrank Deathworld Commando: Reborn-Vol.7 Ch.158- New This, New That.

CoverVol.1PreviousNextMapsWiki+DiscordRoyal RoadWebNovelTapasKo-FiFandom/wiki
Good afternoon party people.
As a reminder, I will be going on vacation starting tomorrow. I will be gone and away from my computer and duties, so tomorrow's chapter is coming today.
There will not be a chapter Monday, June 5th. I'm uncertain if I will post at all during the week of June 5th. It all depends on when I get back and how I feel after a long plane flight.
Regardless of what I do, we will return to our regularly scheduled posting starting June 12th.
I'll miss you all, and I hope you all have a wonderful week. And for those of you in the state, I hope you enjoy having Monday off.
And for those of you who just can't me a drink and get some chapters on Ko-Fi >:)
Kaladin Shadowheart’s POV
I finished buttoning the top button on Mila’s coat and stepped back to appreciate just how well it matched her school uniform. I had to say. I had done a great job without even meaning to.
She looked positively adorable in all red with her little hat. Even her ears poked out from the top, and now that her hair had grown more, it really helped fill her face out. She looked up at me with piercing blue eyes and an expectant look. I couldn’t help but chuckle and pat her on the head.
“You are too cute for your own good,” I told her.
A smile bloomed on her face, and she hugged the hand patting her. “Daddy is even prettier!”
Prettier, huh? Should I be happy that I’m pretty? I think I should. Better to be a pretty daddy than an ugly one, I guess.
“Are we ready to go?” I asked the person standing in the doorway with a smile on her face.
Mila ran over and hugged Sylvia. “Sylvia is pretty too!”
Sylvia stroked Mila’s hair, and her smile brightened even more. “Thank you, Mila,” she said softly. “Let’s go, shall we? We don’t want to be late for our first day of class.”
Today was the first day of school, so we were all dressed up in our school uniforms. It had been a long time since I donned the red and gold jacket of Forward University, not since I had reunited with my family. In that amount of time, I had missed a lot of school as well as essential tests and such.
It was a shame, but to be honest, I didn’t exactly need to attend classes, nor did I need to graduate. As far as I was concerned, my family came first, and I fully intended to accept whatever consequences came my way, even if that meant expulsion from the university.
However, that never came to pass as Bowen explained that all was well. Students missing class for important reasons was common enough and wouldn’t negatively reflect on them if they had sufficient proof and explanation. But that meant I had to make up all those tests, which was a hassle and something I didn’t want to do.
In the end, Bowen suggested that I simply take the tests I missed. If I passed them, then there was nothing to worry about, and I could continue with my studies as if nothing had happened. Apparently, Forward University did offer advanced placement tests in specific scenarios. After all, it would be useless to have a student take a class they didn’t actually need.
Either way, I’m not looking forward to it, even if I can pass the tests with ease.
“Hey, what is Professor Garrison doing here?” Sylvia asked as we made our way down the stairs.
Professor Garrison was at the front door, talking with my parents. He looked apologetic as he lowered his head after speaking a few times. Our eyes met, and he gave me a quick nod of greeting as well. Come to think of it. I hadn’t parted ways with him amicably the last time we met.
I didn’t mean to do that to him. Professor Garrison had always been good to me, and I appreciated him as a person, friend, and mentor. But at the time, I couldn’t let him threaten my family like that. I had my priorities, and I wasn’t afraid to handle those who wanted to threaten my family, even if they were friends.
“Good morning, Professor,” I said with a friendly nod.
“Good morning, Kaladin, Sylvia, and Mila. I’m sorry to bother you before classes, but I thought it would be best to do this now…I should have come sooner, though,” he said, regret laced in his voice.
I looked at my mother, and she just smiled softly and tilted her chin down. I figured they must have already talked and apologized. If Mom and Dad weren’t mad, then neither was I. Besides, I understood where he came from. It would be hard just to let the person who killed your comrades walk around, even if it was years ago.
“I’m sorry for my outburst in class at that time. I shouldn’t have acted so harshly toward you or your mother. And I definitely shouldn't have drawn my weapon. I’m sorry, Kaladin,” Professor Garrison said with a bow.
I patted the man on the shoulder and just smiled at him. “No need to worry. It appears that everything has already been forgotten and forgiven. And I never harbored any ill will toward you, even after that event,” I told him.
Professor Garrison slowly looked up at me. His green eyes were wide behind his glasses, and his eyebrows were high on his face. He looked genuinely shocked at something.
“Is something the matter? Is there something on my face?” I asked as I wiped at my cheeks.
Professor Garrison shook his head like he was clearing his thoughts with force. “No, no, not at all. I was just a little surprised, that's all.” Then he started laughing, and he even grinned. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen or talked to you, Kaladin. You seem like a completely different person now. No, maybe I should say you’ve finally grown up? No…that’s not quite right either…huh,” he mused with a shrug.
“Hopefully, in a good way?” I asked.
“Yeah…definitely in a good way.” His eyes turned to Sylvia, and he raised an eyebrow. “In a good way?”
“In the best way,” she told him.
Is that so? I think I’ve changed a little, hopefully for the best. If I got any worse, things would probably get ugly fast.
Professor Garrison nodded to himself in satisfaction and then chuckled. “Alright, you three, get to class. I'm going to stay here and talk to your parents for a bit. I might be a little late, so let everyone know for me.”
“Yes, Professor,” I said with a grin.
Mila and Sylvia said their goodbyes and see you laters, and we made our way outside. Forward University was buzzing with energy today as students and staff walked around campus. Even in the early morning hours, the place was truly alive for the first time in months.
We walked through the teacher and staff homes until we reached the main pathway. There were so many students out and about the walkways were actually shoulder-to-shoulder. But as we approached a four-way intersection, there was suddenly a massive traffic congestion of bodies.
Everyone was oohing and awwing as they talked amongst themselves. I followed their eyes and looked up at the giant statue that had been erected in the last few weeks in the new park that had been built. I didn’t pay much attention to it because, frankly, I didn’t care…but now I wish I did.
I gawked at the black marble statue in embarrassment. It depicted what could only be described as me, wearing fancy armor and driving a spear into a Dragon’s skull while I sat atop it triumphantly.
Never in my life had I expected to see me…like that. That’s not even how events played out. My spear never went into the Dragon’s head, and I never stood tall over it. The last time I checked, I was dying while being crushed inside of a rock face.
I really hope there are no statues of me anywhere else…
“Sylvia…remember when I asked if you knew what was going on here…did you lie?” I asked in disbelief.
Sylvia giggled to herself as she looked up at the statute. “I did, sort of. I never imagined it would be taller than the trees.” She tilted her head to the side to look at me. “I think they did a fantastic job. They really caught your general vibe and got your face almost perfect. I probably would have made you a little more handsome, though…maybe make your hair a bit longer.”
I sighed deeply. It was true. Whoever sculpted my face had done a good job at replicating it, which was better than them screwing up and making me look like a fool or too much like some fantasy hero. At least they didn’t have me yelling to the heavens or grinning like a fool. The expression was best described as stoic, which was appropriate considering the event and the number of people that had lost their lives.
“Wow…Big Daddy,” Mila mumbled to herself.
“Please don’t say that out loud, Mila,” I begged.
Then it started.
“Hey, is that him?”
“It is him, right?”
“Yeah, that’s Voker—”
“No, that’s Kaladin, you idiot.”
From there, the voices picked up exponentially, turning into a single block of loud noise. I felt all the eyes in the general vicinity flick toward me as the information of my arrival spread through the crowd. It didn’t help that I was taller than the average person which meant it was easy to spot me in a group.
“Let’s just keep walking,” I muttered.
Thankfully the crowd of onlookers did not impede our walking. They even parted to the sides to let us through, which was both good and bad for various reasons. Mila tightened her grip on my hand, most likely nervous at all the attention she was getting.
Instead of just leaving her be, I picked her up, and she instantly held onto me tightly. I personally didn’t care about fame or the attention. People have gawked at me for as long as I can remember in both of my lives, so this was nothing new. However, it clearly upset Mila, who only had bad memories of large crowds staring at her.
Sylvia and I hastened our pace to class, leaving the onlookers behind us.

“Wow, he actually came to class for once. It’s a miracle,” snickered Varnir.
“Indeed, it has been some time since we have all been together, has it not?” Sylas said thoughtfully.
“I suppose it has been a long time since all of us have been in class at the same time. Even Jen is back with us,” Ren said with a warm smile.
I almost forgot what it was like to be in this class…it’s good to see everyone is happy and healthy again.
Jen had put back on some healthy weight and looked far better than she had during winter. Some color had returned to her face and hair, and she smiled as she sat next to Tsarra. It was also nice to see that Tsarra wasn’t hiding under one of her spells. Perhaps Jen and Varnir would slowly whittle down her shell.
There was a solid thump as Professor Garrison dropped a stack of papers on his desk. He stared out at us, and the entire class went silent. The Professor let out a deep breath and walked to the front podium.
“It’s good to be back, everyone. I hope all of you had a wonderful, rest-filled winter break with your friends and family. I also hope that you did some studying,” he joked with a grin.
A few students groaned in annoyance, but Professor Garrison continued with his trademark smile. “So…we have much to talk about today. As you all know, today is the first day of classes despite there being no lecture. So for that, I welcome all of you to your final year here at Forward University and congratulate you all for being in Class Onward. As your teacher, I am proud of every single one of you for the trials you have overcome this previous year. We all know just how difficult of a year it was…”
The Professor trailed off for a moment before heading to the chalkboard and writing down a name. “As you all have heard, the tournament with Sandervile is being hosted in Luminar this year, which means we are going to be incredibly busy these next few months with training. Of course, those of you who have no intentions of competing will not be forced, but those of you who are interested will have to compete in the school’s preliminaries to be selected, as is tradition.”
That applies to everyone but me. As the sole person who received a golden ticket so to speak, I’m exempt from this preliminary, which is nice.
Professor Garrison pointed at the name on the board. “I’m sure you are already aware of all this. His and Her Majesty have changed this year's venue to the coastal city of Flumare. I’m sure this came as a surprise to many of you, and rest assured. It was a surprise to us as well. We only learned of this change around the same time I’m sure most of you did, especially with the addition of Saber Academy and with Tel’an’duth joining us this year. And I’m here to say that for contestants who qualify, nothing will change. The school will house, feed, and equip you free of charge, as they have done every year. For the students who are interested in traveling to the venue, the school is offering free tickets as well as free passage to the city. However, lodging is another matter that has still yet to be resolved. I’ll release the information as I get it but don’t worry too much. I'm sure we will figure something out.”
A few students whispered amongst themselves. But what the professor had said was true. For the first time ever, Tel’an’duth was sending students to the tournament, which was as historical as it sounded since this entire tournament was devised to raise and nurture students to fight against Tel’an’duth.
But now the times are changing. And Queen Maxwell was making her moves.
The professor moved to his desk and grabbed a giant scroll. He unraveled it and laid it across the board for all to see. “Now, this is probably what most of you have been waiting for, our new student standings.”
He gave us a few moments to look over the list. In all honesty, there wasn’t too much of a drastic change overall. However, the top five students had changed significantly, and everyone else sort of moved to reflect that change, staying within one or two spots of their previous ranks.
It was also nice to see that Jen had actually stayed the exact same. It was probably due to the Dragon incident keeping her out of school for so long. If she were to be punished for that, it would have been a heartbreaking penalty.
But…there was a new number one on the board…which I didn’t think was necessary.
“I’m sure that there are very few of you who have complaints about the new number one student. Honestly, giving reasons as to why he shouldn’t be number one would be hard. Well, maybe besides his constant absences,” Professor Garrison said with a grin as he winked at me. “Academically, Kaladin has achieved top marks since his arrival last year, only ever stumbling in his Beastmen language studies. And as for his merits outside of the class and in physical examinations, what else is there to say? Please, everyone, give a clap for our new number one student.”
The class erupted into claps and a few cheers as everyone turned to me. It was a relief to see that people weren’t in an uproar over it. Which I thought would happen since I had missed so much school. But perhaps I had just become too much of a figure to be denied that spot.
I even looked at Lin, and she just winked at me. She had no qualms about relinquishing the position she had maintained all these years. However, I did feel somewhat bad for dethroning her.
“Daddy is number one!” Mila said as she sat up in my lap and hugged me.
Well, this isn’t so bad.
“Now, now, then. We will go over the top five as it has changed the most. Linnetia Paine, although you are now second, I hope you are not discouraged in the slightest,” he said as he eyed Lin.
Lin bowed her head graciously. “Being second to the Dragonslayer is hardly a downgrade. On the contrary, perhaps it’s even more of an upgrade. I have no problems with my ranking, and I am more than happy to congratulate Kaladin,” she said, her voice kind yet firm.
As expected of the next head of the Paine family. I almost forgot that Lin was a noble now.
Everyone clapped at that, and Professor Garrison continued. “Congratulations to Arene Maxwell for successfully holding onto the third-ranked position. In such chaotic times, I believe that shows just how much you have grown.”
Ren bowed her head while everyone clapped for her. “Now, to our new fourth-placed student, Tsarra Tel’an’duth, congratulations on your new ranking. You have by far improved the most out of any previous student. Even though you were not officially recognized for your act of bravery against the Dragon, the school has decided to do this much for a hero. You have also shown incredible growth in your magic, officially reaching the mage rank of Grandmaster. And as to be expected of a princess, your academics are outstanding, and the school has even published your book on illusion magic.”
The room erupted into clapping once more, and I watched Sylvia put a hand to her chin. “She wrote a book? That’s impressive,” Sylvia muttered quietly to herself.
“Is it that surprising? I think she is more than capable of that,” I told her.
“I guess we have two very different images of her then,” Sylvia whispered.
Tsarra, at first glance, seemed to be a shy, introverted girl. And that was because she was. Although she had changed steadily since I met her, her nature was still much the same. However, she became a completely different person when it came to reading books.
And it turned out it wasn’t only reading books she was passionate about but writing them too.
I turned in my seat and clapped for her, but Tsarra looked about ready to explode. Her face was redder than her hair from all the attention. I was afraid she would burst a blood vessel with how hard she clenched her jaw.
Well, some things change. And some things don’t.
“And, of course, another congratulations is in order to our new fifth-ranked student, Varnir Shadowstone. Varnir, you are easily the second most improved student in Class Onward, only falling short of Tsarra slightly in academics, which you have improved greatly in and in outside achievements. However, your prowess in your physical testing has improved dramatically. Once again, congratulations, Varnir,” Professor said, his voice full of praise.
“Hey, look at that! I almost caught up to you,” Varnir said with a chuckle as he hugged Tsarra by the shoulder.
If Tsarra wasn't embarrassed already, that was enough to kill her. I watched as the air around Tsarra wobbled and warped, and she disappeared completely in a blink of an eye. It was amazing that she lasted that long in the first place.
Sylvia grumbled some things under her breath about beating Varnir on the first day of school but still being ranked below him, and surprisingly, even with the clapping, Professor Garrison heard her. “Sylvia, I imagine many people are confused as to why you are only ranked eighth. It’s no surprise that you played a critical role in the Dragon incident, and many people, including myself, owe our lives to you. I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you for saving us. Also, your physical prowess is something to remark on. If we based rankings solely on that, you would be in the top five, no questions asked. However, we take more into account. To be honest, your academic abilities fall short of the class average, which is nothing to be ashamed of. And if rankings were to be recalculated today, your outside achievements would have doubled even more considering your involvement with Dragonheart Foundation. Regardless of your rank, we should all congratulate President Sylvia of the Dragonheart Foundation, who will give us a speech tonight at the school banquet.”
Everyone in the class clapped loudly for Sylvia. It seemed that despite her being a Vampire, many students felt that she had done something remarkable, which was the absolute truth. Sylvia deserved all the praise and more.
“Congratulations, Miss President,” I said with a grin.
“Shut up…” she whimpered, her ears burning red.
“Sylvia is number two to Daddy!” Mila squealed as she rolled off my lap and into Syliva’s arms.
Sylvia looked surprised for a moment but hugged Mila back, the two of them touching heads. “I guess being second to Daddy is okay…” Sylvia muttered.
Professor Garrison took a swig of water and let out a deep sigh. “Sadly, we don’t have time to go over everyone’s rankings today. We would be here all day if we did. For those of you who have complaints or want to know how you were ranked, please head to the counselor's office. They will give you your breakdown there.” The professor clapped and put his hands on his hips. “Now, onto the next and hopefully last article for today. I would like to welcome three new students to Class Onward. And before you ask, I understand that it’s a bit late to be accepting new students into our class. And the school agrees. It’s best to consider these three as… short-term transfer students with exceptional skills and circumstances. Although they will not graduate with you, they may just become teachers one day, so please treat them well and warmly welcome them to our class.”
Everyone clapped once more as the door to the room opened. I was clapping as well, only to stop in surprise. I’m sure I had a dumb expression on my face as I watched the two familiar faces walk in. I had no idea they would attend Forward University, let alone join the class. They had somehow managed to keep this a secret.
The first to walk forward was none other than Padraic. The young Dwarf looked dashing in his gold and red jacket. He left the jacket hang open, exposing the black dress shirt underneath.
He had his trademark grin as he eyed me across the room. I’m sure he was positively reveling in my surprise. And I had a feeling he was about to say something outrageous in an attempt to embarrass me.
Professor Garrison motioned for Padraic to introduce himself, and the Dwarf cleared his throat as all eyes turned to him. “It’s good to meet all of you and all that good fun. My name is Padraic Whitehelm, and to be honest, I’m really only here to use the forges and the school’s resources, and since I had to take classes to do so, I figured I would join the class with my brother from another mother and my two future fiancees. So uh…yeah, that’s it, really.”
Oh, he boldly declared that. At least his embarrassment was targeted at…wait…two fiancees? Who's the second? Did I miss something?
I thought that as I looked back at Jen. Much like Tsarra, she was beside herself as she hid her face in her arms. It seemed she wanted to run away. I scanned the room for the second so-called future fiancee, but it didn’t seem like anyone was reacting to that statement, so I had no idea who it was.
The class clapped somewhat awkwardly but was more or less mumbling to each other. Padraic’s brazen entrance no doubt shocked quite a few students. But that was Padraic for you. He never cared what others thought of him.
Professor Garrison chuckled awkwardly to himself. “Well, that was something. But a little background on our new student is that he not only passed the entrance exam but tested in the top one percent of advanced mathematics, not only in this class but the entire school. Padraic here also impressed both the forge and smithing teachers, earning their respect with a single demo. As well as being an Opal adventurer with three years of experience.”
With a little more context, it seemed that assuaged anyone’s worries, and they put more excitement into their applause. I had no idea he placed so high in math, but Padraic was always good at it. Even back in the day, he took to math faster than Cerila. But that was only when he was actually focusing and not goofing around or teasing me…
And good for him on impressing two teachers at Forward University with one demonstration is definitely something to be proud of. He did make my new bow, which was expertly crafted.
Next up was also a surprise. She looked stunning in her uniform, and it was hard to look away. Her long snow-white hair flowed down to her hips as her new jacket fit snugly around her upper body, accentuating her athletic and curvy physique. And her white and gold skirt was—
“Why is her skirt shorter than everyone else’s? What’s with that crap?” Sylvia growled in a low voice as she glared down at Cerila.
It’s uh…true…Cerila’s skirt, for some reason or another, was shorter than the norm. And it only exposed her long toned yet pale legs even more as she chose to wear short white socks.
I felt Sylvia’s glare turn to me in my absence of a response, but I just kept my eyes forward, fully intent on not meeting her gaze. I felt that no matter what I said, I would be wrong. And it would only open me up for criticism. So the best course of action was to say nothing.
Cerila went over to the board and quickly chalked up a hand that was leaving a head, as well as her name. To an untrained eye, it looked to be as if she drew someone saluting followed by her name in Human. But it was actually a depiction of someone signing hello.
And it was accurate as well as being well drawn. I guess years of drawing on that tablet are coming into play.
Once she was done, she turned around to face the class and repeated the motion for the sign. From there, Professor Garrison took over. “First of all, please welcome Cerila to the class. Although she can’t hear any of you, the gesture still has meaning for her.”
The class looked confused, and a few people muttered to each other, but after a pointed glare from the teacher, everyone quickly gave a round of applause to welcome her. “As some of you have guessed, Cerila is deaf and can not hear you, but that does not mean she can’t talk to you. And although you may think of this as a hindrance, Cerila has lived her entire life this way and has not only adapted but flourished. She passed the school’s entrance exam and tested out of master-level language classes for both Elvish and Human, being able to read and write fluently to the level of a translator. Not only that, Cerila is fluent in a completely new language called Sign Language. As a result, she is able to communicate in everyday conversation with others despite not verbally speaking a single word. She also shows martial prowess that is to be recognized, as she has achieved the adventurer rank of Topaz in only three years. For those of you who are unaware, that is an accomplishment beyond what a normal person is capable of, especially someone so young.”
Upon his further explanation of Cerila’s exploits and achievements, the room did a collective nod of approval and gave her one more final applause. Cerila flashed a stunning smile at everyone, and with Padraic next to her, the two of them walked straight up the steps and toward me.
“Are they really going…what a pain,” Sylvia grumbled quietly to herself.
Sure enough, the two took open seats to my left, with Cerila right next to me. She smiled brightly at me and even let out a noise that was the same as her giggling. she asked.
I told her.
Cerila was about to sign to me again, but I poked her as Professor Garrison cleared his throat loudly. “Now then, would the final student please introduce himself?”
The third student had been quietly standing to the side. At first glance, he seemed…odd, and I found it hard to tell how old he was for some reason. He wore the school uniform just the same as everyone else, and as a tiger Beastmen, he didn’t appear to have overwhelming physical size but was a rather average build. His tiger-like ears poked out from his long hair that was poofed up while being the color of brownish dried blood.
But the oddest thing about him was those dark-tinted glasses he wore over his eyes…they seemed almost like sunglasses, which was weird since we were indoors and the room could hardly be described as bright.
The Beastmen had a proper air about him, almost like a noble, which was all but confirmed as he dipped into an elegant bow straight out of a book on manners.
“My name is Malachi Talgan, and I am the crown prince of the Principality of Nul. It’s an honor to be here,” he said in a velvety smooth voice.
Malachi also took his glasses off, exposing his unswirling Vampiric blood-red eyes to the class. But unlike Sylvia, who possessed entirely crimson eyes, Malachi’s eyes were like that of a half-moon of red, leaving the rest of his iris a dead-looking white color. Of course, I only had two other Vampires besides Sylvia to compare to, but Malachi’s eyes had far more red than the Vampire who kidnapped me and even more than the Vampire diplomat I saw in Sandervile.
And did he just say his last name was Talgan?


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2023.05.28 23:30 Maleficent-Luck5254 FS - Deal of the day!

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Pump Blend ★ Injection Route : Intramuscular – Each Side PreWO (in or closest possible to the muscle being worked) ★ Dosage : 1/2-1 ML ★ Frequency: Pre workout
What is Pump Blend? L-Arginine is a powerful Nitric Oxide Booster. L-Ornithine reduces ammonia concentration in blood which in turn increases performance of prolonged exercise. L-Citrulline Boosts Nitric Oxide and increases the supply of ingredients the body needs to build proteins. What does Pump Blend Do? Pump Blend lets you workout longer and harder. It boosts nitric oxide to provide a better pump and allows you to get more blood and nutrients into the muscles being worked. Which in turns more growth.
Bryan says: For a quality pump even on low carbs, this stuff is tough to beat. Personally I prefer the Mass Monster as it has everything here plus additional amino acids for growth, but if all you really want is a pump, dial up 1ml of this pre workout and you won’t be disappointed.
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2023.05.28 23:27 kookiemunsta Is there a safe pre-workout?

I asked my doctor which they said it wasn’t necessary, which I’m making good progress losing weight without it, but I’ve been curious and there isn’t a whole lot I find online.
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2023.05.28 23:22 LADA_Hiker Help Adjusting Insulin for Overnight Hiking/full day exercise? (New to LADA/T1D + MDI)

Hey all, looking for some advice on adjusting Insulin doses for longer sustained levels of exercise.
TLDR; 4-5hr of hiking next two days, plus carrying heavy backpack. how to adjust basal and bolus injections to avoid lows/drastic swings in blood sugar?
I was diagnosed with diabetes almost a year ago, initially as T2 but later rediagnosed with LADA/T1.5/T1 about a 1.5 months ago, still waiting for a GAD test to properly confirm the change in diagnosis. Basically I'm still producing low amounts of insulin (right on the edge of the T1 threshold based on c-peptide) but not enough to get by, so I'm MDI with a freestyle libre 2.
My control has been decent, time in range is at 85% for the last 50 days since starting MDI and CGMs, and avg glucose for that time is 7.1mmol/L so far. I fluctuate a little more than I'd like but I'm definitely still learning.
Tomorrow I'm going on a 4-5ish hr overnight hike. (4-5hr in, spend the night, hike back 4-5hr out). I used to hike a lot pre-diagnosis, and I have a bit since then but I haven't done anything with this kind of sustained strenuous activity since starting insulin.
I have noticed as I've worked back up to more exercise lately that I will get drops and lows from workouts depending the length/intensity so I'm trying to figure out how to adjust my Basaglar and Admelog injections for this hike. Based on reading a few posts here it sounds like it's best to reduce basal a bit in my injections the night before and the night of the trek, and likely reduce (or even skip?) my bolus Admelog injections for meals during the trek too?
For reference I'm typically at 11u for Basaglar at bedtime and between 1-5u for meals ranging from 20-60g of carbs. I TRY to stay around 30-45g/meal right now.
Any advice is incredibly appreciated!
I've been trying so hard to learn everything and get a handle on this but it's so overwhelming the amount of variables we have to deal with sometimes. And then it also feels like my body is inconsistent with how much insulin it's producing or how resistant/sensitive it is to insulin or carbs. This is a pretty short hike with low risks so I'm hoping to learn from it to be able to do more and bigger objectives throughout the summer but most of all I really want to avoid any serious issues and glucose rollercoasters to actually being able to enjoy this and feel relaxed in nature like I used to. :/
TLDR; 4-5hr of hiking next two days, how to adjust basal and bolus injections to avoid lows/drastic swings in blood sugar
Thank you!
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2023.05.28 23:19 peabrainbyu Reddit Mock Draft 24th pick

Hey Kings,
I'm putting together a mock draft from the NBA subreddits through a poll, assuming no trades. I will be going to each teams reddit to put a poll so they can vote on their pick while removing players that have already been picked. There will be 2 hr per pick and then I will move onto the next subreddit while updating my draft board. If your preferred pick is not in the poll PLEASE USE OTHER AND COMMENT BELOW ON WHO YOU WOULD PREFER.
  1. Spurs- Wemby
  2. Hornets - Scoot (Charlottes pick was BPA on athletics list due to mods closing the poll since they hate fun)
  3. Trailblazers- Miller
  4. Rockets - Amen Thompson
  5. Pistons- Ausar Thompson (in an extremely close vote).
  6. Magic - Taylor Hendricks
  7. Pacers - Jarace Walker
  8. Wizard - Cam Whitmore
  9. Jazz - Anthony Black
  10. Mavericks - Gradey Dick (Super close and I actually had to extend the timer due to a tie multiple times.
  11. Magic -Jordan Hawkins
  12. OKC - Leonard Miller
  13. Raptors - Cason Wallace (had zero replies after 2 hours and so they defaulted to BPA)
  14. Pelicans - GG Jackson
  15. Atlanta - Dereck Lively II
  16. Jazz - Jalen Hood-Schifino
  17. Lakers - Kobe Bufkin
  18. Heat - Dariq White head ( mods removed the post after 10 minutes so had to go with highest votes at that time. Sorry heat fans if you don't like it, get better mods.
  19. Warriors - Bilal Coulibali
  20. Rockets - Nick Smith Jr.
  21. Nets - Keyonta George
  22. Nets - Brice Sensabaugh
  23. Trailblazers - James Nnaji
Who will you select at 24?
View Poll
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2023.05.28 23:17 von143 [US] [SELL] NWT Scuba Hoodie Plush Heathered Core Black Size 10

[US] [SELL] NWT Scuba Hoodie Plush Heathered Core Black Size 10
$115 shipped with PayPal FF/Venmo/Zelle. Please add 4% for GS
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2023.05.28 23:15 LilyoftheRally Pre-E4 questions.

Should I try to catch Tornadus first or grind for the E4? If the former, which Pokemon can naturally learn Mean Look in BW, and/or have the Arena Trap/Shadow Tag ability as a regular ability, if any? I have found Serebii isn't always accurate for pre-Gen 6 games. I also assume that if you use Attract on Tornadus, he'll still flee as usual.
(If my 3DS wasn't broken, I'd trade locally between my Black cartridge and my White 2 cartridge. I currently can only play on my DS Lite and Switch due to said broken 3DS.)
How long, approximately, are the in-game plot battles and cutscenes once you finish with the E4 but before the credits roll? I remember this is the point where you catch your version mascot.
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2023.05.28 23:07 BobbyFan54 Abortions and “Choice” on TV

In my experience, whenever abortions are discussed on TV shows, it’s very rarely seen as “choice” or something needed, but rather an agonizing decision … and sometimes the pregnant person won’t go through with it, opting to “keep the baby.” Just making it seem like this is a simple black and white decision.
Sex & The City had that discourse in 2001, when independent and single Miranda decided against an abortion and opted to become a single working mother.
I recently watched the Canadian sitcom “Workin Moms”(with Catherine Reitman, Streaming on Netflix). Just like the title suggests, the show focused on women who are working mothers and balancing the rigors of working, motherhood, and marriage/partnership.

In the first season, one of the moms the show focuses on (Anne) discovers she is pregnant during a routine exam shortly after she has given birth to her second child (she had a pre-teen at that time as well).
She was in denial, seemed unattached from the pregnancy, was warned she may be “high risk,” engages in vigorous activity that puts herself and the pregnancy in danger.
In a mommy group meeting, Anne blurts out, “I want an abortion!” The women mostly ignored her (many of the moms were suffering from PPD, and were also feeling unattached to their kids in ways that people really don’t discuss), but she went so far as to to do a tour of a facility and get a “consultation” before leaving abruptly.
Her partner sits down with her, and almost in a comical manner, breaks out a whiteboard and does a Pros/Cons list to having another baby. They had many many more Cons than pros.
Finally, we see them in a car, he asks if she’s “ready,” and Anne says, “yes.” And then it’s implied she has the procedure off screen.
And you know what? I felt that it was a very accurate portrayal of the concept of “choice.” And being in Canada, she was essentially able to get one “on demand” (though there was also a joke earlier when she wanted to do a walk through to see if she could get one, the receptionist told her “we don’t do that,” and she was like, “oh this is Canada, you can do it” lol).
Anne was also a mom and partnered and a professional woman, which kind of goes against the grain with the ideas we hear about “the type” of person who seeks abortions: single, “promiscuous,” selfish people who don’t want children, poor. You name it.
I felt like it was a good way to make a point that there is no “type” who seeks an abortion. Anyone can, anyone who seeks one should be able to get one, and they can simply move on with their lives.
What a concept.
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2023.05.28 23:06 Ok-Razzmatazz-6752 Free design 166 kit

Free design 166 kit
Has all of the above items. Brand new, I bought the supplies but I ended up dropping the class. Pm me if you want it!
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