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This subreddit is about everything procedurally generated (pictures, games, music...) but random generation is fine too!

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2017.05.16 23:34 Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country is a drama horror television series based on Matt Ruff's novel of the same name. It is airing on HBO. The series is developed by Misha Green and produced by Monkeypaw Productions (Jordan Peele), Bad Robot Productions (J.J. Abrams), and Warner Bros.

2023.06.03 01:13 BeelzebubParty For the past few years I have been trying to watch every cinderella movie ever made, and I would like to share with you all some of the weirdest ones i've seen.

I posted this on movies and some one recommended that i post it here since i go in depth with this. I apologize if my post doesn't fit in well here, as I have never posted here before.
So, I have ADHD and one of the symptoms of my adhd is an intense hyperfixation on cinderella. It also helps that my homelife is very tumultuous so i am quite attached to her, i even have a cinderella collection. So I decided to make it a hobby of mine to engage with every single cinderella related thing i could find. Movies, games, youtube videos, stage musicals, tv series, comics, whatever it is, i have made it my mission to consume it. I'm basically an expert now.
I also believe these movies are very intriguing as a they exist in their only little niche genre that nobody really cares to take a closer look at. Cinderella movies can range from horror, to porn, to childrens fairytales, and many other genres you wouldn't really expect. They're also fascinating to me as they show how rising up above abuse is a story that stands the test of time and must be retold again and again. I think these movies deserve a little more than just a cursery glance when you pass by the bargain bin at walmart. With all that being said lots of these movies get pretty weird and i would love to share them with you.
  1. Cinderella: once upon a time in the west
Starting off with one of the weirdest ones, this Cinderella is an anthropomorphic Elk, not only that, she's also a tough as nails old western cowgirl. Her fairy godmother is an anthropomorphic male goat who's a native american shaman, and it's handled just as stereotypically as you'd imagine. She gets in a bar fight and loses a tooth and that ends up being the glass slipper replacement. Oh, and instead of horses they ride ostriches. This is surprisingly not the first cowgirl cinderella i have ever seen.
  1. Cinderfella
Ahhh Jerry Lewis, one of the funniest and most annoying people in film history. He stars in this 1950's genderbend version of cinderella with a very 1950's mentality. The fairy god father in this movie is said to be the original fairy god father from the cinderella tale, and that women lied and erased male history because "women are like russians, they wanna claim they invented everything". He is only helping fella so men can confidently snap back at their nagging wives that keep complaining their husbands aren't prince charming, because this will somehow settle the score. This movie is pretty cringe and it's treatment of women only gets worse from there, but even as a very liberal gay woman, i found this movie entertaining for what it was.
  1. Year of the fish
Wow! An actually good movie! This movie is a very artsy foreign film with an all asian cast, based on one of the oldest iterations of the cinderella story, before charels perrault came and wrote abour pumpkins and glass slippers. Ye Xian is a very demure and kind 17 year old who has been sent to work at her great aunts brothel under the guise it's a salon. She is forced to be a maid after she refuses to have sex for money and then her uncle sexually harrasses her. This movie has many many hilarious lines you would not expect from a cinderella movie. "Your momma should of taught you how to suck dick" "he likes you to touch his butt hole", at one point yi xians fairy god mother threatens to cut her tits off. This movie is incredibly fucked up and depressing, and i really respect it for that.
  1. Elle: a cinderella story
One of the worst movies i have ever seen is no doubt Elle: a cinderella story, Elle is a wannabe country singer working as an intern at a record label for 3 ungrateful pop stars. The story itself is your rather standard modern cinderella fair but where this movie gets really weird is the characters and dialouge. Elle herself is incredibly snotty and mean, she makes fun of eating disorders and other people with no remorse, and she is never held accountable. This movie is a very poor rip off of the much better movie, another cinderella story, i wouldn't reccomend anyone watch this unless you're very drunk with friends.
  1. Rags
What is Keke palmers best preformance? I'm sure some of you would say Nope or any actually good movie but i'm here to tell you that you're aaaaalll wrong! Her best role was in the movie rags, where she plays a knock off beyonce dating a knock off russelbrand and fills the prince's role in this hip hop cinderella story. Charlie prince is just your average pasty white boy who dreams of being a rapper, but his stereotypically new yorker step dad insists he must be a janitor. This movie was aired on nickelodeon and you can tell it really really wanted the success disney channel had with it's "a cinderella story" series. I always got this movie confused with let it shine and i'm not really sure how? Anyways there's not much to really say about this movie but it's interesting how Keke plays the prince in this movie and then went on to play Cinderella in the stage version of rogers and hammersteins cinderella.
  1. A cinderella story: Star struck
The fourth installment in the epic a cinderella story series, this movie stars Bailee madison, who you might know from the haunting hour or the good witch. She plays finely, a wannabe movie star farmhand but her metrosexual influencer stepfamily look down on her for being southern. She ends up cross dressing tk go to an acting audition and things just get weirder from there. Instead of two step sisters though, Finley has one step sister and a really gay step brother, who even mentions that Finley's cross dressing persona, Huck, might be gay, which is surprisingly progressive for these movies. There's some jokes about tik tok and a really cringey subplot where Finley's step sister is attracted to Huck. It's awful. Although this is surprisingly not the first time there's beenna cross dressing cinderella story.
  1. Cinderella (2002)
Yet another absolutely terrible movie, i almost feel bad picking on this cause i suspect it was some kind of passion project. I cannot imagine a studio would actually fund this and think it would make money. Cinderella is named Zezolla in this movie and she is incredibly annoying, bratty, and self righteous. Instead of a god mother we have a mermaid in a cave. 98% of this movie is green screened and Lucy Punch appears in this movie, with this being, no joke, her THIRD time playing an evil step sister in cinderella movies. Iconic. This movie is bad. Do not watch it.
Honestly i could keep going but i suspect anybody who actually bothered to read this far is getting bored. Despite how bad these movies are i am glad i watched them and i respect the people who made them for trying to tell cinderella's story in new, intriguing ways. I love that this story about survival and abuse has so many movies about it, that's incredible.
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2023.06.03 01:12 Gumrush13 How do I start living "life?"

Since COVID hit back in early 2020, I've noticed that my mental state has been slowly deteriorating, in part because I have led a pretty "sedentary" lifestyle all my life up to this point. For context, I am a 24 year old guy, who just turned 24 in April, and I am still living at home with my parents as I am currently applying for jobs (full-time employment). I graduated from a university back in Dececember of 2021 with a BS in IT and recently finished a coding bootcamp to learn full-stack web development (am now applying for jobs). My dilemma is that I feel as if thought my life has no "point" or "goal" to it, and like I am moving nowhere, in regard to my future career and my personal life. Not in the sense that I am suicidal or have an existential crisis, but more so a lack of motivation/purpose. Although I work out and stay active (weightlifting and cardio) 3-4 times a week, I feel like my social/personal life has become stagnant and unfulfilling. I have a good group of close friends around where I live, but as I live into my mid 20s with my friends, everyone seems to have less and less time to spend time due to scheduling conflicts, their own personal lives, responsitibilities etc. and even beyond that, the occasional get together with my friends feels boring and unfulfilling unless its a friend I haven't seen in a while and we catch up, or we plan something exciting, like spearfishing/kayaking. My romantic life is non-existent as I have never been in a relationship and I don't really talk to women (because of social anxiety/fear of rejection), save for dating apps. I have hobbies like DJing and music production, and have become mildly involved with the art/music community in my city, but I feel relatively uninterested in it because I don't like going out to clubs (I'm into DJing/producing underground dance music) and I don't really see much in common with other artists in terms of identity/interests (besides music, obviously). I have hobbies I want to get into like cycling and kayaking/paddleboarding to break my sedentary lifestyle, but at the moment I can not afford either a road bike or a kayak due to my financial circumstances. I just spend my days being on my computer, applying for jobs, working out once a day, maybe building a project for my resume in the meantime, and prepping for interviews. Days and weeks seem to fly by seamlessly. It's like my life is on autopilot, passing by and I feel like I don't know how to be in the moment and "enjoy" it. Even when I am with friends, I feel like I am unable to enjoy the moment. I feel like I am always seeing people being up to something: training for a triathlon, having a side gig in a band, traveling to a new country, experiencing a new relationship, beginning a new venture in life etc. and I just feel like life is passing me by and I am wasting time.
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2023.06.03 01:11 Anonymous__alligator My cleaning company keeps rescheduling

My house needs cleaning badly. I’m very pregnant and my husband is in an intensive school program/going out of town for work this week. Our cleaners were booked for last Friday. They did not show up. I texted the admin/scheduler who apologized and said they were having drive/staffing issues. I said no worries and we rescheduled for today at 3pm. They also offered me a discount due to the reschedule, great! Today, another no show with no communication. When I messaged the admin person at 4:30 I was told they were “behind schedule today”. No messages since.
Am I justified to drop these guys and go with a new company?
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2023.06.03 01:11 The_Heretic_525 Looking for a drummer to jam with nothing serious

Just looking for people to jam with every once in a while im a guitarist and need people to play with lol im into a lot of nu metal. Slipknot and stuff but i like all generas jazz country rap rock. But im partial to metal and rock dm if interested :)
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2023.06.03 01:11 growing_boy Nobody won Succession, everybody lost

So: nobody won.
(Matsson I don't count, as he wasn't on the original list of 'contenders' - he is more like a plot device helping determine the fate of the original 'succession contenders')
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2023.06.03 01:11 new_girlme Pet. Vacation. Death.

So my mother just left for another country for a once-in-a-lifetime month-long trip with her family. Unfortunately our super senior cat stopped eating, and the vet basically said he was done. So we had to put him down. My dad did not go on this trip and now wants to wait to tell my mother about the cat when she gets back from her trip. I think my mother is going to flip out and resent the fact that he doesn't want to tell her. He told us not to tell my mother. What do I do?
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2023.06.03 01:10 avdigigeek Downtown hotel recomendations?

Hey Austin, Planning a trip to Austin and looking for a down town hotel recomendation. Looking for something near the Moody center with safe parking and food and drinks within walking distance.
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2023.06.03 01:10 Informal_Ad_3197 “Zazen”, Aidan Goodrow, Oil, 2023

“Zazen”, Aidan Goodrow, Oil, 2023
First oil painting I fully constructed with no reference (other than Japanese text) and had a lot of fun experimenting with the palette knife for the entirety of the bottom part of the piece. Please critique and let me know what you think.
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2023.06.03 01:10 latenightmaccies I want to fall back in love with reading/writing

I am feeling so sad because I love reading and writing. I love books but I can never finish them, or get started. Everything ends up half finished or abandoned. I am jealous of my friends who can just power through books.
I feel the same with writing. I have so many ideas but I can never finish longer projects. I can barely write more than a few chapters without becoming taken by something else. I want to read and write all the books, all the time but it means I never complete anything.
Advice I've gotten in the past has basically been to get medicated. But due to long waiting lists in my country, that's not an option right now and probably won't be for a long time. In the meantime I have to cope with my broken brain.
People have told me that books might just "not be for me" but I love that form of storytelling and I really want to make it work. I just feel so distraught because I feel ADHD has robbed me of my ability to enjoy a lot of hobbies.
Can someone please give me some advice on how to stick with reading? I am trying audiobooks right now and I get through things faster but I also tend to bounce around and leave books unfinished.
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2023.06.03 01:10 hwooareyou Neighbor using our fence for their dog. MO

We live in a rural city (within the city limits) about an hour south of St. Louis. Our neighbors own a house that shares a property line with the back of our lot along our east property line. They also own an undeveloped (just a portable shed, a carport used as a storage shed, a small garden and a couple pecan trees) lot that borders our lot on our street along our north property line.
When we bought our house in 2016 they didn't own the empty lot and our north property line has a chain link fence directly on the line. Last year they put up a chain link fence set back from the west side of the lot, which would be our street side, running north-south and the south termination of their fence ends touching our fence. They have access to the lot from our street as well as from the lot their house is on at their house's lot northwest corner and the empty lot southeast corner. Our lot is mostly rectangular except for a small postage stamp notch in our northeast corner which gives them about a 8' wide path connecting their property corners.
I could draw this out for a better visual if it helps, but the way I read the posting rules it might not be allowed because of links.
We have a history with this neighbor because they had a soft maple tree that ruined the roof on our detached garage and we had to tear it down, but not before they cut the tree down and felled it into our backyard. We didn't make a fuss about it because we didn't really have any problems with them before this and in hindsight we were being naive. After they felled the tree, they called the city about our bad roof, which we received a letter for a dilapidated structure that was visible from the street. The picture they sent us was taken from their driveway of their house lot (there's about a 20' gap between houses on that street that you could see the corner of our garage). We feel that they did this intentionally so they could build a garage. After we tore our garage down they built a garage about 2 feet off our east property line, which the construction crew couldn't have otherwise gotten to that side to build it if our garage had been there.
Last year they also sprayed weedkiller on all the morning glories on our fence, which the over spray killed the grass and our side of the fence. We had contacted the code enforcement officer about it and he said we should just have a chat with the neighbor and try to resolve it, so we talked to them about it as we don't use herbicides because my wife lost her father due to Roundup related illness. The neighbor said she sprayed them because she was trying to get rid of the weeds and thought she was doing us a favor. Regardless of whether or not aorning glories are weeds, we liked them and wanted them there.
The current issue: After the put up that section of fence, it effectively enclosed their lot because it ran from the south line of neighbor on the north side of the lot to the north line of our lot. The north neighbors have a fence, too. So they have now been letting their dog loose in that enclosure for long amounts of time on most days. The problem is that dog seems to have separation anxiety and is also reactive to the point that if we take our dogs out to potty (always on a leash) that their dog will come running up to the fence barking and growling which makes our dogs scared to go out. Now we don't have an issue with a dog being outside because we'd like to have our dogs outside too but at this point we can't because their dog is so anxious and aggressive.
Part of me wants to take down the fence because we always have our dogs on leashes and this would force them to keep their dog in better control. Then I could put up a privacy fence set back from the line. City suggests new fences be constructed at least 1 foot back from the line for maintenance, but it's not in the building code. Wife is afraid they'll put up a fence on the property line and take some of our property when they do it. I called the code enforcement officer again and asked about our options. Someone was filling in for him because he was on vacation, but that guy said many people in town share fences and sort of sounded like he didn't want to deal with it. He also suggested we tell them we're planning on building a privacy fence and offer to sell them our old fence instead of pulling it up, to offset our cost of removing and replacing.
Would I have any liability for removing the chain link itself and leaving the posts until I can put up a privacy fence? I also saw a way to convert chain link to privacy by strapping privacy panels to the fence but I would have to get on their property to install them.
The end result I want is to be able to let my dogs (and kid) run around in the backyard without fear of their dog harassing them.
Thank you for your time and suggestions!
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2023.06.03 01:09 latenightmaccies I want to fall back in love with reading/writing

I am feeling so sad because I love reading and writing. I love books but I can never finish them, or get started. Everything ends up half finished or abandoned. I am jealous of my friends who can just power through books.
I feel the same with writing. I have so many ideas but I can never finish longer projects. I can barely write more than a few chapters without becoming taken by something else. I want to read and write all the books, all the time but it means I never complete anything.
Advice I've gotten in the past has basically been to get medicated. But due to long waiting lists in my country, that's not an option right now and probably won't be for a long time. In the meantime I have to cope with my broken brain.
People have told me that books might just "not be for me" but I love that form of storytelling and I really want to make it work. I just feel so distraught because I feel ADHD has robbed me of my ability to enjoy a lot of hobbies.
Can someone please give me some advice on how to stick with reading? I am trying audiobooks right now and I get through things faster but I also tend to bounce around and leave books unfinished.
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2023.06.03 01:09 mog_fanatic Specialty Bread

I'm looking for a bakery that sells something like chop block bread or sometimes it's called party bread. Basically just a loaf of bread stuffed with goodies like cheese or seeds or meat or veggies... All sorts of stuff. I've been looking all over and so far all I can find is seed bread from central market and seed bread and olive bread from sour duck (the olive bread is amazing btw!) Are there any more of these delicious breads around town?
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2023.06.03 01:09 AnxiousA92 My English skills are all over the place. Help!

Hello, It may be quite a long post but I really need some help as I'm desperate.
I'm 25 years old and I've been living in English speaking country (Ireland) for 5 years now. I'm polish and I've been learning English my whole life as our educational system requires English as a mandatory second language. Realistically I started liking and being good at English when I was around 13 years old when my parents got me a private English tutor. But the whole idea of learning English back then was fully for sake of passing the necessary tests at school and for using it online, so not really as a preparation for the real life (plus I didn't know back then that I will ever move abroad). When I moved to Ireland I finally got the chance to practice my English and I must say that I definitely improved a lot throughout those years. I even got here into university, fully in English so I have to write a lot of essays in that language. To get approved I needed to get the English certificate so I did Duolingo test (which was accepted back then) and got a C1 level from it. Now I have an Irish boyfriend with whom I talk in English every day and he doesn't complain about it.
But there's the thing... I feel like my English is totally all over the place. I can speak with ease but same time I stutter a lot, make lots of tiny but basic mistakes like saying "he do" instead of "he does", forget almost every second word I wanna say or mix the words (like mixing "high" with "tall") what makes the sentence completely messed up. It's really hard to have a casual conversation like that as it hard to tell a quick, situational joke (cuz of course a stutter and messing words takes all the fun from it). But I can explain complex topics like "how does th nervous system works" because that's something I'm passionate about and I LOVE learning hard subjects (I study Psychology btw). I can understand almost everything by reading and listening. I can write in casual style (like comments or posts) but I struggle with formal/academic writing (even though I passed my first year with second the highest grade I still know that I used tools like Quillbot or AI tool built in Notion a lot to improve my essays). Despite me knowing many phrases (as I understand them) I simply cannot somehow recall them in conversation, therefore my sentences can sound very basic. Same goes for vocabulary and grammar. Every time I write (like now) or talk I'm aware I make many silly mistakes and somehow I cannot get past that. Additionally, I really don't like my accent and I'd desperately want to improve it to sound at least not like a polish person straight away. Overall people can understand me easily but I still struggle a lot with using this language despite using it literally 24/7 and I don't think my skills are good enough.
I constantly compare myself to others. For instance my best friend moved abroad very recently and her English and accent is already sooo good I'm shocked how quickly she improved. I'm aware that some people simply have more talent for languages but that made me feel quite defeated. Because I feel like there's soo much I know and don't know same time. So much to improve and yet I can use this language for almost all my needs. But I'm just so frustrated that I don't have more ease with it. That It stops me from being more casual in conversations, that I lack some basics and yet can also use advanced techniques. You may probably get some understanding of my skills from the post itself.
So here's the question - what can I do when my skills are all over the place? How can I improve in all those areas? What do I need to be able to talk like a native, to structure sentences with an ease? I was thinking about getting a private, online tutor but don't know where can I find someone like that who could find and target all the deficiencies in my skills.
Sometimes I feel like "Maybe that's just my nature, maybe just my brain works this way and I will never be fully good in English" but that's like a very dark scenario for me as I really would love to make my carrier in English.
Does anyone of you struggle with this as well? With being good and bad at English at the same time and not being able to improve? I'd love to read your stories and maybe tips on how to deal with it!
Thank you if you reached this point, I really appreciate that ❤️
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2023.06.03 01:09 Spiritualwarrior1 Enlightenment is a post-human state, through which light is shared and expressed in an exponential manner. Explanation, presentation and request.

An individual begins to become enlightened when their body starts to be able to feed with light, is going through physical changes, and is unable to sustain itself any longer in a normal human environment. This state is the one preceding dematerialization from this reality, and crossing towards another dimension.
Enlightenment is reached as one starts to transcend the physics of reality, becomes able to be able to bend the laws of physics, does not require food any longer, can easily use senses beyond the 5th known ones, and are able to direct change in the human society at a level that cannot be contained, suppressed or ignored.
Examples of enlightened individuals: Jesus, Buddha.
The meaning of the word, as normally used within the human society, implies wisdom and self-control (i.e. oh, look at the serene expression of this Buddhist monk, he is surely enlightened), Well, over the course of history, given the development of religious cults, the word has been used until its meaning has lost significance.
Enlightened individuals, in history, have served humanity and its best interests, not wallowed behind some screen, writing inspirational short sentences.
It would be wise, for the awakened individuals, to ...step out of nondualism and smart aphorism creationism, and to become involved in the large context of the human situation that is taking place at this moment, rather than dreaming of non-consequential loopholes, while hiding in their concrete box, and drinking from a bottle.
There is no need for empty wisdom. Please, if at least awakened you are, use something from this to...diverge the consensus towards something true and good, rather than pampering the new ego. There is need for bright minds to influence the masses, it is really within the realm of possibility to move the whole machination towards a new destination, if unity can be found.
Most of the people are really thirsty for something real and true, if we can come together, this amount of energy can shift things in a total new direction. There is a way, there is possibility, it is not too late, there is no pre-set way things should turn up, everything is left to move itself as it considers.
It is by responsibility and ethics the job of the ones growing within light, that have had the opportunity, chance and capability to grow in this world, to do their role, from their position, for others to see and follow what they themselves cannot see. And perhaps by doing so, a new way will be found, beyond politics, self-regulating, for humanity to find leadership by inner evolution means.
Is it okay if we discuss politics here? Or if we try to find solutions, just by putting our...light together, to the issues that exist globally? Because there is need and space for change, but the decisions are taken by fools, and manipulated unto the masses. Is this not a new era? Can we not play a bit, and try to do something by our own, if we know so much? This is a possibility, just as it is to...play with our own ego. Let's not play by ourselves, and try to create a united intelligent, aware, advanced, evolved, benevolent force of change, at least by....finding some solutions, ideas.
There is no need for philosophy, this is not required. We live in an era where there is too much possibility, for even one person to change so much, but we always attack each other and compete using ego, against...each other. For what? Literally, so much to do, and to think about. We even have AI help now.
Is this the best we can do? Where is the pride of humans, as bright flickering sparks of reason and exploration, within this chaotic growth that we are experiencing, and is destroying our very civilization?
We do not have to be confined within the trap of our generation, mentality, or anything else, for that matter. Not that ego, but definitely, within finding ourselves here, some...evolution was achieved, and there is some...influence that can be manifested.
I raise this challenge, let us use our best, to find the very best, for the whole planet. It does not matter, at this point, what we will do with our ideas, or how we will implement them. I also believe that if we can truly find valuable solutions, these might be adopted automatically, through the collective unconscious (see the 100 monkeys experiment). We can just first try to find solutions, establish the problems. There are so many issues to consider, and some simple, wise, deep solutions can be found, instead of burning the oil trying to express some abstract and coded insight.
Please, see how this world, its...specialists, are corrupted by personal means, usually, and end up failing to find the best. But some of us, have made it further on the scale, and even though we are not paid, or considered like that, can we not...just do it, by the principle of the natural laws?
If there is access, possibility, there is also responsibility. I consider that evolved beings have responsibility through this growth, and that this is a true power, when used with intent, for a purpose greater than ourselves. No hierarchy, just...what feels best to be considered, for us in understanding, respect, gratitude to come together, as spirits, and find solutions, without even meeting, in writing, and resolve some of these matters.
There is no game greater than the reality. Wouldn't it be truly amazing, to play it seriously, after evolving, and not get lost in self concern?
It could be interesting, at least, as an experiment? There is nothing to lose, and we are already here.
Thank you so much,
Looking forward.
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2023.06.03 01:09 daboywonder2002 Resume critique needed(Have Health IT certiifcate but no industry exp)

I have applied to several IT jobs in the hospital. Right now I do application support with some business analyst duties. I've gotten rejected for business and data analyst jobs at a hospital. I even got rejected for a tech support position at OPTUM health. I am beyond frustrated and need a job right away. Please let me know if there are issues with my resume. I am very flexible. im not tied to one job title. Application analyst, clinical informatics specialist, data analyst, business analyst. And I am open to relocation. Please I really need some feedback because I Can't even get an interview. I have tried Chat gpt and am still getting rejected.
Results-driven technical analyst with experience in troubleshooting and resolving complex technical issues, analyzing data, and implementing solutions to improve performance and customer satisfaction. Proven history in database management, data analysis, customer service, and project coordination. Effective communication and problem-solving skills, with a keen eye for detail and a collaborative approach. Proficient in utilizing tools and technologies, such as Microsoft Office Suite, remote control tools, and ticketing systems. Passionate about delivering exceptional technical support and driving continuous improvement. Seeking to leverage my skills and experience to contribute to the success of a dynamic technical team
Technical Support Business Analyst Dec 2010-Present
Database Management and Data Analysis
· Experience in managing servers, administration computers, and delivery computers for a computerized testing company, including data replication, data extraction, and transformation tasks.
· Proficient in analyzing candidate exam results and generating reports to identify performance metrics and trends.
· Skilled in monitoring and ensuring data integrity, security, and availability for accurate and reliable data analysis.
· Knowledgeable in database system optimization and data management best practices for effective data analysis.
· Use SQL Server Management Studio to manage databases, including creating and updating user accounts, checking for last password updates, and executing SQL queries to retrieve and analyze data.
Technical Support and Troubleshooting
· Analyze and resolve technical issues by using internal processes, critical thinking skills, and technical knowledge.
· Use internal systems and tools to manage cases and find the best solutions for customers while adhering to client policies and internal procedures.
· Collect and analyze data to identify trends, issues, and opportunities for improvement, and work with internal stakeholders to develop and implement solutions.
· Prioritize and manage tasks effectively, ensuring timely resolution of customer issues.
Project Management and Collaboration
· Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify customer needs, translate them into clear product requirements, and develop and implement solutions.
· Use project management skills to communicate with internal and external stakeholders and ensure successful onboarding of new clients and testing sites.
· Oversee the implementation of modern technologies and systems, serving as a technical consultant to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.
Quality Assurance and Compliance
· Evaluate case reports and complaints, perform root cause analysis, and implement solutions to improve customer satisfaction and testing outcomes.
· Develop and maintain standard operating procedures, quality improvement plans, and technical reports to ensure resolution of technical and procedural issues.
· Train and educate site personnel on software usage, standard operating procedures, quality improvement, and regulatory compliance, ensuring adherence to company policies and procedures
Software Support Analyst Oct 2006- Dec 2010
Computer Sciences Corporation, Newark, DE 2004 to 2006
Monitor Analyst
· Application and systems monitoring ensuring consistent performance levels
· Monitors and maintains the production job schedule to ensure performance
Wilmington University Wilmington, DE
· Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
· Healthcare Information Technology Certificate
HIT Certificate Competencies
· Improve quality and safety of health care for patients through use of clinical decision support systems and best practices of health care technology.
· Evaluate coordination of care and disease management telemedicine technology.
· Use computer applications to analyze patient data for the effects of databases on health care costs and quality of care.
· Support legal and ethical management of electronic medical records.
· Identify clinical workflows, process mapping and change management relating to Electronic Health Records (EHR) implementation.
· Apply system project management and the triple constraint of scope, schedule and cost factors.
Hampton University Hampton, VA
· 101 credits completed toward Bachelor of Science in Biology
Linkedin Learning Certifications
· Business Analysis Foundations Competencies May 2023
· Learning Excel Data Analysis May 2023
· Windows 10 and 11, Server 2012 and 2016
· SQL Server Management Studio: Knowledgeable in using SQL Server Management Studio for database management, including restoring and backing up databases, searching and checking SQL databases for various data, and performing routine maintenance tasks such as checking password updates and user accounts.
· Root cause analysis and solution implementation
· Technical writing and documentation
· Active directory
· Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook)
· Remote control tools (Altiris, Remote Desktop Manager, ISL Online, Quick Assist, pcA Quick Connect)
· Electronic document management systems (SharePoint, Company knowledgebase)
· Ticketing systems (Remedy, ServiceNow)
· Data Analysis and Reporting
· Strong Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills
· Excellent Communication and People Skills
· Team Collaboration and Leadership Abilities
· Knowledgeable in SQL and able to create queries for data analysis
· Project Management and Practice
· Computer Applications
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2023.06.03 01:08 Hazel1485 AITA for refusing to help my friend for his assignment?

So I(19F) have been friends with this guy(19M) for many years and recently he moved to another country for his studies. Yesterday he asked me to write his English assignment and I refused to do so because I thought he was just being lazy and imposing the assignment on me as he has done this a few times in the past as well(I completed many of his assignments in the past). Also the assignment was based on experience of class, as I had no idea about how classes are conducted there as my country's education system and teaching methodology is different, I refused to comply with him. Later he told me he also had his another class's work that's why he asked me.Mind you he didn't tell me he had another work when he first asked for help. I asked him to do it after another class's work. But now he's saying I don't have the helping aspect in me at all and I don't care about others, one cannot depend on me ever and I don't want to change or improve myself either. When I called him out for dragging such a small issue like not doing assignment for you, he said that such small things are enough to assess a person's personality as a whole. Is he being unreasonable or am I actually wrong here?
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2023.06.03 01:08 EnvironmentalAd3385 Need help supporting a friend of mine who is having a rough time.

I have a friend of mine (F25) who is taking a break from her relationship, she has left the country to live with her grandmother in puerto rico till she feels more financially stable to be in a relationship. She hasn't landed a full time job other yet, but there is a minimum wage job there that she is waiting on. She is hoping to supplement her income with thirst traps on tik tok and instagram. I am trying to find a nice way to tell her she is not likely to make much money doing that. However she get defensive when I say that posting thirst traps on social is a bad way to gain a following. She takes it like I am trying to call her ugly. I reassure her, I don't think she is ugly. But, ever since she asked to me moderate her lives, I can see how much she is getting. Through all her lives she is averaging about 0.75-0.5usd per hour. I don't want to discourage her from posting but, she'll go on live for 3-4 hours and make less than 4 dollars. Her engagement hasn't really increased since started posting thirst traps. She gets more comments but a vast majority of them are hate comments or just disgusting requests. She has been telling it is just a part of her grind. I don't want to be a negative Nancy, but I miss her old content. It wasn't much just her posting her drawings, and little songs she made to go along with the paintings. But, she had real engagement and positive experiences.
TLDR Friend in Puerto Rico is broke, started posting thirst traps for to get money, she isn't. I want in a positive way suggest she lean less heavily on thirst traps for income.
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2023.06.03 01:08 opossum_qween Feeling weird after therapist disregarded my feelings of neurodivergence

I’ve been seeing the same therapist consistently since 2016 so she knows me pretty well. Often what we’ve discussed is my relationships within my family and coping with my husband’s very chaotic family, my anxiety and depression issues, and my extreme difficulties with change. I recently started researching neurodivergence and autism and it’s like suddenly all of the pieces of my life are starting to fit together and make sense. So I wanted to discuss it with her of course!
But I was met with the “you make good eye contact” and “can understand the meanings underneath things” (???). I’m thinking she means I’m not always literal thinking, but I also intensely focus on psycho analyzing myself by this point in my life and have been in therapy for half my life so I don’t necessarily think those two things really make sense as reasons why I’m NOT neurodivergent. My dad has ADHD and so does my sister, I don’t think it would be that surprising if I am autistic with also some ADHD traits. There’s most definitely stuff going on in my genetics from both sides of my family though mostly undiagnosed and in denial.
She told me like it was a bad thing, “you are not neurodivergent” and that I should “embrace my different way of thinking” and not view it negatively. I was not saying neurodivergent as a bad thing, more like this is making me understand myself. But I was so confused as to how she says that yes - I perceive and process the world “differently” yet… I’m not neurodivergent? I have always had OCD tendencies, but they also align very closely with a lot of autistic traits so I couldn’t totally make sense of why she was both invalidating how I said I felt while also kind of saying the same things I was saying but in a different way.
I’m an extreme detail oriented person, which is also why the bottom-up processing of autism resonates so much with me. Yes, I am decent with socializing but that’s because I’ve figured out how to manage that part of my life and I often feel like I’m putting on this weird performance of myself that’s not even me in certain situations - thus leading to burn out. I socialize in my day to day work life but I don’t have much energy for more than that - I have a few close friends but I have always struggled with maintaining friendships or fitting in. I do not understand it, I never have know if I am unapproachable or annoying or what.
I just can’t make sense of the conversation. Im just personally trying to understand how I function in the world which I’ve always felt like a square peg in a round hole. Im incredibly good at pretending I’m fine when I’m not. I wasn’t even looking for a formal diagnosis, but I was really hoping to feel validated by my therapist whom I trust very much. It’s just making me realize I have probably been masking myself in therapy too - I can rationalize my emotions after the fact and after discussing at length, but often in the moment of intense emotions I’m confused and overwhelmed bc I can’t figure out what I’m feeling.
I guess I’m just looking for others who may have had similar experiences. I’m getting the impression this is not an area of expertise with my therapist which might be why she reacted the way she did. I told her the books I’ve been reading so maybe that will help?
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2023.06.03 01:07 Tails82x 11J protester (Cuba's 1/6) goes back on hunger strike

In Anguish, the Wife of a July 11th Prisoner on a Hunger Strike in Cuba, ‘He Could Lose His Life’
Before July 11, 2021, Yosvany Rosell García Caso spent his days between working as a welder and rearing his three children. That Sunday his life took a turn when he joined the mass protests in Holguín. Six months later, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for sedition. Wednesday marked his 20th day on a hunger strike, demanding his immediate release.
“He is refusing intravenous hydration,” adds Rodríguez, who spoke with her husband to “try to get him to change his position.” However, 34-year-old Rosell was determined to “continue the hunger strike because he is tired of having his rights, and that of other 11J prisoners, continuously violated.”
“I understand him perfectly, but he is in a situation where he could lose his life and that worries me greatly,” says the anguished woman. Rosell began the hunger strike on May 11, following an incident where prison authorities denied him a visit from his wife and his three children, and as the days passed he expanded his demands to include his release as soon as possible.
Since he began the hunger strike, the woman, desperately, has gone to the prison on four occasions, but they did not allow her to see him and they did not even allow him religious attention. “After much begging they only let me see him yesterday at midday when he was already in the hospital. Today I am going over there again to see if they will let me in,” she said.
Rodríguez says that the damage is not only emotional or physical, “In addition to violating his human rights, the family has lived through two very difficult years, because he was the breadwinner. We’ve suffered repression and an economic hit for his being in prison.
This is not the first time Rosell is on a hunger strike. In February 2022, he did not eat while demanding that he not be transferred from Holguín to a prison in Cienfuegos and demanding improved conditions in prison. At that time, he had been the victim of suspended telephone calls or being kept in isolation.
Several months later, in July of last year, Rossell once again resorted to a hunger strike after being beaten for dressing in white in remembrance of the mass protests on 11J.
“I do not regret anything in the least bit. How could I regret wanting to see my country free of a communist dictatorship, which for more than 60 years, has subjected us to extreme misery and violated all our human rights? That blessed July 11th not only marked a before and after the beginning of the end of communism in Cuba, it also showed the worst face of the dictatorship,” he wrote in a letter shared on social media weeks earlier.
It's unlikely that communist Cuba will improve its prison conditions, however, as the country in general has problems keeping the lights on and its standard of living remains very low. Here's hoping for a successful 11J-style uprising against the dictators.
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2023.06.03 01:06 nuts-n-butters [WTS] [USA-KS] [H] Harman Kardon FL8400 [W] $50 PayPal or cash

[WTS] [USA-KS] [H] Harman Kardon FL8400 [W] $50 PayPal or cash
Harman Kardon FL8400 CD changeplayer https://imgur.com/a/qyLo3vH $50
I am looking to sell a number of pieces of A/V home system equipment. Some of it is for networking components together, and some for amplification, etc. Please see below for details including images and estimated prices. All pieces are located in my climate controlled storage unit in Kansas City, and as I live in California I have to be sure that interested persons contact me with serious inquiries only.
Note: I am not always in town, so timing is critical for meeting up. I am happy to meet up with people between 6/8 and 6/12 as I will be in the KC area during that time (this is the ideal window). I could let you into the storage unit to evaluate the gear in person, although I cannot plug anything in etc. All pieces are in good working condition. Feel free to make a fair offer in reference to my estimated prices.
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2023.06.03 01:06 alcatrazshark macbook pro how do I factory reset if remote management is on

I still have a new macbook pro from my old employer who fired me so I am not inclined to return it and they haven't asked for it back honestly so I hate to have it just go to total waste. I want to do a factory reset and use it for personal use, can anyone help me? When I load the macbook pro, it asks me for language, country, etc. and then wants me to connect to the internet, then a screen pops up that says remote management saying my old employer can automatically configure my computer and the only option on the screen at all is to login through my old employer's system.
Is there some way to just do a total factory reset without ever having logged on or am I just SOL?

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2023.06.03 01:06 starfox323 A/C Fixed on 2011 9-5 V6

A/C Fixed on 2011 9-5 V6
Car had no a/c when I bought it. There was 1 fan relay (out of 3) that was missing as well as the a/c relay. Installed those and no dice.
Changed out the coolant temp sensor (tied into fan settings) and no dice.
Radiator fans would only work at max setting with rusty resistors. Replaced entire fan assembly and all normal fan functions worked without issue but no a/c.
Checked a/c system with manifold guages and found it held pressure but compressor wasn’t activating.
Had a shop evac lines and bought a Universal Air Conditioner EX 10484C A/C Compressor Control Valve from amazon for $41.
Remove blue wire, use some snap ring plyers to remove the snap ring (not as easy as it looks) and pull out the control valve. Use some pag46 oil on the orings, reinstall and pull a vacuum on the system for an hour. Close the a/c lines and make sure it holds pressure then refilled 600grams of R-134a. That’s roughly 1&1/2 cans thus the digital scale for accuracy.
A/C fully functional in 88 degree heat today.
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