Valheim what do hens eat

What do you eat?

2009.08.05 00:03 crepeescape What do you eat?

For things that can be eaten (not necessarily food)

2012.06.24 04:34 zapff PlantBasedDiet - Whole Food Plant Based Diet subreddit (WFPBD)

Home of the Whole Food Plant Based Diet (WFPB)! A whole-food plant-based, low-fat diet could reverse heart disease and diabetes.

2012.12.27 01:26 PabstyLoudmouth Eating healthy on a cheap budget

Eating healthy on a cheap budget

2023.06.04 07:11 ginomachi A week ago, my boyfriend and I went on a hike with friends, and now I’m worried he’s going to die. I don’t know what to do!

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2023.06.04 07:08 Imaginary-Village260 Pls help!

This is my first pc build so I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’ve been watching videos and reading manuals and I’ve mostly figured it out. I’ve installed pretty much everything but just realized that the pins that came bent on my motherboard weren’t supposed to be bent… I tried to straighten one out but it was too bent and snapped (the right circle.) What can I do??? I think the middle bent pin is a fan one so I don’t need it but I’m not sure about the other two. Will the broken pin impact my ability to connect to the system panel? Any help is much appreciated!
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2023.06.04 06:44 EgoSilence My biospy report doesn't mention eosinophils, but my doctor said he would check for EOE???

What gives? Is they mess up and not do a count? Can I still get a count? Do i need to have another biospy?
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2023.06.04 05:52 froyodragon having issues with exporting images with the scripting workspace

I want to preface that I'm using Linux mint
I am trying to make a pixel sorting thing in blender and I used this article as the basis of the concept. I just want to bring it into blender.
I'm not entirely sure where to post this issue since it involves Linux but I think this is the most apt since the main topic is blender.
By body of work in PY is... ctrl+c & ctrl+v, a basic hello world line and some math shit. I'm slowly learning but for now I pretty much just copy paste everything I need with a short explanation into chat GPT and it usually spits out something that works. this time not as much.
Gave chat everything it needed and after some trouble shooting with pip and pillow I got to where I am now. im getting an Error. (No such file or directory) cannot save. etc
I"m using (output_directory = "path to where I want shit"
output_filename = "image1.png")
I made the path in the terminal and gave it read write perms with chmod +rw.
It might just be that I'm not giving it the right perms or giving it in the right way. IDK. I tried googling it and ppl said to use this.
As you can imagine this is quite a niche issue and I cant really find anything online about how to fix it and chat GPT is just running me in circles.
If anyone has an idea about what to do I will greatly appreciate it
script in question
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2023.06.04 05:50 Sl4rtibartfarst Build for WIKO 10 with MediaTek Chipset

Hi! Due to my old Phone failing and traveling at the moment I found myself with a budget smartphone. I try to make my beloved GCam work but couldn't find a version that works. Do you have any idea what I could try where I can find more information?
Specs: Chipset - Mediatek MT6765 Helio G37 Camera2 API - full support Camera 50 MP with depth sensor and macro lens Android 12
Thank you!
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2023.06.04 05:50 MikeGinnyMD GE switch won’t connect

So a reasonably important GE Z-wave switch disconnected. Shows as offline. I cannot get it to reconnect. I’ve tried “three up, three down.” I’ve tried pulling out the tab, pushing it in and tapping “up” ten times. I’ve tried on-off-on-off. Nada.
What do I do?
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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.04 05:25 No_Neighborhood_7344 How do you feel about relationships?

Because so many of us despise change, would it be better in your opinion to make relationships with neurotypical or neurodivergent people?
I’ve been struggling with the idea of someone cheating on me in the future, and I feel like it will happen as I lost hope in humanity. I have thought fellow autistic people may be less likely to do this as they often prefer routines and sameness. What’s your take?
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2023.06.04 05:24 tigermittens030 Why am I so dumb

Hamburger yesterday . Today, terrible. Cramping, gas, diarrhea, nausea. Why am I so stupid.
Already taken dicyclomine and Zofran. Can't afford to miss another day of work. My savings account is dry.
Anxiety is going wild. What if it's not the hamburger? What if I miss more work and can't pay rent? What happens if this turns into another 3 week long flare up?
Can't stop crying. Pain and fear for the future is overwhelming.
A little beef is usually OK. I can eat a mcdonalds hamburger no problem. A big 30 dollar hamburger was not OK.
I need to feel better for tomorrow so I can work. I have to. But it's just getting worse all day. Miserable
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2023.06.04 05:19 Any-Development-1432 International Student Internship

I am an incoming sophomore. I spent the first semester of my freshman year getting involved and building my resume, I didn't apply to any internships at that time because I believed I wouldn't get anything with the experience I had (although I had engineering internships before my current one, I barely did anything on those jobs)
After this, I started applying to internships in the middle of the spring semester and got no responses. I did, however, get two interviews through career fairs. They were both canceled last minute before the interview: one told me they don't hire international students and the other told me that they didn't realize I was in my first year and that they wanted juniors.
I am back home for the summer and working as a mechanical engineering intern for a company in my home country. I am doing a lot of what I believe to be "actual engineering work", I do calculations for projects, and write reports on project developments. I also get hands-on experience with fixing equipment, all this and it's my first week on the job! Also, on the last week of the internship, I will take over from the engineer I work under when he is on vacation.
My question is: do you think this experience would be highly valued when I start applying again for the next summer? Will US companies value experience in another country?
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2023.06.04 05:14 DoctorElich Practical help for weird guitar project.

Confessed sound-guy here. I'm fairly lost when it comes to lighting projects, and I've had this idea in my head for a while and I'm looking for some guidance. Allow me to explain my plan and the parts of it that I don't know how to do. Hopefully some of you guys can point me in the right direction.

I want to make a "Dazzle" guitar. Specifically, I plan to route small channel around the perimeter of the back of a cheap beater guitar that I have and affix a bright RGB strip in the channel. (So it looks like a normal guitar from the front). I hope to then attach it to a battery/controller that also lives in a cavity in the back of the guitar.
Here's the hard part: I want the LEDS to be activated by a footswitch. Wired if I have to, but if there is a way to do this wirelessly, I would look into it. So the guitar looks normal (as long as you dont turn around), then you go for your solo and BAM you hit a footswitch and the guitar glows from behind, illuminating your body with flashy color-changes and strobes, and maybe even rainbow scrolls if I want to get really fancy.
I have no idea how to accomplish this, or if it's even feasible.
Are my dreams dumb and unachievable? What do I need to know? What kind of thing do I need to buy? How much learning about lighting programming do I need to do to accomplish this?
I know how to use a soldering iron and I'm fairly handy in general.

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2023.06.04 05:13 Grouchy_Finger7026 The “Order”… of Nine idiots

So if you google “Order of Nine Angles”… I call ‘em order of nine idiots… you’ll see that they are devil worshipping neo Nazis… if you read EVERYTHING about them… you’ll see that they are super INSANE… The FBI gives these RAPIST PEDOPHILES money… they ENCOURAGE HUMAN SACRIFICES, I BELIEVE THESE PSYCHOPATHS RUN THE COUNTRY… FBIs TARGETED “INDIANS” PROGRAM (TARGETED INDIVIDUALS PROGRAM) I really am a T.I. It’s evil what these guys do… these FBI employees, I don’t think they’re agents… they get paid to harass ppl and get paid to cause SUICIDES… these suicides are SECRETLY human sacrifices… Synthetic telepathy is secretly used to cause suicides… NATIVE AMERICANS have the highest spike in suicides in the last THREE YEARS… these “voices” are super dedicated to my suicide… The “DEEPSTATE” is just a bunch of AFFLUENT CRYBABIES… COWARDS… SPOILED LITTLE GIRLS… throwing hissy fits because I’m STILL ALIVE… they want to send me to HELL because I broke a promise to GOD… why do they even know about that??!! That’s the part where it gets REALLY FKN DISTURBING…. That’s the part where nobody believes me… EVERYBODY TAKES ME FOR A SCHIZOPHRENIC… and this program is designed to make victims look schizophrenic… these voices just show up one day AND they won’t leave you alone… So then everybody assumes you just went schizo… clever plan by those damn Nazis… bout the ONLY clever part of this program…
This rabbit hole goes farther than you can imagine… I could keep typing for the next hour n still not cover everything… but i been targeted for HELL… by some crybabies with some technology they should NOT POSESS… NOBODY SHOULD POSSESS THIS PERVERTED TECHNOLOGY!!
The most severe form of INVASION OF PRIVACY you can imagine… it’s horrifying!
They hack your THOUGHTS & EYE SIGHT…. Seriously… they don’t know how to mind their own business…
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2023.06.04 04:59 sakiminki Can't wait to just relax...just

Just a bit of a rant to get this all off my chest. Last period (47) was in early January. Since then my grandmother passed, early morning the day after my birthday. My parents have (continually) threatened to sue me and my brother over our inheritence. My landlords informed me the next month that they were selling the property I have lived at for 17 years (offered to sell to me before putting on the market). Bf and I kinda knew this was coming for a few years and have been saving like crazy. Gma's generosity rounded out what we needed for down-payment. But this also means we are buying our own home AND the attached rental. Never been a landlord.
Six years ago bf fell ill and ended up paraplegic and had complications that kinda make him less than helpful in this whole endeavor. And his daily care (so lucky to have his mum to help out!) I looked at single homes (no rental) in our price range but nothing was ADA enough for move in so we decided to stay and I guess I'm gonna learn to be a landlord. We maybe close in another week.
The current renters "sneaked" in two dogs, one of which is a pit mix. So every spare moment the last two weeks I spent trying to find insurance that would take us and allow the dog. Not to mention gathering both mine and bf ppw for loan...taking off work for inspections, doing spring clean and spring yard work from dusk to dawn alone every weekend..and feeling super guilty that my long haired tiny dog and cat haven't gotten their summer hair cuts yet...
I'm so exhausted. I just want this house thing to be over and the weather to hit 110* so I can just have an excuse to spend a weekend on the sofa cuddled with my fur babies watching true crime or just staring at a wall dreaming of going to Tanzania. I can't afford a vacation away bc house now, but I also haven't had a real one of those in like 6 years.
Haven't had time to go to the doc in years...and was trying to decide between roof shingle options this morning (sellers are replacing roofs) and was like..."am I having a heart attack? Or just being super dramatic rn?"
Blah...Wah...sorry for the rant. I'm done. Thank you for reading. Lol.
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2023.06.04 04:56 bronihill8 What should I do when I sense an imposter priest?

I can easily by an untrusting person, but I get the impression that a priest in my parish is an imposter. I think his Homily’s are full of cliche’s, and he talks about himself all the time. After hearing a 15 minute homily, usually I don’t know what his message was supposed to be, apart from to make himself look good.
Today I recall that he said that we should not use the word God around others because of what many people have done in the name of God. Rather we should use the phrase infinite, transcendent love. Is this heritical?
I’m aware of the upside down pattern of how people can dwell on the sins of others that they themselves have committed. I’m getting the impression that this is what he may be doing in calling to mind what ‘many people have done in the name of God’.
I get the impression that he is well practiced in presenting a false image of himself to others.
Can anyone offer me advice/criticism on this?
Should I even be in the position that I’ve put myself in of judging a priest?
Should I just be obedient?
Should I watch him like a hawk to find something concrete to expose him for?
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2023.06.04 04:54 Devonsterling123456 What if Vegeta Went to grab Goku before heading to namek? (Namek to Buu saga)

The idea of Vegeta stealing one of friezas flying saucers (with healing pods) and hovering above the hospital gokus in while all the other fighter's are on way to namek. Goku still in a body cast as Vegeta breaks into the room.
Since the saucers are faster I would think Vegeta get to earth before Frieza or z fighter's reach namek.
Vegeta would explain Frieza going after the dragon balls, know I think king kai would explain frieza's true power to goku and Vegeta. Since Vegeta wants to kill frieza no matter what. Goku would explain gravity ship but know there's doubt if they'd be strong enough. Goku has an idea but he needs to heal Vegeta would mention the healing chamber and goku would be good in a few hours.
Maybe chi chi makes Vegeta a meal while Goku is healing. (Knowing Goku there hoping food calms Vegeta down) once Goku is out he would mention the timchamber to Vegeta.
This is only being brought up do to friezas power being explained to Vegeta wanting to battle not move around frieza.
Similar to how Vegeta and trunks trained goku and Vegeta will be training separate. This is until Goku catches up to Vegeta. Goku would be adiment saying they would both grow fast. But unlike trunks I don't see Goku backing backing down from this. Vegeta reluctantly would agree. But kio Ken being a thing they may not have to wait.
Super was the first time Goku and Vegeta trained together and it showed they both push each other to get better.
I think 3 months on King kai was 20x and goku on his way to namek was a 9x we could give boku and Vegeta a high number. Knowing how crazy growth is in Namek saga
If we use 40x Vegeta would be at 1 million Boku would be be 400,000 if we went of his 1000 power level after zenkai. let's put Goku at a million as well do to him being able to catch up or effect of kioken.
If we used 60x is a million and half for both.
Know big question is if Vegeta would learn the kioken? considering main story probably not. This is where we have to ask considering Goku and Vegeta have extra time would they use there second day ? If this happens there is a good chance they Both get super sayian.
Again thinking of when Goku and Vegeta were training before they got blue they See the energy I'd think they'd both have a moment where they flicker gold shocking them both. Vegeta would know and explain what he thinks it is. Know this is an interesting concept because Goku didn't get it first they both did would Vegeta rivalry be healthier?
Vegeta would want to immediately go to namek but Goku would push to learn the form. We could have Vegeta leave without Goku. but Goku has pushed him this far so I could see him waiting.
Let's go the route of using chamber because king kai would encourage it. If we go the 40 again both Goku and Vegeta's base forms are at 40 million but considering super sayian training I imagine it be higher but let's use low ball for know.
Once king kai feels super sayian frieza would be done. Knowing the dragon team on namek would be slowing frieza down and if dr.Briefs increases Vegeta's ships speed they'd get to namek no problem.
Know if we have Vegeta stay on earth I don't see a future timeline unless we have Goku and Vegeta get the heart virus which could happen if they continue to train together. Know let's go with Gokus death events would be similar to original timeline uptell Android attacks Vegeta would most likely have mastered if super sayian if not recently gotten super sayian 2.
So androids are dead we skip 7 years some Big changes happen here depending on z fighter's training. If they haven't this includes Gohan if he never continues training he hasn't trained since namek. But since Gokus dead and we don't have goten let's have Bulla be born in the middle of the time skip.
Trunks and Bulla would be trained extremely well by Vegeta here. Goku would come back for a day as he does. Videl may put up better fight against Gohan do to him not training.
Everything goes same tell tournament except for Vegeta gets stabbed and who follows shin to Babiddi it would be Goku Vegeta and Piccolo not Gohan and krillin in this timeline. Piccolo turns to stone and so does Goku. Since krillin didn't follow. Vegeta would be mad but they'd sense Buu awakening. Do to this much stronger Vegeta he is awakened early.
Dabura gets eaten freeing Goku and Piccolo. Vegeta and Goku would battle Buu both super sayian 2 being near Buus level. Know piccolo would probably have trained with Goku even if he's weaker to his Canon kamicolo self he's unfused self would be stronger. Piccolo kills Babiddi.
Know Goku and Vegeta could probably kill Buu but there's a chance Buu spits and super Buu is born. Goku and Vegeta would probably discuss using super sayian 3 But not sure if they have enough time. BUU doesn't give them much time but Shin would save them piccolo manages to escape to look out with the rest of humans.
Not sure if Vegeta and Goku are alive Piccolo wamts to take Trunks and Bulla into the timechamber. Videl and Gohan may want to train since Gohan hasn't trained in years. They begin there two day journey. While Goku and Vegeta break the z sword in 5 minutes of getting to the planet.
Super Buu would be burning cities but remember he hasn't been promised a strong fighter yet. Vegeta would have his potential unlocked then Goku would Go. Vegeta would probably kill super Buu. So the timechamber crew come out after a day. Know there's a chance Goku is revived by elder kai. So we have a good end to Buu saga I may do super later. But Goku and Vegeta have there potential unlocked.
Do you guys have additional ideas or diffrent directions this could go?
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2023.06.04 04:51 Background_Mulberry1 Seeking genuine connections

As humans, we all desire genuine friendships - relationships built on trust, mutual understanding, and respect. In a world where superficial interactions are prevalent, it can be challenging to find authentic relationships. Genuine friendships require effort, time, and vulnerability, but they offer numerous benefits, including improving mental health, providing a sense of belonging, and even increasing life expectancy. So what do you say? Want to give this thing called friendship a try?
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2023.06.04 04:42 EmmyA54 Canker Sores or Something Else?

I (33F) have what appears to be 5 canker sores in a straight row on my bottom gum. They are painful and there hasn’t been any change in appearance or level of pain since I noticed them about 6 days ago. PCOS but otherwise healthy. 5’8, 140 pounds, non-smoker, occasional drinker. No medications but I do take multivitamins. No trauma to the mouth before they appeared.
Posting a picture in the comments. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 04:35 crimthyst what do you think of my design? :)

what do you think of my design? :) submitted by crimthyst to TattooDesigns [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 04:30 AutoModerator Huddle up - Time for chitchat!

What could you talk about ?
P.S. As per the sub's general policy, NSFW content will not permitted. Violation will warrant an instant ban.
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2023.06.04 04:16 DryClothes2894 Cut wire in neighborhood, they said the 13th is the soonest they'd fix it?!

So today (June 3rd) around lunchtime the internet went out and instead of the globe icon on the router turning red indicating an ISP issue, it instead has the two lines indicating the wires as red, signaling a cut somewhere.
The nearby neighbors on my street all don't have internet either, as Frontier is the only ISP available in our area, so we're all dead in the water.
The cable is almost completely underground from what I could tell, walking around a few blocks from my house where the wire runs, following the little boxes with the miss dig numbers on them.
I called them about it, and the lady said she does see calls and reports from other people on the two streets that are right by my house, but she said that the estimated repair is going to be June 13th, because "If there's not enough people without service, then it puts us at a disadvantage to repair it cause of the hassle of importing materials"
That nonsense statement seems to indicate they have zero intentions of getting this fixed, all while they collect payments.
There's people I live by who work from home or have side jobs that depend on internet, and we all are screwed right now, all while they seemingly are dragging their feet.
I dont trust their repair estimate date either because I had an install appointment at another house for May 4th that they completely blew off and have yet to show up for, all while they hold onto the 100 dollar deposit that I payed when I ordered the service on April 27th.
Is there any advice people can offer as to what I could do to make sure they get this fixed much sooner? I really appreciate it
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